The Genealogy of the Wallace Family


(A) James Wallace. Born Kilmarnock about 1660. Married Mary Harris (born Kilmarnock about 1656).
AA. John Wallace. Born 1684. Bap Kilmarnock 6th November 1684. Died Kilmarnock 6th November 1758. Married in Kilmarnock 4th August 1718 Elizabeth Boyd (bap Kilmarnock 5th December 1691), dau of John Boyd (son of James Boyd and Margaret Brown [md c.1655; dau of James Brown and Christian Boyd] ) and Elizabeth Miller (dau of Robert (John) Miller and Helen Lamont).
I. William Wallace. Married Mary Bicket (dau of Robert Bicket and Mary Crielman [dau of John Crielman and Agnes Fergusen] ).
A. Robert Wallace. Born Kilmarnock 11th January 1769. Bap 12th January 1769. Died Kilmarnock 28th January 1855. Buried High Church Burial Ground, Kilmarnock. Married in Kilmarnock about 1792 Jean Weir (born 21st December 1770, bap Kilmarnock 23rd December 1770), dau of James Weir and Janet Fisher.
1. John Wallace.  Born Kilmarnock 18th March 1796. Bap 20th March 1796. Died 30th March 1859. Married in Kilmarnock 28th December 1818 Janet Brown.
a. David Wallace. Born 26th February 1823. Died 15th August 1877. Partner of William Baird & Co and of the Eglinton Iron Company. A Glasgow ironmaster. Bought the Glassingall estate 1875 (it was sold on shortly after W.W.I.). Arms: per pale azure and guless, a l ion-rampant argent holding in his dexter fore-paw a fleur-de-lis or, crest: a horse-shoe sable, motto: "Spe et industria". Married in Old Monkland 23rd April 1857 Janet Weir (born 1st September 1835, died 6th August 1902). DW
(A) Janet Baird Wallace. Born 1858. Died 1859.
(B) John ("Jack") Wallace of Glassingall, Dunblane, Perthshire. Born 10th April 1862. Died 3rd July 1908. Married 1889 Minnie Margaret Pitcher (died 13th April 1951), dau of James Pitcher.
(1) Capt Rt Hon (David) Euan Wallace, MC, MP. Born 20th April 1892. Died 9th February 1941. Educ Harrow & RMC Sandhurst. Capt, 2nd Life Guards (despatches, wounded four times). Married 26th November 1913 Lady (Myra) Idina Sackville (born 26 February 1893, "the Bolter" in the Mitford books), dau of Gilbert George Reginald Sackville, 8th Earl de la Warr. She divorced him 1919 and md 2nd 27th March 1919 Capt Charles Gordon (div 1923). She md 3rd 22nd September 1923 22nd Earl of Erroll (div 1930). She md 4th 22nd November 1930 Donald Carmichael Haldeman JP (div 1938). She md 5th 1939 F/Lt William Vincent Soltau (div 1946). She died 5th November 1955.
aa. David John Wallace. Born 3rd October 1914. Killed in action 17th August 1944. Major, KRRC. Married 24th January 1939 Joan Prudence Magor. She md 2nd, 3rd March 1948, Gerald Frederick Walter de Winton.
AA. Laura Jacqueline Wallace. Born 22nd May 1941. Married first 25th June 1963 Dominic Paul Morland, 2nd son of Sir Oscar Charles Morland, GBE, KCMG. Dominic is ygr brother of Martin Morland, CMG, British Ambassador to Burma 1986-.  Divorced.
i. Daniel John Morland. Born 28th March 1967. Married October 1997 Kate Trinder.
(a) Oscar Morland. Born 17th July 2000.
(b) Benedict Morland. Born 3rd March 2002.
ii. Sophy Arabella Morland. Born 31st August 1964. Married December 1993 Mark Skeet, screenwriter ("Boon" 1986, "Jason & the Argonauts" 2000, "The Infinite Worlds of HG Wells" 2001, "Morlang", "Vanity Fair" & "Sahara" 2004). c/o DDA 020-7932 9800.
(a) Eva Skeet. Born 15th June 1994.
(b) Lara Skeet. Born 1st April 1996
(c) Romy Skeet. Born 27th October 1999.
   Laura married second August 2003 Keith Fitchett, Liberal Democrat politician.
BB. (Cary) Davina Wallace. Born 21st June 1942. Married 10th August 1967 Rt Hon Lord David Arthur Russell Howell of Guildford (born 18th January 1936, cr 1997), once an MP (Cons.), only son of Col Arthur Howard Eckford Howell. He was educ Eton & King's Coll., Camb (MA); Lt Coldstream Guards.
