William Muir. Died 1662. Married Agnes Mitchell (died 1625).
    I. W Muir of Bruntwood, Ayrshire.    
A. Mungo Muir. Born Galston 25 April 1686; died Kilmarnock 19 Nov 1734. Married first in Kilmarnock 5 Feb 1710/11 Sarah Archibald.
a. Elizabeth Muir. Born Kilmarnock 25th January 1711/12
  Mungo Muir. Married second in Kilmarnock 2nd November 1713 Mary Findlay (see below).
b. Margaret Muir Born 20th February 1716/17
c. Mary Muir Born 18th September 1718
d. Agnes Muir Born 25th November 1720
e. Dr William Muir Born 6th January 1725. Married in Kilmarnock 15th October 1751 Janet Tough (see below).
  (a) Agnes Muir (born 1764). Married in Ayr 1784 or 1785 Dr John Wilson (bap 30th December 1762), son of Dr Robert Wilson (born 1731), surgeon of Cumnock and Miss Mary Campbell of Skipness (born 1735 married 1756).
i. Janet Wilson (born Kilmarnock 27th October 1791, died Glasgow 21st December 1893).  Married in Glasgow 29th October 1810 Allan Fullarton of Greenock and Glasgow. Born 1st May 1781. Died November 1865.
ii. Margaret Wilson. Married 8 December 1823 Captain Archibald Shannon born c.1806.
iii. William Wilson.
iv. Jasper Wilson. Born 22nd August 1803.
  (b) William Muir
  (c) Jasper Muir

Robert Findlay. Born Loudon, Ayrshire c.1590.
I. John Findlay. Born Kilmarnock c.1630. Died Kilmarnock 1697. Married in Kilmarnock May 1668 Margaret Smyth (born Kilmarnock c.1642. died January 1725/26) daughter of Robert Smyth Born Kilmarnock bef. 1616,  died c.1666 and Alison Paterson Born Kilmarnock before 1620
A. Mary Findlay Married Kilmarnock 2nd November 1713 Mungo Muir (see above).

Jasper Tough, cordwainer of Kilmarnock. Married Margaret Tod.
I. Jasper Tough. Apothecary surgeon. Born 30 December 1658.  Died Jan 1731.  Married Probably 1687 or 1688 Janet Taylor.
  A. William Tough. Born 31 March 1689; died 4 April 1733. Married 28 May 1715 Margaret Hunter.
a. Janet Tough Born Kilmarnock 10th August 1726. Married  in Kilmarnock 15th October 1751 Dr William Muir Born 6th January 1725 (see above).
b. Jasper Tough
c. Alexander Tough
d. Margaret Tough Married 7 May 1756 Dr Robert Hall.

This genealogy is not intended to be comprehensive. The mark (a), (1) or whatever does not necessarily indicate that the child is a first child.   Please send comments, corrections, additions and amendments to Sir William Arbuthnot, Bt

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