The Genealogy of the Jodrell Family


A. Francis Jodrell Born Goostrey, Cheshire 25th January 1690 Gregorian. Buried Goostrey 16th January 1757. Probably son of Edmond Jodrell and Elizabeth Molyneaux.  Married Preston, Lancs 12th November 1713 Hannah Ashton (buried Goostrey 22nd July 1727).
a. Mary Jodrell, Baptised Goostrey 20th February 1717. Buried Goostrey 29th May 1720.  
b. Hannah Jodrell, Baptised Goostrey 6th March 1718. Married Goostrey 13th December 1755 Thomas Froggatt.  
1. Betty Froggatt. Born c.1758.
2. Thomas Mort Froggatt. Born c.1761.
3. Hannah Froggatt. Born c.1762.
c. Sarah Jodrell, Baptised Goostrey 11th February 1719.  
d. Frances Jodrell, Baptised Goostrey 27th May 1721.  
e. Mary Jodrell, Baptised Goostrey 11th July 1722.  
e. Francis Jodrell, Born Goostrey 3rd September 1723. Christened 10th September 1723. Died 1750. Married Yeardsley 19th December 1750 Jane Butterworth, daughter of Thomas Butterworth.
1. Elizabeth Jodrell. Married Rostherne, Cheshire 21st September 1778 Egerton Leigh (born 25th October 1752, died 22nd June 1833). 8 children, probably.
i. Egerton Leigh Born 23rd August 1779. Died Jodrell Hall 5th October 1865. Married Charlbury, Oxon 26th December 1809 Wilhelmina Sarah Stratton (born ca. 1785, died Jodrell Hall 24th November 1849). Issue.      
ii. Mary Ann Leigh Born 28th June 1780.    
iii. Rev Peter Leigh Born 20th July 1782. Baptised Goostrey 25th October 1782.   Rector of Lymme.
iv. Emma Leigh Born 25th July 1783. Baptised Goostrey 2nd October 1783.  
v. Caroline Leigh Born 25th December 1786. Baptised Goostrey 27th January 1787.    
vi. Vice Admiral Jodrell Leigh Born 15th January 1790. Baptised 27th February 1790. Died 27th August 1863. Buried Rostherne, Cheshire.   
vii. Harriet Leigh Born 2nd February 1795. Baptised Goostrey 27th March 1795. Died ca. 1809.     
2. Frances Bower Jodrell. Born ca. 1751. Died 1st August 1821. Married Collegiate Church, Manchester 13th January 1775. John Bower (bap Manchester 5th April 1747, died Bath 4th November 1796. In 1775 he took the family name Jodrell, presumably when inheriting lands from the family of his wife: she appears to have had no surviving brothers), son of Miles Bower and Sarah. Miles and Sarah's children were Elizabeth (bap 6 Jan 1745), John, Foster (bap 30 May 1748), Sarah (bap 24 August 1749), Mary (bap 3 July 1751) & Miles (bap 31 July 1756)
i. Francis Jodrell Born ca. 1776. Died 5th March 1829. 1813 High sheriff of Cheshire. Married 24th June 1807 Maria Lemon. Issue.
a. John William Jodrell.  Born c.1808.
b. Foster Bower Jodrell.  Born c.1810.
c. Francis Charles Jodrell.  Born c.1812.
ii. Thomas Marsden Jodrell. Born c.1778. Died (kia) Rosetta, Egypt 8th April 1807. 
iii. Harriet (Bower) Jodrell. Born c.1779. Married 4th December 1799 Shakespeare Phillips.
a. Nathaniel Shakespeare Phillips. Born 2nd November 1801.
b. Harriet Sophia Phillips. Born 16th November 1802.
c. Harry Shakespeare Phillips. Born Manchester 1805. Died 1849.
d. Thomas Jodrell Phillips. Born 4th October 1807.
e. Frances Maria Phillips. Born 28th August 1812.
iv. Col Edmond Henry Jodrell Bap 21 May 1781. Died 7 Bryanston Street, London 23rd February 1868.
v. Frances Maria Jodrell Born 10th October 1782. Died London 23rd June 1850. Married London 20th June 1809 John Stratton (born 16th February 1781, died 3rd June 1819). 5 children.  
3. Susan Jodrell. Born c.1754.

This genealogy is not intended to be comprehensive.  (Previously omitted branches may nonetheless be
added in response to expressions of interest.)   Therefore the generation indicator mark (e.g.  (A), (i)  or whatever)
does not necessarily indicate the chronological position of a child's birth date in relation to those of siblings.  
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Additional research and contributions by Sir William Arbuthnot, Bt, Lucy-Anne Cranmore and Mike Ray

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