19 October 2010

The descendants of Moses Arbuthnott and Susanna, née Jack.

Moses Arbuthnott. Married at Arbuthnott 20 May 1770 and/or at Bervie 2 June 1770 Susanna ("Susan") Jack.
A. John Arbuthnott. His birth is not recorded at Laurencekirk, Garvock, Marykirk, Fourdoun, or Arbuthnott 1761-'79. Baptized Bervie 25 July 1770. Crofter in Glenbervie and ploughman. Married at Laurencekirk, 5 June 1796, Jane Lakie (or Lackie or Leckie or Luckie bap Fettercairn 1 June 1766), dau of John Lakie and Helen, née Walker (married Edzell 13 August 1763). They are thought to have died before the General Index of deaths for Scotland commenced in 1855.
AA. Helen Arbuthnott. Baptized Laurencekirk 30 November 1796. Married in Garvock 20 March 1825 Robert Drimmie.
A. Jean Drimmie  Baptized Fourdoun 6 October 1825.
BB. Christian (or Christina) Arbuthnott. Baptized Bridgeton, St Cyrus 3 July 1798. Died Aberdeen 7 June 1876. Married in Old Machar, 9 June 1836, John Keith, journeyman blacksmith.
A. John Keith. Baptized St Nicholas, Aberdeen 9 Oct 1837
B. Jane Keith. Married Mr Ogg.
C. James Keith. Baptized St Nicholas, Aberdeen 15 June 1842
CC. James Arbuthnott. Born Marykirk and baptized Spearmill 29 May 1802. Died Dallally, Fettercairn 5 September 1861. Ploughman, Cotterman in Bonsagart and farm servant. Married in Fettercairn, 21 June 1827, Jean ("Jane") Jolly (born Marykirk; died Brechin 27 December 1888 aged eighty), illegitimate daughter of Jane Fiddes, domestic servant, and reputedly, James Jolly, ploughman.
A. Beattie Arbuthnott. Born Fettercairn 7 December 1831.

George Lyall Arbuthnott. Born Bonsagart, Edzell 18 May (baptized 1 June) 1834. Died Fern 21 November 1911. Farm servant, ploughman and farm manager. Married first in Stracathro, 6 June 1857, Jean Peeter Duthie (born Logie-Pert late 1836; dvu Stracathro 23 September 1861) of Brechin, daughter of John Duthie, farm servant and Mary, née Duncan.

1. Margaret Duthie Arbuthnott. Born Stracathro 6 July 1858.
2. Betsy Arbuthnott. Born Stracathro 11 December 1859.

Jane Duthie Arbuthnott. Born Stracathro 15 September 1861.

George married second at Fettercairn, 23 May 1863, Jane Milne (born Fettercairn 3 June 1830; dvu aged 32), domestic servant of Wandershill, daughter of David Milne, crofter and carrier and Elizabeth, née Anderson.
4. James Arbuthnott. Born Fettercairn 25 April 1864. Died before 1881?
5. Elisabeth Jolly Arbuthnott. Born Brechin 22 June 1866.  Married John Macintosh 1891-1956.
a.George Lyall Arbuthnott Macintosh 1891 1986 Married Hessie Wyllie Bruce Nicoll 1888-1963
i.Nicole Macintosh. 1910-2001
ii.John ("Jack") Macintosh 1922-2004
b.David Arbuthnott Macintosh 1908-1956. Married Annie Breadsett  1903-1981
i.Hazell Arbuthnott Macintosh 1930-27 September 2002 Married Tom Milner
(a)_____ Milner. Married 7 August 1976 Francis George Mansfield.12 August 1954-10 October 2010  Three children

Isabella Arbuthnott. Born Brechin 12 October 1868.

7. Agned Milne Arbuthnott. Born Logie-Pert, Angus 6 March 1871.
8. George Arbuthnott. Born Kincardineshire 1872.
C. Margaret Arbuthnott. Born Bonsagart 23 November 1836. Baptized 11 December 1836.
D. James Arbuthnott. Born Bonsagart, Edzell 16 (baptized 22) May 1839. Farm servant. Married in Brechin, 20 December 1862, Susan Glen of Chapelton of Dunlappie (aged nineteen, born c.1843), daughter of George Glen, farm servant and Margaret, née Findlay.
1. Margaret Arbuthnott. Born Menmuir 14 January 1863.
2. Agnes Arbuthnott. Born Lunan, Angus 6 September 1864.
3. Jane Arbuthnott. Born Lunan 14 January 1866.

George Arbuthnott. Born Inverkeilor 12 October 1867.

E. William Arbuthnott. Born Fettercairn 5 May (or 5 June) 1844. Died Marywell Village, near Arbroath 15 December 1912. Buried Arbroath Cemetery. A grieve at Barrelwell, Brechin and at Cuthlie, Arbroath. Married at Brechin, 13 June 1868, Mary Ann Valentine (born Menmuir c.1845; died 23 December 1929 aged eighty-four; buried Arbroath Cemetery), domestic servant, daughter of John Valentine, farm servant and Elizabeth Alexander.
1. Jane ("Jean") Jolly Arbuthnott. Born West Drums, Brechin 8 July 1868. Died High Keiller Farm, Newtyle, Angus 24 November 1911. Married, 6 December 1895, as his first wife, David Milne.
a. Benjamin ("Ben") Milne. Born 24 November 1896. Died unmarried France 5 May 1918 as a result of war wounds.
b. Mary Ann Valentine Milne. Born 27 May 1899. Married, 30 December 1931, Archibald ("Archie") Doig (died 28 May 1975). Address: 3 County Place, Forgandenny, Perthshire.
i. Mabel Arbuthnott Taylor Doig. Born Forgandenny, Perth 10 June 1934. Married in Lynn, Massachusetts, 12 December 1958, Eugene Joseph Landry (born Lynn 10 January 1933), son of Anthony (Joseph) Landry and Aurora M_____, née Drouin. Address: 7 Lander Street, Lynn, Massachusetts.
ii. Morris William David Doig. Died in childhood.

Isabella ("Bella") Milne. Born 18 September 1901. Died 16 May 1982. A cashier.

2. John Valentine Arbuthnott. Born Brechin 17 December 1869. Died Arbroath 2 December 1939. A grieve in Angus. Married, 21 November 1890, Elizabeth ("Eliza") Adam (born West Skeichen, near Kirkbuddo, Angus 1864; died Balgarrock Smallholding 12 March 1936 aged seventy-two). They were both buried at Carmylie, Angus.
a. William ("Willie") Arbuthnott. Born 7 March 1890. Died Arbroath November 1951. Married, 1 January 1913, Margaret How, (died Arbroath October 1942).

Elizabeth ("Lizzie") Arbuthnott. Born 21 October 1913. Died 18 October 2001. Married, 30 July 1938, George Spankie (died 27 December 1977), butcher of Carnoustie. Address: 24 Barrie Road, Carnoustie.

