TABLE E part 2.

16 February 2010


This Table is a continuation of Table E Part 1


The Hon David R. Arbuthnott, CSI. Born at Arbuthnott House 13 April 1820. Baptized 5 May 1820. Died 27 July 1901. Tax collector of Bellary, India, magistrate at Bellary and political agent, late of the Madras Civil Service and Sevillian. He had illegitimate children by (almost certainly different) Indian women as follows


Robert Arbuthnott. Later adopted the middle name Brotherton. Born 15 November 1842. Baptized 5 May 1848. Died Cuddapah 30 November 1881. Civil engineer. Overseer and later Supervisor of the Public Works Department (DPW). Later involved in famine relief work. Married in Madras 31 October 1866 (N/2 47/419) Georgiana Wilhelmina Ray (born 5 September 1848 [per Madras Almanac 1849, p.464]; died 1 November 1884 "widow"), second daughter of William Ray (born 1803/4; died 11 February 1852).
William Ray is variously described as manager, clerk, or writer in the Town Major's Office, Black Town, Madras. That means that he probably ran or oversaw the administrative/clerical side of the Town Major's office [A]. The Town Major was a military post overseeing the unattached list of NCOs (called conductors and sub-conductors in Indian army parlance) who worked in areas such as the commissariat, bazaar supply and army stud. Anyhow, he married first, as a bachelor, on 18 October 1833 at Black Town Chapel (C of E), Madras, Matilda Taylor, a widow (N/2/15, f. 267). She died Madras 25 August 1838. The index entry for it (N/2/19, f. 40) gives her name as 'Matilda Elvina Ray', and the 'Elvina' of course pops up again with Ray's daughter by his second marriage, Florence Elvina. William & Matilda had a dau Matilda Elvena Ray, died Madras 16 January 1839. William married secondly as a widower, on 29 July 1840, at Black Town Chapel, Madras, Charlotte Fitzgerald (born 1824/5; died 26 July 1852), a spinster (N/2/20, f. 37). The witnesses at the wedding were C. Berlie, M. Berlie, and R.P. Dalgairns. Interestingly, C. Berlie was an auditor in the Military Auditor General's Office in Madras. One 'John Berry' worked in the same office in this era. William & Charlotte had three daughters, the third being Florence Elvena [sic] Ray.

(A) Gladson William Ray Arbuthnot. Born 25 August 1867. Bap Blacktown church, Madras 9 October 1867.   Died 7 December 1867.
(B) (Mary) Annabel ("Ella") Arbuthnott. Born 31 December 1868. Entered into a relationship, c.1882, with her half-uncle James Arbuthnott, qv below, and had issue.
(C) Clementina Ray ("Clarence") Arbuthnott. Born Madras 7 April 1871 (N/2/52, f. 71, Eurasian). Died Kotagiri 15 March 1941 - the joint headstone 'Errected (sic) by their sorrowing children' which survives intact describes them as Mark Flo (stonemason's error for Fk.?) and Clementina Elizabeth Arbuthnott.  Denise advises that she was a staunch protestant all her life and that there was no headstone in 1944. She had children by (marriage cert not found) Mark Frank d'Vaz (born on a plantation near Ooty, India 18 April 1867, died Kotagiri, India 1 May 1936, buried in the cemetery of St Mary's RC Church at Kotagiri, Dennis and Denise both think he was born Mark Florence d'Vaz), a Eurasian who changed his name to Mark Frank Arbuthnott between 1911 & 1923; RMA's marriage certificate shows his father as "Mark Arbuthnott". Mark was a clerk in Ootacamund at least until the birth of Bernie in 1911, when the family was still using the name d'Vaz and appears to have had no coffee plantation - or at least not one providing a steady income and a place of abode. This encourages us to think that it was not Robert Brotherton Arbuthnott who left property to Clementina and her sisters, but his brother James. The estates do not appear in the planting directories until the early 1930s. The family name change may have been tied to the inheritance but is more likely to have been done simply to try to escape the stigma of being Eurasian; with D'Vaz for a surname there would have been no doubt that one was Eurasian but such an assumption could not be made with Arbuthnott. He was running a small coffee estate, Kambatti, next to Araingay in 1937 (per Planting Directory, S India 1937).

Robert ("Bert") Mark Arbuthnott, ED. Born India 27 August 1888 (per army papers). Baptised as Robert Mark d'Vaz, before his parents moved to Ootacamund.  Died 19 January 1980. Captain, RCS. Joined Indian Postal & Telegraph Service 12 July 1906 [A], retiring as Superintendent of the Government Telegraph Office, Allahabad. Worked on the Arberry Estates. Brought up as a Roman Catholic, he became a Methodist. Married at Wesleyan Church, St Johns Hill, Bangalore, 15 March 1923 (N/2 133/131), Jessie Louise Cropp (aged 25, therefore born c.1897/8, [A]) who worked with Posts & Telegraphs and later lived in Melbourne, Australia.


Allan Russel Mark Arbuthnott. Born Ootacamund 22 February 1927. Served with the RAF 1949-54. Worked with the BBC's Television Technical Department. Technical manager "Cymbeline" (1983); Technical co-ordinator "The Importance of being Ernest" (1986 TV); worked on The Forsyte Saga, Dr Who, The Daleks, etc. Married, 28 March 1953, Violet Irene Baker-Powell (born 18 January 1929). Address: 13 Firwood Drive, Camberley, Surrey.


Denise Priscilla Louise Arbuthnott. Born 4 September 1954. Educated London University (BSc). A voluntary adviser, Citizens' Advice Bureau, Brackley, Northants. Married in Camberley, Surrey, 4 June 1983, Nigel Tunnicliffe (born 20 July 1955). Address: 26 Oak Road, St Peter's Park, Brackley, Northants NN13 6ER (tel: 01280 701519).

(aa) Mark James Tunnicliffe. Born Surrey 3 July 1984.

Dennis Robert Arbuthnott. Born Ootacamund 16 April 1931. Dsp unmarried Bracknell 12 September 1997. Aerospace engineer, who worked at Heathrow Airport.

(c) Terence William Ray Arbuthnott. Died 2 May 1936 aged 9 months 17 days. Buried Protestant European cemetery, Kotagiri 3 May 1936 (N/2 159/224).
(d) Maureen Lynette Arbuthnott. Born 18 September 1939. Bap St Johns Hill Methodist Church, Bangalore 28 January 1940. Ret'd school teacher. Address: 23 Dover St, Sth Caulfield, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

(Christopher) Cyril George Arbuthnott. Born Ootacamund 6 June 1892. Baptised as Christopher Cyril George d'Vaz, son of Mark F d'Vaz and Clementina E R d'Vaz (Sponsors: Antony L Cabral and Annie Rosaline Cabral). Dvp in a shooting accident in Baghdad 1 January 1933. Trained as an electrical Engineer in India. Chief Electrical Engineer in the setting up of the first electrical installation at Khanaqin, Baghdad. Married in Latin Church 26 November 1925, then at High Commissioner's Residence, Baghdad, 8 January 1926, Catherine Behnan (born Turkey 25 December 1905, died Richmond 23 May 2005) whose father, Antoun Behnan, was French and whose mother's father was from Georgia, Russia. Photograph (left to right): Dennis, Desmond, Sylvia, Catherine, Douglas.


