The Genealogy of the Wemyss Family


William Weems. Gentleman, tenant. Living at Aberdour Mains 1696. The owner of the property was Alexander Forbes, Lord Pitsligo who was a Jacobite who formed a cavalry regiment known as Pitsligo's Horse (1745). He led his men into Manchester and we believe he was at the Battle of Culloden, possibly accompanied by William and his sons..
A. Anna Weems.
B. Marie Weems.
C. John Wemyss. Born 1st May 1692. Died c.1745-49. Will proved Aberdeen 14th January 1749. A tacksman (factor) of Aberdour Mains, Aberdeen. He may have been married to Mary Ogilvie and/or also to Jean Garioch. An Ogilvie is mentioned in John's will so this is a strong possibility. A Janet Wemyss (relict of a Thomas Ogilvie, lister in Fraserburgh) left a will proved 7th February 1737 at the Aberdeen Commissary Court. Married first 19th December 1722 Anna Cock of Abbotshall.
I. William Wemyss, WS. Born 7th September 1729. Died 29th April 1802. Married in Edinburgh 14th September 1755 Robina Hamilton (died 11th April 1794), dau of James Hamilton of Olivestob.
A. Lt Colonel William Wemyss. 76th Reg't of Foot (Macdonald Highlanders) and 48th Regt of Foot (Northamptonshire Reg't) per Janet Maguire and 1st West Indian Reg't. Born 25th November 1759? Died Selkirk 27th July 1834. [Not the same William Wemyss who was commissioned as an Ensign in the 63rd Foot, 8th Dec 1784]. Married in St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh 22nd September 1784 Henrietta Sinclair of Southdun (born 175?).
1. Captain William Sinclair Wemyss of Southdun. [Only child] Born abt 1790. Drowned in quicksands in North Wales (or Solway Firth) 1831. Served Ross, Caithness, Sutherland & Cromarty Militia. A handsome young man who lost his reason after his wife died. He married in Wick, 20th March 1810 (not 1815, see Burke's Peerage), Henrietta Dunbar, born 1790, died 3rd November 1820.
a. Janet ("Jessie") Sinclair Wemyss. Born 1811. Died 24th October 1842. Married 7th June 1828 James Sinclair (born 19th October 1802; died 1 March 1876), Laird of Forse. 17 children.
(A) Lt Col James Sinclair, Royal Artillery. Born 1829. Died 1873.
(B) Henry Sinclair. Born Thurso 1830. Died unmarried India.
(C) George William Sinclair. Born Thurso 1831. Bap 15th September 1831. Died Victoria, Australia 1876. Married 10th June 1855 Janet Young (born Hobart, Tasmania 1832).
(1) George William Young Sinclair. Born Koroit, Victoria 1856.
(2) Florence Jessie Dunbar Sinclair. Born Koroit, Victoria 1858. Married Victoria 1883 Guy Markham Townsend Barnett.
aa. Violet Drummond Barnett. Born Victoria 1885.
bb. Nellie Barnett. Born Sebastopol, Victoria 1888.
cc. Norma Eileen Barnett. Born Sth Fitzroy, Melbourne, Victoria 1889.
(3) (male) Sinclair.  Born Victoria 1860.
(4) Eva Victoria Sinclair.  Born 1861.
(5) Charles Wemyss Sinclair. Born Koroit, Victoria 1862. Married Mary Dora Bartlett (born Ballarat 1867).
aa. Clarence Wemyss Sinclair. Married in Victoria 1918 Myrtle Emily Beckerleg.
AA. Trevor Northcote Sinclair. Born Wonthaggi, Victoria 1920.
(6) Norma Margaret Sinclair.  Born 1864.
(7) Monica Sinclair.  Born Colerain, Victoria 1865.
(8) George William Young Sinclair.  Born Dundas, Victoria 1867.
(9) Ellen Louisa Jernes Sinclair.    Born Dundas, Victoria 1873.
(D) Robert Sinclair. Born Thurso 1832.
(E) Joanna Sinclair. Born Thurso 1833.
(F) Charles Sinclair.
(G) Janet Sinclair. Died young.
(H) Ramsay Sinclair. Born Thurso 1837. Dsp.
(I) Edward David Sinclair.
(J) Garden Octavius Sinclair. Born Thurso 23rd June 1844. Died 1st March 1883. Married Lucy Howarth.
(1) (Speculative) Garden P Sinclair.  Bap 1871. Died 1946.
(K) William Dunbar Sinclair. Born Thurso 15th August 1846. Dsp 1878.
(L) Louisa Duff Sinclair. Born Thurso 19th April 1848. Died 1883.
(M) Albert Sinclair. Born Thurso 5th June 1850. Died young.
(N) John Sinclair. Born Thurso 21st June 1851, a twin. Died unmarried 1876.
(O) Frederick Sinclair. Born Thurso 21st June 1851, a twin. Died unmarried 1879.
(P) (Arthur) Wellesley Sinclair. Born Thurso 22nd October 1852. Died young.
