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Descendants of Samuel Arbuthnot's daughter, Martha Arbuthnot.


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Samuel Arbuthnot Born 20 February 1758/9 Northern Ireland Died 20 February 1844 in Gibsonia, PA Immigration Bef. 1790 From County Cork to Pine Township, PA Military service Bet. 15 May - 14 December 1793 PA Militia from Westmoreland County, PA  Farmer, Pine Township, nr. Wexford, PA. Married first ______ ______
A William Arbuthnot Born 1781 Northern Ireland Died 30 December 1852 in Caldwell, Essex County, NJ. Married Mary Howell Born 19 February 1782 Kingston, Somerset County, NJ Died 07 April 1854 in Caldwell, Essex County, NJ Father Stephen Howell Mother Mary Stout (see Table 1 William)
Samuel Arbuthnot married second Esther McMarlin 1779 - 1852 Born 21 March 1779 Ireland Died 28 September 1852 Buried  United Presbyterian Churchyard, Gibsonia Father John McMarlin
B Alexander Arbuthnot Born 01 September 1798 Pennsylvania  Married Mary Jane Evins Born 26 August 1796 Died 01 July 1862 (see Table 1 Alexander)
C David Arbuthnot Born 1799 Pennsylvania   Farmer.  Married Eleanor Fowler  Born Abt. 1800 (see Table 1 David)
D Jane Arbuthnot Born 1801 Pennsylvania Died 19 March 1883 in Pennsylvania Buried  United Presbyterian Church Cemetery, 2 miles northeast of Mars, PA Married William Forsythe Born 1798 Ireland  Farmer
E Carson William Arbuthnot Born ca. 03 May 1804 Jamestown, Pine Township, Allegheny County, PA Died 01 January 1873 in Boulder County, CO Married Mary Frances Jones Born June 1809 Ireland Died November 1870 in Boulder, CO  (see Table 1 Carson)
F. Sarah Arbuthnot Born 1806 Pennsylvania Died Unknown  (see Table 1 Samuel)
G Samuel Arbuthnot Born 1808 Pennsylvania Died 08 January 1895 in Plattford, Sarpy County, NE   Farmer
Married Tryphena Toogood Born ca. 1820 England Died before 10 June 1880 in Plattford, Sarpy County, NE Buried Near Plattford, NE Father Christopher Toogood Mother Mary _____ (see Table 1 Samuel)
H Robert Arbuthnot Born 21 March 1810 Allegheny, PA Died 08 May 1856 in Plymouth County, IA Military service Civil WarMarried Jane Holden Born 24 December 1813 Ireland Died 13 September 1898 Buried Pomona Cemetery, CA  (see Table 1 Robert)
I Mary Arbuthnot Born 1812 Allegheny, PA Died 02 April 1889 Buried  Xenia, NE, in plot with her nephew Christopher T. Arbuthnot, her brother Samuel, and his wife Tryphena.
J James Gibson Arbuthnot. Born 15 January 1816 Allegheny County, PA Died 05 August 1893 in Republic County, KS Buried  Farmington Township, Republic County, KS Education Ohio University, Athens, mathematics and surveying.   Stockman, county surveyor, teacher Married Mary Catherine Vogel/Fogal. Born 24 August 1826 Mainzlar, Hessen, Darmst, Germany Died 08 November 1900 in Belleville, KS Buried  Farmington Township, Republic County, KS Education Was a student of James Gibson Arbuthnot, whom she married Father Daniel Vogel Mother Anna Katharina Erkel (see Table 1 James)
K Martha Arbuthnot Born 27 May 1818 Arlington, Pa Died 15 August 1879 in Tama County, IA Married 1 January 1855 John Newton Born 28 April 1828 Leicestershire, England Died in Tama County, IA  Planted all the trees on George Keck's farm Father Stephen Newton Mother Lucy Ann Dawson
1 Lucy Newton Born 30 August 1857 Died Bef. 1858
2 John Newton Born 11 January 1858 Irving, IA Died 14 April 1931 in Shawnee, OK
3 Eliza Jane Newton Born 15 November 1860 Irving, IA Died 28 November 1956 in Shawnee, Oklahoma Buried  Mission Hill Cemetery, Tecumseh, OK  Married in Irving, IA, 18 September 1878, Bailey Guard Grubbs Born 28 January 1854 Elizabeth Town, Hamilton County, OH Died 16 June 1916 in Shawnee, Oklahoma Buried  Mission Hill Cemetery, Tecumseh, OK   Cotton farmer, painter, paperhanger Father Edward Grubbs Mother Susan Anne Brown
a. Lex Edward Grubbs Born Le Roy, KS 05 September 1880 Died Shawnee, OK 29 January 1954. Caulker and boilermaker, Charleston, SC shipyards, W.W. II  Married in Shawnee, 19 October 1905, Eula Lee Harris Born Oklahoma 10 February 1890 Died Santa Rosa, Sonoma Co., California 05 May 1980 Father (John) Samuel Harris Mother (George) Ina Dobson. Lee and Edward separated betw.1910-20, divorced betw.1910-30. She married 2nd J A Franchi.
