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Robert Arbuthnott, Senior. Baillie (and later Provost) of Montrose. Recorded his arms at the Lyon Office in 1685, claiming descent from the line of Portertown. Mrs P.S-M. Arbuthnot supposed him to be the Robert against whom there is a note on Table A and she also suggests that his father died in 1595; however we know he joined in a cautionary obligation in 1696 for the faithful discharge of the duties of Alexander Arbuthnot as guardians of the children of the 3rd Viscount of Arbuthnot and it seems improbable that he was then aged 101 with a wife some fifty years younger than himself. He married in Montrose, 22 November 1662, Jean Beattie (died November 1683). They had had a number of illegitimate children (A to C below) before marrying:


David Arbuthnott. Baptized Montrose 17 May 1656. Presumably died young.


David Arbuthnott. Baptized Montrose 14 January 1658.


Catrine Arbuthnott. Baptized Montrose 9 February 1660.


Margret Arbuthnott. Baptized Montrose 18 August 1663. Presumably died young.


George Arbuthnott. Baptized Montrose 28 May 1665.


Robert Arbuthnott, Junior of whom we treat below.


Margaret Arbuthnott. Baptized Montrose 27 August 1669.

H. James Arbuthnott. Baptized Montrose 12 May 1672.

William Arbuthnott. Baptized Montrose 10 February 1674. Witnesses: William Rait of Halgreen and William Arbuthnot.


John Arbuthnott. Baptized Montrose 18 October 1677. Witnesses: John Cowle, Provost and John Donaldson. Possibly it was he who contracted in Montrose, 3 June 1702, to marry Janet Smith - but never did so.


Alexander Arbuthnott. Baptized Montrose 26 October 1680. Witnesses: Alexander Turnbull, Senior, baillie; Mr Robert Tailor and Andrew Straiton, apothecarie.


Jean Arbuthnott. Baptized Montrose 10 November 1682. Witnesses: John Ferrier, merchant and John Thomson, merchant.


Robert Arbuthnott, Junior. Baptized Montrose 13 February 1667. Merchant and Baillie. Married in Montrose, 5 June 1701, Elizabeth ("Bettie") Milne.

1. Robert Arbuthnott, III of whom we treat below.

James Arbuthnott. Baptized Montrose 21 February 1704. Witnesses: James Milne of Hatten and Mr James Arbuthnot. He may be the James Arbuthnott of Table 55.


Alexander Arbuthnott. Baptized Montrose 2 July 1705. Witnesses: Alexander Arbuthnot and Alexander Rennald. Presumably died young.


George Arbuthnott. Baptized Montrose 9 September 1706.


A son. Baptized Montrose 19 August 1710.


Jean Arbuthnott. Baptized Montrose 19 August 1710. Witnesses: Baillie Skinner and James Ochterlonie.


Alexander Arbuthnott. Baptized Montrose 19 May 1713.


Elizabeth Arbuthnott. Baptized Montrose 6 December 1715. Witnesses: Mr James Raitt and Provost Skinner.


Margaret ("Peggy") Arbuthnott. Baptized Montrose 25 October 1717. Married in Montrose, 2 June 1750, Mr John Watson, officer of Excise.

1. Robert Arbuthnott, III. Baptized Montrose 21 November 1702. Witnesses: Robert Barclay and James Milne of Hatten. Shipmaster. Married in Montrose, 4 December 1725, Elizabeth Webster.

Elizabeth Arbuthnott. Baptized Montrose 26 November 1726. Witnesses: James Ochterlonie and James Ogilvy.


Margaret Arbuthnott. Baptized Montrose 13 June 1728. Witnesses: James Ogilvy and Walter Keith.


Jean Arbuthnott. Baptized Montrose 30 October 1729. Witnesses: David Anderson and Alexander Cowie.


Mary Arbuthnott. Baptized Montrose 19 October 1730. Witnesses: Mary Ogilvy and Rotr. Dunbar.


John Arbuthnott. Baptized Montrose 20 June 1732.

(F) James Arbuthnott. Baptized Montrose 24 July 1733. Witnesses: John Coupar, minister and David Anderson.

Alexander Arbuthnott, Senior. Baptized Montrose 2 June 1738. Witnesses: David Anderson and John Clark. Married in Montrose, 22 July 1759, Jean Milne (or Mill) of Benholm, Kincardineshire.


Katharine Arbuthnott. Baptized Montrose 17 November 1761.


Robert Arbuthnott. Born Banff 3 July 1763 (per LDS). Baptized Montrose 3 July 1763.


Elizabeth Arbuthnott. Baptized Montrose 17 August 1764.


George Arbuthnott, of whom we treat below.


Jean Arbuthnott. Baptized Montrose 6 December 1767.


Stephen Arbuthnott. Baptized Montrose 6 August 1769. Possibly identical to the Stephen Arbuthnott shown on Table 39.


Alexander Arbuthnott, Junior. Baptized Montrose 28 October 1770.


George Arbuthnott. Baptized Montrose 25 May 1776. Shoemaker. Married in Montrose, 28 August 1791, Margaret Jarvis (or Jervise).


James Arbuthnott, Senior. Born c.1794. Died Montrose 6 February 1884 aged eighty-nine. Linen weaver, warehouse labourer, lodge-keeper and pauper. He wrote the address at the opening ceremony of Sir Robert Peel's Monument in Montrose on 21 August 1852. Married in Montrose, 20 February 1820, Jean ("Jane") Langlands (born Brechin 24 March 1794; died Montrose 9 February 1878), daughter of David Langlands, shoemaker in Brechin and Margaret, née Kinnear). Amongst their children were:


George Arbuthnott, Senior. Born Montrose (not Kirriemuir as stated in the 1861 census) c.1823 (per censuses of 1851, 1861 and 1891). Therefore he cannot have been 76 when he died at Montrose 30 October 1900. He was five feet seven inches and had a dark complexion, blue eyes and black hair. Linen weaver, soldier and Chelsea Pensioner. Served with the Scots Fusilier Guards, and was wounded at Sebastapol in 1856, having joined up in 1855. Married in Montrose, 29 May 1842, Catherine Mustard (born Montrose 20 April 1821; died Montrose 4 November 1901), daughter of James Mustard, linen weaver, and his wife, Jean, née Ramsay (who were married Montrose 17 September 1809). In 1861 Catherine was 'employed at flax'.


David Arbuthnott, Senior. Born Montrose 28 July 1843. Slater and journeyman. Married, first in Montrose, 8 December 1865, Margaret Smith (born c.1847, dvu c.1871), domestic servant aged eighteen, daughter of Thomas Smith, ship's carpenter and Sophia, née Smith.


John Burness Arbuthnott. Born Montrose 16 October 1866.


Williamina Joan Reid Arbuthnott. Born Montrose 28 November 1870.

David Arbuthnott, Senior married, second in Edinburgh, 9 September 1872, Mary Quigley (born c.1848), twenty-four year old widow of William Thomson Tanner, and daughter of James Quigley, mason, and Mary, née Bain.


Mary Arbuthnott. Born Edinburgh 30 April 1873. Died before 1881?


Margaret Diana Mitchell Smith Arbuthnott. Born Edinburgh 24 November 1874. Presumably died young.

ee. Euphemia Adamson Arbuthnott. Born Edinburgh 2 April 1876. Married ______ ______.
ff. Margaret Bain Arbuthnott. Born Edinburgh 29 August 1877. Died 1954. Married contemporaneously with her brother, Edward Quigley Arbuthnott, in Edinburgh, 9 June 1905, ______ Trench, an upholsterer. One of the witnesses was Peter Tanner Arbuthnott (unidentified; no entry for his birth shown 1810-54 or for his death 1905-40).
gg. Thomas Robertson Wood Arbuthnott. Born Edinburgh 25 March 1879.
hh. David Arbuthnott, Junior. Born Edinburgh 3 October 1881. Died unmarried.
ii. Edward George Arbuthnott. Born Edinburgh 28 November 1883. A slater. Married contemporaneously with his sister, Margaret Bain Arbuthnott, in Edinburgh, 9 June 1905, Helen Isabella Myles (aged twenty-five), daughter of John Myles, baker and the late Helen Isabella, née Hillhouse.

Helen Isabella Hillhouse Arbuthnott. Born Edinburgh 4 September 1905.


Mary Quigley Arbuthnott. Born Edinburgh 26 May 1907. Married S_____ Pollard (died 30 October 1981). Address: 21 Oxford Street, Edinburgh EH8.


Johan Bambery Arbuthnott. Born Edinburgh 17 September 1908.


Helen Isabella Myles Arbuthnott. Born Edinburgh 6 August 1910.


Alexandra Lennie Arbuthnott. Born Edinburgh 12 November 1912.


Agnes Underwood Myles Arbuthnott. Born Edinburgh 7 March 1914 (her parents are shown as Edward Quigley Arbuthnott and Helen Hillhouse Myles).

jj. Alexander Quigley Arbuthnott. Born Edinburgh 1 September 1885. Died 5 February 1935. Married, 2 October 1909, Jemima McDougall (born Edinburgh 22 June 1890; died 19 December 1953), a compositor with a printing firm, daughter of James McDougall, slater and journeyman, and Mary, illegitimate daughter of John Kelly (venetian blind maker and journeyman) and Ann Wylie. Mary was born 4 October 1857 and married, 30 June 1874, James McDougall, son of Donald McDougall, Junior (butler and lithographer's porter) and Isabella, née Lothian. Donald died of typhus 23 December 1871, having been born at Moulin, Perthshire 28 August 1822 to Donald McDougall, Senior (died before 28 August 1822) and Christina, née Robertson.
a. David Smith Arbuthnott, BEM, Senior. Born Edinburgh 17 January 1910. Died c.1994. Served with the TA for twenty five years (Lothian Border Horse Yeomanry). Married, 26 September 1936, Janet Rankin. Address: 17/1 Sunghton Main's Park, Edinburgh EH11 3HG (formerly of: 30A Walker Street, Edinburgh EH3 7HR).
(AA) David Smith Arbuthnott, Junior. Born 24 July 1937. Married, 5 November 1960, Cecilia Foster. Address: 9, 7 Westborn Grove, Edinburgh 14 (031-453 1951).
(aa) David Smith Arbuthnott, III. Born 26 September 1966.

Joan Janet Catherine Chrichton Arbuthnott. Born 27 October 1968.

(BB) Irene Marsden Arbuthnott. Born 6 September 1944. Married, 21 June 1963, John Dewar (born 2 October 1940). Address: 15 Sighthill Terrace, Edinburgh EH11 4PQ.
(aa) Colin John Dewar. Born 25 June 1964.

Kenneth Donald Dewar. Born 18 June 1967.

