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Arbuthnott Family Association 1976 - 2006

07 June 2010

Descendants of Samuel Arbuthnot, through Carson William Arbuthnot.


Samuel Arbuthnot Born 20 February 1758/9 Northern Ireland Died 20 February 1844 in Gibsonia, PA Immigration Bef. 1790 from County Cork to Pine Township, PA Military service Bet. 15 May - 14 December 1793 PA Militia from Westmoreland County, PA  Farmer, Pine Township, nr. Wexford, PA. Married first ______ ______
A. William Arbuthnot Born 1781 Northern Ireland Died 30 December 1852 in Caldwell, Essex County, NJ. Married Mary Howell Born 19 February 1782 Kingston, Somerset County, NJ Died 07 April 1854 in Caldwell, Essex County, NJ Father Stephen Howell Mother Mary Stout (see Table 1 William)
Samuel Arbuthnot married second Esther McMarlin 1779 - 1852 Born 21 March 1779 Ireland Died 28 September 1852 Buried United Presbyterian Churchyard, Gibsonia Father John McMarlin
B. Alexander Arbuthnot Born 01 September 1798 Pennsylvania  Married Mary Jane Evins Born 26 August 1796 Died 01 July 1862 (see Table 1 Alexander)
C. David Arbuthnot Born 1799 Pennsylvania  Farmer.  Married Eleanor Fowler   Born ca. 1800 (see Table 1 David)
D. Jane Arbuthnot Born 1801 Pennsylvania Died 19 March 1883 in Pennsylvania Buried United Presbyterian Church Cemetery, 2 miles northeast of Mars, PA Married William Forsythe Born 1798 Ireland    Farmer
E. Carson William Arbuthnot Born ca. 03 May 1804 Jamestown, Pine Township, Allegheny County, PA Died 01 January 1873 in Boulder County, CO Married in Pine Township, PA June 1829 Mary Frances Jones Born June 1809 Ireland Died November 1870 in Boulder, CO
1. Esther Louise Arbuthnot Born 06 September 1830 near Pittsburgh, PA Died 27 July 1915 in St. Lawrence, SD Buried Coleridge Cemetery, Cedar County, NE   Married Tama County, Iowa April 1850 Stephen Dosson Newton Born 14 September 1835 Leicestershire near Melton Mowbray, England Died in a soldier's home 26 April 1906 in Marshalltown, Iowa Buried Coleridge Cemetery, Cedar County, NE Military service In Northern Infantry, Civil War; took part in Sherman's March through Georgia Emigrated from England to the USA at age 17
a. Dora Newton Born 24 August 1864 Died 24 January 1889 Buried Norris Cemetery, Coleridge, NE
b. Katherine Mae Newton Born 23 August 1866 Benton County, IA Died 08 June 1955 in Long Beach, CA Buried Inglewood Park Cemetery, CA  In later life she had swollen legs and had some trouble walking. Married in Cherokee, Iowa 17 October 1886 Ralph David Shafer Born 30 April 1861 Delaware County, IA Died 23 July 1904 in Norman, OK Father Charles Shafer
I. Ethel Claire Shafer Born 27 September 1887 Lincoln, IA Died 01 May 1969 in Guthrie, OK Buried Crescent Cemetery, Crescent, OK  Married in Guthrie, Oklahoma 11 December 1906 Charles Henry Cox, Sr. Born 20 September 1887 Missouri Died 19 December 1962 in Guthrie, OK Buried Crescent Cemetery, Crescent, OK Father Lyman Cox Mother Katie Lettington
i. Orval Glen Cox Born 27 July 1908 Crescent, OK Died 06 February 1971 in Oklahoma City, OK Buried Crescent Cemetery, Crescent, OK  Married 22 October 1931 Nina Langston
(A) Glen Dale Cox Died aged 26
(B) Sharon Kay Cox Married Beau _____
ii. Bernice Vivian Cox Born 07 April 1910 Crescent, OK Died 17  January 1938 in Crescent, OK Buried Crescent Cemetery, Crescent, OK Married 22 October 1925 Ben Landers
(A) Clifford Landers
(B) Jack Landers
(C) Erma Mae Landers A twin
(D) Norma Fay Landers A twin
(E) Gloria Jean Landers
(F) Marlin Landers
iii. Ava Lucille Cox Born Crescent, Oklahoma 30 April 19?? Married first Abraham Lincoln Acton
(A) Verona Lou Acton
(B) Jerry Acton
Ava Lucille Cox married second 18 December 1973 Russell S. Thompson
iv. Leonard Merrill Cox Born 28 September 19?? Died 20 March 1982 Buried Crescent Cemetery, Crescent, OK  Married Madean Stanfield
(A) Judy Cox
(B) Katie Cox
(C) Betty Fay Cox
v. Troy Laverne Cox Married Mary _____
(A) Rose Cox
vi. Alta Fay Cox Born 08 October 1920 Crescent, OK Married in North Carolina 20 February 1949 Robert Raymond Roberts Born 06 September 1919 Asheville, NC
(A) Janet Louise Roberts Born 15 December 1951 Fort Worth, TX
vii. Wayne Kenneth Cox Married Norma Ross
(A) Sheila Cox Died January 1962
(B) Larry Cox Died February 1975
viii. Charles Henry Cox, Jr. Born 30 April 19?? Married first Norma _____
(A) Caroline Cox
(B) Charlene Cox
(C) Charles Henry Cox III
Charles Henry Cox, Jr. married second Gladys _____
ix. William Morse Cox  Born 22 November 1925 Crescent, OK  Married first Juanita Haven
(A) Michael Cox Born 02 October 1949
William Morse Cox married second Mary _____ Born 23 October 19??
(B) Jennifer Cox
x. Mary Cox Born 04 March 1927 Crescent, OK Married 11 September 1948 Doyle Richards
(A) Sally Ann Richards Born 01 December 1953 Married 19 March 1972 Michael Edward Wolfe
(B) Ted Allen Richards Born 07 November 1957
xi. David Cox Died in infancy
II. Raymond Leroy Shafer Born 08 March 1889 Iowa Died 31 August 1971 in Torrance, CA Buried Pacific Crest Cemetery, Redondo Beach, CA. A shy, silent man.  Worked for Standard Oil Co.  Married in Guthrie, Oklahoma Zona Vashti Brown Born Crescent, OK 27 October 1895, a twin Died 20 April 1968 in Yuma, AZ Buried Pacific Crest Cemetery, Redondo Beach, CA Father Meredith Brown Mother Etha Ringold
i. Merle Elizabeth Shafer Born 04 April 1914 Kimberly, NV Died March 1986 in California  Married in Yuma, Arizona 13 September 1937 John James McMahon Born 13 May 1914 New York City Died 01 April 1981 in Anaheim, CA Military service U.S. Navy, 23 years, W.W. II and Korea    Entered construction business in 1953 Father James Joseph McMahon Mother Rose Kearns
(A) Dennis McMahon
(B) Maureen McMahon Has a quilt sewn by Esther McMarlin which has passed down successively through the oldest daughter..
(C) Sheila ("Mick") McMahon Born 24 June 1948. Married 27 January 1968 Mitchell Caldwell. 
(1) Marc Caldwell Born 9 May 1968
(2) Colin Caldwell Born 5 November 1969 Married 1996 Daniella Kullman
(a) Hailey Elene Caldwell Born 26 March 2002. Bap 3 November 2002.
(3) April Caldwell Born 26 June 1981
(D) Daniel ("Danny") McMahon Married Kathy Griffiths
(1) Shea McMahon
ii. Melba Rae Shafer Born 31 July 1916 Crescent, OK, a twin Died February 1978 in Brownsville, TX  Married 1940 Jonathan Drew Radford born November 1917
(A) Robin Radford
(B) Rebecca Radford
(C) Bill Radford
iii. Velda Faye Shafer Born 31 July 1916 Crescent, OK, a twin Died 28 September 1977 in Torrance, CA  Married first in Lomita, CA June 1933 Donald Thistle Born Canada  Immigrated from Canada as an orphan, brought by his brothers.  He was a longshoreman
(A) Heather Thistle
(1) Stephanie
(2) Stacy _____ Married _____ Pratt
Velda Faye Shafer married second 1959 George Carlson (born Missouri)
iv. Erma Claire Shafer Born 12 August 1918 Crescent, OK Married first John Javens
(A) Diana Javens Married Ted _____
(1) Peter _____
(2) Tate _____
Erma Claire Shafer married second Peter DiMiglio
III. Violet Arneda Shafer Born 27 September 1890 Nebraska Died 19 March 1962 in Arkansas City, KS Married Marshall Brown
i. Von Travis Brown Died c.1921
Violet Arneda Shafer married second in Guthrie, Oklahoma John Robert Wright
ii. Novetta Wright Born 04 November 1910 Crescent, OK Died March 1981 in Arkansas City, KS Married first in Atkansas City, Kansas Harold Holdridge Novetta Wright married second 1932 Charles Rutter Died 1962 in Arkansas City, KS Mother Agnes Rutter
(A) Dorothy DeEtta Rutter Born 06 April 1930 Arkansas City, KS Married in Arkansas City 14 August 1949 Robert Vannoy Born 22 February 1928 
(1) Lisa Vannoy Born 27 July 1969 Arkansas City, KS
(2) Robert Vannoy Born Arkansas City, KS
(B) Cathrine Mae Rutter Born Blackwell, Kansas 31 October 1937 Married first Henry Allen Eggleston Born July 1935 Arkansas City, KS
(1) Cherrie Eggleston Born 30 January 1955 Arkansas City, KS Married in Silverdale, Kansas 27 March 1974 Russell Gilmore Born 20 July 1954 Arkansas City, KS Father Terrun Gilmore Mother Doris Stover
(a) Lindsay Gilmore Born 13 June 1978 Arkansas City, KS
(b) Courtney Gilmore Born 30 May 1980 Arkansas City, KS
(c) Kylee Gilmore Born 18 April 1982 Arkansas City, KS
(2) Jeffery Allen Eggleston Died 18 February 1987
(3) Christie DeEtta Eggleston Born 11 October 1958 Arkansas City, KS Married first in Winfield, KS 21 October 1974 Ronald Fortner Father Vern Fortner Mother Joyce Sparks
(a) Shae Eugene Fortner Born 06 June 1975 Arkansas City, KS
Christie DeEtta Eggleston married second in Nickerson, Kansas 20 August 1988 Tracy Phillips Born 27 August 1966 Nickerson, KS Father John W. Phillips Mother Connie Pruner
Cathrine Mae Rutter married second Claude Koenke Born 28 June 1933 Arkansas City, KS Father Hank Koenke Mother Evelyn Leckman
(4) Casey Joe Fortner Born September 1973 Died in infancy
(C) John Rutter Born 08 July 1942 Arkansas City, KS Married in Arkansas City, Kansas Sherri Williams
(1) Tobi Rutter Born 30 January 1969
(2) Charles Lee Rutter Born 06 December 1975
iii. Esther DeEtta Wright Born 19 October 1915 Crescent, OK Married in Medford, OK 1 June 1934 Harry Kilpatrick Wilson
(A) Dwane Ralph Wilson Born 10 January 1936 Arkansas City, KS Married first 6 February 1954 Emmabelle Webster
(1) David Kirk Wilson Born 22 June 1955 Miami, OK Married in Seymour, Missouri 8 August 1975 Kathy DeAnn Matney
(a) Alia Suzanne Wilson Born 09 January 1980 Springfield, MO
Dwane Ralph Wilson married second in Springfield, Missouri 26 September 1959 Beverly Lou Planchoro
(2) Richard Gil Wilson Born 09 February 1962 Lexington, MO Married 8 August 1981 Felicia Jan Baumgardner
(3) Shelli Jeanne Wilson Born 17 June 1963 Lexington, MO
(4) Jon Todd Wilson Born 24 July 1964 Springfield, MO
(B) Ronald Von Wilson Born 24 July Arkansas City, KS Married first in Fulton, KS 7 February 1963 Sharon Stewart. Divorced 1967.
(1) Robert Paul Wilson Born 29 December 1963 Kansas City, KS
(2) Harry James Wilson Born 27 March 1965 Fredonia, KS
(3) Veronica Diane Wilson Born 20 June 1966 Fredonia, KS
Ronald Von Wilson married second in Miami, Oklahoma 02 September 1975 Joyce Mary Robinson
(4) Joseph Edward Wilson Born Fort Worth, Texas 22 December 1980, a twin.
(5) Jonathan Noel Wilson Born Fort Worth, Texas 22 December 1980, a twin.
(C) Robert Leland Wilson, Sr. Born 08 May 1942 Fort Scott, KS Married in Fort Scott, Kansas 6 February 1963 Catherine Mary Baum. Divorced 1975.
(1) Catherine Ann Wilson Born 24 October 1964 Kansas City, KS
(2) Robert Leland Wilson, Jr. Born 19 April 1966 Kansas City, KS
(D) Timothy Ray Wilson Born 19 December 1950 Fort Scott, KS Married in Monett, MO 28 October 1980 Frances Irene Holland
(1) Crystal Danette Wilson Born 01 August 1981 Monett, MO
IV. Esther Henryetta Shafer Born Nebraska 29 April 1892 Died Enid, OK 22 November 1981 Buried Enid, OK Married Leo Annis Born 02 December 1891 Died Brooklyn, NY September 1979.
i. Mildred Annis Born 10 March 1911 Died 08 April 1981 Married Alfred Wasemiller
(A) (Alfred) Dwane Wasemiller Born 12 November 1948 Married Teresa Jean Webb.
(1) Michael Dwane Wasemiller Born 30 July 1974. Married Casey Leigh.
(a) Cole Michael Wasemiller. Born 10 August 1995.
(b) Justin Dwane Wasemiller. Born 11 February 1998.
(2) Greggrey Thomas Wasemiller Born Leslie Tenille.
(a) Peyton Wasemiller.
(b) Austin Wasemiller.
ii. Violet Annis Born 05 August 1913 Died Enid, Oklahoma 29 September 1978. Married first Oscar Walker. Violet Annis married second Clarence Holloway. Violet Annis married third Clarence Setchell.
iii. Alma Annis Born 07 November 1916 Married in Enid, Oklahoma  William McNealy Died November 1986 in Oklahoma
V. Charles Stephen Shafer Born 15 March 1895 Cape Fair County, MO Died 08 May 1962 in Lakewood, CA Buried All Souls Cemetery, Long Beach, CA Military service U.S. Army, W.W. I, France Married in Guthrie, Oklahoma 1 January 1920 Ima Maude Scott Born 01 December 1903 Lovell, OK Died 01 March 1982 in Long Beach, CA Buried All Souls Cemetery, Long Beach, CA Father Fred Scott Mother Grace Lovell
i. Wilma June Shafer Born 17 January 1921 Guthrie, OK Died 07 February 1976 in Lakewood, CA Married first in Yuma, AZ 1941 Clayton Waller Died 1943 off the coast of Brazil while ferrying planes to Africa Buried Long Beach, CA Military service U.S. Army Air Corps pilot, W.W. II
Wilma married second in Wilmington, CA 21 December 1944 Howard Yost McCorkle (born Ririe, Idaho 8 September 1919)
(A) Mary Ann McCorkle Born 15 November 1945 San Francisco, CA Married Marvin P. Morton, Jr.
(1) Julia Ann Morton Born 10 December 1964 Lakewood, CA `
(2) Marvin P. Morton III Born 11 December 1971 Lakewood, CA  
(3) Howard Frederick Morton Born 10 April 1979 Lakewood, CA
(B) Margaret Mary McCorkle  Born 05 May 1947 St. Louis, MO
(C) Michael Joseph McCorkle Born 17 January 1949 St. Louis, MO Died 1977 in Downey, CA Buried All Souls Cemetery, Lakewood, CA
(D) Grace Theresa McCorkle Born 03 October 1951 St. Louis, MO
(E) Jane Elizabeth McCorkle Born 22 August 1952 Married in Alabama 1977 Thomas Allen Kermmoade Born 01 May 1954 Lincoln, NE.. Divorced. They all live in Lincoln.
