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Thomas (?) Arbuthnot is believed to have lived in Co Down, Ireland.  Married Sarah Dunbar.
A. Thomas (?) Arbuthnot. Probably born Co Down. Lived in Australia.
B. Robert Arbuthnot. Probably born Co Down. Lived in Australia.
C. James Arbuthnot, Senior. Born Co Down 1831 (per shipping records) or Co Armagh 1828 (per newspaper obituary). Died Killarney, Queensland 14 July 1913. Buried C34, Killarney. Labourer and farmer. Married in Co Armagh, c.1857 (per death register), Margaret Rose Johnson (born co Antrim c.1828; died of measles in Killarney 9 November 1875, buried grave C35), a Roman Catholic. They emigrated as assisted immigrants from Co Down to Australia on board the 'Conrad', arriving in Brisbane 20 November 1855.
1. Thomas Arbuthnot. Born en route to Australia 10 January 1856. Died 13 August 1923. Buried C37 Killarney 14 August 1923. Farmer. Married at Killarney, 23 February 1883, Mary Brown (born 11 December 1857; died Killarney 31 January 1948; buried C38 Killarney 1 February 1948), dau of John Brown and Mary Duncan.
a. Mary Jane ("Polly") Arbuthnot. Born 14 September 1883. Died 4 August 1975. Married, first, George Aldis. Married second in Warwick, Queensland, 26 June 1918, Conrad Fischer (born 23 January 1877; died 5 June 1963).
AA. Gertrude Mary Fischer. Born 8 January 1920. Married in Warwick, 5 December 1942, Ronald Herbert Bradford. Address: 37 Clewley Crescent, Toowoomba, Queensland.
aa. ValmaI Mary Bradford. Born 24 March 1945. Married in Warwick, 3 June 1967, Graham Ross Johnston and has issue. Address: 13 Ott Street, Toowoomba, Queensland.
bb. Kenneth Ronald Bradford. Born 4 June 1947. Married in Warwick, 4 September 1971, Joan Lynette Eastwell and has issue. Living at Oxenham Street, Warwick, Queensland.
cc. Elaine Catherine Bradford. Born 29 November 1954. Married in Killarney, Queensland, 17 December 1977, Donald Hugh Stewart and has issue. Living at Warner Street, Warwick, Queensland.
BB. Dulcie Catherine Fischer. Born 25 July 1922. Married in Warwick, 8 January 1946, Leonard Douglas Bradford (died 25 September 1968). Living at Cnr Guy and Pratten Street, Warwick, Queensland.
aa. Glenda Dulcie Bradford. Born 4 February 1949. Address: 19 Farquarson Street, Warwick, Queensland.
bb. Ann Mary Bradford. Born 1 January 1951. Living at Guy and Pratten Street, Warwick, Queensland.
cc. Bevan Douglas Bradford. Born 4 October 1954. Married, 2 September 1978, Therese Kelly and has issue. Address: 11 Blackbourne Street, Maryborough, Queensland.
dd. Judith Catherine Bradford. Born 26 September 1956. Married, January 1980, Colin Ireland and has issue. Address: 42 Lotus Street, Toowoomba, Queensland.
b. Margaret Ellen Arbuthnot. Born Queensland 2 April 1885. Buried C36 Killarney 1 January 1891.
c. Annie Agnes Arbuthnot. Born Queensland 10 October 1888. Died Queensland 29 September 1914. Buried C36 Killarney 30 September 1914.
d. Lily Rose Alice Arbuthnot. Born Queensland 15 October 1890. Died Killarney 1965. Married in Warwick, Qld, 24 January 1923, Beresford Peters (born Warwick 1890; died Killarney 1967).