(Q) Henrietta Sinclair.
b. Henrietta ("Etta") Sinclair Wemyss. Born 1812. Karen Brettell advises that Henrietta Sr died of measles six weeks after the birth of her daughter 1837. Married 29th June 1836 Robert Innes (died 10th January 1852), Laird of Thrumster, 4th son of James Innes.
(A) Henrietta Innes. Born 1837. Died 1896. Married 2nd December 1856 Frederick Stocks Bentley who changed his name to Bentley-Innes. (born Oulton, Rothwell, Yorkshire 9th March 1837; shot himself in Belgravia 1877), son of Henry Bentley, brewer in Yorkshire and Maria Stocks.
(1) Frederick Dunbar Sinclair Bentley-Innes. Lt, 14th Hussars. Killed by lightning Ammuguda, Secunderabad, India 29th May 1885.
(2) Cecil Bentley-Innes.
(3) Harry Robert Wemyss Bentley-Innes. Born Wick 24th April 1866.
c. David Sinclair Wemyss of Southdun. Deputy Lieutenant for Caithness. Born 28th September 1813. Died 10th December 1877. Brought up by his grandparents, Lord and Lady Duffus following his father's illness. Married 22nd August 1850 Elisabeth Sutherland (born 21st October 1832; died 10th March 1872; heritor of "Southdun"). DS
(A) William David Sinclair Wemyss. Born George St, Edinburgh 24th August 1852. Died 1870. Midshipman, Royal Navy.
(B) George Sackville Sinclair Wemyss. Born Ackergill Tower 26th November 1854. Died April 1882. Inherited Southdun. Married in St Andrew's Anglican Cathedral, Sydney 16th April 1878 Ellen Annie Jones of Glenview, Sydney (born 1854; died 1936), dau of Richard Morgan Jones and Ellen Sarah Ellworthy.
(1) Helen Louise Elizabeth Dunbar Sinclair Wemyss. Born 1879. Died 1949.
(2) Marion ("Miss Marjorie") Australia Sinclair-Wemyss. Born 1881. Died 1982. Her archives were given to Aberdeen University.
(C) Henrietta Elizabeth Sinclair Wemyss. Born 13 or 30 March 1856. Died 1885. Married 14th September 1875, Major James Smith 2nd of Olrig, Caithness Artillery Volunteers (born 26 December 1832; died 1914).
(1) (James) Alexander Sinclair Sutherland Wemyss Smith. Born 1876. He ppears to have been disinherited by his father after marrying Isobel ("Towie") Gibson against his parents' wishes.
(2) Mary Elizabeth Smith. Born 1877. Unmarried.
(3) Ethel Henrietta Smith. Born 1879. Unmarried.
(D) Major Robert Dunbar Sinclair Wemyss, OBE of the Gordon Highlanders. Born at Ackergill, 16th August 1859. Died bedroom 3, Wedderburn Castle, Duns 27th March 1923. Rented Wedderburn from approx 1898 from the Home-Robertson family; their daughters gave it up c.1970. Deputy Lt., Berwickshire. Married from Glassingall, 11th April 1888, Edith Wallace of Glassingall (born Blythswood, Glasgow, Lanarkshire 12th October 1863, died Port of Menteith, Stirling, end December 1929). Both buried Edrom. RDSW
(1) Janet Elspeth Sinclair Wemyss. Born at Ardpullah, Holywood, Ireland 4th December 1889. Died Sandwich, Kent 29th January 1982. Cremated Barham. Married at Christ Church, Duns, Berwickshire 26th April 1911 Major Kenneth Wyndham Arbuthnot. JESW
(2) Nancy Sinclair Wemyss.  Born 16th March 1892. Died Duns 28th July 1976. Buried Edrom. Married 10th June 1919 John Anderson Barstow of the Black Watch (born 2nd May 1893, died 3rd January 1941).
aa. Michael Thomas Barstow. Born 9th October 1920. Married 1st November 1945 Patricia Fawcett (born 22nd March 1920, died 8 November 2005). Address: Springfield, Sherburn, Malton, N Yorks YO17 8QH
AA. Rosemary ("Rosie") Georgina Patricia Barstow. Born 18th July 1947. A Guide at the British Museum. Married 14th December 1968 Simon Adrian Kenneth Boome 7th November 1943, retired solicitor, son of Lt Col Kenneth Edward Boome and Leila Houssemayne Webb. They live in Wimbledon.
i. Helen Venetia Boome. Born 15th July 1975. Educated Benendon & Jesus College, Camb. Works for Price Waterhouse, London Bridge. Engaged 25 June 2008 to Timothy Crum, elder son of David Crum of Robertsbridge, East Sussex and Mrs Paul Frost of Windmill Hill, East Sussex.
ii. Laura Veronica Boome. Born 20th September 1978. Educated Benenden, Edinburgh Univ. Works at Standard Chartered Bank. Engaged 24 December 2008 to Hugo C A B Ennis, son of Charles Ennis of Nether Compton, Dorset.
BB. James Barstow. Born 7th January 1950.
