The Genealogy of the King Family.

James King. Born about 1700.
A. James King. Living 1733.
I. James King. Born 1763. Married Jean Barbour.
1. James King. Born 1788. Married Janet King.
a. James King. Born 1808. Married Mary Tassie.
I. James King. Born 1830. Died 1870.
II. John King. Born 1832. Died 1921. Head of railways in Chile. Married Margaret Livingston (born 1844) (ELA has a portrait thought to be of her in a gilded frame).
i. James ("Jimmy") King.
ii. Margaret King (1st of the name).
iii. William ("Willy") L. King. Married Millicent Robeson.
iv. John ("Johnnie") Tassie King.
v. Mary King. Married Robert Mitchell Graham and had issue.
vi. Ellen Margaret King. Married John Ross.
A. Donald Ross.
vii. Jean ("Jeanie") King. Married James E. Martin.
A. Edith Martin. Married F James.
a. John James.
b. Marjory James.
c. Lee James.
B. Arthur Martin.
C. Winifred Martin. Married S V Gilbey.
a. David Gilbey.
D. John Martin. Married C Furnear.
a. James Martin.
b. Evelyn Martin.
E. Enid Martin. Married C Roper.
a. Alison Roper.
b. Neil Roper.
F. Pat Martin. Married B A Barrett.
a. David Barrett.
b. Neil Barrett.
c. Valerie Barrett.
viii. Margaret King (2nd of the name).  Married Charles Vaughan Anthony.
A. George Anthony.
B. Patrick Anthony.
C. Mary Anthony. Married A Fanning.
D. Charles Anthony. Married Diana Webb.
a. Susan Anthony. Born 1947. Married Neil Bruce Miller. Lives near Nelson, New Zealand.
(a) Simon Bruce Miller. Unmarried. Lives near Nelson.
(b) Mark Bruce Miller. Unmarried. Lives near Nelson.
(c) Julian Bruce Miller. Unmarried. Lives near London.
b. Rosemary Anthony. Born 1949. Married second ______ Brighouse. Lives near Nelson. No children.
c. Richard Anthony. Born 1952. Married Jane Coate. Lives in North Petherton, Somerset.
(a) Adam Anthony. Born 1985. Studying exploration Geology at Cardiff University.
(b) Peter Anthony. Born 1987.
ix. Catherine King.
x. Thomas King.
xi. George ("Georgie") King. Married P Brayden.
xii. Dora King. Married John F Hardy, brother of Cyril Hardy.
A. Leslie Hardy. Married Rex Doublet, a banker in Argentina.
a. Elizabeth Doublet.
b. Susan DoubletShe married Mike Davies and they moved to Australia (where he came from),
c. Hilary Doublet. Married _____ Garey
(a) Liisa Garey  Married Mr Steele.
B. .John King Hardy. Married Irene Rankin. She married second _____ Best.
a. Carol Hardy.
b. Amanda Hardy.
c. John Graham Hardy, later adopted the name Best. Born Santiago 28 March 1948. Died Glasgow 16 October 2007.  Married in Manchester 1982 Angelina Peden. She lives in Glasgow.
(a) Antonia Marie Best. Born Manchester 31 July 1982.
C. Ann Hardy. Married David Knox.
a. A daughter.
b. A son. Died as a young man.
xiii. Robert ("Bobby" and "Terence") King. Died 1970. Late of Chile. Married Bitton, nr Bath 4 June 1919 Muriel Alice King-Smith (born 1893, died 1980).
A. David Terence Philip King. Born 16 March 1922. Died 31 May 1985. Married his second cousin 3 June 1950 Barbara King-Smith. Born 30 June 1923 Died 22 April 2008.
Arthur (born 1859) and Charles K-S (born 1862) were the second and third of nine children of Charles King-Smith and Mary Cox, married 1857, and brought up in Watford.They married sisters Janet Constance and Alice Elizabeth L Keep of Edgbaston, daughters of Frederick Keep and Mary Georgina Bunting.  Arthur and Janet produced Stanley (1890), May - known as Hoy (1892), Colin (1894) and Janet (1897), while Charles and Alice produced Muriel Alice (1893), Ronald (1894), Philip - known as Joe (1897), Alan (1900) and Charles (1902). Ronald, wounded in WW1, was visited during his convalescence at Bitton by Robert King,a great friend he'd met in the war who soon married Ron's sister, Muriel (1920). Muriel and her cousin Hoy (May) were great friends and kept up a weekly correspondence, known in the family as the Grapevine. Hoy's younger brother Colin had married Joan Glen in 1922 and they had 3 girls, Barbara (1923), Janet (1925) and Shirley (1929). By this time, Muriel and Robert were back living in her parents' home, Bitton Hill, and Barbara, who had lived with Hoy and her family in Beaconsfield while she was nursing in the war, was invited to stay at Bitton where she met M & R's eldest son David, her 2nd cousin. They married in 1950 when Barbara followed Muriel's example of going from King-Smith to King.
Capt Ronald Gordon King-Smith DSO, MC (1922-2011) aka Dick K-S, author, was son of Ronald and Grace. Charles K-S was son of Sophia K, dau of Jonathon King (1745-1815, married in Tring, 1785 Susannah 1745-1842)
a. Bruce Michael King. Born 3 March 1952. Married 13 August 1988 Susan ("Sue") Jane Harvey Chant (born Coney 24 May 1954). Lives in St Albans.
(-) (James) Alexander Strang Chant, whose father died when Sandy was 3 and he adopted Bruce's surname King. Born 9 June 1983.
(a) David Colin Bruce King. Born 21 August 1988.
(b) Peter Michael Harvey King. Born 15 May 1992.
b. Ian Gordon King. Born 18 December 1958. Married 8 June 1991 Kathryn Elizabeth Hendy (born 9 September 1968). Lives in Nailsea, Bristol.
(a) Dominic Thomas Philip King. Born 18 March 1997.
(b) Miranda Helen Frances King. Born 15 June 2001.
B. (Charles) Barrie King. Born 28 May 1927. Married Evelyn Oswald Maltby (both died)             no children
C. Helen Cecily King. Born 6 May 1932. Married 28 December  1956 Flt Lt Robert Sinclair Bingham (died 26 February 1986). She lives in Lynton, North Devon.
a. Caroline Gaye Bingham Born 21 September 1958 Married 4 May 1984  Stephen Bailey
(a) Katherie Emma Bailey. Born 6 February 1988..
(b) Robert Michael Bailey.  Born 2 July 1989.

