The Genealogy of the Joste Family.

Johanes Jost.  Born Chur, Grisons, Switzerland c.1720. Died Switzerland April 1795 aged 74. Married in Chur May 1745 Chiatrina Herf.
I. Thoènj Jost. Born Chiappela, Switzerland September 1746. Baptized 10 October 1746.
II. Steffan Jost. Born Chiappela, Switzerland February 1748. Baptized 1 March 1748.
III. Johanes J Jost. Born Chiappela, Switzerland 1750. Died Switzerland 14 March 1837. Married in Zinuschel (or Chur, Grisons), Switzerland July 1787 Anna Gretta Bastiaun (born c.1765).
IV. Gretta Jost. Born c.1755. Died 31 January 1777, aged 21. Married c.1775 Leonardi Caviezel.
a. (Unnamed) Caviezel. Born 1776. Died 14 September 1776, aged less than one.
V. Paul H Jost. Born Zinuschel May 1762. Baptized 19 June 1762. Died March 1822 aged 59. Interred Chiapela, Switzerland 2 April 1822. Married 1 July 1789 Anali P Mathias (born Switzerland c.1770; died August 1815).
a. Stephen Jost. Born 1796. Baptized Susauna 4 December 1796. Married St Helier, Jersey 27 April 1837 Mary Mourant.
A. Stephen Joste. Born St Helier 10 December 1838. Died St Helier 11 December 1838 at less than one year of age (inferred date from burial record). Body interred St Helier 13 December 1838.
b. Jon Jost. Born Switzerland c.1800. Died Jersey? c.1860. Married in St Helier 25 July 1833 Elizabeth Lomas (born 1812), daughter of Jeffry Lomas and Ann Le Marquand. The whole family may have emigrated before 1851 as none appear on the census.
A. Captain Edward Joste. Born Jersey 1833. Died at sea c.1875. [Another Edward Joste, mariner, aged 10 1/2 is shown as having been found drowned 1 April 1842, reg'd Rye - he may have been a cousin born to John Henri and Mary Ann]. Married in Channel Islands ? 1862? Louisa Moore (born 1842). She is described as mariner's wife 1871 and widow 1881 and 1891. In 1861 there is an unmarried Louise Joste (same age and birthplace living in Cardiff with her mother who appears to be grandmother of Henry and Eliza). It is thought they moved to Bristol shortly before Henry's birth. It is possible that this Louise is Louise Hannah Joste (born 29 April 1943) and that the husband is fictional. Alternatively the father of Henry and Eliza was indeed a Joste who happened to  marry a woman with the same name, age and birthplace as his sister.
I. Eliza Joste. Born Cardiff c.1862. Shown in 1871 and 1881 censuses. Died 1898? Married John Ford, (born Bristol c.1852), commercial
traveler. Lived in Stapleton with their daughter Gladys in 1891.
1. Gladys Joste. Born 10 Berwick Street, St George, Bristol 1890. Married Nicholas Smith. Both killed in the German bombing of Bristol together with two of their three children.
2. John Joste. Living in Nailsea in 1901.
3. _____ Joste. Grandfather of Daniel Morgan's unnamed friend.
4. _____ Joste.
II. Henry Edward Joste. Born 3 Elliotts Buildings, Bristol 25 November 1863. Died Bristol December 1920?. Lived at 119 Bannerman Road, Bristol. Married in St Lawrence Church, Bristol 24 February 1894 Florence Shaw (born 1865, died March 1944), daughter of John Shaw and Emily Harris.
1. Hilda Joste. Born Bristol 1895?. Died Bristol 1964? aged 69. Married in Bristol 1922? Frederick Mark Boulton (born 1858).
a. Frederick Andrew Boulton. Born Bristol 29 January 1923. Died Bristol October 1999.
2. Henry Victor Joste. Born Bristol 2 November 1896. Died Burton-on-Trent 2 February 1960.   Married in Didcot 1926? Joan Elsie Cox (born Didcot 2 February 1910, died Burton-on-Trent 5 August 1991).
a. Clarice Vera Joste. Born 22 October 1927.
i. Andrew Brian Joste. Born Burton-on-Trent 10 October 1951.
b. Brian John Joste. Born 3 October 1929. Died Burton-on-Trent 8 November 1987.
3. Eliza Joste. Born Bristol 1897 Died Bristol August 1898.
4. Amy Gertrude Joste. Born Bristol November 1898. Died Bristol 1971.
=== 6. Gertrude Amy Joste. Born Bristol November 1898. Married in Cambridge 1928 Stanley David Webb. They separated c.1935.
a. Audrey Greta Webb. Born Bristol 2 October 1928. Married in Bristol 30 April 1951 Roy Bressington (born Bristol 2 May 1923, died Bristol January 2000).
b. Esme Phyllis Webb. Born 19 October 1929. Married in St Barnabus Knowle, Bristol, 20 March 1954, Peter Herbert William Nicholls (born 20 November 1923).
i. Jacqueline Heather Nicholls. Born Bristol 18 October 1956. Married 27 January 1987 ? David Custerson.
ii. Barry Martin Nicholls. Born Bristol 27 March 1963.
5. Clifford Stanley Joste. Born 43 Belle Vue Park, Bell Hill, Bristol 8 August 1900. Died Brighton 28 May 1971. Joined the army under aged during 1914-18 War. Joined Billy Butlin in Bristol 1919. There he had an amusement stall, developed the Bognor Regis amusement centre and worked in management for Butlin Holiday Camps all his life. Married in Sheffield 1926? Phyllis Elsie Bisby (born Sheffield 1902, died 1958). Their sons also worked for Butlins for extended periods.
a. Philip ("Phil") Stanley Joste. Born Sheffield 1929. Married first in London 1956 Barbara Wright. Married second in London 1961  Sadie Tobin.
i. Michele A Joste. Born 1962. Married 1983 David Lillis.
(A) Amy Lillis. Born 1986.
(B) Daisy Lillis. Born 1992.