(CC) Donald Yarwood McDougall Arbuthnott. Born 16 January 1948. Died 11 February 1993. Married, 12 September 1969, Moira Toall. She married second Andrew Fergus. They live in Duddingston, Edinburgh  (0131 317 7727).

Julie-Anne Margaret Arbuthnott. Born 12 June 1971. Married Malcolm Allen.


Elizabeth Allen. Born 4 March 2002.


Emma Charlotte Allen. Born August 2004.


David Crichton Arbuthnott. Born 19 June 1973. Married Angela Gillies. Divorced 2004. Married 24 December 2007 Claire Emma Balderstone. Living in Springfield, South Queensferry.

A. Megan Louise Arbuthnott.   Born 30 August 2008
B. Cameron Ian Donald Arbuthnott, born 7 May 2012.
b. Alexander Smith Arbuthnott. Born Edinburgh.

James Smith Arbuthnott. Born Edinburgh. He is known to have died, but it is not known whether he married.

d. Edward Quigley Arbuthnott, DCM, MM. Born Edinburgh 29 April 1914. Unmarried. 25 years army service: A.S.H. 1930-37; Green Howards, China (two campaigns India), 1938-45; Anzio Beach Head (DCM); King's Own Scottish Borderers, Korea. Gordon Highlanders, Malaya (MM). Address: Whiteford House, Canongate, Edinburgh.

Mary Kelly Arbuthnott. Born Edinburgh 26 December 1916. Married, 24 June 1938, James Campbell.

(AA) Peter Campbell.
f. Jemima McDougall Arbuthnott. Born Edinburgh. Died ?.?.19??. Married Bruce Verth (died ?.?.19??).

John Bamburgh Arbuthnott. Born Edinburgh 9 January 1888. Married ______ ______.

ll. George Arbuthnott. Died when his son, George, was very young. Married Alexandra Lennie, who is living in Edinburgh.
a. David Smith Arbuthnott. Born 7 July 1914. Married, 26 January 1957, Elizabeth ("Bettie") Millar. Address: 121 Gilmour Place, Edinburgh 3.

Gillian Arbuthnott. Born 13 August 1958. Educated St Andrews University. A biology teacher at Edinburgh Academy. Author of "The Chaos Clock", "The Chaos Quest" and "Waterbringers".

b. George Andrew Bell Arbuthnott. Born 5 March 1929. Married, 24 August 1957, Jean Lowe. Address: Craigerne, Edinburgh Road, Tranent, by Edinburgh.
(AA) Janis Catherine Arbuthnott. Born 1 May 1963.
BB. James Arbuthnott, Senior. Born Montrose 21 February 1847 (not Kirriemuir as stated in the 1861 census). Employed at a flax dressing machine when aged fourteen; later slater and journeyman. Married in Montrose, 28 June 1867, Elizabeth Aikenhead (born c.1847), linen factory worker, daughter of David Aikenhead (died before 1867), labourer, and Mrs Elizabeth Jolly, formerly Aikenhead, née McKenzie. They were in New Zealand in 1910.
aa. George Arbuthnott. Born Montrose 25 August 1867. Labourer. Married in Victoria, Australia, 31 March 1890, Mary Elizabeth Koyle (born Stowell, Victoria 1871), domestic servant, daughter of John Koyle and Mary, née Roberts
a. John James Arbuthnot Born Clifton Hill   Melbourne 1891. Married GEORGINA SHAND.

(AA) John ("JACK") ARBUTHNOT. Lives in Queensland, Australia. Tel:  617 4124 3172. Married Joan Marjory ----- (dvu Maryborough, QLD 30 April 2013 aged 92). Grandmother of 9 grandchildren and 21 great grandchildren. Sister and sister-in-law of Elaine and Jack Brent (both dec'd).

(aa) ELIZABETH ("BETTY") ARBUTHNOT. Married IAN SIMONSEN ( 612 9630 1291

(bb) LINDSAY ARBUTHNOT. Lives in Victoria. 613 5866 3186. Married Uneta _____.

(cc) RONALD ("RON") ARBUTHNOT. Married Dianne _____. Is he the Ronald whose address is 23 Owen Street, Boronia, Melbourne?, Victoria and who married as her second husband NORMA ("MAY"?) ENLUND who had a son by her first marriage, STEPHEN WHITE (married BELINDA JANE WEBB) who rented from Ron his house at 15 Austin Street, Gully, Melbourne, Victoria which is listed under M.J. Arbuthnot.

(BB) GEORGE ARBUTHNOT. Born 25 August 1919. Died 2 July 1982. Married, 3 June 1942, ELVA FLORENCE MURPHY. Address: 6 Kent Street, Mornington, Victoria 3931.

(aa) (IAN) GEORGE ARBUTHNOT. Born 26 March 1954. Married, 1976, RITA A----- KASICKIS, a Latvian. Address: 32 Venice Street, Mornington, Victoria.

A. ADELE NICOLE ARBUTHNOT. Born 29 March 1982.


A. A son.

B. A son.

b. Lily May Arbuthnot Born Clifton Hill   Melbourne 1893.
c. Myrtle Elizabeth Arbuthnot Born Clifton Hill Melbourne 1897.
d. Ruby Jane Arbuthnot Born Northcote   Melbourne 1900.
e. Joan Edith Arbuthnot Born Northcote Melbourne 1902. Died of tuberculosis c.1942.
f. Violet May Arbuthnot  Born Northcote Melbourne 1908.
bb. James Arbuthnott, Junior. Born Montrose 11 June 1869. Died Pakenham, Victoria, Australia 1948.
CC. Joseph Arbuthnott, Senior. Baptized Montrose 3 February 1851. Died before 19 November 1880. Employed in tobacco manufacturing industry when aged ten. He was a boat builder. Married in Montrose, 1 August 1873, Jane Petrie (born Montrose), a flaxmill worker aged twenty, daughter of Stewart Petrie, linen warehouseman, and Mary, née Milne.

Mary Arbuthnott. Born Montrose 1876.


George Arbuthnott. Born Montrose 1877.


Joseph Arbuthnott, Junior. Born Montrose 19 November 1880. Died 7 June 1945. A store-keeper of 72 Bouverie Terrace, Port Glasgow. Married at Port Glasgow, 26 April 1912, Agnes Dingwall (born 1885; died 12 May 1978), a mill worker aged twenty-seven, daughter of William Dingwall, flax-dresser, and Agnes, née Keys.

a. Joseph Arbuthnott, III. Born Port Glasgow 30 May 1918. Died 4 July 1990. Married in Port Glasgow, 24 December 1942 (1943?), Jean Gray (born 29 October 1920; died Burlington, Ontario 25 (23?) July 1959), daughter of William Stewart Gray and Emma, née Hart. They lived at: 1581 East Main Street, El Cajon, California 92021.
(AA) (Jean) Wendy Arbuthnott. Born Johnstone, Scotland 23 February 1944. Married in Hamilton, Ontario, 24 June 1967, Chandra Kudsia (born Delhi, India 25 July 1942), son of Jagdish Prasad Kudsia and Shanti, née Devi. Address: 40 Huntingdale Place, Kitchener, Ontario, N2A 3K6, formerly of: 42 Tecumseh, Kitchener, Ontario N2B 2T4.

Shari Kudsia. Born Montreal, Quebec 11 January 1971.


Rajeer Kudsia. Born Pointe Claire, Quebec 24 November 1972.


Dev Kudsia. Born Pointe Claire 7 October 1977.


Joseph Arbuthnott, IV. Born Johnstone 21 February 1946. Married in Scarborough, Ontario, 12 September 1970, Lynn Houston (born Toronto, Ontario 26 December 1948), daughter of Edward James Houston and Helen Marie, née Search. Address: 24 Jermyn Street, Whitby, Ontario L1N 5M5.


Joseph ("Joey") Edward Arbuthnott. Born Scarborough 9 October 1975. Married Tonya _____ (born Phoenix, AZ).


Hayley Arbuthnott. Born c.2007.


James ("Jamie") David Arbuthnott. Born Scarborough 28 February 1980.


Joyce Gray Arbuthnott. Born Hamilton 3 December 1948. Married in Burlington, 25 July 1970, Roger Lucien Gaudette (born Ontario 8 August 1947), son of Romeo Gaudette and Miranda, née Maurice. Address: 4527 Longmoor Drive, Burlington, Ontario L7L 1Y4.


Roger Corey Gaudette. Born Burlington 20 July 1976.


Kyla Nicole Gaudette. Born Burlington 22 January 1979.


Kaitlyn Wendy Gaudette. Born Burlington 24 October 1983.


William Dingwall Arbuthnott. Born Hamilton 1 June 1951. Address: RO 1, Freelton, Ontario L0R 1K0.


Brittaney Arbuthnott. Born 11 March 1987.


Kyle William Arbuthnott. Born 11 April 1991.

b. William ("Willy") Dingwall Arbuthnott. Born 29 February 1920. Died March 1995. Married, 26 June 1942, Agnes ("Nessie") Gray. Address: 461 Dallow Road, Luton, Bedfordshire LU1 1UL.
(AA) William Dingwall Gray Arbuthnott. Born 6 August 1943.

James Buick Arbuthnott. Married Matilda Smith. Address: 10 Tweed Street, Greenock, Renfrewshire.


George Arbuthnott, Junior. Born Montrose 7 October 1854.

EE. John ("Jake") Arbuthnott. Born Montrose 26 December 1856. Died 1 September 1936. A boat builder and journeyman who sailed to Australia on the 'Cutty Sark' and 'Thermopolae' as a ship's carpenter. Married in Montrose, 1 June (May?) 1877, Jane Ann Cramond (born Kincardineshire 1857/8, died Montrose 29 April 1928), a flax mill worker of 25 Ramsay Street, Montrose.

Alan Carnegie Arbuthnott. Born Aberdeen 1874. Died Montrose 28 September 1956. Boat-builder in Montrose. Married Susan Paul Bisset Mitchell of Arbroath (killed in an air-raid 16 August 1941).


William Mitchell Arbuthnott. Born 2 June 1913. Died 12 February 1984. Boat-builder. Married first, ?.?.19??, Jean Anderson (killed in the same air-raid 16 August 1941). Address: 29 Renny Crescent, Montrose, Angus (formerly of: 12 Dorward Place, Montrose, Angus).

(AA) Susan Mitchell Arbuthnott. Born 16 April 1940. Killed in the same air-raid 16 August 1941.
William married second in Montrose, 22 September 1943, Mae Watt (born 22 July 1912; died Montrose 10 November 1990).

