The Genealogy of the Stratton Family


William Stratton.  (1632-1695). Married Mary Locke (1647-1677).
Peter Stratton. Born 1674. Died 1720. Married Elizabeth Sylvester.
John Stratton. Born 1703. Died c.1752. Married Mary Bright (died 1748).
A. George Stratton of Madras and Tew Park, Born Madras, 12th December 1733. Died Great Tew, Oxon, 20th March 1800. Buried Great Tew, "in woollen only", 28th March 1800. Exponent of proactive regime change and thereby Governor of Madras 1776. Married Madras 17th January 1768 Hester Eleanora Light (born ca. 1748, died Broadwell, Glos., February 1834).
a. Wilhelmina Sarah Stratton, Born presumably between 1778 and 1785. Died Congleton 24th November 1849. Married Charlbury 26th December 1809 Egerton Leigh of Cheshire (born 23rd August 1779, died Jodrell Hall  5th October 1865).
1. Eleanor Agnes Leigh. Born 17th April 1811. Died of consumption Twemlow, Cheshire 20th November 1837.   
2. Anna Elizabeth Leigh. Born 26th April 1812. Died 26th August 1879.        
3. Beatrice Julia Leigh. Baptised Broadwell, Glos., 8th September 1813. Married Goostrey 2nd October 1845 Rev John Oliver Hopkins of Uffington.     
4. Lt Col. Egerton Leigh. Born 7th March 1815. Died London 1st July 1876. Buried with his wife Rostherne, Cheshire. Married London, 20th September 1842 Lydia Rachel Smith-Wright (born ca. 1812, died 3rd April 1893). 7 recorded children 
i. Egerton Leigh Born 18th July 1843. Died 18th October 1928. Married firstly London 1874 Elizabeth Mary Gore White (born ca. 1847, died 1st October 1880).  
A. Edward Egerton Leigh-White. Born Church Hulme 23rd June 1876. Died 20th February 1920. Married 27th April 1904 Arethusa Flora Gartside Hawker.
a. Clodagh Elizabeth Maude Leigh-White. Born 8th April 1905. Married 23rd October 1926 Geoffrey H Shelswell(-White) Assistant District Commissioner Zanzibar. Issue.  
b. Rachel Veronica Rose Leigh-White. Born 9th October 1906.
B. Margaret Elizabeth Egerton Leigh. Born ca. 1876. Married Goostrey 4th April 1899  Lt Col Richard Oliver Marton. (born 19th August 1872).  
Egerton Leigh 1843 - 1928 married secondly 7th May 1889 Violet Cecil Mary Tipping(e) (died 1941).           
C. Cecil Egerton Leigh. Born 28th September 1890. Died 2nd November 1930. Married 21st May 1915 Gladys Durell Barnes.       
a. Piers Egerton Leigh. Born 22nd March 1918. Died December 1998.     
b. Neville Egerton Leigh. Born 4th June 1922. Died August 1994.    
D. Cynthia Egerton Leigh. Born 30th March 1898.   
ii. John Jodrell Leigh Born 21st April 1845. Died 26th April 1860.   
iii. Eleanor Sophia Egerton Leigh Born ca. 1849. Died 13th March 1898. Married Goostrey 5th August 1869  Sir Robert Alfred Cunliffe of Wrexham 5th Baronet (born ca. 1839, died 18th June 1895).