(a) Gordon Spankie. Born 3 November 1940. Unmarried.
ii. Christina ("Chris" or "Chrissie") Arbuthnott. Born 19 March 1917. Died Arbroath 15 October 1995. Married, 26 April 1939, John Ellis Watt Geddes (killed in action 4 April 1945). Address: 42 Airlie Crescent, Arbroath.
(a) (Robert) Ian John Geddes. Born 7 September 1939. Married, 9 September 1961, Mary Ann ("May") Bowen-Whyte (born 2 November 1940). Address: 7 Wallace Street, Carnoustie.
aa. Michael John Geddes. Born 3 January 1965. Married in Monifieth, 2 May 1987, Elaine Martin (born 1 July 1964). Now separated. 
(1) Scott Martin Geddes. Born Dundee 23 September 1988. Died Dundee 26 September 1988.
(2) Daniell Jane Geddes. Born Dundee 8 March 1990.
bb.  Angela Jane Geddes. Born 26 August 1970. Marrued 22 July 1995 Robert John Keith
(1) Nicole Mhairi Keith.

William Arbuthnott Geddes. Born 29 May 1942. Married, 20 September 1967, Dorothy Ann Taylor (born 14 July 1945). Address: 31 Brothock Way, Arbroath.

aa. Amanda Geddes. Born 28 August 1968. Married Ian Williams.
(1) Alexandra Ann Louise Willliams. Born 29 June 1993.
(2) Ellie Williams. Born 21 January 1999.
(3) Eva Williams. Born 31 July 2001.
bb. Lorraine Geddes. Born 20 September 1970.
cc. Stuart Geddes. Born 13 February 1973.
(1) Rhys Geddes. Born 10 August 1993.
iii. Gordon William Arbuthnott. Born 12 March 1920. Killed unmarried Netherlands 3 November 1944. Lance Corporal, 7/9th Bn, Royal Scots.

Thomas Adam Arbuthnott, Senior. Born 2 November 1892. Died Montrose 13 March 1978. He and his brother, Richard, emigrated to Canada, 1911, having contracted to work for a Dutch farmer near Saskatoon. They were poorly fed and had to sleep in a barn, and were treated throughout the long hard winter little better than the animals they were caring for. They therefore returned to Scotland, after only eighteen months, with little love for Canada. Married first, 11 June 1915, Jane Findlay (dvu 27 April 1956).

i. John ("Jack") Valentine Arbuthnott. Born 9 April 1916. Died 19 September 1977. Mechanic. Married, ?.?.1940, Winifred Clark (born ?.?.19??; she married second Alan Kendall). They emigrated to New Zealand 1962. Address: 16a Cooper Street, Masterton, New Zealand.
(a) Jean ("Sheena") Clark Arbuthnott. Born 25 September 1940. Died 17 June 1996. Married, 9 December 1961, James ("Jim") Rattery Ferguson (born 12 April 1936). They emigrated to New Zealand 1962. Address: 25 Upperplain Road , Masterton, New Zealand.
aa. Jenny Ferguson. Born 8 July 1965.
bb. Angela Ferguson. Born 14 October 1969.

Iain Scott Ferguson. Born 29 November 1971. Emigrated to Australia 1994. Married 5 December 1998 Tracy Linda Nicholson (born Carlie, England 9 January 1971, emigrated to Australia aged 3). They live in Sydney.

(1) Caitlain Joy Ferguson. Born Sydney 11 September 2001.
(b) John ("Jack") Frederick Arbuthnott. Born 15 November 1942. Mechanic. Owner of Delmar Services. Emigrated to New Zealand 1962. He runs a car hire company in Avarua, Cook Islands. Married, 21 August 1965, Moana Pupuke (born 13 May 1942), daughter of a South Pacific champion boxer. Address: PO Box 656, Avarua, Rarotonga, Cook Islands
aa. Disney James Arbuthnott. Born 21 December 1964. Adopted by Jack on his marriage to Moana. Documentary producer and professional racehorse trainer.  He has his own polo string and plays for the Kihikihi club. In conjunction with his racing venture, he is breeding a Thoroughbred/ Quarter Horse hybrid specifically for polo. His first filly is scheduled to race 2005.   Address: Hyperformance Fitness Solutions, PO Box 28-795, Remuera, 1136, Auckland, New Zealand. Married 15 November 1993 (Ulrika) Marguerite Editha Mork (born 28 December 1972). Divorced.

John Devon Arbuthnott. Born 24 February 1968. Mechanic. Owner of a business. Married Mii Kaiaruna. They live at Tepuka, Raratonga.

cc. Duane Oviett Arbuthnott. Born 19 April 1970. Adopted. Self-employed.
dd. Melvin ("Mel") Lammar Arbuthnott. Born 30 December 1970. Professional diver.

Taraluan Oriett Tokea Arbuthnott. Born 19 November 1972. Adopted.

(c) Hector ("Hec") Thomas Arbuthnott. Born 25 January 1947. Married, 29 April 1972, Gillian Mary Craig (born 24 May 1949). Address: 10 Wiltshire Place, Stoke, Nelson, New Zealand. Ph 064 35478393.
aa. James Duncan Arbuthnott. Born 18 April 1977.  Works with Deloittes. Married 20 December 2003 Wai Sheung Lai (born 14 September 1977)
(1) Angus Hamish Arbuthnott. Born 1 May 2005.
bb. Andrew John Arbuthnott. Born 20 October 1981. Address: Strombergs Väg 124, 90728 Umeå, Sweden.
(d) Elizabeth Mary Arbuthnott. Born 15 January 1952. Emigrated to New Zealand 1962. Married, 17 February 1973, Frederick Kendall (born ?.?.19??).  In 1984 moved from: Tyndron, PO Box 294, Waipukurau, New Zealand.
aa. Mary Jane Kendall. Born ?.?.19??. Married 1990 Lance Brill (killed in a farm accident January 1999).
(1) Michael Brill.
(2) Paul Brill.
(3) Samantha Brill.
bb. Brendon Kendall. Born ?.?.19??.
cc. Faye Kendall. Born ?.?.19??.
ii. Thomas ("Tom") Adam Arbuthnott, Junior. Born 12 August 1920. Died August 1986.  Married, ?.?.1945, Isobel Roger (born ?.?.19??). Address: 15 Seafield Road, Arbroath.

Joyce Arbuthnott. Born 2 February 1951. Married, 30 June 1973, Ian Birse. Address: 56 Grampian Gardens, Arbroath.

aa. Graeme Birse. Born 14 July 1976.
bb. Jill Birse. Born 28 February 1979.

Elizabeth ("Betty") Jane Findlay Arbuthnott. Born 25 January 1929. Emigrated to New Zealand 1958. Married, 17 December 1960, Robert Michael Dunning (born 1 April 1928). Living in Australia, formerly of: 4 Chanal Grove, Birdwood, Lower Hutt, New Zealand.

(a) Leonie Jane Dunning. Born 28 July 1964. Adopted. Died 19 March 1996. Married 2 February 1991 Stephen Lamont.
(b) (Robert) Stuart Dunning. Born 18 November 1965. Adopted. Married 22 April 2001 Vanessa Nielsen.
(c) (Michael) Grant Dunning. Born 3 September 1966. Married 26 July 1997 Marguerita Pesnak.
aa. Angelina Larissa Dunning. Born 14 February 1996.
bb. Inari Jane Dunning. Born 11 September 2001.