Robert James Bingham Born 12  January 1960 Married 6 September 1986 Susan Mary Jones

(a) Jeremy Robert Powell Bingham. born 21 october 1993.
(b) Jonathan Andrew Jamess Bingham. born 7 April 1997.

Andrew McIntosh Bingham Born 4 May 1962 Married 14 October 2000 Louise Delacore

(a) Alexander James Bingham. Born 29 March 2004.
xiv. Anne ("Annie") King. Married C Daly.
xv. (Thomas) Claude King. Born Chile 11 December 1891. Died 24 April 1962. Most of the family left after the terrible Tsunami which hit Carrizal in 1906, part of the disastrous earthquake which destroyed San Francisco. He finished his education in London, then in October, 1914, he joined the Army(ASC). He was sent to Flanders just in time for 1st Ypres, then to the Somme, serving with 4th Div. just north of Beaumont Hamel, then back to Ypres for the 3rd Battle. After the War, there was little prospect in the peacetime Army, so in 1922, he went out to India, where he spent the next 24 years in the Indian Army (RIASC), ending his career as a Lt. Colonel. Married 12 April 1931 Kathleen Reid born 6 October 1906, died 7 January 1992.
A. Graham Livingston Reid King. Born 30 August 1934.
B. Janet Alison King. Born 8 September 1942. Married Donald Burse Strachan (8 March 1944 - 8 April 2004).
C. Robert ("Bob") Alexander Stewart King. Born 15 October 1945. Married first Pamela Elizabeth Feather.
C. Bob married second Carole Elizabeth Ferneyhough, nee Findley.
III. Thomas King.
IV. Jeanie King. Married James Ritchie.
V. Robert King. Married Lizzie Hervey.
2. Margaret King. Married Claude Mathie.
a. Jean Mathie. Married J Tassie.
I. Mary Tassie.
3. Jean King. Married Peter Knox.
II. Thomas King. Married Jean Sproule.
1. Janet King.
B. Thomas King. Died unmarried.
C. John King. Died unmarried.

Sources include "John King" by George A King. (pub. A.A.Balkema, 1958)
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