The Genealogy of the Rutherford Family

I. James Rutherford. Killed in an accident just before Alexander was born 1838. Ironfounder at Aberdeen. Married Marjorie Robertson who died just after Alexander's birth.
i. Alexander Rutherford Sr of Perth, Scotland. Born 24 May 1838. Died 15 September 1916. Established A.Rutherford and Co Ship Repairers and Boatbuilders in Birkenhead. A prominent freemason. Married Esther Hannah Perry (born 17 December 1843, died 2 July 1917 aged 74).
A. Alexander Rutherford Jr. Born 10 August 18??. Keeper of a biological station on Puffin Island. Married 1887 Sarah Raven.
a. Seriol ("Cyril") Rutherford. Born 23 December 1889. Married Annie Jones. Divorced 1970?
i. Anne ("Nancy") Rutherford. Born 22 April 1916.  Died 2 February 2013.
aa. Bryan Rutherford. Born 29 June 1938.
bb. Alan Rutherford. Born 21 July 1943.
cc. Zelda Rutherford. Born 27 October 1944.
dd. Bernard Rutherford Born 20 April 1946
ee. Anita Rutherford Born 10 July 1949.
Seriol had a child by Edith Clark.
ii. Alexander John Rutherford. Born c.1940. Died 1963.
b. Alfred Robertson Rutherford. Born 24 June 1892. Died 7 February 1965. Married Eva Gertrude Davies (born 13 April 1900) whose mother Lillie Eliza Davies died 2 July 1907 aged 39 and was buried Witton cemetery, Birmingham 6 July 1907. Eva was fourth child, the others being Lilian, Winifred (married Geoffrey Hooper of Begby Road, Blackheath) and Geoffrey.
i. (Audrey) Joyce ("Joy") Rutherford. Born 17 December 1925. An architect and a local historian. Married Philip Gerald Hockey (born 18 April 1926), Liverpool pilot. He has a son Captain Philip Lewis Hockey who married Dora Bakendale.
aa. Baby Hockey.
bb. April Ghislaine Hockey. Born 12 April 1959.
cc. Jane Alexandra Hockey. Born 8 May 1962.
April or Jane married Neil B Jones.
ii. Eva Gillian Rutherford. Born 16 July 1927. Married Thomas Longshaw Norton (born 19 July 1923).
aa. Sarah Katherine Norton. Born 24 April 1962.
iii. June Wendy Rutherford. Born 27 March 1929. Married Raymond Wood Jones, an architect (born 21 October 1924, dvu 197?).
aa. Victoria Lesley Jones. Born 30 December 1957.
bb. Nicholas Ashley Jones. Born 28 February 1964.
iv. Judith Ann Rutherford. Born 9 September 1931. Married Henry Roy Hunt (born 9 December 1922).
aa. Claire Hunt. Born 196_.
b. Richard Perry Rutherford. Born 12 April 1894. Married Eva Norman.
i. Norman Rutherford. Born 1920.
ii. Joan Rutherford. Born 1923. Married Michael Howe, merchant navy.
aa. Colin Howe. Born 31 March 1958.
c. Esther ("Essie") Sarah Dorothy Rutherford. Born 13 June 1896. Died 1975. She was named after the boat. Married Harvey Rogerson.
i. Irma Rogerson. Born 1931.
B. Edwin Rutherford. Born 1867. Died 17 October 1869.
C. Donald Angus Rutherford. Born 1869. Died 8 July 1870.
D. Colin Arthur Rutherford. Born 1871. Died September 1881.
E. Evangeline Louise Rutherford. Born 19 October 1872. Died 30 December 1958.
F. Esther May Rutherford. Born 1874.  Died 17 September 1878.
G. Alfred Rutherford. Born and died 10 June 1876.
H. Richard Perry Rutherford. Born 19 October 1878 (check). Died 14 October 1961. Buried Landican. Master shipbuilder. A great horticulturalist as well as a naval architect. Married 18 October 1919 (Lilian) Marguerite ("Rita") Hall (born 8 August 1895, died 9 February 1987, buried Landican), daughter of Captain John Hall, MN and Ellen , née Hooper. John Hall was mate on a merchantman at the time of Rita's birth and is described as Captain, RN on her marriage certificate. He is not listed as a Captain RN  in the Navy List, the Retired List or the London Gazette, so he wasn't a Captain RN but may have been a Captain in the MN.
a. (Richard) Alexander ("Sandy") Rutherford. Born 5 October 1920. Drowned 28 May 1937 while diving in the school baths at Stowe. Buried Landican.
b. Lt Cmdr Neil Rutherford, DSC & Bar, RN. Born 15 May 1922, died Penmaenmawr, Wales 24 September 1976. Cremated North Wales. In 1958 he was serving with the Underwater Weapons Material Dept. After his naval retirement (5 Jan 1959), and his father's death, Neil took over the family firm as head of A. Rutherford and Co, until it was liquidated in the 1960's. Thereafter, he attempted various projects including research into the container business, small boats etc. He had no proper home but various flats in North Wales. Enjoyed horology. Married 7 August 1948 Joan Margery Colville- Hyde (born 5 May 1923) who served at Bletchley Park, daughter of (Arthur) Frederick Colville-Hyde. Divorced 23 May 1972. One daughter.
c. Ronald Rutherford. Born 21st March 1928, Rugby School and Trinity College Cambridge Via Royal Engineers National service. MA(Cantab) Mechanical Sciences, Design and Construction Engineer National Nuclear Corporation. Keen Horticulturalist, Yachtsman and Private Pilot. Married 6th December 1969, Sarah Eleanor Gardner born 13th September 1944 eldest daughter of Hugh Gardner of L. Gardner and Sons. St Anne’s School Windermere. Keen Horticulturalist, Yachtswoman and Equestrienne. Rutherford. 
i. Richard Nicholas Hugh Rutherford. Born 6 December 1970. Rugby and Exeter Bsc(Exon)Biology. Married 09 December 2000, Tonia Catherine Dodd born 15 October 1969 Queen’s School Chester, Nottingham BA Hons Industrial Economics.
aa. Katherine Eleanor Rutherford born 02 May 2004, 
bb. Charles Edward Hugh Rutherford born 01 December 2005.
ii. Michael James Rutherford. Born 2 December 1972. Rugby and Northumbria Uni, BA History of Art. Married 12 July 2008, Sarah Godderidge born 04 January 1974, Chester Law School.  
aa. Hector Rutherford born 14 January 2011,
bb. Freddie Rutherford born 17 October 2012.
I. Jessie Rutherford. Born 29 October 18??. Married R J Heath.
a. Ailsa Heath. Married Dr George Partridge, surgeon (died August 1984).
i. Julian Partridge. Died aged 15.
J. Septimus Rutherford. Born 1884. Died 9 March 1954.

This genealogy is not intended to be comprehensive. The mark (a),(1) or whatever does not necessarily indicate that the child is a first child.  Please send comments, corrections, additions and amendments to Sir William Arbuthnot, Bt

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