Allan Carnegie Arbuthnott. Born Aberdeen 15 November 1945. Professional and technology Officer with MOD(N) and later Operations Manager with Fife Council (ret'd). Married in Montrose, 29 August 1970, Vivian Mary Thom (born 22 October 1945). Address: 3 Copper Beech Wynd, Cairneyhill, Dunfermline, Fife KY12 8UP.


(Alison) Dawn Arbuthnott. Born Dunfermline 1 December 1971. She works in the Policy Dept of Standard Life in Edinburgh. Married 2 September 1995 Andrew Petrie. Address: 7 Queens Haugh, Carnock, by Dunfermline, Fife KY12 9GQ.


Lewis Ross Petrie. Born Kirkcaldy 27 June 2002.


Owen Lee Petrie. Born Kirkcaldy 23 August 2006.


David ("Dave") Neil Arbuthnott. Born Dunfermline 18 June 1973. A Mechanical Engineering Graduate. Employed by Halliburton International; currently working in Algeria. Married in Strathpeffer 26 August 2005 Inga S Mackay (born 15 August 1975) from Inverness. Address: 15 Tolmount Drive, Dunfermline Fife, KY12 7YB.


Innes Calum Arbuthnott. Born Glasgow 29 January 2009.


Finn Fraser Arbuthnott. Born Glasgow 25 September 2010.


Craig Richard Arbuthnott. Born Dunfermline 5 April 1977. An IT graduate. Partner in Exactive, Dunfermline. Married on Makena Beach, Maui, Hawaiian Islands, 10 September 2008 Lucy Susan Welsh (born 25 February 1981) from North Berwick. Address: 21 Carswell Place, Dunfermline Fife KY12 9YJ.


Ellie Susan Arbuthnott, Born Kirkcaldy, 10 September 2011.


Robert ("Bobby") George Arbuthnott. Born 14 October 1922. Adopted. Married, 12 September 1952, Frances O'Reilly Clark. Address: 32 Panter Crescent, Montrose; formerly of: 3 Wellington Gardens, Montrose.

(AA) Robert John Arbuthnott. Born 20 May 1955.
(BB) Susan Mitchell Arbuthnott. Born 27 October 1956.

Frances Janet Arbuthnott. Born 18 December 1948.


David Carnegie Arbuthnott, Senior. Born Montrose 6 August 1878. Died November 1940. Married, first, Elizabeth ("Betsy") Pert (born 1879; died 1921), daughter of Geordie Pert of Ferryden who owned a boat and lost a leg at Balaclava.

a. Jenny Arbuthnott. Born 1900. Married Harry Lowe. Address unknown.

A son. Adopted.


Hugh Mitchell Arbuthnott. Born Aberdeen 4 October 1904. Died Melbourne, Australia 1 March 1968. A shipwright who burned many of the family papers shortly before his death. Married in Aberdeen, 28 June 1924, Alexandra ("Zena") Fyvie (born South Africa 8 September 1906; died Melbourne, Australia February 1967), daughter of Alexander Fyvie and Elizabeth, née Park. They had two children before marrying:


Elizabeth ("Bessie") Arbuthnott. Born August 1917. Married in Australia James ("Jimmie") Finney, Senior. Divorced 1946 or 1947.


James Finney, Junior. An engineer in 1953, working on a bridge in Sydney harbour. Married.


Alfred ("Fred") Arbuthnott. Born Aberdeen 16 June 1922. Married ______ ______. Divorced. Once lived in South Africa.

(aa) A daughter.
(bb) Yvonne Arbuthnott. Married Mr Thomson.
(cc) A son.

Hugh Arbuthnott. Born Aberdeen 29 November 1924. Died 12 October 2007 Shipwright. Married Eileen Marie_____ (born 23 May 1926; died 11 February 2004; buried St Mary’s Church Cemetery, Ketley, Shropshire). Address: 175 Ridgemouth, Plimpton, Plymouth.


Malcolm Colin J Arbuthnott. Married in Plymouth Q3 1979 Charlotte Harvey. Address: 9 Drodges Close, Bramley, Guildford, Surrey GU5 0AA.


Richard John Arbuthnott. Born q4 1980. Address: 6 St Leonards Court, Portsmouth Road, Thames Ditton, Surrey KT7 0TG

In July 1995 in Surrey SW,  Malcolm J C Arbuthnott married Miss Papson or Williams.

(bb) Therese M Arbuthnott. Born 8 November 1960. Married first in Leeds Q3 1980 Peter Jackson.

Saleena Marie Jackson. Born Leeds 9 March 1981. Married _____ Stephens.

Therese married second Jeffery Peter Martel.

Gavin Hugh Martel.  Born Plymouth 13 September 1983.

Therese married third Peter Robin Standley. Therese married fourth David Christopher Ludgate.
(DD) Alexander ("Alex") Fyvie Arbuthnott, Junior. Born Aberdeen 9 July 1926. Dvu. Married in Melbourne, ?.?.19??, Phyllis Jean Brown (born Melbourne 6 September 1918; died 31 January 2011), daughter of William Brown and Florence, née Farrow. They lived at 39 Miles Grove, Melbourne, Victoria. They were great grandparents of Brae , Naish, Jed; Christopher and Niki.

Meryl Louisa Arbuthnott. Born Melbourne 12 September 1943. Dvm. Meryl married Mervin Janssen, Address: 26 Bakewell St, Cranbourne, Victoria 3977

A. Jean-ne Janssen.
B. Luke Janssen.
C. Simon Janssen.

Dianne Arbuthnott. Born Melbourne 8 January 1946.  Dianne married Barry McRoberts, 

A. Antony McRoberts.
a. Brae McRoberts.
B Kyle McRoberts.
C. Burnetta McRoberts.
D. Craile McRoberts. (dec.)
(cc) Peter Alexander Arbuthnott. Born Melbourne 16 September 1947. Peter married Wendy (don't know maiden name).
b A. Cameron Arbuthnott.
B. Lyndall Arbuthnott.
C. Erin Arbuthnott.
(dd) Alexander ("Alex") Fyvie Arbuthnott, Junior. Born Melbourne 29 September 1964. Worked in London and Africa before going to Australia. Also a seagoing shipwright. Married Leah Roselyn Brown (maiden name was Dupuy).
A. Lachlan Arbuthnott. Born 30 May 1996.
B. Hannah Rose Arbuthnott.
c. Jenny Crammond Arbuthnott.  Born c.1905. Married 10 November 1926 Umberto Marchi.

John Arbuthnott, Senior. Born 25 August 1908. Boat-builder. Married, ?.?.19??, Katharine ("Katie") McDonald (born 6 August 1910). Address: 143 Farquhar Road, Aberdeen.

(AA) Elizabeth ("Bessie") Arbuthnott. Born August 1927. Married in Australia, ?.?.19??, James ("Jimmy") Finney, Senior (dvu). She lives in Scotland.

James ("Jimmy") Finney, Junior. Married ______ ______. Lives in Australia.


John ("Jack") S. Arbuthnott, Junior. Born 3 January 1933. Died 12 January 2002. Emigrated from Barotseland, North Rhodesia (Zambia) to U.S. America, 1960. A business agent for State Employee Union, 1963-1978. Married in La Grange, Illinois, 25 February 1957, Janet ("Jan") Susan Howard (born Chicago, Illinois 27 September 1935; died 30 November 2002), daughter of Wilbur Charles Howard and Thelma Mary, née Cowger. Address: 2753 North Serrano Road, San Bernardino, California 92405.


John Arbuthnott, III. Born Mongu, Barotseland, Rhodesia 8 September 1958. Married, 24 October 1981, Dyana Lynn Davis (born Topeka, KS 19 May 1962), daughter of Eddie Ray Davis and Madelyn Carol, née Rigby. Divorced. She lives Rialto, CA 92376.


John Arbuthnott, IV. Born San Bernadino, California 14 April 1982.

B. Douglas Arbuthnott. Born Redlands, California 11 June 1984.

William Charles Howard Arbuthnott. Born LaGrange, California 19 August 1960. Had a child by Roylene Dickenson:

A. William Ian Arbuthnott. Born 5 February 1982.

William had a son by Anna _____.

B. Robert Charles Arbuthnott. Born 26 October 26, 1996.

David Carnegie Arbuthnott. Born San Bernadino, California 23 March 1966.

(CC) Douglas ("Doug") Arbuthnott. Born 14 June 1938. A marine engineer. Married, 24 September 1966, Marjory Nimmo, (born 29 September 1940). Address: c/o Brunei Shell Petroleum Co Ltd., SES 42, Seria, State of Brunei, Borneo. Permanent address: Pen-y-bryn, Arbcadie Road, Banchory, Kincardineshire.
(aa) Catriona Arbuthnott. Born Bombay (now Mumbai), India 10 March 1968.
(bb) Kirsty Arbuthnott. Born Aberdeen 12 July 1970.

Janey Arbuthnott. Born ?.?.19??. Died London ?.?.19??.

David Carnegie Arbuthnott married second, ?.?.19??, Elizabeth Brack of Aberdeen (died 1970?).

David Carnegie Arbuthnott Junior. Born 27 March 1926. He holds a senior position with The Royal Bank of Scotland. Married, 24 March 1959, Nora Pirrie Guid (born 17 March 1927). Address: 88 Whitehouse Rd, Edinburgh EH4 6PT 27 Cramond Gardens, Edinburgh EH4 6PT.

(AA) Gavin Carnegie Arbuthnott. Born 13 January 1953. Address: 88 Whitehouse Rd, Edinburgh.
(BB) Geoffrey James Arbuthnott. Born 2 October 1956. Director Charterhouse Capital Partners LLP. Married Elsa Anderson. Address: Lamer Hill, Lower Gustard Wood, Wheathampstead, St Albans, Herts AL4 8RX (0158 283 1491)
(aa) Caitlin Elizabeth Arbuthnott. Born 19 April 1989.
(bb) David William Arbuthnott. Born 3 February 1991. Educated Haileybury.
(CC) Irene Ann Arbuthnott. Born 13 October 1961. Adopted. Married Ian Grant.
(aa) Gemma Grant Born 26 July 1988.
(bb) David Arbuthnott. Born 4 September 1991.
cc. Jenny Arbuthnott. Born 1880. Married Robert ("Bert") Wilson who owned racehorses.

Jenny Wilson. Married George Cowie.

(AA) Jean Cowie.
(BB) Beatrice Cowie.

Winnie Wilson. Married Hugh Anderson.

(AA) Frances Anderson.
(BB) Sylvia Anderson.

Alexander Arbuthnott. Born Montrose 28 July 1859.

GG. Jane Milne Arbuthnott. Born Montrose 23 March 1861.
(b) James Arbuthnott, Junior. Born Montrose c.1828. Died Montrose 6 May 1881 aged fifty-three. A linen weaver, floorcloth weaver and handloom weaver. Married first in Montrose, 14 May 1848, Helen Hervey (dvu Montrose 26 April 1856 aged twenty-nine), daughter of John Hervey, shoemaker.

