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George Arbuthnot of Kinghornie. Baptized 15 February 1688. Died China 18 July 1732. For details of his ancestry see A.1.a.II. on Table H. Originally a Captain in Queen Anne's Guard. Entered EICS. A wine-merchant in France. Married Margaret Robinson (died 1729), dau of Thomas Robinson, portrait painter and half sister of Anastasia Robinson, a celebrated public singer.
A. John Arbuthnot, FRS, Senior of Rockfleet, Co Mayo. Born 1728/9. Died Co Mayo 27 December 1797. Will proved 10 October 1799. Inspector General of the Irish Linen Board. Married first, 1753, Sally Margaret Cecil (buried 19 February 1759), daughter of John Cecil of Ravensbury (buried 21 April 1760).
He married second, 1760, Ursula Fitzgerald (buried 12 March 1761).
1. John Arbuthnot, Junior. Born 28 February 1761. Died unmarried in India.
John married third, 19 October 1762, Anne Stone (born 26 September 1739; died Calais 15 November 1782), daughter of Richard Stone Sr, a London Banker with Grasshopper banking house, and niece of Archbishop George Stone (1708-1764) of Armagh, the Primate of Ireland, and Andrew Stone Jr MP for Hastings and under Secretary of state (1702-1761), sons of Andrew Stone Sr (London goldsmith). Anne's siblings were Richard Stone Jr (banker), Andrew Stone (b 17 Feb 1748) and George Stone (diplomat), Frances, Sarah and Mary
2. Anne Arbuthnot. Born Rockfleet Castle 1763. Died 1802. Married in Dublin, 5 August 1784, Richard Holmes (1755-1822) of Prospect, King's County and of  Garyduff, High Sheriff of Co Westmeath 1812,  and had issue.
a. Anne Holmes. Born 1787. Died 1847. Married Rev Cuthbert Fetherston.
b. George Arbuthot Holmes. Born 1788. Died November 1847.
(A) Anne Holmes. Married in Dublin 27 August 1850 Thomas Daly.
c. Jane Holmes. Born 1789. Died March 1843. Married Samuel Lindsey Bucknall.
d. Elizabeth Holmes. Born January 1791. Married 1815 Lt-Colonel Daniel James Hearn, 43rd Reg't.
(A) Catherine Frances Hearn. Married Thomas Elwood.
(B) Surgeon-major Charles Bush Hearn. Married (or not) Rosa Antonia Cassimati.
(1) (Patrick) Lafcadio Hearn. aka Koizumo Yakuma. Born Lefkada, Greece 27 June 1850. Died Tokyo 26 September 1904. Author.
(2) James Daniel Hearn.
(C) Richard Holmes Hearn. Artist of Paris and Dublin who painted General Sir Robert Arbuthnot, KCB (below). A familiar of the Barbizon School.
(D) Jane Hearn. Married Henry Cloclough Stephens, a Dublin barrister.
(1) Henry Francis Stephens. A solicitor. Married Annie Synge, sister of the playwright John Millington Synge.
e. Sarah Holmes. Born 1793. Married Justin Brennan,, 7th Reg't..
f. Charles Holmes. Born 1796. Married Martha Molloy, daughter of Edward Molloy.
(A) Martha Jane Holmes. Born 1822.
(B) Charles Richard Holmes. Born 1824. Died 1824.
(C) Sarah Anne Holmes. Dsp 1825. Married first Thomas William Lloyd. Married second Richard Blagden Hale.
(D) Catherine Frances Holmes. Born 1826. Died 1826.
(E) Edward Molloy Holmes. b. 1828, d. 1895; M.A.   Rector of Marshgibbon, Bucks.; Rural Dean of Claydon.   He married, 1856, Emily Georgina Fosbery, b. 1833; daughter of Rev. Thomas Vincent Fosbery Vicar of St. Giles, Reading.
(1) Charles Edward Molloy Holmes. Born 1858. Died 1893. Architect in the USA.
(2) William Fleetwood Holmes.
(3) Edward Arbuthnot Holmes. Born 1860. Died 1901. Went to Canada.
(4) Arthur Fosbery Holmes.
(5) Emily Alice Holmes.
(6) George Gooch Holmes. Born 1865. Dsp. Married Georgina Isabel Maxwell.
(7) Evelyn Mary Holmes.
(F) Charles Arbuthnot Holmes.  Born 1829. Died 1874.
(G) Frances Sophia Holmes. Born 1831. Married Charles Greenway.
(1) Charlotte Jane Greenway. Married John Walter Slaughter.
(a) Jack Hamilton Slaughter. Married Kathleen Lindsay.
aa. Ian Arbuthnot Slaughter. Born 1918.
(H) Robert Langley Holmes. Born 1833. Married Margaret Jane Sharp.
(1) Robert Arbuthnot Holmes. Born 1877.
g. Frances Holmes. Born 1799. Married Rev William R Gresson.
(A) William Arbuthnot Gresson.  Married Kilkeel, Co Down 14 July 1897 Charlotte ("Lily") Louise Brush. There was also a Robert Holmes Arbuthnot Gresson.
(1) Henry Barnes Gresson (1808-1901). NZ Supreme court Judge. Married Anne Beatty.
(a) Kathleen Muriel Gresson.
(b) Cuthbert Henry Gresson.
(c) Eileen Elisabeth Geraldine Gresson.
(d) Mary Eveleen Gresson..
(e) John Vernon Gresson.
(f) Maurice James Gresson (1884-1948)
aa. Terence Arbuthnot Gresson. Judge of the Supreme Court in New Zealand 1956 to his death in 1967.
(g) Sir Kenneth Macfarlane Gresson KBE Former President of the New Zealand Court of Appeal.
h. Susan Holmes. Born 1801. Married Gustavus Jones.
i. Robert Holmes. Born 1803. Married Jane Henn.
(A) Sir Robert William Arbuthnot Holmes, KCB, CB. Born 1843. Died 1910. Married in Dublin 28 December 1871 Isabella Elrington, daughter of Joseph Fairere Elrington.
(1) Harriet Bisset Holmes. Born 1894. Married Major-General John Edward Talbot Younger, CB, late RA.
(a) Major John Malcolm Arbuthnot Younger. Born 5 May 1920. Married Olga Camilla Gertrude Bonavia.

Robert Charles Elrington Holmes. Born 18 March 1890.  Married first Gertrude Hilda Costa.

(a) John Arbuthnot Holmes. Born 23 May 1923. Died 27 May 1923.
(b) Jane Elizabeth Holmes. Born 23 May 1923. Married Christopher Chaldecott Sharp.
aa. Rupert Arbuthnot Sharp. Born 14 November 1954.
bb. Humphrey Granville Sharp. Born 14 January 1957.
(B) Edmund Gore Alexander Holmes.
(1) Robert Arbuthnot Holmes. Born 1883. Died 1883.
(C) Charles Leslie Arbuthnot Holmes. Born 1858. Died unmarried 1874.
3. George Arbuthnot of the Bengal Civil Service. Born Rockfleet 24 (14 per Mormons) July 1764. Died at sea between India and England 5 September 1805. Married in Secunderpore, Hyderabad, 17 (20 per Mormons) January 1796, Elizabeth Millicent Brisco (born 22 April 1778; died 2 or 9? December 1831), fourth daughter of Major General Horton Brisco, Coldtream Guards and/or EICS (brother of Sir John Brisco, 1st Bt of Crofton, Cumberland with remainder to his brother Horton) by his second wife, Millicent Jane Banks.
a. Marion Arbuthnot. Born Secundapore, Hyderabad, India 18 July 1797. Died young.
b. Matilda Arbuthnot. Born Benares, India 21 October 1803. Dvu London 4 April 1867. Buried Brompton Cemetery. Married, 21 October 1824, Sir John Lister Lister-Kaye, 2nd Bt, of Denby Grange, Yorkshire (born 18 August 1801; died 13 April 1871, having married, second, Elizabeth Bower, dau of the Rev John Bower of Barmston, Yorkshire), son of Sir John Lister-Kaye, 1st Bt and had fourteen children, amongst whom:
(A) Lister Lister-Kaye. Born 3 September 1827. Dvp 12 April 1855. Married, 25 May 1852, Lady Caroline Pepys (born 7 June 1827, died 21 January 1902), third daughter of Charles, 1st Earl of Cottenham.
(1) Sir John Pepys Lister-Kaye, 3rd Bt, OBE. Lt, RHG and Yorkshire Hussars. Born 18 February 1853; died 27 May 1924. Married, 5 December 1881, Natica de Valle and had issue.
(a) John Digby Lister-Kaye. Born 15 September 1882. Died 1882.
(2) Sir Cecil Edmund Lister-Kaye, 4th Bt, DL and JP. Born 16 January 1854. Died 27 January 1931. Married, 16 September 1880, Lady Beatrice Adeline Pelham- Clinton- Hope, dau of Henry Pelham Alexander Pelham- Clinton- Hope, 6th Duke of Newcastle.
(a) Adeline Cecilia Lister-Kaye. Born 24 September 1881.
(b) Frances Lois Lister-Kaye. Born 28 October 1882. Married, first, 19 October 1905, William Edward Parsons, 5th Earl of Rosse, son of Laurence Parsons 4th Earl of Rosse and Frances Cassandra Hawke.
aa. Sir Lawrence Michael Harvey Parsons, 6th Earl of Rosse of Birr Castle, Co Offaly. Born 28 September 1906. Died c.1979. Married as her 2nd husband, 19 September 1935, Anne Messel (born c.1902, died c. July 1992) dau of Lt-Colonel Leonard Charles Rudolph Messel and brother of Oliver Messel, the renowned state designer. She had married first Sir Ronald Owen Lloyd Armstrong-Jones and became mother to Anthony Charles Robert Armstrong-Jones, husband of HRH Princess Margaret. When the Earl died she returned to the old Messel family home at Nymans Gardens. The house had been burned down but there was a flat left in which she lived until her death.