AA. Enid Mary Peters. Born Warwick 1923. Married in Warwick, 1945, Kenneth Alfred Wilson (born Adelaide, South Australia 1920). They live in South Australia.
aa. Jonathan Charles Wilson. Born Kingscote, South Australia 1946. Address unknown.
bb. Reginald Gordon Wilson. Born Kingscote 1948. Address unknown.
cc. Vivien Florence Wilson. Born Kingscote 1950. Married in Adelaide, 1969, Charles Moliere (born Amsterdam, Northern Territories 1946) and has issue. Address unknown.
dd. Penelope Anne Wilson. Born Kingscote 1952. Married at Stretton, Murray Bridge Graeme Philip (born Murray Bridge, South Australia 1945). Address unknown.
ee. Geoffrey Sealy Wilson. Born Kingscote 1958. Address unknown.
BB. Gordon Thomas Peters. Born Killarney 1925. Married in Killarney, 1954, Ruth Sutherland (born South Australia 1932). Address: 2/20 Auburn Grove, Hawthorne, Victoria.
aa. Deana Peters. Born Killarney 1954. Married in Adelaide, 1977, Christopher Brandt. Address unknown.
bb. Lynette Peters. Born 195?. Married in Melbourne, 1980, Ben Prakelt. Address unknown.
cc. Andrew Rohan Peters. Born Killarney 1963. Address unknown.
e. (Thomas) Duncan Arbuthnot. Born Queensland 25 August 1892. Dvu & sp August 1971. School teacher. Married at Kingaroy, Queensland, 17 December 1928, Edith Elizabeth McAuliffe (born c.1908). Address: 604 Oxley Avenue, Redcliffe, Scarborough, Queensland 4020.
f. Sarah Charlotte Ellen Arbuthnot. Born Queensland 15 September 1894. Died 13 May 1956. Married in Queensland 28 January 1920 George Stewart Wilkie (died 2 September 1954).
AA. Roy Stewart Wilkie. Died 25 January 1947 aged twenty six.
BB. Evelyn Wilkie. Born 25 September 1923. Married Gordon Carter. Address: 22 Lyon Street, Warwick, Queensland.
CC. Dunxan Wilkie. Born 2 July 1926. Married Margaret Muller. Living at Barth Street, Warwick.
aa. Thomas Wilkie.
bb. Janet Margaret Wilkie.
DD. Allan Wilkie. Railway worker. Married, first, Ellenor Gwin; divorced. Married, second, June ______ and adopted children. Address: 54 Milanion Crescent, Belmont, Queensland.
EE. Marjorie Ellen Wilkie. Married a policeman. Address: 12 Bryant Street, Cranbrook, Queensland.
aa. Stewart ______.
bb. Cameron ______.
g. Daisy Ethel Arbuthnot. Born Killarney 17 October 1896. Died 18 February 1975. Married in Warwick, 19 May 1920, George William Gordon Russell (born Emu Vale 17 September 1892; died 3 December 1975).
AA. Doreen Mary Russell. Born Killarney 3 June 1921. Married in Warwick, 19 May 1945, Joseph Edward Shepherd. Lives at Murrays Bridge, via Warwick, Queensland.
aa. Kenneth Richard Shepherd. Born Toowoomba 24 August 1946. Married in Warwick, 2 May 1970, Maureen Cecilia Nolan and has issue. Living at Lock Lomand, via Warwick, Queensland.
bb. Robyn Dorn Shepherd. Born Toowoomba 1 September 1948. Married in Warwick, 6 January 1971, Leslie John Fraser and has issue. Living at Wood Street, Warwick, Queensland.
cc. Ross Joseph Shepherd. Born Warwick 7 October 1952. Married in Warwick, 11 April 1977, Carol Anne Noye and has issue. Living at Clowes Crescent, Warwick, Queensland.
BB. Reginald ("Reg") Thomas Russell. Born Killarney 2 November 1925. School inspector. Married in Murgon, Queensland, 17 December 1949, (Alice) Joy Burton (born Murgon 27 September 1928). Address: 6 Cawarra Street, Carseldine, Queensland 4034.
aa. Sharon Joy Russell. Born Stanthorpe, Queensland 19 October 1954. Married in Brisbane, Queensland, 9 October 1982, John Raymond Bartlett (born London 29 March 1944). Living at Castle Street, Kedron, Brisbane, Queensland.
bb. Susan Michelle Russell. Born Stanthorpe 20 June 1957. State school teacher. Married in Brisbane, 21 April 1981, Thomas Charles Mould (born Nambour, Queensland 3 October 1957), state school teacher. Address: c/o State School, Memerambi, via Kingaroy, Queensland.