Philip married third in New York 1982 Katherine Donaghue. Married fourth in St Louis, Missouri 1990 Nancy Bikson (born 1953).  He now lives alone at Victoria Road South, Bognor Regis PO21 2NB.
b. Pamela Ada Joste. Born Sheffield 27 December  1930. Married in Bognor Regis 29 December 1951 Eric Edward Russell (born Chichester 27 May 1929). Living at 27 Lankfield Park, Chepstow NP16 5QY.
i. Paul Nicholas Russell. Born Rustington, Sussex 25 December 1953.
ii. Gary Stephen Russell. Born Rustington 26 October 1955. Baptized Bognor Regis May 1966. Married in Douai Abbey, Berks 2 July 1988 Christina Kmasa (born Sweden 1958).
(A) Lauren Emma Russell. Born Padworth ? 2 June 1990.
(B) Nathaniel Michael Russell. Born Padworth ? 4 July 1993.
c. Lionel Clifford Joste. Born 14 July 1933.  Married first 1955? Vivienne _____.
i. Belinda Jane Joste.
Lionel married second _____ Gibbons. He married third 1980? Myra du Fue. He married fourth Elizabeth ("Betty") ______.
d. Christopher Joste.  Born 24 January 1936. Died 21 February 1992. Married 23 June 1956 Patricia M A Cox.
i. Russell Scott Joste. Born 14 January 1957. In genealogical terms, he is the head of the Joste family. Married 5 September 1991 Marion Unterberger.
(A) Laura Joste. Born Nurenberg, Germany 27 May 1996.
(B) Kyra Joste. Born Belgium 7 June 1999.
ii. Nicola Kay Joste. Born 7 October 1958. Married Billingshurst 21 June 1975 Paul Bryant. Divorced 1985.
(A) Helena Loise Bryant. Born Billingshurst 25 May 1977.
(1) Kurt Christopher Bryant. Born 27 February 1999.
(B) Gavin Andrew Bryant. Born Billingshurst 29 July 1978.
Nicola married second in Crawley 29 August 1985 Meyrick Lewis.
(C) Danny Christopher Lewis. Born Crawley 15 August 1983.
(D) Ricky Meyrick Lewis. Born Crawley 16 September 1984.
iii. Cable John Joste. Born 26 April 1963. Married 18 March 1995 Karen Schenk.
(A) Chelsea Louise Joste. Born 24 September 1995.
(B) Erin Jade Joste. Born 09 March 2000.
iv. Adam Jason Joste. Born 03 July 1969. Married 12 June 1993 Sharon Maria Imianowski.
e. Eric Clifford Joste. Born Bognor Regis 06 May 1939. Died May 2003. Married in Chichester 24 June 1965 Joyce Green.
i. Beverly Jayne Joste. Born Rustington, Bognor Regis 08 November 1965. Address: 32 Horsham Road, Dorking RH4 2JE.
ii. David Clifford Joste. Born Rustington 20 May 1968. Living in Mullinger, Ireland.
iii. Anthony Eric Joste. Born Rustington 02 October 1969. Married in Epsom 05 August 1995 Vijdan Asik. Divorced 2000. He is now long term partner of Miss Sarah Lianne Cox (born 11 December 1976). Address: Horsham, W Sussex 70 Colesmead Road, Redhill RH1 2EQ. Anthony and Sarah have a daughter:
(A) Georgia Lianne Joste. Born 09 August 2003.
f. Alan Anthony Joste. Born Bognor Regis 31 December 1940. Married first in Bognor Regis 1964 Wendy Toy. Married third in Oxford 1966 Janet Price.
i. Mark Brandon Joste. Born Eastbourne 11 December 1966. Married Sharon ______.
ii. Matthew Charles Joste. Born England.
Alan married third in Doreen Pratt. Living in Park Terrace, Bognor Regis PO21 2NH.
iii. Jasmine Joanna Mann. Born Brighton 22 November 1984.
7. Vera Gladys Joste. Born Bristol 4 August 1904. Died Bristol 1988. She went to Australia to live with Doreen in 1971/72. Married in Bristol? 1924 Edward Coveney (died 1953).
a. Pamela Iris Coveney. Born Bristol 1925. Died Bristol 31 January 1926.
b. Desmond Edward Coveney. Born Bristol 6 June 1927. Married in Bristol 1950 ? Joyce Thelma Kettelty (born 1929, died 1999).
i. Gloria Prudence Coveney. Born Southmead, Bristol 25 September 1951. Married 20 July 1974 Douglas Campbell.
(A) Amy Joyce Campbell. Born Southampton 17 November 1978.
(B) Ellen Janet Campbell. Born Southampton 8 September 1980.
(C) Lydia Jane Campbell. Born Sothampton 19 December 1983.
ii. Ruby Linette Coveney. Born Southmead, Bristol 20 February 1953. Married Bristol 18 December 1976 Nigel George Green (born 1955).
(A) Faith DeAnn Green. Born Bristol 5 September 1979.
(B) Caleb George Green. Born Bristol 23 April 1981.
(C) Benjamin John Green. Born Keynsham, Bristol 4 March 1985.
iii. Paul Joseph Coveney. Born Bristol 29 June 1962. Married 18 August 1984 Linda Coates.
(A) Samuel ("Sam") Coveney. Born 1 September 1989.
(B) Bethany Coveney. Born 20 November 1993.
iv. Timothy James Coveney. Born Bristol 19 August 1970.
c. Colin Victor William Coveney. Born Bristol 27 December 1929. Married Sybil Milton.
i. Elizabeth Coveney. Born Bristol 29 March 1970.
d. Philip John Coveney. Born Bristol 16 February 1935. Died in Bristol of pneumonia 1971?. Married in Scotland c.1958 Betty Tucker. They eloped without the permission of her family. They separated and he looked after the children until his death.
i. Philip ("Pip") Coveney. Born May 1961?. Died in a motorcycle accident 1982?.
ii. Robin Coveney. Born 1963?.
e. Doreen Margerie Coveney. Born Bristol 13 March 1941. Married in Bristol 25 January 1958 Reginald Bryan Buss. They emigrated to Australia, July 1970. Divorced in Perth, Australia 22 October 1990.
i. Wendy Jacqueline Buss. Born Bristol? 1 May 1958.
ii. Bryan Buss. Born Bristol 19 July 1961. Married in Brisbane 27 February 1982 Natalie McClachan.
(A) Nicholas Buss. Born Brisbane 16 July 1982.