AA. William Clere Leonard Brendan Parsons, 7th Earl of Rosse. Born 21 October 1936. Married 15 October 1966 Alison Margaret Cooke- Hurle, dau of Major John Davey Cooke- Hurle.
i. Lawrence Patrick Parsons, Lord Oxmantown. Born 31 March 1969.
ii. Lady Alicia Parsons. Born 1971.
BB. Desmond Oliver Martin Parsons. Born 23 December 1938. Married 22 May 1965 Aline Edwina MacDonald, dau of George Alexander MacDonald.
i. Rupert Alexander Michael Parsons. Born 3 September 1966.
ii. Desmond Edward Richard Parsons. Born 30 October 1968.
bb. Mary Bridget Parsons. Born 27 October 1907.
cc. Desmond Edward Parsons. Born 30 December 1910. Died 4 July 1937.
Frances married, second, 15 May 1920, Sir Yvo Richard Vesey 5th Viscount de Vesci, son of Eustace Vesey and Constance Mary Lawley.
(c) Florence Lister-Kaye. Born 2 May 1885. Died 19 October 1961. Married 3 March 1908 Charles Jerome Vaughan.
aa. Henrietta Mary Christine Vaughan. Born 24 December 1908. Died October 1918.
bb. Joseph Herbert Vaughan. Born 15 March 1910.
(d) Pelham Henry Alexander Lister-Kaye. Born 4 August 1890. Died 26 February 1891.
(e) Kenelm Arthur Lister-Kaye. Born 27 March 1892. Died 28 February 1955.
(B) Alick Lister-Kaye, RN. Born 2 January 1833. Died 28 January 1874. Married, 1856, Sarah Grange, grand-daughter of William Grange of Meeway, Pennsylvania, USA.
(C) Arthur Lister-Kaye, Senior. Captain, RA. Born 12 May 1834. Died 5 December 1893. Married, 8 October 1867, Eugenia Bower (died 12 July 1909), ygst daughter of Rev John William Bower, MA, Rector of Barmston, Yorkshire (see above).
(1) Sir Lister Lister-Kaye, 6th Bt, JP. Born 19 December 1893. Died 12 February 1962. Married, 8 November 1910, Emily Mary Starkey (died 10 May 1944).
(a) Rosamond Eugenia Mary Lister-Kaye.
(b) Sir John Christopher Lister Lister-Kaye, 7th Bt. Married Audrey Helen Carter.
aa. Mary Eugenia Helen Lister-Kaye.
bb. Sir John Philip Lister Lister-Kaye, 8th Bt. Married Lady Sorrel Deirdre Bentinck.
AA. John Warwick Noel Lister-Kaye.
BB. Melanie Lister-Kaye
CC. Amelia Lister-Kaye
DD. Hermione Lister-Kaye.  Educated Glenalmond.
(c) Aubrey Robert Lister Lister-Kaye.
(2) Arthur Lister-Kaye, Junior. Born 15 March 1876. Died 26 June 1943. Married first, 1895, Lottie Emmeline Woodward and had issue. Married second, 1900, Gertrude Hall (died 16 June 1945) and had issue.
(3) Hermione Lister-Kaye. Died 27 July 1935. Married, 12 December 1893, William Howard Murphy Grimshaw (died 27 January 1926).
(4) Amelia Lister-Kaye. Died 8 April 1951. Married, 10 October 1905, Captain Gerald Elliott Kenworthy- Browne of the 20th Regt, the Lancashire Fusiliers (born 15 May 1850; dsp 1910 or 1911), son of William Kenworthy Browne and Elizabeth née Elliott.
(5) Violet Eugenia Lister-Kaye. Died 14 April 1962. Married, 25 April 1899, Arthur Hyde Hulton (died 23 June 1966) and had issue.
(D) Laura Lister-Kaye. Died 22 May 1924.
(E) Marcia Lister-Kaye. Died 7 April 1906. Married, 25 August 1859, Robert Hartley Bower, DL, JP of Welham, near Malton, Yorkshire (dvu 25 May 1886), and had issue including
(1) Ada Rosamond Bower. Died January 1945. Married 18 February 1892 Charles Roderick Robert McGrigor son of Sir Charles Roderick McGrigor, 2nd Bt by Elizabeth Anne, née Nickle.
(a) Sir Roderick Roger McGrigor, GCB, KCB, DSO. Born 12 April 1893. Dsp 3 December 1959. Admiral of the Fleet. 1st Sea Lord , Chief of Naval Staff.  Married 28 November 1931 Louise Gwendoline Glyn, only daughter of Colonel Geoffrey Carr Glyn CMG DSO MVO and Winifred, née Harbord. Louise was widow of Major Charles Henry Greville DSO
aa. John McGrigor. Born 4 July 1942. Adopted. Lt, RN. Married 27 October 1962 Anita Renée Nordberg daughter of Elemer Nordberg.
AA. Alison Jean McGrigor. Born 27 April 1963.
BB. Helen Mary McGrigor. Born 10 September 1965.
bb. Andrew David McGrigor. Born 4 July 1942. Adopted. Captain, 2nd Bn, Royal Green Jackets (KRRC). Married Susan Brain.
(b) Mary Ada Bower McGrigor. Born 24 September 1894.
(F) Rosa Lister-Kaye. Died 19 January 1925. Married, 7 April 1860, Colonel James Crosbie of Ballyheigue Castle, Co Kerry (died 5 September 1897), and had issue.
4. Sarah Arbuthnot. Born Rockfleet Castle 1765. Died 1852. Married in Dublin, 27 February 1784, Thomas Langley, merchant of London.
5. Rt Hon Charles Arbuthnot, MP, PC. Born Rockfleet 14 March 1767. Died at Apsley House 18 August 1850. Will proved 9 December 1850. Elected Member of Parliament for East Looe March, 1795; for Eye in Suffolk, April 1809; for Orford, Suffolk, 1812; for St Germans, Cornwall, 1818-27; for St Ives, 1828-30; for Ashburton, 1830-31. Consul General in Portugal 1800-01. Ambassador Extraordinary at Constantinople, 1804-07. S Gambardello's portrait of him is at Apsley House. Married first, Saturday 23 February 1799 at Cholmondeley House, Piccadilly, Marcia Mary Anne Clapcott Lisle (born 9 July 1774, died Constantinople 24 May 1806), who had since 1795 been lady-in-waiting to the Princess of Wales (later Caroline of Brunswick), daughter of William Clapcott Lisle of Upway, Dorset, and niece to George, 1st Marquess Cholmondeley. Marcia's portrait was painted by J Hoppney and an engraving of the portrait was made by Reynolds.
a. Charles George James Arbuthnot of Woodford, Northamptonshire. Born on board the frigate Juno 1801. Baptised Lisbon. Died 21 October (21 August 1850 per Mormons who are wrong) 1870. [Per Genl C.G.J.A. commanded the 90th Light Infantry for seven years 1831. Died 1864 (they are wrong), General and Hon. Colonel, 89th.] Buried grave 61758 (L), Brompton Cemetery, Kensington, 27 October 1870. Page of honour to George III 1812. Ensign Grenadier Guards 1816. Captain 28th Regt 1820. Lt-Col 72nd Regt 1825. General, 72nd Duke of Albany's own Highlanders. Equerry to the Queen. Married, 14 August 1833, Hon Charlotte Eliza Vivian (born 2 July 1815; died 30 July 1877), daughter of Richard Hussey Vivian, 1st Lord Vivian. Buried with her husband Brompton Cemetery.
(A) Marcia Eliza Sarah Anne Arbuthnot. Born London 1834. Died unmarried St George's, Hanover Sq 6 September 1879. Buried with her parents Brompton Cemetery.
(B) Mabel Arbuthnot. Born Blythe Hall, Coleshill, Warwickshire c.1836. Died unmarried St George's, Hanover Sq q1 1894.  Buried with her parents Brompton Cemetery.
(C) Charlotte ("Charley") Letitia Caroline Gertrude Arbuthnot. Born 1839. Died 1884. Married, 12 July 1859, Sir Herbert Harley Murray, KCB (born 4 November 1829, died 11 March 1904), son of George Murray and Sarah Maria Hay-Drummond.
(1) Mona Elizabeth Louise Murray. Died 13 June 1929.
(2) Maud Louisa Rosalind Murray. Died 29 April 1925.
(3) Isobel Salisbury Mabel Murray. Died 8 September 1960.
(4) Colonel Stewart Lygon Murray. Born London 5 July 1863. Died Verona 27 April 1930. Married 16 November 1895 Harriet Sophia Kennedy (died Berkhamsted  22 February 1948), dau of Colonel John Clark Kennedy and Charlotte Isabella Cust.
(a) Christian Charlotte Murray. Married 27 November 1937 Ronald Peers Williams, son of Harry Williams.
aa. Jennifer Mary Williams. Born 30 March 1940. Married 20 March 1965 Colin Wilmott, son of Theodore Harold Wilmott.
AA. Victoria Wilmott. Born 4 November 1965.
BB. Giles Benedict Paddington Wilmott. Born 29 April 1967.
bb. Susan Williams. Born 19 December 1942.
cc. Penelope Ann Williams. Born 23 November 1944. Married 1971 Abraham Wax.
AA. David Israel Wax. Born 1980.
BB. Rebecca Wax. Born 1981.
dd. Richard Murray Williams. Born 27 April 1947. Married 1980 Linda Akehurst and has issue.
(b) Elsie Dorothea Murray. Born 1897. Married 21 December 1931 John Stewart Heber, son of Gottlob Heber.
aa. Janet Elizabeth Heber. Born 22 September 1934. Married 22 December 1956 Robert Bruce Holgate Butler, son of Adam Butler.
AA. Susan Elizabeth Butler. Born 12 February 1958.
BB. Anne Judith Butler. Born 17 July 1960.
CC. Jennifer Allison Butler. Born 31 March 1963.
bb. James William Heber. Born 25 June 1938. Married 26 November 1960 Margaret Lesley Cooper.
