NATHANIEL ARBUTHNOT, 3rd of Rora and of Auchlee. Born Longside 1654. Buried 23 December 1721. Testament recorded in Aberdeen 26 June 1724. For details of his ancestry, see A.1. on Table P. Married, 11 June 1678, ELIZABETH (or ELSPETH) DUNCAN (died 1748), daughter of THOMAS DUNCAN of Innervidie and Knockleith.
A. Thomas Arbuthnot, Senior, 4th of Rora. Known as "The Old Baillie". Born 1681. Died 24 March 1762. In 1710 Baillie Thomas Arbuthnot, who was gifted with an enterprising disposition, initiated the manufacture of kelp on a commercial scale. Historians have recorded that in 1722 the inhabitants of the island of Orkney were the first people in Scotland to manufacture kelp by the incineration of seaweed (Neish). He rallied the tenants on the Marischal estate to the standard of James VIII, Prince Charles Edward Stuart, staunchly supporting the Prince in 1715 and 1745. Married CHRISTIAN/CHRISTINA YOUNG (born 1685; died 8 February 1740), daughter of WILLIAM YOUNG, merchant of Peterhead.
1. JEAN ARBUTHNOT. Baptized Longside 5 December 1706. Married in Peterhead, 28 October 1731, Thomas Arbuthnot of Keith Inch and had issue (See E. on Table J).
2. ELSPET ARBUTHNOT. Baptized Longside 5 October 1708.
3. James Arbuthnot, Senior. Known as "The Young Baillie". Baptized Peterhead 9 December 1710 (witnesses: JAMES WHITE and JAMES PARK). Died 7 April 1783. Married first in Peterhead, 1738, ELIZABETH GORDON of Barnes.
a. Thomas Arbuthnot, Senior of Innervidie and Nether Kinmundy. Baptized Peterhead 8 April 1739 (witnesses: ALEX. FORBES and THOS. FORBES). Died 1829. Merchant in Peterhead. Married in Logie Buchan, 9 December 1786, JANE ("JEAN") BUCHAN, daughter of JOHN BUCHAN of Auchmacoy and sister of GRACE BUCHAN (died 16 December 1818).
aa. NICOLA ARBUTHNOT. Born 1787. Died 28 November 1860. Married, 1813, ROBERT ARBUTHNOT of Mount Pleasant and had issue, see D. on Table M.
bb. ELIZABETH ARBUTHNOT. Baptized Peterhead 23 August 1789. Married Dr MacDUFF CORDINER of Madras.
AA. JEAN CORDINER. Died 1907. Married James Arbuthnot of Natal (born 1816) and had issue, see C.3. on Table M.
cc. James Arbuthnot of Nether Kinmundy. Baptized Peterhead 28 December 1790. Died 1872. He was of unsound mind and consequently his brother obtained the lands.
dd. Thomas Arbuthnot, Junior of Meethill and Nether Kinmundy. Baptized Peterhead 2 July 1792 (witnesses: JAMES FORBES and James Arbuthnot). Died unmarried Peterhead 27 October 1872. Merchant, shipowner and Provost of Peterhead. Had an illegitimate child by ANN THOMSON (died before 19 September 1864), daughter of CHARLES THOMSON (tanner's labourer) and his wife MARGARET:
AA. MARGARET ALLAN ARBUTHNOT. Born 25 May (baptized 3 December) 1844. Dressmaker. Had an illegitimate child by WILLIAM ROBERTSON, ship carpenter in Peterhead:
(A) ALLAN ARBUTHNOT. Born Peterhead 2 March 1862. No record of his marriage 1879-1900.
Margaret married in Peterhead, 19 September 1864, WILLIAM SHEARER (born 11 April 1842), stone cutter of Keith, son of JOHN SHEARER, gas maker and JESSIE, née GRANT. They had issue.
