16 February 2010

THE DESCENDANTS OF SIR WILLIAM ARBUTHNOT, 1st Baronet of Edinburgh (continued).


This Table is preceded by Table K Part 1


Archibald Francis Arbuthnot. Born 8 January 1805. Died Torquay 31 March 1879. Buried Brompton Cemetery, Kensington 26 April 1879. Lived in Adyar, Madras 1833. Worked with Arbuthnot & Co. Partner Arbuthnot Latham & Co 1846-66. Married in Madras, 12 December 1837, the Hon Gertrude Sophia Gough (born Colchester 21 October 1816; died 21 November 1882), daughter of Hugh Gough, 1st Viscount Gough.


William Arbuthnot, CB. Born 27 September 1838. Died 12 September 1893. Major General, 14th Hussars, AAG Horse Guards 1885-92. Served as ADC to Lord Napier of Magdala during the British expedition to Ethiopia (Abyssinia) in 1867/8. Married first, 26 April 1865, the Hon Alice Charlotte Pitt-Rivers (born 27 December 1841, killed by lightning on her wedding tour 21 June 1865; there is a memorial to her at Murren, near Interlaken, Switzerland), 4th daughter of George, 4th Baron Pitt-Rivers. Married second, 20 July 1869, Selina Moncreiffe (born 4 October 1851, dvu 26 November 1877), 7th daughter of Sir Thomas Moncreiffe, 7th Bt. William and Selina are buried together in Brompton Cemetery.


Gerald Archibald Arbuthnot, MP. Born Prince's Gate, Kensington, 19 December 1872. Killed in action Ginchy, Somme 25 September 1916. Buried Fricourt. Educated privately and at Dartmouth Royal Naval College he was a Midshipman then Sub-Lt R.N. 1885-1891 when he left to work for the Hon. Walter Long M.P. He was Private Secretary to Mr Long when he was President of the Board of Agriculture 1895-9, and Ass’t Private Secretary to him when he was President of the Local Government Board 1901-2, and Chief Secretary for Ireland 1905. Gerald Arbuthnot was elected as the Conservative M.P. for Burnley in 1910 and was appointed Vice Chancellor of the Primrose League 1912-1916. He joined the R.N.V.R. at the outbreak of WWI and commanded a minesweeping squadron in the North Sea 1914-1916. He transferred to become a 2nd Lt. Grenadier Guards at the beginning of 1916. Married in St James's, Piccadilly, 6 February 1894, (Mary Johanna Antoinette) Dulcie Oppenheim (born February 1868; died 24 November 1945), daughter of Charles Augustus Oppenheim and Isabelle, née Frith (dau of William Frith, artist, b.1819).


Frances Gertrude Arbuthnot. Born Eaton Place, Westminster 21 March 1896. Died 28 April 1938. Married in St James's Piccadilly, 23 March 1918, Kenneth Lindsay Stewart (born ?.?.18??), son of William Lindsay Stewart of Stanmore, Lanarks. Anulled 1921.


Cynthia Isabelle Theresa Arbuthnot. Born 22 Great Cumberland Place, St Marylebone 15 January 1898. Died Salisbury 12 July 1989. Buried Thorney Hill, Dorset 17 July 1989. Married, 27 July 1925, (Stephen) Ian Fairbairn (born 14 April 1896, died 5 December 1968, founded M&G Investment Group), son of Stephen Fairbairn. Divorced 1941. Lived at 24 Pelham Crescent, London SW7.


Jennifer Selena Fairbairn. Born 8 December 1927. Died Sabines, Avon, 4 May 1996. Buried Thorney Hill 10 May 1996. Married St Paul's, Knightsbridge, 6 October 1949, the 5th Baron John Robert Cecil Manners (born 13 February 1923; died 28 May 2008), ret'd solicitor, elder son of the 4th Baron Francis Henry Manners.

(a) Hon Venetia Jane Manners. Born Marylebone 30 July 1950. Bap 2 October 1950. Head of compliance, Charles Stanley & Co. Married 1 April 1972 Alasdair John Frederick Malpas (born Motherwell, Lanarkshire 21 July 1945), MD Degenhart & Ptnrs, son of John Frederick Malpas and Margaret Brown, née Thomson. They live in Ramsdell, Tadley, Basingstoke, Hants. Tel: 01256 850 367.

(b) Hon Selena Mary Manners. Born Marylebone 4 October 1952. Married Major (Christopher) Jeremy George Langlands (born 7 July 1948), 1st The Queen's Dragoon Guards, son of Christopher and Prudence Langlands. They live at Hartgrove, Shaftesbury, Dorset.

(1) Lucinda Mary Langlands (b 1977). Engaged 28 May 2009, James H.I. Froggatt, eldest son of Mr and Mrs David Froggatt, of Hidcote Boyce,

(c) John Hugh Robert Manners, 6th Baron Manners. Born 5 May 1956. Married Juliet E.A. McMyn, daughter of Mr and Mrs David McMyn, of Hawkspur Green, Essex.

(1) Hon Virginia Constance Juliet Manners, Born 21 February 2009.


Jerome Stephen Gerald Fairbairn. Born 27 February 1933. Died 4 June 1945.


Dorothea Helen Mary Arbuthnot. Born 27 July 1901. Died 12 January 1942. Married, 10 August 1927, Hubert Hawkes Woodward of 89 Peel St., London W8, son of John Hawkes Woodward of Quorn, Leics.

Major General William Arbuthnot married third, 2 December 1879, Edith Anne Pearse (died 21 August 1931), daughter of Major General J L Pearse as her first husband. She married second, 1 August 1894, Guy Francois, Comte de Miremont (died 21 January 1928).

BB. (Hugh) Gough Arbuthnot. Born India 29 January 1840. Died 1 June 1905. Merchant banker. Partner Arbuthnot Latham & Co 1866-1905. One of HM Lieutenants, City of London. Married, 9 June 1864, Caroline ("Lena") Molyneux (born Woolwich 1841, died 15 March 1927), ygst daughter of Rev Capel Molyneux, BA.

a. Francis Capel Arbuthnot. Born q3 1865 and died 1865. Buried Brompton Cemetery 1865.

b. Constance ("Connie") Gertrude Arbuthnot. Born London 17 July 1866. Died 21 November 1929. Married, 25 January 1900, Ernest Luxmore Marshall of 1 Prince's Court, First Ave, Hove, Sussex son of F. Marshall, late of the Court of Stannaries, of Cornwall.

c. Lionel Gough Arbuthnot, MBE. Born Kensington 24 September 1867. Died Surrey 16 May 1942. Educated Harrow 1882-86. Captain, Lancashire Fusiliers; Order White Eagle Serbia 5th class. Played cricket, RA Bennett's XI, 1901-'02. Partner Arbuthnot Latham & Co 1896-1906. Married, first, 18 April 1894, Violet Rebecca Morris (died 11 November 1951), daughter of Sir John Henry Morris, KCSI of South Kensington. Divorced 1913. Lionel married second, 9 June 1927, Ada Ellen Brunker (born c.1875, died 15 March 1963), daughter of Lt-Colonel H.M.G. Brunker (the Cameronians) and formerly the husband of James Thomas Sydenham.


CAPEL ROBERT ARBUTHNOT. Born 27 November 1868. Died January 1870.


(ARCHIBALD) ERNEST ARBUTHNOT of Westfield Meadow, Hayling Island. Born 5 January 1841. Died 11 May 1923. Major, 8th Madras Light Cavalry. Married in Madras, 14 November 1872, ANNE ("Annie") ELIZABETH BALL (died 13 May 1922, buried Brompton Cemetery), daughter of William Walker Ball of Cape Town and widow of Surgeon-Major Alexander Russell Atkinson, MD of the Bengal Army.


EDITH (EDITHA) GERTRUDE ARBUTHNOT. Born Bellare(?), India 17 September 1873. Died 18 November 1964. Married, 30 July 1903, BASIL STEPHENSON (died 18 March 1950 aged 75), ygst son of Thomas Stanley Stephenson and had issue including.




AWA GERTRUDE STEPHENSON.  [b. 1905 d. 1968]  Married 30 July 1930 Hector George Southcombe [b. 1907 d. 1995].


DAVID BERNARD SOUTHCOMBE.  Born Eastlands Furlong, Milborne Port, Somerset 15 May 1931. m Margaret Christie Riley [b. Sep 5. 1926]  m 14/12/1957

AMANDA  Margaret SOUTHCOMBE . Born at Eastlands Furlong. Milborne Port 12 March 1959.  Married  27 October 2003 David Clare  [b. May 25. 1946] 

Deborah Awa Southcombe [b. Eastlands Furlong, Milborne Park 13 December. 1961] married Marc Hallows born 15 March/1963

George Hallows. Born 23 October 1990.