AA. Andrew John Heber. Born 27 March 1963.
BB. Jeremy Mark Heber. Born 23 March 1966.
(c) Joan Margaret Vere Murray. Married 9 September 1933 Robert Stewart, son of Edward Hamilton Stewart.
aa. Richard John Stewart. Born 25 March 1936. Married 1 September 1958 Morag McLellan Stewart, dau of James Duncan Stewart.
AA. Robert Murray Stewart. Born 31 May 1960.
BB. Roderick Iain Stewart. Born 8 August 1960.
CC. Alisdair James Stewart. Born 15 July 1961.
DD. Careen Ann Stewart. Born 26 October 1962.
bb. Geoffrey Edward Stewart. Born 6 November 1938. Married 1965 Valerie Louise Twells.
(5) Gerald Ottway Hay Murray. Born 24 July 1868. Died 11 May 1951. Married 3 June 1905 Charlotte Elwes (born Bedford 27 November 1872, died 18 November 1944), dau of Dudley George Cary Elwes.
(a) Herbert Frederick Murray. Born 8 March 1906. Married 28 May 1942 Doris Mary Rowsell, dau of Henry Walter Rowsell.
aa. Kathleen Elizabeth Murray. Born 31 August 1943.
(b) Douglas Gerald Murray. Born 3 September 1907. Married 2 March 1940 Elsie Brenda Waight, dau of Earle R Waight.
aa. Julian Charles Murray. Born 9 July 1946.
(c) Stewart Hay Murray. Born 9 February 1909. Married 7 September 1939 Freda Woodland, dau of Charles Woodland.
aa. John Stewart Murray. Born 23 September 1940.
bb. Peter Gerald Stewart Murray. Born 6 April 1944.
cc. Geoffrey Charles Stewart Murray. Born 20 June 1948.
(d) Arthur Frank Murray. Born 25 April 1911. Married 2 October 1937 Ruby Joyce Hooper, dau of Arthur Hooper.
aa. Anne Jennifer Murray. Born 19 July 1939.
(e) Keith Robert Murray. Born 27 July 1912. Married 4 February 1941 Ellen Georgina Woodland, dau of Charles Woodland.
aa. Joan Ursula Murray. Born 21 January 1945.
bb. Andrew Keith Murray. Born 15 December 1946.
(f) Kathleen Margaret Augusta Murray. Born 3 April 1916.
(6) Keith Norman Ward Murray. Born 31 August 1873. Died 15 September 1936.
(D) Arthur Arbuthnot of Woodford. Born Windsor, Berkshire 1 February 1843. Buried 17 October 1887. Married in Hexham, 1 October 1868, Emily Cuthbert (born St Johns, Northumberland or St John Lee, Wilts 1847, died 1930, buried Brompton Cemetery), 4th daughter of William Cuthbert of Beaufront Castle.  She lived at 64 South Eaton Place, London SW1. A genealogy by General G A Arbuthnot dated c. 22 July 1903 says Arthur and Emily had 2 sons, Charles and a son born 27 April 1876.
(1) Charles Arbuthnot. Born Hanover Square, London, England 9 July 1869. Died unmarried 1903.
(2) Muriel Arbuthnot. Born 1871. Died 1871. Buried with her mother Brompton Cemetery (and with Henry Arbuthnot, died 1873).
(3) Frederick Arbuthnot. Born England q4 1872. Died unmarried 1900.
(4) Eric Arbuthnot. Born Pimlico, London q2 1874. Died unmarried December 1922.
(5) Evelyn Geraldine Arbuthnot. Born England 27 April 1876. Married q4 1898 Robert Oliver Harrild.
(6) Madeleine Charly Arbuthnot. Born Pimlico, London q4 1877.
(7) Marcia Hyacinth Arbuthnot. Born Pimlico, London 1877. Died unmarried.
(8) Violet Mary Arbuthnot. Born Woodford, Northamptonshire 1878. Fl.1920  Died unmarried 1949.  Buried with her mother Brompton Cemetery.
(E) Charles Hussey Vivian Arbuthnot. Born Sunningale, Berkshire (or London?) 26 February 1846. Died unmarried.
b. Caroline Emma Arbuthnot. Born Westminster 28 July 1802. Baptised Lisbon. Died unmarried. Buried 7 November 1852.
c. Henry Arbuthnot. Born Stockholm, Sweden 1803. Died 24 June 1875. Buried All Saints Church, Isle of Wight. Married at St Martin in the Fields, Westminster, 30 April 1830, Lady Charlotte Rachel Scott (born London 1808/9; died 23 April 1891), daughter of Sir Thomas Scott, 2nd Earl of Clonmel by Louisa Henrietta, née Greville.
(A) Marcia Arbuthnot. Born c.1831. Died unmarried Torquay 12 January 1850 aged eighteen.
d. Marcia Emma Georgiana Arbuthnot. Born 10 October 1804. Died 1 Hyde Park Street, London 3 November 1878. Married, 18 (28 per Mormons & Leo) February 1825, William Henry Hugh, 3rd Marquess Cholmondeley (born 31 March 1800, died 1884), second son of George, 1st Marquess Cholmondeley.
(A) Lady Marcia Charlotte Emma Cholmondeley. Born 22 November 1826. Died 7 April 1828.
(B) Lady Charlotte Georgina Cholmondeley. Born 4 February 1828. Died 17 August 1912. Married 27 April 1852 Rev Edward Gladwin Arnold (died 12 June 1887).
(1) Rev Henry Abel Arnold. Born 5 April 1861. Married Mary Lyle Smyth.
(a) Vere Arbuthnot Arnold. Born 23 May 1902.
(2) Herbert Tollemache Arnold. Born 5 April 1867. Capt, 1st Wilts Regt. Married Eleanor _____.
(a) Terence Arbuthnot Arnold. Born India 5 April 1901.
(C) Charles George Cholmondeley. Born 9 July 1829. Died 7 December 1869. Married 31 October 1854 Susan Caroline Dashwood, dau of Sir Henry George Mayne Dashwood, Bt and Sarah Marianne Rowley.
(1) George Henry Hugh Cholmondeley, 4th Marquess of Cholmondeley. Born 3 July 1858. Died 16 March 1923. Married 16 July 1879 Winifred Ida Kingscote (born 24 April 1862).
(a) Lady Lettice Joan Cholmondeley.
(b) George Horatio Charles Cholmondeley, 5th Marquess of Cholmondeley. Born 19 May 1883. Died 1968. Married 6 August 1913 Sybil Rachel Betty Cecile Sassoon.
aa. Aline Caroline Cholmondeley. Born 5 October 1916.
bb. George Hugh Cholmondeley, 6th Marquess of Cholmondeley. Born 14 April 1919. Died 1990. Married 14 June 1947 Lavinia Leslie.
AA. Rose Aline Cholmondeley. Born 20 March 1948
BB. Margot Lavinia Cholmondeley. Born 27 January 1950
CC. Caroline Mary Cholmondeley. Born 10 April 1952
DD. David George Philip Cholmondeley, 7th Marquess of Cholmondeley. Born 27 June 1960.
cc. John George Cholmondeley. Born 15 November 1920. Died before 1997.
(c) Lord George Hugo Cholmondeley. Born 17 October 1887. Died 26 August 1958.
(D) Lady Marcia Susannah Harriett Cholmondeley. Born 18 April 1831. Died 10 June 1927.
(E) Lord Henry Vere Cholmondeley. Born 4 October 1834. Died 25 February 1882. Married 17 July 1860 Fanny Isabella Catherine Spencer dau of Lt-Colonel Hon George Augustus Spencer and Charlotte Munro.
(1) Edith Charlotte Frances Cholmondeley. Born 30 March 1867. Married first Robert Edward Heaven. Married second Col Matthew Burrow Ray.
(2) Frances Mary Georgiana Cholmondeley.   Born 30 July 1870. Died 7 August 1870.
(3) George Vere Hugh Cholmondeley.   Born 13 September 1871. Married Ida Sophia Gilliat.
(4) Caroline Marcia Cicely Cholmondeley. Born 13 November 1873. Married George Charles Ker Mahon.
(5) Capt Charles Almeric John Cholmondeley. Born 5 March 1880.
(F) Lady Emma Caroline Cholmondeley. Born 11 November 1837. Died 26 January 1839.
(G) Lady Caroline Rachel Cholmondeley. Born 4 July 1840. Died 11 March 1863.
The Rt Hon Charles married second at Fulbeck, 31 January 1814, Harriet Fane (born 10 September 1793; died 2 August 1834; buried Fulbeck), one of 14 children, daughter of the Hon Henry Fane of Fulbeck, Lincolnshire (younger brother of John, 9th Earl of Westmorland). The Duke of Wellington was much attached to Mr and Mrs Arbuthnot and Charles, during the latter years of his life, lived in the Duke's house as his confidential friend; their story is told in "Wellington and the Arbuthnots", E A Smith 1994. Harriet's portrait was also painted by J. Hoppney and it is now in Foundation Lazzaro Galdiano, Madrid. Sir Thomas Lawrence's portrait of her is at Woodford. Her diaries were published as "The Journal of Mrs Arbuthnot" (ed. F Bamford and the Duke of Wellington, pub MacMillan 1950).
6. Rt Rev Alexander Arbuthnot, DD. He may have had the middle name John. Born Rockfleet 7 May 1768. Died Killaloe 9 January 1828. Buried in the church-yard of that cathedral. Ordained Priest at Limerick 2 November 1794. Vicar Annaghdown and Killascobe 1801. Rector Crossboyne and Kilcoleman, Tuam 1808. Archdeacon of Aghadoe 1809-16. Dean of Cloyne 1816-23. Bishop of Killaloe, Co Clare 1823-28. Married first, 31 March 1798, Susanna Bingham, daughter of Mr Bingham of Antigua. We don't know whether that is an estate in Co Mayo or Antigua, West Indies.
a. John Arbuthnot. Born 1799. Died unmarried.
b. George Bingham Arbuthnot. Born 2 December 1803. Died Sidney Villa, Bath 30 May 1867. Member of the Ootacamund Club. EICS, Major-General, 3rd Madras Cavalry. Married, 15 July 1829, Harriet Louisa Ormsby, daughter of Joseph Mason Ormsby.
