The Genealogy of theShoolbred Family


A. James Shoolbred  Married Agnes Blyth.
a. John Shoolbred, Married Auchtermuchty, Fife Isobel Moffat.
      1. Thomas Shoolbred. Christened Auchtermuchty, 8th February  1736 (Gregorian).    
2. James Shoolbred. Christened Auchtermuchty, 20th November 1737 Died 1818. Employed by East India Company. Married Auchtermuchty 8th June 1765 Helen Stark (died after 1830).
i. Margarit Shoolbred Still alive 1830..
        ii. Dr John Shoolbred. Baptised Auchtermuchty , Fife, 13th March 1766. Died Cheltenham, 12th October 1831. He was employed initially as a ship's surgeon and subsequently as an increasingly senior surgeon in the Presidency National Hospital in Bengal. In 1804-5 the issue of vaccination - specifically against smallpox which was a virulent menace in the subcontinent at this time - was stirring passions in the Bengali presidency. John Shoolbred was the signatory of a declaration of the Native Inoculators in favour of Vaccine Inoculation and published for general information.  His title was given as Suptd. General of Vaccine Inoculation.    Married Calcutta, November 1801 Lucy Rand.    
          (A) Helen Mary Shoolbred. Born probably in Bengal 12th May 1811. Died 14 Eaton Square, London 31st July 1895.  Married Bath, Somerset 10th June 1833 Captain (subsequently Admiral) Norwich Duff 1792 - 1862.    
iii. Richard Shoolbred. Baptised  Auchtermuchty, 23rd November 1769. 
iv. Thomas Shoolbred. Baptised  Auchtermuchty, 29th September 1771. Still alive, according to his brother's will,  1830.
v. Jean Shoolbred. Baptised  Auchtermuchty, 2nd April 1774.  
vi. Isabell Shoolbred. Baptised  Auchtermuchty, 21st July 1776. Still alive 1830.
3. John Shoolbred. Born Auchtermuchty, 30th November 1740. Will dated 27th May 1801 and probated at London 23rd February 1802. He was a prosperous merchant. Married, London, 27th April 1765 Jane Hislop (born ca. 1745, died in childbirth London 26th February 1784).
        i. James Shoolbred.  Born (probably) 13th May 1766. Died 13th September 1847. Buried Kiawah Island, SC. 1790 First British Consul in Charleston. Married Charleston 30th June 1793 Mary Gibbes "Polly" Middleton (born 6th November 1775, died 10th July 1808).      
(A) Mary Middleton Shoolbred. Born ca. 1794. Died 4th November 1855. Married 12th May 1813 Charles Drayton (born 5th December 1785 son of Charles Drayton and Hester Middleton, died 6th July 1844.        
(a) Charles Drayton.Born 28th September 1814. Died 15th May 1852. Married 15th December 1846 Sarah Martha Parker.   
(1) Charles Henry Drayton. Died 23rd December 1915. Married Charleston 22nd May 1873 Eliza M Gault (died 17th June 1926).    
(i) Mary Middleton Drayton. Born 1st March 1874. Died 2nd April 1899.     
(ii) Eliza Gaunt (or Gault?)Drayton. Born 8th April 1878. Died 21st August 1918.         
(iii) Charlotte Drayton. Born 13th November 1884.  
(iv) Charles Henry Drayton. Born 27th November 1887. Married 10th October 1917 Emily Appleton Beatty.         
a Francis Beatty Drayton. Born 15th February 1923. Died ca. September 1979.   
(b) Henrietta Augusta Drayton. Born 25th January 1816. Died 13th March 1816.   
(c) James Shoolbred Drayton. Born 22nd April 1820. Died 11th October 1867. Married firstly 19th November 1844 Louisa Eleanor Elford (died 5th October 1851).
James Shoolbred Drayton. married secondly 16th April 1862  Louisa A Willis (died 10th October 1867).
(d) William P Dewe(e)s Drayton. Born 7th March 1826. Died 21st November 1839.  
(e) Thomas Henry Middleton Drayton. Born Charleston 9th November 1828. Died Texas 11th November 1867.    
(f) John Drayton. Born Charleston 10th October 1831. Died 1912. Married 10 December 1893 New Orleans Katie Linsey ?Leobnitz.
(1) Charles M Drayton. Born 1902. Died 12th December 1934.
(2) John Drayton.    
(B) John Gibbes Shoolbred. Born 11th June 1796. Died Flat Rock, NC 14th February 1860. Married 26th October 1820 Emma Augusta Gibbes (born 11th May 1799, died Charleston 28th February 1882, buried St Paul's, Charleston).
(a) John Gibbes Shoolbred. Born Charleston, SC 7th August 1821. Died 1st July 1842. Buried St Paul's Episc. Churchyard, Charleston. Married ca. 1842 Jane Ball (born ca. 1823, died Charleston 9th February 1905).
(1) John Gibbes Shoolbred. Born 31st October 1842. Died 1st May 1900. 
(b) Mary Middleton Shoolbred. Born 1st August 1824. Died 19th October 1841. Buried St Paul's. 