A. Sir Foster Hugh E Cunliffe. 6th Baronet Born ca 1875. Died (kia) Flanders 10th July 1916.   
B. Sir Robert Neville Henry Cunliffe. 7th Baronet Born 8th February 1884.   
iv. Edward Egerton Leigh of Broadwell. Born 1st July 1851. Died (kia) 25th June 1913. Married 17th September 1874  Laura Maude Edwards (born ca. 1849, buried Broadwell 28th October 1924)   
A. John Egerton Leigh. Born 23rd June 1876. Died (kia) France 4th April 1917.  
B. Henry Egerton Leigh. Born 20th April 1877. Died 1967. Married 3rd February 1910 Norah Louisa Prichard (born ca. 1883, died 1970). Issue.
a. Joan Marjory Egerton Leigh. Born Canada 10th December 1913. Died Cheltenham June 1997. Married Joseph John Elliott  (born 30th August 1914, died December 1998). Issue.      
v. The Rev. Neville Egerton Leigh Born High Leigh 2nd September 1852. Died Harrogate 20th June 1929.
vi. Arthur Egerton Leigh Born High Leigh 6th November 1853. Died Steep, Peytersfield, Hampshire 4th November 1914. Married Pimlico 7th September 1882 Mary Louisa Hay Murray (born 1st July 1858, died 7th October 1922).  
vii. Egerton Thomas Leigh
5. Caroline Leigh. Baptised 4th August 1817. Married Goostrey 14th September 1858, as his second wife, Rev Richard Morris. Witnesses at the marriage included the bridge's father, her brother and her nephew, all three of them called Egerton Leigh.   
6. Emma Leigh. Baptised Broadwell 18th January 1819. Buried 19th January 1820.   
7. Augusta (Catherine) Leigh. Baptised 15th April 1824. Married Goostrey 21st October 1851 Charles Gresley of Lichfield.    
b. George Frederick Stratton, JP Born Marylebone 17th October 1779. He may have gone to America
c. William Stratton. Born Great Tew, Oxon, 16th February 1781, a twin. Buried Great Tew, 24th February 1781. Born mid morning between 9.00 and 11.00, the twins were baptised on the day of their birth. 
d. John Stratton. Born Great Tew, Oxon, 16th February 1781, a twin. Died 3 June 1819. Married 20th June 1809 Frances Maria Jodrell
1. Georgina Maria Stratton. Born London 1812. Died 29th March 1892. Married London, 18th March 1831 William Curtis (born 26th August 1804, died 7th November 1870).
i. Georgina Henrietta Curtis Died Tattenhall, Staffs 6th March 1892. Married Ludlow 27th October 1868 Henry Tichborne Davenport who 1890 changed his name from Davenport to Hinckes  (born ca. 1833, died Tattenhall 19th March 1895).
ii. Madeline Harriet Louisa Curtis. Married 23rd February 1861 William Charles Chester Master  (born 6th November 1821, died Brookwood, 19th March 1913). She thereby married her brother's wife's brother.
A. Richard St. George Chester Master. Born 30th April 1866. Died 19th April 1937. Married Hereford 1897 Fanny Augusta de Winton.  
B. John Bromley Chester Master. Born 22nd July 1867. Died 27th April 1891.     
iii. William Edmund Curtis. Born 26th October 1833. Died 11th May 1860. Married 10th February 1859 as her first husband Ariana Emily Master (died 4th September 1928).
A. Sir William Michael Curtis. Born Knole, 11th November 1859. Died 19th January 1916. Atcham.
iv. Philip Julian Curtis. Born 20th March 1838.. Died London 19th July 1900.  Married London, 7th December 1875 Margaret Helen Marie Candy
A. Margaret Kathleen Curtis. Born London, 6th October 1876.
B. Evelyn Renée Venetia Curtis. Born 1st April 1879. Died 5th February 1904.
v. John Egerton Curtis. Born 6th December 1844.  Died 19th April 1879. Married 21st November 1871 Mary Ella Wallace 2 recorded children.
