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206  From:     Bob Sanderson           Table D        Date:  1 August 2012
  Thank you for establishing such an informative website for your wonderful family, and congratulations for maintaining such an astonishing heritage.

205  From:     Peter Campbell            Table 13        Date:  16 November 2006
  I have just stumbled across the Arbuthnott webpage 'table 13' and was amazed to find part of my family tree on my mother's side.   I would just like to thank you for the research which shows so much of my past and it is thrilling to see recorded the exploits of both my uncles David Smith Arbuthnot and Edward Quigley Arbuthnot. Both these men were highly regarded by me and in one way or another influenced me.   Thank you for your help.

204 From:     Marc Williamson             Table 1        Date:  16 November 2006
  My mother was an Arbuthnot and I really don’t know a whole lot about her side of the family. So to find this website, and totally by accident was really neat. I want to thank you for this website, and I am going to look at it as much as I can to learn as much as I can about the Arbuthnot family.

203 From:     Paddy Burdette             Table 6        Date:  07 October 2006
   Excellent job on the family tree. Thank you.

202 From:     Elizabeth Ann Morgan             Table 60        Date:  25 July 2006
   Thank you so much for all the information on this website. I am the gr gr gr granddaughter of Arabella Arbuthnot and Hugh Lyons. My brother, Lloyd Boyll, has a prayer book that was brought from County Down, Ireland by Hugh Lyons. My gr grandfather, Thomas Arbuthnot Lyons, who was a Civil War veteran, wrote inside the book that his gr grandfather brought the book over on the ship.

201 From:     Cathie Arbuthnot-Jones             Table 36        Date:  7 May 2006
   I have only just discovered this amazing website 3 days ago. Having lost both my parents, I never imagined that I would ever be able to find out so much about my Arbuthnot ancestry. I can't tell you how amazing and happy this site has made myself and my siblings (who have been introduced to the site today).Thank you so much for all the hard work that has been & still is being put into this - we will help as much as we can by contacting you with additional information.

200 From:     James Arbuthnot             Table K part 1        Date:  31 October 2005
I have just checked out the kittybrewster website and am very impressed.

199 From:    
Michael K Profit
             Table 31        Date:  14 October 2005
I am very impressed with the Arbuthnot website! I recently started researching my family tree and found the site very easily.

198  From:    
Heather Van deRiet
                  Date:  2 October 2005
   Many thanks for your lovely and informative site.

197  From:     Martin J Dumaresq                  Date:  2 October 2005
   I recently discovered your website. May I congratulate you on your endeavours.

196  From:     James Duncan Arbuthnott           Table 7       Date:  29 September 2005
   The Family Tree website has been brought to our attention - it is delightful to see so much family detail recorded.  It's great having the family information on the net like it is, I find it most interesting and friends are always amazed that our family has such a thing. Awesome job!

195  From:     Sue and Neil Bruce-Miller           King       Date:  20 August 2005
   The Family Tree website has been brought to our attention - it is delightful to see so much family detail recorded.

194  From:     Kim Anderson           Table N       Date:  27 June 2005
   Thank you for providing such a thorough and handsome site. My newly found ancestors make the world a bigger place.

193  From:    
Robyn Lewis
              Date:  23 April 2005
   I have looked at some more of your extensive website .... I remain amazed at how much information is on your site.

192  From:    
Diane Smith            Date:  22 April 2005
   You have done an amazing amount of work on your family website over the years, and quite obviously an amazing amount of research.

191  From:    
Someone who prefers anonymity 
      Date:  14 March 2005
   Your site has only gotten better in the past couple of years or so, and I congratulate you and whoever else works on it. I eschew emoticons, but so that you know:  I'm sending you a smile.

190  From:   
Alastair Noble           Date:  3 February 2005
   Your web page is more than excellent for obtaining and checking data - Congratulations!

189  From:   
Sarah Arbuthnot           Date:  13 January 2005
   Thanks for putting this all on the web.  We really enjoy looking at our family's history in this way!

188  From:   
J N (Hans) Houterman           Date:  19 December 2004
   My compliments with the excellent genealogy! It is an extremely useful source ... Again, huge compliments on the website!

187  From:   
David Saint                     Date:  2 December 2004
   ... It is an excellent site. 

186  From:   
Jill Riches                     Date:  26 May 2004
   Congratulations on your site.  It is very professional and a pleasure to view. 

185  From:   
Donlyn Ann Whissen             Table 1 Carson          Date:  27 March 2004
   Thank you for your work - it is fantastic!  It means more to me than I can express.

184  From:   
Ginny Huston              Table 2          Date:  12 March 2004
   It was wonderful seeing some of my ancestry!

183  From:   
Alister John McReynolds              Table 8          Date:  12 February 2004
   The website is first class and a credit to you and your hardwork.  Those Arbuthnot family members interested in their heritage are lucky to have such an excellent mine of material in which to go prospecting.

182  From:     
Mark R Walter
                Table 58               Date:  9 February 2004
  I am glad that you have put together such a family tree.