CC. Dorothy Caroline Russell. Born Killarney 4 May 1931. Married in Warwick, 5 August 1950, Kevin Frederick Jurgensen. Address: 125 Wood Street, Warwick, Queensland.
aa. Rosslyn ("Lynn") Dorothy Jurgensen. Born Warwick 1 February 1951. Married in Warwick, 9 August 1969, Robert Alistair Bryson and has issue. Living at Diery Street, Warwick, Queensland.
bb. Jillian Joy Jurgensen. Born Warwick 1 January 1953. Married in Hattonvale, 9 September 1972, Ross John Zischke and has issue. Address: Lot 4, North Creek Road, Lennox Heads, New South Wales.
cc. Narelle Daisy Jurgensen. Born 19 November 1956. Married in Warwick, 20 September 1975, Graeme Allen Moller and has issue. Living at Greenmount, Queensland.
DD. (Mary) Ellen ("Nell") Russell. Born Killarney 30 March 1933. Married in Warwick, 17 April 1954, Frank Balderson. Address: 9 Hagan Street, Toowoomba, Queensland.
aa. Wayne Francis Balderson. Born Warwick 14 March 1955. Married at Toowoomba, Queensland, 7 March 1981, Jenny  Littlewood as her second husband and has issue. Living at Cawdor Road, Highfield, Toowoomba, Queensland.
bb. Carol Ann Balderson. Born Warwick 25 October 1956, a twin. Married at Toowoomba, 25 September 1955, John Pearce and has issue. Living at Peachey, via Toowoomba, Queensland.
cc. Chris William Balderson. Born Warwick 25 October 1956, a twin. Married in Darwin, Northern Territories, 12 September 1981, Julie Cartwright and has issue. Living at East Street, Kingsthorpe, Queensland.
dd. Sandra Lee Balderson. Born Surat, Queensland 4 September 1959. Married at Toowoomba, 11 September 1982, Brian Maher. Divorced early 1985. Address: c/o her parents.
ee. Peter Daniel Balderson. Born Warwick 12 July 1965. */45
h. Gertrude ("Gertie") Beatrice Arbuthnot. Born Queensland 29 October 1898. Dvu. Married Queensland 16 August 1926 Herbert ("Herb") George Watson (born c.1902; died 18 June 1984).
AA. Robert Hartley Watson. Born 20 December 1926. Dvu. Married, 14 September 1948, Jessie Marion Wedlake. Address unknown.
aa. Vivian Robert Watson. Born 6 January 1950. Married, 1 May 1971, Barbara Joy Ritchie and has issue. Address unknown.
bb. Janele Elizabeth Watson. Born 23 September 1954. Married, 15 February 1975, Neil Graham Schloss and has issue. Address unknown.
BB. Mary Elizabeth Watson. Born 28 February 1930. Married, 3 January 1956, Terrence Raymond Cox. Address unknown.
aa. Denise Cox. Born 18 July 1956.
bb. Daniel John Cox. Born 8 March 1958.
cc. Peter Raymond Cox. Born 25 June 1960.
dd. Timothy David Cox. Born 27 October 1962.
CC. Kenneth George Watson. Born 23 November 1936. Married, 27 January 1956, Louise Pearl Clark. Address unknown.
aa. Deborah Watson. Born 11 September 1957.
bb. Harvey Watson. Born 6 June 1959.
cc. Douglas George Watson. Born 21 June 1962. Killed unmarried in a car accident 24 July 1982.
dd. Victor Robert Watson. Born 3 October 1966.
i. Robert ("Bob") James Arbuthnot. Born Queensland 18 September 1901. Dvu. Buried J18 Killarney 10 June 1954. Stores foreman in the Queensland Railway. Married in Warwick, Qld, 16 June 1934, Lois / Lola ("Dod") Eva Linda Pullen (born c.1915; died early 1984). Address: 14 Pommer Street, Brassall, Ipswich, Queensland 4305.