A. Sir Edgar Francis Egerton Curtis 5th Baronet. Born 18th December 1875. Died Wimbledon 9th August 1943. Married.
B. Mary Georgina Florence Curtis. Died 14th October 1896.
2. Harriet Vittoria Stratton. Born Fathinghoe, Northants, 21st June 1813. Died Glamorgan, 20th January 1900. Married 14th August 1832 Sir Michael Hicks Hicks- Beach MP (born 25th October 1809, died 22nd November 1854). 10 recorded children including Ellis Henry and the first Henrietta Maria who died in infancy.
i. Michael Edward Hicks-Beach, 1st Earl of St Aldwyn. MP, PC, MA, JP Born London, 23rd October 1837. Died London 30th April 1916. Matriculated Christchurch. He had a long and distinguished political career. Married firstly Devon 6th January 1864 Caroline Susan Elwes  (born Cheltenham 4th April 1845, died probably in childbirth (dsps) 14th August 1865). Married secondly S Molton, 3rd September 1874 Lucy Catherine Fortescue (born London 27th March 1851, died Coln St Aldwyn, Glos, 17th March 1940.
A. Eleanor Lucy Hicks-Beach. Born 29th October 1875. Died 1960. Married London 14th February 1907 John Keane (born 3rd June 1873, died 1956). 4 recorded children.
B. Michael Hugh Hicks-Beach, Viscount Quenington, 9th Bt MP, MA Born London 19th January 1877. Fell in battle at Katia, Egypt 23rd April 1916. Matriculated Christchurch 1901. Married London Q3 1909 Marjorie Dent Brocklehurst (born York, 14th August 1883, died of typhoid Cairo 4th March 1916).
a. Delia Mary Hicks-Beach. Born 2 August 1910. Married 3 December 1934 Brigadier Sir (Charles) Michael Dillwyn-Venables-Llewelyn, 3rd Bt, MVO.
aa. Mary Julia Dillwyn-Venables-Llewelyn. Born 31 January 1936.
bb. John Michael Dillwyn-Venables-Llewelyn. Born 12 August 1938. Married 20 April 1963 Nina Hallam.
AA. Georgina Katherine Dillwyn-Venables-Llewelyn. Born 7 December 1964.
BB. Emma Susan Dillwyn-Venables-Llewelyn. Born 23 November 1967.
b. Rt Hon Michael John Hicks-Beach, 2nd Earl of St Aldwyn. 10th Bt, KBE, TD, MA Born 9th October 1912. Died Cirencester, 29th January 1992. Married 26 June 1948 Diana Mary Christian Smyly, DStJ (born 30th July 1915, died Cirencester, 54th July 1992), only dau of Henry Christian George Mills.
aa. Michael Henry Hicks-Beach, 3rd Earl of St Aldwyn, 11th Bt. Born 7 February 1950. Educated Eton and Ch Ch, Oxford. Married 24th April 1982 Gilda Maria Saavedra.
AA. Atlanta Maria Hicks-Beach. Born 1983.
BB. Aurora Ursula Hicks-Beach. Born 1988.
bb. Peter Hugh Hicks-Beach. Born 21 May 1952. Educated Eton. Died unmarried 1990.
cc. David Seymour Hicks-Beach. Born 25 May 1955. Page of Honour to HM the Queen from 1969. Educated Eton. Married 1993 Katrina ("Kate") Louise Susannah Henriques.
C. Susan Evelyn Hicks-Beach. Born London 15th June 1878. Died Cirencester, Q1 1965.
D. Victoria Alexandrina Hicks-Beach. Born London 12th September 1880. Died Cheltenham, Q2 1963.
ii. Caroline Julia Hicks-Beach. Born ca. 1840. Died 1917. Married 1861 John Talbot Dillwyn- Llewelyn.(1836 - 1927). 3 recorded children.
A. Charles Leyshon Dillwyn-Venables-Llewelyn. Born Neath 29th June 1870. Died 1951. Married 1893 Katharine Minna Venables.
a. Brigadier Sir Charles Michael Dillwyn- Venables- Llewlyn 3rd Baronet.Born 23rd February 1900. Died 15th March 1976.  
iii. William Frederick Hicks-Beach. Born Coln St Aldwyn 16th July 1841. Died 7th February 1923. Buried Ramsden, Oxon, 29th February 1932. Married 5th July 1865, Elizabeth Caroline Tyrwhitt-Drake (born Herford, 14th July 1841, died Cheltenham 22nd January 1901).    
