The Genealogy of William Garden's Family (Factor to Lord Gardenstown).


          BB. We did show him as son of John Garden and Margaret Sewr but there is insufficient evidence that that is the same man and that tree is now shown at   John Garden. Born c.1720/25.    
            aa. Jean Garden. Christened Fetteresso, Kincardineshire 7th March 1743.    
            bb. Robert Garden. Christened Fetteresso 20th January 1745.    
            cc. William Garden. Born Fetteresso 28th April 1747 (bap 28 July 1747 per IGI). Died Braco Park 23rd January 1800. Land surveyor. Factor on Lord Gardenstown’s estate. Married c.1785 Eliza or Elizabeth Logie (christened 11th January 1753 ), daughter of George Logie (died 21st April 1752 aged 34, thus. Born c.1718), Sheriff-Clerk of Kincardineshire, and Eliza Forbes (christened St Nicholas, Aberdeen 19th March 1724 as was her elder brother Peter in 1721) daughter of Rev John Forbes, Minister at Stonehaven. and Elizabeth Farquharson (died Mill of Forest, Kincardineshire 1730).    
              A. Eliza Forbes Garden. Born Braco Park 1788. Christened Pitsligo 3rd August 1788. Died Braco Park 3rd July 1879. Unmarried.    

            B. Francis Garden. Born 4 February 1791. Christened Pitsligo 14th February 1791. Married St Pancras Old Church, London 3rd June 1822, Helen Young (born 6th October 1802), fifth dau of James and Elizabeth Young of London and Sussex. James Young was an architect and surveyor and the third son of Eliza Forbes by her second marriage to William Young, also Sheriff Clerk of Kincardineshire. Thus she and Francis Garden were first cousins.    
                1. Helen Garden. Born Pitsligo 11th April 1826. Married 28th September 1848 Rev James Murdoch (born 13th September 1818). Migrated to Australia 1884.    
                  a. Rev Patrick John Murdoch. Born 5 June 1850. Died 1 July 1940. Graduated at New College in Edinburgh and in 1878 he was ordained as minister at Cruden Bay. In Melbourne he became minister of the West Melbourne Presbyterian Church, where he remained for 40 years. Married in Cruden 5 June 1882 Annie Brown (1856-1945).    
                    (1) Sir Keith Arthur Murdoch. Born 12th August 1885. Died 4th October 1952. Married 1928 Elisabeth Joy Greene, AC, DBE (born 8th February 1909), dau of Rupert Greene. They had issue 1 son 3 daus.    
                  b. Francis Garden Murdoch. Born Pitsligo, Aberdeen 3rd January 1852.    
                  c. James Murdoch. Born 1854. Married 12th June 1877 his second cousin Anna Louise Catherine Blaikie (1850 - 1882).    
                    (1) Katharine ("Kate") Alice Murdoch. Born 2nd April 1879. Died 23rd March 1957. Married 8th October 1913 John Benjamin Davis of Arkansas.    
                      AA. (Virginia) Margaret Davis, D Phil. Born 23rd September 1914. Died 7th July 1998. Married, 20th December 1947, William ("Bill") Vennard Doyle (born 3rd September 1906, died June 1981).    
                        aa. Jean Leslie Doyle. Born 31st October 1951. Married Michael ("Mike") Richard Winnike.    
                      BB. John ("Jack") Valour Murdoch Davis. Born 1921. Married 24th December 1952 Erika Theiss (born February 1931).    
                        aa. Michael Erik Davis. Born 13th July 1956.    
                        bb. Steven Andrew Davis. Born 4th July 1958.    
                        cc. John Francis Davis. Born 7th April 1962.    
                    (2) William ("Bill") Garden Blaikie Murdoch. Born 24th December 1880. Died 5th August 1934. Art critic.    
                  d. Eliza ("Lizzie") Jane Murdoch. Born Pitsligo, Aberdeen 25th February 1855.    
                  e. William Garden Murdoch. Born Pitsligo 7th October 1856.    
                  f. Ivon Lewis Murdoch. Born Pitsligo 6th July 1858.    
                  g. Andrew Chrystal Murdoch. Born Pitsligo 31st December 1859.    
                    (1) William David Murdoch. Born Bendigo 10th February 1888. Died Holmbury, St Mary, Surrey, England 9th September 1942. Pianist. Married three times and left a widow, two sons and two daughters.    
                  h. Helen Nora Murdoch. Born Pitsligo, Aberdeen 28th April 1861.    
                  i. Keith Arthur Murdoch. Born Pitsligo 8th September 1862.    
                  j. Isabella Agnes Murdoch. Born Pitsligo 1st January 1864.    
                  k. Hugh Murdoch. Born Pitsligo 20th March 1865.    
                  l. Grace Young Murdoch. Born Pitsligo 8th February 1867.    
                  m. Amelia Morison Murdoch. Born Pitsligo 15th March 1870.    
                  n. Sir Walter Logie Forbes Murdoch, KCMG, CMG. Born Pitsligo 17th September 1874. Died 30th July 1970. Professor Emeritus and Professor of English from 1912 to 1939 at the University of Western Australia and chancellor from 1943 to 1947. He was Australia's best known essayist and broadcaster and he was leader writer of a Melbourne newspaper.    
                    (1) Dr Catherine Helen Murdoch, MBE. 2 January 1904-20 December 2000. Radio broadcaster. Married Alec King (1904- March 1870)    
                      AA. Elizabeth King. Married _____ Millett.    
                      BB. Simon King.    
                2. William Garden. Born 24th March 1823. Married Mary Gregg Hogg, daughter of James Hogg, poet, "The Ettrick Shepherd".    
              C. Isabella Isobel Margaret Garden. Christened Pitsligo 7th September 1792.    
              D. Jane or Jean Garden. (born 25th October 1794, died 2nd April 1857). Married 7th August 1815 James Ogilvie Blaikie of Craigiebuckler.   JG
            dd. David Garden. Christened Fetteresso 1st November 1750.    
            ee. Francis Garden. Christened Fetteresso 3rd April 1753.    
            ff. Alexander Garden. Christened 28 March 1758.    

This genealogy is not intended to be comprehensive. The mark (a), (1) or whatever does not necessarily indicate that the child is a first child.   Please send comments, corrections, additions and amendments to Sir William Arbuthnot, Bt

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