Sylvia Mary Arbuthnott. Born Baghdad 27 December 1926. Died 1 December 1999.  A fashion designer. Married, 20 November 1947, Edmund ("Eddie") Charles Rose (born Baghdad 14 April 1925; died 7 July 1989), son of Edmund Charles Rose, British Consul in Baghdad. Divorced 1963. He married again.


Patricia ("Pat") Maureen Rose. Born Baghdad 6 October 1948. Married first in London, 1968, Russell Gay (born London 1916), publisher. Divorced 1977. Married second in New York, 23 May 1981, John Warner Kluge (born Chemnitz, Germany 21 September 1914), as his third wife, a major shareholder in Metromedia Inc, film producers and distributors. Divorced.

(aa) John Kluge, Junior. Born June 1983. Adopted.
Pat married third, 31 August 2000, William Jay Moses who had two daughters, Kristen and Amanda (dvp 2002).  She is still known as Kluge. He has moved his offices to Chantilly. Address: Albemarle House, Kluge Estate winery & Vineyard, North Virginia 22902.
bb. Ernest ("Ernie") Cyril Rose. Born Baghdad 13 May 1959. Educated Richmond- upon- Thames College (engineering) and Kent University. Address: 69 Beaufort Road, South Bournemouth DH6 5AT (tel:  0120 238 1711).
(b) (Bertram) Desmond Arbuthnott. Born Baghdad 4 March 1928. Died Putney, London 22 December 1997. Married first, 2 June 1953, Elizabeth Power (born London 1 November 1928), dau of Michael Power and Mary Desmond (both from Cork; married 1926). Divorced c.1965. She lives in Bramham Gdns, London.

Catherine June Arbuthnott.  Born London 25 January 1954. Educated Exeter University (scholarship, BA in mediaeval studies). School-teacher (head of classics). Contestant University Challenge (representing Birkbeck College), 1997. Married, 23 October 1976, Stephen David Brice. Divorced 1983. Married second, 25th July 1986, Terence Stanley Ford (born 12 September 1946). Married third, 29 July 1989, Roy William Smith. Divorced 1994. She reverted to her maiden name.


Maurice Desmond Arbuthnott.

Desmond married, second, 12 April 1969, Judith ("Judy") Marian Fawcett (born Harrogate, Yorkshire 20 August 1943). Divorced 1976. Her address: 103 Lyric Rd., SW13 9QA (020-8392 4946).


Mark Thomas Arbuthnott. Born London 25 March 1971. Educated Sir Winston Churchill's School for the Deaf. Address: 1 The Cobbles, Bletchingley, Surrey RH1 4PB previously: 20 Buxton Road, London SW14.


Douglas George Arbuthnott. Born Baghdad 2 January 1930. Died 12 February 2007. Entrepeneur in the brewery field; also made industrial perfumes. Address: 117 Queens Road, Richmond TW10 6HF (020 8948 2233).


Dennis Michael Arbuthnott. Born Baghdad 29 September 1932. He owns a firm, Ace Engineering of Nuwquay which specialises in air conditioning equipment. Address: Trebiegh Farm, Ladock, near Truro, Cornwall (tel 01726 882 997) (formerly of: 29 Edgecombe Gardens, Nuwquay, Cornwall). He had a daughter by Ena Smithies, school teacher: She married Stanley Hugh Newington and lives in Wolverhampton.


Paula Smithies. Born Hampstead 20 March 1955. Married Terence Joseph Patrick Furnival. Divorced; no children. Lives in Wolverhampton.

Dennis married in Cardiff, 27 September 1958, Marion Lewis (born Pembroke Dock, Pembrokeshire, Wales 27 September 1938).


Blasius ("Blass" / "Blaise" / "Blassey") Alphonsus Reginald Arbuthnott. Born 3 February 1895. Baptised St Mary's (RC) Church, Ootacamund as Blasius Alphonsus Reginald d'Vaz, son of F d'Vaz (Eurasian clerk) and Clementina R E d'Vaz (Sponsors: A J d'Rosario & E V d'Rozario). Died St George's Hospital, Westminster 26 February 1959. Asst superintendant Central Telegraph Office, Calcutta [A]. He owned and ran the Araingay coffee estate (next to Kambatti) 1937.  Lived in Entally, a suburb of Calcutta before moving to Upper Tooting.   Married 12 January 1926 Matilda ("Matty") Jane Eckersall (born 19 May 1905; died Harlow, Essex September 1994) and brought up in Kotagiri. Address: 19 The Maples, Harlow, Essex. Photograph (left to right): Cyril ? (torn), Blass?, Sylvia or Clarence?, Sonny? Clarence? (not Bernie or Elaine)


Reginald ("Bob") Waverley Arbuthnott. Born India 29 October 1929. Bap Madras 1929 (Vol 146 Fo 124). Died 2 January 2001. Worked for British Petroleum. Married, 16 June 1956, Carmel Philomena Kelly


Siobhan Jane Arbuthnott

bb. Suzanne Marie-Claire Arbuthnottt.

David Reginald Arbuthnott. Born Epping 27 March 1963. Died 17 August 1992.


Bryan Mark Trevor Arbuthnott. Born India 5 July 1931. Educated Lawrence Memorial Military School, Lovedale. He owns a firm of estate agents called Modern Estates and a printing business called Autoprint. Served with the RAF 1949-54, corporal.  Married, 24 April 1954, Hazel Beryl Wheat (born Nottingham 1 August 1936). Address: 4 Abba Close, Kimberley, Nottinghamshire (tel: 0115 919 8975).


Julie Ann Arbuthnott. Born 2 August 1954. Married, 30 September 1978, David Gani. Separated.

(aa) Laura Joanne Gani. Born 27 June 1983.
(bb) Michael Raymon Gani. Born 10 October 1986.

Karin Jane Arbuthnott. Born 19 May 1958. Married 13 September 1987 Vincent Edmund Whiting.

(aa) Blake Hettley Whiting. Born 2 May 1991.
(bb) Alicia Hettley Whiting. Born 6 August 1994.

Ellen ("Ellie") Marie Arbuthnott. Born Basford 25 December 1965. Died 31 December 2011. Married 10 February 1990 Robert Hill.  Divorced. She reverted to her maiden name.


Audrey Heather Arbuthnott. Born India 12 December 1934. Died unmarried Harlow 13 December 2004.


Jean Valerie Arbuthnott. Born India 15 July 1940. Married, Q2 1965, Peter Fraser Jeffrey (born London 21 April 1932), a civil engineer working in Venezuela. They have moved to Herefordshire from: Glenbright House, Hookheath Road, Woking, Surrey GU22 0LB (01483 725948).


Helen Elizabeth Gail Jeffrey. Born Botswana 21 April 1972. Married 17 November 2001 Andrew Robert Bennett (born 26 November 1971).


Gavin Charles Fraser Jeffrey. Born Kent 23 February 1974.