Andrew Thomas Dunning. Born 6 December 1967.

Thomas Adam Arbuthnott married second, ? October 1957, Margaret ("Maggie") Jane Will (died 13 October 1973).

Richard ("Dick") Valentine Arbuthnott, Senior. Born 14 December 1894. Died Dundee 21 December 1956. Married at Monikie, Angus, 10 December 1915, Anne ("Annie") Imrie Kidd (born 12 November 1892).

i. Helen Kidd Arbuthnott. Born 3 October 1916. Married, 10 June 1938, James Macdonald. Address: 2 Graham Street, Dundee.
ii. Winifred Adam Arbuthnott. Born 3 May 1918. Died 19 November 1993. Married, 19 June 1942, William H_____ Anderson (died 7 February 1974). Address: Ardlui, 14 Muirfield Crescent, Dundee DD3 8PT.

Richard Valentine Arbuthnott, Junior. Born 28 July 1921. Married at Carnoustie, 6 November 1948, Annie ("Nancy") McFarlane Rattray (born ?.?.19??). Address: 2 Greystane Terrace, Invergowrie, Dundee.

d. Frederick ("Fred") Adam Arbuthnott. Born 12 August 1896. Educated Dundee. Served with the army 1916-'19. Married first while home on leave, 11 December 1917, Mary Brown Kidd (died 20 May 1920), sister of Annie (see 3.c.).

Frederick ("Fred") David Kidd Arbuthnott. Born 1 November 1919. Brought up by his paternal grandparents after his mother's death.  Married, 10 October 1940, Mary Don Jolly. Address: 48 Rodd Road, Dundee.

(a) Frederick ("Fred") Kidd Arbuthnott. Born 27 October 1942. Married, 29 June 1968, Kathleen Rattray, who is not related to Annie (see 3.c.iii.). Address: 9 Torridon Road, Broughty Ferry, Dundee.
aa. Craig Arbuthnott. Born 11 December 1968. Misc crew - filmography: Grand Theft Auto (1998) [Quality Assurance]  Address: 60 Abbotsford Street, Dundee, DD2 1DA

Neil Arbuthnott. Born 29 June 1972.

Frederick Adam Arbuthnott served with the Dundee Police 1919-'22, emigrated to Canada in 1922 and joined the Canadian Pacific Railroad Police in Toronto, from which he retired in 1961. He died 24 December 1989 having married second, 12 October 1923, Agnes Jane How (born 15 May 1896; died 8 September 1985), a sister of Margaret How (See 3.a. above).

Allister ("Al") Howard Arbuthnott. Born Sudbury, ON 25 August 1924. He worked as a tool and guage designer for Northern Telecom Ltd.  (retired). Married, 29 November 1953 10 July 1954, Joyce Mary Arthur (born Montreal, Quebec 15 June 1931). Address: 58 Duncan Bull Drive, Brampton, Ontario L6W 1H6.

(a) David Lloyd Arbuthnott. Born Belleville, ON 23 May 1955.

Sharon Louise Arbuthnott . Born Belleville, ON 17 February 1958. Married, 21 May 1983, Robert Melvin Hancock (born Alliston, ON 9 May 1959).

aa. Kelly Louise Hancock. Born London, ON 3 September 1985.
bb. Colin Adam Hancock. Born London, ON 14 June 1988.
cc. Erin Elizabeth Hancock. Born London, ON 24 May 1991.

Curtis Lloyd Hancock. Born Bright's Grove, ON 18 September 1992.

(c) Robert ("Robbie") Roy Arbuthnott. Born Belleville, ON 3 July 1961. Married, 19 September 1987, Lauren Ann Hiscock (born Toronto, ON 17 February 1966).
aa. Alexandria Ann Arbuthnott. Born Brampton, Ontario 13 April 1991.
(d) Bruce Donald Arbuthnott. Born Brampton, ON 28 February 1964. Married, 25 October 1988, Michela Michela Deroia (born Toronto 27 November 1965).
aa. Amanda Lynn Arbuthnott. Born Brampton, Ontario 5 June 1988.
bb. Daniella Marie Arbuthnott. Born Brampton, Ontario 25 September 1989.
iii. Lloyd Valentine Arbuthnott. Born 27 November 1926. Killed in a motor accident in Canada 1 August 1954.
3. Mary Ann Arbuthnott. Born ? December 1872. Died Arbroath ?.?.1951 aged seventy-nine. Married, c.1890, James ("Jim") Findlay (died Dundee aged seventy-nine), a policeman and later a watchmaker and violin maker.
a. Jean ("Jeannie") Findlay. Born 1893. Died 1903.
b. Annie Findlay. Born 1 March 1895. Married G W Les Bennett (dvu 30 June 1982). Address: c/o her son, John (formerly of: 548 East Princeton Avenue, Fresno, California 93704).

John Arbuthnott Bennett. Born Buxton, Derbyshire 28 May 1825 or 1826. Died Fresno 13 October 1986 of lung cancer. Married first in Fresno, CA 7 March 1959 BARBARA ANN BLYTHE (born Wilmington, Delaware 8 January 1930; address: 5361 N 3rd, Apt G, Fresno, California 93614). Divorced 1982. 

(a) JONATHON ("JOHN") ALAN McFARLAND BENNETT. Born Fresno 1 December 1963. He graduated from high school in 1982, and was for four years a member of a professional rock band. From 1986 to 1989 he studied Radio and T.V. Broadcasting at California State University, Fresno. He m. (1) 17 Feb. 1990 at Denver, Colorado, but was deserted by her immediately afterward, the marriage being annulled in 1991, Paige ____. He m. (2) 17 May 2003, Susie Bennett (no relation to himself). They are living at Fresno (2010). 
aa. Austin Bennett. Born 5 May 2004.
(b) ANN ("ANNIE") FINDLAY BENNETT. Born Fresno 21 September 1966. She received a B.A. (4-year) in English at California State University in 1990, a teaching certificate in 1991, and a law degree in 2002 (?). She m. (1) 3 June 1989 in the Wawona Hotel, Wawona, California, but subsequently divorced, Hale John Sjostrand, b. 13 April 1965 at Fresno, alive in May 1998, a commercial graphic artist, son of Gerald and Pauline (Sharp) Sjostrand, of Oakland, California. There were no children of this marriage. She m. (2) by 2006, Greg Mason.
aa. Lauren Ann Mason. Born 2 September 2006.
bb. Maxwell Prescott Mason. Born 18 September 2007.
cc. Barbara Mason. Born 8 April 2010.
(c) Mary Blythe Bennett. Born Fresno 5 or 7 March 1969. She attended Fresno State College in 1988-89, majoring in phottography and Music. She married  (William) Michael ("Mike") Withycombe, (born Meridian, Mississippi 18 November 1964), a professional football player from 1988 to 1992. Divorced. There were no children of this marriage.
John remarried, 9 June 1982, ELLEN ELIZABETH WARD, nee PIERSON of Wilmington, Delaware. Barbara Ann Blythe, b. 8 Jan. 1930 at Winnipeg, alive in 2010. She received a B.A. from the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, in 1951. , Barbara’s married life was spent at Fresno, where she moved in 1959 and still lives. She is now an accountant. 
c. WILLIAM FINDLAY. Born c.1896. Drowned Montrose 4 August 1914. Died Dundee 1981 per John Arbuthnott Bennett (who is wrong per Mary Ann Valentine Arbuthnott Booth, née Findlay).
d. John Arbuthnott Findlay. Died in a mental hospital at Montrose, unmarried.