John Arbuthnott. Born Montrose 1 July 1849. A coachsmith.

BB. James Arbuthnott, III. Born Montrose 11 June 1853. Died Glasgow of a fractured skull 15 October 1913. A labourer at sawmill, wood saw miller and wood sawer. Married in Montrose, 24 November 1876, Catherine Ann Smith, a flax mill worker then aged twenty three (died Glasgow 25 February 1920), daughter of John Smith, "labourer at bleachfield" and Susan, née Scott.
aa. Annabella Arbuthnott. Born Montrose 8 August 1877.
bb. James Arbuthnott, IV. Born Glasgow 12 April 1894. An iron driller and railway porter. Married in Glasgow, 29 June 1917, Mary Robertson Hewitt, née Kirkwood, then a munition worker aged twenty, daughter of David Kirkwood, coal miner, and Sarah, née Hewitt.
a. James Arbuthnott, V. Born Glasgow 15 October 1918. Dsp in the 1970s. Married a woman who remarried after his death.
b. David Kirkwood Arbuthnott. Born Glasgow 2 May 1920.
c. Catherine Ann Smith Arbuthnott. Born Glasgow 30 September 1923.
d. Andrew Hewitt Kirkwood Arbuthnott. Born Glasgow 18 February 1927. Dsp Glasgow 4 May 1980. A cleansing labourer. Married in Glasgow, 29 September 1957, Molly Lilian Naylor. Address: Flat 9a, 151 Westercommon Road, Glasgow G22.

Helen Arbuthnott. Born Montrose 6 January 1855.

James Arbuthnott, Junior married second in Craig, 5 June 1858, Ann Bate (born Edzell c.1833), domestic servant, daughter of George Bate, farm labourer and Margaret, née Duthie.
DD. George Arbuthnott. Born Montrose 31 May 1859. A bootcloser.
EE. Christina Arbuthnott. Born Montrose 10 May 1861.
FF. Edward Arbuthnott. Born Montrose 21 September 1863.
GG. Alexander Campbell Arbuthnott. Born Montrose 29 August 1866.

Andrew Duthie Arbuthnott. Born Montrose 23 June 1870.

II. Janet McEwen Arbuthnott. Born Montrose 15 March 1873.
(c) Joseph Arbuthnott. Born 1830. Floorcloth weaver and salmon fisherman. Married first in Tannadice, 5 December 1857, Margaret Fullerton (born 1833; bap Tannadice 8 June 1834; dvu before 1875), daughter of Alexander Fullerton (blacksmith) and Jane, née Anderson.
AA. Jane Anderson Arbuthnott. Born Montrose 8 May 1858.
BB. Joseph Alexander Arbuthnott. Born Montrose 8 July 1860.
CC. Helen Lindsay Arbuthnott. Born Montrose 13 April 1862.

David Arbuthnott. Born Montrose 16 May 1865. Died Arbroath 1945. Iron moulder. Married Mary Jane Kemley Laing (born Arbroath 20 March 1867; died Arbroath 4 March 1950), daughter of David Laing and Margaret, née Lawrence.

aa. William Lawrence Arbuthnott. Born Arbroath 26 June 1892. Died Arbroath 4 September 1947. Married in Arbroath, 23 August 1919, Jessie Shepherd Davidson (born St Vigeans, by Arbroath 1 June 1894).

David Laing Arbuthnott. Born Arbroath 16 October 1919. Died 21January 2013. In charge of the drawing office at Borg Warner Chemicals. Fiddler.  Married, 7 August 1954, Agnes Sim Young, a state certified midwife. Address: 25 Abbot's Road, Grangemouth, Scotland FK3 8JF. Grandfather of Zoe, Richard and Matthew and father-in-law to Steve.

(AA) Fiona Young Arbuthnott. Born Falkirk 27 January 1957. Educated Trinity College of Music (LTCL). Married ?.?.19?? ______ Kemp (born ?.?.19??)
(BB) Sheilagh Young Arbuthnott. Born Falkirk 10 June 1959. A state registered nurse. Married ______ Bruce.
(CC) Morag Young Arbuthnott. Born Falkirk 17 September 1961.

Aileen Kathleen Arbuthnott. Born 19 March 1922. Married, 19 December 1975, Stanislaw Zurawski. Address: 6 Kirk Square, Arbroath, Angus.

bb. David Fullerton Arbuthnott. Born Arbroath 27 April 1894. Died Carnoustie 16 August 1976. Buried in Arbroath's Western Cemetery, but the records there list  him as David Laing Arbuthnott. Married, 8 August 1914, Mary Hunter Mann (born 18 February 1894; died 3 November 1975), dau of Charles Mann and Mary.
a. David Arbuthnott. Died 19 April 1915 aged 6 months.

Isabella Arbuthnott. Died 10 February 1918 aged 2 months.

c. James Lawrence ("Buck") Arbuthnott, Senior. Born 5 December 1916. Died 20 February 2008. Married, 11 August 1942, Nancy Valentine Smith of Brechin (born 29 November 1982). Address: 113 Wards Road, Brechin, Angus DD9 6JT.

June Patricia Arbuthnott. Born 6 June 1944. Married first, ?.?.19??, Gerald Kelly of Plymouth (born 29 November 19??). Divorced after some twelve years.

(aa) Mark Gerald Arbuthnott. Born 18 July 1969. Married 21 August 2010  Linsay Cameron.
A. Ailsa Daisy Arbuthnott. Born 24 April 2007.
B Ruaraidh Duncan Lawrence Arbuthnott. Born 29 March 2011.

Tamara Nancy Kelly. Born 9 December 1970. Married Graham Crockett.

June married, second, 26 July 1982, David Smith of Brechin. Address: 5 Earlsdon Court, Southesk Street, Brechin.

Ian David Arbuthnott. Born 13 August 1952. Married in Barnstaple, 23 September 1978, Catherine Richards (born 22 September 1958) of Westward Ho, Barnstaple, Devon. Living in Malaya 1985-7. Address: Fernside, Churchill Way, Northam, Bideford, Devon EX39 1NR.

(aa) Katherine Elizabeth Arbuthnott. Born 30 October 1986.

James Ian Arbuthnott. Born 18 May 1988.


James Lawrence Arbuthnott, Junior. Born 22 December 1953. Married first in Keighley, Q4 1975, Gillian Pearce of Haworth, Yorkshire (born ?.?.19??). Divorced. Married second 24 December 1987 Deborah ("Debbie") Shuttleworth (born 4 October 1963). Address: 9 Longbottom Ave., Silsden, Keighley, W Yorkshire BD20 0HS 211 Queens Road, Ingrow, Keighley, Yorkshire.

(aa) Scott Alexander Arbuthnott. Born 15 February 1991
(bb) Dawn Frances Arbuthnott.. Born 21 May 1993
(DD) Valerie Nancy Arbuthnott. Born 23 October 1958. Married in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, 8 May 1982, Gary Stuart Allcott (born 28 September 1953). Address: 74 Cannon Grove, Fetcham, Surrey  KT22 9LS  34 Little Bookham Street, Great Bookham, Surrey.
(aa) Laura Caroline Allcott. Born 28 July 1984.

James Lawrence Allcott. Born 28 April 1986.

(cc) Lisa Jennifer Allcott. Born 10 January 1990
d. Mary Axford Arbuthnott. Born 31 January 1919. Died 25 October 1990.  Married, ?.?.19??, George Hodson. Address: 83 Warddykes Road, Arbroath, Angus.
(AA) George David Hodson. Born 20 August 1944. Scientist with IBM. Married ?.?.19??, Elizabeth ______.
(aa) Ian Hodson.

Ann Hodson.

(BB) Kathleen ("Kay") Mary Hodson. Born 5 April 1947. Married first 5 April 1969 Donald Alexander Webster (born 26 July 1946). Divorced 23 December 1998.
(aa) Dawn Mary Webster. Born 14 December 1970.
(bb) Gayle Christine Webster. Born 22 January 1973.
(cc) Rachel Helen Webster. Born 28 January 1981.
(dd) Scott William Webster. Born 21 February 1983.

Alexander ("Alex") Hodson. Born 30 June 1948. Married ?.?.19??, Maureen ______who had a daughter, Debbie, by a previous relationship.

(aa) Mark Hodson.
(bb) Laing Hodson.
(cc) ______ Hodson.
(DD) Laura Hodson. Born 11 June 1953. Married ?.?.19??, James Dunbar, artist and art teacher. Living in Carnoustie.
(aa) Beth Dunbar.
(bb) (boy) Dunbar.
(cc) (boy) Dunbar.
(EE) Mary Hodson. Born 1 January 1956. A vet who breeds horses. Married, 198?, Alistair Bruce, a teacher.
(aa) Mary Elizabeth Bruce.
(FF) James Hodson. Born 28 August 1957. Has a child:
(aa) Lee Hodson.
e. Margaret Helen Arbuthnott. Born 19 March 1922. Died 20 March 1922. A twin with:

Joseph ("Joe") Arbuthnott. Born 19 March 1922, a twin. Married, 11 February 1948, Helen Ray Clark (born 18 March 1928). Address: 55 Horologe Hill, Arbroath, Angus.

(AA) David Joseph Arbuthnott. Born 23 September 1948. Married, first, __ June 1975, Patricia ("Pat") Campbell (born ?.?.19??). They were divorced August 1977 without issue. Married, second, 1 November 1978, Davina ("Vina") Wilson (died Dyce 24 November 2005), a divorcee, previously married to Mr Valentine,  who brought three children (Janet, Ailsa and Colin Valentine) with her. Now living Scotland, previously lived near Cape Town, South Africa; previously of: 79 Grange Park, Arbroath, Angus.

Shelly Arbuthnott. Born 2 September 1980.


Frances ("Franny") Arbuthnott. Born 26 February 1954. Married, 23 February 1974, John Clark (born ?.?.19??). Address: 49 Cairnie Crescent, Arbroath, Angus.


Kevin Clark. Born 23 March 1976.


Terence ("Terry") Clark. Born 29 September 1977.


Jean Kemley Laing Arbuthnott. Born Arbroath 16 May 1927. Died October 1992. Married, 21 March 1953, David Cameron Mann (born ?.?.19??). Address: 62a Brechin Road, Arbroath (formerly of: 1 Elgin Place, High Street, Arbroath).


Thomas Mann. Born ?.?.19??. Married, ?.?.19??, Mandy Wood and had 3 or 4 children. Separated. Address unknown.


(girl) Mann.


(girl) Mann.


(boy) Mann.


