Descendants of Samuel Arbuthnot's son, James Gibson Arbuthnot.

Samuel Arbuthnot Born 20 February 1758/9 Northern Ireland Died 20 February 1844 in Gibsonia, PA Immigration Bef. 1790 From County Cork to Pine Township, PA Military service between  15 May - 14 December 1793 PA Militia from Westmoreland County, PA  Farmer, Pine Township, nr. Wexford, PA. Married first ______ ______
A William Arbuthnot Born 1781 Northern Ireland Died 30 December 1852 in Caldwell, Essex County, NJ. Married Mary Howell Born 19 February 1782 Kingston, Somerset County, NJ Died 07 April 1854 in Caldwell, Essex County, NJ Father Stephen Howell Mother Mary Stout (see Table 1 William)
Samuel Arbuthnot married second Esther McMarlin 1779 - 1852 Born 21 March 1779 Ireland Died 28 September 1852 Buried United Presbyterian Churchyard, Gibsonia Father John McMarlin
B Alexander Arbuthnot Born 01 September 1798 Pennsylvania   Married Mary Jane Evins Born 26 August 1796 Died 01 July 1862 (see Table 1 Alexander)
C David Arbuthnot Born Pennsylvania 1799  Farmer.  Married Eleanor Fowler   Born ca. 1800 (see Table 1 David)
D Jane Arbuthnot Born 1801 Pennsylvania Died 19 March 1883 in Pennsylvania Buried  United Presbyterian Church Cemetery, 2 miles northeast of Mars, PA Married William Forsythe Born 1798 Ireland  Farmer 
E Carson William Arbuthnot Born ca. 03 May 1804 Jamestown, Pine Township, Allegheny County, PA Died 01 January 1873 in Boulder County, CO Married Mary Frances Jones Born June 1809 Ireland Died November 1870 in Boulder, CO  (see Table 1 Carson)
F. Sarah Arbuthnot Born 1806 Pennsylvania Died Unknown  (see Table 1 Samuel)
G Samuel Arbuthnot Born 1808 Pennsylvania Died 08 January 1895 in Plattford, Sarpy County, NE   Farmer
Married Tryphena Toogood Born ca. 1820 England Died before 10 June 1880 in Plattford, Sarpy County, NE Buried  Near Plattford, NE Father Christopher Toogood Mother Mary _____ (see Table 1 Samuel)
H Robert Arbuthnot Born 21 March 1810 Allegheny, PA Died 08 May 1856 in Plymouth County, IA Military service Civil WarMarried Jane Holden Born 24 December 1813 Ireland Died 13 September 1898 Buried   Pomona Cemetery, CA  (see Table 1 Robert)
I Mary Arbuthnot Born 1812 Allegheny, PA Died 02 April 1889 Buried  Xenia, NE, in plot with her nephew Christopher T. Arbuthnot, her brother Samuel, and his wife Tryphena.
J James Gibson Arbuthnot. Born 15 January 1816 Allegheny County, PA Died 05 August 1893 in Republic County, KS Buried  Farmington Township, Republic County, KS Educated Ohio University, Athens, mathematics and surveying.  Stockman, county surveyor, teacher
Married in Allegheny, PA 3 October 1947 Mary Catherine Vogel/Fogal. Born 24 August 1826 Mainzlar, Hessen, Darmst, Germany Died 08 November 1900 in Belleville, KS Buried Farmington Township, Republic County, KS She was a student of James Gibson Arbuthnot, whom she married Father Daniel Vogel Mother Anna Katharina Erkel
1 Samuel B. Arbuthnot Born 07 August 1848 Pine Township, PA Died 05 August 1889 in Hubbell, NE Buried Lutheran Church cemetery, Pine Township, PA Educated Business college, Pittsburgh, PA  Married in Pine township, PA 1 February 1882 Sallie Kelley Buried Lutheran Church cemetery, Pine Township, PA
a James George Arbuthnot Born Nebraska 31 December 1883 Died Placer, CA 2 December 1964  University coach, Seattle, WA  Married in Livingston, MT 28 December 1912 Harriet ("Hattie") Carrie Tache (born Brainerd, Crow Wing, Minnesota 28 May 1887; died Seattle, King, Washington 10 March 1951), dau of Louis Tache and Christina, née Westling.
I Samuel Eldred Arbuthnot Born 18 July 1918 Married 1945 Mary Frances Wilson
II Joan Arbuthnot Born 1922 Died 2000. Married 1948 Hal Dick Chambers.
i. Tash Chambers Born 1949   Married Allen Johns.
ii. Wick Chambers Born 1951
iii. Arbee Chambers Born 1952 Married Reise Murakami.
iv. Nard Chambers Born 14 August 1957 Married Dennis Mullan.
b Samuel H. Arbuthnot Born 22 January 1890 Died 1950
I Keith Arbuthnot Died ca.1916
2 Louisa ("Lou") Arbuthnot Born 24 January 1850 Allegheny County, PA Died 10 February 1943 in Lincoln, NE.    Pioneer teacher  Married in Hubbell, Nebraska 2 December 1883 William Hamilton Conklin Born 23 January 1840 Sempronius, NY Died 03 December 1924 in Hebron, NE   Farmer and founder of Hubbell Bank Father Elisha G. Conklin Mother Martha Richardson
a J E Conklin Born 23 November 1889 Hubbell, NE Died 31 July 1964 in Hubbell, NE Buried Hubbell Cemetery, across state line in KS Served in W.W. I  Interested in soil conservation methods. Worked in Hubbell Bank, became president on his father's death  Married in Hubbell, NE 29 March 1911 Wilhelmina Serepta Barrett Born 03 October 1887 Barrett, KS Died 19 March 1973 in Lincoln, NE Educated Kansas State College, Manhattan and Univ of Kansas, Lawrence Father William Barrett Mother Lorena Ann Montgomery
I Wilhelmina Ruth Conklin Born Hebron, Nebraska 19 May 1920 Married in Hubbell, Nebraska 21 December 1940 Robert Vernon Denney Born 11 April 1916 Council Bluffs, IA Died 26 June 1981 in Omaha, NE Buried Fairbury, NE Served as Lt Col, U.S. Marines, W.W. II Father Arthur James Denney Mother Helen Weaver
i. Vernon Barrett Denney Born Fairbury, Nebraska 30 May 1942   Educated University of Southern California (MA, business administration) Married in Honolulu, Hawaii 3 September 1960 Phyllis Marie Hayes (genealogist) Born Fairbury, NE 7 June 1942 Died 18 May 1988 dau of Clifford Leslie Hayes and Maye Pearl Ocobock
(A) Robert Arthur Denney. Born 20 January 1961 Director, Western Region, iAnywhere Solutions, Inc.. Married 29 August 1992 Kellie Lynn Ghera (born 6 May 1966)
(1) Jessica Marie Denney. Born 18 June 1995
(2) Alec (not Alexander) Barrett Denney. Born 17 March 1998
ii. David Conklin Denney Born Hebron, Nebraska 20 August 1944 Educated University of Illinois, Urbana (BS, engineering) and University of Illinois (MS, electrical engineering) Married in Fairbury, Nebraska 12 June 1960 Gayle Lynn Gallamore Born Kansas City, MO 7 July 1945 Father Samuel Gallamore Mother Virginia Crooks
(A) Justin Samuel Denney Born San Jose, CA 29 June 1973
iii. Michael Robert Denney Born Fairbury, Nebraska 27 February 1948 Educated University of Florida, Gainesville. Married in Jacksonville, Florida 3 July 1971 Linda Elizabeth Sparkman Born Jacksonville 26 June 1952 educ Univ of Florida, Gainesville. Father Emery Millard Sparkman Mother Hazel Bessie Brown Address: P.O. Box 7743, Lancaster, PA 17604-7743; Phone # 1-717-397-1877
(A) Michael Brandon Denney Born 15 September 1981 Gainesville, FL
iv. Deborah Kay Denney Born Fairbury, NE 12 November 1956 Educated Univ of Nebraska, Omaha. Married first in Rock Port, MO 27 July 1972 William Michael Thomas Born Omaha 9 August 1954 son of Michael Thomas and Pauline née Greco
(A) Dawn Marie Thomas Born Omaha 23 March 1973
Deborah Kay Denney married second in Omaha 5 August 1981 Michael Lynn Kohler Born Omaha 26 November 1952 Father Richard Kohler Mother Irene Roelandts
(B) Audra Lynn Kohler Born Omaha 31 May 1983
II William J Conklin Born Hebron, NE 2 May 1923 Educated Doane College, Crete, Nebraska (BA) and Harvard School of Design (architecture). Married in Crete, NE 28 April 1945 Barbara Ann Mallon (born Kingfisher, Oklahoma 4 January 1923) Father Frederick John Titt Mother Marea Conlan.
i. Christopher J Conklin Born 14 March 1951 New York, NY
3 Margaret Arbuthnot Born 09 March 1851 Allegheny County, PA Died 26 July 1852 in Pine Township, PA Buried Cross Roads Cemetery, Presbyterian Church
4 Charles Mertz Arbuthnot Born 15 December 1852 Allegheny County, PA Died 02 October 1920 in Belleville, KS Buried Belleville, KS   Physician and pharmacist.  Married in Belleville 8 April 1883 Ellen Brown Born 10 July 1863 England Died 26 January 1942 in Belleville, KS Buried Belleville, KS
a Charles J. Arbuthnot Born 09 April 1884 Allegheny County, PA Died 04 November 1956 Buried Belleville, KS   Pharmacist, Lebanon, KS  Married 25 December 1907 Florence Elizabeth Knappenberger (born 23 April 1882 Pennsylvania, died 02 January 1942) dau of Michael Knappenberger and Caroline Ada Byram.