181  From:     
Hugh B Copland
                Table 3            Date:  29 January 2004
  You have done a magnificent work. I wish my Copland Scottish ancestors had a similar site. The Arbuthnot clan has an interesting history. My children are very lucky to have it available to them. Thank you very much.

180  From:     
(Patricia) Fay Calhoun
                         Date:  26 January 2004
  I might add, your site is exceptional!! Very easy to search, and well set up.

179  From:     
David Jamieson
                         Date:  26 January 2004
  The entire website is most impressive and fascinating.

178  From:     
Valaria V Munier
              1_Martha            Date:  22 January 2004
  We accidentally ran on to this site and thought it was pretty cool.

177  From:     
Casey R Craley
                        Date:  21 January 2004
  I found your documented family tree extremely impressive.

176  From:     
Patricia Kinnear
            Table 66             Date:  18 January 2004
  Table 66 is just beautiful, and I am so pleased to have found the Association.  

175  From:     
Robert Christin Cochran
         Table 60           Date:  17 January 2004
  You have a wonderful site. I enjoyed perusing it.

174  From:     
Geoffrey J M Lambert
         K_1            Date:  15 January 2004
  I noted your site on the web and was delighted to find that such care and trouble had been taken to provide this information for others. I would like to thank you.

173  From:     
Jo Ann Michel
         1_Martha          Date:  13 January 2004
  I am extremely overjoyed in finding this site

172  From:     
Tony Grosse
                  Date:  12 January 2004
  Having been given a laptop for my 70th, I put "Bateman-Champain" into Google and up came your amazing web-site. I was fascinated. As a retired clergyman I was for ever being asked to look up parish registers for others..I am now enjoying following it up for myself.

171  From:     
Lee Hickling
        Urquhart of Byth          Date:  4 January 2004
  Finding your website was like finding treasure!

170  From:     
Robin Arbuthnot
        Table 8          Date:  4 January 2004
  I was most intrigued with your site and found it most illuminating so thank you very much.

169  From:     
Jackie M Arbuthnot-Fields
      1_Alexander            Date:  3 January 2004
  The genealogy chart is very interesting and the web site is really wonderful.  I found it very informative and educational.

168  From:     
Donna Cassarino Field
         Table 58          Date:  3 January 2004
  Your extensive information is wonderful.  Thank you.

167  From:     
Henry Hutcheon
                  Date:  28 December 2003
  A very interesting website with so much information.

166  From:     
Annette ("Ann") del Bianco
                  Date:  14 December 2003
  Your site for the Arbuthnot surname is great.

165  From:     
Patricia J ("Dinah") Finley
                  Date:  8 December 2003
  I appreciate finding the Finley family on the internet.

164  From:     
Nicholas Bacuez
                  Date:  7 December 2003
  I wanted to congratulate you for the excellent work you've done. It's such a surprise to find one's history.Families and relationships are a fascinating thing: your website is really impressive in this domain.

163  From:     
Anwar Niaz
                  Date:  2 December 2003
  Your website has given me some very useful pointers.

162  From:     
Elizabeth Tennant Brigham
                  Date:  1 December 2003
   I found your site to be quite well-organized and very impressive.

161  From:     
Sara Phillips
                  Date:  17 November 2003
   Thank you for allowing me view your interesting site

160  From:   
Larry Ward
          Table 2            Date:  16 November 2003
   Thank you so much for your website

159  From:   
Joe Gaskell
                Table 56               Date:  15 November 2003
   Thanks for that, I don't know how you manage to keep up with all of this, you're a saint. I think you're tremendous, the work you must put into the web site, all that history and the happiness you have brought people.  I know just from me and my little family.  We thought that there were only a few of us and now look, thanks to you we have found many many more.  I can only say thank you once again for all your hard work

158  From:   
Amy M Ridenour
                Date:  8 November 2003
   Thank you for your extremely interesting website. I have visited your websites several times and found the information in them fascinating, to say the least.  I thank you for all the work you have done.

157  From:   
Name & address supplied
                 Date:  7 November 2003
   You need to checkout the Arbuthnot site.  It is really first class.  As a family, we are so fortunate to have William do this labor of love.  And in the process, he has had to put up with diverse opinions on what should and should not be included.  Somewhere between those ignorant of what data is already on the internet, those that would like some of the history to "go away", and those that are fearful of idenity theft, William has performed an outstanding job with the site.

156  From:   
William H Kenah                                Date:  7 November 2003
  Your genealogy site is very informative and goes beyond the birth/ marriage/ death dates with its pieces of biographical information.  Keep up the good work, and thanks for sharing it - it is appreciated. 

155  From:   
Hanna Nicholas                          Date:  6 November 2003
  .... your splendid website ....

154  From:   
Richard J Broadbridge                          Date:  4 November 2003
  May I compliment you on the clarity and professionalism of your website

153  From:   
Charles Tasker               Blaikie               Date:  2 November 2003
  Thank you for all the hard work you must have in maintaining the information.