(A) George Alexander Arbuthnot. Born 15 June 1830. Bap Madras 31 July 1830. Died Kensington qtr 1 1899. Major General, Madras Cavalry. Asst-adjutant-general & commanded 3rd Madras Cavalry. Married, 15 August 1860, Fanny Isabella Wood, eldest daughter of Lt-Colonel Herbert William Wood, Indian Army.
(1) Lancelot Bingham Arbuthnot. Born India 1861. Died Macclesfield 3 August 1879.
(2) George Herbert Arbuthnot. Born Madras 16 December 1863. Lt- Colonel. Married St Peters, Eaton Square 14 June 1894 Helen Constance Wyllie (born 1875) daughter of David Wyllie. Divorced 1 July 1899. She married second 1900 Alan Ogilvie Francis.  She married third 1917 William J Saunders shortly before Alan's death.  She married fourth 1927 Neville Kingston.
(3) Beatrice Bingham Arbuthnot. Born Madras 15 April 1865. Bap Madras 8 June 1865. Married, 1896, M. Close.
(4) Percy Bingham Arbuthnot. Born Bangalore 1 April 1867. Bap Bangalore 6 June 1867. Engineer. Major, Indian Army. He had Eurasian children (probably by different women):
(a) Tara Arbuthnot. Born 15 January 1891. Baptised Madras 7 January 1904.
(b) Dorothy Arbuthnot. Born 13 January 1900. Bap Madras 7 January 1904.
(c) Lily Arbuthnot. Born 6 May 1909. Died of plague 23 September 1918. Buried All Saints (Ossoor Road Cemetery), Bangalore. Pupil at Bishop Cotton Girls School.
Percy married in Madras 10 July 1918 Maude Emily Searle, aged 40, dau of William Searle.
(5) Alexander Arbuthnot. Born 17 August 1869. Died unmarried 1902.
(B) (Harriet) Susan Arbuthnot. Bap Nagphore, Madras 22 October 1831. Died unmarried.
(C) Bingham Henry Law Arbuthnot. Born Bellary 9 April 1837. Bap Madras. Died 10 April 1857.
(D) Alice Catherine Arbuthnot. Born Sholapore, India 1840. Bap 1840 (Vol 19 Fo 243). Died Berkhamsted 1916. Married in  Bangalore, India, 15 February 1862, Captain Charles Robert Kerr Hubback (born 1834; died London 1889), Kings Dragoon Guards, Deputy Lieutenant of Durham, eldest son of Frances Kerr, 3rd daughter of Lord Charles Beauchamp Kerr.
(1) Walter Hubback. Born and died India 1863.
(2) Ethel Hubback. Born 1866. Married in St Albans, Hertford 5 July 1892 Rev Thomas Blockley.
(a) Daughter. Unmarried.
(b) Daughter. Unmarried.
(c) Nigel Blockley. Married _______ ______.
aa. Major Keith Blockley. Adopted. Changed his name to Keith Beauchamp Kerr.
(3) Charles Arbuthnot Hubback. Born Aldershot 29 July 1867. Baptised Hale, Winchester September 1867. Died Vancouver 1911. Moved to Cardiff as a rail engineer. Distinguished career as such - there is a short biography of him in the annals of the Mechanical Engineers Institution in London.  He travelled abroad extensively. Married Cardiff q3 1901 Ada Annie E Olive.
(a) (John) Gerard Hubback. Born 1902. Died 1958. Engineer and distinguished railway photographer. Married _______ ______.
aa. Patricia Rosemary Hubback.  Born 17 March 1938. Married first ______ ______.
AA. A thespian daughter.
BB. A thespian daughter.
Patricia married second ______ Pratt.
bb Charles Nigel Hubback. Died. Master mariner.
(4) Beauchamp Kerr Hubback. Born Kingsbury, Edgeware 6 July 1870. Died unmarried 1902.
(5) Alice Blanche Hubback. Born 1872. Unmarried. Living in the Vicarage, Old Basingtoke, Hants 1916.
(6) Constance May Hubback. Born Kensington 24 March 1875. Died unmarried Normandy, Surrey 9 December 1956.
(E) Fanny Fredrica Harrington Arbuthnot. Bap Bellary, E Indies 1840 (N/2 Vol 20 Fo 83). Died 2 Beech Ave Stourwood Bournemouth 11 May 1918. Buried Bournemouth East. Married in Bangalore, 29 March 1859, Captain Robert Alfred Loraine, later adopted the surname Loraine Grews (born 11 March 1835; died 14 August 1904), Kings Dragoon Guards, son of William Clarke Loraine (son of Jane Grews) and Eliza, née Turner.
(1) Maude Loraine Grews. Born 1863. Died East Hampstead 1890
(2) Edith Alice Loraine Grews. Born 1864. Died 1946.
(3) Mabel Arbuthnot Loraine Grews. Born 1867. Bap Enmore, Somerset 25 November 1867. Died 1944. Married R. Horton.
(4) Robert William Loraine Grews. Born Broomfield, Somerset 20 December 1869. Died East London, South Africa 2 October 1925. Married Ada Timm. They went to South Africa, possibly on SS German 1909.
(a) Infant.  Born 20 March 1897. Died 1997.
(b) Robert Elston Loraine Grews. Born March 1898 Died 23 February 1899 (not 29th as on tombstone).
(c) Sidney George Loraine Grews. Born 1900 Died Botswana 1972. Married Alexandra Laschick Itzick.
(d) Edith Isabella Josephine Loraine Grews. Born 2 March 1901  Died 9 November 1918.
(e) Edith Cecilia Loraine Grews. Born 9 August 1903. Died 7 April 1982. Married Robert Aubrey Locke Mandy.
aa. Anthony William Locke Mandy. Has children.
(f) Courtney Loraine Grews. Born 15 December 1904 Died 22 October 1985. Married Joyce Mildred Davis (born 22 December 1910, died 5 August 1975.
aa. Stanley Loraine Grews. Born 24 March 1928 Died c.2001.
AA Kathleen Loraine Grews Born 12 May 1955. Married 16 May 1980 Andrew Verheyen Barry Mills (born 11 April 1953).
i. Nicole Jotilda Mills. Born 25 March 1983.
ii. Dominic Courtwell Mills. Born 22 January 1986.
iii. Aidan Jos Mills. Born 10 October 1987.
BB. Gregory Loraine Grews Born 1 May 1957. Died 20 December 2000.
CC. Christopher Loraine Grews Born 30 July 1964.
bb. Donald Loraine Grews. Married 1 February 1958 Gwendolyn Irene Joyce Bartlett (born 17 September 1932) as her second marriage.
AA. (Courtney) Wayne Loraine Grews. Married Mairie Harrison. Divorced.
BB. (Vincent) Luke Loraine Grews. Born 8 April  1960
CC. Lynn Celeste Loraine Grews. Born 17 June 1966.
(g) Robert William Loraine Grews. Born 11 February 1906. Died Rhodesia 22 March 1959. Married Kathleen Brent (born 11 May 1909).
aa. Isabella Jean Loraine Grews. Born 9 December 1935.
bb. Fiona Coral Loraine Grews. Born 10 October 1938.
(h) Captain James Errington Loraine Grews. Born 11 March 1907. Died 1 September 1979. South African air force. Married 17 December 1936 Aperla Josephine Munro (born 16 April 1910, dsp 3 October 1987).
(i) Denis John Loraine Grews. Born 6 October 1908. Died 8 December 1957 Married 19 January 1935 and 1 May 1939 Stella Heatherbelle Timm.
aa. Michael Dennis Loraine Grews. Born 18 August 1935. Married 30 July 1960 Brenda Marguerite Theron (born 30 October 1939, died 11 November 1971).
AA. Denis Loraine Grews. Born 28 September 1965.
BB. Hendré Loraine Grews. Born 13 January 1969.
Michael married second 13 December 1976 Daphne Maureen Harmann (born 8 January 1946), previously married to Errol Kleber.
CC. Lindy Loraine Grews Born 26 June 1978. Living in London.
bb. Robert Errol Loraine Grews. Born 6 July 1937. Married 9 May 1965 Marian Dawn Brown (born 30 November 1941).
cc. Heather Annette Loraine Grews. Born 9 September 1943. Married 9 May 1965 Terence Frances Roper Waldron (born 15 October 1940). They live USA.
AA Kim Daniella Waldron Born 17 September 1968. Married 25 November 2000 Grant Robert Fincham (born 15 October 1944).
BB. Lyn Marco Waldron Born 5 July 1970. Married Eric Charles Uram (born 6 June 1968).
CC. Jos Norah Waldron Born 28 June 1972.
(j) Joan Winifred Loraine Grews. Born 1913. Married 25 April 1935 Edward Vernon Carlisle Irefeldt (born 19 November 1904, died 25 May 1972).
aa. Josephine Ann Irefeldt. Married Leszek Nowicki.
bb. Josephine Loraine Irefeldt. Born 5 January 1938. Married David Mallick.
(5) Sidney Errington Loraine Grews. Born 29 March 1873/4. Died 1898.
(F) Catherine Ormsby Arbuthnot. Born 22 February 1845. Bap Madras 18 June 1845. Died 26 February 1857.
c. Frances Arbuthnot. Died 19 November 1857. Married, 1828, Rev Patrick Comerford Law (born Ireland 21 August 1797, died 15 April 1869) of Ballvalley, Co Clare, Rector of Northrepps, Norfolk, son of Rev Francis Law and Belinda Isabella, née Comerford.
(A) Francis Patrick Law. Born 1 October 1830. Died 29 March 1832.