A. William Hicks-Beach. Born London 12th July 1876. Died 20th July 1906.
B. Violet Elizabeth "Lucy" Hicks-Beach. Born Newton, ca. 1868. Died November 1923. Married as his second wife London Q4 1907, Robert Threshie Reid, Earl Loreburn (born 3rd April 1846, Died 30th November 1923).
C. Margaret Agnes Hicks-Beach. Born Newton, ca. 1869. Married Cheltenham Q4 1908,  Joseph Dilworth Crewdson (born Chorley, Chewshire 5th June 1875) .
D. Michael Hicks-Beach. Born Amersham, 8th August 1872. Married.
E. Ellis Hicks-Beach. Born Newbury, 22nd April 1874, Died Cheltenham, Q3 1943. Married Kingston, 24th September 1903 Nancy Whitehead. 6 recorded children.
a. Rachel Hicks-Beach. Born 17th July 1904. Died Newport, Q3 1983. Married Colonel Edward Roderick Hill (born Woolwich 9th June 1904, died Wantage, November 1998). 2 recorded children. 
b. William Whitehead Hicks-Beach. Born 23rd March 1907. Died Cheltenham, January 1975.  
aa. Mark William Hicks-Beach, Born 8th February 1943. Died Cheltenham ca. February 1998. Issue.  
c. Anne Hicks-Beach. Born 30th March 1908. Died Q3 1977. Married ca. 1931 Baron Rupert William Dudley Leigh (born 14th March 1908, died 24th June 1979). 4 recorded children.  
d. Spencer Ellis Hicks-Beach. Born 25th April 1911. Died Gloucester, Q4 1969.
e. John Hicks-Beach. Born 4th May 1913. Died 15th June 1913.
F. Edward Howe Hicks-Beach. Born Newbury 7th December 1875. Married with issue.
G. Charles Hicks-Beach. Born Brockworth 5th January 1878. Died Dover, Q1 1961.
H. Myrtle Ardina Hicks-Beach.
iv. Emily Georgiana Jane Hicks-Beach. Born ca. 1846. Died 30th December 1930. Married 28th January 1864 George Pargitter Fuller (born 8th January 1833,still alive 1919).
A. John Michael Fleetwood Fuller. Born 21st October 1864.  Died 4th September 1915. Governor of Victoria, Aus 1911 - 1914.  Married 5th July 1898 Norah Jacintha Phipps (died 1935). Issue.      
          B. William Fleetwood Fuller. Born 17th September 1865.     
          C. Robert Fleetwood Fuller. Born 6th November 1875.  Died 9th September 1955.    
          D. Georgina Fleetwood Fuller.  Born ca. 1867. Died 1927. Married Neston, Wilts 24th April  1890 Charles Edward Henry Hobhouse.    
v. Alice Mary Hicks-Beach. Born ca. 1848. Married 8th August 1865 William Henry Barneby.
A. Edmund Henry Barneby. Born July 1869. 
B. Susan Alice Barneby. Born Walcot, Bath, 11th February 1868. 
C. Richard Hicks Barneby. Born 16th May 1875.  Died 31st January 1923. Married 26th August 1908 Margaret Elizabeth Howard (born 29th April 1880).  
a. Captain Richard Paul Barneby. Born 15th August 1915. Died 2nd July 1944.
vi. Henrietta Maria Hicks-Beach. Born Coln St Aldwyn 1849. Died February 1932. Buried Ramsden, Oxon, 29th February 1932. Married Northwich 7th January 1873, as his second wife, Rev Robert Lowbridge Baker (born Wrington 22nd February 1831, died 23rd January 1904, buried Ramsden). Robert Lowbridge Baker was incumbent minister and prominent landowner in Ramsden where the church retains much evidence of his energetic incumbancy, nearly a century after his death..