152  From:   
Jeffrey E Hale               Table 2               Date:  28 October 2003
  My cousin and I were admiring the wonderful site that all of you have created. Very Impressive!!

151  From:   
Barbara King                            Date:  8 October 2003
  I must admit that I was impressed by the detail and considerable amount of work that has gone into your site.

150  From:   
Shylo Preston               Table 7               Date:  5 October 2003
  Thank you for this web-site.  I am looking forward to poking around and learning more about my family

149  From:   
Colin Whitehead                           Date:  26 September 2003
  Your site is of great interest, thank you.

148  From:   
Garry Woodcock                           Date:  23 September 2003
  You have a very good site. My compliments.

147  From:   
Lauri Lovelace                           Date:  20 September 2003
  You have a wonderful site. I fully realize the tremendous amount of time and dedication that goes into a website such as yours. What an incredible amount of work you've put into it. I found your site to be well organized and attractively laid out. The work, effort and dedication that you have put into the site is evident. You are contributing to genealogy on the internet.

146  From:   
Vicki Salvage                            Date:  16 September 2003
  Your website is so well-researched, detailed and welcoming that I feel quite sorry that I don't have a closer link to your world-wide family.

145  From:   
Peter Barns-Graham                             Date:  9 September 2003
  The Arbuthnot family website at is very impressive.

144  From:   
Charles Phipps                             Date:  8 September 2003
  You have a most impressive site.

143  From:   
Stefan Birch                             Date:  6 September 2003
  I am most impressed with your genealogy website.

142  From:   
Jim Gracey                             Date:  25 August 2003
  I am deeply impressed with the Arbuthnot family website, once I was registered. Its a labour of love

141  From:   
Kathy Aquino                             Date:  24 August 2003
  I was very impressed with your site.  It contains tons of information and is very well laid out - and functional!! I can appreciate how much time and energy you must use to maintain this.  This is THE BEST family genealogy site I've seen.

140  From:   
Stephen Lees                             Date:  24 August 2003
  It was not Arbuthnots who led me to look at the excellent information on your site, from which I noticed links which I hadn't previously been aware of. Thank you for your hospitality.

139  From:   
Lenora de Lude                               Date:  24 August 2003
  You have an interesting web-site. You have done a lot of work.

138  From:   
Judy Dickinson                 Table 11                Date:  22 August 2003
  Thank you for a very informative web-site.

137  From:   
Anne Hornung-Soukup                              Date:  18 August 2003
  I do appreciate very much all the info on the Arbuthnot families on the web.

136  From:   
Adrienne Toner Elalouf                              Date:  18 August 2003
  Your website is wonderful and I thank you very much for allowing me to visit it.

135  From:   
Brenda Carter                 Table 11              Date:  16 August 2003
  I have found a wealth of information at the Arbuthnot websites and am happy to say the details correspond with the information I had gathered from other sources.  I only wish there were such comprehensive sites relating to my own family branches; it would have saved me many hours spent trolling through the various indexes. Your time and work in maintaining such a great website is very much appreciated.

134  From:   
Jaime R McConnell               1 William              Date:  8 August 2003
  I was very pleased to have found your web site.  It's such a nice surprise to find family on the internet; thank you for posting it on your web site.  It has been very helpful.

133  From:   
Doug Decker                             Date:  8 August 2003
  Thanks for your interest in my search and the wonderful web site and research you have provided.

132  From:   
Dan Beard                Table 4               Date:  3 August 2003
  Thank you so much for updating this Table.  I can't get over how awesome it is to be able to trace my mother's side of the family so far back.

131  From:   
Charles Roland Clark                Table J             Date:  1 August 2003
  You are certainly quick to put material on your webpage, I think that's the first time I have ever managed to get anyone to change material posted, quickly or otherwise!

130  From:   
Neil Robertson                        Date:  30 July 2003
  As a keen genealogist, I am most impressed by the information the Kittybrewster site has amassed

129  From:   
Helen Miller                        Date:  27 July 2003
  It is a very interesting site and I so wish there was one like it for my families especially since I'm in the US with relations still living in Scotland.

128  From:   
Melissa Parsons               Table 34             Date:  21 July 2003 and 15 October 2005
  You are doing such excellent work with your genealogical website - please know that it is much appreciated.  You have done an outstanding job with your family genealogical records!  I went directly to your homepage (I usually just go to Table 34), and I was astonished at the enormous amount of work and the impressive results you've achieved!  It's quite remarkable and a huge contribution to genealogical research.

127  From:   
Andrew Macfarlane                              Date:  19 July 2003
  My interest in the Arbuthnot genealogy website that you so brilliantly handle stems from my research into clan Macfarlane. Any information that I have that you might be able to use please don't hesitate to ask, as the more information is out there the more people can make those links.

126  From:   
Nadine de Bonnafos                Joste                Date:  18 July 2003
  I have a very good impression finding my family tree on the Internet

125  From:   
Donna McLaughlin                Table 6                Date:  17 July 2003
  You have an excellent website and I appreciate being able to view it.