Sylvia Mary Annabel Arbuthnott. Born India 5 February 1897. Baptised St Mary's (RC) Church, Ootacamund 14 February 1897 as Sylvia Mary Annabel d'Vaz (Father: Mark de Vaz of Mettuchery, Clerk, Eurasian. Sponsors: James & Annabel Arbuthnott). Died Yately 13 August 1991. Telegraphist. Married 21 November 1928 George Dakin (born Sutton on Trent 15 March 1900; dvu Wimbledon, London 12 July 1965) who was with the British Army Education Corps (an Army school teacher who was stationed at various locations in India), son of Robert Dakin. Buried with his sister in law, "Elaine" Arbuthnott. They lived at 120 Clarence Road, London SW19.

(a) Margaret Dakin. Born September 1930. Married _____ _____. Lives in Brighton.
(b) Shirley Mary Patricia Dakin. Born 5 July 1936. Married, 30 August 1958, Derek Stevens (born London 27 September 1936). Address: 22 Lymington Ave, Yateley, Hants GU46 6EQ.

Josephine Violet Helen ("Elaine") Arbuthnott. Born 20 March 1901. Baptised at St. Antony's (RC) Church, Coonoor, 21 March 1901 as Josephine Violet Helen d'Vaz. Her parents were identified as Mark & Clementina D'Vaz. Her father was additionally identified as 'Printer, Eurasian'. Reference: N/2/89, f. 81. Died unmarried Wimbledon qtr2 1960. She was a school teacher in Surrey. Buried with George Dakin.


(Jane Anne) Henrietta ("Etta") Arbuthnott.  Born 26 July 1905. Baptised at St Antony's (RC) Church, Coonoor, 3 August 1905 (ref N/2/98, f.108) as Jane Anne Henrietta d'Vas (sic), daughter of Mark Thoma [sic] and Clementina D'Vas [sic]. Father's abode was given as Coonoor and his profession was given as 'writer', i.e., clerk. Died unmarried India 1954

(7) Bernadette ("Bernie") Margaret Arbuthnott. Born 25 May 1911. Baptised at Coonoor 4 June 1911 as Bernadette Margaret d'Vaz. Her parents were identified as Marc & Clementina D'Vas - the strange spellings probably coming from the fact that it was French RC priest who performed the baptism. The parents' address was given as Wellington, which was the British military station at Coonoor. The father's occupation was given as 'Eurasian. Clerk'. Reference: N/2/109, f. 145. Dsp London August 1976. Worked in the WACS during WW II. Married first 30 May 1936 William George Tomkinson, Roman catholic widower of Madras (born 1910/11), son of John Frederick Tomkinson. Married second, ?.?.19??, Sqdn-Ldr Ronald T. Smith, AFM. They lived at Chaklala, 32 Ridge Road, Winchmore Hill, London N21.
(D) Jane Ann Grace Arbuthnott. Born Madras 1 March 1874. Died Ootacamund 20 January 1895 (death entry identifies her as Eurasian). Buried in the Roman Catholic Cemetery (info comes from a volume of inscriptions on Christian graves in the Nilgiris as does that re Joseph). Married, probably in the late 1880s, Charles  D'Lima (also spelled De Lima), born Madura 25 January 1856, died of pneumonia 23 November 1908; buried at St Mary's Roman Catholic Church, Ootacamund; classified on his burial certificate as a 'Eurasian' (N/2/104, f. 265), son of Edward d'Lima and Bridget. Charles was head surveyor of the Madras survey. He married second Anne Snaize and had four further children.

Herbert D'Lima. Born 1889/90. Died of fever 19 May 1895 aged 5; buried 19 May (N/2/78, f.307).


Joseph Vyvian Arbuthnott D'Lima. Born 17 June 1891. Died Ootacamund 12 September 1893. Buried Roman Catholic Cemetery.


[Possibly] Grace D'Lima. Married Mr _____ Cocker.

(a) Max Cocker.
(b) Bertie Cocker.
(c) Caroline Cocker. Committed suicide.
(d) June Cocker. Married _____ Clough. They had 5 children.
(E) Florence May Arbuthnott. Born Madras 7 May 1876. Baptised at Black Town Emmanuel Church, Madras, 23 August 1876 (N/2/57/202). Died young (from poisoning?).
(F) (Constance) Daisy Arbuthnott. Born 26 December 1877. Baptized 2 January 1878. One source suggests she was a twin (which she wasn't) who committed suicide in her 20s (which we doubt). Another says she married Ken Stubbs.
(G) Violet ("Etta") Elaine Arbuthnott. Born Madras 11 January 1880.
(H) Millicent (later Maud) Arbuthnott. Claimed to be born Madras 17 July 1888 (adult conditional baptism N/2/111/41, no "Maud") to Robert and Alice Arbuthnot of Cuddapah. She was left a coffee estate in Khotagiri, Nilgiris probably 'by her uncle James' (therefore post 1910), which was sold 1936-37. But it seems she was unclear who she was.  At her wedding (N/2/124, 39) her age has changed. She is now 27 on 3 July 1918, which would give a birth year of 1890/91, has acquired Maud as an extra forename and an extra 't' for her surname. We think she was much older, possibly a late posthumous child of Robert Brotherton Arbuthnott who died November 1881. Assuming she was born in mid-1882, she would have been 43 or so when she gave birth to her second child in 1925. Another possibility is that she was the illegitimate daughter of the widow Georgiana Wilhelmina, and hence was born a bit later, in 1883 or 1884. Georgiana cannot have found it easy trying to bring up six girls by herself. Acquiring a male protector would have been almost essential for her. Perhaps that's why she died in Pondicherry. She went there to have her last baby discreetly and she died not long after its birth. Or, a third possibility, she was actually the illegitimate daughter of one of her older 'sisters'. Mary Annabel and Clementina Ray were both old enough to have given birth to her in 1883 or 1888. It is speculation, but there are inconsistencies in the evidence that Millicent produced on two separate occasions and these are consistent with her not knowing the full story of her origins. The evidence for her six sisters being the known daughters of RB and GW is so strong that we have to assume that it was Millicent who got it wrong about 'Robert and Alice' being her parents. If she was born in mysterious circumstances and was brought up by a charity, then she is unlikely to have been told the full truth of her parentage. She was certainly brought up (by James and Ella) as being the youngest sister.
Millicent died Calcutta 22 December 1944. She worked for the Post & Telegraph Service c.1917.  Married in St Andrew's Church, Madras 3 July 1918 George Harpin (born Bannock 2 March 1885), son of William Harpin. He was a sergeant in the British Army, later joined the British Police and later went to a tea estate. George worked in Mussulipatum c.1933. George and Millicent died and were buried in India.

Phyllis Harpin. Born Jubbulpore, India 18 June 1922. Died in a car accident in 3 December 1974 in Dahran, Saudi Arabia, where she had gone to visit her nephew.  Buried in the graveyard in ARAMCO in Dahran, Saudi Arabia. She had a private school in Pakistan. Married first, 1939, Shaukat Omari, a Syrian (dsp). She married second in Karachi, Pakistan 9 January 1956 George Talia (born 19??; died Beirut 21 December 1965), a Lebanese christian from Beirut, who was a millionaire and had an off-licence and was in the construction business among other things


Sa'ad George Talia. Born Iraq 12 December 1956. He emigrated to Canada 2000. Bank manager, Bank of Montreal. Lives in Toronto, Canada (tel: +1 416 009 7746).