JAMES ("JIM") FINDLAY. Born 28 May 1899. Died. A master butcher. Married EUPHEMIA ("PHEMY") ANDREWS (died).


MARY FINDLAY. Married JAMES ("JIM") BELL (died). Address unknown, formerly: 72 Charleston Drive, Dundee.

ii. EUPHEMIA ("EFFIE") FINDLAY. Married EDWARD ("TEDDY") ______, a Polish officer, stationed in Canada.
f. ISABELLA ("BELLA") BORTHWICK FINDLAY. Died before her first birthday.
g. Mary Ann Valentine Arbuthnott Findlay. Born 15 April 1902. Married, 2 July 1931, NORMAN LONSDALE BOOTH (born 24 February 1908).
i. VALERIE ANN BOOTH. Born 26 February 1938. Address:  Treneglos, Church Road, Perran-Ar-Worthal, near Truro, Cornwall.
4. George Lyall Arbuthnott. Born 1871. Died of scarlet fever 18 March 1878 aged seven and a half. He is remembered for having broken his leg.
5. William Arbuthnott. Born Edzell 1 September 1875. Died Killarney, Manitoba 20 January 1963. A blacksmith at Craig Park, Inverkeilor. He, his wife and his children, Margaret, Richard, David, Robert, Williamina, Charlotte and John, emigrated to Canada on 29 April 1913, where he settled first in Winnipeg, carrying on his trade for some years, and later operating shops in Treherne, McConnell and Killarney, Manitoba. He also farmed near Treherne briefly. Married at Brechin, 1 June 1900, MARGARET ("MAGGIE") WILSON (born 24 October 1877; died 28 January 1963). Both William and Maggie are buried in Killarney Cemetery.
a. Margaret Mary Arbuthnott. Born Co Angus 18 February 1901. Died Calgary, AB 8 July 1981. Emigrated to Canada 29 April 1913. Married at Treherne, MB, 26 October 1920, JOSEPH ("JOE") HAIRE (died Thunder Bay, Ontario 26 January 1969), a butcher.

Richard William Joseph Haire. Born Treherne 25 July 1921. Died Kelowna, BC 5 February 1983. Married ANNE IMRIE.

(a) SHERRY ANNE HAIRE. Married Roger Jay Martineau.
aa. Roger Jared Martineau.
bb Patricia Anne Martineau.
cc. Sharilyn Dawn Martineau.
dd. David Austin Martineau.
ee. Andrew George Martineau.
(b) (Patricia) Margaret  ("Peggy") Haire. Married (Robert) Grant Brooker.
aa. Cristin Margaret Brooker. Married  Jonathan David Cahoon.
(1) Samuel George Edward Cahoon.
(2) Cailin Margaret Cahoon.
(3) Jenna  Lee Cahoon.
bb. Elizabeth Anne Brooker. Married Robert Jay Jankowski.
(1) Dayna Elizabeth Jankowski.
(2) Baby Jankowski.
cc. Robert Paul Brooker. Married Elizabeth Kell.
dd. Erin Dorothy Brooker.  Married Alan Cahoon.

Richard ("Rick") James Haire. Married Margaret ("Peggy") Marlene Larance.

aa. Leanne Patricia Haire.
bb Richard Joseph Haire.
cc. Michael Larance Haire.
dd. Steven Tyler Haire.
ee. Caralee June Haire.
ii. J. Irwin Haire. Born Rapid City, MB 15 September 1923. Died Thunder Bay, ON 13 January 1979. Married, first, Flin Flon 13 September 1945 Willhelmina Ellen ("Willa") Huston (born Morden, MB 12 September 1924; died Flin Flon, MB 10 January 1969).
(a) James ("Jim") Haire. Married at Fort William, ON, 9 August 1969 Karen Hancock. Divorced.
aa. Chandra Haire. Married Rob Perry.
(1) Tristen James Haire.
(2) Aida Haire.

Irwin married, second, Florence ("Flo") Welsh.


(Margaret) June Haire. Born 26 May 1929. Married, 5 August 1952, (William Howard) Donald ("Don") Morris (who may have died Stratford, ON 2002).)


Gregory Clark Morris. Born 5 December 1956. Married first, July 1984, Jane ("Janey") Brennan. Divorced. Married second Amanda Hall.

aa. Jordan Michael Becket Morris.
bb. Taylor Thames Watson Morris.

Dawn Morris. Born 21 January 1959.


Brent Morris. Born 21 April 1962. Married, 19 August 1989, Karen Kydd. Divorced.


Sheila Marie Haire. Born Grenfell, SK 20 January 1931. Married, 7 December 1951, (Robert) Roy Brassard. Address: PO Box 786, Didsbury, Alberta.

(a) (Robert) Scott Brassard. Married, 13 August 1977, Marianne McBride.[Betsy has Janice Martin] Divorced.
(b) Cal Alexander Brassard. Born 25 April 1955. Married Shauna Marie Haynes (born 13 June 1957).

Alison June Brassard. Born 25 July 1963. Married Mark Jerome Lefevre.


Jessica Lefevre. Born 22 June 1986.


Jonathon Lefevre. Born 14 February 1989.

cc. James Christopher Lefevre.
(d) Terryl Lynne Brassard. Married John Stephen Makuk (divorced).

Graham Brassard. Born 25 December 1986.

bb. Brian Stephen Makuk.
cc. Kira Mary Makuk.
v. Ruth Haire. Born 14 December 193?. Married Hugh Hamilton.
(a) Craig Joseph Hamilton. Married Janet Louise Saxton.
aa. Ashley Nicole Hamilton.
bb. Jenna Brieanne Hamilton.
(b) Dean Mackie Wilson Hamilton. Married Corinne Joy McCannon.
aa. Bailey Anne Hamilton.
bb. Kyle Guy Hamilton.
(c) Lee Ann Hamilton. Married first Larry James Payne.
aa. Scott Gordon Payne.
bb. Vanessa Christine Payne.
Lee Ann married second Sheldon McClarty.
cc. Kalene Autumn McClarty

Karen Louise Hamilton. Married first Reginald John Tonan.

aa. Meaghan Leigh Toman.
Karen married second Douglas James Flanagan.
bb. Faith Ann Flanagan.
vi. Carol Anne Haire. Born 1 April 1938. Married, 23 September 1961, William ("Bill") Lavender. Divorced.

Carol-Anne Lavender. Born 13 September 1962. Married David Chambers.


Sara Anne Chambers. Born 17 October 1990.


(James) Jay Lavender. Born 1 April 1964. Married 18 November 1989 Rhonda Ann Fergusson (born 22 August 1960) who had two sons, Christopher Fergusson and Joshua Grandison by previous relationships. Jay and Ronda divorced August 2000.

aa. James Mitchell Lavender. Born 13 February 1989.
bb. Melissa Ann Lavender. Born 25 August 1990.