Alice Hallows.  Born 31 December 1991, a twin.

Katy Hallows.   Born 31 December 1991, a twin.

Robert Basil Southcombe.  [b. April 21  1933] Married first Cynthia Bloom (dvu)  Married second Pamela _____.     No issue

ALEXANDER ("Sandy") George SOUTHCOMBE.  Born May 1936 m Elizabeth Young Gibson [b. May 1937]

Anne Catherine Southcombe [b. Apr 1962] Married first: Robin Hyatt [b. Aug 1954,  d 2012]

Helena Hyatt [b. Apr 1984]

Anne married second: Nasser Benfedda [b. Jul 1962]

Farah Benfedda [b. Jan 1994]          

Lilia Benfedda [b. Mar 1995]

Yassine Benfedda [b. Apr 1996]

Adam Benfedda [b. Jun 1997]

Maria Benfedda [b. Jun 1999]

John Hector William Southcombe [b. May 1964] m Helen Petersen [b. Sep 1965]

Charlotte Lucy Southcombe [b. Jun 1993]

Harriet Southcombe [b. 1995]

MARGARET ("MARGIE") Edith SOUTHCOMBE.  b. Aug 1945 married Brian Jones [b. 1943]

Christina ("Chris") Jones. Born 1981. Married Stuart Burke (born September 1979)

Finlay Burke. Born August 2009.

Reuben Burke. Born July 2011.

Robert Southcombe Jones. Born 1985.


ARCHIBALD ("ARCHIE") HUGH ARBUTHNOT. Born 7 December 1875. Died 3 January 1957. Lt-Colonel, 7th Ghurka Rifles, Indian Army; commanded Field Force Persian Frontier 1913-14, Naga Hills 1916, received thanks of Govts of India, E Bengal and Assam, 3rd Afghan War 1919, invalided from Zhob Valley Field Force 1922. Of Turner's Hill, Sussex. Married first in Bengal, 25 February 1900, GERTRUDE ALICE GREEN (died 11 November 1918), eldest daughter of Rev Frederick Charles Green, Vicar of Denmead, Hampshire.


ARCHIBALD HUGH GOUGH ARBUTHNOT. Born 12 November 1900. Died 2 January 1959. Lt-Cmdr, RN. Served WW I and II. Married first, 2 July 1935, MOLLY IRENE FRANCES WEEKS (born 1908; died 2001), daughter of Arthur William Weeks. She was the wardrobe mistress and/or wardrobe supervisor and/or costume designer in several films made by Hammer Productions & others, including "There is another sun" (1951), "Never Look Back" (1952), "Blood Orange" (1953), "Face the Music" (1953), "Murder by Proxy" (1953), "36 Hours" (1954), "Break in the Circle" (1954), "The Lyons in Paris" (1954), "Third Party Risk" (1954), "Mask of Dust" (1954), "The Quatermass Experiment" (1955), "Blonde Bait" (1956), "Women without Men" (1956), "X The Unknown" (1956), "Danger List" (1957), "The Camp on Blood Island" (1957), "The Curse of Frankenstein" (1957), "The Steel Bayonet" (1957), "The Abominable Snowman" (1957), "Further up the Creek" (1958), "The Snorkel" (1958), "Dracula" (1958), "The Mummy" (1959), "Yesterday's Enemy" (1959), "The Stranglers of Bombay" (1959), "The hound of the Baskervilles" (1959), "Ten Seconds to Hell" (1959), "The Man who could cheat Death" (1959), "The Brides of Dracula" (1960), "The Two Faces of Dr Jekyll" (1960), "The Curse of the Werewolf" (1961), "The Pirates of Blood River" (1961), "Shadow of the Cat" (1961), "The Damned" (1961), "Cash on Demand" (1961), "The terror of the Tongs" (1961), "The Old Dark House" (1962), "Captain Clegg" aka "Night Creatures" (1962), "Jigsaw" (1962), "The Phantom of the Opera" (1962), "The Kiss of the Vampire" (1963), "Maniac" (1963), "Paranoiac" (1964), and "The Witches" (1966). Divorced 1944. Married, second, 18 February 1955, (EMMA) MARY BELL (previously married to Mr MacDonald?; died 26 September 1994), daughter of Rev Gilbert Ambrose Bell, MA of Stowupland, near Stowmarket, Suffolk. She wrote several novels under the pen-name, "Mary Bell". Her address: 4 Jesmond Road, Hove, Sussex.


(VIOLA) JANE ("Janie") ARBUTHNOT. Born 30 October 1957. Died 4 February 2011.  Down's syndrome.


PATRICK CHARLES ARBUTHNOT. Born 26 November 1902. Died 27 March 1988. Educated Haileybury. Major Indian Army Reserve of Officers, WWII (despatches). Tea planter in North Bengal. Married, 15 October 1952, EVELYN MARGARET CRAWFORD (born 29 November 1920; Birmingham Univ (MB.ChB), genealogist who worked for Burmah Castrol), daughter of George Robert Crawford of Leamington and formerly of Cartington, Thropton, Northumberland. Address: Quay Head Cottage, Sampford Peverell, Tiverton, Devon EX16 7BS.


(Patrick Hugh) Alexander ("Sandy") Arbuthnot. Born Hammersmith 28 December 1954. Educated Blundell's and Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge. Married 5 September 1986, Susan ("Sue") Elizabeth Shaw (born 6 March 1959), dau of John Frederick Shaw of Auckland, New Zealand. Address: 11 Chadlington Road, Square, Oxford OX2 6SY  (01865 511 482).

(a) Charles ("Charlie") Alexander Arbuthnot. Born 4 February 1990. Educated St Edwards College Oxford and Kings  College London

(b) Robert Hugh Arbuthnot. Born 14 October 1991. Educated Magdalen College School. and University College London

(c) Roseanna ("Rosie") Louise Arbuthnot. Born 30 August 1997.  Educated Headington School, Oxford


Colin Hugh David Arbuthnot. Born 7 September 1957. Educated Blundell's, University of Wisconsin (MA, MS), and Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, PhD Cantab. Engineer working for the offshore oil industry. Married 29 May 2010 Li He of Beijing.  Address: 99B/9 St Stephens St, Edinburgh EH3 5HB

iii. Ernest Douglas Arbuthnot. Born 15 September 1905. Died Norwich 9 June 1984. Educated Blundell's and Balliol Coll., Oxford (23-27). OU Boxing (Captain). Political officer, Abyssinian Fronter during WW II. Sudan Political Service 1927-. Married, 15 April 1939, (Eveline) Mary Morgan (born ?.?.19??, died 17 October 2004), daughter of Harold Morgan of Worksop, Notts.. She married second 1990  (William George) Ranald Mundell Laurie, father of Hugh Laurie. Address: 10 Vicar Street, Wymondham, Norfolk (formerly of: Downham Grove, 3 Norwich Common, Wymondham).

1. Dr ANN FAITH ARBUTHNOT, JP, BA, MB, BS.  Born 8 December 1941. Died 19 August 2006. Married, ?.?.1966, RAYMOND BARKER (born ?.?.19??). Address: 77 Dacre Park, Blackheath, London SE13 5BX.


KATE ABIGAIL BARKER. Born 17 April 1973.


LUCY GRACE BARKER. Born 30 April 1975. Married 1 May 2004 Richard _____.


ANTONY HUGH GOUGH ARBUTHNOT. Born 5 October 1948. Educated Blundell's. Solicitor. Married, 10 August 1974, FRANCES HELEN WILLIAMSON (born 17 September 1950), daughter of Sqdn-Ldr Frank Wyatt Williamson of Garveston, Norfolk. Address: c/o Messrs Arbuthnot & Co, 92 Church Plane, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk NR30 1NE also Hilton House, Runham, Gt Yarmouth, Norfolk (01493 368 274).


EMILY KATE ARBUTHNOT. Born Gt Yarmouth 29 September 1977.

(b) RUPERT ARBUTHNOT. Born Gt Yarmouth 14 November 1981.


ROBIN DOUGLAS ARBUTHNOT. Born 17 October 1951. Educated Blundell's. Married, 1979, (ELIZABETH) ANNE THOMSETT, née PALMER, dau of F.C.Palmer of Yarmouth, Norfolk. Address: Cockles Farm, Morley St Botolph, Wymondham, Norfolk, NR 18 9TW (01958 603 228).

(a) KITTY ANNE ARBUTHNOT. Born 16 May 1980. Address: 4 Stonemason Court, 63 Borough Road, London SE1 1DZ

(b) AMY ELIZABETH ARBUTHNOT. Born 23 May 1984.