I Elise Horstman Arbuthnot  Born Missouri 31 December 1905. Died Los Angeles 28 June 1983. Married Shirley Byler
i. Ken Byler
b Lulu E. Arbuthnot Born 17 June 1886 Belleville, KS Died 05 October 1928 in Belleville, KS Buried Belleville, KS
c Frederick Mertz Arbuthnot Born 16 October 1888 Belleville, KS Died 31 December 1955 (per FamilyTreeLegends) or January 1977 (per SSDI). Pharmacist, regional manager, Owl Drug Co., California.  Married 18 June 1914 Gerna Stoddard Born 04 July 1888 Died 05 January 1977
I Margaret Jane Arbuthnot Born May 1916 Died 08 November 1966  Married August 1941 Nicholas Ricardo
i Julia Ann Ricardo Born 30 April 1943 Married 23 December 1965 Moses Westbury Baldree
(A) Matthew Westbury Baldree Born 5 February 1968
(B) Melissa Ann Baldree  Born 25 April 1969
ii. Christopher Ricardo Born 25 December 1947
d Mary Catherine Arbuthnot Born 18 December 1890 Belleville, KS Died 01 March 1973 in Belleville, KS Buried Belleville, KS   Teacher  Married in Buckner, MO, ca. May 1923, Rex E. Johnson, car salesman
I Gordon Leslie Johnson Born 13 June 1925 Buckner, MO Married May 1955 Helen Ruth Kuoni Born 06 May 1923 Marysville, KS Father Arthur John Kuoni Mother Hilda Marie Olson
e Ruth Arbuthnot Born 22 June 1894 Belleville, KS Died 02 March 1992 in Atlanta, GA  Dietitian  Married in Belleville, KS 12 July 1924 Vernon St. Clair Parker Born 30 December 1894 Northampton County, NC Died 01 October 1988 in West Palm Beach, FL Military service SGT, W.W. I   Worked with Veterans Administration, Florida, state manager Father John Quincy Parker Mother Capitola Ricks
I Robert Vernon Parker Born 25 April 1931 Des Moines, IA Educated University of Florida and University of Florida School of Law Married first Larice Ruth Ledford (born Tennessee 15 May 1934) Father Monroe Ledford Mother Mary Staggs
Robert Vernon Parker married second West Palm Beach 30 May 1961 Jean Ann Frances Wright (born October 1943). Divorced 1969
i. Elaine Ruth Parker Born West Palm Beach, FL 1 March 1962  Educated Univ of Florida (BS, Business administration) Married West Palm Beach 28 December 1985 Lucien Leon Cressionnie III, born 23 May 1961 New Orleans, LA Educated University of Florida (BS, industrial engineering) and Texas Christian University (MBA) Father Lucien Leon Cressionnie, Jr. Mother Joan Bonnaffee
(A) Matthew Lucien Cressionnie Born Arlington, TX 13 May 1993
(B) Margaret Elise Cressionnie Born Arlington, TX 10 February 1996
ii. Ellen Elizabeth Parker  Born 05 April 1965 West Palm Beach, FL Educated Agnes Scott College (BA).  Married in West Palm Beach, Florida 6 June 1987 James Christopher Gaffney Born 28 December 1963 District of Columbia Educated Georgia Institute of Technology (BS, MS, industrial engineering)
(A) Robert Michael Vernon Gaffney Born 29 October 1988 Atlanta, GA
(B) James Ryan Gaffney Born 05 October 1990 Orlando, FL
(C) Meredith Shea Gaffney Born 20 September 1993 Atlanta, GA
(D) Madeline Parker Gaffney Born 31 January 1995 Atlanta, GA
  II Russell John Parker Born Des Moines, Iowa 3 May 1933 Educated The Citadel, Charleston, SC. Married in Stockbridge, Georgia 7 October 1961 Mary Elizabeth Moseley (born Henry Co., Georgia 28 November 1939) Father Samuel A. Moseley Mother Ida Lee Ray
i. Mary Elizabeth Parker Born 07 October 1963 Atlanta, GA
ii. Carol Ann Parker Born 12 April 1966 Macon, GA Educ Georgia State University (political science) Married in Decatur, Georgia 19 October 1991 John Daniel Kitchens Born Decatur 20 May 1964
iii. Russell John Parker, Jr. Born Decatur 8 November 1969
f Sidney Earl Arbuthnot Born 19 September 1896 Belleville, KS Died 17 February 1978 in Belleville, KS Educ Univ of Kansas, school of Pharmacy. Military service Medical Corps, W.W. I   Pharmacist  Married Belleville, 4 December 1921, Maude Litel Born 10 November 1896 Belleville, KS Died 24 February 1990 Father Gilbert Litel Mother Della Marie Hayes Kyle Mai Born 29 January 1973 Kansas City, MO.
I James Charles Arbuthnot Born 23 January 1924 Belleville, KS Died 25 October 1985 in Lawrence, KS Buried Belleville, KS Educ Univ of Kansas, School of Pharmacy. Military service 1LT, U.S.Army Air Corps, W.W. II  Pharmacist, Arbuthnot Drug Store, Belleville, KS  Married Belleville, KS 8 February 1945 Melissa N. Henry born 20 September 1924
i. Jimella Arbuthnot Born Belleville, KS 16 November 1945 Educ Univ of Kansas Married first in Phoenix, Arizona, 4 October 1963, Eric Hoffman (born Belleville) son of Wayne Hoffman. Divorced 1969.
(A) Kenton Hoffman Mai Born Phoenix 27 July 1968
Jimella Arbuthnot married second 5 June 1970 Thomas Mai (born Hill City, Kansas 16 June 1928) son of Fred Mai
(B) Kyle Mai Born 29 January 1973 Kansas City, MO
ii. Sandra Lee Arbuthnot  Born 18 December 1948 Belleville, KS Married Mike Michaud
iii. (James) Robert ("Bob") Arbuthnot, Sr.  Born 22 December 1952 Belleville, KS  Married in Ottawa, KS, 24 July 1976,   Susan Elizabeth Minnick Born 5 October 1953 Ottawa, KS Father Jerome Alfred Minnick Mother Betty Erlene Wendelburg. He is the fourth generation pharmacist who owns
(A) Sarah Jane Arbuthnot. Born Belleville 20 April 1980.
(B) James Robert Arbuthnot Jr . Born Belleville 22 June 1987.
(C) Daniel Kenton Arbuthnot. Born Belleville 24 February 1996.
5 Thomas Arbuthnot Born 19 October 1854 Allegheny County, PA Died 08 February 1918 in Fort. Morgan, CO   Farmer, Republic County, KS  Married 7 January 1885 Jessie Indianola Stevens Born 03 April 1863 Pennsylvania Died 16 June 1928 in Marysville, KS Father Martin Luther Stevens Mother Jane Ann Munden
a Earl Arbuthnot Born Cuba, KS 08 October 1885.  Died Washington, KS 1961.  Married 18 June 1913 Blanche Sheasley Born 18 October 1891 Died 16 July 1955 Father William Sheasley Mother Carrie Roberson
I Mabel Marie Arbuthnot Born Washington Co, Kansas 13 April 1914 Died 27 July 2001. Married in Denver, CO, 28 February 1942, Floyd Alvin Carpenter Born 25 January 1908 Atlanta, NE Died 1970
II Mary Louise Arbuthnot  Born Washington Co, Kansas 2 June 1917 Married in Denver, CO, 10 September 1942, Hugh Jean Nevins Born Kansas City, MO 08 July 1915 Died 16 July 1997 Father John Audie Nevins Mother Ida Mae Roberson
i. Ryan Jean Nevins Born 17 August 1943 Pinehurst, NC Married 20 September 1960 Peggy Huffaker Born Monument, CO. Divorced 1982
(A) Sandra Lee Nevins.  Born 19 May 1961 Colorado Springs, CO.  Married 11 October 1987 Albuquerque, NM Jeffrey Conrad Brown.
(1) Ryanne Christine Brown born 24 January 1981 Colorado Springs, Colorado.
(2) Devon Maurice Brown born 9 August 1990 Albuquerque, New Mexico.
(B) Michelle Marie Nevins Born 14 January 1967 Houston, TX. Married Portland, OR 2 August 2003 Patrick Alan Blaine (born Cottage Grove, Oregon 17 March 1966), son of Marvin John Blaine and Catherine Anne Balfour.
ii. Susan Marie Nevins Born 15 January 1947 Greenville, SC Married first in Colorado Springs, CO, 03 May 1967, Dennie Loose Born 20 October 1947 Boulder, CO Died 20 December 1979 in Boulder, CO Father Wayne L. Loose Mother Betty Jean _____
(A) Jennifer Loose Born 29 December 1971 Longmont, CO
(B) Sarah Ann Loose Born 24 February 1977 Boulder, CO
Susan Marie Nevins married second 22 August 1981 Jack Majors Born 20 January 1935 Red Oaks, CA Father Arch Henry Majors Mother Viola Blackstock
iii. Gary Robert Nevins Born 27 June 1950 Hampton, VA Married in Tucson, AZ 16 December 1978 Prudence Penny Montgomery born Sac City, IA 16 October 1956 Father Robert Hal Montgomery Mother Suzanne Furrow
(A) Derek Robert Nevins Born 19 July 1983 Colorado Springs, CO
(B) Amanda Sue Nevins Born 01 April 1986 Colorado Springs, CO
III Robert E. Arbuthnot Born 01 November 1919 Washington County, KS Died 21 October 1988 in Kansas City, MO Buried Haddam, KS Military service U.S. Army Air Corps, W.W. II; flew 50 missions from his base in Italy, and reached rank of captain (in the picture he is pilot kneeling left).  Farmer, stockman, lobbyist for Kansas Trial Lawyers Assn.  Married 31 May 1942 Jeaane [sic] Clark (Born 28 December 1921 Salina, KS; died Haddam 18 March 2010) Father Charles Clark Mother Irene Ford  REA
i. Rodney ("Rod") Robert Arbuthnot Born 21 February 1943 San Antonio, TX Educated Kansas State University (BS, animal science).  Arbuthnot Farms, near Haddam, KS. Married Barbara L. Wilkerson Born 12 September 1944 Denver, CO educated Kansas State University (BS, education)  Father Keith F. T. Wilkerson Mother Warreen Blanchard
(A) Robert Eugene Arbuthnot Born 09 February 1964 Washington, KS Married Natalie _____. Address: 2020 I St, Belleville, Kansas
ii. Cynthia Ann Arbuthnot Born 19 July 1953 Washington, KS Married Jay Brown Born Junction City, KS  Father Earle M. Brown Mother Virginia _____
(A) Jason C. Brown Born 12 August 1982 Washington, KS
(B) Justin Earl Brown Born 17 August 1989 Junction City, KS
IV Warren B. Arbuthnot Born Cuba, Washington Co., KS 25 July 1924 Died 1 October 2001 Married in Hugoton, KS, 31 January 1954, Laureen Marie Mueller Born Hugoton, KS 20 January 1928 Died 27 March 1995 Educated Kansas State University (home economics).  Teacher Father Hubert Edward Mueller Mother Esther Elizabeth Johnson
i. Burl Lee Arbuthnot Born Broklen Bow, NE 13 September 1955 Married 23 June 1973 Becky Chubbick  Divorced 1980
(A) Brandi Dawn Arbuthnot Born 15 August 1974 La Junta, CO
(B) Brian Lee Arbuthnot Born 18 October 1979 La Junta, CO. Has a son by Rachael Hailey King.