A. Katherine Alice Baker. Born London 8th May 1874. Died January 1949. Married Ramsden, 20th November 1905, William Parker Rewcastle Spencer 
a. Joan Mary Spencer. Born Ceylon 29th October 1912. Died 8th August 1997. Married Cairo David Harwood Hughes ( 1909 - 1997). Issue.
b. John Ellis Spencer. Born 1914. Died 2002. Married with issue.
c. William Lowbridge Spencer. Born Ceylon 1916. Died Nachingwea, Tanzania 25th March 1996.  
B. Mary Dorothea Baker. Born Ramsden 27th March 1872. Died Oxford 26th June 1946. Married Ramsden, 17th April 1904, George Henry Barnett. (born London 12th November 1880, died Chipping Norton 8th October 1942). 5 children.
C. Lettice Edith Baker. Born Ramsden 8th April 1877. Died Oxford 6th July 1952. Married Ramsden, 24th September 1902, Captain Arnold Hugh Butler. (born ca. 1858, died 17th June 1935).
a. Robert Arnold Paul Butler. Born Alverscot, 9th November 1905. Died 20th August 1973. Married Marian Alison Gordon (born Oxford 9th November 1908, died Witney 14th February 1994). Issue.
b. Major William Francis Butler. Born Alvescot 7th May 1908. Died Tunisia 18th January 1943. Married Hawick Nancy Teacher. Issue.  
D. Marjorie Emily Baker. Born Ramsden 17th July 1878. Died (dsp) Oxon 23rd February 1932. Married Ramsden, 2nd October 1907, Norman Munn Whitaker (born 7th May 1878, died 20th August 1921).
E. Laura Joan Baker. Born Ramsden 7th December 1879. Married Ramsden, 6th August 1912 Charles Lennard Chute. (born 6th May 1876, died Hampshire, 1956).
F. Henrietta Judith Baker. Born Ramsden 20th January 1882. Died  8th October 1946. Married Ramsden, 11th October 1916, Henry Parker. (born 4th December 1860, died 26th June 1952). 2 children..
a. Flying Officer Richard Cecil Parker. Born 11th September 1919. Died when his plane crashed on returning from a sortie over Germany 17th October 1940.
G. Robert Michael Baker. Born Ramsden 13th March 1887. Died (dsp) Kuilput 5th November 1909.  
vii. Laura Harriet Hicks-Beach. Born Glos., 5th March 1851. Died Wiltshire 6th March 1874. Married Coln St Aldwyn 19th November 1872 Arthur Charles Mitchell.
viii. Mary Ethel Hicks-Beach. Born Glos., ca 1853. Died Lancashire 1st October 1914.  
3. Elizabeth Julia Stratton. Born Chesterton, Oxon, 7th December 1815. Died 4th July 1885. Buried Amersham. Married firstly Col. Wedderburn (died before 1843). Married secondly Farthinhoe, 8th August 1843 Thomas Drake who changed his name to Thomas Tyrwhitt-Drake (born 14th July 1818, died 24th July 1888) to whom she bore  9 recorded children.
i. Elizabeth Caroline Tyrwhitt-Drake. Born Hertford, 14th July 1841. Died Cheltenham 22nd January 1901. Married 5th July 1865 her first cousin, William Frederick Hicks-Beach (born 16th July 1841, died 7th September 1923). Issue listed under their father's entry (above )
ii. Susan Emily Tyrwhitt-Drake. Born Berkhampsead, ca. 1844. Died Crowthorne, Bracknell 15th April 1932. Married 23rd April 1868 Col. George Shippen Willes JP (born Hungerford 18th March 1841, died 25th June 1927).