i. Hon Frances Victoria Howell. Born 18th February 1969. Author, Lilla's Feast. Married 4th April 1998 George Gideon Oliver Osborne (born 23rd May 1971), eldest son of Sir Peter George Osborne, 17th Bt, and Felicity Alexandra, née Loxton-Peacock.
(a) Luke Osborne. Born 15th June 2001.
(b) Liberty Osborne. Born 27th June 2003.
ii. Hon Kate Davina Howell. Born 6th October 1970. Married July 1991 Paul Bain.
(a) Jack Daniel Bain. Born 22nd June 1992.
(b) Oliver Bartholomew Bain. Born 20th September 1995.
iii. Hon Toby Howell. Born 19th December 1975. Captain, TA.
bb. Gerard Euan Wallace. Born 23rd October 1915. Killed in action sp 20th August 1943. W/Cmdr, RAF. Married 11th November 1940 Elizabeth née Lawson, dau of Wilfred Lawson and formerly wife of Gerard Koch de Goorend.
Euan married second 10th May 1920 Barbara Lutyens, eldest dau of Sir Edwin Lutyens, architect (who also designed Queen Mary's dolls' house). She md 2nd Lt Cmdr Herbert Agar, USNR.
cc. John Wallace. Born 21st March 1922. Died on active service 15th August 1946. Lt, The Life Guards.
dd. Edward Peter Wallace, DFC. Born 15th May 1923. Killed in action 4th November 1944. F/Lt, RAF. 
ee. William ("Billy") Euan Wallace. Born 7th February 1927. Educ Eton & Univ Coll., Oxford. Friend of Princess Margaret. Married 22nd October 1965 Hon Elizabeth Anne Hoyer Millar, elder dau of 1st Baron Inchyra, GCMG, CVO.
(C) Mary Wallace.  Born Blythswood 12th October 1863, a twin.  Married Mr Heatley Noble, son of John Noble.
(1) Captain Eric Noble. Married Dorothea Goodrich.
aa. Ann Dorothea Noble. Married 30th December 1941 Lt-Colonel Hume Boggis-Rolfe, CB, CBE (born 20th October 1911; died 28th July 2002), barrister, Private Sec Lord Chancellor's office 1949-51, Sec to the Law Commission 1965, dep clerk of the Crown in Chancery and asst perm sec to the Lord Chancellor, Master of the Merchant Taylors' Co. She lives in Essex.
AA. Harry Mark Boggis-Rolfe. Born 9th November 1945. Educ Eton & Trinity Coll., Cambridge. Barrister. Married Sophie Francis.  Address: 22 Victoria Square, London SW1.
i. Constance Boggis- Rolfe. Educated Downe House and Wimbledon Art School.
ii. Francis Hume Boggis- Rolfe. Educated Eton and Leeds University
iii. Samuel Harry Boggis- Rolfe. Educated Radley.
BB. Philip Hume Boggis-Rolfe. Born 11th July 1952. Died. Educ Gresham's School, Holt.
i. Zoe Pocohontas Boggis- Rolfe.
ii. Kaspar Boggis- Rolfe.
CC. Rosemary Anne Boggis-Rolfe. Born 9th April 1947. Married, 1970, Anthony Philip Josiah Stamp, only son of Hon Arthur Maxwell Stamp.
i. Mary Anna Stamp. Adopted.
ii. Joseph Stamp. Adopted.
iii. Laura Stamp. Adopted.
bb. Hermione Noble. Married Rev Kenneth Sherlock, DSC and has issue.
cc. Leslie Noble. Married Commander Henry Brooke DSC and has issue.
dd. John Noble DSC. Educated Dartmouth. Served RN. Farmer. Married (Elizabeth) Ann Ellis, dau of Admiral Macall and has issue.
AA. Mark Noble.
BB. Juliet Noble.
CC. Sarah Noble.
DD. James Noble.
(2) Vere Noble.  Died unmarried.
(3) Norris Heatley Noble. Killed in action 15 August 1916. Educated Eton. Lt, King's Royal Rifle Corps.
(D) Edith Wallace.  Born Blythswood, Glasgow 12th October 1863, a twin. Died at Port of Menteith, Sterling, end December 1929. Married from Glassingall, 11th April 1888, Major Robert Dunbar Sinclair-Wemyss of the Gordon Highlanders. Born near Glasgow, 16th August 1859. Died 27th March 1923. Both buried Edrom churchyard, near Duns. They had issue. EW
(E) Winifred ("Winnie") Jane Wallace.  Born Old Monkland 4th April 1869. Married 1890 Ranald Alexander Noel-Paton (born 8th June 1864), portrait painter (exhibited 1890-1895), son of Sir Joseph Noel Paton, Kt Bach, RSA, LLD (by Margaret Gourlay Ferrier) and uncle of Lord Ferrier.

This genealogy is not intended to be comprehensive. The mark (a),(1) or whatever does not necessarily indicate that the child is a first child.  Please send comments, corrections, additions and amendments to Sir William Arbuthnot, Bt

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