AA. Robert Norman Arbuthnot. Born Killarney 4 December 1934. Train driver. Married in Bundaberg, 9 November 1957, (Irene) Claire Duncan. Address: 9 Decker Street, Chermside West, Brisbane, Queensland 4032.
aa. Jan Patricia Arbuthnot. Born Brisbane 2 April 1964.
BB. Bevan Duncan Arbuthnot. Born Killarney 6 September 1939. Works in the Post Office at South Brisbane. Living at Boundary Street, Brisbane, Queensland.
CC. Malcolm Peter Arbuthnot. Born Mambour, Queensland 29 August 1941. Station master. Married Olwen Wathen. Address: 17 South Station Road, Silkstone, Ipswich, Queensland.
aa. Deleece Peta Arbuthnot. Born Ipswich 6 March 1962. Married, 6 February 1982, Neville Murran.
bb. Dean Malcolm Arbuthnot. Born Mackay 26 October 1965.
cc. Sean Arbuthnot. Born Ipswich 21 March 1969.
2. James Arbuthnot, Junior. Born Dalby, Queensland Australia 1 July 1857. Died 11 December 1941. Farmer. Married 27 November 1882 Martha Letitia Tannock (born 14 February 1867; died Queensland 27 January 1937, buried G7 Killarney 14 February 1937), dau of James Tannock and Sarah Ann Royle.
a. Rose Ellen Arbuthnot. Born Queensland 31 July 1884. Died Queensland 23 March 1892.
b. John ("Jock") James Arbuthnot. Born Queensland 27 September 1886. Died 19 December 1965. Teamster. Emigrated and settled at Killarney, Queensland. He had a son by May Pullen:
AA. Christie Pullen. Born (date?). He was given to another family and was called Harold Bishop (no adoption certificate exists).
aa. John James Bishop.
  Jock married, 1909, Maude Minnie McKeaton.
BB. Kathleen ("Kath") Ruby Arbuthnot. Born 30 October 1909. Died unmarried 19 September 1991.
CC. (John) James ("Jim") Arbuthnot. Born 23 April 1911. Died 15 February 1999. Married in Qld, 8 April 1938, Agnes Isabel Rough. Address: 15 Jakeman Drive, Buderim, Queensland 4556.
aa. James Robert Arbuthnot. Born 12 May 1940. Works for H. Bronnley & Co plc, soap manufacturers. Married Geraldine Margaret Nugent (born 8 Octoiber; died 2 August 2005). Divorced 2002. He lives with his mother.
(1) Gregory Paul Arbuthnot. Born 25 April 1964. A pilot.
(2) James Mark Arbuthnot. Born 7 September 1968. Married in Mudgee, NSW, 1999, Robyn Staples. After his marriage Jimmy changed his last name by deed poll to Staples. They live in Singapore.
i. Zacchari Mike Staples. Born June 2005.
(3) Melissa Therese Arbuthnot. Born 17 October 1980. She runs her own corporate affairs practice and lives in Sydney.
DD. Raymond ("Ray") Walter Arbuthnot. Born Esk, Queensland 21 September 1926. Died 12 July 2009. Stone mason, sheep shearer and cyclist. Married, 28 May 1949, Alma May Davies (born 31 May 1923). Address: 4 Morgan Road, Albany Creek, Queensland 4035.    
aa. Lee Arbuthnot. Born 12 July 1954. Bricklayer and builder who works for a large company building hospitals and stadiums. He was in charge of the "Gabba" (the Brisbane Cricket Ground) redevelopment. Married, 5 March 1977, Helen Margaret Evans (born 25 October 1953). An industrial machinist who makes uniforms for companies and schools. Address: 32 Hakea, Everton Hills, Brisbane, Queensland.