(1) Daniel Lloyd Kermmoade, Born June 23, 1981 in Lincoln, Nebraska `
(2) Timothy Wayne Kermmoade, Born March 26, 1983 in Denver, Colorado. `
(F) Howard Francis McCorkle Born 12 September 1954 Lynwood, CA
(G) Catherine Claire McCorkle Born 06 January 1956 Lynwood, CA
(H) Alice Veronica McCorkle Born 03 March 1958 Lynwood, CA
(I) Paul Robert McCorkle Born 21 December 1961 Lynwood, CA
(J) Martin John McCorkle Born 23 March 1965 Lynwood, CA
ii. Gorgia Lee Shafer Born 16 March 1922 Guthrie, OK Married in Santa Ana, CA 10 January 1944 George Webster Davis, Jr. Born 20 December 1914 Denver, CO Father George Webster Davis, Sr. Mother Amelia Mae Smith
(A) Clayton George Davis Born Long Beach, CA 30 July 1943 Married first in Las Vegas, NV 13 July 1968 Barbara Anderson Born 05 December 1938 San Pedro, CA Divorced 1979
(1) John Charles Davis Born 12 July 1970 Harbor City, CA Married Heather Crockett Born 27 September 1974
(a) Jonathon Clayton Douglas Davis Born 27 June 1991 Irvine, CA
Clayton George Davis married second in Santa Ana, CA 6 January 1984 Diane Hoffman Baas Born 21 May 1947 Los Angeles, CA Father Frank Virgil Hoffman Mother Dixie Lou Vail Divorced 1988
(B) Deanna Lea Davis Born 17 November 1947 Long Beach, CA Married in San Pedro, CA 11 April 1971 Howard William Morris Born 11 February 1943 Los Angeles, CA
(1) Matthew Keith Davis Born 25 May 1967 San Pedro, CA
(C) Stephen Paul Davis Born 14 January 1950 Honolulu, HI Married in Torrance, CA 5 December 1970 Paula Rivera Born 09 April 1953 Bisbee, AZ
(1) Leah Katrice Davis Born 03 May 1971 San Pedro, CA Married 14 February 1993 Aaron Tobias Alonso Born 24 June 1971 San Francisco, CA Father Kenneth W. Alonso Mother Mary Clare Curtis
(a) Olivia Damiana Alonso Born 10 October 1993 Long Beach, CA
(2) Jacob Luke Davis Born 07 July 1976 Brogan, OR
(D) Mary Kathleen Davis Born 22 July 1954 Millington TN Married Mark Anthony Chavez Born 25 October 1953 San Antonio, TX
(1) Adam Mark Davis Born 20 August 1986 Torrance, CA
iii. Gloria Jeanne Shafer Born 28 April 1923 Guthrie, OK Married in Los Angeles, CA William Brandon Died in Guatemala Buried All Souls Cemetery, Long Beach, CA Military service U.S.Navy, W.W. II, lawyer
Gloria Jeanne Shafer married second Homer Gooing Born 30 May 1920 Eureka, KS Died 06 October 1988 Military service U.S. Navy, W.W. II, Guatemala 
Gloria Jeanne Shafer married third in Kansas City, MO 1942 Glen Guthrie
iv. Kathryn Scott Shafer Born 30 May 1926 Guthrie, OK Died 16 May 1968 in Wilmington, CA Buried Green Hills Cemetery, San Pedro Married Daniel William HogeBorn 24 July 1923 Chicago, IL 
v. Ramona Lou Shafer Born 09 April 1929 Guthrie, OK Married in Phoenix 25 March 1950  John Wallace Hembree Born 21 September 1925 Helena, AR Father Edgar Hembree Mother Clara Maas
(A) Lisa Kathryn Hembree Born 05 September 1953 Long Beach, CA Married in Wilmington, CA 30 September 1972 Gamal William Sadi Born 20 February 1953
(1) Gabriel Gamal Sadi Born 10 June 1974 San Pedro, CA
(2) David Michael Sadi Born 26 January 1976 Harbor City, CA
(B) Julie Christina Hembree Born 24 May 1955 San Pedro, CA Married in Wilmington, CA  13 October 1979 Albert Joseph Villar Born 11 July 1956 Torrance, CA
(1) Joshua Joseph Villar Born 05 March 1981 California
(2) Daniel Albert Villar   Born 20 September 1982 California
(3) Stephen Michael Villar Born 29 November 1984 Orange, CA
(C) Teresa Elaine Hembree Born 01 December 1957 San Pedro, CA Married 30 June 1990 Ronald Isador Najar Born 16 April 1960
(D) John Christopher Hembree Born 22 March 1962 San Pedro, CA Married 15 September 1983  Victoria Marie Gagne Born 28 June 1961
(1) Nicholas John Hembree Born 29 December 1987 California
(2) Stephanie Marie Hembree Born 29 November 1992 California
(E) Elizabeth Ann Hembree Born 25 June 1965 San Pedro, CA Married 15 May 1981 Raul de la Rosa Born 26 May 1962
(1) Raul Adrian de la Rosa   Born 03 July 1982 Torrance, CA
(2) Vincent Ian de la Rosa Born 10 March 1987 Torrance, CA
(F) Andrew Gregory Hembree Born 16 February 1967 San Pedro, CA
vi. Charles Stephen Shafer, Jr. Born 28 March 1943 Long Beach, CA Died 28 May 1945 in Wilmington, CA Buried All Souls Cemetery, Long Beach, CA
VI. Arthur Laverne Shafer Born 08 October 1898 Nebraska Died 10 April 1928 in Crescent, OK Buried Crescent, OK
VII. Sidney Dewey Shafer Born 13 October 1900 Nebraska Died 13 October 1909 in Crescent, OK Buried Crescent, OK
VIII. Lola Fay Shafer Born 11 October 1902 Crescent, OK Died 15 December 1987 in Paramount, CA Buried Inglewood Park Cemetery   Worked at Oklahoma State Capitol  Married Ervin Lionel Cottam Born 24 June 1905 Snowville, UT Died November 1984 Father James Cottam Mother Edwina Neilson Married second in Perry, OK 21 June 1923 John Clark Stalcup Born 04 September 1902 Guthrie, OK Died 24 October 1938 in Topeka, KS Buried Lawrey Cemetery, near Guthrie Father William Henry Stalcup Mother Mary Ann Hall
vi. Betty Bell Stalcup Born 16 October 1925 Oklahoma City, OK Married in Long Beach, CA 10 July 1948 Alfred Edward Savage Born 04 December 1921 Orion, IL
(A) Robert Edward Savage Born 25 November 1951 Long Beach, CA
(B) Nancy Lynn Savage Born 28 November 1954 Long Beach, CA Married Richard John Blake Born 28 May 1956 Spokane, WA Father James John Blake Mother Violet Mae Ramsey
c. Martha Frances Newton Born Irving, Iowa shortly before 11:59p.m. 21 July 1868, a twin. Died 02 October 1938 in Council, Idaho Buried Morris Hill Cemetery, Boise, Idaho Married in Hartington, Nebraska 25 December 1889 Elza Harvey Born 08 January 1856 Died 18 April 1928 in Olds Ferry, Idaho Buried Morris Hill Cemetery, Boise, Idaho Military service U.S.Army, W.W. I     Dick and Martha were pioneers in the Idaho orchard industry.
I. Grace Louella Harvey Born 07 March 1891 Hartington, NE Died 03 October 1974 in Boise, ID  Worked at Idaho State Capitol Married in Boise, Idaho 1913 Charles J. Wilder Died 23 July 1947 in Boise, Idaho Buried Morris Hill Cemetery, Boise, Idaho
II. Earl Newton Harvey Born 31 July 1895 Middleton, Idaho Died 08 February 1944 in Council, Idaho Buried Hillcrest Cemetery, Weiser, Idaho Married in Boise, Idaho 15 May 1928 Lillian Smith Born 10 November 1907 Henley Basin, Idaho Died 03 May 1994  Teacher
i. Donald Earl Harvey Born 06 April 1937 Council, Idaho Married first in Council Joyce Moser Born 13 April 1940 Council, ID
(A) Peggy Ann Harvey Born 28 March 1960 Council, Idaho Married in Council 3 July 1978 Norman McLeod Born 26 June 1954
(1) Amanda Sue McLeod Born 26 August 1979 Council, Idaho
(B) Catherine Louise Harvey Born 30 October 1963 Council, Idaho
(C) Donna Marie Harvey Born 15 September 1965 Council, Idaho
(D) David Earl Harvey Born 24 March 1968 Council, Idaho
Donald Earl Harvey married second Barbara Laine Born 21 August 1940 Portland, OR
ii. Richard Charles Harvey Born 24 May 1940 Council, Idaho Married first in Weiser, Idaho 2 August 1963 Cora Gorley
(A) Charles Richard Harvey Born 22 April 1965 Council, Idaho
Richard Charles Harvey married second in  Winnemucca, NV 05 December 1971 Diane Mills Born 20 April 1947
(B) Lillian Jean Harvey Born 01 May 1975 Prince George, BC, Canada
(C) Nathan John Harvey Born 16 February 1979 Prince George, BC, Canada
III. Lucy Jane Harvey Born 05 March 1896 Boise, Idaho Died 18 January 1973 in Arroyo Grande, CA Buried IOOF Cemetery, Council, Idaho.  Teacher Married William Henry Spahr Born 15 September 1884 Lucyville, PA Died 28 October 1977 in Morro Bay, CA Buried IOOF Cemetery, Council, ID.   Apple grower in Payette Valley, Idaho
i. Billie Jane Spahr Born 12 November 1924 Council, Idaho Degree Stanford University, CA Married in San Luis Obispo, CA 24 December 1948 Michael Phillips
(A) Patricia Jane Phillips Born 26 October 1949 California
(B) Michael Margaret Phillips Born 26 October 1951 California
(C) Julie Phillips Born 24 December 1956 Idaho
(D) Rosabelle Phillips Born 13 September 1960 California
d. Lucy Dosson Newton Born Irving, Iowa shortly after 0:01a.m. 22 July 1868 Irving, IA, a twin Died 04 March 1950 in Kingsley, IA   Married in Cherokee, Iowa 26 March 1885 Joseph Richard Mills Born 05 October 1853 Lee County, IL Died 25 February 1933 in Kingsley, IA Buried Moville Cemetery, Moville, Ia
I. Charles Everett Mills Born 10 January 1886 Kingsley, IA Died 06 November 1889 Buried Moville, IA
II. Minnie Mae Mills Born 17 January 1888 Kingsley, IA Died 19 February 1952 in Moville, IA Buried Moville, IA Teacher
III. Warren Wolford Mills Born 23 July 1889 Kingsley, IA Died 09 May 1974 in Sioux City, IA Buried Kingsley, IA Farmer Married in Sioux City, 14 October 1913 Jennie Rounds Born 01 September 1894 Died 23 April 1981 Buried Kingsley, IA
i. Richard Theodore Mills Born 18 January 1915 Kingsley, IA Died April 1986 Married first September 1941 Margaret Davis Born 14 February 1924
(A) Kay Mills Born 13 July 1943
Richard Theodore Mills married second 29 November 1947 Lucille Wertz Born 29 November 1925
(B) Warren Carl Mills Born 20 July 1951 Married 21 February 1976 Julie Ann Schrieber Born 09 August 1956
ii. Jay Leroy Mills, Sr. Born 08 January 1917 Kingsley, IA Married first in Elk Point, SD 17 March 1938 Doris DeEtta Holmes Born 17 March 1920 Died 08 September 1981 Buried Memorial Park Cemetery, Sioux City, IA
(A) Sharon Dee Mills Born 02 November 1943 Married Roger Roland Wesselink, Sr. Born 24 November 1940
(1) Roger Roland Wesselink, Jr. Born 07 January 1963
(B) Jay Leroy Mills, Jr. Born 01 May 1954 Married 25 July 1974 Victoria Ann Peterson Born 06 December 1954
(1) Kimberly Ann Mills Born 04 September 1979
(2) Jay Leroy Mills III  Born 22 May 1982
Jay Leroy Mills, Sr. married second 20 January 1984 Elsie Maskels
iii. Irene May Mills Born Kingsley, IA 17 October 1918 Married 18 June 1938 Carl William Jensen, Sr. Born 02 January 1916 Died Arizona 08 January 1999
(A) Carl William Jensen Born 23 October 1939 Married 16 March 1962 Claudia Charlene Clark Born 12 December 1941
(1) Joi Elaine Jensen Born 16 October 1967
(2) Erik Clark Jensen Born 13 November 1978
(B) Linda Sue Jensen Born 25 February 1950 Married 27 February 1976 Lloyd William Mann Born 08 September 1943
(C) Alan Jay Jensen Born 13 November 1951 Married Kathleen Laura Bonds
(D) Joseph Richard Jensen Born 21 September 1955
iv. Jack Decone Mills Born 08 August 1928 Kingsley, IA
v. Joy Mills Born 26 May 1931 Died circa 1933 after being run over having fallen from a wagon loaded with corn.
vi. Robert Laverne Mills Born 01 September 1933 Kingsley, IA Married in Kingsley, Iowa 3 September 1954 Janice Rae Clark Born 23 February 1936 Kingsley, IA Father Frank Clark Mother Bernice Rynder
(A) Barbara Joy Mills Born 27 August 1955 Sioux City, IA Married in Phoenix 22 March 1974 Charles Harlan Swetnam Born 11 September 1954 Phoenix, AZ Father Harlan Eugene Swetnam Mother Mattie Pauline Armstrong
(1) Aaron Charles Swetnam Born 17 October 1980 Phoenix, AZ
(B) Steven Robert Mills Born 15 June 1961 Montgomery, AL Married in Phoenix 17 May 1981 Debra Mae Stevens Born 27 October 1961 Colorado Father Waldo Lee Stevens Mother Mildred Mae Aspen
vii. Ruth Iona Mills Married first Bill Martinez Ruth Iona Mills married second ______ Brooks
viii. Bonnie R. Mills Married George Case
IV. Maude Annis Mills Born 10 May 1891 Kingsley, IA Died 24 April 1994
V. Mary Martha Mills Born 03 November 1892 Kingsley, IA Died 26 May 1895 in Kingsley, IA Buried Moville, IA
VI. Jay Leroy Mills Born 01 March 1896 Kingsley, IA Died of diptheria Kingsley, Iowa 11 February 1904
VII. Clara Frances Mills Born 20 April 1897 Kingsley, IA Died of diptheria 06 September 1897 in Kingsley, IA
VIII. Glen Richard Mills I Born 07 March 1900 Kingsley, IA Died 27 February 1981 in Sioux City, IA   Farmer and butcher. Married in Sioux City, Iowa 25 June 1924 Erma Mae Kinzey Born 08 October 1907 Cushing, Idaho Father Benjamin Ernest Kinzey Mother Minnie Mae Saunders
i. Lavonne Lucy Mills Born Kingsley, IA Died Kingsley, IA in infancy.
ii. Max Mills Born 25 January 1926 Kingsley, IA Died 1987 in Sioux City, IA Military service Storekeeper, 1st Class, W.W. II, South Pacific   Truck owner/driver Married Betty _____
(A) Glen Richard Mills II
(B) Joseph Glen Mills
(C) Rebecca Lynn Mills Born 06 August 19?? Married Patrick Irish
(D) Dawn Marie Mills Married Larry Barclay
iii. Betty Jean Mills Born Kingsley, IA Died in an automobile accident September 1931
iv. Shirley Mae Mills Born 14 May 1933 Kingsley, IA Married in Sioux City, Iowa 18 July 1958 Claude Frederick Ruring Born 20 June 1926 Pierson, Iowa Father Jesse Leland Ruring Mother Ivy Mabel Kissinger
(A) Melodee Ann Ruring Born 07 January 1952 Climbing Hill, IA Married in Climbing Hill, Iowa 18 September 1972 Leonard Robinson Born Lawton, Iowa 07 May 1952 Father Dale Richard Robinson Mother Betty Jean Rasmussen
(1) James Robinson
(2) Megan Robinson
(B) Robyn Renee Ruring Born 07 November 1955 Sioux City, IA Married in Houston, Texas 31 March 1980 Ronald Vines Born 18 March 1951 Berchtesgarden, Germany Father Alex Vines Mother Barbara Danuta Missol
(1) Mark Jason Vines
(C) Kevin Frederick Ruring Born 10 June 1959 Sioux City, IA Married in Climbing Hill, Iowa 23 December 1978 Doris Duerksen Born 09 June 1961 Sioux City, IA Father Harry Duerksen Mother Margaret Jorse 
(1) Joshua Tremaine Ruring
(2) Maryellen Marie Ruring
(D) Douglas Kurt Ruring Born 27 July 1960 Sioux City, IA Married in Climbing Hill, Iowa 26 June 1982 Melinda Fowler Born 10 March 1957 Kansas City, MO Father William Fowler Mother Elsye Meriem Pittman
v. Rita Belle Mills Born 19 January 1940 Kingsley, IA Married in Sioux City, IA 06 May 1961 Randall Jay Harder Father Fred Harro Harder Mother Fannie Mae Burns
(A) Todd Jay Harder Born 01 May 1964 Cherokee, IA
(B) Terry James Harder Born 18 October 1965 Sioux City, IA
(C) David Michael Harder Born 14 January 1970 Sioux City, IA
vi. Sandra Glenn Mills Born 05 August 1941 Kingsley, IA Married in Sioux City, IA 01 March 1961 Kendall Eugene Parcel Born Paris, France
(A) Timothy Allen Parcel Born 30 March 1961 Paris, France
(B) Jeffrey Lane Parcel Born 13 September 1962 Mountain Home, Idaho
IX. Elva Dosson Mills Born 28 March 1907 Kingsley, IA Married 6 February 1929 James Edward Conley Born 17 November 1901 LeMars, IA Died 17 March 1976 in LeMars, IA Father John Conley Mother Emma Enloe
i. Don Gene Conley Born 03 November 1929 Married 3 January 1954 Dolores Haring Born Moville, Iowa 12 October 1931 died December 2002 daughter of Ernest Haring and Emma nee John Address: PO BOX 382 and 307 Queen Street, Fonda, Iowa 50540
(A) Michael Don Conley Born 19 January 1955 Sioux City, IA Married 22 September 1979 Patricia Lynne Buryanek Born 24 August 1953 Sioux City, IA Father Leonary Buryanek Mother Therese Schumacher
(1) Christopher Michael Conley Born 04 November 1981 Sioux City, IA
(2) Taylor Lynn Conley Born 15 June 1989 India
(B) Becky Sue Conley Born 04 July 1956 Sioux City, IA Married 13 April 1980 James Hugh Fenceroy Born 14 July 1947 Bastrop, LA Father Warren Fenceroy Mother Lucy Mae Wimberley
(1) Joshua Caleb Fenceroy Born 20 July 1983 Sioux City, IA
(2) Josiah Jonathan Fenceroy Born 22 June 1985 Sioux City, IA
(3) Zachariah James Fenceroy Born 25 October 1987 Sioux City, IA
(C) Lori Lynn Conley Born 12 August 1958 Sioux City, IA Murdered 24 June 1987 in Sioux City, IA Buried Anthon, IA Her killer is serving a life sentence and her sons were brought up by her parents.
(1) Jeremy Daniel Conley Born 21 September 1975
(2) Jerodiah Francis Conley Born 25 February 1979
(D) Melanie Dawn Conley Born 06 October 1960 LeMars, IA Married 5 April 1986 Mark Kenneth Foster Born 22 February 1959 Sioux City, IA Father Kenneth Foster Mother Betty Bishop
(1) Nathaniel Jordan Foster Born 28 January 1981 Sioux City, IA
(2) Natasha Maude Foster Born 08 July 1987 Sioux City, IA
(E) Lyndon E Conley Born 03 June 1963 LeMars, IA Died 18 February 1985 Buried Oak Hill Cemetery, Anthon, IA
ii. John Richard Conley Born 16 October 1931 Sioux City, IA Married first in Grand Junction, Iowa 6 September 1953 Aurelia Osterman Born 14 October 1932 Father Walter Osterman Mother Hazel Shaefer.  Aurelia married second Mr Scott.
(A) Timothy John Conley Born 21 June 1954 Atlantic, IA Married in Sioux City, Iowa November 1984 Beth Yates
(1) Jason E. Conley  Born 15 June 1977 Sioux City, IA, adopted
(2) Michelle Conley Born 02 April 1985
(a) Callie Conley born Le Mars 2006.
(3) Aliesha Conley Born 13 March 1988 Oelwein, IA
(a) Tate Conley Born Le Mars 2006.
(4) Stephanie Conley Born c.1990.
(B) Daniel Edward Conley Born 24 December 1955 Chicago, IL Married in LeMars, Iowa 23 May 1975 Barbara Gaul (born LeMars) Father Martin Gaul Mother Irene Schuber
(C) James Patrick Conley Born 25 July 1957 Watertown, NY Married in Merrill, Iowa 5 June 1976 Debby Gengler Born 25 October 1956 LeMars, IA Father John Gengler Mother Shirley Singer
(1) Jamie Patrick Conley Born 19 February 1976 LeMars Married 17 March 2001 in Oyens IA to Angela Kay Loutsch born 1 April 1978, father Charles I. Loutsch and Mother Kimberly K. Mouser.
(a) Emma Rose Conley born 17 February 2003 in Des Moines IA.
(b) James Patrick Conley III (aka Trey) born 27 August 2005 in Des Moines IA
(2) Matthew John Conley Born 26 November 1977 LeMars, IA
(a) Jackson John Conley born 9 July 2006 in Kansas City MO
(3) Melinda Michelle Conley Born 31 December 1978 LeMars, IA
(4) Elizabeth Ann Conley  Born 03 May 1981 LeMars, IA Married _____ Church..
(D) Joel John Conley Born 19 February 1959 Clarinda, IA Married in Garden City, KS 17 July 1980 Lori Gengler Born 25 April 1962 LeMars, IA Father John Gengler Mother Shirley Singer
(1) Jonathon Conley  Born 13 August 1979 LeMars, IA
(a) Arianna Conley born 2006.
(2) Joshua Conley Born 07 October 1984 Orange City, IA
(E) Susan Marie Conley Born 20 October 1961 LeMars, IA.
(1) Mary Lou Singer  Born 08 November 1980 LeMars, IA Mary married 20 August 2005 Brent Skaggs. She has 1 child: Clayton, and 2 stepsons: Brock and Drake. 
(2) Julie Ann Dreckman Born Kansas City, MO
(3) Eric Dreckman Born 1991.
  Susan married in Kansas City MO 1998 Rick Dreckman .