(B) Tegan Buss. Born Brisbane 19 September 1983.
(C) Amie Buss. Born Brisbane 5 December 1988.
iii. Lynette ("Lyn") Buss. Born Bristol 2 March 1967. Married in Margaret River, Western Australia 3 February 2001 John Vergoossen.
8. Edna May Joste. Born Bannerman Road, Bristol 7 December 1905. Died Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset September 1982. Married in Bristol 31 January 1925 Gilbert Ernest Tanner (born 1905, died 1989).
a. Jean Edna Tanner. Born Bristol 25 September 1925. Married January 1950 Edmund Frederick Burke (born 1927, died 1991).
i. Graham Paul Burke. Born 28 May 1950. Married in Avonmouth, Bristol 5 November 1989 Elizabeth Ann Rocznik (born 1960).
ii. Edmund John Burke. Born 8 August 1951. Married in Bristol 1979? Lynne Morris (born 1952). Divorced Bristol 1990?
(A) Paul Edmund Burke. Born Bristol 26 October 1980.
(B) Stephen Raymund Burke. Born Bristol 4 September 1982.
(C) Christopher James Burke. Born Bristol 22 November 1984.
iii. David Ian Burke. Born Munster, Germany 21 July 1953.  Married in Bristol 12 March 1984 Sandra ("Sandy") Weeks. Divorced Bristol 1998.
iv. Deborah Jayne Burke. Born Munchen Gladbach, W Germany 4 July 1956. Died Bangor, N Wales following a fall 2 August 2002. Buried Llanengan 10 August 2002. Married in Bristol 26 January 1987 Trevor Gwynne.
b. Doreen Orlinda Tanner. Born Bristol 3 May 1927. Married in Manor Park, Essex 28 September 1945 Peter Alfred Robertson (born 1925). Divorced Essex 1980?.
i. Orlinda Ann Robertson. Born Essex 17 April 1949. Married first in Brentwood, Essex 7 August 1965 Anthony Colgrove.
(A) Paul Anthony Colgrove. Born Essex 16 May 1966. Known by the surname Holmes from 1977. Married in Southend, Essex 24 April 1999 Nicola Elizabeth Bedford.
(B) Colin David Colgrove. Born Essex 12 August 1967. Used the name Holmes from 1977 until 1988 when he went to live with his father. Married in Rainham, Essex 30 August 1997 Julie Ann Allix.
(1) Christopher Joseph Colgrove. Born Essex 26 August 1999.
(2) Lucy Ann Colgrove. Born Essex 28 June 2002.
Orlinda married second in Hexham 2 April 1977 Michael Holmes.
ii. Janet Frances Robertson. Born Essex 5 February 1951. Married first 5 August 1972 Nigel Cope (died 1985).
(A) Emma Cope. Born 2 October 1981.
Janet married second in Chelmsford Cathedral, Essex 12 September 1992 Peter Andrew Christian.
iii. Stephen Hillary Peter Robertson. Born Essex 17 November 1954. Married in Fleet, Hants 10 August 1991 Jane Bland. Divorced Winchester, Hants 1998?
(A) Danielle Jane Robertson. Born 25 July 1987.
(B) Oliver Stephen Robertson. Born 16 January 1989.
iv. Neil Jeremy Griffiths Robertson. Born Essex 26 February 1960. Married Sarah-Jane Merrill.
(A) Matthew Antonio Robertson. Born London 24 May 1999.
(B) Laura Clare Merrill Robertson. Born London 2 November 2001.
c. John Arthur Tanner. Born Bristol 1 April 1930. Consulting structural engineer, retired. He collated most of this genealogical data. Married in Bristol 24 December 1949 Cynthia May Garraway (born 1932). Address: 43 Northumbria Drive, Henleaze, Bristol, BS9 4HL
9. Ernest Joste. Born Bristol 1912. Died Bristol 1973?. Married in Bristol Ivy Tipping.
III. Edward Thomas Joste. Born Bristol 25 September 1866. Died Oakland 3 September 1939. Merchant seaman, driver of horse and electric trams and worked as cashier at the ferry building in San Francisco for the State Harbor Commissioners. Married in Oakland, California 27 April 1892 Annie Orton (born 1869, died 1957).
1. Reginald V Joste. Born Oakland 19 January 1893. Died California 26 August 1946. Married first 1913 Eula C Rowe (born 1895, died 1920).
a. William E Joste. Born Alameda Co., California 27 March 1917. Died in an auto/train wreck 1920.
Reginald married second 1923 Amy Sydney Bell (born 1897, died 1981).
b. Thomas Reed Joste. Born Oakland 17 April 1924. Died Portland, Oregon 19 November 2002. Worked on weapons/ ballistic missiles for Lockheed Aircraft Corp. Married first in Taft, California 8 August 1948 Mary Grace Silcox (born 1925, died 1976).
i. Richard Stephen Joste. Born Oakland 17 October 1949. Living in Palo Alto, California.
ii. Thomas William Joste. Born Santa Monica, California 12 November 1950. Living in Santa Maria.
iii. Anne Keithlee Joste. Born Whittier, California 23 December 1953. Lives in Palo Alto, CA. Married in Mill Valley, California 24 September 1983 Paul Dazey, son of Kendal Dazey of the Lake District. Divorced 1997.
(A) Michael Keith Dazey. Born Mountain View, California 13 August 1985. Died Redwood City, California October 1986.
(B) Kendal Anne Dazey. Born Palo Alto, California 30 August 1987.
(C) Megan Elizabeth Dazey. Born Palo Alto 8 December 1988.
(D) Caitlin Reid Dazey. Born Palo Alto 24 March 1993.
iv. Nancy Elaine Joste. Born Whittier, California 14 October 1955. Married in Albuquerque, New Mexico 28 June 1987 John Pietz.
(A) Harlan Liuver Pietz. Born Boston, Massachusetts 4 October 1990.
(B) Anna Grace Pietz. Born Boston 19 August 1993.
Thomas married second 21 June 1993 Elizabeth Alice Smythe (born 1925).
c. Richard Victor Joste. Born Oakland 11 March 1926. Died in an aircraft accident 18 February 1948.
