The Genealogy of the Sutherland Family


John Gordon, 16th Earl of Sutherland. He resumed the name Sutherland instead of Gordon. There is some evidence that he had, by a lady whose name is not known:
C. Lt Col James Sutherland of Uppat House. Died 1791. Or 1726-1789. Superintendent of the million acre estate of the Countess of Sutherland at Dunrobin. Married 1768, Elizabeth Baillie daughter of William Baillie of Ardmore & Rosehall. EB
4. George Sackville Sutherland of Uppat. Born October 1770. Died 1812. Married 10 November 1792 Jean Mackay, died 1858, daughter of George Mackay of Handa, later of Bighouse, Sutherlandshire {born 29 June 1736, d 1798 son of Robert Mackay, tutor (son of Charles Mackay, twin, and Elizabeth Mackay) and Janet Mackay} and (m.11 June 1768) Louisa (or Lucy) Campbell born 1 October 1751, d 25 August 1835}, daughter of Colin Campbell and Janet Mackay. GSS
a. James Sutherland.  Born at Uppat House, near Dunrobin Castle 1 June 1794. Married c.1818 G M Mackenzie.  
b. Roberta Sutherland. Born Uppat House 13 October 1795.  Baptised Kilmuir-Easter, Ross and Cromarty 13 October 1795. Married in Tain, Ross & Cromarty 26 September 1823 Alexander MacLeod.  
c. Elizabeth Baillie Sutherland. Born Uppat House 18 May 1797. Baptised Kilmuir-Easter, Easter Ross.  
d. Captain George Mackay Sutherland of Udale. Born Uppat House 10 November 1798 Baptised Kilmuir-Easter, Easter Ross. Died Shibden Hall, near Halifax 22 April 1847. He had made his will on two days earlier. Married first in Halifax 29 October 1828 Elizabeth Walker (born 10 November 1801, died of tuberculosis at Abbey Lodge, Merton, Surrey 28 December 1844).  
George Mackay Sutherland is interred at Lightcliffe Cemetery - as are most of the 'Lightcliffe' Walker family members pre 1867. Elizabeth is buried in the churchyard of St Mary's Church, Wimbledon.
(A) Mary Sutherland. Born 1830. Died 1846. Buried Lightcliffe.
(B) George Sackville Sutherland. Born 1 March 1831. Died 1843. Buried Kirk Michael, Co. Ross.
(C) Elisabeth Sutherland. Born 21 October 1832.  Died 10 March 1872.  Inherited Southdun. Married 22 August 1850 David Sinclair Wemyss (born 28 September 1813; died 10 December 1877).
(D) John Walker Sutherland. Born 16 September 1834. Bap Comarty 17 October 1834. Died 1836. Buried Kirk Michael, Co. Ross.
(E) Evan Charles Sutherland. Born 12 October 1835. Died 7 Falkland House, Cheniston Gdns, London SW7 24 July 1913; probate granted 4 December 1922. Married in Kensington 3 February 1859 Alice Sophia Tudor of Portland Place, London.
Following the death of Ann Walker in 1854 who at that time was living at Cliffe Hill she left all her Lightcliffe estates to her nephew Evan Charles Sutherland (note no Walker). This was only completed following her legal request that he incorporate the name Walker; he subsequently changed his name to Sutherland-Walker. Immediately he served the tenant at Crow Nest notice to quit - he was Mr Titus Salt who had lived there as a tenant from 1848; he moved out making his new home at Methley near Leeds. Following that move Evan and his wife Alice Sophia Tudor Sutherland-Walker moved in. However, in 1867 he wanted to follow in his father's footsteps as an old fashioned feudal Laird. He put the whole of the Lightcliffe estates up for sale in 1867 and sold Cliffe Hill for 15,000 to Johnston Jonas Foster who was a member of the Queensbury mill owning family of Foster’s – Crow Nest was sold in a private transaction to the then Sir Titus Salt Bt for 26,500.
He also inherited from his father the Aberarder hunting lodge, Brin House, east of Loch Ness.