(F) Thomas Paul Conley Born 16 March 1966 LeMars, IA
  John Richard Conley Married second Barbara Ann Burkauzer Born 30 January 1947 Mt. Holly, NJ Father Anthony Burkauzer Mother Edna McGee
e. William Dosson Newton Born 23 April 1870 Tama County, IA Died 08 April 1964 in O'Neill, NE Buried Prospect Hill Cemetery, O'Neill, NE Married in Hartington, NE 21 September 1892 Ida Mae Peck Born 14 March 1875 Coleridge, NE Died 10 June 1973 in Emmet, NE Buried Prospect Hill Cemetery, O'Neill, NE
I. Clyde Elmer Newton Born 14 July 1894 Coleridge, NE Died 18 July 1961 in Emmet, NE Buried Prospect Hill Cemetery, O'Neill, NE Military service U.S.Army Infantry, W.W. I
II. Mable Mae Newton Born 23 May 1895 Hartington, NE Died 15 June 1937 in Bolivar, MO Married 13 August 1913 Fred Perry (born Tremon, MO)
i. Edgar Dean Perry Born 12 November 1915 Ashland, NE Died 29 May 1971 in Bolivar, MO Married in O'Neill, NE 29 April 1936 Ruth Louisa Hickey
(A) Donna Perry Born O'Neill, NE
(B) Beverly Perry Born O'Neill, NE
(C) Betty Perry Born Sheridan, WY
(D) Billy Jean Perry Born Knoxville, TN
(E) Donald Perry Born Seattle, WA
(F) Dwayne Perry  Born O'Neill, NE
(G) Robert Perry Born 17 December 1940 Emmet, NE Died April 1959 Buried Prospect Hill Cemetery, O'Neill, NE
ii. Leslie Clayton Perry Born 31 May 1919 Inman, ME Married in O'Neill, NE 1940 Lavina Lucy Lynch Born 19 January 1923 Clearwater, NE Father Clifford Lynch Mother Argetha Sheets
(A) Loyd Clayton Perry Born 10 April 1941 O'Neill, NE Married in Westminster, CA 15 February 1963 Joanne Baker Born 01 October 1942 Dallas, OR Father Charles Franklin Baker Mother Amy Rose Houtz
(1) Robert Anthony Perry Born 01 November 1962 Orange, CA Married in Hisperia, CA 14 August 1988 Susan Marie Foley Born 13 September 1961 Boston, MA Father Fredrick Jack Foley Mother Harriet Susie Wooster
(a) Paula Kunze Born 13 August 1983
(b) Stosh James Perry   Born 19 July 1990 Barstow, CA
(c) Kiya Michelle Perry  Born 13 August 1992 Fort Irwin, CA
(2) Debora Jean Perry Born 01 September 1964 Benkelman, NE Married in Scott City, KS 1 August 1981 Ronald Wayne Murphy, Sr. Born 11 March 1963 Tribune, KS Father Robert Joseph Murphy Mother Betty Lee Hemel
(a) Ronald Wayne Murphy, Jr. Born 29 September 1981 Scott City, KS
(b) Kevin James Murphy Born 29 July 1984 Oceanside, CA
(c) Amanda Violet Murphy  Born 14 November 1987 Scott City, KS
(B) Diana May Perry Born 06 June 1943 O'Neill, NE Married in St Francis, KS 23 December 1960 John Nichols Born 22 June 1938 Mansfield, MO Father Philip Hargis Nichols Mother Alberta Seymour
(1) Meleta Kay Nichols Born 02 September 1962 St. Francis, KS
(2) Allen DeLoss Nichols Born 18 November 1963 St. Francis, KS
(3) Lavina May Nichols   Born 08 February 1968 Springfield, MO
(C) David Lavern Perry Born 23 March 1946 O'Neill, NE Married first Cheryl Rae Brooks Born 09 August 1951 Norton, KS Father Calvin Brooks Mother Deloris _____  
David Lavern Perry married second in Goodland, KS 7 June 1969 Lana Kettler Born Benkelman, NE
(1) Travis Clayton Perry Born 07 September 1970 Goodland, KS
(2) Tina Renae Perry Born 07 May 1973 Scott City, KS
(D) Carol Jean Perry Born 20 June 1948 O'Neill, NE Married first in O'Neill Jim Witzler Carol Jean Perry married second in Benkelman, NE 23 October 1966 Gary McDonald (born Benkelman)
(1) Ronald David McDonald Born 15 November 1967 Grant, NE
(2) Rodney Dale McDonald Born 07 March 1971 Grant, NE
iii. Dale Perry Born O'Neill, NE
iv. William Perry Born O'Neill, NE
v. Betty Jane Perry Born 08 July 1928 O'Neill, NE Died 11 July 1929 in O'Neill, NE
vi. Harold Perry Died 11 July 1929
vii. Doris June Perry Born 18 April 1931 O'Neill, NE Married in O'Neill 13 December 1947 Raymond O. Calkins Born 01 July 1928
(A) Dawn Rae Calkins Born 02 March 1949 O'Neill, NE Married first 15 November 1974 Gary Bolich Born 12 April 1943
(1) Andrew C. Bolich Born 19 December 1967
(2) Darla D. Bolich Born 13 February 1969
(3) Gary E. Bolich   Born 11 November 1970
Dawn Rae Calkins married second 20 May 1977 Cletus Wayne Huff Born 21 September 1941
(B) Reena L. Calkins Born 14 March 1950 Married 11 June 1967 James Stoffer Born 18 February 1947
(1) Sheri L. Stoffer Born 01 July 1968
(C) Lettie L. Calkins Born 21 July 1952 Married first 11 November 1974 Michael Sawyer Born 21 March 1949
(1) Doris Sawyer Born 21 October 1972
Lettie L. Calkins married second 2 July 1977 Robert C. McDuffee Born 13 July 1946
(2) Angelique M. McDuffee  Born 09 October 1979
(D) Alicia J. Calkins Born 18 May 1955 Married 13 December 1973 Duane Lauridsen Born 14 January 1949
(1) David J. Lauridsen Born 22 August 1975
(2) Duane J. Lauridsen Born 14 January 1978
(E) Walter F. Calkins Born 30 October 1961 Married 2 August 1980 Catherine Elizabeth Heinen
Born 05 February 1963 
III. Hazel Elva Newton Born 04 February 1897 Hartington, NE  Married in Coleridge, NE 6 March 1916 Marvin Clause Born 13 November 1893 Died 02 October 1975 Buried O'Neill, NE
i. Vivian Defrone Clause Born 21 January 1917 Wynot, NE Married in O'Neill, NE 9 June 1946 Emmett Thompson Born 17 November 1922 Page, NE
(A) Linda Loraine Thompson Born 06 August 1949 O'Neill, NE Married Richard Daniel, born 27 August 1942
(1) Scott Lee Daniel Born 19 August 1969
(2) Mark Richard Daniel Born 21 July 1971
(B) Everett Marvin Thompson Born 09 July 1952
(C) Carol Elaine Thompson Born 28 August 1954 Married John Hammerlun Born 28 November 1951
(1) Kelly Jo Hammerlun Born 13 May 1977
ii. Robert Allen Clause Born 21 January 1920 O'Neill, NE
iii. Lowell Perry Clause Born 13 October 1922 O'Neill, NE Married Violet June Riley Born 11 June 1944 O'Neill, NE
IV. Inez Elizabeth Newton Born 07 August 1899 Coleridge, NE Died 04 January 1987 in Laurel, NE Buried Laurel, NE Married in Wayne, NE 7 February 1918 Walter Lindberg Born 03 May 1894 Laurel, NE Died 25 July 1978 in Laurel, NE Buried Laurel, NE
i. Maxine Lindberg Born 23 July 1919 Wakefield, NE Married in Miami, Florida 28 January 1947 Fred Lawson
(A) Chris Lawson Born 24 November 1949
ii. John Lindberg Born 21 December 1920 Pender, NE Married in Los Angeles, CA 22 December 1944 Mary Mancon
(A) John Lindberg Born 30 April 1957 Whittier, CA
(B) Cecelia Lindberg Born 07 May 1962 Riverside, CA
iii. Joanne Lindberg Born Pender, NE 12 April 1921 Married in Wayne, NE 1 June 1944 Warner Golter
(A) Mike Golter Born 08 March 1946 Married ______ ______
(1) Jeffrey Golter
(B) Roger Golter Born 23 September 1947 Married ______ ______
(1) Gus Golter
(2) Sarah Golter
(C) Carla Golter Born 11 February 1949 Married _______ Hinkin
(1) Robbie Hinkin
(2) Carl Hinkin
V. Gladys Florence Newton Born 18 August 1901 Hartington, NE Died 09 December 1999 in Nebraska Married in O'Neill, NE 14 August 1919 Rollie Brittell Born 09 July 1900 Neligh, NE Died 12 December 1975 Buried Laurel, NE Father Francis Miles Brittell Mother Alice Arminta Reynolds
i. Hazel Brittell Born Hartington, NE 05 January 1919 Married in Hartington, NE 2 April 1938 Edward A. Puntney, Sr. Born Hartington, NE 02 February 1905 Father William Puntney Mother Julie Wohlman
(A) Edward A. Puntney, Jr. Died 01 March 1977 Buried Laurel, NE
(B) Richard Puntney Born Laurel, NE Died 28 August 1959
(C) David Puntney Born 06 October 1941 Died 21 October 1986 in Las Vegas, NV Buried Laurel, NE
(D) Thomas Gene Puntney Born 01 July 1948 Laurel, NE Married first Jennifer Elliot Born 24 October 1976
Thomas Gene Puntney married second in Florence, AZ 20 March 1994 Linda Leann Hieney Born 19 September 1953 La Harpe, IL Father Charles Everett Colvin Mother Betty Anne Gomer
ii. Donald Brittell Born 07 February 1925 Hartington, NE Married in Laurel, NE 24 March 1946 Glendora Hansen Born 19 September 1927 Woodstock, MN Father Albert Hansen Mother Ida Holm
(A) Gerald Brittell Born 28 May 1947 Laurel, NE Married in Norfolk, NE 4 May 1979 Linda Larsen Born 17 December 1951 Columbus, NE Father Merle C. Larsen Mother Evelyn M. Nelsen
(1) Nicole Ann Brittell Born 17 May 1974
(2) Nicholas Ryan Brittell Born 11 June 1980
(3) Ashley Lorraine Brittell Born 11 January 1985
(B) Iris Brittell Born 13 April 1949 Laurel, NE Married in Yankton, SD 19 August 1969 Curtis Peterka Born 13 March 1947 Yankton, SD
(1) Chris Peterka Born 20 September 1970 Yankton, SD
(2) Ryan L. Peterka Born 03 January 1977 Yankton, SD Died 26 March 1979 in Yankton, SD
(3) Cody Brian Peterka Born 12 September 1985 Yankton, SD
VI. Bertha Blanche Newton Born 21 September 1905 Coleridge, NE Died 19 June 1908 Buried Coleridge, NE
VII. David Evert Newton Born 07 January 1907 Hartington, NE Died 16 June 1951 Buried Prospect Hill Cemetery, O'Neill, NE Military service W.W.II
VIII. Alvin Chauncey Newton Born 12 December 1908 Laurel, NE Died 12 January 1983 in Laurel, NE Buried Laurel, NE Married in Laurel 14 November 1930 Blanche Helen Seyl Born 01 December 1911 Belden, NE Died May 1996 in Nebraska Father John Seyl Mother Maude Aird
i. James A. Newton Born 12 December 1931 Laurel, NE Killed in action in the Korean War 05 September 1952 Buried Laurel, NE
ii. Wayne Newton Born 06 April 1945 Bloomfield, NE Married Mary Collins Born 31 March 1946 Rush City, MN Father Ambrose Collins Mother Cecelia Peterson
(A) Dustin Newton Born 05 September 1973 Sioux City, IA
(B) Tasha Newton   Born 04 May 1977 Sioux City, IA
iii. Gary Newton Born 24 October 1947 Bloomfield, NE Married 1 September 1967 Sally Smith Born 22 August 1949 Laurel, NE Father Francis Smith Mother Shirley Rimel
(A) Angela Marie Newton Born 01 August 1970 Wayne, NE Educated Wayne State College, NE (BA, interior design) Married 25 July 1992 Scott W. Rath
(1) Shelby Marie Rath   Born 27 November 1993
(B) Amy Frances Newton Born 17 August 1972 Wayne, NE Married 7 August 1992 2Ross M. Lund
(1) Riley Wolfgang Lund Born 28 July 1993
(C) Katy Dee Newton Born 14 February 1977 Wayne, NE
IX. Paul Henry Newton Born 02 July 1911 Coleridge, NE Died 06 December 1988 in Atkinson, NE Married in Atkinson, NE 23 January 1948 Junuetta Mae Fox Born 10 October 1916 Watertown, NE
i. Jim Newton Born 10 December 1948 O'Neill, NE He has a M.S. in entomology and toxicology. Married iN Lexington, KY 2 November 1979 Pat Cain
(A) Shon Newton
(B) Rodney Newton
ii. Janet Newton Born 23 June 1950 O'Neill, NE Educated Kearney State College Married in Kansas City, MO June 1976 Tom Reynolds. Divorced; she reverted to her maiden name.
iii. Judy Newton Born O'Neill, NE 15 June 1951. Married 3 June 1972 Stanley Thomas Rzeszotarski
(A) Thomas Jefferson Rzeszotarski Born 20 July 1975 Atkinson, NE Educated University of Lawrence, KS
(B) Kristina Rzeszotarski Born 28 March 1978 Columbus, NE
X. William Howard Newton Born 11 February 1913 Coleridge, NE Died 07 October 1989 in O'Neill, NE Buried O'Neill, NE Military service W.W. II Married in Tekamah, NE 21 August 1946 Mickey Jane Wyrick Born 17 March 1928 Dallas, TX Father Rufus Burton Wyrick Mother Ruby Muleissa Pynes
i. Dewey Curtis Newton II Born 10 September 1947 Dallas, TX Married in O'Neill, NE 28 August 1971 Teresa Trant Born 02 April 1952 Cambridge, NE Father Jack Trant Mother Betty Park  
(A) Andrea Lynn Newton Born 04 March 1972 O'Neill, NE
(B) Cindy Nicole Newton Born 10 September 1973 O'Neill, NE
(C) Brian Trant Newton Born 04 April 1979 O'Neill, NE
ii. Patricia Ellen Newton Born 26 November 1951 O'Neill, NE Married in O'Neill 13 November 1971 Allen Ray Hurlbert Born 12 November 1945 Loup City, NE Father Kenneth M. Hurlbert Mother Mary Ida Barnes
(A) Brenda Lea Hurlbert Born 14 October 1973 O'Neill, NE
(B) Keith Allen Hurlbert Born 05 June 1978 O'Neill, NE
iii. Jayne Lynn Newton Born 01 April 1961 O'Neill, NE Married first Marlin Smith
Jayne Lynn Newton married second in O'Neill 18 April 1980 Scott Duane Cadwell Born 23 September 1962 O'Neill, NE Father Jerome Cadwell Mother Patricia Bradley
(A) Adam Scott Cadwell Born 07 November 1980 O'Neill, NE
XI. Dewey Curtis Newton Born 10 June 1915 Coleridge, NE Killed in action over China 04 February 1942 Buried Coleridge, NE Military service U.S.Army, Sgt., W.W.II
f. John Steven Newton Born 29 May 1872 Shenandoah, IA Died 22 June 1906 in Norfolk, NE Buried Coleridge, NE Cemetery
g. Eliza Jane Newton Born 06 July 1874 Shenandoah, IA Died 01 March 1955 in Miller, SD Married in Hartington, NE 18 December 1901 George Arthur Keck Born 08 November 1876 Forreston, Ogle County, IL Died 11 January 1958 in Miller, SD   Farmer Father Jacob Keck Mother Louise Mitchell
I. (Male) Keck Born 15 March 1903 Died 15 March 1903 Buried Coleridge, NE
II. Esther Louise Keck Born 13 February 1904 Coleridge, NE Died 11 April 1905 Buried Coleridge, NE
III. Sylvia Eliza Keck Born 03 March 1905 Coleridge, NE Died 05 November 1906 Buried Coleridge, NE
IV. Edythe Lucille Keck Born 29 November 1907 Coleridge, NE Died 09 June 1998 Educated State Teachers College, Aberdeen, SD She was a teacher for 44 years Married in Huron, SD 14 July 1945 Marvin Vorris Green Born 11 December 1909 Wessington Springs, SD Died 24 January 1986 Buried Tipton, CA  Worked in office of Caterpillar Tractor Co., IL Father Charles W. Green Mother Isabelle Dunnington Divorced 1965
V. Howard Newton Keck Born 16 June 1910 Coleridge, NE Died 25 September 1983 in Miller, SD Buried St. Lawrence Cemetery, SD Married in Fort Pierre, SD 30 December 1938 Alma Irene Geiver Born 24 October 1914 Wessington Springs, SD Died 07 February 1989 in Rapid City, SD Buried St. Lawrence Cemetery, SD Father Hugh E. Geiver Mother Ethyl McCarl
i. Kenneth Lyle Keck Born 17 December 1940 Wessington, SD Educated Northern State College, Aberdeen, SD (BS, education; MS, counselling) Married in Aberdeen, SD 4 August 1963 Mary Ruth Odenbach Born 06 October 1942 Aberdeen, SD Father Edward Odenbach Mother Ruth Odland
(A) Jodi Michelle Keck Born 09 October 1967 Watertown, SD Married in Clark, SD 12 July 1987 Anthony Albano Born 24 June 1964 Union, NJ Father Alphonse Albano Mother Carolyn _____
(B) Jerod Lyle Keck Born 04 June 1971 Watertown, SD
ii. Joanne Marie Keck Born 29 October 1943 Wessington, SD Married in Aberdeen, SD 3 November 1961 Leo Eugene Rawstern Born 30 December 1938 Father Erwin Rawstern Mother Clara Elaine Langebehn
(A) Ricky Lee Rawstern Born 11 May 1962 Miller, SD
(B) Keven Lyle Rawstern Born 17 December 1970 Miller, SD
iii. Gary Howard Keck Born 10 November 1952 Miller, SD Educated Huron College, SD and Adams State College, Alamosa, CO (MA). Married in Miller, SD 29 May 1976 Jean Marie Dailey Born 04 January 1953 Miller, SD Father Warren Dailey Mother Magdalene Kludt 
VI. Merrill Franklin Keck Born Coleridge, NE 31 August 1912, a twin Died 27 October 1986 in Miller, SD Buried G.A.R. Cemetery, Miller, SD.  Farmer.  Married in Pipestone, MN 3 November 1939 Mary Adeline Bennett (born SD 11 July 1921, see below) Father George B. Bennett Mother Alice DeBouche
i. Larry Wayne Keck Born 21 February 1941 Miller, SD Educated Dinwiddie Institute, Minneapolis, MN Married in Chamberlain, SD  29 January 1964 Sheila Mae Duvall Born 30 April 1942 Chamberlain, SD Father Wallace Duvall Mother Charlotte Gerhart
(A) Rebecca Rae Keck Born 05 January 1965 Chamberlain, SD Married in Hobart, IN 2 September 1989 Richard Singel
(1) Justin Michael Singel Born 22 February 1990 Demotte, IN
(2) Jenna Marie Singel Born 22 October 1992 Demotte, IN
(B) Michel Leah Keck Born 05 April 1971 Huron, SD
ii. (Female) Keck Born 24 November 1943 Miller, SD Died 29 November 1943 Buried Miller, SD
iii. Dennis Merrill Keck Born 20 September 1945 Miller, SD Married in Forestburg, SD 20 August 1966 Gloria Carolyn Wire Born 12 December 1946 Kentucky Degree University of South Dakota, Vermillion Father Douglas Wire Mother Verna Hetland
(A) Leanne Lynn Keck Born 29 April 1969 Huron, SD
(B) Daniel Merrill Keck Born 27 August 1971 Huron, SD
VII. Marian Mabel Keck Born Coleridge, NE 31 August 1912, a twin Died 27 January 1990 in Visalia, CA Buried Hillcrest Memorial Park, Porterville, CA Educated University of Colorado, Boulder; Huron College, SD.  She was an elementary and secondary school teacher for 37 years Married in Pierre, SD 14 June 1941 Harold Melvin Smith Born Buffalo Gap, SD 08 October 1911 Died California 28 January 1999 Educated Yankton College, SD  High school teacher, teaching business education. Father William Miles Smith Mother Martella Knapp
i. Jane Marian Smith Born Lindsay, CA 07 December 1951 She was a valedictorian of her high school class of over 500. Educated University of California, Berkeley; California State University, Bakersfield (MA, counseling). Married in Portervuille, CA 12 May 1984 John Lawrence Guevara (born Tulare, CA 15 February 1955) Educated Fresno Univ (BA, business administration). Father Moses Herrera Guevara Mother Lydia Castillo
(A) Jonathon George Smith-Guevara Born 31 March 1990 Visalia, CA
ii. George William Smith Born Lindsay, CA 15 January 1954 Married first Norma Carol Ferguson born La Habra, CA 5 January 1949 Father J.C. Ferguson Mother Ina Viola Stewart
George William Smith married second in Tahoe City, CA 27 November 1982 Janice Anne Brownrigg Schmidt Born 09 August 1954 Richmond, CA Father William Brownrigg Mother Betty Schaeffer Divorced 1986
VIII. George Melvin Keck Born c.21 March 1917 St. Lawrence, SD Died 09 September 1997 Married first in Webster, SD 26 December 1940 Lucille Maxine Steele Born 03 January 1924 Garden City, SD Died 24 June 1985 in Dodge City, KS Buried Maple Grove Cemetery, Dodge City, KS Father Frederick Steele Mother Laura Erickson
i. Michael Steele Keck Born 04 June 1945 Pensacola, FL Educated Kansas State College, Emporia Married in Dodge City, KS 24 June 1967 Karen Jill Sutton Born 25 February 1947 Dodge City, KS Father Stanley Sutton Mother Delores VanVooris
(A) Amy Michelle Keck Born 13 November 1972 Lawton, OK. Married Augusta, Georgia 11 September 1999 Jeffrey Monroe Greeson (son of Philip Edward Greeson and Bonnie Dorton). They live in Flowery Branch, Georgia.
