The Genealogy of the Walker Family of Halifax, Yorkshire


William Walker. Died 1628.
I. William Walker. Born 1596. Buried 5 July 1676. Bought Upper Walterclough 1654. Later moved to Lower Crow Nest. Married Mary ______ (buried Halifax 25 October 1688 aged 84). Upper Walterclough, also known as Walterclough Hall, lies in Walterclough Valley southeast of Halifax and north east of the village of Southowram in the West Riding of Yorkshire, along side the Red Beck and not far from Brook Foot.
(A) William Walker. Born 1626. Died 1711. Married in Halifax August 1656 Sarah Smyth (born 1636; died 1689).
(a) Mary Walker. Born 1657.
(b) Judith Walker. Born 1659.
(B) Abraham Walker. Born 1629 (Halifax 1633 per IGI). Died 1695. Yeoman. Married 12 September 1663 Ann Langley (born 1643; died 1688). They were non-conformists.
(a) William Walker. Born 1665. Died 1714. Married first 3 May 1686 Sarah Mortimer (died 1702).
i. Abraham Walker. Born 1687. Died in infancy.
ii. William Walker. Born 1689. Died 1720. Married 1709 (Honley, Almondbury, Yorkshire 2 Nov 1708 per IGI) Elizabeth Haigh.
A. Elizabeth Walker. Born 1710. Died 1733. Married Samuel Brooke of Hipperholme.
B. Sarah Walker. Born 1711.
C. William Walker. Bap Lightcliffe, Yorkshire  15 April 1713. Died 1786. Merchant. Bought Cliffe Hill in the 1760s. Married first Mary Wainhouse of Pye Nest, Skircoat (died 1739). Married second 6 November 1746 Elizabeth Caygill (born 1714) dau of John Caygill.
1. Mary Walker. Born 1742. Died 1822.
2. William Walker. Born 1749. Dsp 1809.
3. Elizabeth Walker. Born 1750. Died 1829. Married 19 December 1776 John Priestley of Thorpe (born 1754, died 1801).
a. William Priestley. Born Lightcliffe 8 October 1779. Died 1 April 1866.
b. Mary Priestley. Born September 1780. Died 18 February 1870. Married 1806 William Rawson.
(A) Mary Elizabeth Rawson. Born 1 March 1808.
(B) Ellen Susanna Rawson. Born 3 March 1809.
(C) Anne Catherine Rawson. Born 10 February 1810.
(D) Caroline Rawson. Born 13 April 1811.
(E) William Henry Rawson. Born 4 August 1812. Died 8 July 1892.
(F) John Rawson. Born 21 November 1813. Died 8 February 1899.
(G) Emily Frances Rawson. Born 1 April 1815.
(H) Henrietta Rawson. Born 26 September 1816.
(J) Rev Arthur Rawson. Born 17 September 1818. Died 18 May 1891.
(K) Frederick Edward Rawson. Born 25 July 1821. Died 16 May 1879.
c. John Priestley. Born 30 July 1785. Died 21 July 1858.
d. Walker Priestley. Born 30 March 1787. Died 1 May 1853.
e. Edward Priestley. Bap 16 February 1790. Died 27 May 1842.
4. John Walker of Crow Nest & Cliffe Hill, Halifax. Born 1753. Died 22 March 1823. Married 18 June 1794 Mary Edwards, (born 1763, died 13 November 1823), dau of John Edwards of Pyenest, Skircoat, Halifax (born 1739, married 1762) and Elisabeth Lees, dau of Samuel Lees of Wilton Hall, Sirevat, Halifax).
a. William Walker. Born 1797. Died 1798.
b. Mary Walker. Born 1799. Died 1815.
c. Elizabeth Walker. Born 10 November 1801.  Died 28 December 1844.  Married in Halifax 29 October 1828 Captain George Mackay Sutherland of Udale (born 16 November 1798 died Shibden Hall 22 April 1847) and had issue.
George Mackay Sutherland and his wife Elizabeth are interred at Lightcliffe Cemetery - as are most of the 'Lightcliffe' Walker family members pre 1867.
d. Ann Walker. Born 28 May 1803. Died 4 March 1854. Lesbian friend of Ann Lister, diarist, of Shibden Hall, Halifax. Ann spent time in an asylum.
e. John Walker. Born 1804. Died on his honeymoon in Naples 19 January 1830 (his posthumous child was stillborn). Married 2 July 1829 Frances Esther Penfold.
5. Ann Walker. Born 1757. Died 29 October 1847.
D. Haigh Walker. Bap Lightcliffe, Yorkshire 26 December 1714.
iii. Richard Walker. Born 1691. Died 1724. Married Alice Roebuck.
A. Richard Walker. Bap Lightcliffe, Yorkshire 7 September 1721.
iv. Ann Walker. Born 1693.
v. Abraham Walker. Born 1696. Died 1722.
vi. Sarah Walker. Born 1699. Died 1716.
vii. Mary Walker. Born 1701. Died 1707.
viii. John Walker.
William married second 2 July 1712 Sarah Illingworth (died 1729).
(b) Hannah Walker. Born 1668. Married first 16 February 1684 John Mitchell. Married second Richard Scarborough.
(c) Elizabeth Walker. Born 1670. Married 26 June 1694 William Maude.
(d) Richard Walker. Born 1672. Drowned in a canal 1721. Inherited Walterclough Hall. Married Grace Bentley (died 1733).
i. John Walker, Sr. Born 1699. Died 1771. Squire of Walterclough Hall in the middle of the 18th century, and a woollen factor of great prestige and wealth. Married Ruth Nodder. They adopted his nephew Jack Sharp and provided a home for four aunts and two uncles.
A. Richard Walker. Born 1731. Married.
B. John Walker, Jr. Born 1735.  John Jr. took no part in the business, so when his eldest son Richard died and John Sr retired and left the district, Jack Sharp was left in possession of the business and the Hall, which he consumed with calculated avarice. In 1771 when John Walker Sr. died, his eldest son gave his cousin notice to quit the Hall. When he arrived from York with his new wife, he found that the estate had been mortgaged to the hilt and most of the contents of the Hall had been removed, only two rooms being furnished, and what had been left behind was trashed. In April 1867, the estate of the Walker family was sold at auction. This included most of the land at Hipperholme, Lightcliffe and Baliff Bridge, as well as Crow's Nest Mansion and Cliffe Hill Mansion. What happened to Walterclough Hall at that time is not yet known.
C. Grace Walker. Born 1738.
D. Mary Walker. Born 1740.
(e) Abraham Walker. Born 1675. Died 1692.
(f) Sarah Walker.
(g) John Walker. Born 1680.
(h) Grace Walker.
(C) John Walker. Born 1632. Died 1718.
(D) Daniel Walker. Born 1635. Died 1689. Married 13 May 1679 Mary Wiggan (died 1689).
(E) Samuel Walker. Born 1637. Died 1739. Married in Halifax 1664 Judith Wilton.
(F) Judith Walker. Married in Coley 2 November 1658 Jeremiah Field.
(G) Mary Walker. Married 1676 Richard Morley.
II. Abraham Walker. Buried Birstall 26 July 1633. Yeoman. Married in Halifax 25 July 1629 Susan Horsfall.

[1]    1881 Census - Captain, 7th Fusiliers
         1901 Census - Colonel in Army

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