The Genealogy of the Anstruther family


John Anstruther of Anstruther. Married Margaret Clephane.
Sir James Anstruther, younger of that Ilk. Died 1606.  He married, firstly, before 1571, Jean Scott, daughter of Sir Thomas Scott of Abbotshall..
Sir Robert Anstruther, the Ambassador. Born 23 April 1578. Died January 1644/45. Married Mary Swift.
Sir Philip Anstruther. Died 1702..Married Christian Lumsden, dau of  General Sir James Lumsden.
Sir William Anstruther, Lord Anstruther. Born 1654. Died 24 January 1711. Commissioner for Fife 1681. Earnestly opposed the Duke of York. High Commissioner of  Scotland. Senator of the College of Justice 1689. Privy Councillor. Lord of the Justiciary 1704. Supported legislative Union with England 1707. Married Lady Helen Hamilton.
A. Sir John Anstruther, 1st Bt, MP for Fife . Born 1678. Died 1746. Married, 24th January 1817, Lady Margaret Carmichael (died 1721), daughter of James, 2nd Earl of Hyndford (died 1737).
1. Sir John Anstruther of Elie, 2nd Bt . Born 27th December 1718. Died 4th July 1799. Married, 4th October 1750, Janet Fall (pronouced Faw) (born 1727; died 17th February 1802 "Queen of the Gypsies"), second daughter of Captain James Fall, MP for Dunbar Boroughs by Jean Murray, daughter  of Patrick Murray.
a. Sir Philip Anstruther-Paterson, 3rd Bt. Born 1752. Died 1808.
b. The Rt Hon Sir John Anstruther, 4th Bt. Born 1753. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Judicature in Bengal. Married Maria Isabella Brice, dau of Edward Brice
(A) Sir Robert Anstruther, 5th Bt. Born 1834. Died 1886.
(1) Henry ("Harry") Torrens Anstruther, MP. 1860-1926.
aa. Joyce Anstruther. Author of "Mrs Miniver" under the pseudonym Jan Struther. Also of numerous hymns, incl "Lord of all Hopefulness".
c. Colonel Robert Anstruther. Born 31st December 1757. Died 7th March 1833. Married 4th May 1801, Anne Nairne (born 1782; died 27th September 1810). She was daughter of Alexander Nairne of Drunkilbo and Preston Balneairs. Alexander was son of David Nairne of Drunkilbo by Susan Lyon (great great great granddaughter of 9th Lord Glamis and 1st Earl of Kinghorn).
(A) The Hon Philip Anstruther of Tillicoultry. Colonial Secretary of Ceylon. Born 25th May 1802. Died 22nd May 1893. WRA has three pictures of him. Married, 27th August 1838, Mary Frances Stewart- Mackenzie.
(1) Mary Helen Anstruther. Born 31st December 1839. Died 21st May 1912. Portrait of her (with PSMA & Lil) owned by Nehemiah Trust; Copy owned by JNA. Married, 9 December 1858, William Reierson Arbuthnot of Plawhatch and had issue.
(2) Robert Durham Anstruther. Born 11 May 1841. Died 9 March 1890. Governor of HM Prison, Pentonville. Late Captain 106th Regiment. Married 7 May 1864 Florence Sophia Wise (died 1 April 1932).
aa. Florence Mary Anstruther. Died unmarried November 1937.
bb. Edith Sophia Anstruther. Died 18 November 1919.
cc. Elizabeth Ethel Anstruther. Died unmarried 22 October 1948.
dd. Constance Lucy Anstruther. Died unmarried 10 October 1958.
ee.Philip Francis Anstruther. Married Edith Bradford.
ff. Armine Clementina Anstruther. Died unmarried 5 February 1919.
(3) Anne Nairn Anstruther. Died 6 April 1931. Married, 23 January 1869, Colonel Charles Edward Stewart (born 1836, died 26 December 1904) and had issue.
aa. Lieut.-Col. Algernon Bingham Anstruther Stewart. Born 6 December 1869. Killed in action 23 May 1916. Married, 1911, Edith Evelyn Vivian, daughter of Sir Arthur Pendarves Vivian and Lady Jane Georgina Dalrymple- Hamilton (born 22 December 1880 died 17 February 1932)
(a) Sheila Anne Stewart. Born 12 February 1915. Married, 1943, Charles Spencer Denman, 5th Lord Denman, 2nd Baronet (born 7 July 1916), son of Hon. Sir Richard Douglas Denman, 1st Baronet and Mary Radley Spencer.
A. Hon Gillian Patricia Denman. b. 2 September 1944 Married William Kenneth McCall.
B. Hon Richard Thomas Stewart Denman. b. 4 October 1946  Married Lesley Jane Stevens.
C. Hon James Stewart Denman. b. 7 October 1954 Married Philippa Jane Emma Trowbridge
D. Hon (Christopher) John Denman.b. 5 September 1955 Married Jenny Bridget Allen
(b) Barbara Jean Stewart. Married Major George de Pree.
A.Jane Mary de Pree. b 14 November 1940  Married Giles William Pitman
B.Andrew Hugo Stewart de Pree   b 17 January 1946  Married Victoria Neilson.
C.Rachel Ann de Pree.  b 14 February 1950  Married James Edward Cory Liddell.
bb. Philip Charteris Anstruther Stewart. Born 1874.
(4) Jemima Stewart Anstruther. Born 6 January 1845. Died January 1874.
(5) Philip Morrison Anstruther. Born 23 September 1846. Dsp 12 April 1899. Married Mary Adams.
(6) Stewart Mackenzie Anstruther. Born 5 July 1848. Married Mary Elizabeth Robarts.
(7) John Newdegate Anstruther. Born 5 April 1850. Married Georgina Julia Farley.
(8) Keith Francis George Anstruther. Born 3 February 1854. Married Maria Catherine Geraldine Bernard. 
aa.Pearl Annie Geraldine Keith Anstruther. Married Charles Edward Matthew Windspear Broadley.
(9) Henry Lewis Anstruther. Born 25 April 1856. Went to Wellington, New Zealand c.1885.
(10) Charles William Anstruther. Born 6 September 1858. Died unmarried 22 January 1928.
(11) Caroline Petre Anstruther. Died 1 January 1928. Established a school for wood carvers in Plockton. Married 19 January 1892 Duncan Mackay of Durinish and Carver's Croft, Plockton (died 1917).