(c) Augustus Shoolbred. Born ca 1827 per census data.   
(d) Emma Augusta Shoolbred. Born 10th December 1828. Died 28th February 1839. Buried St Paul's.  
(e) Septima Ann Shoolbred. Born 16th November 1830. Died 24th May 1835. 
(f) James Shoolbred. Born 24th March 1833. 
(g) Adelaide E. Shoolbred. Born 21st November 1835.  
(h) Margaret Shoolbred. Born 28th Februayr 1837. 
(i) Reeve Gibbes Shoolbred. Born 6th November 1839. Died 22nd September 1863 from injuries sustained at Chickmauga.  
            (j) James or John "Jack" Stanyarne Shoolbred. Born Charleston 28th November 1841. Died Gadsden, SC 18th December 1872. Kinsman Edward Boykin wrote that Jack [Shoolbred] was a South Carolina hotshot, as fast as they come with a Colt." and goes on to relate Jack's wartime heroic deeds in his book "Beefsteak Raid". Jack Shoolbred was a scout for his regiment in the Civil War. Married Congaree 5th September 1867 Frances Hopkins ("Fanny") Adams (born 9th January 1846, died 22nd January 1895).         
(1) Emma Augusta Gibbes Shoolbred. Born Eastover, Richland Co., SC 12th January 1869. Died 21st May 1916. Married firstly 13th January 1887 Henry Walker Adams (born 5th December 1852, died 3rd March 1903).
(i) Frances Hopkins Adams. Born 23rd January 1895. Died 6th February 1911. 
(ii) Mary Huguenia Adams. Born Eastover 17th December 1896. Died 25th November 1957. Married with issue.   
Emma Augusta Gibbes Shoolbred. married secondly 26th July 1904 Robert B Crawford . Issue.  
(2) Robert Adams Shoolbred. Born Richland Co. 11th June 1870. Died Eastover 1st May 1914. Married 27th April 1892 Alice Waterman Waite (born Baltimore, MD 17th January 1863, died Eastover 15th May 1914). Issue.  
(i) Benson Sumner Shoolbred. Born Eastover 25th January 1893. Died Eastover 20th June 1958. Married 26th April 1917 Florence Hibbett Wilson (born 6th January 1896, died 16th February 1982). Issue.   
(ii) Frances Hopkins Shoolbred. Born 10th November 1894. Died Spartanburg, SC 10th July 1981. Married 16th June 1920 Sidney Jamieson Dwight (born 27th June 1887, died Columbia, SC 9th April 1949.
(iii) John Stanyarne Shoolbred. Born Eastover 11th February 1898. Died Eastover 26th June 1898. 
(iv) Alice Waite Shoolbred. Born 4th May 1899. Died Richland Co. 27th May 1981. Married 17th January 1920 Bernard Thomas Daly (born 12th December 1896, died 27th December 1978). Issue.   
(v) Augustus Waite Shoolbred. Born Eastover 31st December 1901. Died Spartanburg, SC 30th May 1975. Married Chester, SC 24th June 1926 Margaret Fowler (born 28th March 1904, died 27th January 1981).    
a Richard Fowler Shoolbred. Born Kershaw, SC 24th June 1934. Died Spartanburg, SC 10th April 1968. Married Sumter, SC 8th September 1956 Mary Chesnut Britton (born Sumter, SC 19th May 1934, died Greenville, SC 11th August 2004. Issue.       
(3) Amy Adams Shoolbred. Born SC 15th April 1872. Died 6th January 1961. Married Francis Hopkins Weston
(C) Amelia Sarah Shoolbred. Born 12th September 1798. Died 10th September 1866. Buried St Paul's  Churchyard, Charleston. Married 13th May 1816 Joseph Smith Gibbes (born 7th June 1794, died 9th November 1831).
(a) Mary Middleton Gibbes. Born 31st December 1817. Died 29th March 1824.Buried St Paul's Episc. Churchyard, Charleston, SC.
(b) James Shoolbred Gibbes. Born SC 10th September 1819. Died ca. 1888. Married 17th November 1842 Mary Evans. Issue.
(c) Amilus Augustus Gibbes. Born 19th May 1821. Died 24th February 1824. Buried St Paul's.  
            (d) Emily Gibbes. Born 25th August 1824. Died 7th June 1827. Buried St Paul's.    
            (e) John Shoolbred Gibbes. Born 18th February 1827. Died 28th June 1850.      
(f) Allen Smith Gibbes. Born SC 29th October 1829. Married firstly 1855 Susan Bohun Baker (died 11th September 1856).  
Allen Smith Gibbes.married secondly 1861 Kate M Hartridge (died 25th March 1873). 
(1) Francis deSaussure Gibbes. Born 3rd September 1862.     
(2) Adelaide Hartridge Gibbess. Born 4th February 1864.     
(3) Emmeline Hartridge Gibbes. Born 28th January 1865.     
(4) Leila Mary Gibbes. Born 20th October 1866.     
(5) Arthur B Middleton Gibbes. Born 6th April 1870.     
(6) Charles Alfred Gibbes. Born ca 1871 according to census data. Probably died young.     
Allen Smith Gibbes.married thirdly 1873 Adilina Hunter (born ca. 1853). 
(7) Adalina Hunter Gibbes. Born 10th October 1876.     
(8) Henry Stuart Gibbes. Born 4th October 1877.     