2. Edna Louise Joste. Born Oakland 22 September 1895. Died California 1973. Married first 1 June 1915? Bertram Earl Hahn (born 1893).
a. Sybil Claire Hahn. Born 1919. Married 1940? Bertram Lloyd Osborne (born 1915; died CA, USA).
i. Michael Earl Osborne. Born 1941.
ii. Timothy Ode Osborne. Born 1944. Married 1972? Laurel Yvonne Beisner (died 1946).
(A) Gwyn Nyakasha K Osborne. Born 1973.
(B) Maria June Osborne. Born 1978.
iii. Daniel Lloyd Osborne. Born 1946. Married 1988? Rita Mae Stewart (born 1951).
(A) Lars Stewart Osborne. Born 1989.
iv. Joel Thomas Osborne. Born 1952. Married first 1978? Theodore Lee Alves (born 1952).
(A) Joey Danielle Osborne. Born 1979.
(B) Rebecca Ann B Osborne. Born 1980.
Joel married second 1985? Patricia L Elliott (born 1958).
(C) Parker Elliott Osborne. Born 1986.
(D) Hayley Mae Osborne. Born 1989.
b. Robert Earl Hahn. Born Castro Valley, California 2 June 1933. Lived in Guam 1959-2000. Married in Sacramento, California 1956 Sally Ann Palmatier (born 1936). Divorced Sacramento? 1970?.
i. Bergit Ann Hahn. Born San Francisco 19 January 1957. Married in San Jose, California 1975? Robert William Bowden.
(A) Julie Christine Bowden. Born San Jose 25 February 1976. Married in San Jose Shawn Robert Thomas.
(1) Austin Riley Thomas. Born San Jose 11 January 1997.
(2) Morgan Nicole Thomas. Born San Jose 9 March 1999.
ii. Heidi Louise Hahn. Born Tamuning, Guam 27 June 1959. Married first 1979? Frank Anthony Caruso. Divorced 1982? She married second 1984? Modesto, California 1995 Allen Porter.
(A) Krystal Nicole Porter. Born Modesto 1985.
Edna married second 1963? George Parry.
3. (Emily) May Joste. Born Oakland 9 May 1897. Died Oakland, California 21 September 1964. Married in Oakland 1922 Clarence Maynard Joseph
a. Bernice Claire Joseph. Born Oakland, Alameda, California 1 January 1933. Married in Carson City, Nevada 1951 William Henry Berger. Divorced California 1 January 1969.
i. Randall David Berger. Born San Bernadino, California 10 May 1953. Married in Kelvin Grove, Queensland, Australia Helen Vivien Sandercoe.
(A) Sarah Vivien Berger. Born Melbourne, Victoria 15 June 1986.
(B) Rebekah Gwendolyn Berger. Born Melbourne 6 July 1988.
(C) Matilda Rose Berger. Born Melbourne 6 June 1996.
ii. Daniel Scott Berger. Born Santa Barbara, California 3 May 1961. Adopted in infancy.
iii. Judith Rebecca Berger. Born Lompoc, Santa Barbara, California 19 April 1964. Adopted in infancy. Married in South Lake, Tahoe Alpine, California 22 March 2001 Paul Leon Hollenbeck.
4. Edward Theodore Joste. Born Oakland 17 July 1907. Died Woodburn, Oregon 3 December 1971. Married 17 February 1934 Marjorie Stromgren.
a. Edward Albert Joste. Born Berkeley, California 13 January 1945. Adopted in infancy. Died Woodburn, Oregon 6 April 2001. Married first 5 September 1977 Mary Walhood. Divorced 15 October 1984. He married again and divorced.
b. Donald Richard Joste. Born Oakland, California 26 February 1949. Adopted in infancy. Married twice and had two children.
5. Albert Orton Joste. Born Oakland 17 July 1910. Died Franches Resort, California 28 July 1971. Married 1932? Bernice Alberta Johnson.
a. Beryl Ann Joste. Born 1933. Died 1 January 1998. Married 1955 John Adams.
i. Kimberley Adams. Born 1956. Died 16 January 1988. Married 1975 Michael Laconte.
(A) A son. Born 1976.
(B) A daughter. Born 1978.
ii. Nancy Adams. Born 1958. Married 1980 Scott Deselms. Three children, born 1981, 1983 and 1985.
b. Albert ("Bud") Orton Joste. Born 1944?.
IV. Dame Edna Louise Joste. Born Bristol 5 November 1872. Died Africa of yellow fever before 1923  Opera singer. Married in Stapleton Parish Church, Bristol 30 July 1892 Albert Edward Gully (died Africa of yellow fever before 1923). It is thought some of the children also died of yellow fever before 1923. Dan Osborne's notes say that one daughter married ______ Peck, went to Nairobi, Kenya and had two daughters, one of whom, Rosemary Peck, married Nicholas Clarke who worked for Barclays Bank in Nairobi.
1. Eloise May Gully. Born 1893?
2. Muriel Clara Gully. Born 1894? Thought to be named after Dame Clara Butt, an opera singer who was a friend of her mother.
3. Doreen Winifred Gully. Born 1897? Died before 1979. Thought to have been crippled and confined to a wheelchair. Married, before she arrived in Kenya 1917, ______ Gower.
4. Reginald Thomas Gully. Born 1901?
5. Marjorie Edna Gully. Born 1903? Went to Mombassa, Kenya where she contracted polio and lived in a wheelchair until the 1960s. Possibly married ______ Hawkins who is believed to have worked for Barclays Bank.
B. John Jeffries Joste. Born St Helier 1835. Baptized 2 August 1835.
C. Eliza Jane Joste. Born St Helier May? 1837. Baptized 11 June 1837.
D. Harriet Hannah Joste. Born St Helier 1838. Baptized 16 September 1838.
E. Harriet Mary Joste. Born St Helier May? 1840. Baptized 28 June 1840. A Harriet Joste is shown living in Hampstead, London in 1901, age given as 56.
F. Louise Hannah Joste. Born St Helier 29 April 1843.
G. Henry Jolin Joste. Born St Helier 15 April 1849.
c. Jan Flori Jost. (John Fleure Joste per 1851 census) Born Susauna, Switzerland 29 June 1803. Baptized 3 July 1803. Married St Helier 24 June 1826 Mary Ann Joste.