Marjorie Patricia Harpin. Born Poona 28 June 1925.  Died Karachi, Pakistan 26 October 2005. Buried Army graveyard, Mahmoodabad. Married first 1939 (Mohammad) Rashid Omari (dvu 19??), a Syrian, son of Mohammad Sadi al-Omari and Laila.


Shaukat Omari. Born 26 April 1941. He is a business man and was president of NGO Transparency International. Married in Karachi September 1973 Shahnaz Ali. They live in Karachi, Pakistan.


Sana Omari. Born Dhahran, Saudi Arabia 4 October 1974, a twin. She teaches architecture in the Womens College in Jeddah.  Married Karachi 3 January 1995 Ali ("Rizwan") Ahmed Karim, engineer. They live in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.


Sara Omari. Born Dhahran, Saudi Arabia 4 October 1974, a twin. She graduated as a graphic designer. Married in Karachi August 1996 Adil Chapra, a businessman.

(aa) Daud Chapra, a son. Born Karachi 7 August 2000.
(bb) Zaid Chapra, a son. Born Karachi 14 August 2003.

Dr Shaza Omari, a daughter. Born Dhahran, Saudi Arabia 3 May 1976. Married February 2003 Dr Kashif Rasool. He lives in Virginia, USA. They are applying for residencies. She is preparing to take her US entrance exams when she comes to the USA at the end of 2003.

(aa) Zara Rasool, a daughter. Born Detroit, Michigan 20 October 2005.

Omar Omari. Born Dhahran, Saudi Arabia 5 November 1979. Studying architecture. Lives in Karachi.


Asad Omari. Born Dhahran, Saudi Arabia 17 March 1983. Studying architecture. Lives in Karachi.


Farida Omari. Born 29 July 1945. Unmarried. Lives in Karachi, Pakistan with her mother. She remembers visiting Shirley Stevens in early 1980s.


Khalid Omari. Born 29 July 1949. Architect. Married in Rawalpindi, Pakistan 14 July 1978 Tina Asha Malik (born 19 January 1952), works with UNICEF. They live in Manhattan, NY, USA.


Shakib Omari. Born Dhahran 30 August 1979. He is doing a PhD in Physics at the University of Toronto, Canada. He married in Karachi 24 July 2007 Aisha Chapra, teacher.  Separated then divorced.


Shazde Omari. Born Dhahran 1 July 1982. She has completed a Masters in ESL and journalism at a university in Connecticut. She is currently living in New York City, working with the Village Voice paper as a copy chief.

Marjorie married second 1952 Ismail G M Noorani, a pharmacist. Divorced 1961. She lives in Karachi and remembers visiting "her cousin" Sylvia Dakin in 1989.


Birjees Noorani, a daughter. Born 31 March 1953. Married in Karachi 8 February 1980 Shahid Ali


Shahrukh Ali, a son.  Born Karachi February 1986.


Saamia Ali, a daughter. Born Karachi 1988.


Shahmir Ali, a son. Born Karachi 1991.


James Arbuthnott. Born 3 June 1845. Baptized 5 April 1848. Educ Madras Univ (BA). Headmaster of Chiteldroog & Hassan School, Mysore. Retired 1900. James entered into a relationship, c.1882, with (Mary) Annabel ("Ella") Arbuthnott (i.e. his half-niece, qv above). They moved district 1890/1.

(A) Ruby ("Tootsie") Arbuthnott. Born India c.1890. Died Karachi 1963. Governess to the Nawab of Udaipur's children? Marjorie Noorani insists Tootsie's father was Henry; we are checking. RA
(B) "Sonny" (Henry??) Arbuthnott, a son. Born c.1895. Died Madras aged 45-50 c.1935-36. Suffered from shell shock. Married _____ _____. RSG
(C) Guladis (Gladys) Agnes Arbuthnott. Born Arsikere, Hassan Dt, Mysore, India 1901 (N/2/92/82). She became a nun c.1930/35 in Bezwada and later joined the St. Joseph's Convent, Bangalore - she was Mother Superior there when she died. Bangalore is the capital of Mysore which is where her father was based.

Henry Arbuthnott of Black Town, Madras. Born 30 August 1846. Bap 5 May 1848. Died Nagpur 10 September 1913. Assistant engineer / Supervisor, public works dept.. Married first in Baptist church, New town, Madras 3 May 1872 Florence Elwina / Elvina Ray (sister of Georgiana Wilhelmina Ray, qv above, died 6 December 1876 we think because she had not recovered from Florence's birth), daughter of William Ray.


Eleanor Violet Arbuthnot. Spinster, dau of Henry Arbuthnot, aged 24 in 1896 (therefore born 1871/72) when she married (N/2/80/53) at St Matthias' Church, Madras, 1896, Edgar Charles Ross Schmidt, a bachelor aged 31, storekeeper of Bezwada-Madras Railway.


Alice Linda Arbuthnott. Born 1874. Married 22 January 1906 (as Linda Alice Arbuthnott) John Phillip Bartel, revenue secretariat clerk, son of Adelbert A Bartel. Terry Tag tells us that his great great grandfather's baptism details list his father as John Phillip Bartels but his mother is listed as Emma Augustina Keyes (possibly from Germany); he also has some info on Adelbert A Bartels; he says "his" John Phillip is possibly the brother of Adelbert A Bartels and it is possible that Adelbert named his son after his brother John Phillip.


Florence Arbuthnott. Born 1 November 1876, baptised 24 December 1876. (N/2/57, f. 316).

Henry married second Catherine ("Kate") Eliza O'Brien (born 9 October 1862, bap RC Co-Cathedral, Madras 16 June 1898).

(D) Katherine O'Brien Arbuthnott.  Born 4 February 1882. Died South Fremantle 26 June 1956. Married in Madras, 31 December 1902, John (otherwise Johann) Francis Diederich (born 1858, died Jandakot, W Aus 8 May 1921; hotel keeper and engineer, son of Caspar Diederich and Gertrude née Cohen) as his second wife.  Apparently John came from Gielsenkirken in Germany although this was not the family's town of origin; a number of the Diederich family went to New Zealand and John's younger brother's grandson wrote a book about the New Zealand branch called "The Ghosts of Makara". There was some controversy over their marriage as she was the music teacher of his daughters (by his first marriage), and there was a significant difference in age. They emigrated to Perth 1909. By his first wife, Mary Anne Catherine McNamara, John had had a daughter:-
- Winifred Elizabeth Mary Diederich. Born 13 July 1890. Died Jandakot, Fremantle 15 August 1919. Married in Fremantle, Australia 3 October 1911 Francis ("Frank") George Arbuthnot (born 1884; died 12 November 1966), see below.
But by Katherine, John had:
(1) Clorine Cecilia Diederich Born 1901. Died Sth Fremantle 1 February 1963. Married Robert Bruce Cook (died Jandakot 5 March 1974)
(a) Lana Maris Cook. Died 27 July 1946 aged 18 days.
(2) (Bernard) John Diederich. Born 22 December 1903. Bap 21 December 1903. Died South Fremantle 16 April 1966. Married Frances Mary Daly (born 1907; died Hamilton Hill, W Aus 18 October 1993).