(1) Michael Lee Arbuthnot. Born 10 December 1978. Married 27 November 2005 Amy Louise Shute (born 7 April 1982). They live in Brisbane, Queensland.
i. Avah Lia Arbuthnot. Born 27 January 2007.
(2) Danielle Catherine Arbuthnot. Born 23 June 1981. She works in child care at a local pre-school / kindergarten.
i. Tripp Rathbone. Born 15 August 2007.
bb. Gregory Arbuthnot. Born 18 October 1956. A telecommunications expert working for Telstra. Married Fionna Connel. Divorced. Address: unknown.
(1) Cassandra ("Cassi") Arbuthnot. Born 24 September 1982.
(2) Owen Arbuthnot.Born 23 August 1984.
cc. Malcolm ("Mal") Arbuthnot. Born Brisbane 13 April 1958. A builder on the Sunshine coast, Queensland. Married Robyn Whitty. Divorced.
(1) Holly Arbuthnot. Born 24 December 1981. Midwife. Married 26 April 2008 Dustin Meyer, bricklayer.
i. Zadok Jan Meyer. Born 17 December 2006.
ii. Safi Meyer.  Born 1 January 2010.
(2) Channon ("Chan") Arbuthnot. Born 8 August 1984. Finishing Grade 12.
  Malcolm married second 14 February 202  Kim Rohrsheim (born 4 April 1969).
(3) Loklan ("Lokie") Ray Arbuthnot. Born 16 October 2007.
dd. Joyleen ("Joy") Arbuthnot. Born 25 May 1960. Married, 26 June 1996, Jeff Heineke. They run a cattle property in Theodore, mid-central Queensland.
(1) Dan Oscar Heineke. Born 3 March 1996.
(2) Samantha Heineke. Born 29 January 1998.
c. William Henry Arbuthnot. Born Queensland 15 June 1888. Died Queensland 28 July 1939. Teamster. Married before 1913 Mary Eliza Grace (died Queensland 28 May 1954), dau of John Grace and Mary Elizabeth Tannock.
AA. William Henry Arbuthnot. Born Queensland 17 May 1913. Died Queensland 22 May 1913.
BB. Roy Arbuthnot. Born Queensland 15 August 1916. Died Queensland 19 December 1949.
CC. Asha Arbuthnot. Born Queensland 23 April 1918.
d. Walter George Arbuthnot. Born Queensland 9 July 1890. Died unmarried 5 August 1966. Teamster.
e. Sarah Arbuthnot. Born Queensland 19 November 1893. Died 1893/94.
f. Robert Neil Roy Arbuthnot. Born Queensland 16 January 1895. Killed in action in Somme, France 29 July 1916. Private, Australian Infantry
g. Grace Cecilia Ann Arbuthnot. Born Queensland 14 February 1896. Died 2 February 1974. Married in Queensland 1 January 1920 Albert Irwin Gillespie (born 7 December 1896, died 7 September 1962), son of Leonard Gillespie and Dinah Jones..
AA. A son. Living 2011.
BB. A son. Living 2011.
CC. Hazel Gillespie. 1920-1999.
DD. Roy William Gillespie. 1921-1984.
EE. Unnamed Gillespie, a daughter. 1926-1926.
h. Ivy Maud Arbuthnot. Born Queensland 29 March 1900. Died 1900.
i. Ruby Letitia Arbuthnot. Born Queensland 13 July 1901 (1904?). Married in Qld, 16 December 1925, William McArthur (born ?.?.1???). Address: King Street, Yangan, via Warwick, Queensland.
AA. Ruby Letitia ("Lettie") McArthur. Born 21 May 1926. Secretary-Journalist. Married, 11 May 1945, Ronald Morelle (born ?.?.19??). Address: 35 Buckingham Street, St John's Wood, Queensland 4060.
aa. Pauline Claire Morelle. Born 28 February 1948. Trained nurse. Married, 20 December 1969, Peter John Renwick and has issue. Address: c/o Officers' Mess, Engineer Corps, Singleton, New South Wales.