124  From:   
Ron Finley                   Finley                Date:  2 July 2003
  I appreciate your obviously considerable efforts in creating and maintaining this web site.

123  From:   
Robert Campbell                        Date:  25 June 2003
  It is a very good site .....

122  From:   
Christine Emsley                        Date:  22 June 2003
  I have just found your wonderful site .....

121  From:   
Nick Frilling              Table 57             Date:  20 June 2003
  Thank you for all the hard work.

120  From:   
Scott Aitchison                       Date:  19 June 2003
  You have a very well put together site.

119  From:   
Jon Michael McGeorge              Table 2            Date:  15 June 2003
  I admire how much time this must take and enjoy reading this information.  Thanks for your many hours of work.

118  From:   
Sue Miller                   Date:  14 June 2003
  I appreciate you responding so quickly. I'm very excited about the match! ...... I think you do wonderful work.

117  From:   
Albert B Frowiss                    Date:  12 June 2003
  Thank you so much for your comprehensive referral which accurately identifies the specific Arbuthnot connection I was seeking.

116  From:   
John Taylor               Table M                  Date:  10 June 2003 is an excellent genealogical resource. Thank you very much.

115  From:   
Kaye Rist Lavin               Table 3                  Date:  9 June 2003
  I am impressed with your site.  Good job.

114  From:   
Edie Williams                      Date:  30 May 2003
  What a great site!

113  From:   
Dr Katherine H Prior                     Date:  28 May 2003
  Your site, which is very impressive, has been a great help to me.

 Thank you very much for your considerable contributions, your care, thought, thoroughness and appreciation.

112  From:   
Larry Allan Morgan            Table 3b            Date:  10 May 2003
  After having researched family genealogy for a number of years, I only recently stumbled upon the Arbuthnot genealogy website.  The information provided therein has been very helpfulThank you for such an amazing website.

111  From:   
Graeme W Sharp            Table 54            Date:  29 April 2003
  The web site is marvellous.  Congratulations on all the very hard work that you have obviously put in to this endeavour.

110  From:   
Thomas J Munsch            1 David            Date:  21 April 2003
  Thank you very much for keeping this site. I have found it a helpful resource for my family history.

109  From:   
Dr Nicholas W M Ritchie            Table K           Date:  10 April 2003
  Thank you for your impressive site. .... Thank you for keeping these records. They are fascinating.

108  From:   
Robin Kinloch                                Date:  5 April 2003
  .... your excellent website ....

107  From:   
Margaret Anderson                                Date:  29 March 2003
  The Arbuthnott website is extremely elegant.

106  From:   
Alistair Learmonth                                Date:  15 March 2003
  I must congratulate you on your family site;  it shows something I must do for my own family with the relevant information I have currently for other researchers.

105  From:   
Frances Hollis                                Date:  7 March 2003
  The site is vey interesting and well laid out.

104  From:   
Bryan Sheridan                                Date:  1 March 2003
  The site is extremely interesting.

103  From:   
Dave Wilson                                Date:  21 February 2003
  Congratulations on producing an extremely interesting site.

102  From:   
A W David Thompson                    Table 6                Date:  18 February 2003
  Of course I know some of my Arbuthnot relations but am pleased to have found this extensive record.

101  From:   
Mark Chandler                          Date:  17 February 2003
  Used properly, the Internet can do wonderful things very quickly, and has exceeded my wildest hopes in this instance. Please accept my sincere thanks; both for the website being available, and for your help. It is much appreciated

100  From:   
Tom Petznick                          Date:  7 February 2003
  Upon accessing your site, I was intrigued by the setup and the way you had your site organized.  I like the login functionality you have set up.   You have done a fine job in organizing your information and I wish you the best of luck in your further research.

99  From:   
W David Wallace                          Date:  7 February 2003
  The Arbuthnots are fortunate to have such a site.  I assume there is no comparable Wallace site, given the numbers.

98  From:   
Psalm of David Terry              Table 3b              Date:  7 February 2003
  I was not aware of the Scottish background in my family, so I was glad to read about it, in spite of how unclear the James Burton Arbuthnot origin was.  Thanks for running the website.

97  From:   
F J Taylor                         Date:  31 January 2003
  You have an absolutely splendid site! It works and loads well, is well organized, and has many useful features and links. If you are the designer and architect, you are to be congratulated!
RESPONSE: I am - but I am grateful for the information provided by many others.

96  From:   
Cheryl ("Tinker") Netzer                 Table 57              Date:  27 January 2003
  I am thrilled to have found the information ... so I thank you for the wonderful website

95  From:   
Ben McNeile                 Table J              Date:  22 January 2003
  What a fantastic site.

94  From:   
Colin Mackie                 Table 108              Date:  22 January 2003
  I was very interested to see your excellent website.

93  From:   
Joseph Whitsitt Strickland                 Table 3              Date:  20 January 2003
  Thank you again for your marvelous website, which I continue to enjoy with each visit.