David Mann. Born ?.?.19??. Was an engineer at the hospital in the Falkland Islands, now works in Montrose. Married, ?.?.19??, ______ ______.


Richard Mann.


Michelle Mann.


David Mann.


John Axford Arbuthnott. Born 27 July 1928. Married, 2 October 1955, Ruth Davina Fleming (born Bristol ?.?.19??), daughter of an Arbroath man. Address: 20 Great Leaze, Cadbury Heath, Warmley, near Bristol.


Richard Ian Arbuthnott. Born Bristol 21 January 1956.


Lee Arbuthnott. Born 14 August 1958. Married in Bristol, 25 June 1977, Robert William Cumner (born ?.?. 1953) son of John Robert William Cumner and Edna May Jenkins. Address unknown.


Joanne Cumner.


Christopher Cumner.


Joanne Kirsty Arbuthnott. Born 14 January 1962.


Ernest ("Ernie") Arbuthnott. Born 25 August 1929. Elected Labour Councillor for Arbroath East, May 1978. Married, ?.?.19??, Marjory Scott (born ?.?.19??). Divorced. Address: 2 Elmfield Avenue, Arbroath, Angus DD11 4EN Westerton Cottage, Colliston, nr Arbroath, Angus.


John Lawrence Arbuthnott, CMA. Born 11 April 1953. An accountant. (Mob: 07770 978 131). Married, 1 December 1979, Janet Walsh (born 26 June 1956), dau of Terence Walsh. Address: Five Acres, Broad Oak, Odiham, Hampshire RG29 1AG, telephone 01256 703798 formerly of: The Courtyard, 35 Penshurst Rise, Frimley, Surrey GU16.


Alastair James Arbuthnott. Born 9 January 1984.


Jocelyn Rachel Arbuthnott. Born 20 September 1986.


Scott Arbuthnott. Born 14 January 1956. A p.t. teacher. Married, ? July 1982, Fiona Jamieson. Address: 89 Keptie Road, Arbroath (012418 70369).


Faye Margaret Arbuthnott. Born 28 August 1962. A nurse. Married Bharpati T Sangeelee.


A son.


Margaret Arbuthnott. Born 4 October 1932. Married, ?.?.19??, Dennis Mostyn, Senior (died ?.?.19??). Address: 87 Horologe Hill, Arbroath, Angus.


Dennis Mostyn, Junior. Born ?.?.19??. Married ______ ______. Divorced.  Address: ?? Cairnie Street, Arbroath.


Patti Mostyn. Born ?.?.19??. Married ______ ______. Divorced. Lives in Portsmouth.


Peggy ______.


Susan Mostyn. Born ?.?.19??. Married David Whitten. Divorced. Lives in Portsmouth.

k. Lillian Arbuthnott. Born 7 August 1935. Married, ?.?.19??, Robert Lowe (born ?.?.19??), and reverted to her maiden name on their divorce. Address was: 28 (or 30) Benedict Road, Arbroath, Angus.

Moira Lowe. Married David Meek, who served with 45th Commando Group, during the Falklands Campaign. They live in Arbroath.

(aa) Gemma Meek.
(bb) Casey Meek.

Jodie Meek.


James ("Jimmie") Lowe. Married. Lives in Arbroath.


A daughter.


A son.

l. Marjory Arbuthnott. Born 3 April 1937. Married James Arthur Malley, Senior (died 24 October 1976). Address: 23 Priory Crescent, Arbroath, Angus.
(AA) June Malley. Born 1 May 1957. Married 1994 Russell Stenton. Lives in Glyfada, Athens. Greece.

Lynne Malley. Born 5 August 1959. She is a nurse and lives in Coventry. Married Raymond ("Ray") Tallett of Worcester who served with the Royal Marines during the Falklands Conflict.

(aa) Julie Marie Tallett.
(bb) David John Tallett.
(CC) John Malley. Born 28 August 1960. Ex RAF. Married Fiona Taskier. Lives in Inverkiellor.

Nathan Malley.


Billie Malley, a daughter.  Identical twin to Stevie.


Stevie Malley, a daughter. Identical twin to Billie.


Tracey Malley. Born Aden (now South Yemen) 31 December 1963. A nurse. Lives in Arbroath. Married and divorced.


Jordan Malley.


Jamie Malley.


James ("Jamie") Arthur Malley, Junior. Born Bradford-on-Avon 7 July 1965. Works in Bath for a magazine publishing company. Married Tracey Jane Roberts of Banstead, Surrey, dau of Antony Roberts and Elaine nee Hodgkinson. Address: 8 Rossiters Hill, Frome, Somerset.


Jacob James Malley. Born Frome 16 September 1997.


Joseph George Malley. Born Frome 10 March 2001.

cc. Margaret ("Peggy") Arbuthnott. Married George Knowles. Died on giving birth to her son, George.
a. James Knowles.

George Knowles.

EE. Mary Ann Arbuthnott. Born Montrose 8 April 1868.
Joseph married second in Montrose, 25 January 1875, Mrs Jean Gavin (born c.1830), widow of George Gavin, tailor, daughter of John Angus, master mason and Jean, née Strachan.

John Arbuthnott. Born Montrose 24 January 1839. Died Montrose 17 October 1888. Heckle maker, journeyman, engine-fitter, mill mechanic and iron-turner. Married first in Montrose, 7 September 1860 (NOT 1858 as per Bible), Jane Anderson (born c.1841; died before December 1877), daughter of George Anderson, fish-curer and Janet, née Kelman, by whom he had had an illegitimate son:


John George Anderson Arbuthnott. Born Montrose 3 October 1859. Died in a flu epidemic, August 1903. Tramway car guard and later Inspector of sewing-machine works. Married in Maryhill, Glasgow, 7 December 1888, Agnes Brand (aged twenty-eight), domestic servant, daughter of James Brand, farm servant and Mary, née Williamson.

aa. Mary Arbuthnott. Born 1889. Married Robert Wallace (born c.1888).
a. Agnes ("Nessie") Wallace. Married Henry (Harry") Chalmers.

Marwyn Chalmers, a daughter.

b. Christine ("Cissie") Wallace. Married James ("Jimmie") Dewar. No issue. They live in Prospect Hill Road, Glasgow.
c. Jean Wallace. Married John Logie (dvu). She lives in Glasgow.
(AA) Ian ("John") Logie.

Georgina Arbuthnott. Born Glasgow c.1892. Married Andrew (Thomas?) Porter. Lived in Newarthill, Motherwell. 

a. Agnes Porter. Born 1918. Died 2 February 1983.  Married at Carfin 20 November 1942 (Dalziel) Thomas ("Tommy") McNamee Buchanan (born 1922; died 17 March 1987).
(AA) Andrew Buchanan. Married Sadie Kier.

Andrew Buchanan. Married.

A. Kyle Buchanan.
(BB) James Buchanan. Died unmarried 1996.
(CC) Gavin  Buchanan. married Cathie Anderson. 

Scott Buchanan. Born July 1969.


Stuart Buchanan. Twin. Married Susan Craig (Divorced).

A. Colin Buchanan.
B. Samantha Buchanan.
C. Caitlin Buchanan.

Andrew Buchanan. Twin. Married Jaqueline _____.

A. Marc Buchanan.
B. Kane Buchanan.

Kirsty Buchanan. 

(DD) Georgina Arbuthnott Buchanan.   born 23 Septemer 1947 Married 1 November 1969 Robert Winston Paterson (born 31 November 1946). 

Yvonne Agnes Paterson.  born 3 March 1970 Married John Byrne (born 21 November 1969). Divorced.

A. Ryan John Byrne. 15 May 1992
B. Jordan Thomas Byrne 23 February 1994
C. Stephen Robert Byrne 20 March 1996
D. Liam Brian Byrne 22 September 2000
Yvonne has a new partner Bernard Griffin 10 January 1979
E Eva Georgina Griffin 10 June 2008

Graham Robert Paterson  24 December 1971 died 25 January 2006. He had children with his partner Kerry Campbell

A Dean Robert Paterson. 24 November 1991,.
B Natalie Paterson. 6 December 1997.

Fiona Helen Paterson. Born 8 February 1978. Her partner Mark Smith died January 2003

A Jordan Mark Smith.
(CC) Gordon  Buchanan.  Married Ann Lees. 
(aa) Maureen Buchanon.
(bb) Gordon Buchanan  Lives in Hong Kong.
(cc) Gayle Buchanan. Married 2 August 2009 Charles _____.
A Callum ______.
(CC) Alastair  Buchanan.  Died 2003. Married Elizabeth Coloquhon. divorced
(aa) Alison Buchanon.
(CC) John  Buchanan. Married Nancy Ferguson
(aa) David Buchanon.
(bb) Kevin Buchanon. Married Claire _____. Baby expected Nov 2010.
b. Elizabeth ("Lizzie" / "Cissie") Porter. Died 2010. Married Joseph Smith Both deceased
(AA) Elizabeth Buchanan. Deceased.
(aa) A daughter.
(bb) A twin son.
(cc) A twin son.
c. Mary Porter. Married David ("Davie") Young (deceased) 

Douglas Young


A daughter.


Matthew Porter. Deceased. Married Janet _____

(AA) Elizabeth Porter. Married.
(aa) Angela Cairns.
(aa) A son.
(BB) Georgina Porter.  Married _____ Provan.
(aa) Russell Provan.
(aa) A son.

William ("Willie") Arbuthnott. Born 1893. A signalman with British Rail. Married Margaret ("Peg") ______. They lived at Kirknewtown.


Rev James ("Jim") P_____ Arbuthnott. Married ______ ______. Address: 8 Elmcrest, Toronto, Canada.


Jemima Arbuthnot (see below). Adopted in.


John Arbuthnott. Born 1925. Killed Speke 4 February 1941 aged 26, flying Hawker Hurricane V7078. A pilot (Sergeant) in the RAF. Sergeant John Arbuthnott 564104 aged 26 was a veteran of the Battle of Britain and had served with No 1 squadron. He is buried in Carluke (Wilton) Cemetery, Lanarkshire, Section E, grave 89. Sergeant Arbuthnott was an ex apprentice and pre war pilot, at the start of the war he served with No 43 squadron at Tangmere and was then posted to No 1 Squadron in France, during the Battle of Britain he was posted to No 229 squadron.


Harriet Arbuthnott. Married 25 September 1937 James Wyllie. They live in Edinburgh.