(1) Rebecca ("Becky") Morelle
bb. Ronald Christopher Michael Morelle. Born 20 February 1952. Bank Official. Address: 7 Clayton House, Wells Street, London E9.
BB. William James McArthur. Born 23 January 1929. An engine driver. Married, 16 December 1950, Joan Hazel Denman. Address: Atthow Street, Kilcoy, Queensland.
aa. Cheryl Ann McArthur. Born 22 December 1952. Bank Official. Married, 18 November 1972, Neville Graham Liebke and has no issue. Address: 3 Beta Street, Stafford Heights, Queensland.
bb. Robyn Adele McArthur. Born 21 September 1954. Clerk. Married, 9 December 1972, Gary Webster and has issue. Address: Kennedy Street, Kilcoy, Queensland.
cc. Wendy Joy McArthur. Born 19 October 1956. Married, 21 December 1974, Robert William Prior and has issue. Address: Numinbah Valley, Queensland.
dd. Susan Joan McArthur. Born 7 April 1962. Clerk.
ee. William James McArthur. Born 9 September 1964.
CC. Robert Walter McArthur. Born 20 November 1933. Businessman. Married, 8 October 1955, June Margaret Taylor. Address: King Street, Yangan, Queensland.
aa. Dale Lynette McArthur. Born 5 July 1956. Public Accountant.
bb. Kathleen Judith McArthur. Born 8 February 1958. Clerk.
cc. Shane Russell McArthur. Born 7 September 1959. Upholsterer.
dd. Gary Robert McArthur. Born 29 August 1963. Meatworker.
DD. Margaret Ann McArthur. Born 26 October 1943.
EE. Leonard Thomas McArthur. Born 16 May 1945. An army serviceman. Married, 29 June 1968, Irene Robyn Brabbins. Temporary address: Australian Embassy, Jakarta, Indonesia.
aa. Sharon Lee McArthur. Born 25 November 1970.
bb. Gillian Ann McArthur. Born 16 May 1972.
j. Phyllis Hazel Arbuthnot. Born Queensland 11 March 1910. Married in Qld, 6 August 1931, John David Lewis (dvu), a timbergetter. Address: 23 Camborne Street, Alderley, Brisbane, Queensland.
AA. David James Lewis. Born 13 May 1932. Retired farmer. Married, 6 October 1952, Gloria Mavis Ruth Fox and has no issue. Address: 11a Fraser Street, Kippa-Ring, Queensland.
BB. Roy Gwynne Lewis. Born 10 August 1933.
CC. Barry Arbuthnot Lewis. Born 27 February 1935. Plumber. Married, 14 May 1960, Rhonda Noeleen Atkinson and has no children. Address: 70 Richland Avenue, Coopers Plains, Queensland.
DD. Valma Ruby Lewis. Born 24 February 1936. Businesswoman. Married, 4 June 1956, George James Sylvester. Address: 104 Buddleia Street, Inala, Queensland.
aa. Graham Sinclair Sylvester. Born 22 May 1958. Butcher. Married, 25 March 1978, Cynthia May Harm. Address: c/o his mother.
bb. Stacy Leannie Sylvester. Born 21 November 1964.
EE. Donald Francis Lewis. Born 15 May 1937. Public Servant. Married, 23 January 1965, Rosemaree Janet Brown. Address: 44 Russell Road, Everton Park, Queensland.
aa. Gregory Donald Lewis. Born 20 March 1969.
bb. Heather Maree Lewis. Born 28 January 1972.
FF. Neville Walter Lewis. Born 24 April 1941. Plumber. Married, 5 May 1962, Dale Letitia Hyde. Address: Eagle Street, Goodna, Queensland.
aa. Sharon Anne Lewis. Born 9 August 1963. Married Mr Shabanz.
bb. Donna Maree Lewis. Born 17 December 1965.
cc. Victoria ("Vickie") Michelle Lewis. Born 26 February 1970.