92  From:   
Ailsa Arbuthnott Weir                 Table 49              Date:  17 January 2003
  I think the website is great, and a brilliant way for Arbuthnot descendents to research their family history.

91  From:   
Wendy Arbuthnot                 Table 44              Date:  17 January 2003
  Thank you for all the excellent work you have done; it is much appreciated.

90  From:   
Shaun Woodward                   Date:  5 January 2003
  I would like to congratulate you on a splendid website.

89  From:   
Fabio Martella                   Date:  17 December 2002
  I was looking for something about the Gulinelli family of Ferrara when I came across your really well realized web site.

88  From:   
James Andrew Arbuthnot                  Table 31                Date:  12 December 2002
  I found using a search on Prior to that, I had not been aware of the site. I was very pleased to see the amount of detail available.

87  From:   
Susan Taber                  Table 58                Date:  3 December 2002
  I feel that our family information on the internet is very interesting and informative. I do feel both branches are doing a wonderful job in their research and providing continued information.  This web site is very informative and detailed.  I am very proud to be a part of such history and this web site is something to be very proud of.  You can really tell the hard work and effort that has gone into it. ... I think you do a wonderful job.

86  From:   
Bettina McConchie                                   Date:  3 December 2002
  I was browsing through your very extensive Kittybrewster web-site and came across a researcher who had left an answer on your site.  As hers is a family which has interested me for years, (although there are connections through marriage, there is no known blood link)  I contacted her by e-mail and she is delighted to find someone who knows about her family.  I thought you might care to know that your web-site has introduced me to another Researcher. 

85  From:   
Graham Catterwell                                   Date:  26 November 2002
  I found it to be a most impressive work of genealogical research

84  From:   
Stacy O'Malley               Table 3                Date:  20 November 2002
  I love the site!  Thanks so much for all the work you have done and continue to do.

83  From:   
Christine E Gill               1 Martha               Date:  18 November 2002
  Thanks for the wonderful website. 

82  From:   
Cheryl de Holl                  1 Robert              Date:  18 November 2002
  I have yet to fully explore this wonderful website that is surely the work of many fine people over countless hours.  Thank you for all your efforts.

81  From:   
Ginnie Feeley                   Table 6               Date:  13 November 2002
  You have been doing this a long time.  I would like you to know that I appreciate what you have done and I'm sure that I will be reading Table 6 quite often.

80  From:   
Jim Smirl                 Table 6               Date:  12 November 2002
  Thanks for publishing your family genealogy to the Kittybrewster site.  I found it to be most helpful.

79  From:   
M.M. (name withheld at her request)                 Date:  9 November 2002
  My compliments on your well-organized site.

78  From:   
Sandra Shmueli                 Date:  8 November 2002
  It is a very interesting and well-organised site.

77  From:   
Julie Stringer                     Table R               Date:  30  October 2002
  Your site is very interesting.

76  From:   
Hazel Hallett                  Table 2               Date:  27  October 2002
  I am delighted to find a website dedicated to my family's history.

75  From:  
Ms Terri Frederick              
              Date:  16 October 2002
The website is so orderly, organized and easily understood.  I hope your organization keeps up the fabulous work it is doing -- truly an inspiration to other genealogists.

74  From:  
Vicki Flory              
 Looking at Table 57                Date:  13 October 2002
I really enjoyed looking at your webpage, it is definitely one of the better ones that I have come across. I have bookmarked the site and will most definitely contact you if / when I am able to make a connection. Thanks so much for making your family information available to all of us "Gilbert" researchers.

73  From:  
M.M. (name withheld at her request)                Looking at Table I                Date:  9 October 2002
his is a fabulous site, as I'm sure you already know.

72  From:  
Kyle Thomas Voss              
 Finley               Date:  8 October 2002
I wanted to say thank you for all the fantastic information on your site. I didn't have very much information on the Arbuthnott side and gained a wealth of information from you. I think the site is great; I wish mine were that well done.

71  From:  
Elaine Allison Arbuthnot Noel              
 Table 31                Date:  7 October 2002
Thank you for all the work that has gone into putting this site together, it is absolutely fascinating. 

70  From:  
Sue Ann McDaniel              
 1 Martha                Date:  1 October 2002
Thank you for the great website. I found it very helpful and interesting.

69  From:  
Rebecca Lancaster              
 Table L                Date:  29 September 2002
   Have just visited your site, very interesting!  Thanks a lot.

68  From:  
Sue Hembury-Kellow                         Date:  26 August 2002
I was greatly impressed with the depth of research at

67  From:  
L Gregory Pearce Jr                           Date:  26 August 2002
Your website yielded information on an additional generation of the Barron family that was most useful to me in locating a living family member from this familial line.

66  From:  
LaVina Quam           Table 1                 Date:  12 August 2002
   Thank you for your help. I do like your website.