Edith Catherine Diederich Married Michael Vernon John Williams

aa. Shelley Marie Williams Married Peter David Bird
(aa) Aleisha Bird
bb. Michael John Williams Married Debbie Filomena Gadean
cc. Jeffrey Stephen Williams Married Sheila Birchnall
dd. Victoria Jane Williams
ee. Peter David Williams
(b) Bryan David Francis Diederich
(c) Janice Maureen Diederich
(3) (Gertrude) Norah Diederich. Born 3 August 1908. Died Jandakot, Fremantle 8 May 1909.
(4) Stella Frederica Diederich Married Ronald James Macatee

Darell Marie Macatee Married Edmund John Grant

aa. Nicole Maree Grant  Married Paul Tiggott
(aa) Hayley Marie Tiggott
(bb) Samantha Belle Tiggott
bb. Bradley Robert Grant Married Jody ______
(aa) Amber Grant
(bb) Aiden Grant
cc. Jennifer Mary Grant Married Anthony van der Weilen
(aa) Harley van der Weilen
(bb) India Rose van der Weilen
dd. Luke Grant
ee. Brendan John Grant
ff. Peter Grant Born and died 1972

Geraldine Anne Macatee Married Edmund Alious Martinovich

aa. Danielle Marie Martinovich Married Joseph Jones Laurence
(aa) Luke James Laurence
(bb) Ruby Marie Laurence
(cc) Adam Bryan Laurence
(dd) Thomas Edmund Laurence
bb. Simone Michelle Martinovich
cc. Matthew Jarrod Martinovich
dd. Cassandra Mary Martinovich

Jennifer Angela Macatee Married Kevin Neil Robinson

aa. Martine Celeste Robinson
bb. Kristian Louise Robinson
(5) Gerard Ronald Stanley Diederich Born 1916. Died Ardross, Fremantle, W Aus 28 March 1983. Married Edith Fletcher

Jeanine Maree Diederich


Denise Lynn Diederich Married Frank Maurice Trobe

(6) Joseph Malcolm Diederich. Born 1918. Died Jandakot 17 June 1919.
(E) Edward Victor O'Brien Arbuthnott. Born 1 April 1883. Bap RC Co-Cathedral, George town, Madras 21 December 1898. Died 1900.
(F) Francis ("Frank") George ( later O'Brien) Arbuthnott. Born 17 March 1884. Bap RC Co-Cathedral, Madras 21 December 1898. Died Bicton 12 November 1966. Married his sister's husband's daughter by his previous wife Winifred Diederich (born 1890; died 15 August 1919), see above.
(1) (John) Francis George Arbuthnott. Born 1912. Died Donnybrook, Fremantle 23 August 1957 aged 45.
(2) Colin Edmund Arbuthnott. Born 1915. Died 1986.
(3) Daphne Mary Arbuthnott.  Born 1916. Died 16 March 1991.  Daphne married William Silas Coleman (born 1921; died Bicton 4 November 1971).

Clinton James Coleman Married Gail Powell.

aa. Nigel Mark Coleman Married Katherine Louise Reid.
bb. Deane William Coleman Married Danielle Perkins
cc. Alicia Therese Coleman Born 1970 Died 1971

Francis William Coleman. Married Katherine O'Shea.

aa. Karen Louise Coleman. Has a child:
(aa) Sheridan Reed
bb. Lisa Anne Coleman
cc. Gary Francis Coleman
(c) John Andrew Coleman.
(d) Anne Therese Coleman. Married Raymond Wilson.
(4) Mavis Isobel Arbuthnott.  Born 1918. Died Bicton 27 March 1986. Mavis married first Jack Clifford Bartlett. (born 1915; died Bicton 9 September 1974).  Mavis married second Philip Gillan (born 1921; died Bicton 30 September 1982).
(G) Charles Edward O'Brien Arbuthnott.  Born Madras 1891 (N/2/72/272). Died 1892.
(H) Mary Xavier Arbuthnott. Born Madras 15 December 1898. Bap RC Co-Cathedral, Madras 21 December 1898.

The Hon David Arbuthnott married at Bellary, East Indies, 8 September 1847, Elizabeth ("Eliza") Reynolds (born Wallington, Surrey, born 1824 per 1881 census, died 16 June 1913 aged eighty-eight), second daughter of Thomas Forbes Reynolds, MD (a Quaker) of Wallington, Surrey by (Frances) Sophia Daniell. Thomas Forbes Reynolds' elder daughter, Frances Mary Anne Reynolds, married Rev George Knox, whose second son, Edmund Arbuthnott Knox (born 6 December 1847; died 16 January 1937), Bishop of Manchester was the father of six children, including E V Knox, Dillwyn Knox (father of Oliver Arbuthnot Knox, died 2002, obituary) and Ronald Arbuthnott Knox (born 17 February 1888; died 24 August 1957), Roman Catholic Priest and translator of the Bible.


A still-born child. Born 3 May 1848.


Margaret Frances Arbuthnott. Born Hindustan, India 5 March 1850. Died Holmwood, Paignton, Devonshire unmarried 11 January 1917; buried 15 January 1917.


John Pelly Arbuthnott. Born 1 April 1851. Died unmarried 8 Colville Terrace, London 19 May 1878.


Lindsay George Arbuthnott. Born Madras 14 January 1853. Died 31 May 1927. Deputy Inspector General of Police, Madras, 1902-1908. Married first, 3 October 1907, Gertrude Forbes Nash (died 9 January 1924), daughter of Clifford E.F. Nash, MA, Barrister-at-Law of Cheltenham.


(Bernard) David Ogilvy Arbuthnott. Born Cheltenham 7 August 1908. Died August 1976.


Margaret ("Meg") Wedderburn Arbuthnott. Born Charlton Kings, Gloucestershire 7 May 1913. Married, 30 June 1939, Lt-Colonel Hew Angus Christopher Blair-Imrie, DSO, MC of the Black Watch, attd Gordon Highlanders (killed in action in Normandy 18 August 1944), younger son of Lt-Colonel Hew Francis Blair-Imrie, CMG, OBE, JP of Lunan, Angus. Address: The Lodge, Edzell, Angus.


Dorothy Margaret Blair-Imrie. Born 7 April 1940. Married, 16 April 1966, Charles Evan Bruce- Gardyne, eldest son of Captain Evan Bruce- Gardyne, DSO, RN of Lunan, Angus. Address: Middleton, by Arbroath, Angus.


Evan David Bruce-Gardyne. Born 7 August 1967.


Diana Dorothy Bruce-Gardyne. Born 12 February 1969.


Hew Alan Charles Bruce-Gardyne. Born ?.?.1971.

Lindsay married second, 9 July 1924, Gertrude Amy Gaskoin died 21 August 1940), daughter of John Gaskoin.


Louisa Curzon Arbuthnott. Born Madras, India 1854 (33/227). Died unmarried Paignton, Devon  11 January 1919.


David Arbuthnott. Born Madras 20 March 1856. Died unmarried Cumbrum, Kurnool District, India 6 September 1878. Lt, 67th Foot Regiment.