A. John Stephen Joste. Born St Helier January ? 1832. Baptized 5 February 1832. Journeyman carpenter at Royal Arsenal 1863. Married St Mary's, Portsea, Hants 25 April 1856, Adelaide L Beauchamp (dressmaker 1881), daughter of Michael (born Trinity) and Elizabeth (born England) Beaucamp (sic). In 1881 they lived at 20 Bath Terrace, Newington, Surrey with their daughter, a brush drawer.
I. Adelaide Mary Ann Joste. Born Eton Road, Plumstead, Kent 17 August 1863.
B. Hans Paul Joste. Born St Helier 1833. Baptized St Helier 18 August 1833. Presumably died before April 1835.
C. Hans Joste. Born St Helier April? 1835. Baptized St Helier 24 May 1835.
D. Alfred Vine Joste. Born St Helier May? 1837. Baptized St Helier 25 June 1837.
E. Mary Ann Joste. Born St Helier 1839. Baptized 20 November 1839.
F. Delphina Esther Joste. Born St Helier 1841. Baptized 8 November 1841. Sempstress, living in Jersey 1901.
G. Jane Analie Joste.   Born St Helier 16 August 1846.
VI. Stefen ("Etienne") Joste. Born Chur 1764. Baptized Zinuschel 28 November 1764. Died St Helier, Jersey 1831. Emigrated to France and fled to Jersey during the Reign of Terror 1793; entered from St Malo 28 January 1793, profession pastry cook.   Naturalized in Jersey as a British citizen 3 October 1801. Married in St Helier, Jersey, 9 July 1796, Jeanne Le Bas (born 18 February 1770).
a. Stephen Joste, first of the name. Born March ? 1797. Baptized St Helier 2 April 1797. Died St Helier 1797 ? at less than one year of age.
b. Stephen Joste, second of the name. Born 21 September 1798. Baptized 28 September 1798. Died St Helier 1 February 1887. His body was interred Mont à l'abbé, Jersey, February 1887. Sent to school at Wilton, Wiltshire from age 12 to 16. Married in St Helier 3 September 1825 Nancy ("Ann") de St Croix (born 13 July 1805, a twin, died 12 April 1887), daughter of Matthieu de Ste Croix (born St Helier 1780, married in St Helier 13 January 1798) and Jeanne, nee Le Gresley of St Ouen, Jersey. Together Stephen and Ann worked their farm at St John according to Elias's notes.
A. Ann Jane Joste. Born St Helier 10 August 1826. Baptized 20 August 1826. Died St Helier 10 September 1826.
B. Ann Jane Joste. Born St Helier 15 September 1827. Baptized 23 September 1827. Died St Helier 28 August 1829.
C. Jane Joste. Born St Helier 19 May 1829. Baptized 27 May 1829. Died Trinity, Jersey 10 November 1851.
D. Stephen Hans Joste. Born St Helier 2 February 1831. Baptized 6 February 1831. Died at sea in the English Channel while captaining a sailing vessel 6 September 1862. Body interred Isle of Wight, September 1862. Married Camberwell 17 December 1858 Jane Louisa Steene.
E. John Matthieu Joste. Born St Helier 11 July 1832. Baptized 15 July 1832. Died Asbury Park, New Jersey 16 September 1881. Captain of a clipper ship, working at one time for Black Ball Packet Line from Liverpool to New York City. Married in New Jersey, USA c.1860 Mary Redmond 2nd daughter of John Redmond and Mary Bernard both of Co Wexford, Ireland..
I. Harry Joste. Born Brooklyn, New York City 1862. Died Asbury Park 1945. Married Annie Coll.
1. Arthur Joste. Born 1886. Died 1918. Married Anne Sweeney.
2. Harry Joste. Born 1889. Married first Etta Gaynor.
a. Lester Joste.  Married Patricia McDonough.
i. Marie Patricia Joste. Married 1967 Edward W McGrath.
  Harry married second _____ Sibole.
3. Anna Joste. Born 1891. Married William Spruill.
a. Doris Spruill. Born 4 January 1915. Married Robert Cadman.
i. Robert S Cadman. Born 25 July 1940.
ii. Jacqueline A _____. Born 23 August 1947.
b. William Spruill. Born 15 December 1920. Married Audrey V Bitter.
i. Ann Spruill.
c. Robert Spruill. Born 12 March 1927. Died as a small child.
4. Lester Joste. Born 1898. Married Cecilia Redmond.
II. Charles Joste. Born 16 July 1863. Died of a heart attack 24 January 1935. Married Johanna Millicent Sullivan (born 28 September 1866, died 24 December 1952)).
1. Fred ("Freddie") Sullivan Joste. Born 2 May 1892. Died Kansas City 10 March 1946. World renowned clarinetist. Married first Bernice King. Married second Helen Maloney (born 1900, died 1949).
2. Marion Cornelia Joste. Born 5 February 1900. Died May 1978. Married 7 July 1923 Reginald Fred van Notte (born 13 April 1900, died 25 October 19??).
a. Nancy Marion van Note.  Born 22 November 1930. Died 22 February 2003. Married 20 June 1953 Arthur Charles Herry (born 9 March 1927).
i. Leeann Joste Herry. Born 15 September 1956. Married 5 June 1976 Robert Bruce Arnts.
(A) Alice Rosamund Arnts. Born 12 April 1979. Married 26 October 2002 Daniel Bernard Griffin (born 20 January 1971).
b. Fred Reginald van Note.  Born 14 September 1938.
III. Stephan Joste. He died as a small child. He was playing with an umbrella, pretending to be a tightrope walker;  he fell off the curb and one of the umbrella spokes went up through his mouth and into his brain.
VI. John Redmond Joste. Married Lizzie Beckley.
1. Lillian Joste. Married Robert McGrath.
a. Charles McGrath. Died aged 18.
2. Myrtle Joste. Born February 1902. Married first Howard Poole.
a. Jean Poole. Married _____ Brauer, a Naval officer.
i. A twin son.
ii. A twin son.
iii. A daughter.
  Myrtle married second Arthur McGarvey.