Thomas had another illegitimate child:
BB. SAMUEL ARBUTHNOT. Born Peterhead c.1846.
ee. MARY ARBUTHNOT. Baptized Peterhead 10 June 1794. (or 1800-1859?)
ff. John Arbuthnot. Baptized Peterhead 1 September 1797. Died 1830.
gg. Alexander Arbuthnot. Baptized Peterhead 11 March 1800 (not 1802). Died 1809.
hh. JEAN/Jane ARBUTHNOT. Baptized Peterhead 26 April 1802. Died unmarried 1869.
b. Margaret Arbuthnot. Baptized Peterhead 22 November 1740 (witnesses: Baillie Thomas Arbuthnot and ALEX. FORBES). Died 7 January 1785. Married at Peterhead, 13 November 1760, WILLIAM FORBES. They had issue.
c. James Arbuthnot, first of the name. Died in infancy.
d. CHRISTIAN ARBUTHNOT. Baptized Peterhead 3 May 1744 (witnesses: Baillie Thomas Arbuthnot and ROBERT ARBUTHNOT). Died 26 January 1816.
e. CHARLES James Arbuthnot. Born Peterhead 28 September (baptized 1 October) 1745 (witnesses: Baillie Thomas Arbuthnot, James Arbuthnot and ROBERT ARBUTHNOT). Died young.
f. ELIZABETH ARBUTHNOT. Baptized Peterhead 22 May 1747 (witnesses: Baillie Thomas Arbuthnot and ROBERT ARBUTHNOT).
James married, second, MARY BALFOUR.
g. James Arbuthnot, Junior, second of the name. Baptized Peterhead 5 December 1759 (not 6 December as per Mormons).
h. John Arbuthnot. Baptized Peterhead 11 December 1760. Died 13 April 1786.
i. ANNE ARBUTHNOT. Baptized Peterhead 26 June 1767. Died unmarried November 1790.
j. MARY ARBUTHNOT. Baptized Peterhead 7 March 1762. Died before 11 May 1791. Married WILLIAM SCOTT, Senior, merchant in Peterhead.
aa. WILLIAM SCOTT, Junior.
4. CHRISTIAN ARBUTHNOT. Baptized Peterhead 17 October 1712 (witnesses: WILLIAM and Alexander Arbuthnot). Married at Peterhead, 20 November 1735, Captain ALEXANDER FRASER.
a. CHRISTIAN FRASER. Married James Arbuthnot (See G.1. below).
5. NATHANIEL ARBUTHNOT. Died in infancy.
6. ANNA ARBUTHNOT. Baptized Peterhead 8 February 1715 (witnesses: Alexander Arbuthnot and JAMES PARK). Married WILLIAM SCOTT, merchant in Peterhead.
7. MARIE ARBUTHNOT. Baptized Peterhead 10 August 1718.
8. Margaret Arbuthnot. Baptized Peterhead 17 September 1720 (witnesses: ANDREW and Alexander Arbuthnot). Died 22 February 1805. Married at Peterhead, 8 October 1751, Bishop ROBERT KILGOUR. They had issue. They are buried in Old Peterhead Churchyard.
9. ISOBELL (ISABELLA) ARBUTHNOT. Baptized Peterhead 13 February 1725 (witnesses: ALEX ______ and ALEX ARBUTHNOT). Married at Peterhead, 16 January 1752, Captain WILLIAM FERGUSON son of Robert Ferguson (son of John Ferguson and Janet Ferguson) and Jane Smith.
aa. JAMES HUTCHISON, Junior. Married ANN THOM. They had a son:
AA. THOMAS HUTCHISON of Ingleside. Born Ingleside, Cults 1831. Died 1906. Married in Peterhead NICOLA McCOMBIE, dau of Thomas McCombie of Richmond hill and his wife Catherine née Arbuthnot, dau of Robert Arbuthnot (Table M). For details of their descendants, see Table M.
BB. ISABELLA HUTCHISON. Married William Wallace.
i. Jane Wallace. Married Edmund Boughton.
(A) Edith Boughton. Married I A Chatisin.
(B) Jane Boughton. Married A J Godson.
(C) Annie Boughton. Married Vickers H Jones.