Kerry-Jo Lavender. Born 23 May 1970.


Richard Arbuthnott. Born Co Angus 8 March 1902. Died Killarney, MB 22 July 1988. A blacksmith. Emigrated to Canada 29 April 1913. Married Ida Mary Russell. Address: Box 1, Killarney, Manitoba.

i. Arlie Arbuthnott. Born 23 November 1928. Died 23 December 1930. Buried Killarney Cemetery.
ii. (Frances) Audrey Arbuthnott. Born 29 September 1931. Married, 19 September 1953, Donald ("Don") Delbert Brown (born Ninga, MB 20 November 1930). Address: 11 St George Road, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
(a) Christopher ("Chris") Brown. Born 6 April 1956. Married, 1 August 1981, Debbie Kohut (born 17 February 19??).
aa. Hannah Juliet Brown.
bb. Julian William Brown.

(Brenda) Carol Brown. Born 13 March 1959. Married, 15 July 1983, Francois Andre Donat Joseph ("Frank") Conan (born 19 August 1959).

aa. Michelle Marie Conan. Born 7 October 1986.
bb. Lasha Anne Conan. Born 12 September 1989.
cc. Jean-Paul Francois Andre Donald Conan. Born 5 April 1991.
(c) Richard John Brown. Born Winnipeg 28 June 1960. Married Margaret Ann Nagle.

Mark Andrew Brown. Born  Winnipeg 2 May 1963.

c. David Milne Arbuthnott. Born Co Angus 15 March 1903. Died Calgary 18 June 1970. Emigrated to Canada 29 April 1913. Worked for a number of years in the smelter of a zinc plant in Flin Flon, Manitoba, later as a welder in his own shop and in a steel plant in Calgary and lastly as an engineer for the Canadian Department of National Defence in Calgary. Married, 4 August 1944, Edna Pangman, (born 1907; died 27 February 2005), dau of James Henry (Jim) Pangman and Emily nee McIntosh. Address: 708 - 51st Avenue S.W., Calgary, Alberta T2V 0A7.
i. (William) James ("Jim") Arbuthnott. Born 27 January 1946. Married, 18 June 1966, Trudy Charlotte Obleman. Divorced April 1986.
(a) Shauna Lee Arbuthnott. Born 30 March 1967. Educated University of Calgary. Married, 1 December 1990, Brent Peers.
aa. Cord Alan Peers. Born 1 August 1992.
bb. Cole Brent Peers. Born 26 July 1994.
cc. Candra Emily Charlotte Peers. Born 10 November 1997.

Scott James Arbuthnott. Born 18 November 1968. Married, 21 March 1992, Tammy Rene Holt (born 11 May 1969).


Jordan James Arbuthnott. Born 15 June 1991.

bb. Kimberley ("Kim") Dion Arbuthnott. Born 30 April 1990.

Shannon Mae Arbuthnott. Born 10 December 1970. Married, 8 May 1992, Michael Stephen Armstrong. Divorced.

aa. Matthew Stephen Armstrong.
bb. Braden James Armstrong.

Shannon married February 2009 Kevin McCleod (born 7 March 1972).

(William) Jim married second 17 February 1987 (Patricia) Carol Foote, nee Sinton. They are now retired and living in Sicamous. British Columbia (previously of: 1532, 51st Street, Calgary, Alberta T2A 1T1).


Robert ("Bob") Arthur Arbuthnott. Born 23 April 1947. Dvm 25 November 2004. Married first, 1 July 1967, (Jean) Catherine ("Cathy") Gowan (born 21 October 1947).

(a) Shylo Anne Arbuthnott. Born 17 August 1970. Married, 21 April 1991, Darwin Lee Gerber (born 2 September 1968). Divorced September 1996. She married second in Cayman Islands 14 February 1998 Billy Dewayne Preston (born 17 July 1950) of Dallas, TX.  They live in Dallas

Bob and Cathy were divorced 1974. Her address: 302 - 2109, 17th Street S.W., Calgary, Alberta. Cathy then had a daughter:


Jorden Leah Arbuthnott. Born Calgary 15 June 1986.

Bob married second, 16 January 1976, Donna Buchanon Gonzales (died April 1993). Address: 10926 74th Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta T6G 0E6.
d. Jean Anne Arbuthnott. Died aged six months. Buried Scotland.

Robert ("Bob") Lowe Arbuthnott. Born Co Angus 29 March 1905. Died Brandon, Canada July 1972. Buried Rosewood Memorial Gardens, Brandon. Emigrated to Canada 29 April 1913. Operated a Service Station in McConnell, Manitoba for several years and then moved to Brandon, becoming first a salesman and later Sales Manager for the Western Savings and Loan Company. Married, 13 July 1935, Anne ("Annie") May Paterson (born 17 July 1910; died 28 February 1974).

i. Gloria Anne Arbuthnott. Born 19 May 1940. Married, 12 July 1961, (Donald) Mervin ("Merv") Dillabough. Address: 168 Oak Bluff Road, Brandon, Manitoba, R7C 1A3. 
(a) Marci Anne Dillabough. Born 19 July 1962. Married, July 1983, Vince Crisanti. Address: 21 Woodsley Bay, Brandon, Manitoba R7B 4E3.
aa. Gregory Vincent Crisanti. Born 3 November 1985.
bb. Lindsay Anne Crisanti. Born deaf 13 May 1992.

Rhonda Dillabough. Born 20 January 1967. Married, 13 July 1991, (William) Craig Pardy (born St John's, Newfoundland [NL]).

aa. Bradley William Craig Pardy. Born 7 April 1993.
bb. Taylor Dawn Pardy. Born 30 January 1997.
(c) Allan Dillabough. Born 28 June 1971.  Married 29 August 1996 Glenda ("Darlene") Williams.
aa. Jordyn Samantha Dillabough.
bb. Robyn Dillabough.
ii. Joy Loree Arbuthnott. Born 31 May 1946. Married, first, Gene Oakes. They were divorced.
(a) Warren Robert Oakes Osmond. Born 30 August 1966. Married Anna-Marie Mista.
aa. Kier Matthew Osmond.

Joy married, second, Bruce Hartley Osmond. Address: 99 Allan Street, Red Deer, Alberta T4R 1E4.

(b) Karen Gloria Hartley Osmond. Born 8 February 1976. Married 9 September 2000 Timothy Kenneth Miller
aa. Abby Miller.
bb. Jillian Miller.
f. Williamina ("Winnie") Arbuthnott. Born Co Angus 23 August 1907. Died Edmonton, AB 3 September 1977. Emigrated to Canada 29 April 1913. Married William ("Bill") Bellerose Lake, Senior.
i. Belva Marie Bellerose Lake. Born 4 October 1930. Married first, 24 May 1948, Anthony ("Tony") Bennett, Sr (dvu).
(a) Anthony ("Tony") Bennett, Jr. Born 4 December 1950. Married Sharon Fleming.
aa. Colin Bennett.
bb. Rachael Bennett.