V. William Joste. Born New Belford, New Jersey 26 March 1872. Married Lizzie Kelly.
F. Captain Philippe Joste. Born St Helier 1833. Baptized 21 July 1833. Died at sea 24 June 1874. Captain of a vessel; buried at sea. Married, 1860?, Margaret Blampied (born Trinity, Jersey 1836, died 1924).  Marguerite [sic] was living at 9 Elizabeth Place 1881 with her daughters, her parents-in-law Stephen and Ann, and her sister-in-law Anne (1839).
I. Annie Margaret Joste. Born Jersey 1864. Died Jersey 1950. Married Jersey c.1900 Hugh Haines.
1. Norah Haines. Born Jersey 1904. Died 16 February 1995.
2. Phyllis E Haines. Born Jersey 1906. Died 12 March 1986. Lived at 14 Elizabeth Place (Helvetia House School) and was head teacher for some years. She had Stephen Joste's family bible and Etienne Joste's naturalization papers in 1972.
II. Eva Jane Joste. Born Jersey 20 May 1870. Died 15 January 1930. Married 5 September 1905 Lyndon Rive (born 1876, died 1957).
1. Evelyn Falle Rive. Born 18 June 1906. Died 14 May 1994. Married Ronald Ross Percival (born 1907).
a. Ann Evelyn Rive Percival. Born 22 March 1943. Married in Jersey 14 August 1971 David John Atkinson.
i. Lindsey Ann Atkinson. Born Jersey 13 February 1972. Married 7 August 1999 Andrew Woodward.
ii. Jennifer Mary Atkinson. Born Jersey 9 August 1974. Married 28 April 2001 Andrew Geddes.
G. Charles Joste. Born St Helier 15 June 1835. Baptized 24 June 1835. Died at sea August 1857.
H. Captain Henry Joste. Born St Helier 21 August 1837. Baptized 10 September 1837. Died at sea October 1878. Married in Trinity 16 January 1864 Charlotte Batot (died at sea October 1878). They were both lost off Singapore.
I. Anne ("Nibby") Joste. Born St Helier 25 June 1839. Baptized 7 July 1839. Died unmarried Helvetia House, St Helier 1922.
J. Elizabeth ("Elise") Anne Joste. Born Grouville 21 July 1841. Baptized 8 August 1841. Died St Helier 20 March 1871. Married in Trinity, Jersey 20 April 1868 Philip Mourant.
K. Francois / Francis James Joste. Born Grouville 21 January 1844. Died at sea November 1869.
L. Captain Elias John Joste. Born Grouville 2 April 1846. Died Viña del Mar, Chile 24 March 1934. Educated Trinity School aged 10 to 14. Helped on his parents' farm until he went to sea 25 March 1862. Circumnavigated the world in the 'Nagasaki' in 1868/9. Settled in Chile from 1870.   Captain for Pacific Steam Navigation Co on the west coast of the Americas and subsequently held a shore job for Gulf Line of Greenock in Valparaiso. Earned the Royal Humane Society medal by rescuing an heiress bent on suicide.  He bought a house in Elizabeth Place, St Helier for his parents and other family members. Married in Valparaiso, Chile, 1889, Emily Jane Fox (born Birkenhead 30 August 1857, died in Vinã del Mar 2 July 1929) who had a brother, Charles Fox, both children of Thomas Fox and Ann, nee Loxton. Thomas Fox was born York 1814, was master of "War Cloud" 1854/5, a transport in the Crimean War, and said to have witnessed the Charge of the Light Brigade, master of "Star of the Sea" 1863/5, died Birkenhead, Cheshire 2 October 1886.  Ann, nee Loxton was born Writhlington, Somerset 1817, married before 1848, in South Africa?, died Birkenhead 11 October 1892).
I. Frances ("Panchita") Joste. Born Viña del Mar, Chile 1889. Died 1981. Married Kendal Dawson.
II. Harold Joste. Born Viña del Mar, Chile 1891. Dsp Chile 1952. Married 1929 Elvira Campusano.
III. Sybil Evelyn Joste. Born Viña del Mar, Chile 24 October 1892. Married in Chile, 14 September 1918, William Archibald MacQueen.
1. Beatrice ("Bea") Doris MacQueen. Born Chile 18 August 1919. Married in London 1944 Colin MacGillivray. They used to live in Spain and in South Africa. Address: Millstream House, Willowvale, Frome, Somerset BA11 11BG.
a. John Nigel McGillivray. Born London 29 April 1946. Address: 4 Wyndham Mews, London W1H 1RS (tel: 020 7262 4172).
b. Jane Sybil MacGillivray. Born London 26 July 1947. She teaches financial English. Married ______ Bougrine.
i. Alexander Jonathan Bougrine. Born Paris 19 July 1980.
ii. Camilla Charlotte Bougrine. Born Paris 9 April 1982.
iii. Mary Clemency Beatrice Bougrine. Born Paris 3 July 1987.
2. (William) Archibald ("Archie") Lennie MacQueen. Born Chile 5 October 1920. Ex RAF and civil airline pilot. Married first 1950 Sylvia Cardemil. Divorced 1959.
a. Carole Doris MacQueen. Born Santiago 1 October 1951. Married first Santiago Deember 1971 Roberto Guillermo del Pozo.
i. Carolina Isabel Pozo. Born Santiago 6 June 1972. Married in Santiago, 1997, Francesco Previto. Living in Texas.
(A) Francesco Guiseppi Previto. Born Santiago 10 September 1998.
(B) Ignazio Previto. Born Dallas, Texas 9 June 2000.
ii. Beatriz Andrea Pozo. Born Santiago 5 September 1975.
Carole married second, 17 December 1981, Hugo Arturo Donoso Puelma.
b. Marilyn Sylvia MacQueen. Born Santiago 1952. Died in the Eastern Airlines plane crash in Bolivia December 1984.
c. Jacqueline ("Jackie") Diana MacQueen. Born Santiago 26 March 1955. Married in Santiago 29 November 1993 Jose Luis Quezado Lopez.
i. Julian Andrez Quezada MacQueen. Born Santiago 24 November 1993.
ii. Antonia Josefina Maria Quezada MacQueen. Born Santiago 8 November 1995.
