The Genealogy of the Hamilton Family



Sir Robert Hamilton of Preston. Married Margaret Mowat, daughter of Sir John Mowat of Stonehouse.


John Hamilton, first Laird of Airdrie. Fell at Flodden. Married Ellen Crawford.


Methusalem Hamilton of Airdrie. Married Christian Bell or Ball.


Gavin Hamilton of Airdrie. Died 1591. Married Isabella Robertson, daughter of John Robertson of Earnock.


John Hamilton of Airdrie. Born 1569. Married Janet Hamilton, daughter of Robert Hamilton of Torrance.


Gavin Hamilton of Airdrie. Died 1681. Married Jean Montgomery, daughter of Robert Montgomery of Hazelhead.


Sir Robert Hamilton of Airdrie, 3rd Bt (born 1650, died 18th January 1705, a zealous covenantor who fought at Bothwell Bridge). Married Elizabeth Cochrane (not Louisa as previously thought).


Louisa Hamilton ("the fair flower of Clydesdale"). Married, 1703, James Balfour, 1st of Pilrig. (1681 - 1737).


Elizabeth Hamilton. Married Rev Daniel St Clair, minister of Longformacus (dvu).

                i. Arthur St Clair. Fought for his country in the Seven Years War.  In the American War he fought against his country, became a General and was afterwards member of Congress at New York  Married and had issue.    
                ii. A son. Died in the Seven Years War.    

This genealogy is not intended to be comprehensive. The mark (a), (1) or whatever does not necessarily indicate that the child is a first child.   The principal source is "The Balfours of Pilrig" by Barbara Balfour-Melville (T & A Constable, Edinburgh, 1907)
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