Kim Bennett. Born 7 October 1952. Married first, August 1973, Sharon Palmer. They were divorced. He married second, 20 August 1977, Marlene Hahn

aa. Erin Bennett.
bb. Ian Bennett.
Belva married second, 27 December 1978, Darcy Schwartz. They were separated in 1980. She lives in Calgary, Alberta.

William ("Bill") Bellerose Lake, Junior.

g. Charlotte ("Lottie") Arbuthnott. Born Co Angus 1909. Died Canada 1925.

Dr John ("Jack") Arbuthnott. Born Co Angus 18 April 1912. Died White Rock, British Columbia, 30 July 1993. Educated Ontario Veterinary College (1938). A veterinary surgeon who practised in the Portage 1a Prairie and Winnipeg, Manitoba area. Life member of Khartum Temple Shriners and a 50 year member of Manitoba Masonic Lodge. Married, first in McConnell MB, 1 April 1937, Annie Olive Pollock.


John Richard Arbuthnott. Born Hamiota, MB 28 February 1938. Married first, 11 April 1963, Heather Dawn Owens. Divorced 1986. Address: 84 Lake Linnet Close South East, Calgary, Alberta T2J 2J1.


Allison Arbuthnott. Born Winnipeg, MB 25 November 1965. Married Dave Laycroft.

aa. Foster Laycroft. Born Calgary, AB.
bb. Monroe Laycroft. Born High River, AB.
(b) John ("Johnny") Hunter Arbuthnott. Born Portage, La Prairie, MB 29 February 1967.
(c) Marney Arbuthnott. Born Winnipeg, MB 16 December 1968. Married Scott Young.
aa. Braeden Douglas Young. Born Calgary, AB.
bb. Cole Young. Born Regina SK.
cc. Adam Young. Born Calgary, AB.

Andrew Gavin Arbuthnott. Born Calgary, AB 23 April 1978.

John Richard Arbuthnott married second, 16 February 1991, Shirley Anne Rowbotham.

ii. Margaret Rose Arbuthnott. Born 26 February 1939. Married first James ("Jim") Parke. Divorced. Address: 4624 Eastridge Road, North Vancouver, British Columbia V7G 1K4.
(a) Catherine ("Cathy") Ann Parke. Born 22 November 1961.

Daniel ("Dan") James Parke. Born 23 December 1962. Married Catherine _____.

aa. Sophie Parke.
(c) David Andrew Parke. Born 25 February 1966. Married Sherri _____.
aa. Ayla Parke.
Margaret married second Gerald Franklin McCann.
iii. Margery Anne Arbuthnott. Born 13 May 1940. Married John ("Jack") Ballentyne. Address: 1429 Argyle Street, Regina, Saskatchewan.
(a) ERIN BALLENTYNE. Born 3 July 1972. Married, 1990, DAVID PAISLEY.
aa. ROBIN DAVID PAISLEY. Born 9 May 1991.

Dr Jack married, second, 16 January 1965, MARGERY ("MARGE") PETERSON (died White Rock, BC 2004).


Arthur Arbuthnott. Born Treherne, MB 12 October 1915. Died 19 January 1981. He spent some years with the RCAF during World War II, and later became a blacksmith in Brandon. Married Montreal, PQ, 1943, MARIE ELIANE ("LIL") PREFONTAINE (born Elie, MB).

i. Richard Joseph Arbuthnott. Born Trenton,ON 12 October 1944. Married Brandon, MB, 24 September 1966, (MARY) IVY PANGBORN (born Brandon, MB), dau of Clifford Pangborn and Mary Plewes. Address: 20 NW Henry Avenue, Hermitage, Edmonton, Alberta T5A 2X9.
(a) Tracy Arthur Arbuthnott, BEd, BSc, DLE. Born Brandon, MB 12 June 1967. Educated University of Alberta. Assistant Principal, École Élémentaire Ardrossan Elementary School.

Patrick ("Pat") Joseph Arbuthnott. Born Homefield, MB 24 July 1946. Died March 1971. Married, 18 April 1969, BARBARA CAMPBELL.

(a) Patrick Ian Arbuthnott. Born 4 November 1969. Married, 27 July 1990, Rochelle Aurora Symchuk.
aa. Robin Ken Arbuthnott. Born 6 January 1995.
bb. Jared Michel Arbuthnott. Born 17 April 1998.
(b) Daniel Vincent Stone Arbuthnott. Born 30 July 1971.

Jannette Arbuthnott. Born Belmont, MB 19 December 19??. Married in Brandon, MB, 9 June 1973, (Henry) Dale Honke son of Henry Honke and Beatrice Frost.

(a) LANNIE JAMES HONKE. Born 9 January 1975.


iv. David Edward Arbuthnott. Born Killarney, MB 12 April 1954. BA economics. Certified general accountant. He married Winnipeg, MB  5 August 1993 CAROLYN ANNE LUKASZEWSKI (born Detroit, MI), daughter of NORBERT LUKASZEWSKI and JEAN NEUMAN.    B.A., anthropology; M.A., speech-language pathology; M.B.A. Address: 3, 1660 St Mary's Road, Winnipeg, Manitoba R2N 1G2.
(a) William Justin Arbuthnot. Adopted in 17 September 1999.
j. William (Bill") Arbuthnott. Born 12 January 1916. Died 31 May 1974. He served with the RCAF for some time during World War II. He was seriously injured in a mining accident in Flin Flon, Manitoba in 1965 where he was still employed at the time of his death. Married, 12 January 1943, Mary Annie Smith.
i. Margaret ("Peggy") Louise Arbuthnott. Born 28 October 1946. Married, 1965, John Carman Rosticki.
(a) Deborah ("Debbie") Lynn Rosticki. Born 13 March 1967.

Shari Lee Rosticki. Born 24 July 1969.

ii. Dennis William Arbuthnott. Born 7 July 1949. Married in Regina, 11 May 1974, Professor Katherine ("Kathy") Diane Milne, PhD, daughter of Robert Milne. Co-authors of "The Mind in Therapy". Address:  2424 Garnet St., Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, S4T 3A4  (formerly of: 2006 Dufferin Avenue, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7S 1B9).
(a) Christopher Ryan Arbuthnott. Born 7 April 1978. A mathematician and skilled juggler. Married 22 May 2005 Joanne Cope (born 19 March 1980), daughter of Brenda Cope and John Rainbird and step-daughter of Ian Currie.
aa. Gavin Fraser Arbuthnott. Born 12 February 2008.
bb Emily Arbuthnott. Born 4th June 2010.

Shane Michael Arbuthnott. Born 1 May 1980. Married 21 December 2007 Alexis Johnston.

aa. Avery William Ross Arbuthnott. Born 29 August 2010.