SHEILA GERTRUDE TOLLEMACHE ARBUTHNOT. Born India 1917. Served as a subaltern with the ATS during World War II. Married, 9 April 1942, Major ROY DUNLOP, MBE of the Derbyshire Yeomanry (died 1991), son of Robert Dunlop, solicitor of Falkland Mnsns, Glasgow. Address: Meadow Cottage, Aldingbourne, nr Chichester, Sussex.


CAROLINE JANE DUNLOP. Born 11 October 1944. Married, 1973, JAMES LAWRENCE MONRO, MB, BS, FRCS Address: Rolle House, East Tytherley, nr Salisbury, Wilts, formerly of: White Cottage, Church Lane, Awbridge, Romsey, Hampshire.




(c) ANDREW JAMES MONRO. Born 1981.

2. ROBERT ANDREW DUNLOP. Born 19 March 1948. Educated Tonbridge. Married, 1985, Catherine Jennifer Ewart. Address: Alding Farm, Aldingbourne, W Sussex.





ELSPETH MARILYN DUNLOP, MB, BS, DA, DRCOG. Born 19 October 1951. Address: 44 Tivoli Place, Cheltenham, Glocs, previously of: Meadow Cottage, Aldingbourne, Chichester.

Lt-Colonel Archibald Hugh Arbuthnot married second, 2 February 1920, MARJORY BEECH (born 3 October 1891; died 13 September 1975), daughter of Rev Howard Beech, MA, formerly Rector of Barlavington and Burton-with-Coates, Sussex. She lived at Jasmine Cottage, Park Drive, Felpham, Sussex.


FAITH ("FAY") DEBORAH ETRENNE ARBUTHNOT. Born 1 January 1921. Died 15 March 2009. Served as a subaltern with the ATS during World War II. Married, 14 June 1948, (EDMUND O'DONNEL) COLLEY GRATTAN, FRCS, late of Colonial Med. Service, Kenya (born 2 February 1910; died 1985), son of Colley Edmund George Hume Grattan of Tyrconnel Lodge, Canford Cliffs, Dorset. Address: Quoins, Pound Place, Petworth, W Sussex GU28 0DZ  Rooks Orchard, Little Wittenham, Abingdon, Oxfordshire.


HOWARD COLLEY ARNOUT HUGH GRATTAN. Born 13 May 1949. Educated Wellington.


SARAH FAITH MADALYN GRATTAN. Born 18 August 1950. Married, 1981, IAN CHARLES MACKIE, ARICS. Address: Beggearn Huish Manor, Beggern Huish, Somerset TA23 0LZ.


(b) NEIL EDMUND MACKIE. Born 1986.

(c) EWAN JAMES STEWART MACKIE. Born 1988. Died 1988.


3. Clive Edmund Hume Grattan. Born 22 July 1953. Educated Wellington & King's Coll., Cambs (MRCP).  Married, 1980, Diana Mary Prowse, dau of Lt-Cmdr William John Prowse, RN. Address: Downham Lodge Farmhouse, Barnham Broom Road, Wymondham, Norfolk NR18 0RS.

(a) Amanda Mary Winifred Grattan. Born 1983.

(b) Harriet ("Harry") Lucy Grattan. Born 20 April 1988.

(c) Abigail ("Abby") Frances Grattan. Born 1991.

(d) Claudia Erenne Grattan. Born 1994.

4. Clare Winifred Melissa Grattan. Born 7 August 1956. Married 1999 Klaus Horst Springer, son of Karl Springer.  Address: 7 Cleaverfield Mews, Launceston, Cornwall PL15 8DD.

(a) Adam Karl Springer. Born 26 March 2001.


ERNEST KENNAWAY ARBUTHNOT, DSO. Born 3 September 1876. Died 12 June 1945. Captain, RN (despatches four times). Chief Constable, Oxfordshire County Constabulary, 1922 - 1943. Royal Humane Society's bronze medal and Order St Maurice and St  Lazarus of Italy. Married first, 1 June 1910, EDITH ELIZABETH GREENE (died 11 September 1917), an actress known as Evie Greene (star of "Florodora", a smash hit musical comedy which opened at the Lyric 11th November 1899, and of other Edwardian musical comedies), daughter of Richard Bentley Greene, formerly of Parnholt, Laburnum Grove, Portsmouth. Married second, 15 January 1920, GLADYS MANN (born 22 November 1900; died 10 May 1946), daughter of William Butland Mann of Downe, Broadhampton, South Devon.



JOHN ("JAKE") KEITH ARBUTHNOT, OBE. Born 15 August 1927. Died 25 June 1998. Served in the Fleet Air Arm during World War II, and in Korea (1951 and 1954), OBE (Mil) 1967. Lt-Cmdr, RN (Ret'd). Chief exec Malta-Gozo Air Services (Retd 1992). Later went into partnership at Columbus Worldwide Travel. Married, 2 July 1949, SUSAN ("Sue")  PHILIPPA LETTS (born 2 March 1929), only daughter of Kenneth Petrie Letts of Tickerage Mill, Blackboys, Sussex and of Mrs John Stephen Giles Eyre. Address: 11 Ivry Street, Ipswich, Suffolk IP1 3QP (0473 255 328).


Richard Keith Arbuthnot. Born 1 October 1950. Educated Earnley, Chichester. Trained at Claridge's Hotel. Later did tour guides with Michelin, later a management consultant working in Dubai, UAE and is now a recruitment consultant in South Africa. Married first in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, 14 January 1978, Jacqeline Hazel White, daughter of George William White, electrical engineer. Divorced 1980. Married second, 4 August 1984, Anne L. Pitman (divorced 1991), eldest daughter of W. Pitman, veterinary surgeon of Stony Stratford, Buckinghamshire. Married third, 27 June 1997, Samaita Sharma. Divorced 1999. Married fourth Lizelle ____. Address: 40 Milkwood Village, High Street, Port Alfred, Eastern Cape, South Africa.


Sally Anne Arbuthnot. Born 19 March 1954. Educated Lewiston Manor School and Tal-Handaq College, Malta (a school for the children of serving officers). Now working for the IT Training department of the NHS, Ipswich. Married first, 18 July 1972, Richard Dumbrell-Howie (born 30 May 1948). Divorced 1978. She married second in Kingston, 17 September 1983, Brian Bovey (born 22 November 1929; died 4 April 1994). Address: Flat 2, 30 Park Road, Ipswich, Suffolk IP1 3SU.


Charles Petrie Arbuthnot. Born Gosport 25 November 1959. Educated Tal-Handaq College, Malta. Married, 31 August 1991, Penelope ("Penny") Jane Dickinson (born 16 September 1964), only daughter of J F J Dickinson of Kirby-le-Stoken, Essex. They are directors of a PR and marketing business "Project PR & Marketing Ltd.". Address: Reed Hall, Holbrook, Ipswich, Suffolk IP9 2QR, Tel: 01473 328327.

(a) Emily Jane Arbuthnot. Born 6 March 1997.

(b) Rose Philippa Arbuthnot. Born 3 January 1999.


(Philippa) Jane Arbuthnot. Born 8 October 1961. Killed on duty by the IRA, Harrods, London 17 December 1983. Educated Tal-Handaq College. A Woman Police Constable at Chelsea Police Station.


Peter Kennaway Arbuthnot. Born 21 September 1930. Served in Korea 1952; Lt, RN (Ret'd); Korea 1952. He flew Fairey Firefly aircraft when with Fleet Air Arm. Married, 11 May 1957, Mia Nevile (born 31 May 1935), eldest daughter of Major Percy Montagu Nevile of Skelbrooke, Yorkshire (born 28 February 1904; died 10 July 1957). Address: Winstons, 1 Fieldgate Close, Monksgate, Horsham, Suzzex RH13 6RS formerly of Oak Hammer, Hammerpond Road, Plummers Plain, Horsham, Sussex.


MATTHEW KENNAWAY ARBUTHNOT. Born North Surrey 18 August 1959. Served with the King's Troop, Royal Horse Artillery (ret'd). A Captain, flying DC10s for JMC. Married, 1988, LYNN FITTS, an American. Divorced 1995.
Matthew married second, January 1998, GLYNIS BAINES, 3rd dau of Derek William Baines of Milcombe, Oxon. Address 17 Dutchells Copse, Horsham, Sussex RH12 5PD

(a) GEORGE KENNAWAY ARBUTHNOT. Born 8 August 1998.

(b) WILLIAM JAKE ARBUTHNOT.  Born 19 September 2000.