(1) Madison Rachel Greeson Born Snellville, Georgia 25 February 2005.
(2)Caitlin Michelle Greeson, Born Snellville, Georgia, 9 May 2008.
(B) Jeffrey Michael Keck Born 27 February 1976 Oakland, CA. Married St. Simons Island, Georgia 21 March 2009 Joanne Cassedy Keck.  They live in Augusta, Georgia.
(1)Carson Joseph Keck Born Augusta, Georgia 30 December 2009
ii. Gregory Melvin Keck Born 12 July 1950 Watertown, SD Married first in Dodge City 29 May 1972 Lynn Ann Hunter Born 11 May 1951 Dodge City, KS Father Leon Hunter Mother Anita Brady
(A) Brian Gregory Keck Born 15 January 1974 Dodge City, KS
(B) Shane Anthony Keck Born 04 March 1976 Dodge City, KS
(C) Kimberly Lynn Keck Born 06 February 1980 Dodge City, KS
iii. Jeffrey Wayne Keck Born 14 February 1955 Alliance, NE  Married in Dodge City 31 May 1980 Elizabeth Jacqueline Smith Born 22 January 1961 Dighton, KS Father Eugene Smith Mother Patricia Hahn
(A) Michelle Elizabeth Keck Born 03 November 1983 Dodge City, KS
(B) Tyler Matthew Keck Born 11 July 1987 Dodge City, KS
George Melvin Keck married second in Las Vegas, NV 19 April 1986 Betty Bollinger
George Melvin Keck married third in Dodge City 24 April 1987 Mary Adeline Bennett (born SD 11 July 1921 see above) Father George B. Bennett Mother Alice DeBouche
2. William A. Arbuthnot Born 30 August 1835 Pine Township, Allegheny County, PA Died in Boulder, CO 22 April 1882 after being kicked by a colt. Buried Hygiene Cemetery, Hygiene, CO Married in Boulder, CO 14 March 1869 Mary Elizabeth Bader Born 17 June 1848 Baden, Germany Died 11 June 1923 in Boulder, CO Father John Bader Mother Mary Messinger
a. Frederick ("Fred") Wilhelm Arbuthnot Born 30 November 1869 Boulder, CO Died 10 November 1957 in Boulder, CO Buried Green Mountain Cemetery, Niwot, CO Married in Boulder Co., CO 11 September 1896 Margie Ann Coe Born 26 April 1877 Cetisville, MI Died 05 January 1958 in Boulder,CO Father George M Coe Mother Arletta Misner
I. Kenneth Derwin Arbuthnot Born 17 November 1902 Niwot, CO Died 22 May 1962 in Stillwater, OK Buried Green Mountain Cemetery, Niwot, CO Married 30 August 1925 Mildred E. Davies Born 13 October 1903 Colorado Died 14 January 1962 in Stillwater, OK
i. Kenneth Roy Arbuthnot Born 02 August 1927 Monroe, MI Died 05 November 1980 in Springfield, MO Buried Green Mountain Cemetery, Niwot, CO Military service U.S. Army   Teacher, Englewood and Limon, CO Married in Kansas City, MO 28 November 1958 Freddie Martin (born 7 October 1934) daughter of Irvin Martin and Betha Beasley. She is a retired registered nurse who now lives in Hiwasse, AK. 
(A) Roger Martin Arbuthnot. Born Monett, MO 27 September 1959. Lives in Mesa, Az. Married in Mesa 29 October 1988 Carol Lynn Baughman (born Dearborn, Michigan 10 September 1961).
(1) Cameron Steward Arbuthnot. Born Mesa, Arizona 25 February 1991. Died Mesa 24 June 1993.
(2) Connor Kenneth Arbuthnot. Born Mesa 14 December 1992.
(B) Penny Ruth Arbuthnot Born Monett, MO 9 April 1961. Married Bella Vista, AZ 3 June 1989 Jeff Winton Bengtson (born Tulsa, OK 25 July 1959) Father Lowell Winton Bengtson Mother Betty Crouse
(1) Molly Jean Bengtson Born Springdale, AZ 6 September 1991.
(C) Lonna Arbuthnot Born Monett, MO 23 September 1964
(D) Jill Ann Arbuthnot Born Monett 19 September 1966
ii. (Frederick) James Arbuthnot Born Lansing, MI 27 November 1928 Married 16 October 1954 Barbara Jean Yount (born 25 April 1936 ) Divorced 1982
(A) James Kenneth Arbuthnot, Sr. Born 16 June 1955 Married 30 May 1977 Linda Frieslinger (born 25 April 1957)
(1) Jamie Lynn Arbuthnot Born 24 January 1978 She married 3 May 2007 Eric Thompson (divorced). Now known as Jamie Arbuthnot-Thompson.
(2) James ("Jim") Kenneth Arbuthnot, Jr.  Born 13 July 1979
(B) Kurt Michael Arbuthnot Born 11 June 1956
(C) Julie Ann Arbuthnot. Born 02 November 1957 Married first 10 June 1978 Raymond Barr Born 09 November 1959. Divorced 1988.
(1) Sarah Bethanie Barr   Born 12 February 1981 Had a child  by Andre William Bowen (born 12 July 1981)
(a) Keziah Renee Barr. Born 6 November 2002.
(2) Adam Ray Barr   Born 28 February 1987.
  Julie married second 19 December 1998 Sam Neal (born 2 July 1953).
(D) Terry Lee Arbuthnot  Born 10 August 1959
(E) David Allen Arbuthnot  Born 09 (or 11) November 1961
  (Frederick) James Arbuthnot married second (13 Sep 1982) Carol A _____ (born  1949/50), 0 children. divorced (TX 22 Sep 1989)..
Married third c.1994 Helen Bright Eliasen (born Fort Worth 30 December 1922; d
ied 9 February 2004. Buried Fairmount Cemetery. Daughter of George and Ola Bright. She married Henry C. "Hank" Eliasen on June 5, 1942. She had been a resident of San Angelo since 1969. 
Married fourth ca.2006 Gail Somerville (born 3 April 1939).
II. Marjorie Elizabeth Arbuthnot Born 24 November 1904 Boulder, CO Died September 1995 in Boulder, CO Married first Thomas Elmer Hawn Born 07 June 1900 Died 29 July 1972
Marjorie Elizabeth Arbuthnot married second 14 January 1936 Louis Campion Born February 1903 Died in a mining accident 29 August 1938
i. Walter Edward Campion Born 06 September 1928 Married 15 May 1948 Jane Angeline Holden Born 23 June 1930
(A) Walter Eugene Campion Born 03 November 1948
(B) Twila Yvonne Campion Born 21 February 1952 Grand Junction, CO Married first 4 August 1971 Larry James Lasby Born 04 August 1950
(1) Michael Scott Lasby Born 09 January 1971 Grand Junction, CO
(2) James Bradley Lasby Born 12 January 1972 Grand Junction, CO
Twila Yvonne Campion married second in Grand Junction, CO 17 September 1977 Everett Earl Reece born Mesa County, CO 9 June 1950 Father Hollister Reece Mother Carmella Sara Santy
(C) Joni Marie Campion   Born 11 November 1964
III. Una Arletta Arbuthnot Born 23 April 1908 Niwot, CO Died 25 January 1998 in Westminster, CO Married in Boulder Co., CO 19 February 1927 Charles Wesley Albert Born 25 October 1907 Daniel, WY Died 30 November 1987 Father Robert Taylor Albert Mother Charlotte Hartley Divorced 1942
i. Donald Wesley Albert Born 26 June 1930 Boulder, CO Educated University of Nevada Married in Prineville, OR 18 June 1960 Mary Alice Sigman Born 04 September 1940 Prineville, OR Educated University of Nevada Father George Sigman Mother LaVelle Jewel Sparks
(A) Dawn Marie Albert Born 20 December 1960 Pendelton, OR Degree B.S., agricultural education Married Ronald Earl Alexander born 1956
(B) George Wesley Albert Born 04 June 1962 Prineville, OR Educated Oklahoma School of Horseshoeing Married Karen Sue Benson  Born 1960 Prineville, OR
(1) Amy Lynn Albert Born 18 December 1987
(2) Tyrel Lee Albert Born 07 November 1989
ii. Darline Arletta Albert Born 10 December 1933 Boulder, CO Married first in Boulder 20 March 1952 Lee Emmitt Furman Born 24 November 1932 Alliance, NE Father Anson Furman Mother Edith Rowley Divorced 1972
(A) Dana Lee Furman Born 08 December 1953 Camp Gordon, GA Married in Alliance, NE 12 May 1973 Kenny J Behm Born 09 June 1951 Alliance, NE Father Harold Behm Mother Mary Van Houten
(1) Krystal Leigh Behm Born 08 February 1976 Scottsbluff, NE
(2) Karla Jaeann Behm Born 03 November 1977 Scottsbluff, NE
(a) Jaycob Andrew Sever Born 31 October 1993
(3) Kuinton Beaudine Behm Born 31 January 1980 Scottsbluff, NE
(4) Kaleb Andrew Behm Born 25 February 1982 Scottsbluff, NE
(B) David Anson Furman Born 16 June 1955 Alliance, NE Married in Steamboat Springs, CO 10 December 1981 Valerie Covalt Born 26 March 1955 Scottsbluff, NE Father Phillip Covalt Mother Peggy Wilson
(1) Lindsey Donelle Schaefer Born 31 August 1978 Alliance, NE
(2) Cassandra Jane Furman Born 13 February 1982 Scottsbluff, NE
(3) Anson Cale Furman   Born 09 December 1983 Scottsbluff, NE
(C) Ryan Lee Furman Born 24 March 1957 Alliance, NE Married in Alliance, NE 2 August 1975 Ramona Frohman Born 09 July 1956 Gordon, NE Father Lawrence Frohman Mother Mary Moss
(1) Rachel Ann Furman Born Alliance 10 December 1976, a twin
(2) Rebecca Marie Furman Born Alliance 10 December 1976, a twin
Darline Arletta Albert married second in Wheat RIdge, CO 20 July 1974 Dale Clifford Barr born Olathe, CO 24 November 1923
iii. Duane Kenneth Albert Born 17 March 1937 Boulder, CO Married in Boulder, CO 19 February 1960 Judith Ann McCormick Born 12 January 1939 Manhattan, KS Father Lee McCormick Mother Edna _____.   Divorced 1980.
(A) Garry Lee Albert Born 10 November 1960 Boulder, CO Educated Colorado State University, Ft. Collins, accounting Married Kathleen Mooney Born 17 June 1960
(1) Sean Christopher Albert Born 1988
(B) Scott Tracy Albert Born 11 February 1962 Boulder, CO Married first Joyce _____
(1) Heather Ashley Albert Born 1986, a twin.
(2) Jeremie Scott Albert Born 1986, a twin.
Scott Tracy Albert married second Honey Pakiser (born 1954). They live in Boulder, Colorado
(3) Michael Pakiser Born 1981.
(C) Gregory Alan Albert Born 24 August 1964 Boulder, CO Married Melissa _____ Born 15 December 1964
(1) Patrick Allen Albert Born 17 May 1991
IV. Donald Frederick Arbuthnot Born 19 December 1911 Niwot, CO Died 18 November 1985 in Boulder, CO Worled for Public Service Co. of Colorado as a gas fitter serviceman Married in Oklahoma 2 March 1937 Florence May Hill Born 24 November 1915 Waukomis, OK (died c. 5 March 2008) Father Guy Martin Hill Mother Ethel Pauline Jackson
i. Carol Jane Arbuthnot Born 20 October 1939 Boulder,CO Married first in San Diego, CA 11 July 1959 Milton Gene Williams Born 25 February 1939 Brush, CO Died Longmont, Co 15 December 2010. Father George Williams Mother Mary DeLong.
(A) Alan Trent Williams Born 16 April 1965 Casper, WY
(B) Jeffrey Michael Williams Born 08 January 1969 Long Beach, CA
Carol Jane Arbuthnot married second in the Netherlands 4 April 1981 Henk Van Moorsel (born Tilburg, the Netherlands 30 October 1930) Father Johannus Josephus Maria Van Moorsel Mother Annette Van de Van. Henk's name was changed from Henricus Johannus Josephus Maria Van Moorsel at the time of his naturalization.
ii. Darold Martin Arbuthnot Born 18 July 1941 Boulder, CO Married first in Fort Collins, CO 8 January 1966 Gail McCourt Born 20 September 1944 Father Harold McCourt Mother Catherine _____
Darold Martin Arbuthnot married second in DC 4 September 1973 Suzanne Blanche Cragle Born 28 September 1944 Father Walter Cragle Mother Evelyn _____
(A) (Leanne) Aspen Arbuthnot. Born Denver, CO 8 October 1976  Engaged to Chris Vitry.
Darold Martin Arbuthnot married third 18 February 1984 Diann R. Edwards (born 20 September 1944 Kansas City, MO)
iii. Dale Gene Arbuthnot Born 12 November 1946 Boulder, CO Married in Denver, CO 16 October 1971 Nancy Jo Kalisch Born 06 March 1949 Oakland, CA Father Clyde Kalisch Mother Patricia ("Pat") Bernice Burns (died Longmont 25 December 2010 aged 81).
(A) Russell Todd Arbuthnot Born 02 January 1977 Longmont, CO.  Married in Michigan Natalie Suzanne Correll. Born Grosse Pointe, MI 12 May 1978.
(1)Madeleine Mae Arbuthnot. Born Royal Oak, MI 23 March 2013.
(B) Ryan Scott Arbuthnot Born 15 December 1981 Rawlins, WY
iv. Donlyn Ann Arbuthnot Born 02 October 1955 Boulder, CO Educated Colorado State University, Fort Collins. Fearless living coach. Married in Fort Collins, CO 14 March 1982 Steven Ray Whissen Born 05 March 1952 Phoenix, AZ Educated Colorado State University, Fort Collins (MA, historic preservation). Father Robert Whissen Mother Marjorie Agler
(A) Bryson Scott Whissen Born 04 March 1984 Fort Collins, CO
(B) Sean Garrett Whissen Born 22 June 1989 Fort Collins, CO
b. William Carson Arbuthnot Born 12 June 1871 Colorado Died 29 July 1952 in Boulder, CO   Homesteader near Carter, MT Married in Lewiston, MT 6:00am 1 August 1907 Kate Stephens Doolittle Born 29 June 1869 Lewiston, MT Died 04 October 1948 in Boulder, CO He began teaching at the age of 18, earning $8-10/month, and boarding with different family each week, c.1887.  Father George M. Doolittle Mother Alice Elizabeth Wilson
I. Alice Elizabeth Arbuthnot Born 26 December 1911 Boulder County, CO Died 23 December 1998 in Harlingen, TX Educated University of Colorado (AB, accounting); George Washington University (MA, foreign affairs); University of Denver (MA, business administration). Served in the U.S. Navy, W.W. II  U.S. deputy marshal, Washington, DC
c. George John Arbuthnot, Sr. Born 09 February 1875 Boulder, CO Died 14 January 1927 in Manteca, CA Educated Barnes Business College, Denver, CO 1904. Married in Longmont, CO 5 February 1905 Nancy Louisa Brammeier Born 04 June 1888 Kit Carson County, CO Died 30 October 1912 in Stockton, CA Father John Brammeier Mother Maude Harding
I. Inez Louisa Arbuthnot Born 09 November 1905 Boulder, CO Died 29 December 1996 in Aurora, Colorado. Educated Stockton Commercial College. Worked for Federal Aviation Administration for many years Married in Sacramento, CA 7 November 1929 Norman Osbert ` Born 16 April 1900 Beechgrove, PQ, Canada Died 03 May 1957 in Vancouver, BC, Canada
i. Lois Inez Twa Born 02 August 1930 Stockton, CA Educated Stockton Commercial College, CA (AB, art). Married first _______ Wolfsong.
Lois Inez Twa married second in Denver, CO 6 May 1953 Bill Cooper (born Texas), son of Dell Cooper (Louise _____)  Divorced 1955.
Lois Inez Twa married third in Colorado 29 December 1957 Paul Mason Perkins (born Nevada 29 December 1928), son of Paul Edmond Perkins and Stella nee Mason. Divorced 1979.
(A) Valerie Lois Perkins Born Denver, CO 30 November 1958. Educated University of Northern Colorado, Greeley (B.A., communications; M.A., therapeutic recreation)
(B) Neil Mason Perkins Born Denver, CO 20 May 1962. Died in Watertown, SD 08 November 1994 in a work related accident. Interstate tractor-trailer and tanker rig driver
(C) Rachel Stella Perkins Born Denver, CO 28 July 1964.  Married in San Francisco, CA 10 October 1987 Bruce Charles Higgins Born 27 November 1953 San Francisco, CA Father Charles John Higgins Mother Loretta Jane Tighe
(1) Matthew Bruce Higgins Born 22 September 1989 San Francisco, CA
(2) Amanda Robin Higgins Born 29 June 1991 San Francisco, CA
ii. Gordon James Twa Born 26 August 1932 French Camp, CA Married in Los Angeles, CA 20 June 1957 Bettie Janice Neill Born 18 September 1933 Chicago, IL Educated Moorpark College, CA Father Harold Frederick Neill Mother Vivian Boone 
(A) Laurie Jean Twa Born 21 June 1959 San Diego, CA She is training to teach English as a second language
She married first in Simi Valley, CA 1 May 1982 Bert Rouse (born Simi Valley, CA 8 December 1937) Father Irving Edwin Rouse Mother Mildred Lardin Sweetman.