A. Florence Susan Willes. Born Hungerford, 3rd February 1869. Died Salisbury 1971. Estate Agent. Married Hungerford 1st November 1899, Francis Robert Harding-Newman. (born 23rd January 1870, died Midhurst, 9th April 1943). 4 recorded children..
a. Susan Fayth Harding-Newman. Born Newmarket, 11th August 1900. Died 5th February 1942. Married 21st September 1926 George Louis Downall Gibbs.
b. Francis Warren Andrew Harding-Newman. Born Newmaket 30th November 1903. Died Taunton, October 1984.
c. Barbara Mary Harding-Newman. Born Chippenham, Soham 9th January 1906. Married with issue.    
B. George Coe Thomas Willes. Born 3rd August 1870. Died San Jose, CA 28th November 1921. Married 1900  Ethel Joan Sheppard. 2 recorded children..
a. Ethel Joan Willes. Born  10th May 1901. Married Henry Greenwood.
C. Charlotte Mary Willes. Born Hungerford 16th December 1871. 
D. Agnes Helena Willes. Born Hungerford 9th June 1873. Died 9th December 1960.  
E. Margaret Floyer Willes. Born London 3rd October 1875.
F. John Shippen Willes. Born London, 2nd February 1877. Died 6th April 1942.
G. William Freke Willes. Born London 28th June 1878. Died 21st March 1968. Married 23rd January 1906, Jessie Hannah Ronald. (died 18th October 1942). 2 recorded children..
H. Joan Mabel Willes. Born ca. 1880. Died January 1968.  
I. Maud Julia Willes. Born London 11th February 1882.
J. Dorothy Tyrwhitt Willes. Born London 26th December 1883. Died Hastings, where she is buried at Ore Cemetery,  26th September 1891.
iii. Florence Georgina Tyrwhitt-Drake. Born Oxon, ca 1848. Died 11th June 1927. Married November 1873 Ernest Mathews (born Islington 17th May 1847, died 25th November 1930). 4 recorded children.
A. Florence Diana Mathews. Born Amersham, Bucks 2nd March 1875.  
B. Muriel Olwyn Mathews. Born Llanfihangel y Traethaw, Merioneth 17th September 1876. Married Amersham 3rd September 1919 her second cousin Harry Willes (born Epsom, 28th August 1878) whose Stratton  descent is set out below.
iv. Thomas William Tyrwhitt-Drake. Born Farthinghoe, Northants, 28th November 1849. Died 8th December 1900. Buried Amersham. Married 4th August 1874 Frances Anna Isabella Smith-Dorrien (born Berkhamstead 29th March 1847, died Hastings, 20th October 1910. Buried Amersham.
v. William Wykeham Tyrwhitt-Drake. Born Farthinghoe, 27th September 1850. Died Amersham, 29th July 1919. Married Buckingham 22nd November 1883 Augusta Peel (died 18th October 1935).
A. Herbert William Tyrwhitt-Drake. Born 10th October 1885. Died (kia) Wimereaux, 11th March 1915.
B. Captain Edward Thomas Tyrwhitt-Drake. Born 7th April 1887. Died Gibraltar, 31st August 1933. Married 21st May 1910  Venice Marguerite Corbett. (born ca. 1886, died Westminster 7th June 1944).). 4 recorded children..
a. Dianna Evelyn Venice Tyrwhitt-Drake. Born Andover, 21st July 1916. Died 6th February 1980. 5th February 1942. Married firstly Lt. Arthur William Michael Blake (born 20th May 1918, died HMS Belmont, 31st January 1942). Married thirdly, as his second wife,  Robert Wilson Gordon (born 3rd March 1915, died 13th January 1993).
b. Barbaraina Mary Gabrielle Tyrwhitt-Drake. Born Amersham, 6th May 1922. Died 31st July 1942. 
C. Dorothy Mary Tyrwhitt-Drake. Born London 28th June 1878. Died 21st March 1968. Married 24th March 1913, Capain Charles Goodrich Carter. (born ca. 1889, died 17th February 1959).