Eliza Clementina Mary Arbuthnott. Born Madras, India 1858. Died unmarried 8 February 1940.


Donald Stuart Arbuthnott, CE. Born Kirkden, Angus 23 December 1860. Dvu Bay View, Mount Paignton 29 September 1918. Married at Partick, Glasgow, 2 February 1892, Anne ("Annie") Elizabeth Brand (died 23 October 1944), fourth daughter of James Brand of Glasgow.


Rev David Arbuthnott, DD, PhD. Born 19 November 1892. Died unmarried 18 June 1969. Educated Stonyhurst. He was in Holy Orders of the Church of Rome.

J.G. Arbuthnott (Photo courtesy of Mr Ian Sayer)


James Gordon Arbuthnott. Born Scotland 10 March 1894. Died 2 May 1985. Educated Stonyhurst. Served in World Wars I & II; Cmdr, RN and RNC, Osborne. Married, 21 April 1931, Margaret Georgiana ("Bobbie") Hyde (born 12 May 1910; died 1993), daughter of John Woolley Hyde of Seaview, Instow, North Devon. Address: Swifts, Beckley, Rye, East Sussex.


John Hyde Arbuthnott. Born 10 March 1932. Died 29 November 1981. Educated RNC, Dartmouth. Lt, RN. Married, 29 December 1955, (Patience) Sarah Wainman (born 19 April 1933), elder daughter of Charles Wainman of Balure, Bembridge, Isle of Wight and of Mrs John Scott-Cockburn of Hornton Hall, Banbury. She married second, 11 May 1990, David W J Hillier. Address: Hausse Cambe, 46700 Mauroux, France.


Anthony St John Gordon Arbuthnott. Born 25 November 1956. Married, 21 June 1980, Susan Ann Humphreys (previously the wife of Dennis Prior), younger daughter of George Humphreys of Radlett, Hertfordshire.. Address: Windward, Totland Bay, Isle of Wight. Office tel: 020-7403 8784


Nicholas Charles Arbuthnott. Born Gosport 4 October 1958. Educated Ampleforth and Corpus Christie College, Oxford. Worked for the Foreign Office in Paris. He now has a financial services co. Ran London Marathon 2004 (4h38m49). Married first, 1989, Tracy Brett, younger dau of Lesley Brett of Eltham Park, Kent. Divorced 1991. Married 2nd, 1994, (Susan) Fenella ("Fanny") Dubes, dau of Major Angus Dubes. Divorced 20 July 2007.

aa. Carlos Nicholas Mark Arbuthnott. Born Guatemala 14 August 1994. Adopted.
bb. Sendy Nina Ophelia Arbuthnott. Born Guatemala 16 September 1994. Adopted.
cc. Aldo Gerard Luke Arbuthnott. Born Guatemala 30 May 1996. Adopted.

Married third Liz Kaskela, daughter of Dr Vesa Veijo Kaskela of Finland. Address: 197 Highbury Hill, London, N5 1TB.

dd. John Alfonso Kaskela Arbuthnott. Born London March 2006.
ee. Walter James Kaskela Arbuthnott. Born December 2009.

Hugh James Arbuthnott, CMG. Born 27 December 1936. Educated Ampleforth & New College, Oxford. 2nd Lt, Black Watch. Joined HM Foreign (subsequently Diplomatic) Service 1960-96. Head of European Integration Department (External), FCO, 1974-78. Served in Paris as Counsellor (Agricultural & Economic), then as Head of Chancery 1978-83, Ambassador to Rumania 1986-89 and to Portugal 1989-93 and to Denmark 1993-96. Author A Common Man's Guide to the Common Market. Married, 29 May 1964, Vanessa Rose Dyer (born 30 November 1940), only daughter of Edward Dyer of Tunbridge Wells. Address: 11 Bede House, Manor Fields, Putney Hill, London SW15 3LT (020-8785 1714).


Dominic Hugh Arbuthnott. Born 11 June 1965. Educ Ampleforth, Oxford Univ. Chartered accountant, KPMG. Then with Pepsi, now with MAI, Central Eastern Europe. Married in London, 11 June 1999, Andrea Magdolna Kálmán.

aa. Melisza Sarlott Arbuthnott. Born Budapest 9 October 1999. MA

Justin Edward James Arbuthnott. Born 8 September 1967. Drowned with three friends 28 July 1989 when their boat capsized off the coast near County Donegal in Ireland. Educ Edinburgh Univ.


Giles Sebastian Arbuthnott. Born 30 March 1970. Educ Edinburgh Univ. Married July 1999 Siew Kheng Keh of Kuala Lumpur.

aa. A child en ventre sa mere as at 3 December 2004.

Georgina Mary Arbuthnott. Born 22 June 1940. Educated St Mary's Convent, Ascot. Married first, 25 October 1966, William Robert Sparling (born 22 February 1931), son of Wilfred Eustace Sparling of Beauvallon, Ste Maxime, France. Divorced 1982. Address: Les Boulevards, 46800 Montcuq, France, formerly of: La Cabrière 83690, Tourtour, France. She married second 1988 Christian Toulet


Christophe Jean Charles Toulet. Born 14 May 1979.

(b) Clare Margaret Suzanne Toulet. Born 13 June 1984
(4) Elisabeth Grace Arbuthnott. Born 29 August 1945. Educated St Mary's Convent, Ascot & St Hugh's College, Oxford (BA). Married, 21 December 1967, Rupert Arthur Rees Evans, Barrister-at-Law, only son of Philip Evans of 26 Glenferness Avenue, Bournemouth, Hampshire. Address: St Jacques, St Peter Port, Guernsey GY1 1SW.

Marcus James Julius Evans. Born 23 May 1972.


Frances Imogen Evans. Born 13 June 1975. Married 19 August 2000 Massimo Pietro Mariani of Genoa, Italy


Adelaide Grace Evans. Born 12 April 1978.

(C) Edith Gertrude Arbuthnott. Born 11 April 1895. Died Dunfermline 1967. Prominent campaigner for the abolition of Sunday trading and the practice of sending children up chimneys. Lived in St Petersburg Place, London.

Margaret Arbuthnott. Born 30 April 1896. Died 1899.


Nancy ("Anne") Arbuthnott. Born 9 July 1897. Died December 1981. Married, 23 April 1930, John Cyril Taylor Rains, MA, BCL, Barrister-at-Law of 52 Shakespeare Road, Worthing, Sussex.


John St Clair Arbuthnott. Born 27 August 1898. Died.  Educated Downside and RMC, Sandhurst. Served in World Wars I & II: Captain, IA; Sqdn- Ldr, RAF. Married first, 30 May 1932, (Constance) Clare Fairlie (died 16 November 1964), daughter of Frank Fairlie of Beldorny, Nairn. Married second, 14 March 1967, Catherine Wellborn Morgan (died 18 May 1983), daughter of Thomas Redman Morgan of Aiken, South Carolina, USA. They were separated. His address: 11 Winchester Road, Worthing, West Sussex (formerly of: Buttermilk Cottage, Barford-St Michael, Deddington, Oxfordshire).