(9) Thomas Middleton Gibbes. Born 22nd August 1879.     
(10) Virginia Pinkerton Gibbes. Born 6th April 1881.     
(g) Catherine Osborn Gibbes. Born SC 10th February 1832. Died ca. 1871.  
(h) Mary Anne Gibbes. Born 27th June 1835. Died 17th July 1840. Buried St Paul's.
(i) Fanny Gibbes. Born 16th December 1836. Died 18th May 1855. Buried St Paul's.  
          (D) Ann Garden Gibbes Shoolbred. Born ca. 1800. Died 10th November 1836.  Married John Ebemezer Burrill. Issue.          
          (E) Eleanor H Shoolbred. Born ca. 1802. Died 14th July 1835.  Married 3rd April 1827 as his first wife Benjamin Smith Gibbes (born 22nd September 1802, died 8th December 1858).             
ii. Jane Eleanora Isabel Shoolbred. Born 20th January 1768. Died London 1st February 1793. Married 15th June 1789 Jerome Bernard Weeves.  
        iii. John Shoolbred.  Born 3rd November 1769. Died 20th November 1769.     
iv. John Shoolbred.  Born 6th June 1771. Still alive 1801. He is mentioned only fleetingly (and, in the court transcription, barely legibly) in his father's will. Since the will is extremely long, and repeatedly mentions John's sisters and his brother James, this seems a little strange. 
        v. Thomas Shoolbred. Born 25th May 1772. Died East Indies (kia) 6th October 1800.  His father's will includes this mention: " in the death of my much lived and dutiful son Thomas whilst serving in a military capacy in the East Indies..."     
        vi. Margaret Shoolbred. Born 13th November 1775. Died 2nd December 1775.       
vii. Mary Shoolbred.  Born 9th January 1776. Still alive 1805. Married St Pancras (near London) 6th May 1805 William Philip James Lodder who apparently would die Kensington, London 31st January 1867 aged 87.
        viii. Elizabeth Shoolbred. Born 9th January 1776. Died 15th February 1776.       
        ix. Ebenezer Shoolbred. Born and died 20th March 1779.        
        x. Emelia Shoolbred. Born 21st February 1784.          
      4. Walter Shoolbred. Baptised Auchtermuchty 28th December 1746.    
      5. David Shoolbred. Baptised Auchtermuchty 18th September 1748. Died by 1802. Latterly 'of Quebec'.   Married Elizabeth McNeill (died ca. 1821).     
        i. David Shoolbred. Born Auchtermuchty 11th February 1782. Died before 1807.      
        ii. Janet Shoolbred. Born Auchtermuchty 6th August 1784. Died before 1807.      
        iii. John Shoolbred. Born Auchtermuchty 16th December 1790. Mentioned in his mother's will as her only child in 1807.      
6. Henry Shoolbred. Baptised Auchtermuchty 5th January 1752 (Gregorian). Will dated 26th October 1789 and proved London, England 7th June 1790.    Merchant with land in South Carolina which he bequeathed to his nephew James Shoolbred.  His will implies that Henry had no surviving spouse or children by the time of his death. This is worth stressing, because another Henry Shoolbred died in the London area 1793 and did have children. Probably these two were related:  but they were different people.

This genealogy is not intended to be comprehensive. (Previously omitted branches may nonetheless be addedin response to expressions of interest.)   Therefore the generation indicatormark (e.g.  (A), (i)  or whatever) does not necessarily indicatethe chronological position of a child's birth date in relation to those of siblings.

The starting point for these data is inherited familyrecords combined with the exceptionally informative will of John Shoolbred 1740 - 1801/2.The compiler is grateful to Mary Shoolbred 1934 - 2004 whose generously shared hertranscription of this will, and who has provided much additional inspiration andinformation. Further welcome assistance and / or inspiration came from Audrey &Douglas Augier, Norma Armstrong, ZoŽ Fleming, Wade Lawrence and especially from BetsyShoolbred. A few data on the EIC career of John Shoolbred 1766 - 1831 (whose own will isalso informative), are held by the London based Society of Genealogists. 

Some of the genealogical information shewn on the Drayton family appearscourtesy of Drayton Hall, a US National Trust historic site, whose exceptionallyinformative and well presented website meritsinvestigation. 

Please send comments, corrections, additions and amendments to Charles Hillman.  Additional research and contributions by Sir William Arbuthnot, Bt,

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