(B) Alexander Patrick Law. Born 16 January 1832. Died 1895.
(C) Georgina Anne Law. Dsp 7 March 1895. Married 22 January 1870 Revd Theophilus John Fenton.
(D) Patrick Francis Law. Born 28 August 1836. Married 9 July 1868 Julia Jones, daughter of Henry Taylor Jones.
(1) Cecil Arbuthnot Law. Born Paddington 25 January 1872. Dsp 18 May 1932. Educ Winchester and Oriel Coll., Oxford. Major, The Wiltshire Regiment. Married 29 April 1902 Mary Theresa Forestier Walker, daughter of Arthur George Walker, Bengal CS.
(2) Walter Henry Patrick Law, DSO. Born 14 February 1876. Died 8 August 1956. Colonel, RASC. Married 12 December 1905 Dorothy Brooke, JP (born 30 December 1877, died 13 August 1948), daughter of Sir John Arthur Brooke, 1st Bt, MA.
(a) Patrick John Law. Born 28 March 1910. Married 12 March 1938 Isabel Thomas, daughter of R S Thomas.
aa. Richard Patrick Law. Born 9 January 1939.
bb. Susan Jill Law. Born 7 January 1941.
cc. Dorothy Brigid Joan Law. Born 15 October 1944.
(b) Sheila Dorothea Law. Born 23 September 1907. Married 4 December 1937 Capt Charles Collingwood Hughes 3rd son of late Hubert Edgar Hughes.
aa. Peter Collingwood Hughes. Born 10 February 1943. Married 4 December 1965 Susan Elizabeth Ann Cubitt only daughter of the late Algernon James Cubitt.
AA Natasha Sarah Hughes. Born 6 July 1967.
(c) Doreen Hester Law. Born 1 May 1915. Married 27 July 1946 Hendrik Johannes Grove. 1 son, 1 dau.
(E) Frances ("Fanny") Amelia Law. Died 8 October 1883. Married 14 August 1862 Henry Charles Hull, barrister.
(1) Alice Frances Hull. Born 1863. Died 1952.
(2) Major General Sir (Charles Patrick) Amyatt Hull, KCB. Born 3 July 1865. Died 1920. Joined Royal Scots Fusiliers 1887; India until 1896; Aide-de-camp to Viceroy, India 1895-1896; Adjutant, 2 Bn, Royal Scots Fusiliers, South African War 1899-1902; relief of Ladysmith 1900; on staff 1903-1907; 1909-1912; Commanding Officer, 4 Bn Middlesex Regt 1912; World War I 1914-1918; Commander, 56 (London) Div; 16 (Irish) Div c 1917
He married 1901 Muriel Dobell, daughter of R R Dobell of Quebec.
(a) Frances Ellery Hull. Died Topsham, Devon 18 June 1972. Married first 13 September 1930 Lt Cdr Robert Reginald Gibbons, RN. Divorced. Married second 19 May 1942 Alexander ("Alec")  Frederick Kitson (born October 1910, died 11 August 1966).
aa. Christopher John Amyatt Kitson. Born 8 May 19??. Married Brisbane, Australia 25 June 1966 Noela Morrissey (born 7 June 1942). They live in Brisbane and have three grandchildren.
AA Mark Kitson.
BB Leigh Kitson.
(b) Naomi Barbara Hull. Born 22 August 1903. Died 11 September 1992. Married 10 September 1932 Major General Henry Robinson Swinburn CB, OBE, MC (born 8 May 1897, died 27 January 1981).
aa. Brigadier David Henry Amyatt Swinburn. Born Simla, India 15 July 1934. Educated Wellington College and RMA Sandhurst (won Queen's Medal for cadet passing out top of the Order of Merit), Commissioned into the Royal Engineers then went to Peterhouse College, Cambridge and took an Engineering Degree, two spells of active service - Aden 1959 and Borneo 1965, retired from Army in 1989, 5 years as Group Training Manager of Mott MacDonald Ltd. Chairman of the Surrey Committee of the Army Benevolent Fund (retired 2004). HM Deputy Lt Surrey. He lives at Godalming in Surrey. He married 1stly Crowborough, Sussex 7 January 1961 Belinda Marion Stainton (born 28 July 1937; 24 Independent Field Squadron, Royal Engineers, BFPO 10, died Nakuru Hospital, Kenya 13 June 1961). He married 2ndly Rownhams, Hampshire 17 September 1966 Gillian Adair Murray (born 21 May 1942).
AA Jonathan Murray Amyatt Swinburn. Born Ripon, Yorkshire 16 August 1969. Cardiac consultant at the Royal Berks Hospital in Reading. Married Martina Dooley (born 19 April 1971) of Gort, Co. Galway, Ireland.
i. James Micheal (sic) Henry Swinburn. Born 29 March 2002.
ii. Caitlin Swinburn. Born 8 October 2004.
BB Joanna Kate Swinburn. Born Wegberg, West Germany 26 December 1970, a twin. An accountant. Married 20 May 2006 Christopher ("Freddy") Xavier Michael Fulton (born 8 July 1970).
CC Christopher David Swinburn. Born Wegberg, West Germany 26 December 1970, a twin. He will marry 3 May 2008 Ghislaine Mawhinney (born 14 April 1971).
i. Oscar Swinburn. Born Bristol 12 March 2007.
bb. Lt General Sir Richard Hull Swinburn, KCB 1991, Farmer; Director, Glancal Property Co., 1990-1996, born 30 October 1937 Aldershot, Hampshire. He was educated at Wellington College; R.M.A. Sandhurst. He commanded the 17th/21st Lancers in 1957. His recreational activities are listed as agricultural and country pursuits and he lives at Stone, Exford, Somerset, England. Married Farnham, Surrey 29 August 1964 Jane Elise Brodie (died Stone Farm, Exford 22 November 2001), daughter of Antony Douglas Brodie and Juliane Falk).
(c) Field Marshall Sir Richard Amyatt Hull, KG, GCB, DSO. Born 7 May 1907. Died 17 September 1989. 1941 - 1942 Commanding Officer 17/21st Lancers 1942 General Staff Officer 1 Canadian Armored Division 1943 Commanding Officer 12th Brigade, North Africa 1943 Commanding Officer 26th Armored Brigade, North Africa 1943 Commanding Officer 26th Armored Brigade, North Africa 1943 - 1944 Deputy Director of Staff Duties, War Office 1944 General Officer Commanding 1st Armored Division, Italy 1944 - 1946 General Officer Commanding 5th Division, Italy - Middle East - North-West Europe 1946 - 1948 Commandant of Staff College Camberley 1948 - 1950 Director of Staff Duties, War Office 1950 - 1952 Chief Army Instructor at Imperial Defence College 1953 - 1954 Chief of Staff Middle East Command 1954 - 1956 General Officer Commanding British Troops in Egypt 1956 - 1958 Deputy Chief Imperial General Staff, War Office 1958 - 1961 Commander in Chief Far East Command 1961 - 1964 Chief Imperial General Staff, War Office 1961 - 1964 Aide-de-Camp to the Queen 1964 - 1965 Chief General Staff, Ministry of Defence 1965 - 1967 Chief of Defence Staff, Ministry of Defence.
(3) Agnes Georgina Hull. Born 23 May 1868. Died 1936. Agnes had a special friendship with Charles L Dodgson ("Lewis Carroll") who became acquainted with the Hull family when they were living in Eastbourne in 1877.
(4) Eveline Isabella Hull. Bap 14 February 1869. Died 1944.
(5) Jessie Madeline Hull. Born 24 June 1872. Died 1953.
(F) Arthur Arbuthnot Law. Born 1840. Died 1841.
(G) Rev Robert Arbuthnot Law. Born 28 February 1842. Died 11 December 1889. Married 20 January 1870 Agnes Sparke (born 1835, died 18 June 1892), only daughter of Revd John Henry Sparke.
(1) Arbuthnot Patrick Astley Law. Born 5 July 1872.
(2) Hubert Henry Bingham Law. Born 25 October 1873. Died 14 May 1936.
(3) Alexander Delaval Hamilton Law. Born 18 October 1874. Died 14 May 1936.
(H) William Arthur Law. Born 1844. Married Fanny Holland, daughter of John Holland. 1 son.
(1) Hamilton Patrick John Holland Law. Born 12 July 1879. Married 9 October 1907 Frances Dora Brereton, only daughter of Rev Cecil Brereton.
(a) Frances Marcia Law.
(b) Eileen Merial Law.
(I) Isabella Susan Law. Died unmarried 14 January 1885.
d. Anne Arbuthnot. Dsp 15 March 1848. Married, 4 October 1833, William Pallet Brown Chatteris (died 25 January 1889) of Sandleford Priory, Newbury, Buckinghamshire (now the beautiful Grade I listed St Gabriel's school). Edmund Arbuthnot (c. 1793 - c. Dec 1873; unidentified) who married Elizabeth Chatteriss (sic) (William's sister?) built and lived at Newton House.