(1)Broc Nolan Arbuthnot. Born 13 May 2010.
ii. Barbara Marie Arbuthnot Born 17 March 1957 Broklen Bow, NE Educated Wesley Hospital, Wichita, KS (medical technology) also Sterling College, KS
iii. Blaine Arbuthnot Born 24 March 1958 La Junta, CO Educated Panhandle State University, Goodwell, OK Married in Ordway, Colorado 18 August 1979 Pamela Chubbick Born 20 November 1958 Flagler, CO Educated Panhandle State University, Goodwell, OK, and University of Southern Colorado Father Donald Meldon Chubbick Mother Delores May Prettyman
(A) Blake Edward Arbuthnot Born 03 November 1983 La Junta, CO
(B) Derek Michael Arbuthnot Born 20 March 1990
iv. Barton Arbuthnot Born 21 May 1960 Monument, CO Educated Panhandle State University, Goodwell, OK
b Ray Arbuthnot Born 04 September 1886 Cuba, KS Died 10 April 1961 in Trinidad, CO  Married in Colorado Springs, Colorado 20 July 1922 Esther Ida Freeman Born 17 August 1904 Bovina, CO Died 20 August 1988 in Northglenn, CO Father John William Freeman Mother Hester Matilda Jackson
I Jack Freeman Arbuthnot Born 03 October 1923 Arriba, CO Died 01 May 1992 in San Antonio, TX   Married in Corpus Christi, Texas 21 June 1942 Edna Merline Harris Born 18 January 1924 Scurry County, TX Died 25 June 1990 in San Antonio, TX Father George Isom Harris Mother Barbara Elizabeth Baker
i. Barbara Merline Arbuthnot Born Austin, Texas 20 February 1945 Married first c.21 December 1963 Earl Eugene Thomas (born 31 May 1940) Divorced 1965
(A) Paul Eugene Thomas Born San Antonio, Texas 16 February 1964  Married in Dallas, Texas 31 July 1987 Charlene Bailey (born 29 June 1965)
(1) Joshua Paul Thomas Born 22 January 1988 Dallas, TX
(2) Jordan Michelle Thomas Born 06 July 1993
Barbara Merline Arbuthnot married second 23 April 1965 James Clarence McDougal (born 16 December 1943). Divorced 1970.
(B) Mark James McDougal Born 08 January 1966 San Antonio, TX Married in Dallas, Texas 1 May 1992 Rhonda Sue Rivera (born 1 September 1969)
(1) Jazzmynn Nicole McDougal Born Dallas, Texas 12 June 1992
(2) Veronica Lynne McDougal Born Dallas, Texas 27 December 1999
Barbara Merline Arbuthnot married third 12 December 1970 Clyde Bruce Crain (born 21 November 1944)
(C) Christopher Adam Crain Born 03 August 1977 Garland, TX  Married 11 December 1998 Andrea Nicole Smith (born 17 March 1977) daughter of Charlotte Smith (below).
(1) Alexis Nicole Crain. Born Loan Oak, Texas 10 March 1999.
(2) Cristin Ashli Crain. Born Garland, Texas 22 August 2001.
(3) Bailee Breann Crain. Born Garland, Texas 29 April 2003.
(D) Jason Lee Crain Born 17 July 1979 Garland, TX. Married 16 August 2002 Jessica Lynn Yeakley (born 19 September 1979).
ii. Lawana Louise Arbuthnot  Born 16 March 1946 Austin, TX  Married in Waco, Texas 22 May 1971 Aaron Eugene Harrison (born Mexia, Texas 8 September 1943, died of cancer Waco, Texas 15 March 2004) Father Aaron Wilmer Harrison Mother Lillie Fay Bunch
(A) Melissa Shae Harrison Born 31 March 1973 Waco, TX Married first in San Antonio 19 June 1992 Frank Lee Tappen (born 18 October 1971). Married second 12 April 2003 Tyrone D Merritt (born 9 December 1971).
(1) Kaitlynn Shay Merritt. Born Waco 13 August 2004.
(B) Aaron Gregory Harrison Born 20 February 1976 San Antonio, TX Married in Waco 26 February 1994 Crystal Ann Smith
(1) Kyla Ann Harrison. Born Waco 11 October 1994.
iii. Linda Sue Arbuthnot Born 27 March 1949 Corpus Christi, TX Married in San Antonio, Texas 25 March 1973, David Herman Gottlich (born West Palm Beach, Florida 16 June 1953)
(A) Mary Ann Gottlich Born Garland, Texas 16 June 1974 Married Fort Worth, Texas 14 December 1990 David Lynn Bullard, born 11 July 1970.
(1) Brittanne Sue Bullard. Born Colorado Springs, CO 12 October 1994.
(2) Jack Freeman Bullard. Born Forrt Worth, Texas 5 March 1998.
(3) Joshua David Bullard Born 27 March 1992 Fort Worth, TX
(B) Michael David Gottlich Born ca.29 July 1975 Garland, TX
(C) Susan Denise Gottlich Born 02 November 1978 Garland, TX. Married 29 August 1998 Matthew D. Huitt (born 22 May 1980).
(1) Savannah Elizabeth Huitt. Born Fort Worth, TX 24 July 2001.
(2) Noah Christopher Huitt. Born Fort Worth, TX 27 March 2003.
(D) Sarah Elizabeth Gottlich Born 17 September 1980 Garland, TX
iv. Jacqueline Ann Arbuthnot Born 25 March 1952 Corpus Christi, TX Married in San Antonio, TX 20 June 1970 Donnie Ray Key (born Littlefield, TX 13 March 1948).
(A) Kirk Allen Key Born 10 January 1972 Lubbock, TX  Married Alabama 2004 Minnie Parrish. They live on the Alabama coastline.
(B) Michele Merline Key  Born 07 October 1974 San Antonio, TX. Married 20 August 1994 Jason R. Ward (born 31 October 1972).
(1) Emily Beth Ward. Born Atlanta, Georgia 24 February 1996.
(2) Christian Alan Ward. Born Montgomery, AL 22 December 1998.
(3) Weatherby Roy Ward. Born Dallas, Texas 2 June 2001.
v. David Ray Arbuthnot, Sr.  Born 21 April 1954 Corpus Christi, TX  Married 25 March 1972 San Antonio, TX Helen Marie McDonald (born c.21 October 1955 San Antonio, TX) Father James Vernon McDonald Mother Letha Marie Farr. She sells Avon products.
(A) Dawn Marie Arbuthnot Born San Antonio, TX 26 September 1972 Married in San Antonio 2 October 1993 Damon Glenn Wood
(1) Daniel Jacob Wood. Born San Antonio, Texas 23 February 1999.
(2) DeAnna Marie Wood. Born San Antonio, Texas 19 May 2002.
(3) Delani Dawn Wood. Born San Antonio, Texas 1 December 2004.
(B) David Ray Arbuthnot, Jr. Born 13 September 1977 Corpus Christi, TX.  
vi. Patricia Jo Arbuthnot Born 18 December 1958 Corpus Christi, TX Married first in Garland, Texas 01 December 1984 Paul Eugene Orum, Sr (born 06 January 1949 Washington, PA). Divorced.
(A) Paul Eugene Orum, Jr. Born 09 March 1987 Waco, TX
Patricia married second 15 March 2003 Ronnal Gene Attaway (born 4 June 1949).
vii. James Freeman Arbuthnot Born 26 May 1964 San Antonio, TX   Married in McQueeney, Texas  01 June 1991 Jolie Cherie Garland  Born 26 August 1964 New Braunfels, TX
(A) Tiffanny Cherie Garland Born 15 August 1983 New Braunfels, TX
  James married second 3 July 2005 Charlotte Smith (mother of his nephew's wife,  Andrea Nicole Smith, above).
