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John Arbuthnot.
a. Janet Arbuthnot. Born Largs, Ayr 17 November 1769.
b. Agnes Arbuthnot. Born Largs, Ayr 26 March 1772. Married c.1813 John Taylor. 
A. James Taylor. Born 7 May 1814.
B. James Taylor. Born  24 August 1815.
C. Janet Taylor.  Born 21 December 1821.
c. Margrat Arbuthnot. Born Largs, Ayr 30 May 1774.
d. Alexander Arbuthnot, Senior. Born c.1779 (no record of his birth in Largs 1775-85 but register contains several blanks). The Largs register shows the birth of two Alexanders: the first was baptized 27 September 1774 and was the son of William Arbuthnot (that William Arbuthnot was also father to Jean bap 6 October 1776 and Janet bap 28 June 1781); the second was baptized Sunday ? May 1783 (thus 4th 11th 18th or 25th) and was the son of John Arbuthnot. Presumably died before 1820 when his wife remarried but the register for Largs has no entries before 1823. The Alexander with whom we are not here concerned is shown as having died Largs 6 April 1830 aged fifty. A weaver, fisherman and feuer. Married (Largs register is blank 1799-1814) Agnes ("Nanny") Drummond (died Largs 28 November 1862 aged seventy- one), daughter of James Drummond, carpenter of Port Glasgow. She married second in Largs, 29 January 1820, David Storm, fisherman.

John Arbuthnot. Born Largs 15 June 1812. Baptized 18 June 1812. Died Saltcoats, Ardrossan 12 January 1865. Carter and general labourer. Married (proclaimed 14 November 1840) Janet Nicol (born Kilbride; dvu Saltcoats, Ardrossan 12 November 1863 aged forty-eight), seamstress, daughter of Daniel Nicol, carter and Catherine, née Sinclair.


Catherine Sinclair Arbuthnot. Bap Largs 16 April 1843.


Janet Arbuthnot. Born Saltcoats c.1848. Seamstress.


Ann Arbuthnot. Born Saltcoats c.1855.


A daughter. Born 1 May 1857. Died aged two and a half hours.

B. Jean Arbuthnot. Born Largs 13 November 1814. Baptized 20 November 1814.

Alexander Arbuthnot, Junior. Born c.1818 (no record at Largs 1816-20). A handloom woolen and cotton weaver. Died Largs 12 March 1895. Married in Glasgow, 30 October 1853, Agnes (otherwise Mary) McLatchie (born St Quivox or possibly Largs (no record in either place) 1825; died Largs 28 January 1887), daughter of William McLatchie, ploughman, and Sophia, née Craig.


Sophia Craig Arbuthnot. Born Largs 25 December 1853. Baptized 5 February 1854.


Agnes Drummond Arbuthnot. Born Largs, Ayrshire 6 October 1855.

3. Jane Arbuthnot. Born Largs 13 October 1857.

Mary Arbuthnot. Born Largs 8 February 1866.


Alexander Arbuthnot, III. Born Largs 28 July 1868. Died Largs 21 July 1948. A tailor. Married at Largs, 2 October 1896, Isabella Gills (aged twenty-two), daughter of James ("Coaty") Gills, a fisherman and Mary, née McKirdy.

a. Alexander Arbuthnot, IV, BEM. Born Largs -- August 1897. Dsp 25 July 1975. Served in the army during World War I (wounded in North Africa). Worked for the Post Office. Married, first in Skermorlie, Mary Hart. Married, second in Hamilton, Henrietta Paterson. Married, third in Canada, Isobel Wood.

James Gills Arbuthnot. Born 17 June 1899. Died 11 March 1982. Served with Highland Light Infantry during World War I. A ship's carpenter and joiner. Once of: 26 John Clark Street, Largs. Married, first, Katharine Freeberne. Divorced 1946. She became Mrs Haywood (died before 2003) and lived at Syringa, 36 Brunton, Collingbourne, Kingston, near Marlborough, Wiltshire.


Brian Alexander Arbuthnot. Born 4 January 1934. An opthalmic optician. Married, 17 February 1961, Olive Ferguson (born 1 February 1933). Address: 50 Cowal View, Gourock, Renfrewshire PA19 1HD (01475 631 549).

aa. Angus Ferguson Arbuthnot. Born 20 November 1964. Married 1st _____ _____. Married 13 June 1992 Deborah A _____ (born 14 June 1969).   Divorced. She then married Mr Weir.
i. Kerry Ann Arbuthnot. Born 1 December 1994. Educated Gourock High School.
ii. Brendan Arbuthnot. Born 10 September 1998. Educated Largs Academy.
Angus married 2nd Alison McConnachy. Address: 3 Macmillan Drive, Gourock, Renfrewshire PA19 1SW

Stuart Walker Arbuthnot. Born 26 January 1969. Married. Divorced. Address: 83 Weymouth Crescent, Gourock, Renfrewshire PA19 1HR

BB. Brenda Arbuthnot. Married, ?.?.19??, Peter Murphy (born ?.?.19??). Divorced.