Alexander married second (by the Archbishop of Tuam) at St Peter's, Dublin, 5 May 1819, Margaret Phoebe Bingham, daughter of George Bingham (Alexander's first wife's uncle).
e. Susan Harriette Arbuthnot. Born Killaloe 1821. Died unmarried 18 November 1823.
f. Sir Alexander John Arbuthnot, KCSI, CIE. Born Killaloe 11 October 1822. Dsp 10 June 1907. Educated Rugby. Served Madras as director of public instruction (1855); a key force in the incorporation of Madras University (1857); Chief Secretary to the Madras Government (1862-67); member of the Madras Legislative Council (1867-72); member of the Madras Executive Council; on the Viceroy's executive council (1875-80); and member of the Council of India (1887-97). Member of the Council of the Sec of State for India, 1888-93. Governor of Tamil Nadu, Madras (acting) 19 Feb - 15 May 1872. Author: Lord Clive; the foundation of British rule in India (Builders of Greater Britain); Major-General Sir Thomas Munro, Governor of Madras: A memoir [1889]; Select reports of criminal cases determined in the Court of Foujdaree Udalat of Madras; Memories of Rugby & India. A famous amateur rose grower. Married first in Madras, 1844, Frederica Eliza Fearon (born 1822; died England 1898), daughter of the late Major General Robert B Fearon, CB. He married, second, 6 June 1899, Constance Angelena Milman, MBE (died Newtown, Berks 29 February 1936), daughter of Sir William Milman, 3rd Bt. They lived at the Rose Garden, Newtown House, Newbury.
g. Sir Charles George Arbuthnot, GCB. Born Killaloe 19 May 1824, a twin. Died Richmond Surrey 14 April 1899 (not 1894). He was educated at Rugby, attended the Royal Military Academy,and was commissioned as second lieutenant in the Royal Artillery on 17 June 1843. He served in the Crimean War as a Captain in the 10th Battalion of the Royal Artillery. He was slightly wounded in minor actions near Sevastopol on 17 June 1855. He received a severe wound on 23 August 1855. He was appointed a Companion of the Order of the Bath (CB), later advanced to become a Knight Commander of the Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath (KCB) and eventually made Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath (GCB) in May 1894. He went to India in 1868, and was actively employed in the Anglo-Afghan War. On his return to England in 1880, he was appointed deputy adjutant-general of artillery, then inspector-general of artillery, and finally president of the ordnance committee. According to his article in the Dictionary of National Biography "his firmness and justice made him a highly respected administrator". He returned to India in 1886 as Commander-in-chief of the Madras Army, the army of the Madras Presidency and one of the three major armies that constituted the bulk of British forces in India. He served as senior military adviser for the Madras Presidency until 1890. Married St Pancras, London, 27 October 1868, Caroline Charlotte Clarke (born Barbados, West Indies 1845-46, died 1909), daughter of Dr William Clarke, MD of Barbados and Eliza Georgiana, nee James.
(A) Charles William Arbuthnot. Born Bengal 9 July 1869. Died in infancy.
(B) Margaret Georgiana Arbuthnot. Born Murrel, East Indies 1871. Died 14 February 1947. Nursed for eighteen years (Matron, Government Hospital, Suez, 1901-04; of Anglo-American Hospital, Cairo, 1904-10); Inspector of Women's Prisons and in charge of a Girls' Reformatory under the Egyptian Government.
(C) Alexander George Arbuthnot, CMG, DSO. Born Woolwich, Kent 30 November 1873. Died 3 May 1961. Brigadier-General, Field artillery. Married, 1905, Olive Mary Hay Burton, daughter of Colonel W.H. Burton, RE.
(D) (Caroline Anne) Maude Arbuthnot. Born Meerutt, East Indies 1877. Died 31 August 1845. Married, 1904, Mervyn Hugh Cobbe, RN.
(1) Alexandra Mary Cobbe. Married Captain Bruce Liddell McLaren.
(a) Charlotte Mary McLaren
(b) Andrew Hamish McLaren
(2) Barbara Anne Cobbe
(3) Lt Cmdr Charles Hugh Cobbe, RN. Born 1907? Kia HMS Repulse 10 December 1941. Married Enid Margaret Wilson of Bolsterstone, Yorkshire.
(4) Joan Mervyn Cobbe. Married Francis Charles Cobbe.
(a) Hugh Michael Thomas Cobbe
(b) Richard Alexander Charles Cobbe
(c) Mary Frances Cobbe
(E) Beatrice Mary Arbuthnot. Born Simla, India 1879. Died 21 March 1948. Married, 1906, Major Alan Sutherland Colquhoun, Yorkshire Light Infantry.
(1) Elizabeth ("Betty") Colquhoun.
(F) Phoebe Janet Arbuthnot. Born Blackheath, Middx 21 September 1881. Died 15 July 1973. Married, 19 May 1913, David William Alexander Crombie of Greenhills, Longreach, Queensland. (David Patrick Milman advises that he had married first 18 June 1903 Edith Mary Milman, dau of Hugh Miles Milman, Government Resident of Thursday Island, QLD, Commissioner of Stamps for QLD and they had issue).
(1) Sqdn Ldr Charles Arbuthnot Crombie, DSO, DFC. Born 16 March 1914. Killed in an aircraft accident 26 August 1945. Australian night fighter ace, credited with destruction of thirteen enemy aircraft. He returned to Australia September 1943 and became chief flying instructor in Beaufighters and mosquitos at 5 Operational training unit Williamtown. Married Elizabeth ("Betty") Deane Butcher.
(a) David Charles Crombie. Married Margaret Dunworth.
aa. Mary Margaret Crombie.
bb. Phoebe Carolyn Crombie.
cc. David Charles Cameron Crombie.
dd. Alexandra Catherine Crombie. Born 28 March 1978.
ee. Flora Janet Crombie.
(2) David Alexander John Crombie. Born 13 October 1917. Married Barbara Marjorie Knight (born 30 April 1914).
(a) Janet Margaret Crombie. Born December 1947. Died April 1949.
(b) Patricia Mary Crombie. Married first Brian Johnston.
Patricia married second Gary Basil Milera.
aa. Paul David Milera. Married Gretchen Lowe.
AA. David Edwin Milera.
BB. Robert Lowe Milera.
bb. Lee Grant Milera. Married Debra Faye Charlton.
(c) Charles Edwin Crombie. Married Janelle Eileen Wooldridge.
aa. Jeremy Asher Crombie.
bb. Kristy Gail Crombie.
(3) Mervyn Cobbe Crombie. Born 26 May 1920. Killed 12 June 1941 in an aircraft accident whilst serving in the R.A.A.F. in Ismailia, Egypt. Grave 6. E. 2. Ismailia War Memorial Cemetery.
(4) Mary Arbuthnot Crombie. Born 3 July 1925. Died 11 December 1991. Married Goswick Clarence Cory (born 5 February 1914; died March 1992).
(a) Peter Alexander Cory. Married Edith Chong.
aa. Andrea Bernice Cory.
bb. Brian Alexander Cory.
(b) Anthony Arbuthnot Cory. Married Wendy Thomas.
aa. Benjamin Cory.
bb. Emma Louise Cory.
(G) Mary Reeve Arbuthnot. Born Greenwich q1 1883. Died 1932.
(H) (William) John Arbuthnot. Born Greenwich q3 1885. Killed in the European War 9 January 1917. Captain, 53rd Sikhs. Joined Indian Civil Service 1910. Mentioned in despatches and RRC.
h. Margaret Sarah Arbuthnot. Born Killaloe 19 May 1824, a twin. Died unmarried 6 May 1841 (per Genl G A Arbuthnot) or 1844.
7. Margaret Arbuthnot. Born Rockfleet 1769. Died 1853. Married, 1796, George Vesey, Barrister-at-Law of Dublin.
8. Harriet Arbuthnot. Born Rockfleet 1770. Married, 1797, Lewis Corkran (born 1755; buried St Mary's Church, Long Ditton, Surrey 30 January 1837 in his 83rd year) of the Bombay Council, as his second wife, and had issue. He was son of Lewis Corkran.
a. Charles Corkran. Born India 1800. Buried Long Ditton 15 September 1885 aged 85. Married Georgina Isabella Seymour (1813-1848), dau of Admiral Sir George Seymour.
(A) Colonel Charles Seymour Corkran. Born 1845. Died 22 November 1921. Married 20 April 1871 Florence Caroline Peel (died 1945), dau of Sir Charles Lennox Peel by Caroline née Chichester, and great niece of Sir Robert Peel.
(1) Sybil Corkran.
(2) Major General Sir Charles Edward Corkran. Born 20 August 1872. Died in a shooting accident 8 January 1939. Serjeant at arms, House of Commons. Married 1904 Winifred Maud Ricardo (born 1880; died 1972), dau of Horace Ricardo and Henrietta Goulburn.
(a) Marjorie Georgina Corkran. Born January 1905. Died 1980.
(b) Charles Horace Corkran. Born 19 May 1908. Died 1979. Worked with Shell and kidnapped in Manchuria with Tinko Pawley 1932. Married 1 January 1935 Molly Payne-Smith (born Natal 8 January 1904, died July 1976), dau of Robert Charles Payne-Smith and Molly Utterson, a Canadian who died on giving birth to Molly.
aa. Josephine ("Jo") Ann Corkran. Born China 9 June 1936. Christened in the ship's bell of a Yangstee gunboat called "the Gnat". Married 9 July 1955 John ("Sam") Curtis (born 3 June 1931), land agent, son of Leslie Curtis. Address: Kingsmead Stud Farm, Wickham, Hants PO17 5AU (tel:  01329 832312).
AA. Charles Edward Curtis. Born 25 February 1957. Married 24 January 2001 Gillian Regan as her second husband.
BB. Belinda ("Bee") Mary Curtis. Born 3 March 1960. Married 24 June 1984 Gideon Lake (born 11 November 1960).
i. Naomi Belinda Lake. Born 5 August 1990.
bb. Gillian ("Gill") Anne Corkran. Born 21 January 1938. Married first Ian Tedford. Divorced. He remarried.
AA. Alistair Tedford. Born 1958. Banker in New York. Married Elizabeth Nitti.
i. Finley Tedford.
BB. Nicholas Tedford. Born 1959. Works in Florence.
Gillian married second Howard Cashin. Divorced and reverted to her maiden name. He lives in Singapore.
(c) Giles Seymour Corkran. Born 1 April 1911. Died 1996. Married Eva Nuttall. Separated.
aa. Lt-Colonel Richard Corkran MBE (ret'd). Brought up by his paternal grandmother. Married Jane Paget. Address:  Crockfords, Sherlock Row, Berks RG10 0PL. Tel: 01189 343287.
AA. Clare Corkran.
BB. Alexandra Corkran.
(3) Sir Victor George Corkran. Born 26 June 1873. Died 10 March 1934. Married Hilda Chichester.