II Ellen Louise Arbuthnot Born 11 February 1926 Arriba, CO Died 02 August 1964 in Denver, CO  Married in Denver, Colorado 06 July 1944 Harold Earl Hodges Born 07 October 1917 Arriba, CO Father Thomas Earl Hodges Mother Meta Samaira Levi
i. Thomas Ray Hodges  Born 15 May 1949 Denver, CO Educated University of Colorado (BA, MA) Married in Singapore ca.24 February 1979 Nancy Ng Swee Ngan (born Singapore 9 January 1960) Father Ng Choy Mother Kiew Loke
(A) Charles Earl Hodges Born 13 November 1981 Singapore
(B) Brian James Hodges Born 11 May 1985 Singapore
ii. Ellen Kathleen Hodges Born 01 May 1951 Douglas, WY Educ University of Colorado Married in Boulder, Colorado 30 May 1973 Ronald Myron Rodehorst (Born 14 May 1947 Edmonton, AB, Canada)
(A) Robert Andrew Rodehorst Born 08 March 1980 Warwick, RI
(B) Michael James Rodehorst Born 18 May 1981 Warwick, RI
III Billy Charles Arbuthnot Born 16 November 1927 Arriba, CO Died 26 March 1979 in Maracaibo, Venezuela  Married in Clayton, New Mexico 21 December 1949 Eleanor Bernice Vogt (Born 16 March 1926 Floris, OK) Father Kurt Vogt Mother Agatha _____ 
i. Curtis Ray Arbuthnot Born Barcelona, Venezuela 16 September 1955 Married in Northglenn, Colorado 31 May 1975 Deborah Elaine Mattson (born Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 12 October 1958) Father William Matson Mother Priscilla Wood
(A) Jonathan Ray Arbuthnot Born 19 July 1976 Milton, FL  Married in Denver, CO 20 Sep 1997 Deborah Joy Parker born 2 June 78 Delaware, Pennsylvania.  Father John Richard Parker born 29 Dec 1946 Pennsylvania Mother Joanne Marie Cariola Born 8 Jan 1948 Pennsylvania.
(1) Kirsten Faith Arbuthnot born Littleton, CO 9 May 2001
(2) Elise Grace Arbuthnot born Littleton, CO 23 March 2003
(B) Jason Daniel Arbuthnot Born 12 July 1978 Denver, CO. Married in Lakewood, CO February 19th, 2000 Katherine Jo Conner born Denver, CO 10 November 1980 Father Kirk Charles Conner Mother Kimberly Grace Porter
Gabriel Daniel Arbuthnot born Littleton, CO 2 July 2000
Anisia Nicole Arbuthnot born Littleton, CO 17 August 2002
Isaiah Rey Arbuthnot born Littleton, CO 8 October 2004
Miguel Newton Arbuthnot born Lone Tree, CO 7 June 2007
(C) Shawn Michael Arbuthnot Born 06 December 1980 Aurora, CO  married 7 June 2003 in Sheridan, CO Jennifer Michelle Jersild born 31 december 1983 Father Lawrence Michaell Jersild Mother Kathye Louise Dechant
(1) Kayta Michelle Arbuthnot born 12 June 2001 Denver, CO
(2) Landin Michael Arbuthnot born 8 April 2005 Littleton, CO
(3) Carter Ray Lawrence Arbuthnot 7 August 2008 Denver, CO
(D) Candice Christine Arbuthnot Born 05 September 1983 Aurora, CO Married 1 June 2004 in Golden, CO to Forrest HeneryTowner born 24 July 1979 father Dan Towner mother Barbara Towner
(1) Genesis Towner born 12 March 2005
IV Phyllis Ann Arbuthnot Born Seibert, Colorado 1 February 1931 Married in Arriba, Colorado 9 August 1949 John David Fansher Born 22 July 1928 died November 2001  son of David Fansher (Blanche Josephine Lucas)
i. Barry Eugene Fansher Born Lake Charles, Louisiana 24 July 1954 Married first in the Phillippines 5 May 1975 Feli Felippi (born The Phillippines). Divorced 1976.
Barry married second in Las Vegas, Nevada 19 July 1985 Mona June Christenson (born Arvada, Colorado 15 July 1955) dau of Leroy Carle Christianson (Frances Helen Bauer)
ii. Teresa Ann Fansher Born 15 April 1956 Married in Denver 5 July 1981 Dana Patrick Feagans Born Denver, Colorado 2 February 1952 Father Roy Eugene Feagans Mother Betty Bruno Divorced 1996.
(A) Gidget Lynn Fansher Born 03 December 1973 Denver, CO
(B) Krista Leigh Feagans Born 31 December 1986 Denver, CO
iii. Sandra Kay Fansher Born 25 January 1966 Oahu, HI Married in Arvada, Colorado 8 June 1984 Timothy Lee Miller Born 26 February 1965 Danville, IL Father Melvin Wayne Miller Mother Joan Ellen Dodson
(A) Christopher John Miller  Born 09 December 1985 Westminster, CO
(B) Brittny Joan Miller Born 05 September 1989 Pensacola, FL
V Shirleyrae Arbuthnot Born 20 February 1934 Arriba, CO. Died Hugo, CA 2 March 2004. Married in Arriba, CO  08 June 1952 Charles Winfield Rarick Born 13 April 1926 Bovina, CO Father Eldridge Mayo Rarick Mother Ida Ellen Eberle
i. Sherri Lee Rarick Born 23 August 1956 Flagler, CO Married in Arriba, CO 09 June 1974 Jimmie Ivan Smithburg Born 10 May 1953 Flagler, CO educated Colorado State University, Ft.Collins (BS) Father Sidney George Smithburg Mother Elaine Silvia Johnson
(A) Aubrey Rachelle Smithburg  Born 07 April 1978 Hugo, CO
(B) Jon Michael Smithburg Born 19 January 1980 Hugo, CO
ii. Christy Jo Rarick Born 26 November 1958 Flagler, CO Married in Arriba, CO, 05 June 1977, Lyle Eugene Smithburg Born 11 August 1955 Flagler, CO Father Sidney George Smithburg Mother Elaine Silvia Johnson
(A) Nicholas Brandon Smithburg Born 19 November 1980 Vail, CO
(B) Stephanie Lynette Smithburg Born 13 December 1982 Hugo, CO Married 14 June 2003 Steven James Scherr (born 28 August 1981).
iii. Eddy Alan Rarick Born 11 March 1964 Hugo, CO Educated Colorado State University, Fort Collins Married in Arriba, CO, 20 August 1988,  Jodi Lee Wells Born 05 May 1967 Oberlin, KS Father John Wells Mother Louise Koehn
(A) Charles Rarick  Born 14 February 1990 Hugo, CO
(B) Cody John Rarick Born 04 March 1992 Denver, CO
VI Marlene Delores Arbuthnot Born Denver, CO 04 November 1935. Died Arriba, CO 24 January 1936.
c Frank Arbuthnot Born 19 June 1890 Cuba, Republic County, KS Died 10 March 1959 in Long Beach, CA  Married first 26 August 1917 Mable Branson Born 24 July 1889 Died 25 May 1927 Buried Belleville Cemetery, KS
I Thomas Branson Arbuthnot Born Chillicothe, MO 19 October 1920 Died Wichita Falls, TX 22 February 1996 Military service between  1940 - 1945 U.S. Air Force, honorably discharged on medical disability  Married in Coolidge, Arizona 30 July 1943 Maudine Gault (born Sentinel, Oklahoma 19 February 1925; died 30 July 2001) Father Thomas Walter Gault Mother Mattie Louise Fareley.
i. Frank Wayne Arbuthnot Born Casa Grande, CA 25 October 1944 Married in Lemon Grove, California 30 September 1972 Barbara J. Galligan (born San Diego, California  1 March 1949) dau of John Francis Galligan (and Jeanne Rosalie Columbe). Address: 815 Cameron Village Drive #208, Matthews, North Carolina 28105 - 0914
(A) Diana Jeanne Arbuthnot Born 16 April 1972 San Diego, CA Edic Appalachian State University, Boone, NC (BA, accounting and computer information systems).
(B) Thomas John Arbuthnot Born 18 June 1975 Oklahoma City, OK Educated 1996 Attending Appalachian State University, Boone, NC. Address: 6923 Spandril Lane, Charlotte, North Carolina 28215
ii. Patricia Ann Arbuthnot Born Tachikawa, Japan 23 May 1950  Married first TX 28 March 1969 Michael Charles Cannon Born 23 May 1946 Santa Monica, CA Died 19??
(A) Tracy Dawn Cannon Married Keith Rogers Kizer
(1) Tyler Keith Kizer
Patricia Ann Arbuthnot married second Garry Robbins
(B) Tracy Dawn Cannon Born Casa Grande, CA 7 September 1970 Educ Midwestern State Univ, Wichita Falls, TX (BA, education). Married Keith Rogers Kizer (born 11 May 1959)
(1) Tyler Keith Kizer  Born 12 April 1991
II Glenn Siebel Arbuthnot  Born 27 May 1923. Died 26 October 2004. Educ University of California, Los Angeles (BS, chemistry)  Married in Glendale, CA 30 June 1950 Barbara Jane Freeman Born 21 February 1928 Somerville, MA Father Dana Munroe Freeman Mother Ida Costigan
i. Lynn Ellen Arbuthnot  Born Santa Monica, CA 19 June 1954 Educated Univ of California, Irvine (BA history and BS biology) Married in Palos Verdes, CA 17 July 1976 Alan Oldham (born 30 June 1934, apprenticed in air conditioning) Father Dean Oldham Mother Alice May Zimmerman
(A) Jeremy Glenn Oldham Born 28 June 1983 Windber, PA
(B) Brittany Mae Oldham Born 14 January 1986 Windber, PA
(C) Adrienne Rose Oldham Born 02 January 1988 Windber, PA
ii. Kim Ann Arbuthnot Born 19 July 1958 Santa Monica, CA Educated University of Arizona (BA, liberal arts) Married in Palos Verdes Estates, CA 11 June 1980  Gregory Scott Brant Educated University of Arizona (BS, business administration) Father Raymond Eugene Brant Mother Jane Abercrombie
(A) Jeffrey Scott Brant Born 27 September 1988
(B) Michelle Ann Brant Born 19 May 1991
Frank Arbuthnot married second 24 June 1928 Frances Barrett Born 1889 Died 1938 Buried Belleville Cemetery, KS
III Dean Arbuthnot Born 18 October 1929
Frank Arbuthnot married third Alamosa, CO 25 December 1940 Eva Lena Flesher (born Culver City, CA 21 May 1893, died Phoenix, AZ 2 October 1983 previously married to Louis William Furlon and then to Henry Mallett), daughter of Zemari Lawrence Flesher and Lydia Annette nee Rich
d Florence Arbuthnot Born 22 September 1891 Cuba, KS Died 09 November 1973 in Colorado Springs, CO
e Bessie Arbuthnot Born 03 April 1893 Cuba, KS Died 15 September 1939 in Lansdale, PA Buried Whitmarsh Memorial Park, Lansdale, PA  Married in Plattsmouth, Nebraska 2 May 1928   Rudolph Herman von Kessell Born Holland or Germany Buried Lansdale, PA?