Devin William Arbuthnott. Born 11 September 1984. Married c.June 2011 Rachel Jane Mayberry.

iii. Robert ("Bob") Glenn Arbuthnott. Born 28 December 1958. A psychology student at the University of Saskatoon. Address: Box 442, Sub PO 6, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7N 0W0.
k. James ("Jim") Arbuthnott. Born Treherne, MB 6 November 1917. Died Treherne 1 November 1918.
6. Richard Alexander Arbuthnott, Senior. Born Bonhard, near Edzell 14 February 1878. Died Balclutha, New Zealand 8 September 1962. A blacksmith who emigrated to New Zealand early in 1912. Married at Montrose, 26 June 1908, MARY MACKIE (born 6 April 1885; died Balclutha 15 October 1961).
a. Christina ("Chris") Mackie Arbuthnott. Born Bardmony, Alyth, Angus 15 May 1909. Emigrated to New Zealand early in 1912. Married, 7 April 1945, FRANK M_____ JONES (died 12 August 1970). Address: 11b Roto Street, Nelson, New Zealand.
i. MARGARET VALENTINE JONES. Born Balclutha 15 March 1946. Migrated from New Zealand to Canada April 1967. Married in Montreal, 22 April 1967, DONALD ("DON") WAYNE RICHARDS (born Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 2 October 1932), son of James Richards and Lucille, née Baker. Address: 35 Wampum Road, Narragansett, Rhode Island, 02882.
(a) ANTHONY ("TONY") WAYNE RICHARDS. Born Toms River, New Jersey 20 January 1967.

VANESSA CHRISTINE RICHARDS. Born Toms River 27 July 1969. Address: 182 Westbrook Terrace, Nelson, New Zealand (tel: 54.68.698).

ii. KATHLEEN ("KATIE") ESME JONES. Born Balclutha 20 October 1947. Married DENZIL STEPHENSON. Address: Riviera Motels, 62 Golf Road, Nelson, New Zealand.
(a) JOANNE MAY STEPHENSON. Born Balclutha 7 July 1966.

KERRI JANE STEPHENSON. Born Balclutha 21 September 1967.

(c) JEREMY FRANCES STEPHENSON. Born Balclutha 8 September 1970.

(DENZIL) ZANE STEPHENSON. Born Balclutha 1 October 1976.

iii. EVELYN FRANCES JONES. Born Balclutha 9 September 1949. Married JOHN McPHERSON. They were divorced. She changed her name to ******.
(a) SHEILA ROSANNE McPHERSON, subsequently (and still) *****. Born 10 October 1968.


Evelyn married second, 30 November 1984, JOHN PETERSON (died 1987?).


b. Richard Alexander Arbuthnott, Junior. Born Bardmony, Alyth 16 April 1911. Emigrated to New Zealand early in 1912. Died New Zealand 30 October 1942.

Margaret ("Peg") Annie Arbuthnott. Born Balclutha 24 October 1913. Died. Married ADRIAN OGILVY JOHNSTONE (died July 1975). Address: 181 Clyde Street, Balclutha, New Zealand.


MICHAEL DRIVER. Born August 1964.

(b) ANGELA DRIVER. Born January 1966.
(c) GRANT DRIVER. Born 1 December 1967.

ALYTH KATHLEEN JOHNSTONE. Born 14 October 1946. Married, 1978, ALAN TOWNSEND.

(a) JANNA ELIZABETH TOWNSEND. Born 20 November 1980.
(b) ROWAN MARY TOWNSEND. Born May 1983.
iii. GLENDA MIRIAM JOHNSTONE. Born 18 May 1952. Married WAYNE A. TAYLOR.
iv. HILARY JOAN JOHNSTONE. Born 7 December 1954. Married BRIAN GREEN.
(a) RICHARD PAUL GREEN. Born 1 February 1982.
(b) A son. Born 1991.

A child. Born 1991.

d. Mary Valentine Arbuthnott. Born Balclutha 15 August 1915. Died unmarried Balclutha 21 July 1972.
7. James Arbuthnott. Born Carmyllie 4 December 1887. Died Alberta 22 December 1962. A blacksmith who emigrated to Canada 29 April 1913. Married, first, HENRIETTA ("HETTY") MAE RUSSELL.

(Dora) Jean Arbuthnott. Born Treherne, MB. Married, 16 November 1943, ALBERT LEON DESHAYES. Address: C 31, RR5 Kelowna, British Columbia V1X 4K4 (formerly of: 16315 - 87th Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta).

i. RONALD ("RON") ALBERT DESHAYES. Born 30 August 1946. Married, 28 June 1969, Florence Marie Antoinette Roch.
(a) NADINE DESHAYES. Born 1 October 1971.
(b) SHAWN DESHAYES. Born 9 July 1973.

BRIAN VICTOR JAMES DESHAYES. Born 21 September 1950. Married first, 1 September 1973, LYNELLE LAWRENCE. They were divorced. Married second 15 February 1992 Cheryle Ann Tegler. 

(a) Cody Eldon Albert Deshayes.
b. Mervin ("Merv") Russell Arbuthnott. Born 28 October 1924. Married GWENDOLIN ("GWEN") PARSONS. They were divorced. His address: 12929 - 127th Street, Apt 104, Edmonton, Alberta T5L 1B1 (formerly of: Suite 3, 11930, 129th Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta).
i. Gwendolin ("Gwen") Marie Arbuthnott. Born 30 October 1951. Married, 31 August 1973, JAMES ("JIM") ARGENT.

KELLY DANA ARGENT. Born 21 March 1974.

(b) SCOTT CHRISTIAN ARGENT. Born 25 July 1977.
ii. Robert ("Bob") James Arbuthnott. Born 27 January 1952. He works for Canadian National Railways. Married, 15 November 1975, Brenda Trudel. Address: 407, 9930 Bellamy Hill, Edmonton, Alberta.

Andrew Scott Arbuthnott. Born 1 December 1965.

James married second, 27 November 1943, Nellie Edna Palmer. Her address: 717 - 17th Avenue N.W., Apt 203, Calgary, Alberta T2M 0N8.

DD. John Arbuthnott. Born Laurencekirk. Baptized Kilnhill 20 April 1805. Died Montrose Infirmary 24 March 1884. Ploughman and labourer. Married in Stracathcro, Angus 9 June 1832 Ann Anderson (born Dun; dvu Brechin 21 January 1876 aged seventy-four), daughter of William Anderson, farm servant and Ann, née Stevenson.
A. William Arbuthnott. Born 20 June 1833. Baptized 7 July 1833.
B. Ann Arbuthnott. Born 29 October 1835. Baptized 15 November 1835.
C. John Patullo Arbuthnott. Born 13 November 1837. Baptized 20 November 1837. Labourer and ploughman. Died 2 December 1892. Married at Fordoun, 27 March 1858, Jane Crabb (or Crabbe) (born Fordoun c.1837, died 3 June 1906), daughter of John Crabb, farmer and Ann, née Jolly.
1. Elsie Arbuthnott. Born Fordyce 13 July 1858.
2. Jean Ann Arbuthnott. Born Fordoun 9 June 1860. Died 11 July 1942. Domestic servant.
3. Mary Helen Arbuthnott. Born Montrose 17 June 1866. Died 19 January1918. Married William George Wagstaff (born Edinburgh c 1867), son of James Wagstaff and Mary Jane Liddell.
4. John Arbuthnott. Born Hillside, Montrose 5 September 1868. Died Inverurie 26 June 1931. Served as a Colour Sergeant and instructor of volunteers (later Captain) with the militia staff of the 75th Regiment and with the Gordon Highlanders.  The London Gazette says: 5th (Buchan and Formartin) Battalion, The Gordon Highlanders. Quartermaster and Honorary Lieutenant John Arbuthnott resigns his commission. Dated 11th December, 1914. John Arbuthnott (late Quartermaster and Honorary Lieutenant of this Battalion) to be Captain (temporary) and Adjutant. Dated 12th December 1914. Capt. (temp.) J. Arbuthnott to be Capt., with precedence as from 19th Dec. 1914, and to remain Adjt. 20th May 1917. Capt. J. Arbuthnott, Gord. Highrs., T.F., to be Adjt., Suff. Vol. R., and to be secd. 5th Nov. 1917. Resigned his commission & retained his rank, 1st Feb. 1921.   Married in Aberdeen, 15 March 1899, Christina Brass Marr (aged twenty-two; died ?.?.19??), daughter of John Forbes Marr, book canvasser and Caroline, née Brass.