KATHERINE JANE ARBUTHNOT. Born 14 October 1964. Adopted. Married first, 1987, KEITH ROBERT HOWE of 12 Rushwood Close, Haywards Heath, W Sussex, yst son of F.J.Howe of Newcastle- upon- Tyne. Divorced 1991.
Katherine married second, 1998, RICHARD WILLIAM HUDDLESTONE, eldest son of William John Huddlestone. Address: 24 Robin Close, Southwater, Horsham, W Sussex RH13 7TE.

(a) DANIEL PETER HUDDLESTONE. Born 4 January 1999.


3. EMMA MARY ARBUTHNOT. Born 1 July 1966. Adopted. Married, 26 September 1992, NIGEL STUART DENT of Beeding, son of C R Dent of Steyning. Address: 25 Monks Walk, Beeding, Steyning, W Sussex.

(a) CASSANDRA MIA ARBUTHNOT. Born 20 June 1994 (or 14 June 1995).


WILLIAM PATRICK ARBUTHNOT. Born 28 April 1878. Died 12 August 1949. Colonel RM WW I with 4th Cruiser Sqdn and 1st Battle Sqdn, Instr in Naval gunnery. Married, 30 June 1904, OLIVE WALKER (born c.1876; died 5 April 1957), only daughter of the Hon William Gregory Walker, sometime a Puisne Judge of the Supreme Court, New South Wales.


OLIVE JOAN ARBUTHNOT. Born Medway 2 April 1905. Died 27 May 1979. Married, 28 July 1926, Lt-Colonel CHARLES WALTER ADAIR, RM, elder son of Vice Admiral Charles Henry Adair. Address: Maen House, Burton Bradstock, Dorset.


ANTHEA ARBUTHNOT ADAIR. Born 28 August 1928. Married, 11 October 1959, Rev JOHN ECHLIN D'AETH, ygr son of Walter Lionel D'Aeth of British Columbia. Address: 41 Royal Hospital School, Ipswich, Suffolk, formerly of: Corner Wells House, Butleigh, Glastonbury, Somerset.


JACK THEODORE D'AETH. Born 4 September 1959.


SYBIL MARY D'AETH. Born 8 December 1961.


ARBUTHNOT JAMES ADAIR. Born 11 June 1931. Educated Trinity College, Glenalmond. Major, RA Army Air Corps (Ret'd). Married, 10 January 1959, GILLIAN MARJORIE METTAM of Farnborough, Hampshire (born ?.?.19??), only daughter of Herbert Mettam of the White House, Pirbrightt Road, farnborough, Hants. Address: The Post Office, 27 Victoria Road, Barnetby, South Humberside.




WILLIAM HENRY ADAIR. Born 28 December 1961.


PATRICK CHARLES HUGH ADAIR. Born 6 June 1942. Educ Nautical Coll., Pangbourne. Married, 1968, GLORIA ROSALIND OGSTON of Solihull, Warwickshire (born ?.?.19??). Address: 106 Moody Road, Stubbington, Fareham, Hampshire.






PATRICIA GWYN ARBUTHNOT. Born 27 March 1906. Married, 17 September 1931, HENRY BARTLE JARY FRERE (born 16 March 1902; died ?.?.1977), only son of Sir Bartle Henry Temple Frere, Kt, of Mangreen Hall, Norwich, Norfolk. Address: Hill House, Caudell Springs, Carbrook, Thetford, Norfolk.


BARTLE HENRY ARBUTHNOT FRERE. Born 27 November 1937. Died 1 July 1941.


(HENRIETTA) JULIA ARBUTHNOT FRERE. Born 22 May 1942. Address: Halfway House, Scoulton, near Norwich, Norfolk and Broad Farm, South Walsham.


ROBERT GEORGE ARBUTHNOT, MA. Born Madras, India 20 May 1843. Dvu 19 March 1890. Buried Dean 2e, Edinburgh. Educated Eton. Barrister-at-law. Married at St Mary's Cathedral, Edinburgh, 22 December 1885, (HELEN) MARY MUIR (born India? 8 October 1862; died 20 June 1926, buried Dean 2e , Edinburgh), daughter of Sir William Muir, KCSI of Dean Park House, Edinburgh, Principal of Edinburgh University and Elizabeth Huntly Muir, née Wemyss.


JEAN ("BLESSING"/ "Marjie") MARJORIE ARBUTHNOT. Born 27 November 1886. Died 1964. Married, 3 June 1913, Major ARTHUR FREDERICK DUDGEON, OBE (died 12 August 1959), son of Ellis Frederick Dudgeon and Emily Augusta, née Henley.


Emily Mary Arbuthnot Dudgeon. Born 25 March 1914. Died in Kenya after a motor accident 24 November 1978.


Elizabeth ("Bizzy") Arbuthnot Dudgeon. Born 4 April 1915, a twin. Died 15 December 2002. Married, 19 November 1936, Gregor James Grant, MC, KAR (born 11 April 1902, died 13 June 1998), ygst son of John Peter Grant, 13th of Rothiemurchus (See I.2 & 3 on Table L).  Address: The Old Manse, Rosemarkie, Rossshire IV10 8UD.


James Macalpine Gregor Grant, TD. Born 18 February 1938. Educated Eton & Royal Agric College Cirencester.   Major. Member of the Royal Co of Archers. Married, 29 July 1967, Sara Marjory Mackenzie, ygr dau of Brig William Alexander Mackenzie, DSO of Gairloch. Address: Roskill House, Munlochy, Rossshire IV8 8PA.

(a) Annabel Elizabeth Grant. Born 24 July 1968. Educ Gordonstoun, Durham & South Bank Univs (BA and MSC). Married 29 April 2000 Rev Ulric James Gerry. Address: 3 Trinity Rd, Ware, Herts

(b) Clare Marjory Grant. Born 16 September 1970. Educ Gordonstoun, St Leonards and Durham Univ (BA). Married, 23 September 1995, Rupert Lumsden, Yr of Banchory.  Address: Amwell House, Banchory-Devenick, Aberdeen AB12 5XP.

(1) Anastasia Poppy Lumsden. Born 1 July 1996.

(2) Georgiana Zinnia Lumsden. Born 11 February 1998.

(c) Lucy Sara Grant. Born 21 December 1975. Educ Gordonstoun, and Durham Univ (BSc). Married 1 December 2001 Stephen Robert Birch. Address: Flat 3/1, 18 Barrington Drive, Glasgow G4 9DT.


Elspeth Jean Grant. Born 25 January 1940. Educ Edinburgh Univ (MA). Married, 24 July 1964, William Galloway Miller Ritchie, only son of Dr William Miller Ritchie of Bonhill, Bishopton Road, Stockton-on-Tees. They emigrated to USA 1975. Address: 226 South Morris Street, PO Box 85, Oxford, Maryland 21654; 241 Pine Street, Philadelphia Pennsylvania 19106.

(a) Dr Nicholas William Miller Ritchie. Born 10 April 1966. Educated Trinity College, Hartford, CT (BS, Mathematics & Physics);  Rice University, Houston, TX (PhD, Physics). Married 7 May 1994 Dr Mary Ellen Lyons. Address: 7000 Edgerton Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15208

(1) Cordelia Elizabeth Miller Ritchie. Born Pittsburgh 29 August 2003.

(b) Hermione Elizabeth Ritchie. Born 5 May 1968. Married 12 June 1993 William Charles Gluck.

(1) Allison Elizabeth Gluck. Born 5 August 1996.

(2) Hannah Catherine Gluck. Born 26 April 1998.

(3) Caroline Anne Gluck. Born 14 December 2002.


Dr Victoria Mary Grant. Born 1 August 1941. Educ Edinburgh (MSAOT) and Middlesex Hospital. Plays the violin. Married 28 October 1978 Lt-Col Ivan Lynch, son of Peter William Lynch of Twyfors, Winchester.  Address: 13 Devonshire Gdns, Grove Park, Chiswick, London W4 3TN.

(b) Robert Charles Ivan Lynch. Born 7 July 1983.  Educated Eton College.

(a) Catriona Stephanie Lynch. Born 14 February 1980.  Doctor.  Educared Queen Anne's Caversham. Married to a doctor and has three children.


Fiona Marjorie Grant. Born 24 April 1943. Married, 26 February 1968, Frederick George Blackwood (born ?.?.19??), son of George Blackwood and Nina, née Dudgeon (sister of Major Arthur Frederick Dudgeon, see DD.a. above). Address: PO Box 16526, Nairobi and Tufters, Taunton, Somerset TA4 3DR

(a) Arthur  Frederick Blackwood. Born 9 October 1968. Educated Bradfield and Oxford Brookes University (BSc). Married 3 August 2002 Caroline Brenda Rates, daughter of David Rates.