Fall or Faa or Faw family generally  In 1540 James V. subscribed a writ in favour of "oure louit Johnne Faa, Lord and Earle of Littill Egipt". ___ In 1611, Moses Faa, David Faa, Robert Faa, and John Faa alias Willie, were sentenced to he taken to the Burrow Muir of Edinburgh, and there to be hanged "till they be deid." ___ In 1616 a Johnnie Faa and his son James Faa were sentenced to death for no other crime apparently than that of behing in the country contrary to statute, but thee doom was ordered to be suspended pending the pleasure of the King. What that pleasure was there is no means of knowing. ___ In 1624 Captain John Faa, Robert Faa, Sainuel Faa, John Faa, younger, Andrew Faa, William Faa, "all Egyptians, vagabonds, and common thieves," were sentenced to be hanged on the Burrow Muir. A most inhuman sentence was passed upon the wives and daughters of these victims. By the High Court of Justiciary they were ordered " to be taken to the place of their execution in some convenient part, and there to be drowned till they be deid." Fortunately for the credit of the Sovereign, he remitted the death sentence, and had the women and children, more mercifully, banished the kingdom.___ There is every reason to think the romantic Ballad about Johnnie Faa is total fiction. ___ The Shaws and the Faas fought a battle in Tweeddale on 1st October 1677; old Sandy Faa and his wife, then about to give birth to a child, were killed; and another brother, George Faa, was desperately wounded. ___ Patrick Faa, Gypsy chief, married towards the end of the 17th century Jean Gordon. Patrick was transported to America. Their son Alexander was murdered by another gypsy 1714. They had other sons, all of whom executed in Jedburgh on the same day. They had a grand daughter, Madge Gordon. ___ The last of the Romany Queens was Queen Esther Faa-Blythe. For more on the subject of the Gypsy race, see The Yetholm History of the Gypsies, by Joseph Lucas, Kelso, 1882.  In the excellent "The Dark Materials" trilogy (by Philip Pullman), John Faa is the King of the 'Gyptians.
For more on the subject of the Anstruthers, see The Anstruthers of that Ilk,
For more on the subject of the Anstruthers, see The Memoirs of Philip Melvill, 1812

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