She married second Luis Rodriguez (born Santiago, Chile)
(1) Serena Joy Rodriguez. Born Auburn, CA 21 August 1995.
  Laurie Jean married third George Smith.
(B) Kathie Lynn Twa Born 20 March 1967 Simi Valley, CA Educated Berklee School of Music, Boston, MA. Married in Port Orchard, WA, 14 March 2003, Graham John Brown of London (born Cambridge 12 December 1957), son of Clive Brown of Peterborough and Mary, nee Smith.
iii. Audrey Norma Twa Born 02 November 1933 French Camp, CA Educated University of British Columbia Married first Nils Hoeg
Audrey Norma Twa married second in Vancouver, BC 18 June 1955 Ralph Morgan Casperson Born 15 December 1931 Canada Father Ole Casperson Mother Anna Mathilda Halvorsen
(A) David Gordon Casperson Born 27 August 1960 British Columbia, Canada Educated Simon Fraser University, Vancouver (computer science) and Waterloo College, ON, Canada (MA, PhD).
(B) Gary Kenneth Casperson Born 07 June 1962 British Columbia, Canada Educated Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC, Canada
(C) Lee Norman Casperson Born 03 April 1966 British Columbia, Canada He trained in hotel and restaurant management, Victoria, BC
II. Ivan George ("Hap") Arbuthnot Born 30 May 1907 Niwot, CO Died 10 March 1987 in Tracy, CA Heavy equipment operator, 42 years Married in Oakland, CA 1 December 1929 Mary Isoline Noble Born 01 April 1910 Orcutt, CA Died 23 November 1989 in Turlock, CA Father Theodore Harding Noble Mother Aurella Lenore Looman
i. Sidney Raymond Arbuthnot Born 10 February 1931 Palo Alto, CA Died 03 March 1933 in San Francisco, CA
ii. Nancy Louise Arbuthnot Born 19 March 1933 Married in Manteca, CA 17 November 1951 George Jerry Moorman Born 10 March 1928 Maysville, MO Died 17 January 1992 in Albany, OR.  Worked for Corvallis School District, OR Father George Abner Moorman Mother Mary Jane Henry
(A) David Jerry Moorman Born 31 January 1957 Los Angeles, CA Degree Oregon State University, business administration Married in Corvallis, Oregon 14 November 1981 Debora Lynn Chipman Born 21 January 1952 Corvallis, Oregon Educated Multnoman Bible School Father Harold Frederick Chipman Mother Vera Marcella Glaser
(1) Katelyn Marie Moorman Born 18 July 1985 Redmond, OR
(2) Lesley Maureen Moorman Born 13 December 1988 Portland, OR
(B) Nancy Jane Moorman Born 15 July 1960 Sacramento, CA Education Portland State University, OR Married in Beaver Creek, Oregon 14 August 1993 Louis William Schmidt Born 29 December 1964 Lompoc, CA Father Mark Ame Schmidt Mother Nancy Ann Smith
Nancy Louise Arbuthnot married second in Reno, NV 2 April 1993 James Kenneth Myatt (born Canadian, TX 23 August 1932) Father James Washington Myatt Mother Mattie Jewell Kemp
iii. George John Arbuthnot Born San Francisco, CA 12 March 1938 Married (?) first Bonnie Louise Bonfill. George John Arbuthnot married second 28 September 1958 Carol Straminska. Divorced 1960
(A) Julia Ann Arbuthnot Born 20 March 1960
George John Arbuthnot married third 31 December 1960 Xanthyia Yvonne Stephens. Divorced 1961 
(B) Yvonne Marie Arbuthnot Born Tracy, CA 28 September 1961 Married first Augsberg, Germany 22 April 1982 Steven Vandever. Divorced 1986.
(1) Heather Marie Vandever. Born Modesto, CA 20 August 1982. Had a son by Steven Michael Stiles Jr:
(a) Colton Russell Banks. Born Pierre, SD 18 November 2004. Adopted by Russell and Diane Banks of Haskell, New Jersey.
Heather married 29 November 2010 Timothy Ryan Brooks (born 11 July 1973).
Yvonne married second Sonora, CA 28 September 1986 Thomas Sanborn. Divorced 1989.
(2) Kristopher Thomas Sanborn. Born Carmichael, CA 12 March 1987. Married South Lake Tahoe, CA 27 September 2009 Darla Susanne Hansen (born 30 June 1988 Modesto, CA). Live in Modesto, CA.
Yvonne married third Reno, Nevada 03 March 2001 Steven Contreras.
(C) (male) Arbuthnot Put up for adoption at birth, his name is Stephen Wayne Crawford. Born San Joaquin, CA 1 December 1964 .
George John Arbuthnot had a child by Patricia Ann Herndon.
(D) Teresa Marie Arbuthnot. Born Stockton, CA 03 November 1966. Married Stockton, CA 20 September 1986 Manuel Hernandez Quintero.
(1) Andrea Marie Quintero. Born Stockton, CA 13 October 1987.
(2) Anthony Manuel Quintero. Born Stockton, CA 21 October 1989.
(3) Danielle Christine Quintero. Born Stockton, CA 02 June 1992.
(4) Brian John Quintero. Born Stockton, CA 07 February 1996.
George John Arbuthnot married fourth Reno, Nevada 1971 Carol Ann Steelman (born Los Angeles, CA 23 October 1945).
(E) Ina Spirit Arbuthnot Born Calveras Co., CA 16 June 1972. Had a child by Mark Rowland Slaeigher
(1) Dakota Austin Slaeigher. Born Kearney, NE 01 November 1990.
Ina married first 9 September 1996 Terry Lee Simmons (died 9 November 1996).
(2) Kole Lee Simmons. Born Kearney, NE 04 February 1993.
(3) Katherine Spirit Simmons. Born Kearney, NE 13 January 1997.
Ina married second Rapid City, SD 12 May 2000 Brandon Wayne Hemenway (born Ogalala, Nebraska 26 February 1970).
(4) Ethan Tyler Hemenway. Born Gothenburg NE 6 December 1992. He was adopted by Brandon 2002.
(F) Tila Marie Arbuthnot Born 20 October 1974 Married 25 June 19?? Jake Kucera.
(1) Sydney Kucera. Born 05 October 1996.
(2) Madison Kucera. Born 22 December 19??.
(G) Mary Ann Arbuthnot Born 17 November 1976 Married 28 August 1994 Tim Pokorny. Divorced 16 October 2006. None of the children are Mary Ann's.
- Kloreace Rose Pokorny. Born 30 November 1994.
- Asper Ann Pokorny. Born 24 November 1996.
- Avey Alise Pokorny. Born 12 June 1998.
- Kanna Rayne Pokorny. Born 29 August 2000.
- Kayzen Rane Pokorny. Born 01 August 2003.
  Mary Ann Arbuthnot Married second 21 June 2008  Carey Alan Kleckner.
(H) George John Arbuthnot III Born 18 May 1978 Married Pleasanton, NE 01 June 2002 Stephani Kathleen O'Neill.
(1) Ryan John Arbuthnot. Born 17 March 2006.
(2) Taryn Linn Arbuthnot. Born 27 April 2008.
George John Arbuthnot married fifth November 1990 Goldie Harmon
iv. Martha Rae Arbuthnot Born Stockton, CA 08 March 1944 Married in Carson City, NV 16 November 1963 Frank Martin Gill Born 13 April 1940 Los Banos, CA Father John Gill Mother Mary Tosta
(A) Shelly Marie Gill Born 25 December 1964 Gustine, CA Married in Patterson, CA 6 October 1984 Edward Anthony Perez Born 17 December 1963 Patterson, CA Father Manual Anthony Perez Mother Norma Fae Stevenson
(1) Audrey Lyn Perez Born 27 September 1985 Modesto, CA
(2) Jacob Christopher Perez Born 23 November 1987 Modesto, CA
(B) Sally Louise Gill Born 28 May 1967 Gustine, CA Married Reno, NV 14 February 2000 Randy Heagney.
(C) Stephanie April Gill Born 22 April 1971 Patterson, CA Married Lake Tahoe 1 November 1996 Branna Padilla (born 6 June 1972)
(1) Roman James Padilla Born Modesto, CA 1 April 1999.
(2) Mary Kathryn Padilla Born Modesto, CA 26 November 2001.
III. Stephen Elmer Arbuthnot Born 01 July 1911 Manteca, CA Died 13 January 1942 in Murphys, CA Military service Bet. 1929 - 1932 U.S. Army Artillery Married in Reno, NV 6 February 1934 Mary Belle Blair Born 23 August 1915 Woodruff County, AR Died 14 May 1946 in Colville, WA Father Colmore Blair Mother Jessie Lourine McCord
i. Judith ("Judy") Ellen Arbuthnot. Born French Camp, CA 10 September 1934.  Married first in Reno 5 November 1950 Erwin Joseph Mattes, es, Jr. Born 07 December 1931 Evanston, IL.   Divorced 1955
(A) Beverly Ann Mattes Born 20 August 1951 Stockton, CA Married first in Huntsville, AL 14 May 1971 Edward James Badgley, Jr. Divorced 1973
Beverly Ann Mattes married second in Huntsville, AL 7 August 1976 William Edward Donovan born Lansing, MI 11 May 1948 Father Martin Aloysius Donovan Mother Theresa Antonette Simon
(B) Sharon Roselie Mattes Fletcher Born 02 August 1953 Married first in Huntsville 17 September 1973 Edmund Allen Payne, Jr. Divorced 1976
(1) Jeremy Allen Payne  Born 27 January 1975 Huntsville, AL
Sharon Roselie Mattes Fletcher married second in Manchester, TN 31 August 1979 Edward Albert Gadeken (born Champaign, IL 25 September 1958)
(2) Tawnee Jade Gadeken Born 01 December 1980 Albuquerque, NM
(C) Robert Edward Mattes Fletcher Born French Camp, CA 24 November 1955  Married first in Alamogordo, NM 24 November 1976 Louise Marie Shillings Born 20 March 1951 Cornwall, NY Father William Joseph Shillings Mother Theresa Katharine Shepro. Divorced 1984.
(1) Darrell William Fletcher Born 26 December 1978 Weisbaden, Germany
(2) Christopher Daniel Fletcher Born 20 January 1981 Landstuhl, Germany
Robert Edward Mattes Fletcher married second 1 December 1996 ______ ______
Judith Ellen Arbuthnot married second in Reno, NV 7 April 1957 Robert B. Gordon
(D) Katherine Ann Gordon  Born 16 September 1957 French Camp, CA Married Gary Galen Good  Born 05 March 1952 Sheldon, IA Father Galen George Good Mother Margaret Ann Maassen
(1) David Good
(2) Steven Good Born 25 March 1982 Las Vegas, NV
Judith Ellen Arbuthnot married third in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 31 August 1958 Darrell Werner Fletcher Born 04 September 1933 Fortuna, CA Father Charles Glenn Fletcher Mother Pearl Marie Harris
(E) Scott Patrick Fletcher Born French Camp, CA 29 June 1959 Married first in Wyoming 1979 Diane Snelling Father James Snelling Mother Deborah _____ 
Scott Patrick Fletcher married second in Burlington, KS 19 February 1983 Tammy Lynn Fink born Del Rio, TX 4 April 1961 Father Nelson Leroy Fink Mother Mary Lou George. Tammy had previously been married to Ted Greenhill by whom she had a son Allen Robert Greenhill.
(1) Daniel Howard Fletcher Born Garnett, KS 12 February 1984
(2) Benjamin Scott Fletcher Born Emporia, KS 04 September 1985
(F) Mark Werner Fletcher Born 24 June 1961 Tracy, CA Married in Pensacolla, FL 9 September 1981 Holly Ann Pierce Born 25 July 1962 Vineland, NJ Father Ralph Henry Pierce Mother Frances Adeline Champion
(1) Christian Werner Fletcher Born 25 June 1982 Pearl Harbor, HI
(2) Michael John Fletcher Born 16 June 1984 Agana, Guam
(3) Stephen Pierce Fletcher Born 11 September 1985 Agana, Guam
(4) Katelyn Erin Fletcher Born 09 September 1986 Oakland, CA
(5) David Champion Fletcher Born 26 January 1988 Oakland, CA
(6) Staci Ellen Fletcher Born 23 March 1989 Vineland, NJ
(7) Andrew Mark Fletcher Born 17 November 1990 Virginia Beach, VA
(8) Joseph Charles Fletcher Born 30 March 1993 Virginia Beach, VA
ii. Patricia ("Patty") Irene Arbuthnot Born 06 July 1936 Manteca, CA Married 24 April 1954 Fred Gerald Patton, Jr. (born 1935) Father Fred Gerald Patton, Sr. Mother Goldie _____
(A) Stephen Gerald Patton Born 26 March 1955 French Camp, CA
(B) Donald James Patton Born 1957 French Camp, CA Died 1975 in California
d. Melissa Leona Arbuthnot Born 07 July 1876 Niwot, CO Died 28 September 1956 in Torrance, CA Buried Green Hills Memorial Park, San Pedro, CA Married in Long Beach, CA 10 August 1909 John Arthur Walker Born 06 July 1875 Sussex, NB, Canada Died 26 January 1955 in Long Beach, CA Buried Green Hills Memorial Park, San Pedro, CA Military service 23 May 1903 Discharged from Troop A, 8th Cav., Spanish-American War Father John Walker Mother Rachel Cunningham
I. Stellae Wilna Walker Born 07 April 1911 Long Beach, CA Died 24 December 1999 in California Educated Univ of Southern California (BS, business administration). Worked as an accountant for MacDonald & Burns Oil Co. and Banning Estates.  Married in Torrance, CA 18 June 1949 Harold Wendell Howard Born 15 May 1904 Dos Palos, CA Died 14 February 1987 in Escondido, CA Father George Nuel Howard Mother Alice Eliza Hass
II. Jack Everett Walker Born 09 November 1913 Long Beach, CA Educated University of Southern California (BS, petroleum engineering) Married in Long Beach, CA 11 July 1942 Margaret Ann Kilsdonk Born 09 February 1915 Dallas, TX Father Antone Theodore Kilsdonk Mother Pauline Johanna Faan Hoff
i. Judy Ann Walker Born 18 August 1943 Long Beach, CA Educated Long Beach University (BA, geography) and Redlands University, CA (MA). Married in Newport Beach, CA 12 February 1977 Donald Michael Miskanic (born 29 November 1941 Pittsburgh, PA) Father John Michael Miskanic Mother Josephine Munsick
(A) Michelle Christine Miskanic Born 11 June 1980 Long Beach, CA
ii. John Michael Walker  Born 02 October 1946 Long Beach, CA Educated University of Southern California (BS, business administration). Married in Pasadena, CA 28 June 1975 Nancy Kathleen Maier  (born 18 July 1948 Los Angeles, CA) Father Joseph Frederick Maier Mother Harriet Bowman
(A) Laurie Ann Walker Born 14 December 1976 Pasadena, CA
(B) Melissa Kathleen Walker Born 06 December 1978 Grass Valley, CA
(C) Jack Everett Walker II Born 08 May 1981 Grass Valley, CA
III. Wilfred Arbuthnot Walker Born 10 October 1915 Lomita, CA Died 04 January 1987 in Newport Beach, CA Educated University of California, Berkeley (B.S.).  Worked for Elk Hills, California Petroleum Reserve as a senior petroleum engineer.  Married in Torrance, CA 29 January 1946 Virginia Margaret Letsinger Born 16 October 1924 Jasonville, IN
i. Ted Allen Walker   Born 28 July 1948 Taft, CA Educated California Polytechnical State University at San Luis Obispo (B.S., architecture)
ii. Ann Marie Walker Born 20 March 1951 Taft, CA Educated University of California, Berkeley (B.A., geography). Married in Taft, CA 19 October 1974 Robert Grover Negendank Born 25 August 1950 Palo Alto, CA Father Robert Milton Negendank Mother Ester Regina Stavrum
(A) Lee Ann Negendank Born 16 January 1980 Harbor City, CA
(B) Eric Robert Negendank  Born 08 June 1983 Harbor City, CA
iii. John Arthur Walker II Born Taft, CA 24 September 1952 Educated University of California, Irvine (BA). He rowed varsity 8-man crew in college and single sculls Olympic trials, Montreal, PQ In 1979 he won single sculls rowing event, National Sports Festival, Colorado Springs, CO In 1981 he won double sculls rowing event, National Sports Festival, Syracuse, NY Accomplishments In 1984 he was in charge of all boats used for rescue, officials, and patrols during rowing, canoeing, and kayaking events at Summer Olympic Games, Los Angeles
Married in Irvine, CA 22 October 1983 Suzy Fumie Sunahara Born 21 May 1958 Inglewood, CA Father: Jiro Sunahara Mother: Emily Fumiko Tsuruda
(A) Samuel Sung Kyu Walker Born 21 March 1992 Korea
iv. Stephen Douglas Walker Born 31 January 1961 Taft, CA Educated Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa, CA
e. Stella May Arbuthnot Born 13 January 1878 Niwot, CO Died 14 March 1967 in Arroyo Grande, CA Buried Arroyo Grande Cemetery
f. Sidney Arthur Arbuthnot Born 17 February 1880 Niwot, CO Died 05 December 1948 in Oceanside, CA Buried Arroyo Grande Cemetery, CA
3. Jane Arbuthnot Born c.1837 Pine Township, PA
4. James A. Arbuthnot Born 02 November 1841 Pine Township, PA Died 25 November 1886 in Boulder, CO Married in Boulder, CO 26 February 1883  Phoebe Ann Evans Born 1835 Died 15 September 1908 in Boulder County, CO
5. Samuel Christy Arbuthnot Born Pittsburgh, PA 17 August 1833 Died Boulder Co, CO 31 March 1915 Buried Niwot Cemetery, Niwot, CO Miner, Gold Hill, CO for five years Married in Left Hand Creek, CO 29 March 1870 Mary Rachel Johnson Born 04 June 1851 Keuterville, Idaho Died 01 July 1925 in Boulder, CO Buried Niwot Cemetery, Niwot, CO
a. William ("Willie") Edward Arbuthnot Born Left Hand Creek, CO 28 January 1871 Died Boulder, CO 02 December 1952 Buried Mountain View Cemetery  Farmer Married in Altona, Boulder Co, CO 2 October 1897 Clara Jain Born 30 April 1879 Altona, Boulder County, CO Died 19 May 1956 in Denver, CO Father Meles Jain Mother Mary _____
I. Isabella Inez Arbuthnot Born 23 May 1900 Niwot, CO A teacher Married in Seattle, WA 12 July 1924 Earl Clark (born Seattle, WA), a mail carrier.