I. Thelma Faye Grubbs Born Shawnee, Oklahoma 3 August 1908 Married first in  Shawnee 13 August 1933 Norman McKay Mason Born Douglas, WY 02 November 1906 Died Shawnee 15 December 1948 Father Theodore Vincent Mason Mother Jennie Olliver McCracken
i. Jane Kay Mason Born Shawnee 25 December 1939 Married in Shawnee 27 December 1957 Garland Thomas born Macomb, Oklahoma 4 March 1936 Father W. R. Thomas Mother Callie Thelma Glover
(A) Jay Allen Thomas Born Oklahoma  City, Oklahoma 9 January 1959 Married 7 June 1987 Kimberly Kay Montrose
(B) Tracy Lee Thomas Born Norman, Oklahoma 8 April 1961
ii. Sue Ann Mason Born Shawnee 2 March 1943 Married in Shawnee 25 January 1964 Gerald McDaniel (born Chickasha, Oklahoma 7 October 1943) Father Bert McDaniel Mother Pearl _____
(A) Katrina McDaniel  Born Irving, TX 04 May 1970
(B) Mason McDaniel  Born Irving, TX 01 March 1972
Thelma Faye Grubbs married second in Shawnee 8 February 1953 Rex David Cleveland Born Wellington, KS 31 July 1893 Died September 1986
Thelma Faye Grubbs married third 6 September 1987 Walter Barnes Born 14 September 1907
b. Roxy Edith Grubbs Born 01 November 1882 Neosho Falls, KS Died 30 June 1974 in Shawnee, Oklahoma Buried   Fairview Cemetery, Shawnee, OK  Married in Yates Center, KS, 28 November 1901, Ralph Wilson Fruit Born 25 May 1881 Yates Center, KS Died 27 June 1947 in Shawnee, Oklahoma Buried  Fairview Cemetery, Shawnee, Oklahoma Father David Edmund Fruit Mother Nancy Johnson Robinson
I. Kenneth R. Fruit Born 26 August 1903 Shawnee, Oklahoma Died 02 June 1994 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma   Married 17 April 1924 Lillian Duggan (born Shawnee 17 January 1903) Father John William Duggan Mother Altona Howell
i. Barbara Lee Fruit Kansas City, KS 21 July 1932 Married 27 December 1954 John Hughes Coleman, Sr.
(A) Kimberly Kay Coleman Born 12 October 1955 Married 18 November 1981 Peter Galen Robbins
(B) John Hughes Coleman, Jr. Born 21 December 1960
(C) William Kent Coleman Born 29 June 1965
(D) Kathryn Elizabeth Coleman   Born 31 August 1966
II. Loren V. Fruit Born 31 July 1905 Shawnee, Oklahoma Died 02 July 1956 in Houston, Texas Married Naomi Blain Lyons
i. Jerry Loren Fruit Born Shawnee 10 May 1933
ii. Sharyn Fruit Born Shawnee 27 July 1937
iii. Carol Jean Fruit Born Shawnee 3 January 1943
III. Dorothy Fruit Born Shawnee, Oklahoma 12 January 1911 Married 1 February 1942 Clyde Wilson Chesnutt, Sr. (born 29 July 1903, died Holdenville, Oklahoma 13 July 1970), son of Alonzo Benton Chesnutt and Emma Daniel
i. Clyde Wilson Chesnutt, Jr. Born 24 December 1931.
ii. Lonnie Benton Chesnutt. Born 2 December 1934.
iii. Kenneth Daniel Chesnutt Born 08 April 1943 Married 4 August 1965 Patricia Thomas born 27 August 1949 who had a daughter, Valarie V____ Kirk (born 6 September 1980) who married _____ Munier (they live in Yukon, OK).