(b) Georgina Elizabeth Blackwood. Born 21 March 1971. Educated Ellesmere Coll., Leicester (BA).

(c) Alice Roberta Blackwood.   Born 22 April 1974. Educated Oxford Brookes University (BSc). Married 15 December 2001 Simon Edward Cunningham son of John Cunningham of Harare, Zimbabwe. Address: 120/9 Palm Springs, Mahidol Rd, Chiangmai, Thailand.


Andrew Arthur Gregor Grant. Born 9 January 1948. Educated Eton and Trinity College, Oxford. Married 18 June 1977 Clare Phillimore, dau of Capt Robert Fortescue Phillimore. Address: Hillcrest House, Flecknoe, nr Rugby, CV23 8AU

(a) Angus Robert Gregor Grant. Born 4 January 1979.

(b) Hannah Rose Grant. Born 2 April 1981.

(c) Alexander Peter William Grant. Born 22 April 1985.


Julia Emily Grant. Born 10 July 1950. Married, 27 April 1979, Alan Bell. Address: Foresters House, Humbly Grove, South Warnborough, Hook, Hants RG29 1RY.

(a) Rachel Sarah Bell. Born 13 April 1981.

(b) Anthony Peter Bell. Born 21 April 1983.

(c) Sarah Elizabeth Bell. Born 4 June 1986.


Hamish Duncan Gregor Grant. Born 13 June 1958. Educ Eton and Wye College. Married 16 December 1989 Vanessa Rose Kingsford (died 13 July 1997). Address: Gogar, PO Box 6, Rongai, Kenya.

(a) Alexander Gregor David Grant. Born 29 December 1994.

(b) Seiya Vanessa Grant. Born 13 July 1997.


Jean Arbuthnot Dudgeon. Born 4 April 1915, a twin. Married, 20 November 1937, Power Maurice Anderson (died 1992) of Grassymead, Botley, Southampton SO3 2BR. Address:: The Old Manse, Rosemarkie, Rossshire IV10 8UD.


Rev Jeremy Dudgeon Anderson. Born 29 April 1941. Educated Charterhouse and Edinburgh Univ (BSc Eng). Married, 15 June 1968, Jill Ellis. Address: The Croft, Church Road, Crowborough, East Sussex TN6 1ED.

(a) Kathleen Fleur Anderson. Born 6 February 1971. Married March 1997 Fergus Patrick Brendan Conmee.

(1) Cassie Charlotte Conmee. Born 1 May 1998.

(2) Ellen Fleur Conmee. Born 16 May 2000.

(3) Rory Ellis Brendan Conmee. Born 31 May 2002.

(b) William Maurice Anderson. Born 27 February 1973.


Keith Maurice Anderson. Born 25 March 1943. Educated Charterhouse and Churchill Coll., Cambridge. Married 1 September 1981 Jane Elizabeth James. Address: 28 Bwlch Road, Loughor, Swansea SA4 6TA.

(a) Ian Glyn Anderson. Born 20 December 1982.

(b) Elizabeth Sian Anderson. Born 13 September 1984.


Priscilla Jean Anderson. Born 4 March 1947. Married 18 May 1972 Dottor Alberto Fontanelli, son of Aniceto Fontanelli of San Vicenzo, Italy. Address: via Boito 1/B, Firenze 50144 Italy.

(a) Adriano Maurice Fontanelli. Born 2 May 1975.

(b) Olivia Emily Fontanelli. Born 24 August 1979.


Dr Alastair Maurice Anderson. Born 7 August 1950, a twin. Educated Charterhouse. Married 4 May 1992 Rachel Elizabeth Ridgeon.

(a) Peter Alastair Ridgeon Anderson. Born 11 May 1994.

(b) Hugh David Maurice Anderson. Born 10 September 1997.


Colin Dudgeon Anderson, PhD. Born 7 August 1950, a twin. Educated Charterhouse. Married 1 October 1997 (Pamela) Irene Fairley.

(a) Christopher James Anderson. Born 2 January 1979.

(b) Euan Alasdair Anderson. Born 1 April 1986.

(c) Lauren Elizabeth Anderson.   Born 17 July 1980.

(d) Megan Johanna Anderson. Born 27 May 1989.


John Arbuthnot Dudgeon. Born 6 November 1919. Died 1975. Educated Winchester.  Lived at: Gogar Mount, Corstorphine, Edinburgh 12.


Robert ("Robby") Wemyss Muir Arbuthnot, MC, CdeG. Born 25 July 1889, a twin. Died 10 January 1962. Educated Eton and Trinity College, Cambridge (BA). He stroked the Eton VIII and rowed at bow in the 1909 boat race (which Oxford won). Captain, RFA (SR). Partner Arbuthnot Latham & Co 1921-60. Had Parkinson's..Married, 3 July 1915, Mary ("Molly") Coghill (died 1986), eldest daughter of Norman Coghill of Almington Hall, Market Drayton.


(Mary) Juliet Gough Arbuthnot. Born Kt. Drayton 2 April 1917. Died 28 August 2000. Married, 23 September 1939, Lt-Colonel Guy Marsden Halsey, TD (born 15 November 1908; dvu 28 October 1990), 2nd son of Rev Frederick Halsey and Audrey Katherine, née Marsden. Address: Whitehouse Farm, Gaddesden Row, near Hemel Hemstead, Hertfordshire HP2 6HG.


Nicholas Guy Halsey, TD, DL. Born 14 June 1948. Educated Eton and RAC, Cirencester; Major RGJ (V); FRICS; High Sherriff, Herts 1995. Married, 7 August 1976, Viola Georgina Juliet Thorne (born ?.?. 19??), dau of Major George Thorne, MC, DL, ERD. Address: The Golden Parsonage, Gaddesden Row, near Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, HP2 6HG. Tel: 01582842 172


Guy Francis Johnston Halsey. Born 1981.


Robert ("Robin") Frederick Halsey. Born 13 February 1950. Educated Eton and RAC, Cirencester (FCA). Married, ?.?.1976, Elizabeth Virginia Holman, dau of John Holman.

(a) Daniel John Halsey. Born 1978.

(b) Samuel Treve Halsey. Born 1983.


Elizabeth ("Betsy") Christian Arbuthnot. Born 4 December 1918. Died 10 April 1982. Worked at Bletchley Park. Married, 7 October 1943, Sqdn- Ldr Frank Ernest Cameron, RAFVR (born 20 July 1936; died ?.?.1978), son of Ernest Henry Cameron Cox of 20 Belvedere Court, London SW15.


Oliver Robert Frank Cox. Born 16 September 1945. Died 2001. Educated Eton. Worked with Arbuthnot Latham Holdings Ltd. Married, ?.?.19??, Victoria ("Vicky") E _____, a divorcee who married 3rd Mr Welsh. He has Parkinson's and a neurostimulator. Address: Chiswick.


Alexander Francis Cox. Born 24 June 1980.


Dr Antonia Cox. Born ?.?.1981. Married a doctor and has two children.


Christopher ("Cri") Peter Cox. Born 27 November 1946. Educated Eton. Married, ?.?.1969, Sylvie Escande (born ?.?.19??), daughter of Jean Escande of Brive-La-Gaillarde, France. She uses her maiden name, is a graduate of the Sorbonne and Harvard Graduate School of Education and lives in New Orleans, Louisiana. Divorced.


Gregory Pierre Cox, CFRE. Born 29 May 1970  He is Vice President of Development for Pacific Symphony in Orange County, California. Address: Laguna Beach,  California, USA.



Ludovic Cox. Born 9 February 1973. Committed suicide 24 June 1994.

Cri married second Sophie Garnier. Divorced. Married third 2001 Dr. Julie Garnier, a wildlife veterinarian and Conservation Fellow at the Zoological Society of London .


Sebastien Henri Cameron Cox. Born 6 September 2004.


Virginia ("Ginny") Frances Elizabeth Cox. Born 20 May 1949.  Lives at 9 Cricket Pastures, Burnham Deepdale, King's Lynn PE31 8DQ.


Rev Andrew ("Andy") Robert Coghill Arbuthnot. Born 14 January 1926. Died 11 December 2010. Educated Eton. European War, Captain Scots Guards (wounded). Chairman Arbuthnot Latham Holdings Ltd 1974-81 (director 1953-82), Dir., Sun Alliance & London Insurance Ltd 1970-91. Ordained 1975. Author: Christian Prayer and Healing, All you need is more and more of Jesus. Had Parkinson's.  Married, 9 August 1952, Mrs Audrey Eileen Dutton-Barker, daughter of Denys Billinghurst Johnson, MC of Midhurst, Sussex. Address: Greenacre, Bell Lane, Lower Broadheath, Worcester WR2 6RR.