i. Earl Thomas Clark Born 19 August 1927 Seattle, WA
ii. Richard Wilbur Clark Born 21 July 1930 Seattle, WA
iii. Jean Isabella Clark Born Seattle, WA 18 July 1932 Married in Seattle 15 September 1951 Arthur Morgan (born Seattle, WA 19 May 1931) Father Cecil Alvin Morgan Mother Mary Della Weage
(A) Linda Jean Morgan Born Seattle 10 May 1952 BA and BS. Married in Corvallis, OR 15 August 1981 Ted Patrick Conner (born Mexico City, Mexico 15 April 1948) Father Ted Harison Conner Mother Margaret Lucille Donely
(B) David Earl Morgan Born 11 August 1953 Watsonville, CA
(1) Aram Michael John Morgan Born Santa Cruz, CA 1 June 1982 Married ______ ______
(C) Karen Mary Joy Morgan Born Kelso, WA 7 February 1957 Married in Albany, OR 11 August 1978 Lynn Peters (born Los Angeles, CA 23 November 1954) Father James Burlie Peters Mother Della Miriam Copeland
(1) Lauren Joy Peters   Born 02 January 1983 Albany, OR
II. Wilbur Donald Arbuthnot Born 23 August 1902 Niwot, CO Died Niwot, CO 05 February 1952 Married 10 August 1946 Hazel Keplinger Born 17 March 1911 Hillsboro, OH Died 28 February 1954 in Boulder, CO
III. Elma May Arbuthnot Born Niwot, CO 13 August 1904 Married Rio Linda, CA 18 April 1937 Carl Mansfield Born 15 July 1904 Canyon Creek, CA Died 28 November 1979 in Hector, AR  Minister and mechanic Father Abraham Mansfield Mother Anna Wolf
i. Wesley Ralph Mansfield Born 23 January 1939 Portland, OR Married in Cave Junction, OR 14 July 1961 Norma Martin (born 14 February 1940 Grants Pass, OR) Father Robert Neevel Martin Mother Ruby Evelyn Hendrickson
(A) Timothy William Mansfield Born 31 December 1962 Washington
(B) Donald Ralph Mansfield  Born 09 May 1964 Washington
(C) Jonathan Mark Mansfield  Born 12 September 1965 Washington
(D) David Carl Mansfield  Born 05 June 1979 Washington
ii. Lenora Clara Mansfield Born 15 April 1941 Clarksville, AR Married in Gulfport, MS 21 September 1963 James Marcus Scoggins Born 18 December 1932 Atlanta, GA Father Otto Esten Scoggins Mother Edna Symmes
iii. Geneve Carlene Mansfield Born 25 October 1943 Longmont, CO Married in Hector, Arizona 19 June 1962 Palmer Ola Wold Father Austin Palmer Wold Mother Myrtle Iverson
(A) Shannon Palmer Wold Born 12 August 1964 Russellville, AR
(B) Vashti Fern Wold Born 05 July 1966 Caldwell, Idaho
(C) Tana Carlene Wold Born 03 October 1967 Portland, OR
Geneve Carlene Mansfield married second in Elko, Nevada 24 October 1973 Floyd Hobart Howell, Sr. (born Nyssas, Oregon 6 October 1935) Father George Clayton Howell Mother Gertrude Anna Parks
(A) Samuel Jason Howell Born 11 June 1968 Kenai, AK
(B) Juliet Faye Howell  Born 14 October 1970 Kenai, AK
(C) Eric Hardin Howell  Born 17 March 1974 Hilo, HI
(D) Yvonne Carlene Howell Born 03 January 1976 Wahiawa, HI
(E) Floyd Hobart Howell, Jr. Born 30 April 1977 Honolulu, HI
(F) Isaac Asimov Drew Howell Born 15 November 1980 Anchorage, AK
iv. Ferlene Faye Mansfield Born 09 February 1951
IV. Fern Ethel Arbuthnot Born Boulder, CO 27 October 1909, a twin Died 17 July 1951 in Boulder, CO
V. Faye Elsie Arbuthnot Born Boulder, CO 27 October 1909, a twin Married in Englewood, CO 20 June 1959 Adrian Taylor Born 11 December 1900 Beaver City, NE Died 10 August 1982 in Boulder, CO  Electrical engineer Father Harry Taylor Mother Laura Ette Peer
b. Lily May Arbuthnot Born 10 March 1872 Left Hand Canyon, CO Died 25 May 1967 in Boulder, CO Horticulturist Married in Boulder County, CO 24 December 1896 Thomas Francis Nolan Born 15 April 1861 Woodstock, IL Died 05 April 1939 in Boulder, CO
I. Marguerite Bernice Nolan Born 26 March 1901 Boulder, CO Died 1991 in Ft. Collins, CO Married in Boulder 22 August 1932 John Craggs Born 23 September 1899 Louisville, CO Died 1989 in Ft. Collins, CO  Horticulturist Father Joe Craggs Mother Isabel Westwood
i. Ralph Floyd Craggs Born Boulder 10 October 1933 Married in Provo, Utah 31 August 1957 Coy Jean Eggersten (Born 26 January 1937 Provo, UT) Father Woodrow Eggersten Mother Afton Thomas
(A) Susan Jeanne Craggs Born Provo, Utah 24 April 1961 Married in Midvale, Utah 31 May 1982 Dennis Briggs (born San Diego, CA) Father Walter Briggs Mother Mary Monson
(B) Michael Woodrow Craggs Born 30 May 1965
ii. Shirley Nolan Craggs Born 06 June 1939 Boulder, CO Married in Boulder 20 August 1960 Leroy Keith Grimm Born 09 June 1933 Deep River, IA He has an M.A. in theology. Father Virgil Grimm Mother Ethel _____
(A) Brian Mark Grimm Born 09 December 1962 He has a B.A. Married in Fort Collins, CO 1987 Laurie Muir born Windsor, Ontario, Canada 10 December 1962. She has a BA and an MA
(1) Cameron Melissa Grimm Born 13 July 1991 Ft. Collins, CO
(2) Collin James Grimm Born 22 April 1993 Ft. Collins, CO
(B) Roger Lewis Grimm Born 14 October 1964 He has a B.A. and M.A
(C) Paul Alan Grimm Born 02 July 1967 Ft. Collins, CO Educated Trinity Western University, BC, Canada (BA). Married in London, Ontario 1989 Pamela Ann Fraser Father Born 03 November 1967 New Glasgow, NS, Canada James Alexander Fraser Mother Alberta Ann Hewitt
(1) Alexander Keith Grimm Born 30 July 1991 London, ON, Canada
(2) Arianna Fraser Grimm Born 04 January 1994 London, ON, Canada
(D) Debra Sue Grimm   Born 20 April 1970 She has a BA Married Truett Phillips, BA (born 19 May 1967) Father Truett Phillips Mother Sandy _____
iii. Arlene Phyllis Craggs Born 01 January 1942 Boulder, CO Married in Boulder 31 March 1961 Frank Chapman Reckard (born Lowell, Ohio 24 October 1933) Father Frank Reckard Mother Louise Alleldy
(A) Stanley Lewis Reckard Born 28 November 1962 Married 11 August 1990 Heidi Lane Naysmith (born Belleville, NJ 3 August 1967) Father David Ross Naysmith Mother Elaine Grace Gardner
(1) Andrew Bryan Reckard Born 16 June 1992 Charlotte, NC
(2) Emily Anne Reckard Born 13 April 1994 Newton, NJ
(B) Russell Allen Reckard Born 24 March 1965 Married 27 June 1987 Wendy Annette Triplett Born 25 January 1966 Lenoir, NC Father Edward Arnold Triplett Mother Dorothy Delores Ketter
(1) Ryan Alston Reckard Born 24 November 1987 Lenoir, NC
(2) Keaton Chapman Reckard Born 20 October 1990 Hickory, NC
(C) Nathan Andrew Reckard Born 03 May 1970 Died 18 November 1972
(D) Korinne Alisa Reckard Born 18 July 1973 Educated University of North Carolina, Charlotte (BA, maths)
II. Jay Samuel Nolan Born 01 April 1902 Boulder, CO Died 08 December 1904 in Boulder, CO
III. Ray Nolan Born 01 April 1902 Boulder, CO Died 01 April 1902 in Boulder, CO
IV. Anna Mae Nolan Born 12 October 1913 Boulder, CO Married in Boulder 1 August 1935 Wrather Lawrence Ruminer Born 27 October 1915 Amarillo, TX Died 01 April 1982 in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Welder. Father Robert Anderson Ruminer Mother Lucy Maude Thurman
i. David Lawrence Ruminer   Born 09 June 1936 Boulder, CO Married in Westminster, CO 16 May 1959 Ramona Jean Gunn Born 27 October 1940 Wadena, MT Father Alton Baird Gunn Mother Gloria McFee
(A) David Scott Ruminer Born Westmnister 13 March 1963 Married Annie _____
(B) Joylynn Sue Ruminer Born 24 July 1966 Westminster, CO Married in Denver, CO Scott Rutledge
ii. Dixie Mae Ruminer   Born 29 December 1940 Boulder, CO Married in Denver, CO 7 June 1959 Donald Clifford Underwood Born 03 January 1939 Beloit, KS Father John Clifford Underwood Mother Esther Irene Miller
(A) LaLoni Lynn Underwood Born 29 February 1960 Denver, CO Married in Denver, CO  18 October 1980 Randy Dean Moore Born 03 March 1959 Father Robert Donald Moore Mother Janet Heffner
(1) Matthew Dean Moore Born 16 June 1983 Denver, CO
(2) Nicole Lynn Moore Born 06 February 1985 Anchorage, AK
(3) Joshua Donald Moore Born 28 June 1986 Anchorage, AK
(B) Randy Joe Underwood Born 12 December 1962 Denver, CO
(C) Becky Kay Underwood Born 19 July 1966 Denver, CO
(D) Deonne Sue Underwood Born 15 November 1970 Denver, CO
c. Inez Bessie Arbuthnot Born Boulder, CO 02 (04 per FamilyTreeMaker) December 1878 Died 19 August 1953 in Pasadena, CA Married in Boulder, CO 27 October 1900 Conrad Darius Wider Born 08 August 1867 Germany Died 23 January 1950 in Pasadena, CA  In 1900 he was a road overseer near Table Mountain, Boulder County, CO Father Conrad Wider Mother Mary Catherine
I. Mary Catherine Wider Born 17 October 1901 Boulder, CO Died c.07 February 1994 in Covina, CA Married in Pasadena, CA 16 July 1927 William Jennings Rickman Born 07 April 1902 Mound City, MO Died 04 April 1965 in Palo Alto, CA Father E. Grover Rickman Mother Ella Fitzgerald
i. Eugene Ivan Rickman Born 26 March 1928 Pasadena, CA Married in Tujunga, CA 2 September 1948 Jeanine Woodall (born Arkansas 10 October 1929) Father Noah Woodall Mother Ruby Fowler
(A) Alan Stephen Rickman Born Sunland, CA 6 October 1950 Married Becka Shepherd
(B) Janice Lynn Rickman Born 17 February 1954 Sunland, CA Educated University of Southern California (BS) Married first in Tujunga, CA June 1974 John Taylor Divorced 1979
Janice Lynn Rickman married second in Phoenix, AZ 20 April 1985 Mark William Huey Born 14 September 1957 San Francisco, CA Educated Northern Arizona University Father William Trout Huey Mother Germain Clarice McCain
(1) Stephen Mark Huey Born 24 September 1988
(2) Bethany Ann Huey Born 29 March 1991
(C) Brian Lee Rickman Born 19 September 1956 Sunland, CA Married in Tujunga, CA 8 January 1977 Sandy Grosso Born 07 August 1957 California Father Sam Grosso Mother Ann _____
(1) David Brian Rickman Born 22 June 1978 Sunland, CA
(2) Brandon Lee Rickman Born 23 February 1982 Sunland, CA
ii. Arthur Francis Rickman Born 30 January 1930 Pasadena, CA Married first in California 29 September 1950 Lilly Myrtle Walters Born 03 April 1930 Mother Marie Walters Divorced 1976
(A) Debra Lynn Rickman Born 01 August 1951 Highland Park, CA
(B) Gene Arthur Rickman Born 24 June 1954 Highland Park, CA Married 6 March 1976  Jo Lynn ______ Divorced 1978.
Gene Arthur Rickman married second in Germany 28 May 1979 Andrea _____ (born Germany 10 June 1959)
(C) Jon Francis Rickman Born 08 December 1957 Highland Park, CA
(D) James Edward Rickman Born 31 December 1969 Tujunga, CA
Arthur Francis Rickman married second in Las Vegas 14 November 1976 Mitzi Putman (born California 20 August 1929)
iii. Donald William Rickman Born Pasadena 9 July 1931 Married in Covina, CA 11 January 1975 Pat Johnston (born Pennsylvania 20 September 19??) Father Charles Johnston Mother Margaret McCanmelis. Pat had a child by a previous relationship:
- Nancy Rickman Born Monterey Park, CA 20 June 1966
iv. Norman Lee Rickman Born Pasadena, CA 16 November 1933 Married first 19 August 1955 Joanne Pierce. Divorced 1972
(A) Stephen Alan Rickman Born 14 September 1956 La Puente, CA
(B) Jeffrey Lee Rickman Born 08 December 1957 La Puente, CA
(C) Lori Lynn Rickman Born 03 December 1964 Covina, CA
Norman Lee Rickman married second 16 March 1973 Sheila Boldwan Father Herbert Boldwan Mother Alfreda Hankin. Sheila had two children by a  previous relationship:
- Carolyn Rickman Born 25 December 1962
- Neal Rickman Born 27 December 1964
v. William Conrad Rickman Born 26 March 1937 Pasadena, CA Married in Las Vegas, Nevada 25 February 1965 Julie Weed Born 26 November 1936 Marquette, MI Father Hubert Alonzo Weed Mother Louise Myrtle Martin
(A) Kimberly Dean Rickman Born 14 June 1967 Monterey Park, CA
(B) Jay William Rickman Born 13 September 1969 La Puente, CA
II. Irma Lois Wider Born 23 May 1903 Niwot, CO Died Los geles 03 February 1991 Married Bennett, CO 6 October 1921 Paul Heath Born 04 May 1899 Boulder, CO Died 08 December 1990 Father William Amos Heath Mother Anna Leula Reed
i. Richard Arthur Heath Born 09 October 1922 Denver, CO Died 05 April 1984 in California Married in Coquille, OR 4 March 1944 Phyllis Ruth Horning Born 19 March 1926 Pasadena, CA Father Fedrick Michel Horning Mother Grace Willard Clayton
(A) Michael Andrew Heath  Born 05 January 1945 Pasadena, CA
(B) Sharon Ann Heath Born 12 August 1947 Pasadena, CA
(C) Kathryn Annette Heath Born 18 October 1950 Altadena, CA
(D) Robert Anthony Heath Born 20 November 1965 Pasadena, CA
ii. Margie Loraine Heath Born 04 February 1928 Pasadena, CA Married first in Pasadena 9 February 1946 Melvin Carl Alexander Born 23 April 1919 Philadelphia, PA Died 11 February 1980 in Alta Loma, CA Military service U.S.Army Air Corps, W.W. II, Korea  Energy consultant, Southern California Edison Father Laurence Carl Alexander Mother Anna Heinneman
(A) Linda Loraine Alexander Born Pasadena, CA 11 November 1946 Married in San Luis, Obispo, CA, 16 December 1967 David Anderson Born Walnut Creek, CA 01 July 1946. He has a BA in food processing. Father Zachary Anderson Mother Doris _____
(1) Michele Lynn Anderson Born 19 July 1968 San Luis Obispo, CA
(2) Tiffany Noel Anderson Born 17 December 1969 Fort Worth, TX
(B) David Laurence Alexander Born Pasadena, CA 25 July 1951 He has a B.A. in ocean science
Margie Loraine Heath married second in Alta Loma, California 14 June 1981 Wayne Gail Anderson (born 15 December 1925 Los Angeles, CA)  Father Wayne Christopher Anderson Mother Gertrude Marie
III. Edward Conrad Wider Born Colorado 24 December 1906 Married 29 June 1929 Ida Pierce Rogers Born 11 April 1906 Died August 1989
i. Geraldine Joy Wider Born 01 January 1939
IV. Galen Francis Wider Born 04 June 1909 Boulder, CO Died 10 May 1960 in Los Angeles, CA Married in Pasadena, CA 1 September 1932 Esther Iva Heath Born 12 February 1911 Boulder, CO Died 21 April 1963 in Pasadena, CA Father William Amos Heath Mother Hannah Louella Reed
i. Laura May Wider Born 26 May 1933 Pasadena, CA Married in Pasadena 4 June 1952 William Tibi Born 01 November 1931 Pittsburgh, PA Father Charles Tibi Mother Alberta Dripps
(A) Georgette Lee Tibi Born Lynwood, CA 20 June 1956. Married in Bellflower, CA 19 July 1975 Delvin Lyle Snodgrass (born Japan 21 January 1955) Father Delvin Snodgrass Mother Dorothy _____ Divorced 1994.
(1) Kimberly Kay Snodgrass Born 18 September 1978 Lakewood, CA
(2) Wesley William Snodgrass Born 10 July 1980 Lakewood, CA
(B) Jeffrey William Tibi Born 18 April 1959 Pasadena, CA
(C) Jacqueline Esther Tibi Born 31 January 1964 Pasadena, CA Married in Riverside, CA 6 May 1989 Ronald Frank Kolodziejczyk II (born 03 July 1966 Augusta, GA) Father Ronald Frank Kolodziejczyk Mother Ida Dorsey
(1) Ronald Frank Kolodziejczyk III Born 26 April 1994 Merced, CA
ii. Gale Marie Wider Born 17 February 1939 Pasadena, CA Married in East Los Angeles, CA 28 May 1960 Robert Joseph Jacobucci (born Chicago, IL 14 June 1937) Father Pacifico Armand Jacobucci Mother Ida Dorothy Gazzi
(A) Anita Marie Jacobucci Born 21 March 1961 Montebello, CA Married first Christopher McCulla (born 18 September 1963 California)
Anita married second in Petaluma, CA 27 October 1984 James Thomas Epperson (born 29 December 1961). Divorced 1987.
