The Genealogy of the Graham Family.

I. A daughter. Married James Bell, solicitor of Dundee.
II. A child.
III. A child.
IV. Robert Mitchell Graham. Born c.1873. Married Mary King.
A. Dorothy Mary Graham. Born c.1905. Married Edgar ("Égu") Lionel Joste and had issue.
B. Violet Graham. Married Cyril Hardy, brother of John F Hardy.
1. Graham Hardy. Died. Married a Chilean girl.
a. A child.
b. A child.
2. Mary Hardy. Married Richard Reid.
a. Frances Reid. Married.
i. A child, a twin.
ii. A child, a twin.
iii. A child.
b. A child.
c. A child.
d. A child.
3. Robin Hardy. Worked for Shell Transport & Trading. Married Sally Clark(?).
a. Patricia Hardy. Killed in a car crash in middle or south America.
b. Nicholas Hardy. Adopted.
4. Johnny Hardy. Now known as Alistair Hardy. Married.
a. A child.
b. A child.
5. Elspeth Hardy. Married Robert ("Bob") Carruthers. They had no issue.
C. Robert ("Robin") King Graham. Married Pat Harmer.
1. Anne Graham. Died aged six.
2. Ross King Graham. Director of Mysis. Married Gilly ______.
a. A child.
b. A child.
c. A child.
3. Barry Graham. Banker.
4. Jamie Graham. He does advertising in New York. Married Francesca ______.

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