65  From:  
Fr. Scott Archer             
 Finley             Date:  11 August 2002
I continued to be amazed by the amount of wonderful work you put into this Web site.  I know that it takes a lot of time and research, and it is often not appreciated by others.  Please know that there are a good many of us who are indebted to you for your contribution to genealogy.

64  From:   
Lynne Gibson                              Date:  6 August 2002
   I am researching the Carnegies of Balnamoon, trying to establish the parentage of Captain David Carnegie/ Carnegy/ Carneggie who in 1796 married Ann/e Ferrier, recorded in Brechin, Montrose and Farnell. His son William, born 1802, is my 4x Great grandfather, and was the owner of Dunlappie Estate, a farm of over 500 acres. A search for the location of Dunlappie puts it a few miles from Balnamoon and I was searching to see if I could establish whether David was Balnamoon Carnegie. I am no closer to solving this, but did find your website extremely interesting. I am still hoping to find a Carnegie website similar to yours, but unfortunately there doesn't appear to be one.

63  From:   
Lorraine Angus                           Date:  2 August 2002
   I think the web sites are brilliant, well thought out and all the links work! Keep up the good work!

62  From:   
Melosina Lenox-Conyngham                  Table J               Date:  16 June 2002
   You have done terrific work on it all 

61  From:   
Hazel Scraggs                  Table 2               Date:  16 June 2002
   I had not visited the site for a while.  It gets better and better!!!!

60  From:   
Dave Young                  Table 8               Date:  11 June & 21 July 2002
   We would be proud to receive any information, or help update any details we can in this marvellous project. I have started now to research my own family tree, and I can understand the amount of work required to achieve the high standard you have attained. Many congratulations.

59  From:   
Frankie Gaskell                  Table 56               Date:  9 June 2002
   I would like to thank you for contacting us as it has been wonderful learning about our family.  I have been on the website and it is so interesting it will take me some time before I go through it all.

57  From:   
John Richards                 Date:  2 May 2002
   Many thanks for your web site - it has given me lots of useful information

56  From:   
Jamelle Louis Arbuthnot             Table 3           Date:  29 April 2002
   This site is soooo interesting.

55  From:   
Robert William Allardyce           Date:  25 April 2002
   Your website is amazing.

54  From:   
Myles Wharton              Table K           Date:  23 April 2002
   Fantastic job on the website.

53  From:   
Mary Brown              Table 2           Date:  13 April 2002
   I found your wonderful site ... I love it.

52  From:   
Randall Evins                     Date:  23 March 2002
   The presentation of your website is very pleasing to the eye and the programming is unique in respect to other genealogy sites.

51  From:   
Sebastian Arbuthnot-Leslie        Table J        Date:  2 March 2002
   The site is excellent.

50  From:   
Douglas Dashwood-Howard        Table K        Date:  1 March 2002
   I felt I would like to drop you a mail again in further praise of your Arbuthnot website on which, quite by chance, if you remember, I found a Marjory Beech. Before looking at your pages I did not know that Howard Beech had a daughter named Marjory, as I believe I told you.
        I contacted a descendant, Dr Grattan, whose address is given in your website, regarding exchange of info on the Beech family. He forwarded my letter to his mother, and she in turn forwarded it to one of her surviving Beech cousins, of whose existance I had no idea, and whose husband is researching the Beech family for her. We have already been in contact and have exchanged a lot of information, and of course his wife and I are blood-relations.
        The amazing outcome of this contact has been that the Beech cousin has three portraits in oil of members of my Howard family, including one of my 3x great-grandfather, a picture of whom I have never seen before. They have invited me to see the portraits for myself when I next visit the UK. This, as you may imagine, is an absolutely fantastic discovery for me and never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that the outcome of my Beech research would be to find portraits of my forbears.
        Just felt I would like to tell you this to demonstrate what a wonderful source your Arbuthnot site has proved to be. I believe another member of the Beech family has been in touch with you too regarding a quite different Arbuthnot connection on her mother's side.
        So, you see, you have created something really splendid and for that I congratulate you, and thank you.

49  From:   
Christopher Leek        Table L        Date:  22 February 2002
   An excellent site.

48  From:   
Scott Connolly               Date:  16 February 2002
   Loved your website -- I found it in doing my own genealogical research

47  From:   
Michael Lee Arbuthnot        Table 10        Date:  1 February 2002
   I love your site;  I use it to trace my family, which I have done to when we arrived in Australia. Thanks.

46  From:   
Neil Stephen Arbuthnot        Table 44        Date:  31 January 2002
   I was amazed at the amount of information available!!

45  From:   
Craig Richard Arbuthnott        Table 13        Date:  30 January 2002
   Thanks for all the hard work involved in putting the site together.  It is really interesting!!

44  From:   
John A Hansen                Date:  10 January 2002
   I looked at your web site. It is very impressive.

43  From:   
Ronda Marie Galleher       Table 2       Date:  7 January 2002
   You have a wonderful website and we've enjoyed learning more about my husband's family history

42  From:   
Brooke Alison Capponi, nee Ettle        Table K part 1        Date:  2 January 2002
   .... your fine site  ....