Caroline Rose Arbuthnot. Born 16 April 1954. Married, 19 November 1977, Paul J Francis Clusker. Both are accupuncturists. Divorced 1988. Address: 382 Litchfield Road, Four Oaks, Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham.


Rowan Clusker. Born 7 June 1978. Married 1998 Nanni Elina Olsson.


Chad Clusker, Born 2000.

(2) Saffron Clusker. Born 2003.

(3) Nisha Clusker. Born 2006.


Jade Clusker. Born 29 August 1980. Married Worcester December 1997 Besnik Kalemi..

(1) Daniella Kalemi. Born Worcester May 1999.

(2) Rakela Kalemi. Born Worcester January 2001.

(3) Kristina Kalemi. Born 2006.

(c) Sasha Clusker. Born 1984.

Caroline married second, Kidderminster August 1988, Andrew P Geuter.

(d) Christian Hugh Laurence Geuter. Born Kidderminster 28 July 1986. Engaged to Hannah-Ellen Zara Legge.

(e) Samuel Andrew Samuel Geuter. Born Bromsgrove 12 August 1990.


Charles ("Charlie") Robert Denys Arbuthnot (email). Born Westminster 12 June 1956. Educated Eton and Cambridge Univ (MA, rowed in "Goldie" crew). Works for Charlie Arbuthnot & Family. Married, 10 August 1985, Jennifer ("Jenny") Rosemary Arden-White (born 23 May 1958), dau of C Tom Arden-White and Rosemary of Wormley, Surrey. Address: 17 Frewin Rd, London SW18 3LR.

(a) Kezia Louise Arbuthnot. Born 17 February 1987.

(b) Johanna Rachel Arbuthnot. Born 20 July 1989.

(c) Alexander ("Alex ") Barnabus David Arbuthnot. Born 13 February 1993.


Elizabeth ("Auntie") Gertrude Gough Arbuthnot. Born 25 July 1889, a twin. Died unmarried 11 November 1976.


FRANCES ARBUTHNOT. Born c.1845. Died 23 October 1922. Married, 27 November 1866, the Rt Hon Sir JOHN HENRY KENNAWAY, 3rd Bt, PC, CB, MP (dvu 6 September 1919).


Sir JOHN KENNAWAY, 4th Bt. Born 7 April 1879. Died 3 August 1956. Educated Harrow and Balliol College, Oxford (MA). Barrister-at-law. Married, 6 October 1931, Mary Felicité Ponsonby, younger daughter of Rev Chancellor Stewart Gordon Ponsonby.


Sir JOHN LAWRENCE KENNAWAY, 5th Bt. Born 7 September 1933. Educated Harrow and Trinity College, Cambridge. Married, 29 April 1961, CHRISTINA VERONICA URSZENYI, MB, ChB. Address: Escot, Ottery Street, St Mary, Devon.

1. John Michael Kennaway. born 17 Feb 1962; married 2 Oct 1988 Lucy Frances Bradshaw-Smith

(a) Olivia Ursula Kennaway, Born 17 November 1993

(b) Jessica Imogen Kennaway, Born 31 May 1995

2. Julia Frances Kennaway. born 26 Feb 1965

3. Irma Annabelle Kennaway. Born 6 January 1968


RICHARD NOEL KENNAWAY. Born 17 June 1935. Educated Eton and King's College, Cambridge. Senior lecturer in political science. Address: 19 MacMillan Avenue, Christchurch 2, New Zealand.


MARY JOYCE KENNAWAY. Born 18 August 1940.


GERTRUDE ELLA KENNAWAY. Born 24 May 1874. Died 1 March 1937.


JOYCE CHRISTABEL KENNAWAY. Born 21 December 1876. Died 25 August 1958. Married, 8 August 1901, Sir PHILIP WILBRAHAM BAKER WILBRAHAM, 6th Bt, KBE, JP (born 17 September 1875; died 11 October 1957).


JOYCE KATHARINE BAKER WILBRAHAM, MBE. Born 29 June 1902. Educated Somerville College, Oxford. Address: 2/23 Onslow Square, London SW7.


MARY FRANCES BAKER WILBRAHAM. Born 19 August 1904. Married, 1 April 1937, Professor ELLIOTT PERKINS of Harvard University. Address: 18 Hawthorn Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Sir RANDLE JOHN BAKER WILBRAHAM, 7th Bt, DL, JP. Born 31 March 1906. Educated Harrow and Balliol College, Oxford (BA). Married, 26 February 1930, BETTY TORRENS, elder daughter of MATT TORRENS and has issue. Address: Rode Hall, Scholar Green, Cheshire.


ELISABETH SIBYLLA BAKER WILBRAHAM. Born 1 May 1908. Married, 24 September 1938, Lt-Colonel HUGH MAURICE CARSTAIRS JONES-MORTIMER, DL, JP of the Welsh Guards and has issue. Address: Hartsheath, Mold, Flintshire.


Sir GEORGE GOUGH ARBUTHNOT. Born East Indies 28 August 1847. Dvu 3 May 1929. Educated Eton. Six times member of the Legislative Council of Madras, seven times Chairman Madras Chamber of Commerce, several times President of the board of directors of the Bank of Madras, Fellow of the Madras University, Chairman of the Relief Fund of Madras (1900). Partner of Arbuthnot & Co (1871-1906) and responsible for its spectacular crash as a result of which he was sentenced to 18 months. Married, 9 September 1873, ISABELLA ALBINIA BOYLE (died 25 August 1929), daughter of the Rev Hon Richard Cavendish Boyle and Eleanor Vere, nee Gordon.


ELEANOR MARY ARBUTHNOT. Born Ootacamund 12 September (baptized St Stephen's Church 8 October) 1874. Died Ootacamund 9 August 1875. Buried St Stephen's Church.


CECILIA ALBINIA ARBUTHNOT. Born 30 September 1881. Died 19 March 1956. Married, 10 October 1903, Lt-Colonel the Hon ROBERT LYGON, MVO, MC (born 9 August 1879; dvu 13 January 1952) of the Grenadier Guards, third son of Frederick, 6th Earl of Beauchamp.


Reginald Arthur Lygon. Born 28 July 1904. Educated Eton & New College, Oxford. Deputy Mayor of Chelsea 1959-61. Married, 5 February 1930, Agnes Mary Louise Bell, only daughter of Rev Canon George Fancourt- Bell. Address: 3 Embankment Gardens, London SW3.


Margaret Annora Mary Lygon. Born 19 October 1931. Married, 23 April 1955, (Michael Richard) West de Wend- Fenton (born 2 February 1927, died 6 July 2002). Address: Ebberston Hall, Scarborough, Yorkshire.

(a) Rosalie Marye Margaret de Wend-Fenton. Born 21 June 1957. Married 1981 Carlo Francis Tailleux son of Francis Tailleux.

(1) Tiphaine Eileen Tailleux. Born 1984

(2) Pierre Tancred Tailleux. Born 1988.

(b) Jonathan Lygon West de Wend-Fenton. Born 28 July 1958. Married 1988 Pamela Jane Wood ygr dau of G A Wood.

(1) William Osborne West de Wend-Fenton. Born 1988.

(2) Millicent Alexandra May de Wend-Fenton. Born 1989

(3) Lewis Charles Ross de Wend-Fenton. Born 1992.

(c) Ross Matthew Mark de Wend-Fenton. Born 9 July 1960. Married 1983 Helen Louise Forster elder dau of Rev Charles Clifford Forster.

(1) Charlotte Alice Rose de Wend-Fenton. Born 1988

(2) Amelia Jane de Wend-Fenton. Born 1990

(d) Clarissa Emily de Wend-Fenton. Born 4 September 1962. Married 1986 Patrick Daulby elder son of George Daulby.

(1) Eleanor Clare Daulby. Born 1990


ANNE JULIET LYGON. Born 29 January 1937.


(ELEANOR) BARBARA MURIEL LYGON. Born 1 November 1938. Married, 20 December 1960, WILLIAM JAMES CAVENDISH- BENTINCK (born 1925; died 4 September 1966). Divorced 1965.  Married second Robert Hugh Langrishe  (1936-1982)

(a) Robin Stuart Langrishe;  1967 -

Married third Hugh Curran.


(Probably) FITZGERALD GOUGH ARBUTHNOT. Born 1849. Died q4 1894.

a. Geraldine Arbuthnot. Born c.1870. Died 20 November 1920. Married 16 December 1899 Arthur Edward Harrington Raikes and had issue.