Archie married second 1960 Marta Schaerer. Address: Isabel la Catolica 4609, Las Condes, Santiage, Chile.
d. Susan MacQueen, MD. Born 15 January 1962. Married in Santiago Vicente Gonzalez, MD.
i. Victoria Gonzalez. Born Santiago? 10 March 1984.
ii. Vicente Gonzalez. Born Santiago? 28 November 1989.
iii. Benjamin Gonzalez. Born Antofagasta? 17 May 1996.
e. Vivien MacQueen. Born 3 August 1965. Married Felipe Gonzalez.
i. Felipe Gonzalez. Born 14 September 1990.
ii. Francisca Gonzalez. Born 27 February 1992.
iii. Matins Gonzalez. Born 27 January 1997.
3. Audrey Sybil MacQueen. Born Chile 22 March 1922. Married 1947 (James) Frederick ("Freddie") Charles Melrose. Address: 16 Ashley Drive, Banstead, Surrey SM7 2AG.
a. Peter William Melrose. Born Gloucestershire? 1950. Married Lorraine Hanson.
i. Josie Alice Frinisca Melrose. Born 1982.
ii. Zoe Mariana Melrose. Born 1984.
iii. Lowenna Marisal Melrose. Born 1990.
b. Diana Melrose. Born Rhodesia 1952. Adviser to the Foreign Secretary in the 1997- New Labour Government.
i. Tom Dammers. Born 1990?.
ii. Ben Melrose. Born 1992?.
4. June Sylvia MacQueen. Born Chile 18 April 1925. Married in Santiago, 1949, Reginald ("Rex") Thomas McKenzie. Address: Sebastian el Cano 1185, Las Condes, Santiago, Chile.
a. Patrick Alan Mackenze. Born Viña del Mar 5 December 1950. Drowned in a swimming pool October 1956.
b. Anthea June Mackenzie. Born Viña del Mar 22 November 1952. Married in Geneva, Switzerland, 1973, Claude Roger Gutknecht.
i. Adrian Kim Gutknecht. Born 21 February 1979.
ii. Tania Gisele Gutknecht. Born Geneva 21 September 1984.
c. Simon Oliver Mackenzie. Born Viña del Mar 11 September 1954. Married in Viña del Mar, 1982, Ruth Amengual.
i. Kevin Patrick Mackenzie. Born Viña del Mar 9 June 1983.
ii. Maureen Danae Mackenzie. Born Viña del Mar 18 December 1984.
iii. Brian Steven Mackenzie. Born Viña del Mar 1 June 1988.
iv. Vivian Joyce Mackenzie. Born Viña del Mar 19 November 1989.
d. Joanna Lucy Mackenzie. Born Viña del Mar 26 August 1960. Works in Human Relations for Coca Cola.
5. Gillian Evelyn MacQueen. Retired school teacher. Married in Chile, 1949, Dr (Wilfred) Lionel Cooper. Address: Digueña 284, Jardin del Mar, Chile.
a. (Wilfred) Anthony Cooper. Born Viña del Mar 9 November 1950. Married in Chile December 1984 Patricia ("Patty") Ward. Address: La Sernanty, CH 1864, Vers L'Eglise, Switzerland (tel: 041 25 521405).
i. Ian James Cooper. Born Chile 1 December 1986.
ii. Guy Alexander Cooper. Born Switzerland? 8 December 1988.
b. Avril Sylvia Cooper. Born Viña del Mar 13 May 1953. Married in Chile, 23 June 1972, Rudolfo Ivan Munoz.
i. Francisca Andrea Munoz. Born Chile 4 July 1974.
ii. Nicholas Alejandro Munoz. Born Chile 9 February 1976. Married 27 April 2001 Flor? ______.
iii. Josefina Valeria Munoz. Born Chile 16 May 1982.
c. Gerald William Cooper, MD. Born Viña del Mar 11 November 1954. Married in Chile 26 January 1980 Virginia Margarita Villagran.
i. Geraldine Cooper. Born Viña del Mar 19 April 1981.
ii. Mary Ann Cooper. Born Viña del Mar 10 February 1983.
iii. Christopher David Cooper. Born Viña del Mar 11 November 1984.
6. Helen Mary MacQueen. Born Villa Alemana 5 November 1928. Married in Chile 22 December 1961 Frederick Horn.
a. Francesca Horn. Born Viña del Mar 26 December 1952. Married in Chile, 10 December 1971, Christian Alejandro de Bonnafos.
i. Dominique Helen de Bonnafas. Born Chile 2 December 1974. Married 9 November 2002, Diego Ayala.
ii. Nadine Sylvia de Bonnafas. Born Chile 13 March 1976.
b. Neville Frederick Horn. Born Viña del Mar 13 September 1954.
c. Sandra Horn. Born Valparaiso 19 January 1956. Exiled in Norway for 18 years. Architect and urbanist who defends urban rights in Valparaiso. Married 1977 Aurelio ("Lelo") Aguirre. Divorced 1981.
i. Aurelio Aguirre. Born Norway 8 November 1979.
d. Marcelle Horn. Born 2 May 1961. Married in Brazil, 1985, Patricio ("Pat") Mandiola. They became American citizens 2001. Living in Miami, Florida.
i. Nicolas Mandiola. Born Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 20 October 1986.
ii. Katarina Francesca Mandiola. Born Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 6 February 1990.
7. (Rosemary) Dawn MacQueen. Born Viña del Mar, Chile 13 February 1931. Married in Viña del Mar, 10 January 1953, Colin Robert Thomas Bone. Left Chile for England because of Allende's regime's action against foreign nationals, 1973. Living in Forest Row, Sussex.
a. Lesley Dawn Bone. Born Viña del Mar 5 December 1954. Educated Queenswood School, Hatfield. Emigrated to USA 1981. Working at the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco in archeologicaland ethnographic objects. She collated much of this information. Married in Forest Row, Sussex, 9 August 1980, Raymond Browning. Address: 116 Club Drive, San Carlos, CA 94070 (tel: 650 595 1528).
i. Heather Dawn Browning. Born Santa Clara, California 4 January 1984.
b. Trevor John Bone. Born Santiago 28 March 1957. Married in Scotland 18 April 1987, Karen Tweed Stewart.
c. Alexandra Harriet Bone. Born Santiago 18 March 1961. Married in Gibralter, 14 May 1985, Barry Cross and they adopted the surname Cross-Bone.
i. Gemma Cross-Bone. Born Barcelona, Spain 2 April 1990.
ii. Louise Cross-Bone. Born Barcelona 19 May 1993.