Eliza ("Betty") Mary Arbuthnott. Born 10 February 1900. Died July 1981. A nun at The Good Shepherd Convent, Staplehurst, Kent.


Donald Charles Arbuthnott. Born 10 December 1901. Died 6 November 1930. Educated Beaumont. Tea planter in Assam.


Mary ("Molly") Frances Clementina Arbuthnott. Born 9 December 1904. Died 8 August 1990. Married, 24 June 1930, Philip Adrian Flood, MA, MRCS, LRCP (born 9 January 1903; dvu 1 March 1971), second son of Dr Flood of Meadowside, Warwick Park, Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Address: Cintra, 27 St Mary's Road, Wimbledon, London SW19.


Timothy Adrian ("Father Edmund") Flood, OSB. Born 21 March 1931. Educated Beaumont, Oxford (BA) and Rome University. A monk at Ealing Abbey, London W5.


David Gybrian Flood. Born 8 May 1933. Educated Beaumont. Major, 2nd Royal Tank Regiment, ret'd. Address: Lake St Manor, Mayfield, Sussex.


Mary Ann Theresa ("Sister Aidan") Flood. Born 16 May 1935. Address: 49 Fitzjohn's Avenue, Hampstead.


Philippa Mary Flood. Born 24 June 1937. Married, 28 April 1960, Clive Beck (born 12 April 1937), second son of Sir Edgar Charles Beck, CBE of 3 Ilchester Place, London W14. Address: 1 Parkside Gardens, Wimbledon, London SW19.

(a) Dr Nicola Anne Beck. Born 17 February 1961. Married Derek Cook.
aa. Francesca Cook.
bb. Eleanor Cook.
cc. Freya Cook.

David Clive Beck. Born 28 July 1962. Financial P R. Married, 18 July 1992, Katharine Millar.

aa. Theodora Beck.
bb. Edgar Beck.
cc. Lola Beck.

Andrew Philip Beck. Born 22 September 1964. Advertising with Lowe Bell. Married Isabel _____.

aa. Clemency Beck.

Simon Charles Beck. Born 30 December 1965. Crown TV. Married Verena ______.

aa. Amelia Beck.
bb. Freddy Beck.
cc. Rufus Beck.

Emma Louise Beck. Born 19 December 1967. TV South. Married, 1 June 1990, Jeffrey Bell, an American working in TV.

aa. Samuel Jefferson Bell. Born August 1994.
bb. Amanda Bell.
cc. Adam Bell.
dd. En ventre sa mere October 2004.
(f) Sarah Antonia Beck. Born 16 July 1971. Occupational therapist. Married Edmund Burgess, son of David Patrick Henry Burgess, MBE, son of David Clement Burgess.
aa. Clive Burgess.
bb. Nell Burgess.

John Charles Arbuthnott Flood. Born 18 December 1947. Educated Beaumont. Married, 30 July 1977, Celia Burgess (born 11 July 1952), dau of David Clement Burgess and Ethne Nanette Ryan. Address: West Hylands, Dorking Road, Epsom, Surrey KT18 7JU (tel: 01372 725 951).


Andrew Phillip David Flood. Born 17 June 1978. Married 188 June 2011 Claire Rawlinson.

(b) Christopher James Flood. Born 7 October 1980.  Married 27 June 2009 Naomi Shepherd
aa.Joseph Charles Thomas Flood. Born 18 July 2012.
(c) Lucy Marie Flood. Born 20 May 1983.
(d) Emma Nanette Flood. Born 16 July 1985.

Hugh Forbes Arbuthnott. Born 17 January 1906. Died 17 June 1982. Educated Wimbledon College and Wadham College, Oxford (MA). Headmaster Penryn School 1934-c.1976, formerly Master of Arisford and Oratory Schools, Knight of Honour & Devotion SMO Malta. Married, 7 August 1937, Janet Elizabeth Marshall (born 31 July 1915; died 25 August 1990), only daughter of Vice Admiral Herbert John Temple Marshall of Gayton Hall, Ross, Herefordshire.


Robert Marshall Arbuthnott. Born 26 September 1938. Educated privately.


James Francis Arbuthnott. Born 27 April 1940. Educated Downside & RMA, Sandhurst. Major, Black Watch. Nurseryman. Knight of Honour & Devotion SMO Malta. Married, 20 July 1974, the Hon Louisa Nina Hughes- Young (born 1949; educated St Mary's Convent, Ascot), 3rd and youngest daughter of the 1st Baron St Helens, MC. Address: Stone House Cottage, Stone, near Kidderminster, Worcestershire (tel: 01562 69902).

(a) John ("Jack") Patrick Arbuthnott. Born 3 November 1977. Married, 15 September 2007, to Gerry March Phillipps de Lisle, scion of that LG family, daughter of Hubert March Phillipps de Lisle (b. 15 Aug 1946), and Mrs March Phillipps de Lisle, of La Roche Posay, France.

Elizabeth ("Kitty") Nina Arbuthnott. Born 31 January 1980. Educ Greyfriars, Oxford (English). Now studying faith & politics at Sarum College, Salisbury. Also an intern to Alistair Burt, MP. She attends HTB Alpha for Catholics. Engaged 5 December 2003 (married 2004) to Hon David Charles Kay-Shuttleworth (born 1978), 2nd son of Charles, 5th Baron Shuttleworth of Leck Hall, Lancashire.


Florence Mary Arbuthnott. Born 10 November 1981.

(d) Albert Michael Arbuthnott. Born India 5 January 1988. Educated Ampleforth.
(e) Walter Francis Arbuthnott. Born September 1991. Educated St Richard's School, Herefordshire. Scholarship to Ampleforth.

Simon David Arbuthnott, JP. Born 16 March 1942. Educated Downside & Christ's Church College, Oxford (BA). Headmaster of Winterfold House (ret'd 1999). Sheriff of Herefordshire 2011. Married, 5 September 1970, Suzanne ("Susie") Ruth Parker (born 16 January 1949), elder daughter of Allen Mainwaring Parker of The Wadhouse, Heightington, Bewdley, Worcs.  She is an artist. Address: Belgate House, Shobdon, Herefordshire HR6 9NJ Winterfold House, Chaddesley Corbett, Worcestershire.


Lucy Margaret Arbuthnott. Born 9 April 1972. Educ St Mary's Ascot, Trinity Coll Oxford (PPE), INSEAD (MBE). Worked at Warburgs. Married in Kington, 22 September 2001, Tobias Heintz, ygr son of Mr Peter Heintz of Düsseldorf.

aa. Phoebe Katherine Heintz. Born 25 September 2003.
bb. Daisy Charlotte Heintz. Born 10 April 2005.
cc. Polly Elizabeth Heintz. Born 23 October 2007.
dd. Violet Heintz. Born 1 June 2009.

Thomas ("Tom") James Marshall Arbuthnott. Born 10 June 1974. Educ Eton, Exeter Coll Oxford (German & Italian), Selwyn Coll Camb (MPhil); Kings College. Employed Foreign Policy Centre. Married 29 July 2005 Natasha ("Tasha") Rulyov, daughter of Yevgeny Alexandrovich Rulyov and Emelia Alexandrovna Bermatova of Perm, Russia.