f Lester Arbuthnot Born 05 June 1898 Cuba, KS Died 14 February 1968 in Greeley, CO Buried Greeley, CO  Married in Cederedge, Colorado 25 November 1920 Mary Jane Franklin Born 22 August 1899 Bedford, IA Died 15 November 1980 in Colorado Springs, CO Buried Lynn Grove Cemetery Father Omar Stanton Franklin Mother Sarah Isabel Hartley
I Patricia Jean Arbuthnot Born Omaha, Nebraska 6 February 1927 Married in Greeley, Colorado 2 September 1949 Wallace Byron Towner Born 31 October 1926 Yoder, CO Died 21 September 1990 in Fort Collins, CO Military service: Sgt, U.S. Army Air Corps, W.W. II, Flight Engineer mostly with Air-Sea Rescue Unit, The Philippines Father John Wright Towner Mother Olga Svea Hildura Leona Anderson
i. John Wallace Towner Born 06 June 1953 Colorado Springs, CO Married in Colorado Springs, Colorado 21 June 1981 Kathy Lynn Schroeder  (born San Diego, California 1 February 1961) Father Raymond Frederick Schroeder Mother June Marie Pfizenmeier. Divorced 1991
ii. Ronald Hugh Towner Born Colorado Springs 4 April 1957 Educated Washington State University, Pullman (MA, anthropology) Married in Moscow, Idaho 17 April 1985 Elizabeth June Miksa (born Bellwood, Illinois 7 November 1961) Father Francis Miksa Mother Barbara Jean Vincent
(A) Allison Patricia Miksa Towner   Born 01 May 1990 Tucson, AZ
6 Sarah Jane ("Jennie") Arbuthnot Born 14 August 1856 Allegheny County, PA Died 14 August 1936 in Belleville, KS  Married Republic Co, Kansas 24 February 1881 John Abraham Swenson Born Sweden Died 19 January 1924 in Belleville, KS   Farmer Father Isaac Swenson Mother Ulreka Sophia Rydell
a Karl Isaac Swenson Born 23 June 1882 Belleville, KS Died 16 January 1888 in Belleville, KS
b Katherine Arbuthnot Swenson Born 09 September 1883 Republic County, KS Died 19 May 1912 in Republic County, KS  Married Belleville 2 December 1908 Frank Andrew Douglas, Sr. Born 17 February 1882 Emerson, IA Died 03 November 1934 in Superior, NE Father Andrew Douglas Mother Jennie _____
I Ralph Swenson Douglas Born 01 June 1910 Belleville, KS Died 08 June 1955 in Wichita, KS  Married in Belleville 29 September 1935 Helen Houdek (born Belleville 13 April 1915) Father William Bohumil Houdek Mother Emma Millie Gabriel
i. Janice Marie Douglas Born Beloit, Kansas 29 April 1938 Educated Wichita State University, KS Married in Wichita, Kansas 25 August 1957 Ivan Kelty (Born Wichita 14 June 1936, educated Kansas State University, Wichita ) son of John Miles Kelty and Wilma Faye Cochran 
(A) Kathryn Marie Kelty Born 15 November 1958 Wichita, KS Educated Wichita State University, KS (BA, education).   Married in Wichita 4 October 1980 Phillip A. Nelson Born 21 December 1956 Wichita, KS Father Carl Albin Nelson II Mother Joyce Anna Morland Divorced 1994
(1) Abigail Lauren Nelson Born 05 February 1983 Wichita, KS
(2) Hilary Lane Nelson Born 18 May 1988 Wichita, KS
(B) Constance Jean Kelty Born 30 July 1963 Wichita, KS Educ Delaware State, Dover, DE (BA, psychology) Married first in Wichita 01 October 1983 Kevin Patrick Greenway Born 23 August 1963 Chicago, IL Father Harvey Leonard Greenway Mother Patricia Frances McCloon. Divorced 1990.
(1) Devin Paige Greenway Born 26 January 1987 Wichita, KS
Constance Jean Kelty married second in Wichita 13 June 1992 John Joseph Wells Born 29 October 1959 Dodge City, KS Father John LeRoy Wells Mother Shirley Ann Brock
(2) Morgan Riley Wells Born 14 July 1994 Wichita, KS
ii. Emma Kathryn Douglas Born 17 May 1942 Wichita, KS Educ Kansas State University, Wichita Married in Fort Monmouth, NJ 25 September 1962 Lonnie LeRoy Swanson Born 07 January 1939 Cuba, KS  Father Carl Lee Swanson Mother Helen Mary Fisher
(A) Stacie Kay Swanson Born 17 October 1971 Wichita, KS Educated Wichita State University, KS
(B) Stephanie Ann Swanson Born 29 December 1973 Wichita, KS Educated Wichita State University, KS
iii. Duane Ralph Douglas Born Wichita 11 July 1946  Married in Wichita 08 September 1989 Carolyn Ruth Cornwell Nielson Born 05 May 1958 Ferriday, LA Father James Walter Cornwell Mother Lena Lillian Cripps
II Katherine Claire Douglas Born 26 December 1911 Belleville, KS Educated Strickler's Business College and Washburn College   Married in Kansas City, MO, 31 May 1942, J Kenneth Hall Born Hamburg, Iowa 13 December 1910 Educ Kansas City Dental School (DDS) Father Clement Frank Hall Mother Mary Murchison
i. Douglas Clovis Hall Born 22 December 1943 Laramie, WY
ii. Heather Mary Hall  Born 25 September 1946 Washington, DC   Married in Colorado Springs, CO 08 August 1976 Hugh Hutchinson Lyle Born Colorado Springs, CO Father Clifford Frederick Lyle Mother Marie Nieman
(A) MacKenzie Ann Lyle Born 27 April 1978 Colorado Springs, CO
(B) Ian Christopher Lyle Born 25 December 1979 Colorado Springs, CO
(C) Christina Elizabeth Lyle Born 26 July 1983 Colorado Springs, CO
c Ralph Ivan Swenson Born 25 December 1888 Republic County, KS Died 27 May 1899 in Republic County, KS
d John Leigh Swenson Born 01 October 1890 Republic County, KS Died 28 May 1957 in Pomona, CA   Married in Belleville, KS 16 February 1915 Maude Ernestine Tucker Born 09 March 1896 Belleville, KS Father Benjamin Franklin Tucker Mother Anna Delean Yaple
I Aletha Claire Swenson Born 07 July 1916 Belleville, KS Died 02 April 1986  Married first in Los Angeles, CA 22 August 1935 Verl Virgil Smith Born 27 April 1912 Nebraska Died 01 December 1942 in Pomona, CA Father Fred Alvin Smith Mother Margaret Howell
i. Janet Lee Smith Born 29 April 1938 Pomona, CA Died 15 April 1977 in Seattle, WA  Married in Pomona 29 March 1959 Charles Thomas Neville (born Ardmore, Oklahoma 21 September 1937) son of John Sid Neville and Elva Leona Bollen
(A) Shirley Ann Neville Born 14 December 1959 Escondido, CA
(B) Thomas Lee Neville Born 28 April 1961 Nashville, TN
(C) Robert Allen Neville Born 20 May 1962 Oakland, CA
(D) Rhonda Lee Neville Born 13 November 1963 Upland, CA
Aletha Claire Swenson married second in Las Vegas, Nevada 11 March 1945 Clifford Norbert Rausin Born Orr, Oklahoma 30 April 1904 Died Ontario, California 20 October 1969  Worked with Edison Co. Father Hugh Bir Rausin Mother Anna Caroline Walker
ii. James Norbert Rausin Born 12 April 1946 Pomona, CA Married in Ontario, CA 25 June 1972 Shirley Ann Sten Born 25 February 1940 Manteca, CA
(A) Adam James Rausin Born 30 March 1977 Honolulu, HI
II Dorothy Lee Swenson Born 17 September 1917 Belleville, KS Died 22 November 1985  Married in Ontario, Canada 4 September 1937 Lewis Leonard Lacey Born 28 June 1916 San Dimas, CA son of Arthur Oliver Lacey and Mattie B. Green
i. Bruce Adrian Lacey Born 22 June 1940 Pomona, CA Married in Pomona 3 September 1960 Dorothy Lee Maring born Muskegon, MI, 26 January 1942 Father James Russell Maring Mother Fern Evelyn Wright
(A) Lisa Ann Lacey Born 06 March 1962 Pomona, CA Married first Upland, CA, 4 December 1982 Bruce David Zust Father George Zust Mother Janet Shultise
(1) Danielle Amanda Zust Born 28 May 1984 Montclair, CA
(2) Ashlea Dawn Zust Born 20 May 1986 Upland, CA
Lisa Ann Lacey married second in Alta Loma, CA 5 October 1991 Donald Wayne Pandolph, Jr. (born Inglewood, California 26 February 1964) son of Donald Wayne Pandolph, Sr. and Barbara Ann Mason
(B) Steven Adrian Lacey Born Pomona 2 October 1963 Married in Alta Loma, California 1 August 1992 Monica Lee Rawlins (born Minneapolis, MN 11 October 1966) dau of David Bruce Rawlins and Beverly Lee