IV. Doris ("Dolly") Lillian Joste. Born Viña del Mar, Chile 1 October 1894. Died Nether Wallop 14 December 1983? Married first in Valparaiso, 14 January 1915, John Seaton Morrice (born Oxton, Cheshire 29 August 1886; settled in Chile 1910; died of typhoid in Valparaiso 1 February 1917).
1. Patricia Morrice. Born 30 September 1915. Married first 14 November 1936 James ("Jimmy") Gough Gubbins (born Lima, Peru 6 June 1907; died Kent August 1986), son of George Gough Gubbins (born Limerick, Ireland 28 Jan 1857) and Rosa Frances, nee Beausire (born 1868, married 1886, died 3 May 1920). Divorced 1948.
a. Heather Gubbins. Born Valdivia, Chile 23 September 1937. Married 1959 Michael Liddle. Address: Broomers Corner, Shipley, W Sussex RH13 8PX.
i. Melanie Liddle. Born Rio de Janeiro April 1961. Married December 1986 Bruce Healey.
(A) Nicholas Healey. Born 1993?
(B) Jacqueline Healey. Born 1995?
ii. Robin Andrew Liddle. Born Rio de Janeiro 1964.
b. Olivia ("Holly") June Gubbins. Born Antofagasta 19 June 1940. Married 9 August 1963 John Donne Burton (born Pedmore, Warwickshire 3 February 1932), son of Sir Geoffrey Duke Burton, Kt and (Viola) Irene, nee Donne.
i. Oliver Donne Burton. Born London 15 November 1964. Married 14 May 1994 Sandra ("Sandy") Leslie Rowsell (born Bristol 21 July 1966), daughter of Ronald Rowsell and Sylvia, nee Bradley.
(A) Annabel Lucy Burton. Born London 8 February 1996.
(B) Julius William Andrew Burton. Born London 30 November 1997
(C) Max Edward Rowsell Burton. Born Salisbury, Wilts 19 June 2000.
ii. Natasha ("Sasha") Lillian Burton. Born Chichester 6 February 1967. Married 10 March 1990 Hugo van Vredenburch (born 9 December 1965), son of Carel van Vredenburch.
(A) Olivia Emilie van Vredenburch. Born Tokyo 17 April 1991, a twin.
(B) Tatania Julia van Vredenburch. Born Tokyo 17 April 1991, a twin.
(C) Jemima Xavia van Vredenburch. Born Tokyo 27 November 1993.
(D) Flora van Vredenburch. Born New York 24 March 1997.
(E) Ella Maria van Vredenburch. Born Tokyo 19 July 1998.
iii. Miranda Lisa Burton. Born Hampshire 10 December 1968. Married 14 September 2002 Damian Montagu (born 21 January 1970).
(A) (Baby) Montagu. Expected July 2003.
iv. Freya Rosalie Burton. Born Hampshire 22 February 1973. Married 26 September 1998 Richard Green (born Bishops Stortfod 29 April 1968), son of John Green and Angela, nee Pearl.
(A) Eleanor Lily Green. Born 2 July 2002.
Patricia married second in Viña del Mar, 3 January 1951, Leonard ("Leo") Charles Derrick-Jehu (born London 3 July 1919; died c.1994), a keen genealogist.
c. Alexandra Louise Derrick-Jehu. Born Rio de Janeiro 28 April 1952. Married first, 1970, ______ ______. Married second, 1979, Stephen Smiley Patrick.
i. William Smiley Patrick. Born 7 September 1979.
ii. Paddy Smiley Patrick. Born 27 June 1981.
d. Stephen Fraser Derrick-Jehu. Born Reina del Mar 25 February 1954? Married 16 August 1985? Elisabeth Montgomery.
i. Jack Derrick-Jehu. Born 16 May 1994.
ii. Peter Andrew Derrick-Jehu. Born May 1997.
Dolly married second in Viña del Mar, 1 March 1919, Fraser ("Max") Lynn Dobree (born West Tilbury, Essex 30 July 1880, settled in Chile 1901, died 31 December 1964), son of Rev James Bonamy Dobree and Harriet, nee Moor, niece of Lord Chancellor Baron Hatherley. They had no issue.
V. Edgar ("Égu") Lionel Joste. Born Viña del Mar, Chile 1901. Married in Valparaiso Sat 7 July 1928 Dorothy Mary Graham. They lived at High Gate, Dousland, Devon in 1959.
1. (Mary) Daphne Joste. Born Richmond, Surrey 22 July 1932. Married, 19 June 1954, (John) Michael Broadbent and had issue.
2. Ian Lionel Graham Joste. Born Putney 1934. Killed by lightning Schefferville, Quebec, Canada 13 June 1959. He was at the time a 4th year student of mining engineering at Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario.
c. Jeanne Joste. Born St Helier, 1799. Baptized 13 November 1799.
d. Jany Joste. Born 1802. Baptized St Helier 21 July 1802.
e. Mary Ann Joste. Born St Helier, 1805. Baptized 18 December 1805. Died St Helier 21 September 1857. Married in St Helier 24 June 1826 Jean Flori Joste, see above. They had issue, see above.
f. Eliza Joste. Born St Helier, April ? 1810. Baptized 9 May 1810.


A principal source of this information was John Arthur Tanner who was helped by
Lesley Bone/Browning, California - Elias descendants
Jane McGillivray/Bougrine, Frome Som. - Elias descendants
Bernice Joseph, California - Edward Thomas descendants
Ann Percival/Atkinson, Jersey - other descendants of Etienne
Beverly Joste, Brighton - Clifford descendants
Further potential relations include Cathy Joste and Vigg Joste who live in or near
Missouri and who may be descended from John Matheiu Joste b.1832, who emigrated to USA.
Ann Leuenberger of USA has Jost ancestors who hail from Switzerland who may well be related.
Mary M Joste (born St Helier c.1865) niece of somebody was resident 23 Gt Union Rd, St Helier in 1881.

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