Caroline Arbuthnott. Born Strathdon 1 April 1900.

b. Jane C. Arbuthnott, first of the name. Born Inverurie 1902. Presumably died young.
c. Jane C. Arbuthnott, second of the name. Born Inverurie 1903.
d. John Arbuthnott. Born Inverurie 1904.
e. Christina Arbuthnott. Born Inverurie 1906. Married India 1929 Co. Sgt Major George Henry John Harvey (aged 30) son of Harry Harvey.
f. William Arbuthnott. Born Inverurie 22 July 1907. Married, ?.?.1943, Alice Victor (born 22 February 1917). Address: 10 Helvetia Court, Frankston, Victoria 3199, Australia.

Graeme Victor Arbuthnott. Born 9 February 1949. Lives in Victoria, Australia. Married 9 March 1985 Shirley Ann Myers (born 21 March 1957). Address 18 Linlithgow Way. West Melton, Victoria 3337, Australia. 

(a) James Ronald Arbuthnott Born 8 September 1988
(b) Stuart Graeme Arbuthnott Born 30 April 1991
ii. Ian William Arbuthnott. Born 21 April 1944. Married June Williams who married, second, Thomas Athans. Address: 338 Pascoe Vale Road, Melbourne, Australia.

Colin William Arbuthnott. Born 13 September 1971.

(b) Virginia Alice Arbuthnott. Born 28 September 1964.
(c) Abigail Eve Arbuthnott. Born 22 February 1966.
iii. Christine Arbuthnott. Born 6 November 1946.

Roy Gordon Arbuthnott. Born Peterhead 16 September 1910. Died Inverurie 14 June 1970. An engine-fitter at Inverurie Locomotive works. Married, 24 April 1940, Maggie Lobban (born ?.?.19??). Address: 14 Garden Court, The Kellands, Inverurie.

i. Professor Gordon William Arbuthnott. Born 14 March 1938. Professor at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology. Married, 10 September 1965, Jean Edith Minto (born ?.?.19??).
(a) David John Arbuthnott. Born 28 December 1968. Works with Vestas. Lives in Cowes.

Peter Gordon Arbuthnott. Born 3 October 1971. Educated Oxford Brookes University. Development manager in the publishing industry. Married 30 July 2005 Charlotte ("Charlie") Amy Rapple (born 24 November 1978).

5. Georgina Arbuthnott. Born Montrose 13 June 1872. Died 16 May 1939. Married George Rose (baker, dvu).
6. Elizabeth Arbuthnott. Born Montrose 21 August 1873.
7. William Arbuthnott. Born Hillside 5 June 1874. Died c 1965. Married 3 June 1915 Margaret Spears (born 11 September 1886 died c 1967)
D. Mary Ann Arbuthnott. Bap Inverkeilor, Angus 10 July 1839. Married at Marykirk, 27 June 1862, David Young, son of John Young and Clementina née Smith (md Brechin 13 January 1838).
1. Mary Ann Young. Born Brechin, Angus 5 May 1863. Presumably died young.
2. Clementina Young. Born Brechin, Angus 7 August 1864
3. David Young. Born   Brechin, Angus 25 March 1866
4. Jane Young. Born Brechin, Angus 26 June 1868
5. Williamina Young. Born Brechin, Angus 13 January 1871
6. Sophia Arbuthnott Young, Born Brechin, Angus 2 April 1873
7. Maria Ann Young. Born Brechin, Angus 22 November 1874
8. Betsy Young. Aged 4 at the time of the 1881 Census.
9. Alexander Young. Aged 3 months at the time of the 1881 Census.
E. Jane Arbuthnott. Bap Craig by Montrose 2 August 1843.
EE. Jean Arbuthnott. Baptized Laurencekirk 9 May 1807. Married  in Montrose 8 June 1834 JACOB  CLARK.
A. ANN INGRAM CLARK Born Montrose 4 May 1835. Married 1864 Charles Gourlay (born 1838), a wright.
1. Professor Charles Gourlay, B Sc. Born 31 March 1865. An architect.
B. JANET CLARK  Born Montrose 25 September 1836.
C. JOHN CLARK   Born  Montrose 25 March 1838.
D. JANE LAKIE  CLARK Born Montrose 28 June 1840.
E. JACOB CLARK  Born Montrose 23 September 1841.
F. ROBERT ARBUTHNOTT CLARK Born Montrose 31 January 1844. Married in Dundee 1868 Jane Ann Cobb.
1. William Cobb Clark
2. James Clark.
3. Jane Ann Clark.
4. Roberta Clark. Married ____ Grindlay.
a. Andrew Arbuthnott Grindlay.
G. MARGARET  PRESCIO CLARK  Baptized Montrose 31 June 1846.
H. JAMES  CLARK Born Montrose 5 February 1849.
I. DAVID DRIMMIE  CLARK  Born Montrose 3 February 1852.

Agnes Arbuthnott. Baptized Fordoun 24 April 1810. Married (in Laurencekirk 4 December 1841 or) in Fourdon 18 December 1841 David Clark

A. David Clark Baptized Arbuthnott 26 October 1845.
B. James Murray Clark Baptized Fourdon 26 March 1852.
B. Hugh Arbuthnott. Baptized Bervie 19 October 1772.
C. Charlotte Arbuthnott. Baptized Bervie 12 September 1774..    Married John Rae.
AA.May Rae. Married Adam Forbes.
A.Andrew Forbes.
B.Alexie Ann Forbes.
C.Mary Forbes.
D.George Forbes.
E.Agnes Moir Forbes.
BB.Anne Rae.  Married George Melvin. 
A.Jean Melvin
B.Thomas Melvin. Married Mary McDonald.
1.Anne Melvin. Married George Shand.
a.Mary Anne Shand. Married Andrew Charles Wisely.
2.Jane Melvin.
C.James Melvin.  Married Barbara Jackson.
1.John Melvin.
D. Isobel Arbuthnott. Baptized Laurencekirk 21 February 1777.
E. Robert Arbuthnott. Baptized Laurencekirk 4 April 1779.
F. Susanna Arbuthnott. Baptized Laurencekirk 20 May 1781.

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