D. Heather Augusta Tyrwhitt-Drake. Born 29th April 1896. Married 15th June 1919, John Trelawny Upton. (born 30th April 1893, died 30th March 1967). 4 recorded children..
a. Hilda Trelawny Upton. Born Witney, 4th August 1921. Died Ipswich, November 1999.  
b. Nicholas Upton. Born 19th August 1937.
vi. Julia Diana Tyrwhitt-Drake. Born Farthinghoe, ca. 1852. Died 6th December 1929.
vii. Edward John Tyrwhitt-Drake. Born 6th March 1855. Died Coconada, India, 13th November 1884.
viii. Agnes Louisa Tyrwhitt-Drake. Born London ca. 1858. Died Battle, Sussex, 1st May 1923.
ix. Guy Percival Tyrwhitt-Drake. Born 26th October 1859. Died Preston 24th June 1924. Married 22nd January 1890 Mary Ann Emily Leybourne Popham (born Chilton, Wilts 30th April 1856, died Esher 11th November 1932). 3 recorded children.
A. Captain Thomas Tyrwhitt-Drake, JP. Born  Heyshott, 11th May 1893. Died 22nd March 1956. Military Cross + 2 bars 1916.  Married Kingston 17th October 1933, Mary Philomena T Mostyn (born 6th August 1895, died Amersham 4th November 1953).
B. Dorothy Bridget Tyrwhitt-Drake. Born 14th March 1894. Married  19th July 1922, Eric Tremayne Buller Leybourne Popham. (born 3rd January 1894). 3 recorded children.
C. Captain Francis John Tyrwhitt-Drake. Born  Blandford, 15th September 1904. Died Petersfield December 1996.  Married Battle, Sussex, 2nd August 1941 Vivien Dorothy Spray Farnham. (born 12th November 1907, died Ledbury Q4 1978). 2 recorded children.
4. Emily Ann Stratton. Born Oxfordshire 5th March 1816. Died Florence 12th March 1883. Buried Glympton. Married 18th September 1838 Henry Barnett, MP, JP, DL of Glympton Park.. 8 recorded children. EAS
5. John Locke Stratton, JP. Born Farthinghoe 2nd January 1818. Died Turweston, Berks 18th September 1903. Married firstly at Turweston Mary Scott Horrocks (died London, 7th June 1851). 2 recorded children from 1st marriage:
i. Edith Mary Stratton. Born London, 14th May 1846. Married Brackley 28th October 1874 Sydney Hamilton Little
A. Mary Bridget Hamilton Little. Born Milford 16th July 1876.
B. Sydney Knox Hamilton Little. Born York 23rd February 1878.
C. Henry Hamilton Little. Born York 21st December 1880.
ii. Laura Harriet Stratton. Born Newbury or Turweston, 21st May 1848. Died Burnham 30th January 1916. Married Brackley 29th July 1869 Rev George Edward Willes (born Lichfield 16th August 1844, died Eton district, 8th September 1901. Matriculated Trinity, Cambridge). 10 recorded children.
A. Laura Mary Willes. Born Aynhoe, Northants, 15th April 1870. Died ca. 1939.
B. Edith Margaret Willes. Born Aynhoe, 23rd April 1871.
C. Rachel Emmeline Willes. Born Aynhoe, 21st August 1872.
D. Violet Agnes Willes. Born Aynhoe, 30th January 1874. Still alive 1916.
E. Edward Shippen Willes. Born Epsom, Surrey, 14th April 1875.
F. George Locke Willes. Born Epsom, 20th September 1876. Died Burnham, Bucks 6th September 1928. Tea Planter.    
G. Harry Willes. Born Epsom, 28th August, 1878. Married Amersham, 3rd September 1919 Muriel Olwyn Mathews (born Merionethshire  17th September 1876) whose Stratton descent appears above.