(ANNE) GERTRUDE ("GERTIE") GRACE ARBUTHNOT. Born Scotland c.1845/50. Died unmarried 9 February 1912.


HELEN BAILLIE ARBUTHNOT. Born 20 December 1805. Died 30 March 1807.


William Urquhart Arbuthnot. Born 24 March 1807. Died 11 December 1874. Worked with Arbuthnot & Co. Member of the Council of the Sec of State for India, 1860-74. Lived in Madras and later at Bridgend Place, near Bexley, Kent. Married, 2 June 1834, Eliza Jane Taylor (born India 1 July 1815, bap Secunderabad 18 February 1816, died Bridge End, Kent 18 August 1892), daughter of General Sir Henry George Andrew Taylor, GCB, brother of George Ledwell Taylor (architect). General Sir Henry had other issue including George Noble Taylor (who begat Ann ("Mimi") Arbuthnot Taylor, born 6 November 1849) and Charles Philip Taylor (who begat Charles Arbuthnot Taylor, born 20 February 1856).

AA. William Henry Arbuthnot. Born Madras 1 July 1835. Dsp 4 July 1888. Married St George's, Hanover Square, 10 March 1875, Mary Turner (died 13 June 1877), daughter of Wright Turner.

BB. Elisa ("Lise") Taylor Arbuthnot. Born Edinburgh Chicacole, Madras 7 March 1837.   Died Grosvenor Place, London 21 August 1894. Married Bexley, 27 November 1861, William H Spottiswoode, LLD, DCL of Coombe Bank, Kent (born 4 January 1825, died of typhoid 27 June 1883; buried Westminster Abbey), mathematician, physician and President of the Royal Society.

a. William Hugh Spottiswoode. Born Grosvenor Place, London 12 July 1864. Died 20 August 1915. Married 1893, Sylvia Mary Thomlin (or Tomlin) daughter of J L Thomlin.

i. Betty Strachan Spottiswoode. Born Tite Street, London, 20 April 1894. Died as a result of a motor accident Guildford, Surrey, 12 March 1971. Married, Holy Trinity, Brompton Road, London, 4 January 1919, Gerald Edward Victor Crutchley 1890-1969 Stockbroker, President MCC 1958-1962 only son of Maj. Gen. Sir Charles Crutchley and Lady Sybil Mary Coke (see Leicester genealogy)

1. Edward Crutchley. Born 2 April 1922 (his godmother was HRH Mary, Princess Royal). Died 18 October 1982. Educated Harrow and Oxford. Commissioned Scots Guards served WW2 (wounded). Stockbroker. Middlesex cricketer. Married, 27 July 1947, Betty Marion Holland, daughter of Albert Brendon Holland and Laura Marion Baber Wellacott

(a) Michael Edward Crutchley. Born Guildford 11 May 1952. Educated Harrow. Married 11 June 1994 Edwina Jane Broom (born 31 March 1955), daughter of Wilson Broom and Muriel Glover

(b) Sarah Anne Crutchley. Born Guildford 11 April 1955. Married Guildford 3 October 1992, Neil Gordon Shaw, born 6 April 1959, son of Gerald Shaw and Mrs Joan Shaw

(1) Jennifer Elizabeth Shaw. Born Guildford 26 September 1993

(2) James Michael Gordon Shaw. Born Guildford 8 April 1995

2. Rosalie Sylvia Crutchley.  Born 4 January 1920. Died 28 July 1997. Actress (see film history and obituaries). Married first ______ ______.   Married, second, Peter Ashmore (nee Nodes genealogy), late film director.

(a) Jonathan Felix Ashmore. Born 16 April 1948. Married ______ ______.

(1) Joseph Ashmore.

(2) Lucia Ashmore.

(b) Catharine Ashmore. Born 12 June 1952.

3. Richard Ellis Crutchley. Born 24 March 1924. Jobbing Broker. Educated Dartford Naval College. Royal Navy. Married 19 January 1945 Audrey Bridget Bennett, daughter of Basil Bennett and Mrs Cecily Bennett.

(a) Christopher David Crutchley. Born 13 December 1945. Educated Harrow. Married 17 April 1968, Christine (Tina) Joy Etheridge of Australia

(1) Rachel Crutchley

(2) Garth Crutchley

(b) Dinah Jane Crutchley. Born 1949. Married, 1968, Stephen James Posford.

(1) Simon Posford.

(2) Julia Posford.

(3) George Posford.

ii. Ronald Andrew Spottiswoode. Born 13 August 1899. Died 19??. Married 1923 Iris Farnell Watson.

1. Hugh Ian Spottiswoode. Born 1924.

b. Cyril Andrew Spottiswoode. Born 29 July 1867. Died 7 January 1915. Married 1897 Mildred Hilliard.

CC. Madeline Arbuthnot. Born Bexley 3 December 1856. Bap 1 February 1857. Died unmarried December 1858.

DD. Mary Charlotte Arbuthnot. Born Madras 20 April 1841. Dsp Kensington 2 June 1897. Married Deptford, 5 August 1868, Judge Arthur Brandreth of the Chief Court of the Punjab.

EE. Frederick George Arbuthnot. Born Madras 15 August 1845. Bap Waltair, Madras 25 November 1845. Died unmarried 1 September 1910. Buried Bexley.

FF. Helen (Ellen) Arbuthnot. Born Madras 10 August 1850. Dsp Bexley 14 March 1929. Buried Bexley.

GG. A daughter - Louisa Arbuthnot?. Born Hyde Park 17 March 1852; died 23 March 1852.

HH. Reginald James Hugh Arbuthnot. Born Brighton, Sussex 2 June 1853. Died unmarried 19 September 1917. Buried Bexley. Educated Rugby. Played first class cricket for Kent 1881-90. Coffee broker. Worked with Arbuthnot & Co.

G. (James) Edward Arbuthnot of Bon Air, Mauritius. Born 12 January 1809. Died 29 September 1868. Buried Mauritius. Educated Oxford and rowed in the first boat-race against Cambridge. Owned large sugar plantations. Married in St James Cathedral, Port Louis, Mascarene Island, Mauritius, June 1837, Harriet Frances Staveley (born Mauritius 1822; died 11 March 1910, buried Brompton Cemetery), daughter of General William Staveley, CB.


Mary Rose Arbuthnot. Born 1839. Married first, 1856, Clinton Francis Berens Dawkins (died 24 August 1859), son of Colonel Henry Dawkins. Married second, 23 December 1861, Charles Edmund Banks (1832-1902), Secretary to the Council of Mauritius, son of John Tatum Banks. He was also Steward and Under-Treasurer of Gray's Inn (1867-1894), gambled on horses and was interested in little else. They lived at 11 Gray's Inn Square.


William Staveley Arbuthnot. Born 14 June 1841. Died 1898. Buried Mauritius.


Robert Charles Edward Arbuthnot. Born 22 January 1843. Died 1889.


Anne ("Annie") Arbuthnot. Born ? January 1846. Died 26 January 1937. Married in Mauritius, 21 May 1862, Edward Douglas (born 1831, died 21 June 1867), fourth son of General Sir James Douglas, GCB, KCB.

a. Lt Col Montagu ("Monty") William Douglas, CSI, CIE. Born 1863. Died 1937. Married 1891 Helen Mary Isabelle Downer.

i. Edward Montagu Douglas. Born 1891. Married 1937 Lavinia Rose Wood.

ii. Major Archibald Stair Montagu Douglas, MM. Born 1897. Died 1971. Married 1926 Barbara Assheton Watson.

iii. Helen Elizabeth Douglas. Born 1893. Married 1920 Geoffrey Bernard Douglas-Pulleyne and had issue.


George Ireland Arbuthnot. Born 21 December 1847. Died Bengal 24 March 1900. Married in Bengal, 6 May 1876, (Jeannette) ("Nettie" or "May") Mary Cummings Munro (born Sedland, Kent 1839, died 18 September 1915), daughter of Donald Munro.


Frances Ella Gertrude Arbuthnot. Born Bengal, India 1877. Died unmarried 18 September 1957.


Madeline Winifred Louise Ogilvy Arbuthnot. Born Albert Cottage, Grantown-on-Spey, Moray, Scotland 28 June 1880. Baptised Luchnow, Uttar Pradesh, India 1885. Died Dane House, Hartlip, Sittingbourne, Kent 3 March 1963. Married at St Luke's, Chelsea, 17 April 1912, Colonel Norman Doncaster Noble, DSO (born 2 March 1881; died 23 September 1955), RE, younger son of Colonel Charles Simson Noble of the Indian Army.

i. Norman Eric Dare ("Jock") Noble, MBE. Born Inverleith Terrace, Edinburgh 22 January 1913. Died Chatham, Kent 12 January 1996. Lt Colonel, ACF. Married 6 October 1937 Molly Edith Walker (born Wem, Salop 24 January 1913, died Keats Styles, Hartlip, Sittingbourne, Kent 1 August 1991).

