The  genealogy of the Pickard family.


    I. Ernest Benjamin Pickard. A master decorator. Arthur Pickard said that the family came from Buffalo, which is presumably the city in New York State. Married Annie Sophia ("Sophie") Fisk (per Arthur's birth certificate) who had a brother called Bill.  (An Ernest Benjamin Pickard married in Leeds qtr 2 1895 Annie Sophia Smith). David Arthur Pickard believes they came to England at the turn of the century and that he was crippled when he fell from the dome of the Majestic hotel in Harrogate. Basil thinks Ida's  father died of flu c.1934 and that he was a  painter and decorator who had something to do with the refurbishment of Harwood House, Yorkshire and that Ida's mother came from Lancashire, died (when?) aged c.80 and was cremated in Torquay, Devon. They once lived in Cheltenham Mount, Harrogate and they had two St Bernard dogs.
Arthur Pickard. Married May _____.
      A. Dorothy ("Dorrie") Pickard. Born Harrogate / Sculcoates q4 1898. In the census, there is a Dorothy Annie Pickard (Cottingham Without 2), sister of Martha Frances P (4) ch of George and Annie Elizabeth P. There is a Dorothy Pickard (Baildon 4) staying with her grandparent and aunt Hilda (10) [45, 114 & 155]. Percival P (!8) lived with Arthur (43) & Georgiana (43). At 1 Duchy Rd lived George H Pickard (57) and his ch Gertrude (20), Ino J  (17)  and Harry (12). Dorrie has a nephew, Dr Roy M Humble FFARCS FRCP of Edmonton (tel: 001 780 435 4580, fax 780 431 0979) who has looked into the family tree. Married 15 November 1919 Archibald ("Archie") Marshall Humble (born Scotland), 2nd son (ex 8 sons) of Robert Humble and Jessie Marshall (strict Presbyterians, whose 7th son was Ben Humble MBE). Archie was a Civil Engineer. Commissioned in 3rd Battalion Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders 1915, later transferred to Machine Gun Corps; worked in Toronto and Montreal, retiring to Carleton Place, Ontario in 1965; died Lanark, Ontario 1979. He designed the Toronto Island Airport and what is now Pearson Airport; back in the late 30"s. They emigrated to Canada 1922.
Despite the fact that he was stone deaf from his mid twenties, Ben was a pioneer in many fields including Mountain Rescue, Mountain Safety, Dental Radiology and Forensic Dentistry. His deafness was due to familial otosclerosis which has now appeared in 4 generations of males in the Humble family, from his father through Archie and his son Robert, to his sons Robert and John. Ben died in 1977, but his work is still well known and talked about across Scotland, and his books on the Scottish outdoors are still in demand.
        1. Robert Humble, Sr. Born Scotland 20 June 1920. He was a pilot in the RCAF during the war and his initial training took place at Pearson Airport, it was a small airport then and was called Malton Airport. He became a Flying Instructor when he graduated. Married first Aileen Mary Anne Ripley (dvu). They live in Courtice, Ontario. Their children are all named after brothers of Archie Humble.    
          a. Robert Humble, Jr. Married Linda Jones. Lives in Calgary.    
            i. Darren Humble. Adopted.    
            ii. Deanna Humble. Adopted.    
          b. David Humble. Lives in Toronto.    
          c. John Humble. Married Roxanne Hanley. Address: 115 Hawksbrow Dr. N.W. Calgary Alberta T3G 3C2.    
            i. Adam Humble.    
            ii. Jared Humble..    
          d. Alec Humble. Married Jane Clarke. Address: 84 Hopkinson Crescent, Ajax, Ontario. Tel: 001 (905) 428 6104.    
          Robert married second 9 September 2000 Phyllis Jean Pippy. They live in Courtice, Ontario.    
        2. Dorothy Humble. Born Scotland 25th December 1922. Married 1942 (George William) Bruce McDonald, optometrist. They live in Halifax.    
          a. Laurie Anne McDonald. Married first _____ _____. Divorced. Married second _____ _____. Divorced. Lives in Nanaimo, BC.    
          b. Brian McDonald. A senior pilot with Air Canada. Married Nancy Polenz. Lives in Burlington, Ontario.    
            i. Shannon Marie McDonald.    
            ii. Kyle Alexander McDonald.    
            iii. Kelly Cassandra McDonald.    
          c. Susan McDonald. Optician. Married 19 August 1977 Allan R Wilson. Lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia.    
      B. Ernest Pickard. Died in infancy. An Ernest Pickard died Bradford aged 1 reg'd q1 1900, ref 9b 86.    
      C. Ida May Pickard. Born 20 February 1901.  Died 20 April 1980. Educated Royal Academy.  Harrogate was in Knaresborough District, 1901; Duchy Rd is ref RG13 4053, 41-43 & 47-52. A letter dated 1916 is written from Lingmoor, Rutland Rd. In 1901 the family was in America. Robert Humble Sr is certain Ida and Dorrie are sisters and that they are daughters of Arthur and May; David Arthur Pickard is certain his grandparents were Ernest and Annie (supported by his father's birth certificate). A day student at the Royal Academy of Dance. Married in Knaresborough q1 1923 (ref 9a/173) (Arthur) Frederick Colville- Hyde.    
      D. William ("Willie") Pickard. He was in Montreal during the War. Accidentally shot. Married twice. No children    
      E. Arthur Pickard. Born Fogo Terrace, Harrogate 19 June 1906. Died 20 February 1983. Served in the army during World War II (Susan is looking for his service belt). A tax officer with the Inland Revenue. Married first (before the War) Gladys Maria Williams who came from Pontefract. Divorced. No issue.    
        Arthur married second 9 June 1951 Joyce Rowland (born 22 August 1926, died 5 November 2003), daughter of Harold Rowland, underground coal getter.    
        1. Susan Floretta Pickard.  Born 13 January 1952. Married George Stephenson. They live in Bradford.    
          a. Alexander Richard Arthur Stephenson. Born 31 October 1985.    
        2. David Arthur Pickard. Born 29 April 1958. He married first Pamela Maxine Smith. Divorced.    
          a. Patrick Pickard. Born 12 August 1985.    
          b. Rory Pickard.  Born 13 February 1987.    
          David married second Deborah Crellin.    


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