The Genealogy of the Mackenzie Family


    Alexander ("Ionriac") Mackenzie. Died after 1488.    
      Kenneth Mackenzie. Died 7th February 1491/92. Married Agnes Fraser.    
        Alexander Mackenzie. Married Margaret Munro.    
          Roderick Mackenzie. Married Anne MacDonald.    
        John Mackenzie of Killin. Married Elizabeth Grant, daughter of John Grant, 10th Laird of Grant and Margaret Ogilvie.    
          Kenneth Og Mackenzie. Married Isabel Stewart, daughter of John Stewart, 2nd Earl of Atholl and Janet Campbell, daughter of Archibald, 2nd Earl of Argyll    
            Colin Cam Mackenzie. Married Barbara Grant.    
            A. Kenneth, Lord Mackenzie of Kintail. Lord Mackenzie married first Anne Ross, daughter of George Ross, 9th of Balnagowan.    
              Kenneth married second Isabel Ogilvy, daughter of Sir Alexander Ogilvy, Earl of Powrie.    
              b. George, 2nd Earl of Seaforth. Died 1651.   A staunch Royalist and adherent of the gallant Montrose.  Married Barbara Forbes, daughter of Arthur, 9th Lord Forbes.    
                i. Kenneth Mor, 3rd Earl of Seaforth. Died 1678.  Married Isabella Mackenzie, dau of Sir John Mackenzie, Bt of Tarbat.   KM
                  A. Kenneth Mackenzie, 4th Earl of Seaforth, KT, Marquess of Seaforth. Married Lady Frances Herbert (d 1732), dau of William, Marquess of Powis.    
                    bb. Colonel Alexander Mackenzie. Died 1815. Married, 1700, Elizabeth Paterson, daughter of John Paterson, Bishop of Ross (from 1662 to 1679). John's other children included John Paterson (b.1632, died Edinburgh 9 Dec 1708), Bishop of Galloway & last Archbishop of Glasgow, George Paterson of Seafield, Sir William Paterson, Bt (who had a son, Sir John Paterson).    
                      (A) Major William Mackenzie (died 12th March 1770). Married Mary Humberston, dau of Matthew Humberston. He took the additional name Humberston.    
                        1. Lt General Francis Humberston Mackenzie, 1st and last Lord Seaforth, MP of Rosshin.  Born 9 Jun 1754, deaf, dspml 11 January 1815, created Lord Seaforth 1797. He commissioned Benjamin West's painting "King Alexander III of Scotland being rescued from the fury of  a stag by the intrepidity of Colin Fitzgerald." Married, 22 April 1782, Mary Proby (1755 – 27 February 1829), dau of the Very Rev Baptist Proby, DD, 7th Dean of Lichfield (b.1726; d.18 Jan 1807, son of John Proby MP for Huntingdonshire (d.1762 son of William Proby and Henrietta Cornwall) and Hon Jane Leveson-Gower b.1699 d.12.6.1726 dau of John L-G 1st Baron G and Lady Catherine Manners) and Mary Russell (dau of Rev John Russell)   FHM
                          (a) Mary Elizabeth Frederika Mackenzie ("the Hooded Lassie"). Born 1783. Died Brahan Castle 28 Nov 1862. Married first, Vice Admiral Sir Samuel Hood, Bt (dsp 24 Dec 1814).  Married second, 1817, Rt Hon James Alexander Stewart who assumed the name of Stewart-Mackenzie.   MEFM
                  B. Lady Margaret Mackenzie. Married to James Sutherland, 2nd Lord Duffus, son of Alexander Sutherland, 1st Lord Duffus.    
                    aa. Kenneth Sutherland, 3rd Lord Duffus.    
                    bb. The Hon Sir James Sutherland, later Dunbar. Died 1724. Married Elizabeth Dunbar, daughter of Sir William Dunbar, 1st Bt of Hempriggs.    
                      (A) Sir William Sutherland Dunbar, 2nd Bt. Born 1708. Married first Elizabeth Dunbar. Married second Jean Sinclair "of Southdun". Married third 1749 Henrietta Rose (died 1795), dau of George Mackay of Handon (d 1798) by Louisa Campbell (d 25 August 1835).    
                        1. Sir Benjamin Sutherland Dunbar, 3rd Bt of Hempriggs. Later 6th Lord Duffus. Born 28 April 1763. Died 1843. Married 10 December 1784 Janet Mackay of Bighouse (born 1769, died 1857). Janet was dau of George Mackay of Handa (born 29 June 1736, d 6 September 1798) by Louisa (or Lucy) Campbell (born 1 October 1751, d 25 August 1835).    
                          (a) Sir George Dunbar, 4th Bt.    
                          (b) Robert Dunbar.    
                          (c) Louisa Dunbar. Born 11 April 1788. Died Auchintoul 10 June 1865. Married 17 September 1805 Garden Duff, DL, JP    
                          (d) Henrietta Dunbar. Born 1790. Died 3 November 1820.    
                    cc. The Hon William Sutherland of Roscommon. Married Helen Duff.    
        Rhoderick Mackenzie. From whom the family of Achilty.    
        Katherine Mackenzie. Married Hector Munro of Foulis.    
      Duncan Mackenzie. From whom the Mackenzies of Hilton.    
      Hector Mackenzie. From whom the Mackenzies of Gairloch. Amongst their descendants was Alexander, who, on 4 March 1669/70, married Barbara Mackenzie, great-granddaughter of Colin Cam Mackenzie and Barbara Grant (per EMA - inconsistent with text above)    

The History of the Mackenzies

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