Concept and philosophy
behind the site


          This site is intended to be or to become a reasonably comprehensive listing of data relating to the Arbuthnot and Arbuthnott families and other families from which the owner's nephew is descended. The principal purposes are to celebrate the ancestors, to communicate information and to encourage people to share and correct relevant knowledge. The site is potentially useful to those wishing to research their ancestors and their cousins, to help rediscover lost friends and relations, and (in due course) to help in a medical context. Much of the content is of course already in the public domain, albeit this site gathers it in one place. As is normal amongst such reference sites, we do not generally compromise the quality of the site by censoring factual information.

          This site is virtually a Class-"A" Goon (Guild of One-Name Studies) site. We intend next to gather together on this site all the entries in the International Genealogical index and entries from relevant parish registers

          It has been suggested that the information could be used to facilitate identity theft. We do not understand this concern and have come across no Arbuthnot who has personal experience of identity theft.

          It has also been suggested that the concept behind this site ignores the views of those who would like less or no information about them or about others to be uploaded - and fails to respect their perspective whether it is rational or not.  We take the view that to conform to that perspective without good reason being shown would seriously damage the integrity of the site.

          It has been suggested that the site should operate a Privacy Policy. Instead we introduced "security gates" and trust reasonable people will understand and appreciate our perspective. If anybody is worried about email harvesters grabbing their email address from the site with a view to spamming, we will, at their politely-phrased request, encode it (to quicken the process please tell us the table number or webpage on which you appear).

          We seek not to be judgmental and we will not upload bank account numbers, Social Security numbers and driving licence numbers of living people to this site.  We do not sell the list of those who have registered.  We do not generally reveal our sources for information. We do not remove information about one person at the request of another. Those who don't understand or agree with the philosophy behind the site should not register as a member. By registering, you are accepting that this is the philosophy we follow.

          The material shown in the tables is the product of years of work by several people, including Margaret Ridall, Phyllis Hughes, Ruth Parker, Betsy Henry, the late Mrs P S-M Arbuthnot, Charles Hillman, David John Arbuthnot and Anthony William Arbuthnot as well as Sir William Arbuthnot and Alexander Broadbent Arbuthnot. The LDS has also been a valuable source of information. The copyright statement does not extend to material in the public domain, nor should it be interpreted as suggesting that Sir William Arbuthnot did all the work involved in the North American, Australian or South African genealogy, nor that invaluable contributions have not been made by numerous others.  I record my thanks to all who have contributed information and encouragement, and beg forgiveness from any others who have contributed, directly or indirectly, to the compilation of  these data, but are not currently acknowledged here. Residual errors are, of course, my own responsibility.

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