ii. Jon Arthur Lacey Born Pomona 13 October 1943 Married first in Anaheim, California Melba Serrano Jon Arthur Lacey married second 1966 Marilyn Mott
iii. Lynn Allen Lacey Born Pomona 10 February 1945 Married first 1967 Diana Lesiker Lynn Allen Lacey married second 1972 Laura Dotson
iv. Judith Ann Lacey Born 20 December 1945 Pomona, CA Died 27 December 1945 in Pomona, CA
III Ruth Lorraine Swenson Born Pomona 30 September 1919 Married in Imperial, CA 13 October 1940 Arthur Lee Settle, Jr. Born 11 January 1917 Imperial, CA Died 12 November 1998 in California Father Arthur Lee Settle, Sr. Mother Bonita Marsden
i. Toby Lee Settle Born 22 September 1944 Long Beach, CA Married in Long Beach, 10 September 1966, Nancy Ann Woodruff   born Long Beach 21 July 1945 Father Harry Woodruff Mother Virginia Wilson
(A) Kelan Joan Settle Born 06 January 1972 Los Angeles, CA Married in Seattle, WA 16 October 1993 Michael Ladao
(1) Anthony Michael Ladao Born 11 February 1993 Seattle, WA
ii. Larry Robert Settle Born Long Beach, CA 12 February 1948 Married in Long Beach, 21 June 1969 Susan Marie Dorame Born Long Beach 21 May 1948 Father Jose V. Dorame Mother Marie Ortega
(A) Amy Louise Settle Born 19 November 1970 Long Beach, CA
IV Maydelle Swenson Born 08 April 1921 Pomona, CA Married in Culver City, CA 19 April 1958 Frank Stewart Bunker Born San Jacinto, CA 26 December 1911 Father Frank Bunker Mother Olive Buffington
i. Sandra Lynne Bunker Born 16 December 1959 Culver City, CA Married in Coquille, OR 31 October 1977 Bruce Anthony Hendrix Born 14 October 1957 Torrance, CA Father Billy Herbert Hendrix Mother Cleopatra Pauline Sweesey
(A) Jeremy Wayne Hendrix Born 17 June 1978 Coos Bay, OR
(B) Katey Leigh Berilla Born 07 January 1994 Newport Beach, CA
V John Max Swenson Born 05 March 1924 Pomona, CA Married in Rancho Cordova, CA 11 June 1960 Rose Maxine Allen Born 28 February 1924 Dayton, OH Died 22 March 1986
VI Wilma Faye Swenson Born 04 August 1925 Pomona, CA Died 12 March 1979 in Pomona, CA  Married Pmomna 19 February 1946 Charles Huber Glenn Born 08 September 1925 Ozark, MO Father Charles Stanley Glenn Mother Jewel M. Smith
i. Cheryl Ann Glenn Born 29 August 1950 Pomona, CA Married in Pomona November 1969 John William Harbottle  Born Pomona 06 December 1947 Father Eldon Henry Harbottle Mother Evelyn Schwart
(A) Christopher Charles Harbottle Born 21 September 1974 Montclair, CA Married in Fontana, CA 11 December 1993 Stacey _____
(B) Sharron Dawn Harbottle Born 21 April 1977 Montclair, CA
ii. Jerry Robert Glenn  Born 15 October 1953 Pomona, CA
VII Marilyn Joyce Swenson Born 07 August 1935 Pomona, CA Married in Pomona, CA 14 September 1957 Gainard Ernest Sisti Born 13 February 1933 Rockford, IL Father Louis Sisti Mother Mary Petrovich
i. Steven Paul Sisti   Born 02 May 1958 Castroville, CA 
ii. David Gainard Sisti Born 22 December 1959 Walnut Creek, CA
iii. Sharron Lynn Sisti Born 05 May 1962 Walnut Creek, C
e Deane Leslie Swenson Born 31 December 1891 Republic, KS Died 09 June 1963 in Belleville, KS
f Ross Greeley Swenson Born 02 August 1893 Republic, KS Died 02 February 1979 in Belleville, KS Buried Belleville, KS  Farmer  Married in Coin, Iowa 01 August 1917 Flossie Mable Walker Born 28 September 1895 Belleville, KS Died 26 November 1983 in Topeka, KS Buried Belleville, KS Father Francis M. Walker Mother Mary Elizabeth LaRowe
I Jack Leland Swenson Born 10 July 1921 Republic County, KS Married in Marysville, KS 6 July 1946 Emadale Lockwood Born 16 January 1914 Munden, KS Died 27 September 1999 in Kansas Bookkeeper Father Bert Lockwood Mother Mabel Hiatt
i. Linda Dale Swenson Born 04 September 1949 Belleville, KS Married in Manhattan, Kansas 02 December 1972 Larry Eugene Hunter Born 12 August 1944 Topeka, KS
(A) Lenn Mathew Hunter  Born 26 March 1979 Topeka, KS
(B) Lonnie Gene Hunter Born 10 August 1981 Topeka, KS
ii. Barbara Ann Swenson Born Topeka, KS 24 September 1952 Married in Manhattan, Kansas 21 July 1974 Meigs Logan Born 12 August 1952 Panama
(A) Joshua Meigs Logan Born 10 July 1979 Topeka, KS
II Victor Eugene Swenson Born 17 November 1922 Republic, KS Died 26 May 1970 in Cedar Falls, IA Engineer  Married first in Windsor, Ontario, Canada 1 August 1941 Joy Goodale.
Victor married second in Lake City, MN 18 June 1946 Jean Helen Nelson Born 16 May 1925 Zumbro Falls, MN Father George Andrew Nelson Mother Edith Georgia Roberson 
i. Craig Eugene Swenson Born 16 September 1953 Waterloo, IA Married in Cedar Falls, IA 16 June 1973 Dena Fagerlind Born 24 January 1955 Waterloo, IA Father Merle K. Fagerlind Mother Beverly E. Volker
(A) Wendy Jean Swenson Born 07 September 1974 Waterloo, IA
ii. Mark James Swenson Born 19 October 1961 Waterloo, IA
III Russell James Swenson Born Belleville, KS 08 March 1926 Died Belleville 08 March 1926
IV R G ("Swede") Swenson Born Republic, KS 24 December 1927.  Married first in Topeka, KS 29 May 1949 Marjorie ("Marge") Thompson Born Council Bluffs, IA 04 November 1931 Father Raymond Thompson Mother Alice D. De Vol.   Divorced 1971.
i. Deborah Sue Swenson Born Scott City, KS 23 May 1951   Married in Topeka, KS 19 February 1972 Gene Beam born 19 March 1948
(A) Aimee Beth Beam Born 16 November 1975
(B) Kristen Lynn Beam Born 10 June 1979
ii. Michael Ray Swenson Born 12 September 1955 Topeka, KS Educated University of Kansas  Married in Topeka  21 May 1977 Nancy Rutherford Born 26 September 1955 Kansas City, MO Father Keith Morland Rutherford Mother Geraldine Frances Smitchger Divorced 1984
(A) Brady Michael Swenson Born   03 May 1979 Topeka, KS
(B) Blake Patrick Swenson Born 23 April 1982 Topeka, KS
Michael married second Charneil Searles
iii. Scott Blaine Swenson Born Topeka, KS 28 February 1963
Swede Swenson married second in Topeka 19 October 1973 Virginia Henney Born Topeka, KS 6 November 1919 (widow of Chester ("Chet") Fox) Father George Albert Henney Mother Daisy Maude Oetzel
g James Blaine Swenson Born 03 January 1895 Republic, KS Died 28 February 1969 in Belleville, KS
h Max Ballard Swenson Born 11 June 1896 Republic, KS Died 29 April 1897 in Belleville, KS
i Eula Jennie Swenson Born 09 November 1898 Belleville, KS Died 07 June 1956 in Laramie, WY  Married in Belleville, KS 5 November 1922 Willis Andrew Hughes Born 01 October 1896 Norton, KS Died 13 November 1976 in Phoenix, AZ Father Henry Dallam Hughes Mother Gertrude Ramsey
I Eugene Phillip Hughes Born 24 August 1923 Kansas City, KS Died 24 September 1923 in Kansas City, KS
II Richard Willis Hughes, Sr. Born 13 February 1926 Kansas City, MO Educ University of Wyoming  (BA) Northwestern University (MA, journalism).  Married in Chicago, IL 07 May 1954 Joan Fowler Born 28 August 1922 (educ Westbrook College) Father Carl Gorham Fowler Mother Florence Edith Burton
i. Patricia Fowler Hughes Born 11 February 1956 Chicago, IL Educated University of Northern Colorado, Greeley and University of Wyoming (music). Married in Cheyenne, WY 07 June 1975 Richard Eugene Martin Born Cheyenne 16 March 1954 Father Roy Eugene Martin Mother Carol Marie Council
ii. Suzanne Eula Hughes Born 08 March 1958 Chicago, IL Educated Laramie Community College, WY
III Robert Donald Hughes Born 08 October 1930 Belleville, KS Educ University of Wyoming, Laramie (BS, MA, statistics) Married in Grant, Nebraska 30 November 1952  Phyllis Jean Pankonin Born 10 November 1930 Holyoke, CO Educ Colorado Women's College, Denver (AA), University of Colorado, Boulder (BA), Genealogist.