41  From:   
Joyce Sampson, nee Dale                Date:  29 December 2001
   .... your wonderful website  ....

40  From:   
Jennifer Rae Hendricks nee Hightower              Table 58          Date:  17 December 2001
   I think this (site) is absolutely wonderful and want to thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication to this project. You've done an outstanding job.

39  From:   
Ellen Krause              Table B          Date:  17 December 2001
   Thank you for your Arbuthnot website and the information. I appreciate it very much.

38  From:   
Sarah Mrs Lee Davis              Table 2          Date:  14 December 2001
   ... This site is fascinating. I have really enjoyed it.  I know this is a huge undertaking. When doing an assignment for school, my son couldn't believe how far back his name went in our family tree. He's now very proud of being another of many distinguished McClintocks. Thank you

37  From:   
Alister John McReynolds              Table 8          Date:  2 December 2001
   ... congratulations on an excellent website

36  From:   
Emily Ann Milley              Table 40          Date:  29 November 2001
   What an interesting website.  We have on several occasions needed this information, but were unable to trace a large majority of it.  You don't know how much this has thrilled us to find all of this information. THANK YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH.

35  From:   
James ("Jamie") Arthur Malley, Jr              Table 13          Date:  23 November 2001
   I have been looking into my family history and have found the site invaluable.

34  From:   
Jason Diederich
                      Date:  19 November 2001
   What an incredible website you have!! I scrolled for hours through the various Arbuthnott pages and found it fascinating. I was unable to locate on your website information about George Arbuthnot of Elderslie, although that is not to say it wasn't there, there was just so much information!! Well done on your magnificent site!!
RESPONSE: He is on Table J.  You are on Table 127

33  From:   
Disney Arbuthnott
           Table 7           Date:  9 November 2001
   The website is very informative, but I work in the multimedia industry, therefore I am accustomed to rather elaborate websites.  Some images and a kaleidoscope of colours would improve the website significantly
RESPONSE: I don't agree. This is an information site.  But I would be happy if you would suggest appropriate images and send me an example of  a "kaleidoscope of colours" which you feel would work. Would you revamp a page for me, please?  Postscript - he hasn't done so.

32  From:   
Rachel Jane Miller            Table L           Date:  9 November 2001
   I found your site while searching for something completely different and forwarded the link to all my uncles/ aunts/ cousins - I hope that's ok! Rather interestingly it turns out that I am related to ................... who sits next to me at work - what a great mine of information you have on the site. Let me know if I can help in any way with information about our side of the tree. I'm glad that we can contribute to your amazing work! 

31  From:   
Lori Ann Frick            Table 32           Date:  8 November 2001
   Thanks for the great link. I found your website very interesting and I'm sure I will spend a great amount of time reading up on the Arbuthnots.

30  From:   
Shah Latham            Table L           Date:  23 October 2001
   Fantastically researched family tree, very interesting.

29  From:   
Joseph ("Joe") Whitsitt Strickland            Table 3           Date:  27 September 2001
   Thank you for the very fine website. I have enjoyed it greatly.

28  From:   
Mark Timmis                      Date:  26 September 2001
   I found your web site very interesting particularly the different spellings of Arbuthnot(t).  I've had an opportunity to explore your web site which, when I first found it, I didn't realize was so extensive.  My comment is that it is truly amazing!

27  From:  
Andrew Robert Craig Simpson                     Date:  24 September 2001
   Can I congratulate you on this site - it is a remarkable compilation of research! .... Thanks very much for your time, and thanks again for putting all the information you have on the internet - I am descended from the Moncur family of Slains, and was fascinated to see the connections between the Arbuthnotts and the Moncurs.

26  From:  
Guy Lane Arbuthnot III            Table 3              Date:  2 September 2001 & 22 July 2002
   Thank you for all your hard work.

25  From:  
Ellen J Krause               Table B                  Date:  28 August 2001
   Love your site.  It is absolutely informative.

24  From:  
Betsy Henry              Table 2              Date:  27 August 2001
   I have been very much impressed in recent years by Sir William's hard work, dedication, and superior product as webmaster. 

23  From:  
Fr. Scott Archer               
 Finley                Date:  20 August 2001
   I can't believe people are afraid of identity theft, but apparently they are.  For what it is worth, I think you do a wonderful job.

22  From: 
Eileen Marsch            Table B               Date:  20 August 2001
   Thank you for posting your beautiful web site. ...

21  From:  Penelope Wilson            Table I               Date:  20 August 2001
   I came across your excellent website ...

20  From: 
Darryl Heather Arbuthnot       Table M part 10      Date:  18 August 2001
   I think the website is wonderful. It is amazing and exciting how many people we are related to. I was at a seminar the other day when a girl I was introduced to commented on my name (name badge) and said she was related somehow, she then went on to mention last year's celebrations. It makes a special bond.

18  From: 
John Blair                                  Date:  15 August 2001
  While on holiday I learned of your excellent website and wish to congratulate you for the genealogical detail therein.