Katherine ("Kate") Anne Arbuthnott. Born Kidderminster 8 April 1976. Educ St Mary's Ascot, Bristol Univ (BA history of art), Central St Martins (MA). Interior designer. Living in London. Married 30 September 2006 Mark Machray (born Ascot 1975), son of Dr Alastair Machray M.D. of Ascot, Berks and Mrs Julia Machray of Rattery, Devon. He is a specialist corporate lawyer whose work includes mergers & acquisitions, private equity and venture capital deals. Mark is a Partner in Sherrards.

aa. Poppy Machray. Born London 11 September 2007.

(Edward) Alexander ("Sandy") Hugh Arbuthnott. Born 2 July 1980. Educ: Eton, Lincoln College, Oxford (Engineering). Lt, R.N. Married 28 September 2009 Dr Katherine G. Richards, ygr daughter of Mr and Mrs Geraint Richards of Theydon Bois.

(e) (Sergei) Patrick Victor Romanov Arbuthnott. Born 23 September 1982. Adopted in 1996. Educ Downside school, Somerset.

Margaret ("Meg") Mary V Arbuthnott. Born 23 December 1943. Educated St Mary's Convent, Ascot. Married, 26 July 1968, the Hon Hugh Desmond Donovan, MA (born 23 February 1934), a barrister-at-law, elder son of Baron Donovan of Winchester, MP, PC (died 1971). Address: 40 Felden Street, London SW6 5AF.


Charles Edward Horatius Donovan. Born 11 May 1974.


Charles Philip Arbuthnott. Born 13 February 1946. Educated Downside, Durham University, Edinburgh University & RMA Sandhurst. Captain, Black Watch (ret'd). Was an executive with Cameron Ironworks Ltd, Livingstone, near Edinburgh. Now with Sitlaw Industries. Member of the Royal Co of Archers. Married, 29 December 1983, Lindsay C Sillars (born 18 February 1957) daughter of Angus Sillars of Rhu, Dunbartonshire. Address: The Old Manse, Caputh, by Murthly, Perthshire.

(a) Molly Victoria Arbuthnott. Born 4 March 1987. Educated St Andrews University. Working at Pembroke House, Gilgil.
(b) Magnus Malcolm James Arbuthnott. Born 3 February 1989.  Piper.
(c) Patrick Arbuthnott. Born 23 January 1994.

Hugh Andrew Arbuthnott. Born 15 June 1948. Educated Downside. Managing director, Afri-freight Ltd.  They run walking tours in Spain and France.  Married, 5 January 1974, (Elizabeth) Jane Showers (born 1 September 1949), dau of Col Lionel James Showers, DSO of Kingston St Michael, Wilts. Address: La Alma, Apt 20, 29480 Gaucin, Prov Malaga, Spain and of: 13 Rosenau Road, London SW11.


Arabella ("Bellsie") Elizabeth Arbuthnott. Born 23 October 1979. Married 27 June 2009 to Charles C Connell, only son of Charles and Tugela Connell of Colquhalzie, Perthshire.

aa. Lucia Tugela Jane Connell. Born 26 October 2010.

Hugh ("Hughie") Frederick Archibald Arbuthnott. Born 19 August 1982. Lieutenant. Married 12 December 2009 Clare B. Hilton, daughter of Mr and Mrs Geoffrey Hilton, of Keyworth, Nottinghamshire.


Janet Felicity Arbuthnott. Born 28 March 1950. Educated St Mary's Convent, Ascot. She competed in the Tennis Paralympics 1992, 1996, 2000 & 2004. Married, 9 August 1980, William George McMorran. Address: The Line House, Tedstone, Delamere, near Bromyard, Herefordshire.

(a) Donald Hugh McMorran. Born 1983.
(b) Roland Francis McMorran. Born 1985.
(c) Hugo Edmund McMorran. Born 1988.

Nicholas ("Nick") Octavius Arbuthnott. Born 28 February 1952. Educated Downside. Managing partner of Arbuthnot Ladenburg Partnership, architects. Married, 18 August 1984, Vanessa Julie Mather, daughter of Richard Mather of The Gyll, Kendall, Cumbria. Address: The Tallet, Calmsden, Cirencester, Gloucs, GL7 5ET.


George Arthur Harben Arbuthnott. Born 9 January 1986. Educated Durham University. Journalist.

(b) Rose Elizabeth Marshall Arbuthnott. Born 18 September 1987. Educated Marlborough and University of Edinburgh.
(c) Florence ("Flora") Lily Nott Arbuthnott. Born 2 February 1990.  Founder
(d) Edmund ("Ned") Harry Mather Arbuthnott. Born 9 August 1992. Educ Beaudesert prep school, Stroud, Gloucs.

Rev Charles Reynolds Arbuthnott, SJ. Born Totnes 4 March 1908. Died Sutton 29 April 1966. Educated Wimbledon College.


Very Rev Canon Edmund Stephen Arbuthnott. Born 9 November 1909. Died December 1998.  Educated Wimbledon College & Christ's College, Cambridge (MA). Canon of St George's Cathedral, Southwark (Roman Catholic) since 1956. Address: 14 Westbrooke, Worthing, Sussex.


The Hon William Arbuthnott, JP. Born 18 October 1821. Dspl 13 December 1902. Buried Dean 2k, Edinburgh. Served in the East India Military Service 1841-50; entered military service of the EIC at Madras 1841; invalided 1847; Captain of the Forfar and Kincardine militia artillery 1855; Lt-Colonel. Deputy Lieutenant for Kincardineshire. He had an illegitimate daughter by Jane Burness who married in Fetteresso, 10 March 1850, Peter Rae, agricultural labourer.

AA. Agness Arbuthnott. Born Fetteresso or Stonehaven 13 March 1947. Agricultural labourer. Married in Dunnottar, 22 December 1865, Andrew Sinclair of Stonehaven (born c.1845), ploughman, son of David Sinclair, agricultural labourer, and Elizabeth née Caird.
William married in Edinburgh, 6 December 1865, Barbara Elrington Douglas of Perthshire (born 12 September 1822; died 28 August 1904), third daughter of Lt-General Sir Neil Douglas, KCB, KCH and widow first of William Allen of Inchmartine (d. before 1852) and second of Captain Neil Ferguson Blair of Balthayock (died 12 June 1862). They went on honeymoon to Norway and again the following year. Her marriage failed on these trips when her epileptic son by her first marriage died and she formed a liaison with a Norwegian. William came home and left her there to spend the rest of her life in Norway. She was quite a character, inspired great affection amongst the Norwegians (who gave her the courtesy title of "lady", perhaps because they have no word for 'Honourable') and much folk-lore and a musical arose around her eccentricities. She introduced modern plumbing to the rural areas of Norway, wrote an exhaustive textbook called "The Henwife" and was known as the uncrowned Queen of Sunndalen.

The Hon Charles James Donald R Arbuthnott. Born Scotland 21 March 1823. Died 26 January 1903. Major, Bengal Light Infantry. Living in Chiswick 1901. Married first, 1852, (Caster) Caroline (born London 1822/23; died Richmond, Surrey 25 September 1890), widow of E_____ Paul

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