H. Ruth Elenor Willes. Born Epsom, 23rd  September 1880.
I. William E Willes.
J. Evelyn Decima Willes. Married Burnham, 23rd January 1919 Alan Grant Ogilvie.
Married secondly 2nd October 1855 Mary Willes (born Astrop, Northants 2nd August 1837, died Turweston, March 1914. 13 recorded children from 2nd marriage.
iii. Margaret Stratton. Born London, ca. 1856. Married Turweston 8th January 1880.  Henry Tubb (born Bicester, 18th June 1851, died Chesterton, Oxon, 8th February 1924) Banker, Maltster and philanthropist.
A. Margaret Eleanor Tubb. Born Bicester, 2nd March 1883. Married 22nd November 1917 Morys Lancelot Lloyd-Mostyn (born 20th February 1887, died 1968).
a. Henry Pyers Ronald Lloyd-Mostyn. Born 16th December 1918. Died (kia) Dunkerque 27th May 1940. 
B. Cicely Marion Tubb. Born Bicester 1st November 1884. Married after 1901 Eustace Charles Mordaunt (born 6th September 1870, died 21st June 1938).
a. Nigel John Mordaunt. Born Montagu Sq, Marylebone 9th May 1907. Died Elsenham 4th August 1979. Married with issue.  
C. Evelyn Mary Tubb. Born Bicester 2nd April 1888. Married Chesterton 5th February 1941 Squadron Leader Harold George Morrell.
D. Lilian May Tubb. Born Chesterton 31st March 1894. Married August 1930 Spencer Tryon.
iv. Julia Stratton. Born  Turweston, 21st November 1857 Died 29th August 1913.
v. Mary Louisa Stratton. Born  Turweston, 23rd May 1859.
vi. George Edmund Stratton. Born  Turweston, 29th December 1861. Died Chelmsford 21st June 1930.
vii. Eleanor Mary Stratton. Born ca.1863. Married Brackley 21st April 1897 Leslie Caldecott.
viii. Eveline Stratton. Born ca.1865. Died 13th August 1951. Married Turweston 6th January 1891 Sidney Hutchinson Binson Byass (born Reigate 24th July 1862, died 18th February 1929).   
A. Geoffrey Robert Sidney Byass. Born Port Talbot, 30th September 1895. Died 29th October 1976. Married 20th September 1919 Marian Bruce. They had issue.  
ix Charles John Stratton. Born Turweston 27th June 1867. Died 28th May 1907. Married Hollingbourne  22nd November 1898 Florence Louisa Style (born Kent Q4 1873).   
A. John Humphrey Stratton. Born Bicester, 19th January 1900. Died Aberdeenshire 14th November 1977. Married with issue.  
B. Ida Rosemary Stratton. Born Bicester, Q4 1902. Died 1984. Married William Weatherby. They had issue.  
C. Charles Michael Stratton. Born Bicester, 4th October 1907. Died Banbury April 1992. Married 15th July 1930 Anne Stammond (born 30th June 1911, died 1985. They had issue.  
x Alice Emily Stratton. Born Turweston ca. 1869  
xi Mary Ethel Stratton. Born Turweston Q3 1872. Died Oxford, 11th February 1952.
xii John William Stratton. Born Turweston 31st August, 1875. Died Repton, 29th October 1919. School teacher.
xiii Florence Amy Stratton. Born Turweston 10th September 1876. Died Turweston 17th July 1966. Turweston church organist. The photograph on the wall of the Stratton Arms at Turweston  (in 2002) of Miss Stratton with the small dog, from which in old age she was inseperable, is believed to be of her.
xiv Janet Stratton. Born Turweston ca. May 1880.
e. Aurora Georgina Stratton. Born Great Tew, Oxon, 5th December 1782. Buried, Great Tew, 16th September 1783.

This genealogy is not intended to be comprehensive.  (Previously omitted branches may nonetheless be
added in response to expressions of interest.)   Therefore the generation indicator mark (e.g.  (A), (i)  or whatever)
does not necessarily indicate the chronological position of a child's birth date in relation to those of siblings.  
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