i. Mark David Hughes Born 17 August 1955 Laramie, WY Educated Immaculate Heart College Married in Las Vegas 19 February 1994 Andrea Gardner Carney Born 23 August 1941 Los Angeles, CA Father Edward John Gardner Mother Kathleen McGivern
ii. Richard Willis Hughes Born 20 October 1957 Marion, OH Educated Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences  Married in Bangkok, Thailand  30 October 1988 Wimon Manorotkul Born 03 May 1959 Bangkok, Thailand Father Kailee Goh Mother Jayu Tae
(A) Erin Bille Hughes   Born 05 August 1989 Bangkok, Thailand
7 John Henry Arbuthnot Born 06 April 1858 Allegheny County, PA Died 04 January 1864 in Allegheny County, PA
8 Pamelia Arbuthnot Born 06 February 1860 Allegheny County, PA Died 19 September 1863 in Pine Township, PA
9 Juliet McAboy Arbuthnot Born 23 December 1861 Butler County, PA Died 10 December 1937   Married 23 December 1903 Luther Dowell
a Howard Dowell   Born ca.1914
10 (James) Grant Arbuthnot Born 17 March 1864 Butler County, PA Died 17 April 1945 in Winter Haven, FL Surveyor, worked on building the Burlington Railroad line through Republic County, KS  Married 7 November 1889 Ida Catherine Hoffman Born 07 September 1867 Pennsylvania Died 03 May 1951 in Lake Alfred, FL Father Henry H. Hoffman Mother Sarah Alice Novinger
a Claude G/H Arbuthnot Born 11 November 1890 Republic County, KS Died 31 October 1972 in Winter Haven, FL  Married, June 1921, Mary Elena Lanham Born 11 February 1898 Edina, MO Died 25 July 1981 in Lake Alfred, FL Father Lewis Allan Lanham Mother Georganne Vaughn
I Ruth LeVaughn Arbuthnot Born 14 January 1924 Oklahoma Died 25 February 1924 in Oklahoma
II James Gilbert Arbuthnot Born 08 December 1925 Lake Alfred, FL Died 14 June 1996 in Bushnell, FL   Educ Univ of Florida (agricultural & electrical engineering). Self-employed electrical contractor, 25 years Volunteer firefighter, 40 years. Married in Lake Alfred, FL 3 August 1947 (Florence) June Orr Born 07 April 1926 Winter Haven, FL Died Bushnell 21 February 1993
i. James Gregory Arbuthnot Born 21 April 1950 Winter Haven, FL Died 18 January 1999 in Bushnell, Florida  Married first in Princeton, KY 23 October 1971 Sue Ellen Thomas born Princeton, FL 27 February 1952 Father Thomas Humphries Mother Ann _____
(A) Suzanne Noreen Arbuthnot Born Winter Haven, FL 26 May 1974 Married 15 February 1992 Randall A McIntyre
(B) Laura Lindsey Arbuthnot  Born 06 July 1982 Owensboro, KY
James Gregory Arbuthnot married second February 1994 Nancy Sumner
ii. Charles David Arbuthnot Born Winter Haven, Florida 26 April 1953.  Worked in nuclear operations.
iii. Kathryn Louise Arbuthnot Born Winter Haven 5 Octoer 1955 Married first in Winter Haven FL 17 November 1984 Jose Vazquez (born Cuba)
(A) Joseph Daniel Vazquez Born Winter Haven 3 August 1985. Student.
Kathryn Louise Arbuthnot married second June 1994 James Glisson
(B) Joshua David Glisson Born August 1994
III Albert Allan Arbuthnot Born 26 December 1928 Lake Alfred, FL Married in Mississippi 28 August 1955 Marie Anne Wells Born 21 February 1931 Pensacola, FL Father John Henry Wells Mother Mary Abbie Burnham
i. Marie Louise Arbuthnot  Born Winter Haven, FL 17 November 1956 Married Daytona Beach, FL 25 October 1986 Dale Edmond Bresett born Daytona Beach 3 February 1951 Father Edward Thomas Bresett Mother Mary Oleta Barksdale
ii. (Edward) Allan Arbuthnot  Born 25 November 1958 Winter Haven, FL Married in Lake Wales, FL 14 February 1980 Debra Renee Warnell (born 13 April 1961 Grinnell, IA), dau of Richard Warnell and Dorothy née Chase
(A) Ashley Michelle Arbuthnot   Born 15 October 1982 Fayetteville, NC
(B) Angela Renae Arbuthnot Born 19 December 1984 Spring Lake, NC
(C) Joshua Paul Allan Arbuthnot Born 11 April 1987 Winter Haven, FL
iii. Karan Sue Arbuthnot Born 12 September 1963 Winter Haven, FL Married first  in Lake Alfred, FL 10 July 1982 Kenneth Wayne Ard Born 26 August 1962 Father Lionel Ard Mother Carolyn Schumann Divorced 1988
(A) Lisa Marie Ard Born West Germany 11 April 1983
(B) Jennifer Lea Ard Born Georgetown, Ohio 08 April 1988
Karan Sue Arbuthnot married second in Covington, Kentucky 08 August 1991 Nicholas Charles Gogolin Born Adrian, MI 15 April 1949 Father Jack Gogolin Mother Lois Jean Fisher/Wright
IV (Earl) Neil Arbuthnot Born Winter Haven, Florida 01 June 1930 Died Winter Haven 15 December 1997   Married first in Leesburg, Florida,  Elizabeth Mowery Died May 1993
i. Joseph Neil Arbuthnot I Born Sylacauga, AL 11 September 1952 Married first in Lake Alfred, FL 1985 Therese ("Traci") Ann Porter  (born Ypsilanti, MI), dau of John Richard Porter (Sandra Kay Ollette). Divorced.
(A) Krystoffer Neal Arbuthnot. Born Eustis, FL 12 May 1987
Joseph Neil Arbuthnot I married second in Polk County, FL 15 August 1992 Carole McAuliffe Born 04 June 1950 Brooklyn, NY Father David McAuliffe Mother Rita Walsh
ii. Jonathan Earl Arbuthnot  Born 29 May 1956
iii. Patricia Ruth Arbuthnot. Born 30 July 1958
iv. Robert Anthony Arbuthnot. Born 19 October 1961 Married LeLaine Margaret Sears
(A) Alina Denise Arbuthnot. Born 6 December 1987. Educated Silver Creek High School, Longmont, CO. University of South Carolina (political science).
(B) Dara K Arbuthnot. Born 31 January 1989.
v. Steven Paul Arbuthnot Born 19 July 1963 Married Debra Rockwood, dau of David Rockwood and Jane Shepard.
(A) Jordan Arbuthnot, a son. Born 10 August 1994.
(B) Tanner Arbuthnot, a daughter.
Earl Neil Arbuthnot married second Joanne Ennis
Earl Neil Arbuthnot married third in Winter Haven, FL  30 May 1981 Carroll M Baer Born Toledo, Ohio 23 March 1942 died 15 October 2004 Father James Wagner Mother Alice Devine
V Mary Beth Arbuthnot Born 10 December 1931 Lake Alfred, FL Died January 1932 in Lake Alfred, FL Buried Oak Grove Cemetery, Lake Alfred
VI (Claude) Donald Arbuthnot Born Winter Haven, FL 18 July 1934 Married in Sebring, FL 19 May 1964 Elizabeth Inez Jenkins Born Live Oak, FL 31 May 1943 Father Robert Jenkins Mother Hazel Tucker 
i. Mark Robert Arbuthnot Born 25 January 1965 Winter Haven, FL Owner of Arbuthnot Carpet Care. Volunteer firefighter Married 05 February 1994  Cynthia Seymour  Born 5 November 1973 Wheatland, WY Father James Herbert Seymour Mother Barbara Ann Cain. Cynthia married second Dale Buddy Brown Jr.