1. Alastair Norman George Noble. Born Hampstead 26 January 1944. Married 28 August 1968 AnaMaria Casanovas Sales (born 1947). Divorced.

(a) Marcos Noble. Born Barcelona 21 September 1971. Has children by his long term partner Yolanda de la Fuente Navarra (born 15 July 1973).

(1) Alan Noble. Born Bonanova, Barcelona 9 January 2005.

(2) Miriam Noble. Born 2006.

(b) Rodrigo Noble. Born Estado de Sao Paolo, Brasil 28 August 1975. Dentist. Married 7 September 2002 Cecilia Maestro Escribano (born 30 July 1978).

(1) Roberto Noble. Born August 2005.

Alastair married second 31 March 2006 Judy Elizabeth Adkins (born South Africa 1954) who was previously married to Mr Poulastrou.

ii. Alastair Urquhart Garstin Noble. Born Cairo, Egypt 29 April 1920. Died Bond Beach Club, Altafulla, Tarragona, Spain 21 March 1974. He had a relationship with Jennifer Gail Struthers (born 1945).


Alister Dare Staveley Arbuthnot. Born India 11 July 1881. Killed in action 8 March 1916. Captain, RE (3rd Sappers and Miners).


Harriet Gertrude Arbuthnot. Born Mauritius 1849. Died unmarried 12 March 1939. Buried with her mother Brompton Cemetery.


Louisa Fitzgerald L'Estrange Arbuthnot. Born Mauritius June 1852. Died unmarried 15 March 1947.


Emily Frederica Arbuthnot. Born Mauritius 27 January 1855. Died 3 February 1929. Married, 13 February 1879, Walter Fox Williamson Wells (died 24 November 1928), late ICS, eldest son of William W_____ Wells. They had issue.


Edward Surtees Arbuthnot. Born Mauritius 29 October 1857. Died 1886.


Charlotte Elizabeth Arbuthnot. Born Mauritius September 1862. Died 7 October 1933. Married, 12 August 1896, Cmdr Frederick George Loring, RN, elder son of Admiral Sir William Loring, KCB. They lived on a sugar plantation called Bagatelle.


Evelyn Frances Loring. Born 2 March 1898. Died 11 November 1979. Married John Joseph Webb LL D, MA, SC (barrister and author on 4 April 1923).


Brian Loring Webb. Born 21 April 1924 a twin. Died. Dentist. Married c.1972 Michelle Jupe (dsp December 1995).


Dr Avril Magdalene Webb. Born 21 April 1924 a twin. Died 10 December 1998. Married in Hong Kong Dr Robert Weeks. Lived in Cardiff.

1. Dr Jennifer Hilary Weeks. Born 14 January 1956. Married Dr Michael Abbott.

(a) James Loring Abbott. Born 30 July 1988.

(b) Timothy Anthony Loring Abbott. Born 17 December 1989.

(c) Nicholas Anthony Loring Abbott. Born 27 June 1993.

2. Robert ("Robin") Loring Weeks. Born 25 May 1957. Married Susan Wade.

(a) Honeysuckle Hero Weeks. Born 1 August 1979. Film, television and stage actress, starring in the series "Foyle's War".

(b) Perdita Annunciata Weeks. Born 25 December 1983.

(c) Rollo Percival Weeks. Born 20 March 1987. Child actor who starred in the film "The Little Vampire".

3. Mark Loring Weeks. Born 18 September 1959. Married Ann Chrighton.

(a) Luke Weeks. Born 8 May 1990.

(b) Sam Weeks. Born 2 July 1992.

(c) Tom Weeks. Born 20 November 1994.

4. Felicity Ann Weeks. Born 30 September 1963. Married Andrew Rochmankowski.

(a) Helena Rochmankowska.

(b) Isabella Rochmankowska.

(c) Susanna Rochmankowska.


Dr Iris Imelda Elizabeth Webb. Born 24 July 1926. Married Dr Wieslaw Tempowski. He was a former member of the Polish Resistance and was briefly imprisoned in Auschwitz.

1. Joanna Halina Tempowska. Born 2 June 1957.  Poisons expert working for WHO in Geneva. Married Roger Sillence.

2. Wieslaw Jan ("John") Tempowski. Born 13 September 1958.

3. Dr Hilary Krystyna Tempowska. Born 3 May 1960. Married Christopher John Farey.

4. Tadeusz Jerzy Loring Tempowski. Born 18 July 1961. Civil engineer. Married Patricia Christine Maskell.

5. Iwona Maria Tempowska. Born 17 September 1962.


Niall Hugh Loring Webb. Born 21 August 1929. Married Johanna Hotz.

1. Valerie Webb. Born 3 August 1959. Married Colin Gabelle.

2. Niall Loring Webb. Born 30 October 1960. Married Pauline O'Riordan.

(a) Elsa Rebecca Webb.

(1) Kaleigh Webb. Born 2004.

(2) Shona-May Webb. Born June 2005.

3. Melanie Webb. Born 17 November 1961.

4. Fergus Loring Webb. Born 21 September 1964 a twin. Married Mary Webb. Divorced.

5. Fiona Ann Webb. Born 21 September 1964 a twin. Married Helmut Sundermann.


Veronica Mary Webb. Born 21 July 1931. Lives in Sydney, Australia.


Dr Hilary Arbuthnot Webb. Born 8 October 1932. Died Shankhill, Dublin 4 July 1993. Married Dr Monica McWheeney. Address: Shankhill, Dublin, Eire.


John Loring Webb. Born June 1936. Married first Phyllis Thornton (born 30 September 1937). Divorced.

1. Christopher Loring Webb. Born 28 March 1963. Married Sheri Margaret Concanen. (born 23 July 1964).

(a) Audrey Penni Webb. Born 16 October 1993.

(b) Elliott Loring Webb. Born 5 August 2001.

2. Erika Therese Webb. Born 1 February 1965.

John Loring Webb married second Jiang ("Ping") Zhan (born China 26 September 1962). John and his family all still live in Perth Western Australia including Phyllis Thornton (known as Phyl Webb.


Iris Loring. Born 21 November 1899. Died Hunter's Hill, NSW 1973. Married Clive Wilvow, artist. No issue. They moved to Sydney, Australia.


Frances Henrietta Arbuthnot. Born Mauritius March 1864. Died unmarried 23 June 1926.


Henry Dundas Arbuthnot. Born 29 September 1811. Died unmarried 1847. The Will of Henry Sunders Arbuthnot of Liverpool, Lancashire 28 July 1847 is online.


Mary Arbuthnot. Born 25 April 1814. Died 5 February 1838.


Elizabeth Helen Arbuthnot. Born 24 September 1819. Died 30 April 1825.


Ann Arbuthnot. Born Edinburgh 18 January 1822. Died Kingsmills 6 January 1900. Married, 1849, Lt-Colonel (Indian Cavalry) Hugh Inglis, JP of Kingsmills, Invernessshire (bap Inverness 1 January 1802; died Inverness 4 July 1888), son of George Inglis of Kingsmill and Helen née Alves (dau of John Alves and Helen née Baillie).


William Arbuthnot Inglis. Born 5 December 1853. Died 20 February 1936.  Qualified as a civil engineer. Joined the Indian Public Works Dept and worked mostly on irrigation projects in Bengal. He rose to be Secretary to the Government of India Public Works Dept, Roads and Buildings. Appointed CSI and mentioned in Who's Who. Married in Strathington, Fife 1884 Ellen Morgan, daughter of Alexander Gibson Morgan & Ellen Russell Landale.


Sir Hugh Arbuthnot Inglis. Born June 1890. Died Nairn 19 July 1948. Educated Fettes 1904-7.  Entered the Indian police 1910. Served as Lt, WWI. Commandant of the Indian Police Training School 1931. Inspector General of the Indian Police 1940. Knighted 1942.


Hugh Inglis. Born 31 December 1855.


Helen Inglis. Born Inverness 11 May 1857.


Gertrude ("Gertie") Inglis.  Born Inverness 15 June 1858.  A trained nurse.


Kathleen Inglis. Born Inverness 18 June 1860.


John Inglis. Born 9 December 1861.


Alice Inglis. Born Inverness 17 January 1864.


Robert Inglis. Born 21 June 1865.


Georgina ("Geordie") Inglis.  Born Inverness 2 December 1867. Is this their child George Inglis who died of scarlet fever aged 14?

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