16  From: 
Hugh Donald McKee                 Date:  11 July 2001
  You have done an amazing job on the Arbuthnot Tree, and I commend you.

15  From: 
David Charles Denison Arbuthnot      Table L       Date:  9 June 2001
  Your speed and efficiency and altogether on the ball modus operandi is simply breathtaking.  No wonder you have been able to put together such an impressive family website in such a short time.

14  From: 
Hazel Scraggs      Table 2       Date:  4 June 2001
  Wow!!  Great job!!!   I'm impressed and appreciative of the many hours of work that have gone into putting this together!!!  You deserve a round of applause.

13  From: 
Shirley Jean ("Tahlia") Arbuthnot        Table 54        Date:  13 April 2001
  Thanks for the site - it's looking fantastic. Well done.

12  From: 
Annie Allerdice             Date:  11 March 2001
  I think you have done an excellent job with the website. Keep up the great work.

11  From:  
Caroline Appleyard-List            Table K part 1           Date:  22 January 2001
 ... I have just seen your reference for Zoe on the website. It is very bizarre.
Fair comment. It only showed her d.o.b. and secondary education;  our information was out of date. We invited her to re-write it as she wished - which she did.

10  From:  
John J Lacombe, II             Date:  15 January 2001
  I'm happy to have included your site William - it's exquisite!  Thank you for letting me know about it.

9  From:  
Rachel Graham (Knake) Haines        Table 2          Date:  11 January 2001
  ..... The site is wonderful.

8  From:  
David Appleyard             Date:  7 January 2001
 ... Because I myself have been living and working overseas since 1973, I have always been more than a little curious about my more distant relations in the UK. For quite some time I've been searching the Internet for a site such as this and I'm so glad that my persistence has finally yielded results! May I take this opportunity to extend my best felicitations to you ...

7  From:  
Jeremy Lee Arbuthnot             Table 6              Date:  12 Dec 2000
  You can't possibly imagine how happy I am that you have found me! For years I have been looking into updating our records with the family but have not been able to do it. Neither my Grandfather nor my father or uncle have put much emphasis on the importance of our heritage and therefore we have been disconnected for quite some time.

6  From:  
Hildred Finch         Table 121            Date:  23 Nov 2000
    I must tell you how impressed I am with the organization that has gone in to this family history.

5  From:  
Fr. Scott Archer                 Finley                Date:  22 Nov 2000
  You have done an amazing amount of great work with your web pages!  I am quite impressed. 

4  From:
Diana Marie Engstrom          Table 1_Alex'r      Date:  20 Nov 2000
  I think your website is beautiful!!!   I know it really means a lot to my mother. It is definitely striking my curiosity.

3  From:  
Dr Kathy Crowell, PhD
  Date:  16 Oct 2000.        I greatly admire the work you have done.
                                               The Arbuthnot genealogy is absolutely marvelous -- and I commend all your efforts. 
Date:  20 Oct 2000.        ... many, many thanks for your considerable body of work.
Date:  26 Oct 2000.        ... you have done so much for people who truly care about
                                        history - and I look forward to anything you have to share.  Truly
                                        I am glad the Arbuthnots were a part of our heritage in some way.
Date:  5 Nov  2000.         You have my best and you have one of the very best sites I have visited.
                                        Your layout is excellent and easily understood.  It just takes seconds to
                                         find out where you want to go next.  I cannot tell you how many websites
                                        ...   where this does not happen. 
Date:  6 Nov  2000.        I had an opportunity today to spend considerable time looking at your
                                        website.   Somehow I got into a gold medal website, where I saw your
                                        organization listed (#26).  I went to the top four websites to see why they
                                        were ranked higher.  It certainly does confuse me because three were totally
                                        inferior compared with yours, and one could not even be located.  Enough of
                                        that.   The absolute beauty (for me)  was your table page.  Unless you know to go to
                                        Hugh de Swinton - main branch on the "Genealogical Overview" page you would
                                        miss all that glorious information.  I think you have a very nice balance on the
                                        information you provide, and your privacy policy is crystal clear.  I've been
                                        to thousands of websites, and your genealogy website is absolutely
                                        wonderful (I now rank it #1 after all the rest of the major genealogy
                                        websites).   It downloads rapidly, is clear as a bell on topics, is organized
                                        well, and could not be easier to use. It takes so much time to build a web site.
                                        Under the circumstances, you have moved so rapidly.  I assume you've
                                        done all this by yourself, in which case it is just amazing.  Believe you me,
                                        I know how long it takes.    And I know that in addition to the data is all
                                        those e-mail responses to people like me which takes a great deal of time.

2  From:
Terry L Ashby Jr          Table 58        Date:  24 Feb 2000
  The website is really well done, and our history is quite fascinating.

1  From:  
Kathy Fleming            Table 2            Date:  23 Feb 2000
  ... And thank you for having the Arbuthnott Family Association. I think it's a great thing to be able to connect with the past and the future.

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