(B) Diane Dorthy Jacobucci Born Montebello, CA 8 January 1963 Married 18 June 1983 Leonard Sanders (born 7 January 1955)
(1) Jamie Elizabeth Sanders Born 30 March 1990
(C) Robert Francis Jacobucci Born 15 November 1966 Burbank, CA Married 24 September 1994 Cheryl Roacher  (born 03 October 1970)
(1) Anthony Joseph Jacobucci Born 27 October 1992  
V. Elsie Arbuthnot Wider Born 28 July 1912 Boulder, CO Married in Pasadena, CA 12 May 1938 Ernest Graden Lane Born 06 February 1914 Elijah, MO Father William Amba Lane Mother Alice Harris
i. Curtis Graden Lane Born 17 March 1941 Pasadena, CA Degree B.S., science Married first in Denver, CO 5 June 1965 Sandy Stockmar Born 22 June Charlotte, NC Father Melborn P. Stockmar Mother Frances Houaho Divorced 1976
Curtis Graden Lane married second 15 January 1978 Pam Miles Born 05 February 1951 San Antonio, TX Degree B.A. Father Paul Miles Mother Carolyn Jo Belton
(A) David Kelly Born 12 September 1972 Carmichael, CA
(B) Brian Kelly Born 11 November 1974 Carmichael, CA
ii. Clyde Vernon Lane Born 17 November 1942 Pasadena, CA Degree B.S., science Married 05 June 1966 Rochester, MN Sally Netland Born 21 August 1945 Rochester, MN Father Paul Netland Mother Mabel Hellickson
(A) Kaia Christine Lane Born 16 June 1972 Ft. Collins, CO
(B) Gabriel Paul Lane Born 22 July 1976 Greeley, CO
VI. Eva Eloise Wider Born 13 April 1917 Adams County, CO Married in Burlingame, CA 26 December 1949 Stanley Richard Ferris Born 29 October 1912 Kearny, NJ educated St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY Father John Ferris Mother Mary Addis
i. Nancy Susan Ferris Born 28 February 1954 Sacramento, CA Educated American River College, Sacramento Married first in Carmichael, CA July 1974 David Taylor
Nancy Susan Ferris married second in Carmichael, CA 11 June 1977 Robert Pigg Born 19 June 1953 Pomona, CA Died 04 October 1991 Educated American River College, Sacramento Served in the military in Wursburg, Germany 1972-75; Employed by Pacific Telephone Co. Father John Pigg Mother Loretta Martin
(A) Jennifer Ann Pigg Born 14 June 1978 Sacramento, CA
(B) Jason Richard Levi Pigg Born 29 March 1980 Sacramento, CA
ii. Donna Jean Ferris Born 09 December 1954 Sacramento, CA Educated Fresno State College and Sacramento State College Married in Carmichael, CA 07 June 1975 Barry Mink Born Paris, Kentucky 09 November 1950 Father Ford Mink Mother Doris Rhodus
(A) Ryan Christopher Mink Born 04 January 1981 Sacramento, CA
(B) Darrin Bradley Mink Born 12 October 1983 Sacramento, CA
VII. Roy Wider Born Bennett, CO 08 December 1919, a twin. Died Boulder, CO 08 December 1926
VIII. Ray Wider Born Bennett 08 December 1919, a twin. Died Bennett 11 December 1919
d. Leon Leroy Arbuthnot Born 17 October 1881 Boulder, CO Died 21 March 1945 in Yerington, Lyon County, NV Buried Niwot, CO
e. Ray Elon Arbuthnot Born 05 March 1889 Niwot, Boulder County, CO Died 22 March 1967 in Boulder, CO Buried Mountain View Memorial Cemetery Married in Brighton, CO 7 November 1911 Etta Velda Henderson Born 27 August 1890 Nebraska Died 16 June 1975 in Boulder, CO Father Isaac Newton Henderson Mother Hester Ann Watson
I. (Lyle) Wayne Arbuthnot, Sr. Born Boulder, CO 12 March 1914 Died 10 March 2004. Married in Wellington, CO 17 May 1940 Evalyn Barnes Born 28 February 1922 Wellington, CO Father Charles W. Barnes Mother Mary Stevens
i. Lyle Wayne Arbuthnot, Jr. Born Boulder, CO 9 March 1941 Married in Boulder 24 July 1961 Lana Marjorie Noll Born in Fond du Lac, WI 10 March 1942 Father Lawrence Noll Mother Caroline Oathout
(A) Wendy Lynn Arbuthnot Born Boulder, CO 17 November 1961
(B) Duain W. Arbuthnot Born 05 November 1963 Boulder, CO Died 07 November 1963 in Boulder, CO
(B) Cindy Lee Arbuthnot Born Boulder, Colorado 2 November 1968
ii. Marietta Rae Arbuthnot Born Boulder 23 February 1949 Married first in Denver 19 December 1969 Michael Garcia (born Denver, Colorado 26 March 1948) Father Louis Garcia Mother Verse Martinez
Marietta Rae Arbuthnot married second in Denver 2 April 1974 Wallace Joseph Ballard (born Denver CO 27 January 1951) Father Charles T. Ballard Mother Patricia Wessenbaugh
(A) Deanna Christina Ballard Born 20 October 1976 Port Hueneme, CA
f. Anna Estlo Arbuthnot Born 03 July 1895 Boulder, CO  Married in Boulder Colorado 1 February 1916 Denton Marion Henderson Born 22 June 1895 Flandreau, SD Died 08 March 1966 in Dallas, OR Father Isaac Newton Henderson Mother Hester Ann Watson
I. Verda Fay Henderson Born Boulder, CO 31 December 1917 Died 9 September 2001 Married in Vancouver, Washington 10 October 1938 Gordon Reuf Stiles Born 26 March 1914 Dallas, OR Died 28 November 1984 in Lebanon, OR   Cabinetmaker and lumber mill worker Father Bert Larned Stiles Mother Alma Laura Reuf
i. Virginia Fay Stiles Born 09 November 1947 Corvallis, OR Degree Oregon State University Married in Corvallis, Oregon 15 June 1969  Terry David Wakefield (Born 15 February 1947 Enterprise, OR) Father Marion "Harry" Wakefield Mother Frances Eva
(A) Sarah Rebecca Wakefield   Born 27 March 1975 Rochester, NY
(B) Kristina Fay Wakefield   Born 06 April 1978 Dover, DE
II. Ila May Henderson Born 24 March 1924 La Salle, CO Married first in Vancouver, Washington 6 June 1942 Harold Roe Davis (born 07 October 1921 Sydney, ND). Divorced 1944.
Ila May Henderson married second in Vancouver 6 December 1945 Harry William Bowden Born 27 September 1920 Sydney, ND Died 11 July 1991 in Medford, OR Father Albert James Bowden Mother Elizabeth Kuebbler
i. Ronald Wayne Bowden Born Dallas, Oregon 30 April 1946 Married first in Medford, Oregon 1967 Susan Catherine Rosecrans (born Medford). Divorced 1968.
Ronald Wayne Bowden married second in Seattle, WA 5 March 1971 Janice Fay Johnson (born 10 April 1945) Father William Johnson Mother Eunice Elizabeth Graham
(A) Geoffrey William Bowden. Born Coos Bay, Oregon 6 June 1972. Married Jennifer ______.
(1) Jessica Bowden Born 24 September 1990
(2) Alexia Lynn Bowden Born 16 March 1993 Portland, OR
Ronald Wayne Bowden married third Portland, OR 18 August 1990 Kari Rigman (born Canada)
(B) Randi Bowden Born 4 September 1969 Married first ______ Chunn
(1) Anthony Chunn
Randi Bowden married second Frank Perez
(2) Ryan Perez Born 1992
ii. Randy William Bowden Born Dallas 6 July 1950 Married first in Medford 10 July 1970 Myrna Marie Young (born Medford, Oregon 29 August 1950) Father Everett Young Mother Lois Morgan. Divorced 1976.
(A) Brian William Bowden Born Portland 10 February 1974 Married in  Nampa, Idaho 16 October 1993 Heather Bellone
(B) Brent William Bowden Born 11 August 1975 Medford, OR
Randy William Bowden married second in Portland 28 March 1992 Cynthia Lynn Sheehan (born Portland 30 September 1965)
(C) Natalie Bowden Born 08 August 1993 Portland, OR
III. Arlene Fern Henderson Born 27 August 1925 La Salle, CO Married in Dallas 5 June 1944 Henry Clanfield (born 22 June 1921 Dallas, OR) Father Bert Clanfield Mother Loretta M. Roberts
i. Shirley Ann Clanfield Born 12 July 1945 Dallas, OR Married in Dallas 20 October 1961 Myron Buchholz (born Dallas 17 March 1943) Father Walter Ray Buchholz Mother Geraldine Eva Broxey
(A) Bradley Scott Buchholz Born Dallas 25 March 1962 Married in Bellflower, CA 7 July 1987 Susan Beth Vander Plas (born 8 December 1961)
(1) Brian Scott Buchholz Born 28 December 1990
(2) Christopher William Buchholz Born 20 May 1994
(B) Bryan Wayne Buchholz Born 18 May 1967 Dallas, OR Died 09 July 1967
(C) Brett Walter Buchholz Born Dallas, OR 03 September 1968 Educated George Fox College, Newberg, OR Married in Reno, Nevada 20 May 1989 Janell Lynn Warwick (Born 03 August 1988 McMinnville, OR)
(1) Brett Wayne Buchholz
(D) Shelly Ann Buchholz Born 03 May 1971 Dallas, OR
ii. Gerald Wayne Clanfield Born 15 February 1948 Dallas, OR Married first in Dallas 5 June 1970 Joyce Fay Hildebrand (born 07 September 1943 Dallas, OR)
(A) Eric Wayne Clanfield Born 05 May 1976 Portland, OR
Gerald Wayne Clanfield married second in Dallas 10 April 1985 Crystal Stewart
(B) Bryce Wayne Clanfield Born Dallas 22 October 1985
iii. Debra Kay Clanfield Born 04 July 1954 Married in Dallas 12 November 1974 Larry James Crace (born 5 February 1951) Father Logan Crace Mother Joyce Wesolowski
(A) Jennifer Ann Crace Born 08 March 1977 Dallas, OR
(B) Trisha Kay Crace Born 01 March 1978 Dallas, OR
IV. Shirley Jean Henderson   Born 21 October 1928 Rickreall, OR Married in Dallas, OR 18 July 1947 Donald G. Kinion Born 03 April 1926 Dallas, OR Father William Lewis Kinion Mother Eloda Marguerite Blodget
i. Sally Louise Kinion Born 08 April 1949 Dallas, OR  Married in Reno, NV 06 May 1968 Danne Hayes Gaither (Born 14 August 1945 Brevard, NC) Father James Gaither Mother Jessie Evelyn Childres
(A) Paige Donnelle Gaither Born Dallas, OR 10 October 1968 She spent junior year of college in Florence, Italy; graduated Gonzaga College, Spokane, WA (hons, psychology). Married in Portland, OR 4 January 1993 Michael Holloman born Olympia, WA 21 July 1993
(1) Van David Holloman Born 21 July 1993 Olympia, WA
(B) Stephanie Louise Gaither   Born 13 August 1971 Dallas, OR She spent junior year of college in Germany; graduated University of Oregon, Eugene (hons, recreation).
ii. Stanley Donald Kinion Born 15 August 1952 Dallas, OR (B.S., social sciences/ corrections;  M.S., clinical child and youth work) Married first in Eugene, OR 14 August 1978 Raelyn Exe Born 07 May 1957 Springfield, OR Divorced 1983
(A) Kyle Grant Kinion Born 29 March 1981 Hillsboro, OR
Stanley Donald Kinion married second 8 March 1989 Diane Elaine Schulz  Born 28 February 1954
(B) Ryan Williams Kinion Born 08 May 1990 Forest Grove, OR
V. Marvin Denton Henderson Born 29 September 1930 Rickreall, OR Married in Dallas, OR 24 March 1951 Wilma Lois Sonner Born 23 January 1933 Fresno, CA Father William Earl Sonner Brown Mother Grace Fern Hammick
i. Michael Glen Henderson Born 15 January 1952 Eugene, OR Married first in Medford, OR 15 June 1971 Judy Ann Shoemaker Born 26 August 1953 Coos Bay, OR
(A) James Marvin Henderson   Born Medford 09 June 1973 Educated at a business college 1994
Michael Glen Henderson married second in  Medford 3 March 1976 Barbara Sue Carrigan Born 29 June 1956 Medford, OR Father Eugene James Carrigan Mother Opel Elaine Lown
(B) Amy Michelle Henderson   Born 02 September 1976 Medford, OR Education 1994 Began college
(C) Karen Ann Henderson Born Medford 09 August 1978, a twin.
(D) Kimberly Ann Henderson Born Medford 09 August 1978, a twin.
ii. Cheryl Lynn Henderson Born 18 December 1953 Dallas, OR Married in Medford 7 January 1972  Glen Edward Davis Born 12 September 1951 Medford, OR Father Edward "Bill" Davis Mother Betty Jo Ann Burns
(A) Vanessa D'Ann Davis Born 03 August 1972 Medford, OR Married Devin Woodyatt Born 1964 Illinois
(1) Kyle Lee Woodyatt Born 12 July 1991
(B) Tony Edward Davis Born 29 December 1975 Medford, OR
Cheryl Lynn Henderson married second in Medford 15 February 1992 Ronald Lewis Johnson  Born 19 January 1955
(C) Anna Marie Johnson Born 22 January 1993 Medford, OR
VI. Lenthal Roy Henderson Born Monmouth, Oregon 10 April 1932 Married first 28 September 1955 Diane Lee Fitzell (born Portland, Oregon 25 July 1938) Father Leroy Fitzell Mother Rosalie Usher
i. Tacey Lee Henderson Born 02 July 1956 Dallas, OR Married in Fall Creek, Oregon 24 April 1977 Daniel Minyard, Jr. Born 04 April 1960 Eugene, OR
(A) Diane Kimberlee Minyard Born 24 July 1977 Eugene, OR
(B) Tricia Renee Minyard Born 21 December 1979 Eugene, OR
(C) Travis Minyard   Born 12 October 1982 Grants Pass, OR
(D) Kyle Len Minyard Born 17 May 1991 Oregon
ii. Kevin Lynn Henderson Born 19 December 1957 Dallas, OR Married first Marcie _____
(A) Hayley Michelle Henderson Born 22 August 1988
(B) Piffany Ray Ann Henderson Born 14 March 1990
Kevin Lynn Henderson married second in Eugene, OR 11 June 1977 Karen Ralene Hodson (Born 30 April 1957 Eugene, OR), da of Raymond William Hodson and Lola Marie nee Turner. Divorced 1981.
(C) Kristopher Austin Henderson Born 06 August 1980 Eugene, OR
iii. Sidney Rae Henderson  Born 05 September 1960 Upland, CA
iv. Kenneth Roy Henderson  Born 29 October 1962 Portland, OR
Lenthal Roy Henderson married second in Fall Cree, Oregon 18 January 1969 Grace Belle Barney (born Fall Creek 24 May 1923) Father Harold W. Barney Mother Mima O. Randall
VII. Duane Leon Henderson Born 07 April 1933 Monmouth, OR Killed Billings, MT 11 August 1981 Buried Cody, WY Comment Referred to as a "most likable person" Military service U.S. Army, Korea He was a  UPS deliveryman when he was killed Married first 13 October 1955 Patricia Ann Smith
i. Michelle Renee Henderson Born 25 April 1956 Seattle, WA Married William Hamilton
(A) Parker Hamilton Born ca. 1988
(B) Patricia Ann Hamilton Born ca. 1989
Duane Leon Henderson married second in Seattle, WA 20 November 1959 Susan Hodson
ii. Douglas Duane Henderson Born 19 August 1960 Seattle, WA Married in Anchorage, AK 28 December 1982 Sandra Beth Schmeets Father Ronald Schmeets
iii. David Lynn Henderson Peterson Born 11 February 1962 Seattle, WA Married first Cindy _____
(A) Sarah Elizabeth Peterson Born 11 August 1984 Washington
David Lynn Henderson Peterson married second Cindy _____
Duane Leon Henderson married third in Seattle, WA 1968 Virginia Lee Hartley Born Seattle 13 November 1945
iv. Robin Allen Curz Born 01 April 1963 Auburn, WA
v. Lynn Elizabeth Curz Born 17 June 1965 Auburn, WA
6. Martha B. Arbuthnot Born 05 May 1843 Pine Township, PA Died 26 February 1934 in Hansen, Idaho   Teacher at Sac and Fox Indian School, Iowa Married in Oskaloosa, Jefferson Co., Kansas 20 February 1868 Joseph Nelson Byram Sr (born 09 March 1840 Oxford, OH; died 02 May 1917 in Hansen, ID) Served 59th Illinois Infantry, Civil War  Cattle rancher in Kansas Father Elias Thompson Byram Mother Harriet Elwell
a. Effie Watson Byram Born 08 July 1870 Washington County, KS Died 10 January 1871 in Washington County, KS
b. Lulu Byram Born 20 October 1871 Washington County, KS Died Twin Falls, Idaho 20 October 1971  Teacher Married in Washington Co., KS 5 February 1902 Stuart Severns Born 16 April 1866 Fulton County, IL Died 05 April 1941 in Twin Falls, Idaho. Farmer and small-town merchant Father Samuel Severns Mother Margaret Dixon
c. Sidney Post Byram Born 21 February 1873 Washington County, KS Died 31 May 1947 in Twin Falls, Idaho    Farmer Married in Prineville, OR 23 April 1909 Elma Viola Benser Born 05 February 1883 Geneseo, IL Died 15 May 1960 in Shoshone, Idaho dau of Rudolph Zebediah? Benser and Mary Jane nee Arbuthnot
I. Frances Elizabeth Byram Born 30 March 1910 Portland, OR Died 25 March 1985 in Seattle, WA
II. Harry Clifford Byram Born 26 June 1911 Bend, OR Died 20 July 1970 in Gooding, Idaho Buried Sunset Memorial Park Owner and operator of a cattle ranch 30 miles north of Fairfield, ID, in the Sawtooth Mountain Range Married in Gooding 21 June 1936 Pauline Rose Powers Born 12 April 1912 Parsons, KS Died 17 July 1981 in Boise, Idaho Buried Sunset Memorial Park
i. Carol Rae Byram Born 11 December 1938 Gooding, Idaho Married in  Ustik, Idaho 10 August 1959 Jack Goeckner (born Wendell, Idaho 28 June 1935) son of Bernard "Ben" Goeckner and Audrey nee Anderson
(A) Karrie Rose Goeckner Born 09 May 1960 Grangeville, Idaho Married in Gooding 31 July 1981 William Percy James (born Gooding 24 September 1957) son of  J.M. James and Virginia Elizabeth nee Brown
(1) Dustin Levi James Born 28 July 1982 Gooding, Idaho
(2) Cody William James Born 10 September 1984 Gooding, Idaho
(B) John Kraig Goeckner Born 09 June 1961 Grangeville, Idaho Died 04 July 1961 in Grangeville, Idaho
(C) Kliff Bernard Goeckner Born 13 October 1963 Grangeville, Idaho
ii. Gary Bryant Byram Born 30 May 1943 Gooding, Idaho Married in Gooding 25 May 1978 Joy Alcena Howell (born Spokane, Washington 3 May 1940) who has an MA (education), dau of Roy Monroe Howell and Birdie Alcena Bradbury
iii. Erle Byron Byram Born Gooding, Idaho 02 September 1947 Married Cindy _____
III. Ruth Ellen Byram Born 09 June 1913 Bend, OR Died 08 June 1989 in Los Angeles, Ca Educated Los Angeles Univ (MA) Military service Army Nurse Corps, LT, neuropsychiatric nurse, W.W.II.  School nurse, Los Angeles
IV. Marjorie Grace Byram Born Bend, Oregon 13 December 1914 Died Mt Vernon, Washington 30 January 2008. Educated Lewiston State Normal School, Lewiston, Idaho and then Washington State College, Pullman, Washington. She joined the Women’s Army Corps in 1943, in the first WAC unit to be sent overseas, served in Algeria and Italy as a secretary, and earned the Bronze Star for meritorious service.  She was one of three women who typed the peace treaty with Germany.  After the war, Marjorie lived in New York City and Alaska. Marjorie was a volunteer for 44 years at the Mt. Vernon public library.  Marjorie was a long-time member of the USA Arbuthnot Family Association.  Married in Anchorage, Alaska 12 January 1951 Joseph Russo Born 27 February 1916 Bayport, NY Died 24 June 1997 Buried Twin Falls Cemetery, Idaho Father James Russo Mother Antoinette Asperino  
V. (Martha) Alice Byram Born Bend, Oregon 14 March 1916 Educated at Twin Falls Business College, Idaho. Married in Twin Falls 18 October 1939 Frederick Nathaniel Locke (born Chicago, Illinois 18 October 1914, became active in boy scouting 1928), aerographer with US Navy in WWII, owner/operator of an insurance agency in Gooding.
i. Walter Frederick Locke Born Twin Falls, Idaho 20 November 1940. Educ Univ of Idaho. Married in Twin Falls 2 December 1967 Marlene Carraway (born Rupert, Idaho 5 December 1937)
ii. Evelyn Louise Locke Born Wendell, Idaho 21 August 1943 Married first in Utah August 1963 Rudolph Torres Divorced 1966.