(AA) Harriet Arbuthnott Wyllie, born September 18th, 1939. Married Keith Williams (b. 1937) in Scotland before moving to Middlesex, England within a year. Family emigrated to Oshawa, Ontario Canada.  Family moved back to England 1970. Harriet & Keith divorced in Birmingham 1976.
(aa) Karen Lynne Williams. Born 1960. Moved back to Canada in 1980 and married 1983 David Peter Smith (born 1956). Living BC
Alexander Troy Smith. Born 1987
Aidan Keith Smith. Born 1988
(bb) Corey Lee Williams. Born 1963.
Harriet married second Birmingham 1976 Kenneth Banner (b.1937, d.1992)
(cc) Gary Banner (born January 1977)
Harriet married third c.1993 Peter Waterhouse (died .1900). Living in Ontario.
(BB) James Wyllie born January 1941. Moved to Oshawa, Ontario, Canada c. 1965.
(CC) Jemima Arbuthnot. born 1944. Adopted out to Harriet's brother James (Rev. Jim) at birth. This was only revealed upon Harriet's death. Rev Jim emigrated to Ontario, Canada late 1950's or early 60's
(DD) Elizabeth Wyllie. Born Edinburgh 23 November 1945. She was put up for adoption at some point and taken in and lives in the US now in California.  Married Mr Schneider.. Although Elizabeth is on Harriet Arbuthnott & James' line, the family has no knowledge of this birth. I have contacted Michael but have not been able to confirm any information. We do know that James (father) was away with the war and did not return until the summer of 1945 so if there was a daughter born that year, she may have had a different father, which may explain the adoption. Or it could be an error. 
(aa) Michael K Schneider. Long Beach, CA
(DD) Melina Wyllie, born Jan 25, 1947. Moved to Ontario, Canada around 1965. Married Hannes Mueller around 1968. 
(aa) Nichole Mueller. Born c  1968.
(EE) John Wyllie, born June 14, 1950. Moved to Ontario, Canada in 1967.

Agnes ("Nancy") Arbuthnott. Married James ("Jimmie") Hamilton. They live in Kirknewton.

(AA) A daughter.
(BB) A daughter.
(CC) A son.

A son.


John Arbuthnott. Born Glasgow 24 September 1896. Died 29 October 1970. A railway signalman. Married in Edinburgh, 18 March 1921, Mrs Anne ("Annie") Whitelaw (aged twenty-five; died 5 May 1970), bookfolder and widow, daughter of Robert Gray, engine keeper and Margaret, née Small.
He is also thought to have a male first cousin called Dewar, who is not the same man as he who married Cissie Wallace.

a. Margaret Arbuthnott. Born 18 December 1921. Married first, 24 December 1941, Edward ("Ted") Hurst (born ?.?.19??).
(AA) Irene Ann Hurst. Born 14 February 1943. Married, 7 October 1961, Alan Babington (born 5 July 1940). Address unknown.
(aa) Paul Babington.

Simon Babington.


Nicholas Babington.


Amanda Jane Babington.

(BB) Margaret Hurst. Born 18 April 1949. Married, 18 September 1981, Andrew Nelson (born 2 November 1944). Divorced.
(aa) Stuart Nelson.  Born 2 November 1981.

Lucy Nelson. Born 25 May 1984.

Margaret married second John Howe (born 5 November 1958).
Margaret married, second, Maurice Peach (born 30 January 1920, died 28 April 2004), by whom she had no children. Address: 24 Norman Close, Kemsing, near Sevenoaks, Kent TN15 6SF.
b. Agnes ("Nan") Brand Arbuthnott. Born 17 November 1923. Died 6 May 2010. Had a child by Thomas McPake (born 1921; died 1977).
(AA) Anne Arbuthnott. Born 24 October 1942. Adopted out as Jeanette ("Jinty") Anne Buchanan to Donald Robertson Buchanan (born 28 November 1907; died 29 August 1960) and Jeannie Gilles Buchanan née Tait (born 12 December 1910; died 13 November 1991). Married, 28 April 1962, (Hugh) Gordon Mackinnon (born 20 October 1938), engineer and quantity surveyor.
(aa) Donald Gordon Mackinnon. Born 11 March 1964. Works for Scottish Life. Married 19 August 1992 Christine ("Tina") Dunleavy (born 25 February 1962), actuary.

Calum Mackinnon. Born 19 February 1993.

B. Angus Mackinnon. Born 11 January 1995.
C. Hamish Mackinnon. Born 27 August 1997.
D. Rory Mackinnon. Born 13 December 2004.
(bb) Scott Hugh Mackinnon. Born 7 March 1966. Chartered surveyor. Married 14 August 2004 Sunila Jandial.

Jamie Mackinnon. Born 27 August 2006.


Ben Mackinnon. Born 19 November 2008.

(cc) Fiona ("Fee") Anne Mackinnon. Born 3 July 1968. Computer consultant.
Nan married first, 3 December 1948, Jasper ("Jack") McKillop (born 17 August 1914.
(BB) James ("Jim") McKillop. Born 20 September 1939. Died 11 August 2000. Married, 4 October 1963, Rebecca Nisbet (born ?.?.19??; died 28 May 1988).
(aa) Helen McKillop. Born 29 January 1965.
(bb) Andrew McKillop. Born 6 April 1971.
Jim married second 30 May 1994 Isobel Young (born 14 January 1953)

Ronald McKillop. Born 29 March 1942. Married, 30 March 1968, Janette Wardrope (born 12 November 1942). Address: 37 Broom Drive, Dalmuir, Dunbartonshire.

(aa) Gillian McKillop. Born 20 March 1970. Married 21 June 1996 Geoff Reynolds.

Olivia Jane Reynolds. Born 9 July 2004.


Susan McKillop. Born 3 March 1973.

Agnes married second, 14 October 1972, Douglas Munro Gibb (born 28 June 1913) who had had a son by his first marriage to Irene Carmichael. They have no issue. Address: 192 Foyers Court, 75 Kirkton Avenue, Glasgow G13 3EG , tel 0141 954 1375 (formerly of: 259 Castlemilk Road, Crawfoot, Glasgow).

William ("Bill") Arbuthnott. Born 30 November 1925. A Traffic Inspector with British Rail. Married, 9 March 1949, Sarah ("Sadie") Waugh (born 20 June 1922, died Stranraer 2 July 1982). Address: 40 Belmont Road, Stranraer, Scotland DG9 7AY.


(James) Brian John Arbuthnott. Born 14 January 1950. A car salesman. Married, 27 July 1973, Margaret Clanahan (born ?.?.19??). Address unknown.


Lynn Arbuthnott. Born 17 July 1976.


Scott Arbuthnott. Born 13 December 1978.


(William Hugh) Gordon Arbuthnott. Born 20 May 1952. He sells spare parts for motor cars. Address unknown.


Joseph Anderson Arbuthnott. Born Montrose 24 October 1861. Emigrated to New Zealand 1910/11?


William Arbuthnott, Senior. Born Montrose 8 March 1863. Died February 1900. A house painter. Married, 31 December 1884, Joan Hunter.

aa. James Arbuthnott, Senior. Born Montrose 17 June 1886. Died Cupar, Fife 10 October 1963. Married, ?.?.19??, Christina Imrie Robertson (born 11 December 1887; died 10 December 1956).

James ("Jim") Arbuthnott, Junior. Born Cupar, Fife 15 December 1920. Died 10 December 2004. Buried Cupar Cemetery. Married, 26 June 1939, (Clare) Elizabeth ("Betty") Black (born 14 April 1923; died 28 October 2000). Address: Rosebank, 20 Church Road, Strathkiness, Fife.

(AA) Keith James Arbuthnott. Born Dundee 13 June 1958. Married ?.?.19?? Carolyn ______ (born ?.?.19??). They live in Inverkeilor, by Arbroath.

Ross Arbuthnott. Born ?.?.19??


Donnie Arbuthnott. Born ?.?.19??


Calum Arbuthnott. Born ?.?.19??


Neil David Arbuthnott. Born St Andrews 13 January 1960. Married 28 July 1984 Susan Joan Fox (born 24 May 1962). Address: 6 St Michael's Walk, Newtonhill, Stonehaven  (tel 01569 730 755).


Jacqueline Macleod Arbuthnott. Born 23 September 1988. Married in Leeds June 2002 Mark A Fish.


Courtney Claire Arbuthnott. Born 4 November 1989. Marketting graduate Glasgow Caledonian University


Rory Neil Arbuthnott. Born 13 May 1992.

b. David Robertson Arbuthnott. Born Cupar, Fife 20 November 1923. Died 17 April 1991. Married Doris Davies.
(AA) Stuart Arbuthnott. Born 6 October 1951. Died 5 July 2005. Married 26 May 1973 Marilyn Fisher (born 14 July 1953). Address: 11 Midhurst, Letchworth, Herts SG6 4SF. Tel: 0146 267 4427.

Paul Stuart Arbuthnott. Born 17 December 1980


Darren Arbuthnott. Born 9 October 1983. In a relationship with Gemma Shipani.

A. Jenson Stuart Shipani. Born 28 January 2011.
(BB) Janet Arbuthnott. Born 15 January 1957.
(CC) Brian Arbuthnott. Born 15 March 1962. Civil servant with MoD. Married 27 July 1991 Victoria Jane Mansell (born 30 May 1968). Address: 13 Newtown, Kimbolton, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire PE28 0HY. Tel 01480 860771

James Alexander Arbuthnott. Born 27 November 1994. Educated Hinchingbrooke School.


Sophie Elizabeth Arbuthnott. Born 30 November 1997.


Mary Keir Arbuthnott. Born Perth 14 July 1916. Died c.1996.

bb. Alexander Arbuthnott. Born Maryhill, Glasgow 13 October 1889. George Rose Dunn (or Duncan) Arbuthnott met a second cousin [actually not], Alexander, during the War. Alexander and his people had gone to Australia and he later went to Fiji and married a Samoan by whom he had four sons and two daughters, all of whom live in Auckland, New Zealand. This is obviously Table 44.
cc. Bella Arbuthnott. Born Kelvin, Glasgow 25 January 1895.
dd. William Arbuthnott, Junior. Died during World War I.

James Anderson Arbuthnott, Senior. Born Montrose 28 October 1865. Died Glasgow 3 February 1925. Journeyman and iron moulder. Married in Gorbals, Glasgow, 1 January 1891, Euphemia Jefferson Peebles (died 1938 aged 70), daughter of James Clark Peebles, commercial traveller and Isabella, née Dunn.

aa. John Peebles Arbuthnott. Born Carnoustie 18 July 1899 Died 7 May 1981. A Police Constable. Married in Carnoustie, 3 January 1927, Jemima ("Mima") Lindsay Fyfe Campbell (born 25 August 1897, married aged twenty-nine), boot machinist, daughter of Charles Lindsay Campbell, shepherd and Barbara, née Clark. Address: 19 Allison Street, Glasgow.
a. Eleanor Arbuthnott. Born 3 February 1933. Married 30 March 1956 Mervyn Bridgwater (born 6 June 1932). They live in Aberdeen.
(AA) Brian Bridgwater. Born 2 January 1959. Married 3 September 19800 _____ _____.
(BB) Graham Bridgwater. Born 19 October 1961.
(CC) Elaine Lynsey Bridgwater. Born 14 February 1964. Married Paul Taylor (born 6 June 1999). They have children
(aa) Stephen Taylor. Born 11 January 1992, a twin.
(bb) David Taylor. Born 11 January 1992, a twin.