(A) Reagan ("Rea") Elizabeth Arbuthnot Born 18 August 1994 Winter Haven, FL
(B) Cecily Anne Arbuthnot Born 28 February 1998 Lakeland, FL
ii. Teresa Ann Arbuthnot Born Lakeland, FL 23 November 1967, a twin  Educ University of Southern Florida (BA) Married Winter Haven, FL 14 March 1992 Samuel Wilson Born 25 March 1964 Miami, FL Father Jim Wilson Mother Gloria Raskin
(A) Jacob Ryan Wilson Born 21 June 1994
(B) Bethany Caitlyn Wilson Born 14 April 1997
iii. Timothy Alan Arbuthnot  Born Lakeland 23 November 1967, a twin. Educ as an accountant (BA). Address: 124 Arbuthnot Ln, Polk City, FL 33868-2210
iv. Matthew Franklin Arbuthnot Born Winter Haven, FL 06 January 1971 Educated Disney culinary arts school Married in Lake Alfred, FL 25 May 1991 Lisa Ann Jones Born Bartow, Florida 9 August 1969 Father William Frank Jones Mother Edith Fay Mullins
(A) Amanda Mercedes Arbuthnot Born 13 January 1994 Winter Haven, FL
(B) Colt Donald Arbuthnot Born 30 January 2000 Winter Haven, FL
b Elsie/Elise Kathryn Arbuthnot Born 18 June 1892 Republic, KS Died 09 July 1968 in Lake Alfred, FL
c Helen Arbuthnot Born 02 April 1901 Nebraska Died 06 October 1984  Married Leland Edward Jeffries Died 16 April 1994
I Edward Jeffries Married Kay _____
II Johnny Jeffries Married Willadean _____
III Louise Jeffries Married Tom Allerton
d Nelle Geraldine Arbuthnot Born 12 February 1909 Died 20 July 1972 in Tampa, FL  Married in Tampa, FL Andrew Davis Born 26 September 1897 Died 04 May 1972 
11 (William) Sherman Arbuthnot Born 10 March 1866 Oil City, PA Died 06 June 1949 in Bogue, KS  Educ Kansas Agricultural College (BS) Chicago Veterinary College (DVS) Pharmacist, 24 years, then banker Republican state senator, two terms Married in Belleville, KS 7 February 1897   Mary Jane Stanfield Born 05 August 1877 Republic County, KS Died 16 September 1957 in Bennington, KS Father Richard T. Stanfield Mother Sarah Carnahan
a Russell Arbuthnot Born 27 June 1898 Lebanon, KS Died 26 October 1903 in Lebanon, KS
b Richard James Arbuthnot Born 21 February 1902 Lebanon, KS Died 11 December 1971 in Ellinwood, KS  Married in Salina, KS 26 November 1924  Sibyl Brown Born Delphos, KS 4 December 1900 Died 24 January 1989 in Shawnee Mission, KS Father Clarence Elwood Brown Mother Bertha E. Comfort
I Mary Ann Arbuthnot Born 03 October 1932 Norton, KS Married in Ellinwood, KS  11 August 1951 Harold Titus Born Great Bend, KS 04 December 1931 Father Ray Titus Mother Gladys _____
i. Richard Titus Born 21 July 1952 Great Bend, KS
ii. David Titus Born 22 July 1953 Great Bend, KS
iii. Jeff Titus Born 15 May 1955 Great Bend, KS
iv. Margaret Titus Born 29 May 1960 Great Bend, KS
v. Stephen Titus Born 31 January 1964 Great Bend, KS
II Richard Brown Arbuthnot  Born Great Bend, KS 09 October 1937 Married in Ellinwood, KS 10 August 1957 Vickie Warren Born 26 June 1938 Wichita, KS Father Robert William Warren Mother Ina Louise Moore
i. Jane Arbuthnot Born 26 May 1959 Emporia, KS
ii. Julie Arbuthnot Born 12 May 1960 Ellinwood, KS
iii. David Arbuthnot Born 06 September 1963 Ellinwood, KS
c Dorothea Pearl Arbuthnot Born 12 June 1905 Lebanon, KS Died 19 October 1971 in Salina, KS   Married in Bennington, KS 3 August 1931 Lawrence Woodruff Austin Born 24 December 1906 Miltonvale, KS Died 16 May 1978 in Salina, KS Father Raymond Leroy Austin Mother Ethel Leona Woodruff
I William Raymond Austin Born 12 April 1935 Bennington, KS Married Lois Arlene Murra Born 06 October 1930 Wichita, KS Married 21 July 1963 WaKeeney, KS Father Michael Eugene Murra Mother Lillian Edna Jones
i. Julie Michelle Austin Born Kingman, KS 12 November 1964 Educ Kansas State Univ (BS, early childhood education) Married 9 October 1993 William Robert Fletcher Born Kansas City, MO 29 September 1967 educ Northwest Missouri State University (BS, accounting) Father William Eugene Fletcher Mother Joyce Irene Myers Yelick
(A) William Alexander Fletcher Born 28 February 1995
ii. Michael William Austin Born Kingman, KS 19 October 1966 Educ Kansas State Univ (BA, management and marketing)
II Alice Jane Austin, BS Born Bennington, KS 31 May 1936 Married in Bennington, 18 August 1957 Joseph Lester McFall, BS Born Garden City, KS 2 June 1936 Father Lester Cleo McFall Mother Adra Margaret Hawkins
i. Kimberly Jo McFall Born Kansas City, MO 02 February 1961 Educ Kansas State University Married Dexter, KS 13 Agust 1983 John Walter Jones Born Garden City, KS 02 June 1956 Educ Kansas State University Father Walter M. Jones Mother Oralee Moore
(A) Erin Rebecca Jones Born 27 January 1985 Tulsa, OK
(B) Weston Scott Jones Born 12 October 1989 Wichita, KS
ii. Kendall Lee McFall Born 01 July 1962 Kansas City, MO Educ Kansas State Univ. Married in Sulphur Springs, TX 9 August 1987 Kenna Dawn McAdams Born Reno, NV 22 November 1964 (educ Abilene Christian College) Father Ken R. McAdams Mother Mary Taylor 
(A) Austin Taylor McFall Born 14 August 1988 Los Angeles, CA
(B) Zachary Ryan McFall Born 14 June 1990 Seattle, WA
(C) Spencer Garret McFall Born 07 March 1993 Seattle, WA
iii. Scott Alan McFall Born 11 May 1970 Winfield, KS Degree Kansas State University
III Kathleen Ann Austin Born 08 September 1942 Bennington, KS Married in Bennington, KS 28 December 1963 Ronald Calvin Geist Born 15 February 1941 Lamar, KS Father Calvin Victor Geist Mother Cleo Gibson
i. Ronda Kay Geist Born 26 July 1966 Salina, KS Married Robert Bruce Kirby Born 08 September 1965 Married 23 September 1989 Salina, KS Father H.Scott Kirby Mother Heather Roberts
(A) Brandon Chase Kirby Born 14 November 1991 Salina, KS
(B) Austin Elliott Kirby Born 25 March 1994 Salina, KS
ii. Ryan Kirk Geist  Born 28 October 1971 Salina, KS Educated Emporia State University, Emporia, KS
IV Susan Lee Austin, BS. Born 15 November 1947 Salina, KS Died 26 February 1976 in El Dorado, KS  Teacher  Married Bennington, KS 07 May 1970 Terry L. Miller, BS Born 28 February 1942 Father Roy Miller
d Juliet Marie Arbuthnot Born 30 December 1911 Lebanon, KS Educ Kansas State University Agricultural College Married Hill City, KS  12 June 1935 Rex Clifton Thompson Born 20 February 1915 Almena, KS Died 25 July 1994 Educated Kansas State University, Hays Military service between  1943 - 1945 U.S. Navy, mailman 2nd class, W.W. II, San Francisco   Banker Father Arthur Clifton Thompson Mother Viola Amelia Hall
I James Clifton Thompson Born 12 July 1936 Norton, KS Educated Kansas State University, Hays Degree Denver Business College, CO Married Bogue, KS 17 June 1956  Sandra Jean Brown Born 25 April 1938 Bogue, KS Father Oscar Brown Mother Alberta Esther Elliott
i. Timothy Clifton Thompson  Born Denver, Colorado 06 October 1959 Educ Brown Mackie Business College, Salina, KS and Kansas State University, Hays (MA).  Married in Colby, KS 11 June 1983 Karen Jayne Flanagan, born Colby 16 June 1961
(A) Zachary Clifton Thompson Born 03 November 1988 Hays, KS
(B) Seth Michael Thompson Born 19 October 1990 Hays, KS
ii. Tamara Gay Thompson Born 05 June 1961 Hill City, KS Married in Hill City, KS 21 June 1980 Jon Patrick Worcester Born 20 December 1960 Hill City, KS Degree Kansas State University, Hays, business and agriculture Father Eugene Worcester Mother Helen Louise McKim
(A) Todd Andrew Worcester Born Hill City, KS 29 March 1983
(B) Jordan Jay Worcester Born Hill City, KS 02 June 1985
(C) Taylor Jon Worcester Born Hill City, KS 01 July 1987
iii. Tobyn Jay Thompson Born 28 July 1965 Hill City, KS Degree Northwest Kansas Vo-Tech, carpentry Married first Bogue, KS 29 May 1988 Joanna Kysar Divorced 1990
Tobyn married second Quinter, KS 04 June 1994 Pamela Sue Johnson Born 01 February 1970 Quinter, KS Degree Dodge City Junior College, KS Father Larry Johnson Mother Jacquelyn Dreher
II Thomas Arbuthnot Thompson Born 18 October 1937 Houston, TX Degree Kansas State University, architecture Married in Portland, OR 25 June 1966 Georgia Dee Swanson Born 17 March 1942 Portland, OR Educated Oregon State University, Corvallis (BS) Father George Swanson Mother Dorothy Runnells
i. Scott Arbuthnot Thompson  Born 07 March 1970 Colorado Springs, CO  Married in Colorado Springs, CO 17 December 1989 Tonja Renee Weber Born 09 April 1972 Colorado Springs, CO Father Richard Weber Mother Deborah Jean McClelland
(A) Nathan Arbuthnott Thompson Born 24 December 1990 Colorado Springs, CO
ii. Eric George Thompson  Born 13 August 1973 Colorado Springs, CO
iii. Jeffrey Wayne Thompson  Born 15 May 1976 Colorado Springs, CO
III Janice Marie Thompson Born 27 October 1942 Norton, KS Married in Bogue, KS 24 November 1961 Christopher Gilbert Booi Born 06 December 1940 Lewis, KS son of Gilbert Booi and Martha Louise Baker
i. Jana Marie Booi Born 18 February 1964 Pratt, KS Married in Cullison, KS 13 April 1985 Darin Scott Goodwin Born 21 October 1964 Lebanon, KS Father Larry Goodwin Mother Linda Richardson
(A) Shea Marie Goodwin Born 11 November 1986
(B) Brooke Ellen Goodwin Born 14 April 1988
ii. Brock Arthur Booi Born 27 October 1966 Pratt, KS Died 06 September 1986 in Pratt, KS
iii. Brandon Kyle Booi Born 09 December 1969 Pratt, KS
IV Robert Rex Thompson Born 14 October 1949 Hays, KS Educated Kansas State University, Hays, and Colby Commercial College, KS Married in Salina, KS 13 October 1973 Sharon Nadine Snyder Born 11 June 1950 Belleville, KS Educated Kansas State University, Hays Father Gene Snyder Mother Georgia Mulch
i. Jason Robert Thompson Born 30 January 1975 Oxford, NE
ii. Robin Marie Thompson Born 25 March 1977 Oxford, NE 
12 Mary Catherine Arbuthnot Born Belle Plaine, Tama County, IA 1869 while her parents were staying at Martha Newton's home (qv below) Died 1869 in Belle Plaine, Tama County, IA Buried Belle Plaine, Tama County, IA
13 Walter Arbuthnot Born 1871 Iowa   Married Lulu Z___ Born 1867 Iowa
a Lulu V. Arbuthnot Born Nebraska circa 1904.
K Martha Arbuthnot Born 27 May 1818 Arlington, Pa Died 15 August 1879 in Tama County, IA
Married John Newton Born 28 April 1828 Leicestershire, England in Tama County, IA   Planted all the trees on George Keck's farm Father Stephen Newton Mother Lucy Ann Dawson (see Table 1 Martha)
L Thomas Gibson Arbuthnot Born 26 April 1821 Pine Township, Allegheny County, PA Died 06 June 1903  Married Rhoda Orsborn Born 1810 Pennsylvania Died 21 September 1878 (see Table 1 Samuel)

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