(A) Precia Julian Chesnutt Born 02 March 1971
iv. Tom Raleigh Chesnutt Born 30 April 1946 Married Margaret Stinson
(B) Robert Wilson Chesnutt Born 24 October 1980.
c. Winthrop Leland Grubbs Born 03 July 1886 Neosho Falls, KS Died 11 April 1959 in Minden, Louisiana Married in Mesa, AZ, 18 January 1911, Helen Belle Jones Born 26 June 1882 Fort Scott, KS Died 27 October 1978 in Minden, Louisiana Buried Minden, Louisiana
I. Bailey Dudley Grubbs Born 25 April 1912 DeQueen, AR Died 03 July 1985 in Shreveport, Louisiana Married in Shreveport, Louisiana, 1 January 1933, Hattie Rogers (born Tyler, Texas 23 February 1914) Father Willie Parks Rogers Mother Rosalee Epperson
i. Gloria Lynn Grubbs Born 12 October 1933 New Orleans, Louisiana Married in Minden, Louisiana, 9 December 1951, Joe Audrey Locke Born 18 June 1929 Castor, Louisiana Father Clyde Locke Mother Jimmy Neal
(A) Lecia Lynn Locke Born 30 August 1952 Married Jimmy C. Morvilla
(1) James Locke Morvilla  Born Baton Rouge, Louisiana
(2) Christopher Wayne Morvilla Born Baton Rouge, Louisiana
(B) Terry Jo Locke Born 02 September 1955 Minden, Louisiana zMarried Tommy Gaskill
(1) Allen Jordan Gaskill Born Baton Rouge, Louisiana
(C) Ramona Diane Locke Born 26 June 1957 Baton Rouge, Louisiana Married Kenneth Ward Watts
(1) Lindsay Machelle Watts  Born Baton Rouge, Louisiana
ii. Sybil Jane Grubbs Born 06 May 1935 Minden, Louisiana Married in Minden, Louisiana 31 December 1954 Dan Thomas Pace, Jr. Born 03 April 1929 Minden, Louisiana Father Dan Thomas Pace, Sr. Mother Mary Elva Bishop
(A) Donna Jane Pace Born 29 January 1965 Shreveport, Louisiana
(B) Patty Ann Pace Born 20 January 1967 Shreveport, Louisiana
iii. Lex Roger Grubbs Born 30 December 1948 Minden, Louisiana Married in Minden 7 June 1969 Judy Ann Teer Born 17 June 1950 Camden, AR Father Bruce Teer Mother Hilda Marie Phillips
(A) Jamie Renee Grubbs Born 11 May 1977 Shreveport, Louisiana
(B) Brian Dale Grubbs Born 16 December 1985 Shreveport, Louisiana
II. Glenn Nelson Grubbs Born 02 November 1914 DeQueen, AR Died 06 July 1992 Married in Washington, DC 24 December 1935 Vira Lee Lumpkin (born Fisher, Louisiana 14 February 1915) Father Eugene Lumpkin Mother Nettie Lee Howard
i. Winthrop Leland Grubbs Born Fort Worth, Texas 17 May 1941 Married first in Shreveport 9 February 1961 Linda Annette Smith Born Shreveport 16 January 1943 Father Opal Oobin Smith Mother Cecelia Grave Corbitt
(A) Michelle Annette Grubbs Born 11 August 1962 Shreveport, Louisiana Married in New Orleans, Louisiana, 25 April 1982, Salvador Anthony Musacchia (born New Orleans 25 December 1958)
(1) Christopher Joseph Musacchia   Born 18 December 1983 New Orleans, Louisiana
(2) Nicolas Jacob Musacchia Born 01 May 1986 New Orleans, Louisiana
Winthrop Leland Grubbs Married second in Shreveport 1 January 1978 Cynthia Kathleen Shaw (born Haynesville, Louisiana 29 October 1944) Father George Frank Shaw Mother Tressie May Wright
ii. Jonathan Alan Grubbs  Born 17 December 1943 Married first in Shreveport 7 May 1971 Jerrye Faye Nall Born Shreveport, Louisiana 18 December 1950 Father Pierce James Nall Mother Nola Faye Pardue
(A) Brent Layton Grubbs Born 16 January 1974 Shreveport, Louisiana
Jonathan Alan Grubbs married second in Shreveport 30 June 1978 Deborah Laverne Simpson Born 16 March 1956 Shreveport, Louisiana Died 28 August 1980 in Shreveport, Louisiana
(B) April Renee Grubbs Born 26 April 1979 Shreveport, Louisiana
d. Belva Faye Grubbs Born 05 December 1889 Neosho Falls, KS Died 07 September 1983 in Shawnee, Oklahoma Married Arthur Charles Shockey Born 15 August 1876 Nemaha, Nebraska Died 31 March 1942 in Shawnee, Oklahoma Buried  Mission Hill Cemetery, Tecumseh, Oklahoma Military service Career soldier Infantry SSG in The Philippines; recruiting officer in Oklahoma; teacher at Tennessee Military Institute, Sweetwater
I. Belva Faye Shockey Born 29 July 1923 Georgia Died 06 October 1961 in Phoenix, Arizona   Married first om Washington, DC, ca. 1947, Darrell Webber born 1 November 19??