GG. Frances Grace Lewis. Born 6 February 1943. Clerk. Married, 26 May 1962, Stanley Robert Edward Browning. Address: 1460 Boundary Road, Wacol, Queensland.
aa. Anthony David Browning. Born 17 July 1963.
bb. Terri Andrewina Browning. Born 21 July 1967.
cc. Scott Lewis Browning. Born 11 February 1970.
3. Robert Arbuthnot. Born Dalby, Queensland Australia 19 January 1859. Died unmarried 9 January 1934. Farmer.
4. William Arbuthnot. Born Tenterfield, NSW, Australia 16 April 1861. Died Killarney 21 August 1944. Buried C45 Killarney General Cemetery 21 August 1944. Educ Killarney State School. Married 16 August 1887 Julia Fitzallen (died Queensland 17 September 1950), daughter of George Egelston Fitzallen and Julia nee Donald.
a. George Egelston Fitzallen Arbuthnot. Born Queensland 21 August 1888. Dsp. Married in Queensland 18 October 1922 Elsie Mabel Cook.
b. Julia Arbuthnot. Born Queensland 1 February 1890. Died. Married _____ White.
AA. David Hamilton White.
BB. William Desmond White.
CC. Keith Stanley White.
c. Alice Louisa Arbuthnot. Born Queensland 29 July 1892.
d. Gladys Margaret Arbuthnot. Born Queensland 22 January 1894. Married in Queensland 20 September 1922 Henry Donald Brauer.
AA. Donald Brauer.
BB. Shirley Brauer. Married _____ Cluett.
CC. Keith Brauer.
e. Madeline Rose Arbuthnot. Born Queensland 14 January 1897. Dsp.
f. William ("Bill") Daniel Arbuthnot. Born Queensland 15 October 1904. Buried C48, Killarney 1 March 1990. Married in Queensland 19 January 1938 Theresa Elizabeth Duggan (interred C48 Killarney 11 July 1976 aged 78). Once of: Hillandale, Killarney, Queensland.
AA. Margaret J_____ Arbuthnot. Married ______ Dudgeon. Address: 34 Goulding Road, Ryde, New South Wales, 2112.
g. Kathleen Ruby Arbuthnot. Born 30 October 1909.
h. William Henry Arbuthnot. Born 17 May 1913. Died 5 days later.
i. Roy Arbuthnot. Born Toowoomba 15 August 1916. Dsp 19 December 1948. Married, 11 December 1943, Kathleen Frances Kane. Address: 57 Brisbane Street, Mackay, Queensland 4740.
j. Asha Arbuthnot. Born 23 April 1918. Married Michael Power. They lived in Malvern and later moved to New Guinea.
5. John Arbuthnot. Born Tenterfield, NSW 13 July 1863. Died Killarney 13 November 1935. Buried C39 Killarney 14 November 1935. Educ Killarney State School. Teamster. Married Anne Wilson.
6. Margaret ("Maggie") Arbuthnot. Born Tenterfield, Queensland 27 October 1865. Died 30 June 1924. Married in Queensland, 31 December 1887, William Thomas Neill.
a. Bertie James Neill. Born Warwick, Queensland 1894. He was at Sandhurst during WWI. Married, 1923, Mary McGurk (born 1890).
AA. James Arbuthnot Neill. Born 1924. Married Bernadine Hackett (born 1925).
aa. Deborah Neill.
bb. Pamela Neill. Born 15 September 1953.
cc. Terrence Neill.
dd. Anthony Neill.
ee. Mark Neill.
ff. Paula Neill.
gg. Patricia Neill.
b. Gwen (?) Neill.
7. Sarah Jane Arbuthnot (Sara per IGI marriage). Born Tenterfield 22 September 1867. Fl 1913. Married in Queensland 15 July 1887 Thomas Sheehan. They lived at Acacia Street, Killarney.
a. Billy John ("Jack") Sheehan. His granddaughter is Betty Anderson
b. A daughter.
c. A son?
8. Rose Arbuthnot. Born Tenterfield, NSW 24 December 1868 (ref 17643/1870). Died of measles in Killarney 9 November 1875.

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