James Anderson Arbuthnott, Junior. Died 1961. An electrician. Married Jean Kelly (died 1982) who had previously been married to Andrew Blackley.

a. Professor Sir John Peebles Arbuthnott. Born 8 April 1939. Kt 1998; Pncpl and V-Chllr of U of Strathclyde 1991-00; educ Hyndland Secondary Sch; Glasgow U (BSc, PhD); Trinity Coll, Dublin (MA, ScD); research fellow, Roy Soc 1968-72; sr lecturer, Dept of Bacteriology, Glasgow U 1972-75 (assist lecturer 1960-63, lecturer 1963-67); Trinity Coll, Dublin: Prof of microbiology 1976-88; bursar 1983-86; Prof of microbiology, Nottingham U 1988-91; visiting lecturer, New York Med Centre 1966-67; chm: Jt Information Systems Ctee 1993-98; convener, Ctee of Scottish Higher Educn Pncpls 1994-96; National Review of Allocation of Health Resources in Scotland 1997-99; v-chm, CVCP 1997-99; memb cncl, Soc of Gen Microbiology 1981-86 (sr ed 1980-84, treas 1987-92); meetings sec, Fedn of Euro Microbiology Socs 1986-90; memb: Microbiological Safety of Food Ctee 1989-90; AFRC Animal Research Bd 1989-92; Public Health Laboratory Service Bd 1991-97; DTI Multimedia Advsry Gp 1994-96; Educnl Counselling Serv Bd, British Cncl 1995-96; Glasgow Devpt Agency 1995-; Nat Ctee of Enquiry into Higher Educn 1996-97; Pathological Soc; Scottish Science Tst 1999; hon fellow, Trinity Coll, Dublin 1992; MRIA 1985; FIBiol 1988; FRSA 1989; FRSE 1993; FIIB 1993; FRCPath 1995; Hon FRCPGlasg; Sec-Treas of the Carnegie Trust for the U of Scotland 2000-; Chmn Greater Glasgow Health Board, November 2002- ; Publications: (ed jtly) Isoelectric Focusing, 1975; (jtly) The Determinants of Bacterial and Viral Pathogenicity, 1983; (jtly) Foodborne Illness: a Lancet Review, 1991; numerous papers and articles in journals and books.  Married, 2 July 1962, Elinor Rutherford Smillie (born 4 December 1938), dau of John Smillie. Addresses: University of Strathclyde, Richmond Street, Glasgow G1 1XQ and Carnegie Trust, Cameron House, Abbey Park Place, Dumfermline, Fife.
(AA) (Carol) Anne Arbuthnott. Born 6 March 1966. Married in Dublin, 7 June 1988, Yachine Zerdazi, an Algerian muslim. Address: 11 Priors Close, Bingham, near Nottingham, NG13 8EP.
(aa) Adam Malik Yachine Zerdazi. Born 13 July 1990.
(bb) Safia Miriam Zerdazi. Born 9 June 1993.
(cc) Yousef Jamil Zerdazi. Born 25 July 1995.
(dd) Sami Zerdazi.
(BB) Andrew Donald John Arbuthnott. Born 10 February 1969. Pioneer Investments, London.  Married 6 September 1996 Suzanne Tiernan (born 29 July 1969). Address: 30 Trimleston Gdns, Booterstown, Dublin (+353 1 260 5239)
(aa) James Thomas Arbuthnott. Born 12 January 2000.
(bb) David John Arbuthnott. Born 16 October 2002.
(cc) A baby. Expected 2004.
(CC) Dr Alison ("Ali") Gail Arbuthnott, MSc . Born 11 November 1974. Educ Napier Univ & Univ of Southampton. Married, 2 November 2002, Simon Harrison.
(aa) Elizabeth May Harrison. Born November 2003.

Jean R / J Arbuthnott. Born 15 February 1942. Died. Married in Coventry, September 1965, Brian Portlock.

(AA) Wing Cmdr Jefferson Portlock. Born 25 (?) June 1968. When aged 28, he was the youngest squadron leader in UK. Married Karen ______.
(aa) Gabriella Portlock. Born 5 December 1995.
(bb) A son

Warren Portlock. Born 17 (?) April 1971.

cc. Jean Arbuthnott. Died aged twenty-nine.
dd. Isabella Peebles ("Isa") Arbuthnott. Born 1900. Died Glasgow 1996. Married in Glasgow 17 June 1929 Charles Farmer Thompson (died 1978) of Carnoustie, by Arbroath.
a. Charles Arbuthnott Thompson. Married 1954 Christina McLay Campbell.
(AA) Brenda Thompson. Born 1959.
(BB) Kenneth Charles Thompson. Born  1962.

Dorothy ("Dolly") Arbuthnott. Died Liverpool c.1970. Married George Turnbull.

a. Alan Turnbull. Headmaster at a school in Worcester.

Euphemia ("Effy") Elder Arbuthnott. Died 1983 aged 76. Married Alexander Finlay.

a. Euphemia ("Effy") Finlay.

Margaret Finlay.

EE. Jessie Kelman Arbuthnott. Born Montrose 19 July 1867. Died January 1949. Lived in Winnipeg, Canada. Married Robert Moore, Senior.
aa. Robert Moore, Junior. Killed in World War I.
bb. A son. Killed in World War I.

Georgina Anderson Arbuthnott. Born Montrose 22 July 1869. Died May 1939. Married George Rose. Both buried Montrose.

GG. Margaret Cowie Arbuthnott. Born Montrose 31 March 1871. Married James Henderson, a Police Sergeant of Hillside, Montrose.
aa. Norman Henderson. Died 1982.
bb. Mirrie Henderson. Living in Hillside.
cc. A child.

Alexander Anderson Arbuthnott, Senior. Born Montrose 22 November 1872. Died 23 March 1956. Ironmoulder, journeyman and gas inspector. Married in Glasgow, 31 December 1899, Lucinda Best (born 12 June 1877) bookpager, daughter of James Best, car driver and Lucinda McClinchy.

aa. Jessie ("Jean") Arbuthnott. Born 19 December 1900. Died 12 February 1995. Qualified nurse. Address: 10 Whites Place, Montrose (formerly of: 75 Hillfield Court, Belsize Avenue, London NW3).
bb. Frances ("Fanny") Arbuthnott. Born Glasgow 2 October 1902. Died 8 January 1966. Buried Montrose.

Alexander Anderson ("Sonnie") Arbuthnott, Junior. Born 3 March 1905. Died 3 January 1990. Married in Bedford q2 1940 or Rugby q4 1940 Edna Pearl Hodgetts (dvu q1 1971). Once of: 56 Deepmore Road, Rugby, Warwickshire.

a. Alexander ("Alec") Anderson Arbuthnott, III. Born 31 September 1940. Married Carol Bibb (born 14 May 1947). Divorced. He is living in Torrance, Los Angeles, California, USA (formerly of: 7 Barrington Close, Bilton, Rugby, Warwickshire). She married second in Rugby Geoffrey Durand.
(AA) Caroline Alexandra Arbuthnott. Born 29 November 1966. Married 26 September 1998 Tony Wood (born 25 March 1968). Address: 125 Overslade Lane, Rugby, Warks CV22 6EF (01442 216 775)

James Wood. Born 7 November 1999.


Alexander Wood. Born 18 January 2004.

(BB) Julie Ann Arbuthnott. Born 10 June 1970. 126 Freemantle Road, Rugby, Warks CV22 7HY By Edward Lawson, she had:

Christopher Edward Lawson.   Born 29 July 1991.


Robert John Arbuthnott. Born 25 January 1943. Married, 13 March 1971, Miriam Edgar (born 16 December 1944). Address: 84 Westfield Road, Rugby, Warwickshire. Address: 11 Pitfour Street, Dundee (Rugby (01788) 577 928).

(AA) Maxine Elizabeth Arbuthnott. Born 2 November 1974.
c. Sheila Elizabeth Arbuthnott. Born 26 July 1946. Died 1 October 1986. Married, 22 March 1966, Michael Robert Nicol. Address: Hinkley, Leicestershire; formerly of: 22 Beatty Drive, Rugby, Warwickshire.
(AA) Joanne ("Jo") Anderson Nicol. Born Rugby 22 June 1970. Married in Helsinki 15 September 2001 Juho-Eeriki Eväsoja (born 16 March 1973) and they use the surname Nicol-Eväsoja.

Ocean Emmanuelle Nicol-Eväsoja. Born 28 May 1998.

(BB) Sasha Georgina Arbuthnott-Nicol. Born Coventry 14 December 1976. Show jumping trainer.
d. David Matthew Arbuthnott. Born 10 February 1948 (mother's name Hodges per GRO which is wrong). Died 2 July 1999 in an accident at work. Married Jenny Margaret Spiers (born 9 July 1953). Address: 57 Lawrence Road, Rugby, Warwickshire. She now lives in Spain.
(AA) Lee Jimmie Arbuthnott. Born 28 June 1972. Married June 2000 Joanne Tavinor. They live in Coventry.

Lewis Richard Arbuthnott. Born May 1997.


Lucinda Abigail Arbuthnott. Born July 2000.


Eloise Geraldine Arbuthnott. Born October 2002.


Nicholas ("Nicky") David Arbuthnott. Born 19 December 1973  Address: 57 Lawrence Road, Rugby, Warks CV21 3SA. By his partner, Nicola Garratt, he has a son:


David Arbuthnott. Born .

e. Brian Arbuthnott.

Lucinda ("Lucy") Arbuthnott. Born Montrose 25 May 1907. Died 15 January 1982. Married Charles William Lucas. Address: c/o her daughter, Jacqueline.

a. Malcolm Arbuthnott Lucas. Born 15 August 1932. Died aged four months.
b. Jacqueline Lucas. Born 4 July 1934. Married, 29 March 1955, Clifford George Burge. Address: 23 Julien Road, Ealing, London W5 XA.
(AA) Ross Clifford Burge. Born 21 July 1959.
(BB) Karen Leslie Burge. Born 4 September 1957. Educated London University (BA). Married, 11 August 1984, Graham ______ Taylor.
c. Carole Lucas. Born 17 May 1939. Married, first, Richard Betts. Divorced. Living in Ealing.
(AA) Charles Earl Betts. Born 23 April 1957. Died in infancy.
(BB) Richard Lucas Betts. Born 12 M___ 1958. Living in Rugby. Married ______ ______.