(A) Ricardo Torres Born 28 May 1965 St. George, UT Died 06 September 1983
Evelyn Louise Locke married second in Twin Falls 8 December 1967 Robert Beck (born 16 July 1935 St. Louis, MO) Divorced 1972.
(B) Benjamin Fred Beck Born Twin Falls, Idaho 30 May 1968 Married in Gooding, Idaho 14 April 1990 Rebecca Lynn Weeks (born Gunnison, Utah 8 September 1970)
(1) Alyssa Ann Beck  Born 06 January 1993 Jerome, Idaho
Evelyn Louise Locke married third in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 12 July 1974 James Charles Pearce (born Bozeman, Montana 25 December 1946). Divorced 1977. Evelyn Louise Locke married fourth in Mountain Home, Idaho 1 July 1981 Karl Wayne Beisner (born Lockwood, Missouri 3 July 1937) son of Theodore Arnold Beisner and Ann May nee Kriegham
iii. Robert Bruce Locke Born Wendell, Idaho 29 April 1949 Educ Univ of Idaho. Married in Gooding, Idaho 4 September 1969 Kathlyn Ann Strickland (born Wendell 26 April 1949) dau of Richard Bernie Strickland and Dorothy May nee Stickle
(A) Brian Scott Locke Born 10 December 1972 Camp Pendleton, CA
(B) Christine Louise Locke Born 02 September 1975 Gooding, Idaho
VI. Sidney Byram Born 17 January 1919 Hazelton, Idaho Died Gooding, Idaho 31 May 1996  Owner of Byram Heating and Air Conditioning Married in Idaho Falls 23 December 1940 Rita Maye Ridgeway (born Kimberly, Idaho 11 July 1918) dau of Clinton Ridgeway and Sarah Marie nee Hulce
i. Ronald Sidney Byram Born 28 April 1942 Twin Falls, Idaho Died 09 March 1964 in Boise, Idaho Buried Gooding, Idaho Military service U.S.Air Force, A1/C, 6100 Support Wing, Okinawa, Thailand, Vietnam In 1961 he was a carpenter's apprentice in Japan
ii. Christine Marie Byram Born Twin Falls, Idaho 28 October 1945 Educated at a beauty school and a business school in Twin Falls. Married first in Elko, Nevada 16 January 1965  Lavar Gough Born 09 May 1946 Wendell, Idaho Father J.Clyde Gough Mother Sarah Muriel Hansen
(A) Shaun Ronald Gough Born 03 June 1967 Twin Falls, Idaho Married 30 November 1991 Catherine Lynn Faulkner. Divorced 6 November 1993.
(B) Brandon Lavar Gough. Born Twin Falls 19 August 1974
Christine Marie Byram  married second in Gooding, Idaho 14 December 1977 Paul Lynn Koyle (born Burley, Idaho 5 September 1936) son of Ross Fielding Koyle and Faye nee Jolley
(C) Lori Lynn Koyle   Born 11 July 1979 Gooding, Idaho
d. Joseph Nelson Byram Jr Born 23 December 1880 Washington County, KS Died 14 August 1979 in Spokane, WA Buried Memorial Gardens, Spokane, WA Military service Co.M, 44th Volunteers, Spanish American War. Enlisted at Ft. Leavenworth, KS, served on Cebu, Luzon, Panay, and Negros Islands, mustered out at Presidio, CA Married in Lewiston, Idaho 20 November 1905 Marion Lucy Ford Born 21 September 1884 Cheney, WA Died 11 March 1985 in Davenport, WA Father Ole Sunderland Ford Mother Josephine Ann Bowen
I. Orville Dunreath Byram Born 16 September 1906 Westlake, Idaho Died 01 July 1983 in Davenport, WA Buried Mondovi, WA Married in Reardan, WA 9 March 1934 Virginia Frances Littell Born 05 November 1912 Reardan, WA Died 31 March 1987 in Spokane, WA Father Gilbert Clifton Littell Mother Minnie Ethel Lang
i. Dennie Langford Byram  Born 12 May 1935 Spokane, WA Educated University of Idaho, (BA, agriculture)
(A) Idonna Gayle Byram Born 16 April 1961 Butte, MT Married 10 September 1983 Edward Franklin Gullett Born Tacoma, WA 07 December 1956 Father Hubert Forrest Gullett Mother Donna Mae Woolsey
(1) Forrest Franklin Gullett Born 29 January 1987 Spokane, WA
(2) Talitha Gayle Gullett Born 09 May 1989 Spokane, WA
(3) Jessica Eileen Gullett Born 01 November 1991 Tacoma, WA
(B) Laree Jan Byram Born 08 August 1963 Spokane, WA Married first Ronald Kenneth Duncan Born Bozeman, MT 07 January 1960 Father Kenneth Alfred Duncan Mother Mary Elizabeth Freese 
Laree Jan Byram married second in Puyallup, WA 10 June 1989 Michael Ross Welch born Tacoma, WA 8 March 1962 Father Robert H. Welch Mother Virginia Grzesik
(1) Amanda Virginia Welch Born 30 January 1992 Puyallup, WA
(2) Brittany Laree Welch Born 30 September 1994 Puyallup, WA
(C) Xandra Lou Byram Born 05 August 1965 Married in Spokane, WA 2 October 1983 Daryl Eugene Case, Jr. Born 23 June 1962 Spokane, WA Father Daryl Eugene Case, Sr. Mother Arlene Marian Ocker
(1) Amber Joyce Case Born 01 August 1984 Spokane, WA
(2) Autumn Marie Brooker Why this surname? Born 27 March 1990 Spokane, WA
Dennie married in Honolulu, Hawaii 09 September 1989 Judith Ann Winters Born 14 March 1947 McAllen, TX Mother Tisha Marie Rayon
e. Dunreath Grover Byram Born 09 September 1882 Jewell, KS Died 29 February 1952 in Twin Falls, Idaho   Farmer Married in Auburn, CA 1 November 1918 Vira Jordan Weaver Born 03 January 1881 Peoria, IL Died 21 December 1947 in Jerone, Idaho Father Charles Buckwinn Jordan Mother Mary Hannah Gambriel
I. J Nelson Byram Born 11 June 1911 Twin Falls, Idaho Died 15 January 1970 in Jerome, Idaho. Farmer and sheep rancher Married in Reno, Nevada 24 August 1941 Wreatha Clark Born 08 February 1920 Teton, Idaho Died 01 November 1981 in Salt Lake City, UT Father Thomas Clark Mother Celia Bird
i. Kay Eileen Byram Born Richmond, CA 7 December 1942 Married in  Reno, Nevada 26 April 1966 Marc Banhart Brunner (born 12 March 1938 Vallecito, CA) Father George Irwin Brunner Mother Elsie Elizabeth Russell 
(A) Dawn Elizabeth Brunner Born Stockton, CA 17 November 1966 Married in Salt Lake City 11 September 1993 Michael Mark Hahn (born 16 February 1966 Salt Lake City, UT) Father Mark Buchanan Hahn Mother (Shawnee) Lee Nuttall
(B) Joe Nelson Brunner Born 12 July 1970 Salt Lake City, UT
(C) Julie Eileen Brunner Born 20 October 1971 Salt Lake City, UT
7. Margaret Arbuthnot Born 09 July 1845 Pine Township, Allegheny County, PA Died 09 September 1918 in Boulder County, CO Married first William Y. Turner Born 11 April 1827 Ohio Died in Rowena, CO Military service 19 July 1862  Civil War; discharged at Corinth, MS because of rheumatism.   Miner, early settler of Colorado Margaret Arbuthnot married second ca. 1875 Alva Dowite Colvin Born 1846 Cussawaga Township, Crawford County, PA Died December 1894 Buried Niwot Cemetery, Niwot, CO Father Alvin Colvin Mother Colarinda Potter
a. Maude Oleana Colvin Born 22 December 1876 La Porte City, IA Died 15 May 1964 in Boulder County, CO Married in Boulder 23 December 1893 Claus Albert Scogland Born 23 November 1869 Lyungby, Smoland, Sweden Died 06 October 1930 in Denver, CO
I. Albert Dowite Scogland Born 29 March 1895 Gold Hill, CO Died 18 November 1929 in Denver, CO Married first Ada Carpenter Born 30 June 1900 Riverton, NE  Albert Dowite Scogland married second in Denver, CO 17 October 1920 Rose Bessie Kostansky Born 04 June 1901 Omaha, NE Died 26 February 1946 in Los Angeles, CA
i. Vernon Albert Scogland Born Denver 2 July 1921 Married first Mary Janice Plymesser (born Aberdeen, WA 4 October 1944)
Vernon Albert Scogland married second in Fort Lupton, CO 17 May 1951 Ethel Jayne Nelson (born Gunnison, CO 22 July 1931) Father George W. Nelson Mother Anida _____
II. Helen Margaret Scogland Born 14 January 1897 Rowena, CO Died 21 March 1903 in Gold Hill, CO
III. John Colvin Scogland Born 03 May 1904 Rowena, CO Died 19 May 1968 in Boulder, CO.  Sales manager and automobile dealer Married in Denver, CO 6 June 1929 Thesta Kennedy McClendon Born 26 August 1907 Rayne, LA Died 16 January 2001 in Boulder, CO Educated Southwestern Louisiana University, Lafayette and Univ of Colorado, Boulder (history and political science).  Writer and genealogist Father Gustav Adolphus Kennedy Mother Mary Effie McClendon 
i. John Kennedy Scogland Born 07 November 1940 Married first in Boulder 12 April 1968 Dorothy Ann Candleria Peterson (born 7 February 1944) John Kennedy Scogland married second in Boulder, Colorado 18 December 1976 Connie Jo Brugman (born Siuox Rapids, Iowa 20 July 1945) Father Karl Brugman Mother Eva Olhausen
- Angela McLaughlin Scogland. Born Seattle, WA 17 May 1967, dau of Connie by her first husband.
ii. Helen Quentina Scogland Born 23 September 1942 Boulder, CO Married Las Vegas, NV 30 March 1963 William Wesley Martin Born 13 August 1941 Denver, CO Father Christopher Harold Martin Mother Edith _____
(A) Christopher Hart Martin Born 12 January 1964 Boulder, CO
(B) Deborah Lynn Martin Born 26 May 1972 Cleveland, OH
(C) David Matthew Martin Born 08 August 1973 Cleveland, OH
IV. Carl Leroy Scogland Born 13 July 1907 Rowena, CO Died 14 April 1957 in Boulder, CO He wa a welder  Married in Boulder 1 March 1934 Lillian May Beason  Born 28 October 1911 Garden City, KS Father Bert Beason Mother Nellie _____ 
V. Glenn Oren Scogland Born 15 July 1909 Rowena, CO Died 24 June 1960 in Denver, CO Buried Boulder, CO Married in Golden, CO  06 June 1930 Gladys Viele Born 21 May 1911 Boulder, CO Died 13 March 1948 in Tucson, AZ Buried Boulder, CO Father William Viele Mother Ida Huff    Glenn Oren Scogland married second 06 December 1935 Adda Eloise Robinson   Born  Enterprise, OR 8 December 1912 Father Charles Dudley Robinson Mother Bertha Emily Hinshaw
i. Leilani Jean Scogland Born San Diego, CA 11 February 1944  Married Boulder, CO 12 June 1965   Charles Richard Mueller Born Chicago, IL 11 January 1941 Father Harry Mueller Mother Esther Trieb
(A) Jeffrey Scott Mueller Born 12 August 1971 Boulder, CO
(B) Gregory Brian Mueller Born 26 July 1974 Boulder, CO
VI. William B. Scogland Born 23 April 1916 Boulder, CO Died August 1983 in San Manuel, AZ Buried Florence, AZ Married first Jane _____ William B. Scogland married second in Honolulu, Hawaii 22 September 1941 Lillas Gregory
i. Sally Lea Scogland Born Salt Lake City, Utah 11 June 1943 Married in Seattle, Washington 18 February 1967 Arthur William Fifield Father Thomas Fifield Mother Vesta _____
(A) Kevin Richard Fifield Born 02 May 1970 Haymarket, VA
(B) Eric William Fifield Born 08 December 1972 Lancaster, CA
ii. Carl Dwight Scogland Born 10 December 1959 Waverly, TN
iii. Helen Lesia Scogland Born 10 November 1961 Boulder, CO
b. Claudia Colvin Born 19 June 1878 Marshalltown, IA Married in Jamestown, Colorado October 1895 Dudley Worsham Died 07 April 1927 in Baker, OR
I. Alma Worsham Married Frank Friest
II. Bernice Worsham Married first _____ Glenn Bernice Worsham married second in Portland, Oregon William Taylor
c. Frank Colvin Born 1882 Blue Rapids, KS Died 1895 in Jamestown, CO Buried Jamestown, CO
d. Myrtle Colvin Born 09 December 1884 Blue Rapids, KS Died 22 May 1968 in Boulder, CO Married in Denver, Colorado 2 November 1903 Fred J. Magor, Sr. Born 01 October 1884 Paragreen, Cornwall, England Died 16 October 1960 in Boulder, CO   Metal miner from the age of 14 Father William John Magor Mother Elizabeth Lee
I. Male Magor Born 1905 Gold Hill, CO
II. Margaret Ruth Magor Born 20 February 1906 Gold Hill, CO Married in Boulder 26 November 1924 Raymond Tracey Hubbard Born 06 July 1889 Boulder County, CO Died 15 May 1967 in Boulder, CO
i. Gerald Lee Hubbard Born Boulder 7 August 1927 Married in Boulder 26 June 1959 Della Oram born Boulder 17 August 1936 Father Robert Oram Mother Doris Kline
(A) Kenneth Wayne McLean Hubbard Born Denver, Colorado 11 September 1957 Married Marcy Lynn Curless (born Valmont, Colorado 28 October 1978)
(B) Stanley Lewis Hubbard Born Boulder 23 February 1961, a twin.
(C) Stephen Lee Hubbard Born Boulder 23 February 1961, a twin.
(D) Pamela Jo Hubbard Born 03 May 1968 Denver, CO
ii. Richard Wayne Hubbard Born 23 November 1929 Boulder, CO Died 22 May 1939 in Salt Lake City, UT
III. Mayme Magor Born 03 November 1907 Gold Hill, CO Married first William Walter Died 1937 Miner
i. Betty Arline Walter Born Boulder, Colorado 08 October 1926 Married in San Francisco Joseph Gomez
ii. Robert Lewis Walter Born 09 September 1928 Boulder, CO
iii. James Walter Born Idaho May 1935
Mayme Magor married second William Solman Mayme Magor married third in Stiletz, Oregon L.L. Jodell
e. Fanny Colvin
f. Ames Colvin
g. Lulu Colvin
8. Charles Thomas Arbuthnot Born Pine Township, Allegheny County, PA July 1847 Died 29 April 1927 Farmer. Married 1876 Rachel/Florence _____ (born Missouri 1857/58).
a. Umrhy Samuel Arbuthnot Born December 1880 Kansas
b. Stella Vivian Arbuthnot Born September 1882 Nebraska  Married Oscar Fenton
c. Jesse Grant Arbuthnot Born Kansas 08 November 1886 Died Tacoma, WA May 1967 Married 1910 Emma Brunswick born Michigan c.1888
I. Claude LeRoy Arbuthnot Born 20 May 1915 Tacoma, WA Died 05 May 1982 in Tacoma, WA Military service U.S.Army Air Corps, W.W. II, Idaho and Texas Married c.1940 Eldorane Carol Carlson Born 11 November 1920 Tacoma, WA Died 17 April 1977 in Tacoma, WA Father Carl William Carlson Mother Helen Panter
i. Stephen James Arbuthnot  Born 11 January 1944 Tacoma, WA Education University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, WA Married in Tacoma 26 January 1973 Susan Midori Born 25 February 1950 Honolulu, HI Education University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, WA
ii. Julie Ann Arbuthnot Born 07 July 1946 Tacoma, WA Married first Allen Stohl   Born 14 January 1941
(A) Eric Edward Arbuthnot-Stohl Born 12 September 1969. 1st Lt, USAF. Address: 802 N L St, Tacoma, WA 98403 -1727
(B) Ingrid Helen Arbuthnot- Stohl Born 24 February 1974.
Julie Ann Arbuthnot married second, June 1989, Emery Holmes (died 1999)
II. Ralph E Arbuthnot Born 01 November 1919 Died Haddam, KS 21 October 1988. Military service U.S. Navy, W.W.II
i. Gordon Arbuthnot
d. Charles Arbuthnot Born Oklahoma 27 August 1896. Died January 1968
e. Frances Arbuthnot Born Oklahoma August 1897.
9. Frances Arbuthnot Born Pine township, Allegheny County, PA 21 September 1848. Died 13 June 1922 Married Charles Daley, Sr.
a. Charles Daley, Jr. 
F. Sarah Arbuthnot Born 1806 Pennsylvania Died Unknown  (see Table 1 Samuel)
G. Samuel Arbuthnot Born 1808 Pennsylvania Died 08 January 1895 in Plattford, Sarpy County, NE He was a farmer
Married Tryphena Toogood Born ca. 1820 England Died before 10 June 1880 in Plattford, Sarpy County, NE Buried Near Plattford, NE Father Christopher Toogood Mother Mary _____ (see Table 1 Samuel)
H. Robert Arbuthnot Born 21 March 1810 Allegheny, PA Died 08 May 1856 in Plymouth County, IA Military service Civil War  Married Jane Holden Born 24 December 1813 Ireland Died 13 September 1898 Buried Pomona Cemetery, CA  (see Table 1 Robert)
I. Mary Arbuthnot Born 1812 Allegheny, PA Died 02 April 1889 Buried Xenia, NE, in a plot with her nephew Christopher T. Arbuthnot, her brother Samuel, and his wife Tryphena.
J. James Gibson Arbuthnot. Born 15 January 1816 Allegheny County, PA Died 05 August 1893 in Republic County, KS Buried Farmington Township, Republic County, KS Education Ohio University, Athens, mathematics and surveying  Stockman, county surveyor and teacher
Married Mary Catherine Vogel/Fogal. Born 24 August 1826 Mainzlar, Hessen, Darmst, Germany Died 08 November 1900 in Belleville, KS Buried Farmington Township, Republic County, KS She was a student of James Gibson Arbuthnot, whom she married Father Daniel Vogel Mother Anna Katharina Erkel (see Table 1 James)
K. Martha Arbuthnot Born 27 May 1818 Arlington, Pa Died 15 August 1879 in Tama County, IA
Married John Newton Born Leicestershire, England 28 April 1828 Died in Tama County, IA He planted all the trees on George Keck's farm Father Stephen Newton Mother Lucy Ann Dawson (see Table 1 Martha)
L. Thomas Gibson Arbuthnot Born Pine Township, Allegheny County, PA 26 April 1821 Died 06 June 1903  Married Rhoda Orsborn Born 1810 Pennsylvania Died 21 September 1878 (see Table 1 Samuel)

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