Evan and family moved to Skibo Castle, County Sutherland, Scotland complete with 35,000 acres – and dropped the name "-Walker" from the family name by deed poll dated 13 October 1883). However there was trouble from the outset – he famously took most of his tenant farmers to court in Edinburgh, but lost almost all the cases which resulted in him being in much reduced circumstances. Skibo was sold to Sir Andrew Carnegie whose family in the form of the late Mrs Carnegie- Miller sold the whole estate c.1983 with the Castle and only 19,000 acres. It was them bought for 2 million by Peter de Savary and is now one of his famous private golf clubs and currently worth about 40 million.
Evan and his wife moved to Cheniston Gardens, London SW7 and it was in London where they both died – this London address was his reduced circumstances. By all accounts Evan Charles was "not a nice person" (a quote from someone who met him as a child). Their descendants include Betty Sutherland who married first Mr Forbes (killed) and second 1919 Cmdr Aitchison, father of the late Tim Aitchison who married June Rosemary Whitfield CBE OBE, actress, parents of Suzy Aitchison, actress.
(1) William Sutherland-Walker. Born 17 June 1861. Died 1862.
(2) William Tudor Sutherland-Walker. Born 11 December 1862. Died 1915. He and his father dropped the name "-Walker" by deed poll dated 13 October 1883. Married 2 January 1893 Ethel Mary Garrard (relation of the jewelry company family).
(3) Alic Sutherland-Walker. Born 20 September 1863. Died 1947. Present at father's death. Major, HM Army.
(4) Alice Sutherland-Walker. Born 2 April 1865. Died 1872.
(5) Ewen Mackay Sutherland-Walker. Born 21 February 1867. Died Montreal.
(6) Kenneth Sutherland-Walker. Born 21 May 1869. Died 1930.
(7) Marion Sutherland-Walker. Born 29 November 1872. Died 1951. Married Rev Lawrence Gee.
(8) Ray Mackay Sutherland-Walker. Born 23 September 1875. Died Basutoland.
(F) Ann Walker Sutherland. Born 17 October 1837. Died 10 November 1917. Married 6 November 1858 (William) Henry Stansfeld (born 1828; died 26 January 1893).
(1) Captain Logan Sutherland Stansfeld. Born 29th March 1859. Married Mary Sinclair Wemyss.
(2) Harold Sinclair Stansfeld. Born Flockton, Yorkshire c.1863. Married Maud Heaton.
(3) Francis William Stansfeld. Born Flockton, Yorkshire c.1863. Married 14 June 1892 Janet Mackay Sinclair Wemyss.
Captain George Mackay Sutherland of Udale married second in Halifax 5th May 1846 Mary Elizabeth Haigh, dau of John Haigh of Savile Hall, Halifax.
(G) Mary Elizabeth Sutherland. Born Light Cliffe, Yorkshire 1847. Married at St Mary's Hastings 23 June 1863 Colonel Gardiner Frederick Guyon (born Bethnal Green 1846/7) [1].
(1) Mary Haigh Guyon. Born St Leonards 1869.
(2) Ronald G Guyon. Born St Leonards 1871.
(3) Mabel E Guyon. Born St Leonards 1873.
(4) George S Guyon. Born St Leonards 1875.
(5) Lillian G G Guyon. Born St Luke's, Cork 1879.
(6) Elaine Guyon. Born Richmond, Surrey 1886.
e. Ewen Baillie Sutherland. Born Uppat House 15 April 1800. Baptised Kilmuir-Easter, Easter Ross. Married Elizabeth Mackenzie.  
f. Duncan Forbes Sutherland. Born Uppat House 17 November 1801. Baptised Kilmuir-Easter, Easter Ross. Married Lucy Hawkshaw.  
g. Hugh Mackay Sutherland. Born Uppat House 19 April 1803. Baptised Kilmuir-Easter, Easter Ross.  
h. Robert Sutherland of Uppat, Sutherland. Born Rhives, Rossshire 24 March 1805. Baptised Kilmuir-Easter, Easter Ross. Married, c.1836, G Cumming.  
i. Charles Baillie Mackay Sutherland of Uppat, Sutherland. Born Rhives, Rossshire 8 January 1808. Baptised Kilmuir-Easter, Easter Ross.  
j. Louisa Aeneasina Sutherland. Born Rhives, Rossshire 1 July 1809. Baptised Kilmuir-Easter, Easter Ross. Married c.1828 J Gibson.  
k. Jane Sutherland. Born Rhives, Rossshire 2 January 1811. Baptised Kilmuir-Easter, Easter Ross. Married c.1830 John Wilson, MD.  
5. Robert Sutherland of St Vincent. 1776-1828. RS

[1]    1881 Census - Captain, 7th Fusiliers
         1901 Census - Colonel in Army

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