(a) Mary Corkran. Born 1917. Died April 2004.
(4) Violet Maud Corkran. Born 13 September 1875. Died 1959. Married Sir Walter Randolph Fitzroy Farquhar, 5th Bt (died 1918).
(a) Sir Peter Walter Farquhar, 6th Bt, DSO, OBE. Born 8 October 1904. Died 1986. Married Elizabeth Evelyn Hurt.
aa. Sir Michael Fitzroy Farquhar, 7th Bt. Married Veronica Hornidge.
AA. Charles Walter Fitzroy Farquhar.
BB. Edward Peter Henry Farquhar. Married Nicola Stone.
i. Melissa Farquhar.
ii. Henry Michael Arthur Farquhar.
iii. Thomas Rockcliffe Farquhar.
bb. Anthony Charles Farquhar. Married Elizabeth Jane Braithwaite.
AA. Alexandra Farquhar.
BB. Annabelle Farquhar.
CC. Antonia Katharine Farquhar.
cc. Ian Walter Farquhar. Married Pamela Chafer.
AA. Emma Elizabeth Farquhar.
BB. Victoria Rose Farquhar.
CC. Rosanne Catherine Farquhar.
(b) Charles Richard Farquhar. Born 14 May 1906. Died 1980. Married Dorothy Nancy Johnson.
aa. Daphne Violet Farquhar. Married Terence John Pardoe.
AA. Amanda Susan Pardoe.
BB. Robert Charles Pardoe.
bb. Angela Dorothy Farquhar. Married Richard John Hassan Meade.
AA. James Richard Meade.
BB. Harry Michael Meade.
CC. Lucy Margaret Meade.
(c) Reginald Arthur Farquhar. Born 7 September 1908. Died 15 February 1937.
(d) Ruth Violet Mary Farquhar. Born 1 February 1910. Married first Richard Gennys Fanshawe.
aa. Captain David Valentine Fanshawe. Born 1 November 1933. Married 1963 Sheila McNeill.
AA. Angus Fanshawe. Born 1965.
BB. Robert Fanshawe. Born 1967.
CC. William Fanshawe. Born 1971.
bb. Captain Brian Edward Fanshawe. Born 13 September 1936. Married 14 September 1960 Elizabeth Pugh.
AA. James Robert Fanshawe. Born 6 August 1961.
BB. Anthony Fanshawe. Born 1964.
CC. Sarah Fanshawe. Born 1967.
Ruth married second Sir Frederick Anthony Hamilton Wills.
(5) Christian Algernon Seymour Corkran. Born 14 April 1883.
(6) (Helen) Muriel Corkran. Born 1885. Died 1929.
(7) Reginald Seymour Corkran. Born 1889. Died 1915.
b. Frances Corkran. Born Bombay BS 1810/11. Died Bucks. Married Rev Thomas Delves Broughton.
(A) Frances Katharine Josepha Broughton, Order of Chefekat (1st Class)  Married Admiral John Arbuthnot Fisher, 1st Baron Fisher of Kedlestone.
(B) Vernon Delves Broughton. Married Augusta Mary Anne Arbuthnot (see below)
(C) Lewis Pryce Delves Broughton.  Married Mary Elizabeth Randall Turner.
(1) Cicely Broughton.
(2) Margaret Broughton.
(D) Commander Cecil Delves Broughton.  Married Marion Honora Bouwens.
(1) Marjorie Frances Delves Broughton. Married Charles Holmes Harrison.
(2) Ruth  Delves Broughton.  Married Francis Maxwell Iremonger.
(3) Dorothy Julia Delves Broughton Married Hugh Babington Blogg.
(4) Colonel Theodore Delves Broughton. Married first Marion Julia Bouwens.
Married second Eva Joanna Sill.
(5) Captain Hugo Delves Broughton.  Married Jessie Wingate Matthews.
(E) Commander Francis Sullivan Delves Broughton.  Married Josephine Harriet Billyard
(1) Marion Ida Broughton.
c. Caroline Corkran. Bap Long Ditton 24 January 1813. Married Long Ditton 14 July 1834 James Campbell Jr, eldest son of James Campbell Sr, a London merchant banker and Caroline Rose _____.
(A) Hugh Campbell. Bap Long Ditton 28 January 1837. Died of typhoid at Hampton Court Palace 12 February 1877. Captain of Royal yacht "Victoria & Albert". Married Lucy Eleanor Archer (born 26 August 1846, died 12 May 1882), daughter of Captain Clement Robert Archer. She married second 3 July 1880 Edward Stanley Handcock and had issue..
(1) Alfred Corkran Campbell. Born 1 January 1872. Kia Nooitgedacht, South Africa 13 December 1900. Lt, Lothian & Berwickshire Yeomanry.
(2) Victor Lindsay Arbuthnot Campbell, DSO, OBE, RN. Born Brighton 20 August 1875. Died Corner Brook, Newfoundland 19 November 1956. Served in Dover Patrol, WW I; sank a U-boat by ramming it. Commander, Drake Batt'n, Gallipoli (DSO), Battle of Jutland and took part in Zeebrugge action. Special service in Archangel (OBE). Led northern party on Scott's last exhibition to the South Pole.
(3) Eleanor Campbell. Born Portsea, Portsmouth 24 January 1870. Died St Leonard's, Sussex 31 March 1891.
(B) Henry Francis Campbell. Bap Long Ditton 2 August 1840.
(C) Charles Walter Campbell. Bap Long Ditton 4 August 1842.  Educated at Eton, where clearly he excelled himself on the river, young Charles was nominated for the East India Company’s Bengal Cavalry in 1859, and arrived in India at the end of the same year .  Appointed a Cornet on the Bengal General List (Cavalry), he was initially attached to the 7th Dragoon Guards and, soon after gaining advancement to Lieutenant in January 1861, was appointed an A.D.C. to Lieutenant-General Sir Hope Grant, the latter recently returned from his command in China. Then in April 1866, he became Adjutant of the Bodyguard to the Governor of Madras, in which capacity he served until 1877, when he was appointed Station Staff Officer at Saugor.  Campbell went on to witness active service in the Second Afghan War, when he served with the 1st Bengal Cavalry in the Kurram Valley 1879-80 and qualified for the Medal without a clasp. He retired as a Lieutenant-Colonel in January 1884 and died in August 1920.
(D) Edith Maude Georgina Campbell. Bap Long Ditton 14 June 1846. Married before 1921  Charles William Thomson 
(E) John Arthur Kenneth Campbell. Bap Long Ditton 7 May 1847.
(F) Constance Arbuthnot Campbell. Bap Long Ditton 18 May 1849. Died unmarried 5 January 1898.
(G) Ivy Mildred Campbell. Bap Long Ditton 1 September 1851.
(H) Hilda Madeleine Arbuthnot Campbell. Bap Long Ditton 16 August 1864.  Married Chichester Cathedral 14 July 1874 Botsy Eversfield Pigott.
(I) James Alastair Campbell. Bap Long Ditton 16 January 1857.
(J) Stella Hope Campbell. Bap Long Ditton 7 April 1860.
d. Sarah Corkran.
9. Frances Arbuthnot. Born Rockfleet 1773 (1772 per Mormons). Died 30 April 1811. Married, 4 July 1799, Augustus Smith of Ashlyns Hall, as his first wife.
10. Sir Robert Arbuthnot, KCB. Born Rockfleet 19 November 1773. Died Hanover Lodge, Regents Park 6 May 1863. KTS General in the army, colonel 76th Regt, Brigadier General in the Portuguese Service. Married first in Belfast, 1 February 1802, Susan Vesey (died Teddington, Twickenham 30 June 1822), only child of Colonel William Vesey of Farm Hill, Co Mayo by his wife ______ Bingham [who married second James Kirkland], the second daughter of Mr George Bingham of Co Mayo and Antigua (by Anne, née Ellison).
a. George Arbuthnot of Farm Hill. Born Norbiton, Surrey 20 November 1802. Died 12 Uxbridge Road, Surbiton 28 July 1865. Formerly in the Treasury and Private Sec to Sir Robert Peel, Bt and subsequently to Sir Charles Wood, later Viscount Halifax. Arbuthnot Road, Hong Kong was named after him. Note: private secretary to several chancellors, permanent secretaries and to the Prime Minister Sir Robert Peel ‎[I16880]‎ - relation between Peel and Arbuthnot - ­http­://­goo­.­gl­/­ABZuB­ ; conservative opponent of the Civil Service reforms proposed by his superior, Sir Charles Trevelyan ‎[I11893]‎ - relation between Trevelyan and Arbuthnot: ­http­://­goo­.­gl­/­ZBF0N­. Married first, 29 April 1829, Augusta Amelia Adolphina Papendick (born 1804; died 5 February 1853), youngest daughter of Christopher Papendick of Kew and Charlotte Louisa Henrietta, née Albert.
(A) (Robert) Christopher Arbuthnot. Born London 19 February 1830. Died 30 December 1891. Major. Married Brighton, 25 November 1875, Frances Brisco (born Headcorn, Kent 1850/51), daughter of Wastel Brisco (born Catsfield, Sussex; died October 1891) of Southcote Manor, Hertfordshire.
(1) (Robert) John Wastel Arbuthnot-Brisco of Newtown Hall, Montgomeryshire. Born Southcote or Reading, Berks 5 February 1877. Died 29 July 1959. Major. Married, q1 1905, Winifreda Teresa Boursot (born 9 October 1883, died Bathavon 24 February 1974).
(a) Robert ("Bobby") Christopher Wastel Arbuthnot. Born 2 September 1906. Died Mendip 20 June 1978 (23-1906). Educated Downside & Trinity College, Cambridge (a Blue at boxing and cricket). A Roman Catholic. He had a child:
aa. (Penelope) Ann A Arbuthnot-Brisco. Married in Winchester Q2 1960 _____ Johnson. Owns a hotel in Northern England.