CC. David Barstow. Born 6th February 1954. Married Rachel Drew.
i. Marcus Thomas James Barstow. Born 4th August 1990.
ii. Julia Barstow. Born 19th April 1992.
bb. Lois Edith Barstow. Born 27th June 1923. (tel: 01890 88 21 72). Married 26th April 1968 Colonel Lionel Frederick Machin KOSB (born 17th August 1893, died 3rd April 1974). His first wife (1923) was Constance ("Consie") Marion Gough. 
(3) Dulcie Hermione Sinclair Wemyss. Born 6th April 1901. Died 7 Fairholt Street, London SW7 9th January 1961. Buried Edrom.
(E) Evan Sinclair Wemyss. Born Ackergill Tower 20th September 1864. Died without issue Park Town Sanatorium, Johannesburg 17th November 1928. Buried grave 7871 central, Brixton cemetery 18th November. He previously lived at Thura, Caithness.
(F) Janet Mackay Sinclair Wemyss. Born 7th April 1866. Died 1955. Married 14th June 1892, Francis William Stansfeld (born 1862; died 1944), of Flockton Manor House, Yorkshire. They emigrated to USA.
(1) Muriel Janet Stansfeld. Born 1893. Died 1946. Muriel married Morgan Miles Lewis and they lived in San Francisco and San Rafael (Marin county).
aa. Morgan Miles Lewis. Married Anne Hoag.
AA. Muriel Lewis. Born 1947. Married ______ Benedetti. Has issue, Peter and Philip Benedetti.
BB.Francesca Lewis. Born 1951. Married _____ Kennedy. Has issue Neyla Bell and Adele Kennedy.
bb. (Muriel) Janet Lewis. Died 16th September 2014. Married Gerard Maguire.
(2) Francesca Evangeline Stansfeld. Born 1898. Died 1978.
(G) Mary Sinclair Wemyss. Born 1869. Died 1946. Married 1st September 1894, Logan Sutherland Stansfeld (born 29th March 1859; died 1936), brother of Francis.
(1) Henry William Stansfeld. Born 1896. Died 1969. Married. Daughter: Rosemary Stansfeld.
(2) Joy Sutherland Mary Stansfeld. Born 1911. Living 2005. She was a matron in a school.
d. Elizabeth Sinclair Wemyss. Born 9th June 1816. Died 2nd September 1816.
e. Benjamin Dunbar Sinclair Wemyss. He appears not to have used the name "Sinclair". Born Caithness 13th June 1817. Died Gillivean, Latheron, Caithness 13th or 23rd August 1878. No Will registered in Scotland. Ensign, 3rd West India Regiment. He was a Captain in the cavalry when he married. In 1850 he was Paymaster to the "Cape Mounted Riflemen" (in South Africa?). In 1857 he was Manager of the Royal Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Married (described as being of the parish of St Thomas, Middle Island, Barbados) in St Christopher Island (now known as St Kitt's), St Paul's - West Indies 23rd April 1846 Arabella (Anabella) Lothian Hardtmann (aged 18, dvu), dau of Edward Hardtmann of St Kitt's, West Indies.
(A) Benjamin Dunbar Duffus Sinclair Wemyss. Born 7th June 1847. Baptised Old Church, St Pancras 23rd June 1847.
(B) Arrabella Lothian Wemyss. Born St Pancras 1850.
(C) Walter Staveley Wemyss. Born 1855.
(D) Annabella Sinclair Wemyss. Born 22 Lewis Street, Kentish town 3rd May 1857.
f. George Dunbar Sinclair Wemyss. Born 12th June 1818. Died 8th August 1818.
g. Louis Sinclair Wemyss. Born 25th June 1819. Died 28th February 1821.
h. William Sinclair Wemyss. Born 25th July 1820. Died 1821/2.
B. Otto Herman Wemyss. Died 8th January 1835.
C. Francis Hamilton Wemyss. Died Malta 22nd April 1807. Married in London 21st August 1794 Charlotte Hewitson.
1. William Panton Wemyss. Born 18th June 1795.
2. Francis Courtney Wemyss. Born 13th May 1797. Comedian USA.
3. Otto Hamilton Wemyss. Born 18th July 1800. 1st West India Regiment.
4. Thomas Wemyss. Born 13th November 1802. 1st West India Regiment.
5. Charlotte Prudence Wemyss. Born 9th October 1806.
D. Margaret Robina Wemyss. Died unmarried Edinburgh 1st February 1833.
II. James Wemyss.
III. Helen Wemyss.
IV. Katharine Wemyss.
John married second 28th August 1734 Anne (Anna) Meldrum of Aberdour.
V. Thomas Wemyss.
VI. Samuel Wemyss.
VII. John Wemyss.
D. Alexander Weems.
E. William Weems.
F. George Weems.

The mark (a), (1) or whatever does not necessarily indicate that the child is a first child.
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Sources have included Mrs Gillian Tovey, 64 Broadgate Crescent, Almondbury, Huddersfield HD5 8HU, W Yorkshire (01484 515 958). She has read "Elcho of the 45" by Hon Alice Wemyss - a story of Lord Elcho's life.

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