10. Captain Thomas Arbuthnot, Junior. Born 1725. Died 1 December 1773. Testament registered 7 January 1780. In the Navy. Deserted 1745 to join Prince Charles Edward Stuart. Present at Culloden where he held a Lieutenant's Commission. Fled to France with Bonnie Prince Charlie. Received a free pardon 1752. Returned to Peterhead and became proprietor of a vessel trading to the West Indies. Bonnie Prince Charlie presented to Thomas a miniature portrait of himself and this has been handed down to members of the family, last recorded to be in the possession of Reverend William Arbuthnot of Stetchford. Married, 1766, Margaret Arbuthnot (see G.9. below).
a. Dr James Arbuthnot of Richmond Hill, Peterhead. Baptized Peterhead 1 January 1767 (witnesses: James Arbuthnot and William Scott). Dsp 9 February 1829. Married at Peterhead, 1 July 1799, Grace Buchan (died 16 February 1818), daughter of John Buchan of Auchmacoy.
b. Margaret Arbuthnot. Baptized Peterhead 20 April 1768 (Witnesses: James Arbuthnot, Senior and William Forbes, merchants). Died 17 July 1768.
c. Thomas Arbuthnot, III. Baptized Peterhead 24 April 1770. (witnesses: Thomas Arbuthnot Senior and Thomas Arbuthnot Junior, merchants). Died 29 December 1790.
d. Christian Arbuthnot. Baptized Peterhead 11 September 1771. Died 1828. Married George Gordon of Auchleuchries and had issue.
aa. Margaret Gordon. Married Ogilvie Will, Banker of Peterhead.
AA. Eleanor Jane Ogilvie-Wills. Born 1827. Died 1908. Married James Arbuthnot of Invernettie House - see B.3. on Table M.
bb. Charles Gordon. Born Cruden 16 August 1791. Died unmarried Longside 30 May 1872. Proprietor, Landowner/ JP, Commissioner of Supply, Surgeon , Physician.
AA. [95% probability] Charlotte Gordon. Born Cruden c.1815/16. Possibly illegitimate, possibly daughter of Isabel _____. Died between 1844-49. Married, 3 June 1837, John Pirie. He remarried 1849.
i. Isabel Pirie.  Born Cruden 1837. Named after her maternal grandmother?
ii. Charles Gordon Pirie. Born Cruden 1839. Named after her maternal grandfather?
iii. Ann Duncan Pirie. Born Logie Buchan 1841.Named after her mother's father's housekeeper.
iv. Jane Pirie. Born Cruden 1844. Named after her aunt.
(A) Jane _____. Died 1948. She had a son (died 1977 aged 55) who married a lass from Fife and had a daughter, Sandra Allison (born 1959).
BB. Jane Gordon. Born Cruden c.1820.
CC. John Gordon. Born Monquhitter c.1836/37.
DD. Mary Gordon. Born c.1844. Possibly daughter of Ann Duncan, her father's housekeeper.
EE. Margaret Gordon. Born 1854. Died 15 March 1898. Daughter of Ann Duncan. Married Longside 25 November 1873 John Steven Milne (born Longside 16 January 1851).
i. John Milne. Born 4 June 1874.
ii. Charles G Milne. Born 13 October 1876.
iii. Edward Milne. Born 1879.
iv. Mary Ann Jane Milne. Born Longside 16 December 1881.  Married Charles Gerrie Hendry. Had issue. See
  v. Margaret G Milne. Born 18 March 1883.
vi. Helenor Milne. Born 13 July 1887.
vii. Jessie Marshall Milne. Born Longside 29 July 1889.
viii. Laura Milne. Born 16 August 1891.
e. Adam Arbuthnot. Born 22 February 1773. Baptized Peterhead 22 September 1773. Died 4 October 1850. Merchant in Peterhead. Founder of the Arbuthnot Museum, Peterhead.
f. Helen Arbuthnot. Married Dr Alexander and had issue.
B. Andrew Arbuthnot of Nether Mill and of Cruden. Known as "Blind Fortree". Baptized Longside 8 July 1683. Dsp.
C. Alexander Arbuthnot, Senior. Baptized Longside 25 January 1687. Lister in Peterhead. Married, first, in Boyndie, Banff, 6 November 1711, Anna Ogilvy, daughter of Ogilvy of Boyne. Married, second, Mary Scott, daughter of Alexander Scott of Auchtidonald.