Robert married, February 1940, Sheila ("Pitt") Grant-Smith (died 8 September 2008) of Forfar. She married second, mid 1980, Edmund R. Cox (dvu June 1981). Her address: Balnacoul, Strowan, Crieff, Perthshire (tel: 01764 654326).
bb. John Christopher Wastel Arbuthnot. Born 13 April 1941. Died Bath, Somerset 28 July 1996. Educated Downside. 1st Lt, Scots Guards. A Roman Catholic. Married, 5 May 1973, Anne Frances Marie Pangman. Address: 2 Rashwood Lane, Mells, nr Frome  Somerset {tel: 01373 812 596), (formerly of: Wellbrook Cottage, Holcombe, by Somerset).
AA. Sarah Frances Harriet Arbuthnot. Born 21 January 1975.
cc. Susan ("Susie") Marcia Arbuthnot. Born 15 September 1947. She works for "Arts Review". A Roman Catholic. Married, 28 November 1980, (Francis) Jasper Jacob, an architect. They live Dordogne, France.
AA. Arabella Arbuthnot-Jacob. Born Hammersmith c.March 1982 (12-2140). Died shortly thereafter.
BB. Georgia Jacob. Born 4 February 1983.
CC. Mollie Tamsine Jacob. Born January 1985.
dd. (Robert) Simon Archibald Arbuthnot. Born 18 September 1949. Died 17 June 1998. Educated Downside. A Roman Catholic. A horticulturalist who ran his own firm called "Simscape". Address: The Old Chapel, Batcombe, Shepton Mallet, Somerset. He had a child:
AA. Alexi Arbuthnot. Adopted out.
Simon married, 1 June 1976, Kira Menora Soskin (dau of Paul Soskin, film producer) whose sister Tatiana married "Roddy" Llewellyn. She lives in France. Carole Lamothe, La Jaubertie, 24580 Rouffignac.  Tél : 05 53 46 61 50, Fax : 05 53 46 61 50. Carole Lamothe writes Simon died in my arms the 17 June 1998, I had lived with him for five years, he was a man such as every woman hopes for in life, courageous, wonderful with our nursery, sincerely kind, he was Krishna . If the family Arbuthnot is really a very good family, Simon was "un merveilleux représentant de cette dynastie"; Je suis trés malheureuse sans lui, I miss him
(b) John ("Jackie") Henry Arbuthnot. Born 30 January 1908. Dsp 20 September 1969. Educated The Oratory & Trinity College, Cambridge (a cricket Blue). A Roman Catholic. Married, 1941, Sheila M O'Connell Pike of Hartley Wintney who remarried Q4 1972 _____ Llewelyn after his death.
aa. Charlotte Arbuthnot. Adopted.
bb. Patrick Arbuthnot. Adopted. He used to own a business making guitars and mandolins. Had a son by Gelinda Rehberg.
AA. Felix Arbuthnot. Born March 1986.
(c) Thomas Francis Arbuthnot. Born 9 December 1909. Died ? March 1990. Educated Downside. A Roman Catholic. Married in Hove, 3 April 1954, Olive Irene Hinkins (née Barton, previously married to Edward Hinkins) (born 25 February 1920, dvu 30 June 1990), daughter of Robert Barton and Isabelle Burgess. Robert owned a firm of stockbrokers in London and briefly employed Tommy. Address: Old Farm House, Elsing, Dereham, Norfolk.
aa. Timothy Robert Arbuthnot. Born 2 February 1958. A farrier. In genealogical terms he is the senior living "one T" Arbuthnot. Married first 4 September 1982 Tracy Sarah Brooks (born 18 October 1964), dau of Eric Nevill Brooks and Jennifer Aloma Warnes. Divorced. She married second Guy Digby-Smith (divorced, they have a child Benedict) and she then adopted the surname Warnes. She now has a partner Peter _____. Address: Woodhall Farm, Saxtead, Woodbridge IP13 9QA.
AA. Edward Alexander Arbuthnot. Born 27 November 1986. Lives with his father.
Timothy married second c.1998 Jacqueline Anne Blyth (born 1 July 1970). Divorced c.2002. She is courting Bert Gulick of Amway Corp.
BB. Thomas Francis Arbuthnot. Born Norwich 7 March 1995.
Timothy has a partner Samantha Lawn (born ?.?.19??). Their address: Red Barn Farm, Vicarage Road, Morley St Botolph, Wymondham, Norfolk NR18 9TW (01953 606 369)
CC. Evelyn Deborah Arbuthnot. Born 10 January 2006.
(d) George Alexander Arbuthnot. Born 31 October 1913. Died 25 May 1990.  Educated The Oratory. A Roman Catholic. Married, first in Kensington, q1 1954 Margaret ("Peggy") Ellis (née Crisp) (divorced or dvu or both c.1964). Married, second, 1964, Hazel Flint of Croydon (died 13 September 2005).
aa. (Charles) Richard Arbuthnot. Born 15 January 1965. Runs a  courier service in Exmouth, Devon.
Who was
Sarah Jane Arbuthnot-Brisco. Born 4 November 1910. Died Whitby q3 1976.
(B) Augusta Mary Anne Arbuthnot. Born Lambeth 13 October 1831. Died 6 December 1919. She edited for publication the Memoirs of her grandmother Mrs Papendick concerning the royal household of Queen Charlotte. She also published a Handbook to the Antiquities of Athens. Michael Kassler is interested in finding the manuscript of her grandmother's memoirs. Married, 4 July 1861, Vernon Delves Broughton of Hunbury Hill, Northamptonshire (born 6 December 1834; died 25 February 1886), son of Rev Thomas Delves Broughton and Frances, née Corkran. He was Dep Master of the Royal Mint, Melbourne, Australia..
(1) Vernon Warburton Delves Broughton. Born 25 November 1864. Died 1937. Civil engineer. Married in Athens 11 February 1899 Frangista da Ponte (born Cephalonia, Greece; died 1957).
(a) Peter Broughton. Born 22 November 1899. Baptised Athens 9 January 1900.
(C) Henry Thomas Arbuthnot, CB. Born Gaddington, Middx 16 October 1834. Died 3 May 1919. Major General, Royal Artillery. Married, 17 September 1862, Anna Jane Mowbray (born Balham, London 1838), daughter of Benjamin Holme Mowbray of Surbiton. They were living in Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire 1901.
(1) George Holme Arbuthnot. Born Edmonton 8 July 1864. Gazetted to Royal Berkshire Regiment 29 August 1885; served in the Soudan 1885-86 (Medal and Bronze Star); Captain, 1896; Major, 1905 (Delhi Durban medal 1911); retired March 1914; joined New Army on the outbreak of World War I and served with 5th Service Batt'n Royal Berkshire Reg't in France till March 1916; later Town Major and Area Commandant in France and Belgium until March 1919. Married, q3 1910, Isabella Catherine Cramer-Roberts, daughter of Colonel Charles J.C. Cramer-Roberts, Norfolk Regiment.
(D) Rev George Alexander Papendick Arbuthnot. Born 21 March 1839. Dsp 1902. Captain, 4th Bengal Light Cavalry. Married first, 19 May 1863, Mary Ellen Fulcher (dvu Roorkee 19 April 1869), daughter of William Fulcher of Surbiton. He married second St John's Church, Meerut, 5 April 1870, Anne Jessie Thomasine Hall, aged 21, ygst daughter of the late Thomas D. Hall of Ashbrook Co., Roscommon.
(E) Adolphus Planta Arbuthnot. Born 9 January 1844. Died 2 December 1844.
(F) Susan Christine Arbuthnot. Born Gaddington, Middx 22 November 1846.
George married second, 28 September 1857, Louisa Anne Jones, daughter of Lt-General Sir Richard Jones, KCB.
b. Phoebe Sarah Arbuthnot. Born Witton, Lancashire 14 May 1804. Bap Falmouth, Cornwall 9 June 1804. Died 16 October 1876. Married Middlesex, 22 February 1825, Rev Randal Henry Feilden, son of Henry Feilden ffelden Fielding and Fanny Hill
(A) Henry Arbuthnot Feilden. Married Ellinor Georgiana Katharine Hornby.
(1) Helen Arbuthnot Feilden. Married Henry Paul Mason.
(a) Marcia Helen Arbuthnot Mason.
(2) Katherine Maud Feilden.
Sir Robert married second, 4 January 1826, Harriet Smith (dsp 5 December 1861), daughter of and co-heir of Thomas Smith of Castletown Hall, Lancashire. In 1858 she was living at 3 Montpellier Parade, Cheltenham. Also resident was Mrs Arbuthnot (unidentified) at 36 Clarance (sic) sq, Cheltenham.
11. Sir Thomas Arbuthnot, KCB. Born Rockfleet, Co Mayo 11 September 1776. Died unmarried at home The Crescent, Salford 26 January 1849. Lt General, 71st Highlanders. Served through the Peninsular War and was ADC to King George III in 1814. He entered joined the British Army in 1794, as an ensign in the 29th Regiment of Foot. After serving in that and other regiments, he joined the staff corps under Sir John Moore in 1803. He subsequently served as quartermaster-general at the Cape of Good Hope, whence, in 1808, he joined the army in the Iberian Peninsula. He was assistant quartermaster-general to General Thomas Picton's division during the greater part of the Peninsular War. He was twice wounded, once in the West Indies and again in one of the latest actions in the Peninsula. He was appointed an aide-de-camp to the Prince Regent in 1814, and a K.C.B. in 1815. Promoted major-general in 1825, he was sent next year to Portugal in command of a brigade. He afterwards commanded a district in Ireland, and having attained the rank of lieutenant-general in 1838, was appointed, in 1842, to the command of the northern and midland districts in England, which command he retained until his death.
John married fourth, St t Michan, Dublin, 10 June 1789, Helen née O'Halloran who had previously been married to Mr Fitzgerald.
John married fifth, 1791, Anne Elizabeth Heard, daughter of Bickford Heard of Cork.

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