The Genealogy of the Hope Family.



Henry Hope. Merchant of Edinburgh. Married Jacqeline de Tott.


Sir Thomas Hope of Craighall. Lord Advocate 1628. Died 1646. Married Elizabeth Bennet, daughter of John Bennet of Valleyford and Tranent.


Elizabeth Hope. Bap 29 June 1603.


Sir Thomas Hope of Kerse. 2nd son. Lord of Session. Born 6 August 1606. Died 1643. Married Helen Rae, daughter of Alexander Rae of Pitsindie.


Anna Hope. Bap 22 November 1634. Married William Cochrane Sr.

        1. Elizabeth Cochrane. Married Sir Robert Hamilton of Airdrie, 3rd Bt.    
        2. Dr William Cochrane Jr. Married first 1685 Levisa Hope (qv below). Married second 1712 Helen Smith (qv below).    

Elizabeth Hope. Married, 1652, Robert Smith of Southfield, son of Sir John Smith of Grotehill and Cramond Regis.

        1. Johne Smith. Bap 5 June 1653.    
        2. Jonet Smith. Bap 11 June 1654.    
        3. Elizabeth Smith. Bap 21 September 1655.    
        4. Robert Smith. Bap 14 February 1658.    
        5. Helen Smith. Bap 27 February 1659. Died 1732/3. Married, 1679, James Balfour, Governor of Darien Company. Helen married second, 1712, Dr William Cochrane Jr of Rochsoles (qv above).    
        6. Alexander Smith. Bap 8 March 1660.    

Sir Alexander Hope, 1st Bt of Kerse. Bap 12 December 1637. Justice General. Married 12 December 1659 Louisa Hunter.

        1. Sir Alexander Hope, 2nd Bt of Kerse.    
        2. Mary Hope. Married first Sir John Young of Leny. Married second Sir Thomas Moncreiffe, 1st Bt of Moncreiffe.    
        3. Levisa Hope. Not the daughter of Sir Thomas Hope as previously thought. Married 1685 Dr William Cochrane, Jr of Rochsoles, qv above.    
          a. Alexander Cochrane. Bap 16 November 1685.    
          b. Louisa Cochrane    
          c. Nichola Cochrane. Bap 9 June 1695.    
          d. Mary Cochrane. Bap 29 July 1696.    
          e. Helen Cochrane. Bap 22 February 1699.    
          f. Christine Cochrane. Bap 15 November 1702.    
          g. Margaret Cochrane. Bap 15 November 1702.    

Haerie "Harry" Hope. Bap 3 March 1639.


Marie Hope. Bap 9 November 1640.


Helene Hope. Bap 1 April 1642.


Johnne Hope. Bap 14 November 1643.


William Hope. Born 10 April 1608.


Henry Hope. Born 26 December 1609.


Alexander Hope. Born 12 March 1611.


James Hope. Born 12 July 1614.


David Hope. Born 13 October 1615.


Patrick Hope. Born 28 January 1617.


Margaret Hope. Born 28 December 1618.


Mary Hope. Bap 13 June 1620. Married 5 February 1639 Charles Erskine.


Anne Hope. Bap 9 April 1625. Married 1645 David Erskine.


This genealogy is not intended to be comprehensive. The mark (a), (1) or whatever does not necessarily indicate that the child is a first child.   Please send comments, corrections, additions and amendments to Sir William Arbuthnot, Bt

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