1. James Arbuthnot. Baptized Peterhead 19 May 1714 (witnesses: Thomas Arbuthnot and James Park). Died between 1739 and 1742.
2. Anna Arbuthnot. Baptized Peterhead 18 October 1715. Buried Longside 31 March 1719.
3. Alexander Arbuthnot, Junior. Merchant in London. Said to have left issue.
4. Janet Arbuthnot.
5. Elspet Arbuthnot. Married, first, Captain Somes. Married, second, Sir Thomas Heron, Bt.
D. Anne Arbuthnot. Baptized Longside 13 April 1691.
E. Robert Arbuthnot. Baptized Longside 29 December 1693. Died November 1694.
F. Arthur Arbuthnot. Baptized Longside 28 January 1695. Died young.
G. James Arbuthnot, Senior of West Rora. Baptized Longside 26 October 1697. Died 16 April 1770. Married, 25 January 1726, Margaret Gordon (died 1 November 1783), daughter of Sir John Gordon of Letterfourie and sister of Charles Gordon of Auchleuchries.
1. James Arbuthnot, Junior of Middleton of Rora. Born 1 November 1726 according to David George Arbuthnot. Baptized Longside 4 November 1726. Died before 31 December 1796. Married Christian Fraser, daughter of Captain Alexander Fraser and Christian, née Arbuthnot (see A.4.a. above).
a. James Arbuthnot, III. Died young.
b. John Arbuthnot. Died young.
c. Alexander Arbuthnot. Died young.
d. Christian Arbuthnot in Kirktoun of Peterhead. Baptized St Fergus, Peterhead 11 December 1770. Died young. Testament (showing her father as 'the late' James Arbuthnot of Rora) recorded in Aberdeen 31 December 1796.
2. Mary Arbuthnot. Baptized Longside 14 June 1728. Buried Longside 3 March 1795. Married John Moir, Junior in Kirktoun of Longside (See A.1.c.BB(C)(1) on Table H).
a. John Moir, III. Printer and Genealogist.
3. Elspet Arbuthnot. Baptized Longside 23 February 1730. Died 12 November 1750.
4. Margaret Arbuthnot, first of the name. Baptized Longside 18 March 1732, a twin with Elizabeth. Born 17 March 1732 and died August 1732 according to David George Arbuthnot.
5. Elizabeth Arbuthnot, first of the name. Baptized Longside 18 March 1732. Born 17 March 1732 and died October 1732 according to David George Arbuthnot.
6. Jean Arbuthnot. Baptized Longside 1 September 1733. Born 31 August 1733 and died January 1808 according to David George Arbuthnot.
7. Nathaniel Arbuthnot. Baptized Longside 3 May 1734. Died March 1737 according to David George Arbuthnot.
8. Abbot Charles Arbuthnot of Ratisbon [wikilink]. Baptized Longside 23 February 1757. Born 22 February 1757 and died Ratisbon 19 April 1820. Ratisbon was the Scots Monastery at Regensburg, Germany.
9. Margaret Arbuthnot, second of the name. Baptized Longside 17 April 1738. Died 16 August 1816. Born 15 April 1738 according to David George Arbuthnot. Married, 1766, Captain Thomas Arbuthnot, Junior (born 1725, died 1 December 1773), for details of whom see A.10. above.
10. John Arbuthnot. Baptized Longside 22 November 1739. Born 22 November 1739 and died 31 March 1740 according to David George Arbuthnot.
11. Elizabeth Arbuthnot, second of the name. Baptized Longside 12 September 1741. Born 11 September 1741 and died January 1744 according to David George Arbuthnot.
12. Thomas Arbuthnot. Baptized Longside 25 February 1744. Died 8 April 1820. Born 23 February 1744 according to David George Arbuthnot.
a. A son.
b. A son.
H. John Arbuthnot in Fortree. Baptized Longside 21 August 1704. Buried 1785. Buried Longside 9 September 1785.
I. Janet Arbuthnot. Married, first, John Dalgarno of Mill of Rora. 
7.Seven children.
Married second, 17 June 1714, James Park

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