Andrew Murphy. Born ?.?.19??.


Paul Murphy. Born ?.?.19??.

Brenda married second ?.?.19?? Keith Harmen (born ?.?.19??). Address unknown.
James married, second, Isobel Scott (dvu 8 November 1978).
c. John Gills Arbuthnot. Born Largs 29 March 1904. Emigrated from Scotland to South Africa 1934. Married in Pretoria, 30 November 1940, (Margaret) Jessie MacDonald (died Attadale, W Aus 22 August 1999 aged 84). Address: 35 Cruden Bay Road, Greenside, Johannesburg, RSA 2193.

Alexander Forbes Arbuthnot. Born Pretoria, South Africa 7 August 1943. Killed in an accident Cape Town 17 September 1977. Educated Wits University, Johannesburg (quantity surveying). Became a building contractor in Cape Town. Married in Cape Town, 6 August 1971, Jillian Goldblatt. Her address: Underberg, Barry St Hout Bay, Cape, RSA.

aa. Michael Alexander Arbuthnot. Born 14 November 1976.
bb. Kathryn Sandy Arbuthnot. Born 28 March 1978.

Ian Macdonald Arbuthnot. Born Pretoria 26 January 1947. Educated Wits University, Johannesburg (BSc Chemical Engineering). Now specialising in the refining of gold and other minerals. Married, 11 March 1972, Ann Margaret Barnard. Address: 6 Mark Avenue, Northcliff, Johannesburg 8 Farrin Street, Attadale Western Australia 6156

aa. Shirley Jean Arbuthnot. Born 21 October 1976. Changed her name to Tahlia Jean Arbuthnot. Address: PO Box 8934, Alice Springs, Northern Territory 0871 Australia
bb. Carol Ann Arbuthnot. Born Johannesburg, South Africa 23 July 1979.
cc. Jacqueline Jessie Arbuthnot. Born Perth, Australia 5 February 1991. Educated Mandurah Catholic College.
CC. Jean Margaret Arbuthnot. Born Johannesburg 8 August 1952. Educated Natal University, Durban (BA). Now a personnel Officer. Married in Johannesburg, 8 July 1980, Peter Mackenzie. Address: 31 8th Street, Parkhurst, Johannesburg, RSA.

Mary ("Maisie") McKirdy Arbuthnot. Born Largs c.1910. Married Robert Tyre (dvu). Address: 66 Haco Street, Largs, West Scotland.


George Tyre. Died 19??. Married, 25 August 1945, _____ _____.


Lorna Tyre.


Robbie Tyre.

BB. Isobel Tyre. Married Peter Sharp. Address: 22 Grantsell Street, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Graeme William Sharp. Born 21 January 1962. Lives in Brisbane.


Douglas ("Doug") Peter Sharp. Born 3 January 1959. Lives in Brisbane.

cc. (John Robert) Philip ("Phil") Sharp. Born 1 June 1972. Lives in Brisbane.

Stephen Harper Arbuthnot. Born 4 January 1911. Died 5 July 1991. Married, 10 July 1946, Isobel Mary Hutchinson (born 7 January 1921; died 4 May 2002). Address: 44 Moraine Avenue, Glasgow 15.


Williamina ("Wilma") Arbuthnot. Born 28 November 1949. Married, 26 March 1988, James Perritt (born 4 January 1941; dvu & sp 12 April 1991).

BB. Stephen Alexander Arbuthnot. Born 2 October 1954. Works with the Central College of Commerce, Glasgow. Married, 26 September 1990, Ruth Esther Johnston (born 14 November 1959). Address: 3 Westerkirk Drive Glasgow G23 5LG
aa. Caroline Sarah Arbuthnot. Born 28 October 1991. Educated Cleveden Secondary School.
bb. Annabel Jane Arbuthnot. Born 8 October 1993.

William Drummond Arbuthnot. Born Largs 21 February 1914. Died March 1992. Emigrated from Scotland to South Africa 1936. Married 25 August 1925 Ray Lieberman (died October 1995). Address: 91 Floralyn, St Andrews Street, Durban, RSA.


Lynn Arbuthnot. Born South Africa 20 September 1950. Educated in Durban (pharmaceutical diploma). A pharmacist. Her address 6 Spensley Place, Wanniassa, ACT, Australia. Married in Durban, 5 November 1977, Anthony Richard Gould. Divorced 2003. They emigrated to Australia 1987.


Michelle Claire Gould. Born Durban 30 January 1981. Educated Monash University, Melbourne (Medicine).


Karen Angela Gould. Born Durban 2 July 1983. Educated Sydney University (Chemical Engineering & Law).


William Arbuthnot. Born Largs 8 August 1871.


Agnes Arbuthnot. Married (proclaimed Largs 25 May 1839), Daniel Porteous, a weaver.

1. Agnes Porteous. Born Largs c.1839 (no record in Register).
2. Marion Fraser Porteous. Born Largs 25 May 1840. Baptized 7 June 1840.

James Porteous. Born Largs 13 May 1844. Baptized 30 March 1845.

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