Henry Betts.


Jessica Betts.


Savannah Betts.


Randall Lee Betts. Born 10 April 1960. Married, 4 October 1981, Jane Mary Frost and has issue.

Married, second, 1 March 1985, William Alexander Ronald of Troon.

John Matthew Arbuthnott. Born Montrose 19 May 1909. Died 1 October 1921. Buried Montrose.

ff. Mary ("Mamie") Jane Arbuthnott. Born Montrose 27 May 1916. Married Duncan Mackay (died 1987). Address: Dunmai, North End, Swineshead, near Boston, Lincolnshire.

Allan Edgar Mackay. Born 18 June 19__. Married, 15 May 1962, Edith Margaret Jennings.

(AA) Stephen Allan Mackay. Born 22 May 1965.

Robert Alexander Mackay. Born 13 July 1971.

gg. Georgina ("Renée") Rose Arbuthnott. Born Montrose 19 March 1918. Died 1993. Married in Essex S W, q4 1937, William Henry Stevens (dvu 1983).
a. Avril Monica Stevens. Born 18 April 1939. Died 28 August 1939. Buried Montrose.
b. Christopher William Stevens. Born 23 May 1940. Died 1989. Married, 15 December 1973, Sylvia Cynthia Stannet. Address: Brayside Farm, Clay Hill, Enfield, Middlesex (020 8363 7064).
(AA) Rebecca Stevens. Born 21 January 1977.
(BB) Matthew Stevens. Born 13 December 1979.

Neil Alexander Stevens. Born 14 August 1959.

II. David Arbuthnott, Senior. Born Montrose 28 (not 26 as per Bible) July 1874. Emigrated to New Zealand 1910/11? Married in Glasgow, 23 June 1899, Mary Robertson Bone (born Glasgow 10 October 1874; died Tauranga, New Zealand 24 May 1953), daughter of William Bone and Margaret, née Robertson. The family went to New Zealand in 1910.
aa. John Arbuthnott, Senior. Born Glasgow 8 April 1900. Died Bronxville, New York 18 December 1966. Emigrated to USA. Married in Tckahoe, New Jersey, 30 June 1926, Euphemia Whyte (born Tuckahoe 16 August 1902; died May 1976), daughter of Henry Lumsden Whyte and Isabella, née Bremner.
a. John ("Jack") Arbuthnott, Junior. Born Bronxville, New York 28 June 1927. Married first in Minneapolis, Minnesota 25 July 1953, Linda Lee Harrison (born Holbrook, Arizona 26 February 1935), daughter of Edgar Clyde Harrison and Beulah, née Divelbess. Divorced 1967.
(AA) Kathryn ("Kathy") Ann Arbuthnott. Born Yonkers, New York 28 September 1954. Married ______ Leslie (divorced).

Mary Elizabeth Arbuthnott. Born Yonkers, New York 30 December 1955. Married in Cottonwood, Arizona 27 September 1985, (Raymond) Jason Anacreon Chilton (born Boulder, Colorado 31 January 1964), son of Charles Chilton and Theresa, née Howard. Divorced.

(CC) John Harrison Arbuthnott. Born Yonkers 23 September 1960. Married first in Nashville, Arkansas, 6 June 1980, Teresa Danette Jackson (born Murfreesboro, Arkansas 6 December 1961), daughter of Timothy Jackson and Judith, née Johnson. Divorced, no children.
John married second in Nashville, 27 November 1987, Diana Jo Hunnicutt (born Texarkana, Texas 23 January 1966), daughter of Wayne Roland Hunnicutt and Alice Jeanette née Flum.

Aaron Christopher Arbuthnott. Born Texarkana 30 June 1987. Sergeant, US Army. Married Nashville (date?) Amber Sue Bunker  (born 20 August 1986).  Divorced.

A. Landen Christopher Arbuthnot.  Born Texakarna, TX 28 June 2006
B. Lily Kee Arbuthnot.  Born Texakarna 16 August 2007
(bb) Chelsea Alanna Arbuthnott. Born Texarkana 30 June 1988. Married 2 June 2007 William Donald Sayre
A. Alanna Leanne Sayre Born Texakarna 9 August 2008.
John married third Leanna Marie Rhodes (born 5 February 1978), daughter of Henry Austin Rhodes and Ruby Bright.
Jack Arbuthnott, Junior married second, 14 December 1968, Dorothy Frances Brice Parys (born New Britain, Connecticut 29 May 1930), daughter of Joseph Parys and Frances, née Kaminski.

Mary Jean Arbuthnott. Born New York City 9 April 1931. Married in Crestwood, New York, 21 November 1951, Eugene Wheelwright Hubbard, Senior (born Biddeford, Maine 24 June 1928), son of Barton Drew Hubbard and Edith Stetson, née Thaxter.


Nancy Ellen Hubbard. Born 29 December 1957. Nancy has an RN from Englewood Hospital School of Nursing, New Jersey and is a community health nurse. Married, 10 September 1976, Albino Felix Giminez, Junior MD (born Asuncion, Paraguay 21 February 1946), son of Albino Felix Giminez, Senior and Geronima, née Canete. Albino graduated from the University of Asuncion Medical School, Paraguay and practices general surgery in Dearborn, Michigan.

(aa) (Sofia) Elena Giminez-Hubbard. Born Englewood 7 March 1978.
(bb) Alicia Maria Giminez-Hubbard. Born Englewood 20 September 1980.
(cc) Raquel Bianca Giminez-Hubbard. Born Asuncion 2 January 1984.
(BB) Eugene Wheelwright Hubbard, Junior. Born 29 May 1961. Married in Mahwah, New Jersey, 19 September 1987, Barbara Jean Simpson (born Suffern, New York 20 August 1956), daughter of Gilbert Henry Simpson and Ida Mae, née Trommel.
(aa) Nicole Elise Hubbard. Born Paterson, New Jersey 8 October 1993.

Frederick Gordon Hubbard. Born 28 August 1964.

bb. William Bone Arbuthnott. Born Glasgow 19 July 1901. Died Tauranga, New Zealand 16 June 1979. Married in Wellington, New Zealand, 24 October 1923, Wilhelmina Bathie (born Dundee 15 August 1898), daughter of David Bathie and Jane, née McNab.
a. Jack Arbuthnott. Born Wellington 26 May 1924.
b. (Ina) Mae Arbuthnott. Born Wellington 3 June 1932. Married in Wellington, 5 May 1956, Bruce Pridmore (born Wellington 19 April 1930), son of Donald Pridmore and Ruth, née McCormic. She lives in Tauranga, New Zealand.
(AA) Kay Louise Pridmore. Born 6 November 1959.

Maree Linda Pridmore. Born 4 August 1961.

cc. George Rose Dunn (or Duncan) Arbuthnott. Born Glasgow 25 August 1904. He said that he "met a second cousin, Alexander, during the War. Alexander and his people had gone to Australia and he later went to Fiji and married a Samoan by whom he had four sons and two daughters, all of whom live in Auckland, New Zealand." This is obviously Table 44. Married in Trentham, Wigton, New Zealand, 4 February 1929, Gordonna ("Donna") Maud Tustain (born Portsmouth 4 February 1908), daughter of Louis Victor Tustain and Winnifred Maud née Beal. Address: 1-35 Miro Street, New Lynn, Auckland 7, New Zealand (formerly of: 116 Seabrook Avenue, New Lynn).
a. Donald George Arbuthnott. Born Wellington 27 November 1930. He has the family Bible. Married, ?.?.19??, Irene Roselle Steechley (born ?.?.19??). Address: 10 Toboga Place, Buckland's Beach, Auckland. His garage is at: 267 Mount Smart Road, Onehunga, Auckland 6.
(AA) Craig Donald Arbuthnott. Born 9 November 1965.
(BB) Glenn Ross Arbuthnott. Born 29 July 1968.
b. Wynne Lillian Arbuthnott. Born Wellington 5 July 1935. Married ______ Goddard.
dd. Daniel ("Dan") Bone Arbuthnott. Born Glasgow 13 May 1906. Dvu ?.?.1975. Married, ?.?.19??, Lillian Scott. Lives in Wigton, New Zealand.

Jean Arbuthnott. Born ?.?.19??. Married Ray Haache.


Dale Haache.


Glen Haache.

b. Mary Arbuthnott. Born ?.?.19??. Married first James ("Jim") Neumann.

Deborah Neumann.


Jeffrey Neumann.

(CC) Stuart Neumann.
Mary married second Robert ("Bob") Whitehead.

Ian Robert Arbuthnott. Born ?.?. 19??. Married. Address: Water’s Edge Motor Lodge, PO Box 105, Whitianga, New Zealand.

(AA) A son.

A daughter.

ee. David Arbuthnott, Junior. Born Glasgow 31 October 1908. Died 22 November 2005. Married first in Wellington, 1 September 1928, Daphne Morgan (born Wellington 8 May 1909), daughter of William Morgan and Victoria, née Stevens. Address unknown.
a. David Arbuthnott, III. Born Wellington February 1929. Dvp in Wairoa, New Zealand 20 June 1957.
b. Marie Arbuthnott. Born Wellington 17 October 1934. Married first in Auckland, 26 February 1955, Reginald Colin Field. She lives in Upper Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand.
(AA) Tony David Field. Born Whangarei, New Zealand 10 December 1955.

Bruce Eric Field. Born Auckland, New Zealand 9 May 1960.

Marie married second in Whangarei, 7 March 1964, Denis ("Buster") William West-Hill, son of Percy Stuart West-Hill and Gladys Irene, née Christensen.
(CC) Craig Stuart West-Hill. Born Whangarei 20 July 1966.
David married second Eileen Edna White (born 12 November 1918; died 3 January 2012) who had previously been married to Les Kennedy.
ff. Thomas ("Tom") Bone Arbuthnott. Born 28 June 1911. Died 20 January 1995.  Welter weight boxer who competed in 1936 Olympics. Married in Wellington, November 1939, Phyllis Reeves, daughter of Cyril and Sarah Reeves. They live in Auckland
a. Kay Arbuthnott. Born Wellington 28 August 1947. Married in Auckland, 10 February 1968, Roy Francis Bicknell.
(AA) Steven Bicknell. Born Auckland 8 June 1971.
(BB) Susan Bicknell. Born Auckland 25 November 1973.
John married second, 17 January 1879, Mrs Jane ("Jesse") Taylor, née Maxwell (born 21 December 1842; dvu aged thirty-eight).

We think Euphemia M Arbuthnott who married in E Stonehouse q3 1915 Mr _____ Maston appears on this table.

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