i. Arthur Lee Webber Born Washington, DC 16 January 1948
ii. Patrick Webber  Born Washington, DC  March 1949, a twin. Died 19??
iii. Michael Webber Born Washington, DC  March 1949, a twin. Died 1981
Belva married second Fred Seeds
iv. Daniel David Seeds Born 16 June 1954
e. Oklahoma Independence Grubbs Born 04 July 1903 Shawnee, Oklahoma Died 12 September 1976 in Shawnee, OK  Married in Shawnee 19 September 1920 Harvey Roscoe Lowe Born 28 March 1902 Newkirk, IK Died 30 August 1961 in Santa Cruz, CA Father William Breckenridge Lowe Mother Rhoda Viola Tucker
I. Oletha Jayne Lowe  Born Shawnee 11 May 1921 Married in Shawnee 25 Decembr 1943 Bernard Francis Gill Born 14 June 1921 Shawnee, Oklahoma Died 26 March 1984 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Buried Mission Hill Cemetery, Tecumseh, Oklahoma Father Francis Patrick Gill Mother Mary Emma Detmarr
i. Robert ("Bob") Patrick Gill Born Shawnee 10 January 1945 Married 29 December 1967 Nancy LaRae Stolee (born Faribault, Minnesota 12 July 1946), daughter of James Orville Stolee and Corene Elizabeth, née Hanson.
(A) Christine Elizabeth Gill. Born Grand Forks, North Dakota 1 June 1972.
(B) Suzanne La Rae Gill.  Born Grand Forks, North Dakota 15 May 1976.
(C) Michael Robert Gill. Born Fargo, North Dakota 14 June 1984.
II. Pauline Agnes Lowe Born 17 October 1923 Shawnee, Oklahoma Died 11 January 1993 Married first in Shawnee 18 September 1942 Howard Garland Parsons Born 03 July 1921 Shawnee, Oklahoma Missing in action 21 May 1944 while on active service
i. Gary Glenn Parsons Born Shawnee 25 October 1943 Married Karen Gail Pennington
Pauline married second Truman Simpson
ii. Cheri Adelle Simpson Born Shawnee 14 January 1952 Married 1971 Forty Ponce
Pauline Agnes Lowe married third Hugh Hannifan
iii. John Michael Hannifan Born Shawnee 8 May 1955 Married 1 November 1975 Sandra Ann Wallis
III. Lila Lee Lowe  Born Shawnee 3 December 1925  Married in Shawnee 3 December 1942 James Samuel Wilson Born 30 June 1919 Tecumseh, Oklahoma Died 21 November 1986 in Choctaw, Oklahoma Buried  Fairview Cemetery, Shawnee, Oklahoma
i. Samuel Lee Wilson   Born 20 December 1943 Shawnee, Oklahoma
ii. Lonny Dean Wilson  Born 24 October 1950 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  Married 28 July 1973 Ginger Ellen Graham
IV. Delores Elaine Lowe Born Shawnee 10 August 1927.  Married in Minden, Louisiana, 13 August 1948 William Marcel Cobb  Born Pleasant Hill, Louisiana 19 October 1923, son of William Coleman Cobb and Gertrude Georgia, nee Lacey
i. Danny Kaye Cobb Born 16 May 1945 Shawnee, Oklahoma   Married June 1964 Linda Cooper Born 01 September 1947
ii. Myra Louise Cobb  Born Shawnee 29 March 1950 Married 1 June 1969 Eldred Allen Fisk born 5 September 1948
iii. Lila Suzanne Cobb  Born 03 April 1952 Shawnee, Oklahoma  Married June 1972 Kenneth Glenn Thompson
iv. Naomi Jane Cobb Born 14 September 1957 Shawnee, Oklahoma Married 11 November 1978 Dennis Erin Mobley
v. Deborah Lea Cobb   Born 16 August 1959 Shreveport, Louisiana  Married 1 September 1978 Ray Arnold Nida, Jr.
vi. William Tyler Cobb Born 09 December 1961 Minden, Louisiana Married 27 November 1982 Irma Farpan Mandoza
L Thomas Gibson Arbuthnot Born 26 April 1821 Pine Township, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania Died 06 June 1903  Married Rhoda Orsborn Born 1810 Pennsylvania Died 21 September 1878 (see Table 1 Samuel)

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