The Genealogy of the Biggar Family

Sir James Wallace of Caragie (Craigie?). Married a great great granddaughter of Robert I, Bruce.
(i) Jane Wallace.
AA. Wallace Biggar.
aa. William Wallace Biggar.
A. Captain Robert Biggar. Married Margaret Douglas.
1. Alexander Biggar. Born Edinburgh 11 April 1720.
2. John Biggar of Sciennes House. Born Edinburgh 28 October 1723. Married Edinburgh 20 June 1756 Ann / Anne / Anna Butter.
a. Ann Biggar.  Born St Cuthberts 30 May 1757.
b. Charles Biggar.  Born St Cuthberts 7 September 1758.
c. Margaret Biggar.  Born St Cuthberts 28 April 1760.
d. John Biggar.  Married Jessie Murray.
I. John Biggar. Born Edinburgh 4 January 1805. Died 13 August 1862.
e. Walter Biggar.  Born St Cuthberts 28 October 1764.
f. Janet Biggar.  Born St Cuthberts 15 September 1767.
3. Ann Biggar. Born Edinburgh 16 March 1722.
4. Walter Biggar of Woolmet. Born St Cuthberts 9 July 1725. Married St Cuthberts, Edinburgh 23 March 1770 Mary Spence, dau of David Spence. A Mary dau of David Spence (and Katharine Rich) was bap Orphir, Orkney 23 Mar 1739.
a. Robert Biggar. Born 1767. Edinburgh linen manufacturer. Married South Leith 26 September 1786 Louisa Balfour.
I. Walter Biggar. Born Edinburgh 1787. Died 1867. Settled in Banff 1821 and founded the herring trade there. Married in Banff Anne Duff (born 1784, died 1876). There is a memorial to Walter and Anne which shows his crest on a shield and hers. WB
i. Margaret Catherine Biggar. Born Edinburgh 6th December 1823. Died 25th July 1915. Married in Pilrig, 20th May 1845, Rev Prof William Garden Blaikie. MCB
II. Henry Balfour Biggar. Born Edinburgh 10 March 1792. Died 14 May 1817.
b. James Biggar.

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